Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Living the Thug Life in Armani

Most of the systems of government that have been employed on this planet would work just fine if the right people were employed for the right reasons. A lot more people would know what was going on and the systems would be far more liable to correction on the go if, people weren’t blinded by window dressing. This is the critical deception that permeates our lives. This is where the fashion and political worlds meet. This is where Fifth Avenue turns Wall Street and the governments into a ‘Members Only’, Plato’s Retreat. Those unfamiliar with Plato’s Retreat can rightly assume it’s got nothing to do with Plato.

You can also rightly assume that government has nothing to do with the principles behind it. That business has nothing to do with fair exchanges and able dealing ...and that religion has nothing to do with God. What we have are thugs in Armani.

The soundtracks of our times; Gangsta Rap, Bitch Rap, Thug Rap, Bling Rap, Sex Dominator Rap and Saccharine, Mouseketeer Pop-Rocks come as no accident. They’re designed to set the beat to ruthless enterprise on the one hand and clueless submission on the other. What you see in the movies and on television are no accident and certainly not what the people have collectively asked for because this industry, like the fast food industry; the soft drink industry and the processed foods industry have had the need invented first, followed by the desire to acquire and consume. You can add in just about any industry you choose because it applies across the board.

Think of existence as an enveloping bubble, about as real as the game board, created in the movie “The Thirteenth Floor.” Think of existence as exactly the same as justice in the wilderness and the survival of the best adapted and then bring in the fashionistas and the spinmeisters, the set designers and the audio-video techs and you’ve got the jungle with sidewalks and subways. In Nature there’s a balance to all of this and it’s self-adjusting. In the MTV Real World there is no balance and it is not self-adjusting.

What we have are thugs in Armani and barbarian gangs in uniforms that provide a sense of organization and structure that takes upon itself the appearance of a reality other than what it is. It always comes back to ‘rule by the big dogs in the yard’. The big dogs are in London at the moment and Obama is going to have tea with The Queen. That should make all the Elton John fans happy.

Real students of history know that systems turn into each other. They know that systems based on personal freedom eventually turn to tyranny. They know that rampant capitalism inevitably turns to fascism and could well devolve, or evolve into socialism or communism should it survive long enough. Usually a system runs out of gas having corrupted its moving parts and, after a season of looting, the thugs move on to a new location.

The capitalist system is generally corrupt from the inception which is why the founders usually institute a balancing governor of checks and balances. It doesn’t take long for money and lawyers to take care of that problem which is why Shakespeare said that you should “first kill all the lawyers”. People always think something new is going to come along and that eventually we evolve into some bright future of the greatest good for the greatest number of people but these systems are not spirals, they are circles so... they evolve until they devolve. In the early days there is always the impression that justice and the other virtues are in operation. They put a good face on it. You have to look out, really look out, when they don’t even bother to put a good face on it any more and even put drunken clowns into the highest office of the land. When they don’t even hide what they are up to any more, then you are in for a spot of trouble.

In the land of liberty, wherever that may be, there is always the perception that any one of you can achieve to high office if service is your initial, Pollyanna drive. What none of the aspirants know is that the temporal side of things is controlled by a network of black magicians who come in all colors and from every nationality and patina of creed.

You might wonder at the injustice of that and why some higher authority doesn’t step in and crush these miscreants. My perception of this kingdom of existence is that it’s a testing ground for the individual and its intent is to display what their values are and to determine their future location. That’s my take, simply put. You’re free to speculate on your own about this but whatever the case may be that’s why the big dogs are running the yard and why you always see them displaying the forked hand and why people on the street are asking you, “’sup dog?” This is why the feminine principle is called a bitch and why Snoop "Dog' made so much money.

Truth, as I have said often enough, is an unwelcome guest at dinner and any social celebration; political gathering, religious ceremony or weddings. Funerals are more likely but not even death seems to render the truth acceptable. All you need to know about how the thugs in Armani operate you can hear in the words of Joe Hill and Big Bill Haywood but that’s probably another system that also got co-opted and soon enough you couldn’t pick up a hammer on a construction site if you weren’t a carpenter. Cause they got thugs there too.

Two kinds of people in this world; let’s draw an imaginary line right through the center and postulate that the most compromised and clueless of the good and bad are touching each other at the center and that the intelligence and capacity of the aggregate increases in virtue and vice as it moves to the fringe and also becomes sparser and sparser as it goes until there are just a few truly good and truly evil people weaving a deep darkness or shining a brilliant light wherever they may be.

Back at the center and moving to the center of each of the two sections are the foot-soldiers of darkness and light. This is where all the little thug-bots are recruited from as well as those who unconsciously do good because it is the more prevailing aspect of their nature. This is who you move by, around and past each day wherever you are. You can see it at work. This is what makes it work for the big dogs in the yard and what keeps the opposition that there is, shining in their places. In these times it is more likely to find thug run entities because of the greater prevalence of confusion, fear and want.

It’s April now and the Iranian incursion is full bore ahead. Netanyahoo and his thug operatives are busy as rabid bees. “Job One”, says Nettie, “Is to see that visible doesn’t get anymore pistachios and job two is to murder a whole lot of new people.

Money is changing hands, promises are being made and arms are being twisted, in London and around the world because the goats in rut want some more blood pudding. I can see where this would be a frightening prospect for us all because an attack on Iran is going to create a world of uproar that will touch us everyone. You can be sure they have decided on the locations for the coming false flag(s) and you’ll know that is what it is when it happens.

The way I see it, this is just thug-evil destroying itself, along with whatever has aligned itself with thug-think. In the meantime, the new world that some of us have chosen to embrace, is smiling back at us from the secret heart of our common good. We have to stay focused and we need to be clear about what we want and what we can do without. It would be a pity for any of us to think that we might miss any of the misrepresented, unattractive, disappearing garbage and crap, enough to want to disappear with it when it goes.

A thug in Armani is still a thug and the best thing for you is to let them sort out their own demise without getting caught up in the mix. Keep your head down and your heart open and you might get more than you hoped for.

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Anonymous said...

Your stuff is precise AND entertaining right now.
Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,

Another great piece. Only one little beef--why'd you have to hate on hip-hop? There are some real rappers out there--Immortal Technique, KRS, etc. who aren't playing the corporate game. Don't forget that not all hip-hop is 50 Cent, TI and Chingy.

Other than that...keep up the yeoman's work. You're opening minds, man.

c.j said...

If I did not know better I would think it impossible for one individual to make the difference that you do but I do know better and you do at least my spirit tells me so now.
You are everything I have ever wished to say every thought every nuance YOU GIVE VOICE to the downtrodden to the weak to the helpless to the spirit.You do it with a selflessness that transcends
time and space you give us a taste of the eternal here and now you sing the song of the freedom of the soul.
Please carry on for as long as you will.What else is there left to say about what you do tell me kind sir what to my soul.

Chris Lester said...

The FDA is coming after your pistachios too.

Visible said...

Why do I hate on hip hop? I didn't even use the word hip hop. But why am I down on the genre? Because well over ninety percent of it is abusive, vile shit. Of course there are exceptions and when I say things like this it is your job to point it out and we both play a role in that.

You will be happy to know that I feel the same way about Country Western, Christian brainwash music, most pop and rock and no doubt a lot of others as well.

I dislike these musics because they are corporation created and controlled and they are used to maintain the population in a dumbed down state. If... if the swine who have closed all doors to the creative among us allowed the good stuff through then I wouldn't care about there being a certain amount of shit. But they won't let the good stuff through because then everyone would listen to it and not buy the shit. And the good stuff would influence human thought in a positive direction and that is exactly what 'they' don't want.

I expect that the majority of music and art will always be shit but when the higher and inspired works produced by the real troubadours and artists is black-listed then I'm going to complain.

This is why I was SPECIFIC about the types I was talking about so- as per usual- I wasn't 'hating on' anything you are concerned about unless you think the level of content that they are mainstreaming out like projectile vomiting is a good thing. Then we would have to part in terms of mutual taste.

And once again (grin) this is why I am specific about what I example. Let me put it another way, this is why I choose my examples and form my words for a SPECIFIC point. Scarcely a post appears these days when I don't hear something along these lines when a careful reading of exactly what I said would preclude the need... unless, and there are those, someone objects to the actual specific examples and that's too bad but it doesn't change anything.

So... I hope I've cleared that up.

and thank you for the good words.

harrington said...

Sorry for the anon. post earlier, i was in a bit of a pickle with google/blogger.

Thanks for the clarification. I know music is a BS industry nowdays. I've got a buddy (TJ Rock, btw) who is awesome, but can't get a record deal because his music isn't palatable to the bitches at Virgin or Capital, or wherever else he's been shopping his album.

But the underground is still keeping it real. As Tech said "Fuck a middleman, I won't pay anyone else, I'll bootleg it and sell it to the streets myself."

I'm out. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,

First-time poster, long-time reader, here. And I universally agree with the many who benefit so much from your words. 'Though I am a follower of YaShua, none of my "chrischun" buddies see much worth in your wisdom....their loss.

So one question for you with regards to your latest "reflection". What's your take on COLDPLAY? A sound of sorrowful hope, or thug-comm double agents? Not sure how to figure your on their phenom, 'though I've enjoyed their tunes for some time now.

Thanks again, bro,


Anonymous said...

"We have to stay focused and we need to be clear about what we want and what we can do without. It would be a pity for any of us to think that we might miss any of the misrepresented, unattractive, disappearing garbage and crap, enough to want to disappear with it when it goes."

The good word of the day!!!

PS "Hip-hop" or any street, grassroots, music form isnt anything like the junk pushed by Viacom and the like. Music is much like yoga or what not, its an activity that has no end nor material link, it just is and can be used with or without words and shared outside the "box."

Anonymous said...

I am a middle-aged white man,...... and despite some of the drawbacks inherent in such an upbringing, I had the unique fortune of being raised by a man who was an alcoholic, racist, corrupt cop...and a sociopath mother who was also a corrupt law enforcement soul; embezzling thousands of dollars from the court ticket fund. Additionally, my brother went on to be a corrupt cop, and as young adults we hung out with, and committed quite a bit of vice-related crime with our corrupt cop friends.

As an adult I have had the opportunity to live around the world in a half dozen countries and have witnessed personal, corporate and governmental corruption at both the micro and macro levels.

We should ask ourselves, "what are the community beliefs that we learned growing up? What did we come to believe about good/bad, right/wrong, honor and integrity?"

Then look at the environment people are trying to survive in right now compared to what they thought America was supposed to be? And looking forward, do the citizens of the USA think the future will be about the "right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"?

The emotional and psychological damage that this disconnect causes is really the driving force behind much of the "gang related crime". Much of the US population already know that members of "street gangs" think of the Police and Government as just another gang. And many empathize with that perspective.

Do you not think that the rest of our society is not jaded in some manner? What do you think years of open, yet unresolved corruption has done to the faith of common Americans with nothing but an empty political voice? These people love the idea of America, but have very little faith that government strives for, or operates on, the stated ideals of America. These same Americans are collecting guns, ammo and survival gear at a record rate, as well as cultivating an ever-growing level of resentment towards their corrupt leadership.

Do you not think the general population, and especially the fringe members of society, (gangs/homeless/abused/mentally/emotionally ill) do not see the "do as I say, not as I do nature of our society"? And how long can government keep the lid on the pressure cooker of cognitive dissonance it adds to every day? How long before we see massive levels of violent disregard for the rules of society because we have a population that does not see their leaders, law enforcement or government consistently following those rules?

A growing segment of the population are beginning to see the pointlessness in caring about what has supposedly been America's strengths, when they learn more and more from the historic analysis and Internet dissemination of information:

* Fed Reserve and 13th Amendment are Illegitimate

* FDR used Pearl Harbor for his excuse to enter WWII / Was not a surprise attack

* Gov. medical experiments / illegal/unethical

*JFK/MLK/RFK are gunned down in broad daylight and we are spoon-fed bullshit from commissions that history and fact show to be empty vessels...

* Watergate/Iran Contra/Waco/Ruby Ridge/NYPD Abuses (More Commissions)

* Hoover/FBI Abuses/ Kent State/CIA Abuses/School of the Americas

* Ex. Rendition/Torture/Em. Domain Abuses / War on Drugs-Constitutional Abuses

* For-Profit Prison Industry / War On Drugs - Judicial Abuses /
Penn Judges sentencing juveniles for cash kick backs

* Highest incarceration rate in the world / prosecution for vice related activities, not crime against another party / disparate sentencing / 3 strikes / glorified (public)violence used to control prison populations...

* IRS Abuses / Income Tax Legitimacy v/the 13 amendment (fraudulent approval))

* Vietnam / Iran / Guatemala / The Philippines / Panama / Grenada / Iraq I / Iraq II
(all tainted with an essence of bullshit that killed millions & left a broken segment of our society sitting in parks and under bridges. These souls have seen death and committed murderous acts in the name of the government. Society should be very careful when these folks decide to turn their frustration back on someone.

* 911 and the three tumbling buildings ( Another bogus commission and report)

* BART Cop shoots prone, unarmed man
* Dallas Cop detains man who's in-law is dieing
* 92 year old woman shot in SWAT raid based on lies
* Maryland Mayor's home raided by SWAT
* Cops shoot Mayors beloved dogs, "Whoops, no drugs, our bad!"

we need to take the time to look at the deeper, mistrustful perspectives of the poor, the minorities and the general public (what used to be middle-class) regarding the degree of trust between the citizens and governments; local, state & federal.

How did we get to the point where two cops are executed in broad daylight in a major US city, and the citizens stood by and taunted the corpse? There is a much deeper current of division in our towns and cities than most politicians want to acknowledge. How long can the population live in a setting out of Alice in Wonderland....personally witnessing the disparity between myth and reality? How long before a large segment of that society blows up? And how long before society has to be willing to re-calibrate itself, strip government and police of certain powers while at the same time trying to instill some integrity and character into our systems of societal control?



Anonymous said...

Oops one more thing,

The dog thing works well. Media and popculture have killed women and the female half of all people. You see, we must all become mothers and fathers, to learn who you are you need to see both the sun and moon in the darkness.


Visible said...

I wrote a long post about Coldplay and music in general and I see it didn't post. Well, I'm not going towrite it again, not now anyway. But I will say about Coldplay that one of my brothers said I should listen to them so I heard a few songs and really didn't get much and never listened to them again so I'm not familiar with them except for that.

I saw where a musical reviewer said that they were U2-lite and I don't much like U-2 either. Their early work was great but then it seems like they've just mailed it in for ten years.

If I listen to music with words I want a powerful message. I want to be inspired and lifted up and that is why I listen to music that is 20 to 50 years old and not much else and I don't listen to music much anyway... hardly at all. I wouldn't listen to my own work but I can avoid it because I have to record it and then apply my really incompetent engineering and mixing. Then I don't listen to it (grin). I prefer ambient sound but mostly I like nothing at all.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"...I feel the same way about Country Western..."
Y'all better give a listen to Johnny Cash doin' "Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down."

m_astera said...

Yeah, I like that. Keep your head down and your heart open and let them sort out their own demise.

and if I may add, keep working on things that DO work.

Funny, V, that you and I are in the same space with music. I used to live and breathe music and I no longer listen to it at all, none. I've probably spent less than ten hours with guitar or keyboards in the last two years. I even have the speakers turned off on the computer.

But you reminded me of a funny story. Back in my twenties when I was living in a small town in NW Oregon some new girls moved into the neighborhood and I ended up getting invited to a party at their house. A couple of days later I invited them to go for a stroll in a wilderness area not far away. To even things out, I guess, they invited another guy along. He got in the car carrying a boom box. We drove up to the lake and parked at the end of the road where the creek came into the lake, got out, and this guy gets his boom box out too. I thought this a little strange but didn't say anything. So we walked up the trail a bit, this guy carrying the boom box on his shoulder in approved fashion. About the time the main trail gave out and we started going uphill on a wilderness trail, he turned the boom box on and started blasting some sort of disco crap or something. I could not believe it. I am not making this up. Going for a hike in the wilderness with a boom box blasting. I told him to shut the thing off and I wasn't nice about it. The girls were, it seems, offended by my rudeness and things sort of dwindled off from there.

Anonymous said...

What can a guy say? You hit it good and hard almost every time. I been around since 44 and I really don't need to see much more. As an old friend who died when struck by lightning in Bryce Canyon used to say, "It's up in the night." The ghouls behind all this chaos are close to the famous "weeping and gnashing of teeth", and I say it's just DUCKY. Most everyone I come in contact with is stuck between helpless and brain dead. All the visible blogs serve up the finest of cuisine for the head. Do you appreciate my appreciation? I'm pretty sure you do. I would LOVE to See and be seen of you Les. You are everything a brother ought to be. Your biggest fan, Chip. p.s.

Visible said...

God, I hate explaining what should be assumed. When I said what I said about country music I was talking about that drivel that.... well I have a song about it at my site called. I Love Country Music except 99%.

Of course I am a huge fan of Willie and Hoyt and many others across the years. I do more of that kind of music than any other... probably Country/Folk/Gospel describes it. I'm talking about the brainwashing, inane, same old same old and I wish I didn't have to keep saying this because now people are going to.... ARRGGG!

Just assume I don't mean everything and everyone ever. It's just that I notice that there is a conscious effort afoot to enslave the human mind and send it to Hell and I guess all of this is about wanting to make a certain amount of noise just in case everyone who seems to be going isn't willing or is confused about what it says on the ticket.

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up.

Darth Vader and Mr. Potato Head go to London.

Visible said...

One of the regular readers here (Jody) sent me a video of his Cellphone song some weeks ago and I only listened to it now. This is one of the unfortunate aspects of my situation. A lot flies by me and I strive to catch it all and sometimes it takes me awhile to do it.

Although I'm not a fan of the medium I have to say that, if you like Hip Hop, this is cutting edge and as good as it gets and is professional in every aspect of the presentation. It more or less blew me away how good it was and so I have to share it with the readers here.

Cellphone Song



Joseph Brenner

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