Sunday, March 29, 2009

International Corporations and the Heart of Darkness

Usually I like to just say my piece and if you think I don’t have my facts in order then you can call me on it. Sometimes I make mistakes. I got a name wrong recently and I fixed it but generally I’m not wrong. It’s not that I’m wrong or right that seems to be the problem. The problem is that most people just don’t want to hear it. It could be that they know deep inside, in that place their greed and ignorance cannot veil, that somehow some of the blame comes back on them.

I have to hand out more than the usual amount of links today, as I did in the recent Smoking Mirrors, because sometimes clarity is central to understanding. Maybe it’s not sometimes, maybe it’s always that way. What I am going to say ties into the ongoing bank bailouts and the drug war and the war on terror and directs you back to something Marx said about wars being engineered for economic gain. It’s the men in the suits with the fountain pens who pull the trigger on the guns around the world.

I don’t know how far back it goes. I suppose, in one form or another, it’s always been there. Sometimes, like now, it’s got a full head of steam and 95% of the politicians are shameless whores for money and sometimes there are laws as safeguards that take lawyers a little longer to circumnavigate them. Where do you want to start? I won’t mention United Fruit cause you know all about that. You want to start in The Congo? You want to start in Columbia? Yeah... they’ve been at it in Columbia for awhile. You want to start in India with Monsanto who came up with the unique method of getting your victims to kill themselves? The suits at Monsanto have a nice spin on their end of the shit stick. They came up with their own version of that brown cotton candy. You see, it’s debt that’s responsible. Someone might ask them if there’s a connection between them and that debt but they’d just hand out more of the brown cotton candy.

We might look into the world mining interests. Most people don’t know much about corporate mining at home and abroad. Then again, most people don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground but it doesn’t stop them from mining there, anymore than it stops the corporations. Don’t get me started about Rothschild mining interests and Rio Tinto via West Papua. You might remember in one of Bushligula’s campaigns that mining interests were his biggest contributors. Maybe it was both campaigns.

It’s all about psychopaths in the playground. You’ve probably got enough to read by now so I won’t link anything about the arsenic poisoning of the Eastern European water supply or what that soybean mogul is doing in Brazil or... maybe I will. I will avoid the question of whether McDonald’s has anything going on with South American beef. I don’t want Snopes coming after me. Because, by this time it should be clear that some of the most serious killing operations are the corporations. Heck... we’ve even got a corporation whose business is killing for corporations and that would be Blackwater. Eric Prince is just another compassionate Christian like Bushligula is/was.

So what it really comes down to is materialism and you can’t leave out glamour either. Glamour is the shine that gets put on the ass of materialism which makes you hard and gets you thinking you might like to knock off a piece of that. Glamour is the beads of water on a sun tanned ass with shades and a glass of scotch, lying in a lounge chair in the Caribbean laid out in that magazine. That’s not nail polish on her fingers, that’s blood.

Certain nations are more deeply invested in this kind of thing around the world because certain nations are more into materialism as a religion. I suppose it could happen anywhere but at any moment it is happening more in particular places and those are the places that are also most involved in The War on Terror and the War on Drugs. The war on Terror is the cash cow of munitions and security firms as well as construction and sundry; communications and banking but... banking is on all sides of the equation. The War on Drugs is mostly the province of the pharmaceutical and liquor industries as well as the law enforcement dime but this is something you would tend to know anyway because all you have to do is follow the money.

Whoever is hauling in the most money are the same interests that owns the politicians and also prints the money out of thin air and then uses it as shackles for the limbs of the population of the world and to manufacture the whips that drive the workers at the wheel of industry.

In the end it’s all about slavery and indifferent murder and the blood is used to lubricate the machinery and oil the chains. You don’t want to think about this because it hits too close to home and you wouldn’t want to have to think about not buying some piece of crap you don’t need; would you? No, you wouldn’t want to do that, not when your eyes are fixed on that ass with the glistening beads of enchanting fantasy and you’ve got that trouser trout leaping in your pants.

Of course, the common mind will comfort itself with the knowledge that they are just putting food on their families and working to make their nation safe; worshiping the corporation Jesus, in the corporation church and being massaged into a vacant eyed docility with a surfeit of the rapidly vanishing good things in life. Yes... those churches keep getting bigger along with the preacher’s hair and his bank account... except that a lot of those churches aren’t getting built now are they? They look like the landscape outside of Marbella on the used to be the Costa del Sol.

Yes... Wal-Mart keep pumping out Fat City on the cheap and Rupert Murdoch is pumping out the cheap news with the pneumatic tits and inquiring minds are deep diving through celebrity underwear as a generation of vipers clicks away at the Gameboyz and cellphones while their minds surf the froth of a Starbucks latte in their mind and it’s gotten a little darker and a little leaner and a little more ominous but maybe that’s just part of the drama that adds to the excitement. Everything is going to be alright, you bet.

The thing is... well, the thing is that particular conditions always lead to particular results. You add certain elements together and you are going to get certain compounds. You combine certain social forces and you get certain social conditions and the same goes for economic conditions and so on and so forth. It’s like music. You set the beat a certain way and then you add in the particular instruments that move along a pathway of notes and you’ve got your theme song which always turns out to be some form of “Kansas City here I come”. Kansas City is just a metaphor for wherever you wind up because that is where you were headed. Why did you head that way? You were herded is what happened. It was part herding and part luring. The lures were placed all along the way like candy on the path to the witches’ house and I probably can’t use that image now because the PC police will be at my door.

You toss a lot of solvent soaked rags into the corner of your basement and you see what happens. It all adds up to whatever it adds up to, depending on what you added together. You can see what the components are if you care to look. What do you think it’s going to add up to?

Let me ask you this. Do you think it is okay for business interests, with the help of politicians, to murder and enslave entire populations so that you can have a more convenient lifestyle filled with useless crap? Do you think its okay when it turns out that you not only can’t get your useless crap anymore but now you are on the receiving end of the policies you pretended weren’t taking place? Let me ask you one final question; at what point do you think this is all going to dawn on you and where do you think you are going to be when that happens?

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Anonymous said...

You really need to get in touch with your female side--just an observation--With so many female reader here (kudos ladies!!)
Perhaps an "or wet" after "hard" and you need to come up with something PC as the equivalent of a "trouser trout" for the ladies--I wouldn't use any metaphor for fish though--definitely not PC--
I like the "pneumatic", you can use "tupperware" as well, but I would only use one "t" to avoid any legal infringements--

Brought to you as a public service announcement by the law firm of:
Dewey, Screwum & Howe & Jj

Anonymous said...

Kick ass article.


Visible said...

Point taken, however- it is not the women, generally, whose sexual frustrations express themselves in murder or whose repressed sublimation of the same leads to vicious and depraved acts based on size insecurities. In that sense, women were left out of the mix because they are the higher end of the equation and often with their offspring on the receiving end of the horrors.

Anonymous said...

This is soooo fine!
Like drops of dew to a parched tongue.
Thank you Mr. Les Visible.
Please keep on doing what you're do - however it is you can.

Kevenj said...

"You really need to get in touch with your female side-"

Perhaps you could do a blog on some cute Italian hotties whose clothes were...(ready?)

Les(s) Visable!

It would definitely improve your Paypal bottom line.Let's gofishin'!

sorry, Les, jj made me do it.

Anonymous said...

So true Les--a microcosm within our society--power over another, and instilling fear in women and children--Men are generally pussies--but don't fuck with a pissed off mother--
Personally, I have always enjoyed the company of females to males--the feminine is definitely missing, or has been massively suppressed by religion in particular, and society in general--hard to tell sometimes where one starts and the other ends--
I have always been attracted to strong women whether on a sexual level, or as friends--usually caring, loving, and brutally honest--the weak need not apply.
Women complete in me that which on some level is missing, or in hiding.
I couldn't /wouldn't do it on a face to face level, because that's just getting too close to the fire--at least not without Mrs. Jj there--She can generally smell bullshit a mile away (I wear a lot of cologne) --Intuitive as well.
I do have my "ladies of the net" though--just through blogging in public though--and that is enough for me--and you 2 know who you are (nod-nod-wink-wink)
Ladies, hope you got the pictures of me in the Speedo--
Okay, time to sign off--and Les, thanks for the clarification--

Jim (Jj)

Anonymous said...

Another one of our boys friends has decided to join the army--can't find any work around here-gee, almost like it was planned--the only thing we can ship to other parts of the world now are young bodies---it's always the army--don't see much about air force, navy, or marines-- telling a guy who barely made it through high school that they can be a rocket scientist--Sad to say, I didn't even have much of a reaction other than writing it here--

psychegram said...

Well, as a wise man said (I have no idea what wise man) "If things can't go on like this, they won't." A little less than four years and.... Yeah, but there'll be plenty of chaos to keep us all occupied until then, because this is after all a process and not an event. And that's enough about that.

Anyone here ever listen to KRS-One? Okay, so not a hip-hop crowd, but bare with me here. A lecture he gave recently at Temple U was linked by Reality Sandwich, and among the many very interesting things he had to say was that the generation he grew up in was brought up more or less entirely without the influence of men. Their dads, after all, were all either dead in Vietnam, in jail, or fucked up on heroin ... and this was not by accident, as it was thought that a fatherless generation would never prosper. What wasn't taken into account was that creativity is primarily feminine trait, and thus the hip-hop generation was born (see, told you this was relevant.)

You can see the lecture here: KRS-ONE - Hip Hop Beyond Entertainment. It is very interesting.

I've been thinking recently about what a girl you are, V. OK, all joking aside, it struck me recently (quite within the context of the above-linked lecture) that you operate within a primarily intuitive creative zone, an area of consciousness which is traditionally associated with the feminine. It's that old thing about achieving the alchemical marriage within, I suppose ... and then I got to thinking about all the people I know, friends and family, whose own sexuality is so massively screwed up because they're undergoing the same process you've more or less completed, though of course they're being carried through it with very little awareness of what, precisely, is going on....

Here's an Eisenstein essay you guys might appreciate (might have been more appropriate to the Aquarius post at Origami, but it's relevant here too): The Testicular Age:

"We are moving toward an age in which the masculine Yin and the feminine Yang will be in ascendancy."

It's not just men who are realizing the opposite within, after all. Works both ways.

Isn't it interesting how often the conversation seems to veer completely off the topic of the original post? I think it must be that we all read it and more or less said to ourselves, 'nuff said. Which is probably about the highest praise we can give it....

psychegram said...


"Another one of our boys friends has decided to join the army...."

At least he still has the choice to decide....

My Dad (a career soldier himself) was trying to get me to go for a commission not too long ago. Not to put too hard a point on it but I of course laughed him into silence ... I've done my time in the army, and not only was it not for me but I am eternally grateful that I got out the summer before 9/11 (not for any good principled reason, mind, I was just hypnotized by poon-tang, to use the lingo) ... of course I'm still out of work myself, but luckily it seems I've found myself a position in the local astronomy department for the fall semester ... been a while since I wore my scientist hat, but it'll be good for me, I think, to roll up my sleeves and gets my brain cells dirty in the contemplation of matter again, for matter too is spirit. Well, the pay is shit and the hours, no doubt, long, but at least it will be interesting and I'll be spared the awful choice of either starving or signing up to kill my fellow man. I feel blessed.

It's been a good week.

Anonymous said...

Lotsa psychopaths raised on shootemup video games for the jarheads to choose from and lately. . .

The navy and air force have latched onto underemployed college grads who cant find a decent grant. . . I mean job.

Times are tough out there, some of them even have to enlist.

Leaving the army.

And you wouldn't believe how dead on you are Les about Xe as its called now. The amount of money the taxpayers are being scammed for the Prince of darkness's security services is mind boggling. word verification = sadmi


nina said...

Congratulation Psychegram. I believe you are blessed. Your students will be very fortunate to have you there for them. Someone saw your spark, the same way we see it, and there you go. Thanks and Praises, this is good news.

Anonymous said...

You go to fast at this. There is little in the morden world that money and the idea of wealth hasnt touched. The person and his/hers action are far more important than groups of dead walking salesmen.
Maybe people arent so "in fear" not to live as they do, but have litte to look to?
I agree with your links and far worse does the story go, but they're not the true problems, just effects. What others do is not ever a problem. A problem would be not knowing what you should "like" to do yourself.
Helping other see what not to do is fine, but walking them down a new path is better, even walking with them!!!!


Visible said...

One of my brothers told me I should listen to Coldplay. So, as I remember, I listened to a few tunes and it didn't do much for me and I've never really heard them again. I read somewhere that someone said they were U2-lite. Well, I don't much care for U2 either. They had some good songs in the beginning and then it felt to me like they were mailing it in.

Actually, when I listen to music with lyrics I want to hear a powerful message that cuts to the immediate situation. So I pretty much listen to the music of between over 20 up to 50 years ago with some rare exceptions. Otherwise I like Brazilian Jazz and various African sounds. I also like Indian and Middle Eastern drums and drumming circles and probably my favorite is ambient sound.

Truth be told, I don't listen to music much at all. It's rare if I ever put anything on. It just seems to have ended for me and I wouldn't even listen to my own stuff but I have to when I am recording it and doing the awful job i do on mixing and mastering. Once that's done I don't listen to it either.

I haven't been high in a good long while but those are the times when I might listen to some music... or not.

Anyway... my sense of Coldplay is that they aren't doing any kind of Rage against the Machine sort of thing and that's what's required these days is a flat out calling it as it is; even though I didn't like Rage against the Machine because it was all jammed together and I could never understand what the guy was saying. We need more groups like The Clash and people speaking out about what's taking place.

I don't hear this but maybe it's getting by me. Usually it doesn't because even if I'm not listening to what's out there someone will tell me about it.



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