Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shame on you, you Pathetic Blood-Stained Clowns

Shame on you, you vicious hypocrites; complicit in mass murder, engaged in slander and evil lies... you creatures from under rocks ...who breed in sewer pipes and feed upon the living and the dead. Shame on you, you journalists and media owners, who shape your words to defend lies ...and dishonor the truth in exchange for money and position. Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on you.

The U.N. Conference on Racism was visited by Israeli clowns and that was fitting because it had all the elements of a circus attended by mindless children who engage in mass murder of entire populations while screaming in pain when exposed for their acts.

Who is responsible for the killing in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan? Why... it’s ‘a coalition of the willing’ which includes the U.S., Great Britain, Canada, Australia and others. They are killing a variety of people, mostly women and children and ordinary men of different colors and nationalities who made the mistake of getting in the way of the guns and the bombs. Who engineered these conflicts? That would be Israel. A simple search of the names of the neo-cons who lied America and these other nations into these conflicts will reveal what nation they serve. Go ahead and check... you don’t have to look very hard. You can find out who the neo-cons are.

Maybe there are no neo-cons. Then again, maybe there are but using that word is an act of Anti-Semitism according to Paul Wolfowitz.

So... let me get this straight. The conference was boycotted by the people who are guilty of international racism, expressed through debt enslavement and murder and they boycotted it because of pressure from the main country in the world presently performing genocide upon the people whom they have displaced from their land through force and murder. Further, let it be said that this country practicing the genocide is claiming to be the Biblical inheritors of the land when DNA tests prove that it is the Palestinians who are the original people from the Bible and not them.

So... hmmmm... these killers who are eliminating any trace of the original inhabitants from their land are also using the term ‘anti-Semitism’ as a defense against any and all criticism of their behavior and actually created this term to give the impression that they are Semitic, which the large majority of them are not but which the Palestinians are entirely and... confusing... convoluted... mystifying... so... it appears that in order to establish their legitimacy to something they are not entitled to, according to the evidence presented by a book of scripture, they need to eliminate the people who are the people they are pretending to be.

The President of Iran appears before an assembly of people and states a few things that everyone knows to be true and outrage fills the room and the world by extension because The Truth is Anti-Semitic. So these clowns... the one’s dressed as clowns and the one’s who should be dressed as clowns start acting like clowns; these clowns with the blood of millions on their hands are objecting to someone pointing out that they are blood-stained clowns. Have I got that right?

I hate to do this over and over but I have to do it again. Who is killing millions of people? That would be the U.S. and Great Britain with the assistance of Australia and Canada and some other nations who have ‘donated’ troops. Who is torturing thousands of people? That would be the U.S.

Members of -and individuals sympathetic to- which nation were behind the efforts that brought these conflicts about? That would be Israel. If you got lost on the way to this paragraph then go back and read the links about neo-cons again. Who is practicing genocide on an indigenous people? That would be Israel. Who is presently stealing the little land remaining to the same indigenous people after having stolen the majority of the land already? That would be Israel.

What is the motive force behind this behavior? That would be Zionism, that great banner of self-righteousness that waves over Ersatz Israel (that is not a typo). In the last conference on Racism at Durban, the same people boycotted or walked out of the conference because many nations wanted to classify Zionism as racism ...WHICH IT IS! Does this stink of hypocrisy? Yes it does. I see the same snake swallowing its tale again.

How clear does something have to be before you can’t shout it down any more? How blatant does disingenuous behavior have to be before the whole world points with a single finger and says, “SHAME ON YOU”? How long can despicable behavior continue before someone, somehow, comes out of the sky on a rocket ship or appears in the sky with thunderbolts to blow these miscreants to Kingdom Come through the basement door into The Bottomless Pit?

The representative from the next nation to be attacked by the same people that attacked all of the preceding nations at the urging of the same ‘manufactured under false pretenses’ nation, takes the stage and states a simple and unequivocal truth and a pack of blood-stained clowns, using their own shit as make-up, walk out as if this discredits what was said. This representative of a nation that presently sits as the filling in a geo-political sandwich between two other nations brutally attacked by the nations boycotting and walking out on a conference of racism where... they are the guilty parties... this representative calmly states the truth and gets hammered in the press for telling the truth while a lot of dignified chimpanzees in suits wring their hands in outrage and grief over having to hear the truth; Shame on you, you pathetic blood-stained clowns.

I don’t know how long this charade can continue. I don’t know what lies beyond the moment that Israel attacks -in person or by proxy- Iran. I don’t know what’s around the corner but I can see what the sidewalk is composed of. Though Iran is not developing a nuclear weapon, it would be better for the whole world if she did because nothing else will keep that nasty pit-bull of a Tony Montana nation in check. One can only hope that Russia is delivering the promised, defensive missiles to Iran and has not succumbed to whatever pressures are at work to negate it. It will be far better for Russia if they did.

It doesn’t seem to occur to all of the great catamite nations that the naughty little nation who is blackmailing all of them to an unknown end is not a friend of any of them and fully plans something even worse for them when the opportunity presents itself.

Hasn’t anyone learned anything from what happened in Gaza and in Lebanon? I cannot imagine what forces are being brought to bear which compel what should be intelligent world leaders to conspire in their own destruction. You got me folks. I just don’t get it. I don’t have armies or economies but I can tell you that I would never allow this kind of thing and that is probably why I will never be in a position to prevent it. SHAME ON YOU!!!

Shame on you all, you have sold out your humanity and you have trampled upon and destroyed all of the higher virtues that were possible for you. You know who you are. You are in high political and religious offices. You write for the Main Stream Media. You lie on television. You lie and you are complicit in mass murder. You dress nice and you talk nice and you know which fork to use but you are cold-blooded indifferent killers. Somehow you have managed to justify what you do. Somehow, in the safety of numbers among others like yourself, you have managed to camouflage reality from your own hearts and minds. Somehow you go to sleep at night and get up in the morning and continue in the service of evil industries against the human race. You are all of you every kind of racist and much, much worse.

Shame on you... Justice is coming somehow and some way and I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes. Someone... anyone among you... wake up and cry out against the tide. There may be mercy left for you if you come to your senses now. Soon there will be even less mercy than you have shown to your victims.

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Kim said...

I just read an article on this and I was so angry. I just had to say that I placed a bumper sticker on my car with a picture of the Israeli flag and the words "Breeding hatred since 1948" on it and in only a couple of weeks someone had peeled it off! I have many other stickers on my car that have stayed on for YEARS but this one disappeared! What a coincidence. These people are seriously deluded if they think that the murder of innocent people should be allowed in the name of a nation built on lies.

Anaughty Mouser said...

It looks like the war mongering Zionist swine are seriously thinking of invading Iran. Boy will they be surprised when in stead of the US and Nato coming to defend them that the world is going to sit back and let Israel get the shit pounded out of them as a sort of recompence for the atrocities (read: war crimes) the Israeli army committed against the Palestian civilians (men, women and children) in Gaza in January 2009.
Ain't nobody wanna shill for dem Yids no mo'.
A Mouser

William Wilson said...

Hi Les- THANK YOU for clearly and succintly calling on the carpet those who are in my opinion the most negatively pernicious people on the planet.
The ass clowns who run and operate the US mainstream media may be compared in their behavior and influence to a death dealing virus, a virus which makes people not only stupid, but irrational, also, before it kills them.
It'll be a great day for the American people, as well as the world, when the mainstream media is no longer able to deceive and by extension, control the American public

A Mouser said...

"Any logical person can tell that there is a very big difference between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism.

Israel was actually established through ethnic cleansing. The Zionists drove about 800,000 Palestinians out of their homeland in 1948 and are still denying them the right of return. And Israel is still committing war crimes, human rights violations, and racist acts against the Palestinians, as was exemplified in the recent Gaza war."
A Mouser

Cheryl said...

Before we could read things like this on the Internet, I felt alone. Thank you for expressing my feelings in your words. We are not alone! The tide is turning in our favor, largely thanks to people like you. :)

Anonymous said...

The truth always stands on its own merit the truth is the truth and that is fact dont listen to there words because they are lies.
actions speak louder than words every time and the actions of the above mentioned Zionist show thyem for what they are,shit on my shoes.

Randall said...

Killer words and helps me get my thoughts straight.
Ah......We'll all meet up some day, laughing about this shit, I suppose.
You'll love the animals who I wanna hang with in this next deal.
and I know yours will be as cool.
Peace and Love.....

Randall said...

"over Ersatz Israel (that is not a typo).
That is fucking Golden.
Better than Golden.
I ain't gay, but I want to fuck you and Kate winslet from this post and Kates'
forthrightness over doing a "holocaust"
film and getting an Oscar.
heh fucking heh!

Anonymous said...

"I cannot imagine what forces are being brought to bear which compel what should be intelligent world leaders to conspire in their own destruction. You got me folks."

We have gone over this before Les, they aren't human. Anyone who attempts to understand them with a "normal" set of values will never get it figured out. As weird as it sounds many of them are probably clones. They have been cloning animals for years. I once heard some government official say they would never clone humans because it would be immoral. What a fucking joke, everything they do is immoral. We can be absolutely certain they have cloned humans. Clones have no soul. The spark of the Creator is God given. Clones have no emotions and can be programed to do anything. Just like animals they don't live a normal life span and new individuals must be "created" and reprogrammed when they wear out.

Now I'm not saying all high government officials are clones, but a significant percentage are. Mixed in with these individuals you have the Luciferian Zionists types who are cut from the same cloth. Those who don't fall into one of these categories have been compromised through blackmail. One thing they all have in common is criminality and perversion.

They control governments, religions, and corporations and will never change. Their goal is to subjugate the human race.

Lucifer is a formidable adversary and he has his legions on both sides of the veil. We need help. We can't fight them alone. Things are speeding up. These dark ones seek absolute control. It is our job to stay in the light. Don't cooperate, "drag your feet". We must hang in there, don't get discouraged. Help will come. Things are pretty bleak, but we need to make it through this dark valley because there is a much better world on the other side. There is also a place for the dark ones. On some desolate planet far far away where they can play with colored rocks, copulate and stick each other in the ass with pitchforks.


Anonymous said...

Thank you once again for telling it like it is.
I have been saying much the same in my own parish for what seems like eons. It would appear people avoid or deny nuts like me. They are oblivious to the darkness which is abroad in the world, and it makes me angry.
Humanity is on the cusp of its very existance, and the elite of the world would continue to be elite.
Where I wonder are their bolt-holes and hide-outs.
Keep telling it like it is, and if you have no God of your own, I would pray my God will hold you in the hollow of his hand.

A Fan said...

I just wanted to thank you for speaking the mind of millions of people so eloquently! One reason the mainstream media has been successful in masking the plight of Palestinians is that their side of story is almost always told by people with strong arabic or other accents but the zionist lies are told from some Israeli or some other zionists that look and sound just like the Americans themselves. You combine that with deceptive use of words in "news media" and you have a deceived audience.

Anonymous said...

Les Visible

long time lurker and first time rezpondent

you have brutally broken my heart on many occasions and I have been angry with people for saying praiseful things about you when they should be saying them about me and I have wanted to kick your ass and I am a gurl

you consistently break my heart and open my legs. I would even bear your children and I have liked my own kind since I was ten yers old.

I am in absolute screeching awe of you. If you were a faggot I would be your hag.

someone needs to get you herd on a major level. you are too consistent to be a fraud. I am a died in the wolverine lesbian and you are my first fucking male hero. I love you man I love you.

and I am a palestinian women living in paris


Tesla_Girl said...

Incredibly well put...I myself was set to write an article about this on my blog using the same analogy -- can't put it better so I seeded it on newsvine.

They have not posted it yet on the new seeds listings -- wonder if it had to do with the fact that I included the words "Zionism" and "Apartheid" in the same sentence.

Nevertheless, great piece!

Anonymous said...

Agree with you that the axis of evil is the US, England, and Israel. However, since almost all of the corrupt Congress and Senate were re-elected, it appears that Americans are as complicit in the Empire wars as their "fearless" leaders. Both Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich were openly against the War, yet both were ignored.

Christians are taught from birth that there is a such thing as "chosen people". This insane brain washing is reinforced during Sunday services. Americans love Jews, and can not see any fault in them.

Bottom line is the only chance of salvation for the Human race is to eradicate Judiasm, Christianity, and Mohamedism. That will not happen, so hold on to your seat.

Anonymous said...

"So… hmmmm… these killers who are eliminating any trace of the original inhabitants from their land are also using the term ‘anti-Semitism’ as a defense against any and all criticism of their behavior and actually created this term to give the impression that they are Semitic, which the large majority of them are not but which the Palestinians are entirely and… confusing… convoluted… mystifying… so… it appears that in order to establish their legitimacy to something they are not entitled to, according to the evidence presented by a book of scripture, they need to eliminate the people who are the people they are pretending to be."

You are what the truth would be if the truth were permitted to be.

I am Dr. Hans Skolgarrd and I have written you before. Please respond.

Visible said...


I think you are messing with me.

Is that you Bruce?

I know it's one of you. There is no way that someone sincere writes that way. I am going to really make you stay outside all night when I find out who this is.

Hank said...

Yes, there is a cancer in america and it is israeli. It has infected almost every facet of our society, and is killing it so slowly, it doesn't seem to notice. The proverbial frog in the pot of water, being brought slowly to a boil, completely unaware that they sit in deaths hand.

Taking into account the deliberate underfunding of education in america, which is a story for another day, the american people, for the most part, or at least the middle and southern part are, well, stupid. This to say, that as eloquent as some Les's are at preaching the truth, they and we are still preaching mostly to the chior.

America needs a hero. Someone in a position of authority, or respected above reproach in the media,(grin) to find the courage to tell the amrican people the truth. Someone they will believe, or at least make them stop and look.

Yes, we need a doctor. A social oncologist that will show the X ray to the american people, show them the cancer and tell them they are going to die if they do nothing.

I do not know if america has such a person, but I don't think that the original colonist knew that they had such courage among them either. I think maybe they were surprised and inspired by the courage they saw, and they built a nation, right after stealing it from the indians, but that too, is a story for another day. Peace my friends.

simon said...

Well said Les. Again. And don't forget to read the full translation of Ahmadinejad's speech here -


It's excellent. Intelligent, moderate, truthful. And with even more spot-on, hit-home criticism in it of the west and zionism and their role in slavery and world wars than you'll find (mis)translated and (mis)quoted in "our" pathetic and dying MSM.


- "I cannot imagine what forces are being brought to bear which compel what should be intelligent world leaders to conspire in their own destruction. You got me folks."

This is for me THE key question. HOW are they doing it? How are they getting our leaders to carry out their policy,. How are they carrying the vast majority along with them in the face of overwhelming and scientifically incontrovertible fact?

No glib answers please, they don't satisfy. Personally I don't go along with all of Fud, above. But I couldn't say he was entirely wrong either.

All any of us can do, until a clear course of action becomes apparent to each one of us, is hope against hope and carry on regardless. Don't 'give in' even if all you do is read blogs, occasionally comment, and disseminate as best you can.

Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. And as you didn't say a blog or two ago Les - It's always darkest before the dawn.

All the best

Unknown said...


That was well written!

Ivan de Coward said...

Ahmadinejad is the only world leader alive today who dares to oppose the power of the Jews without any reservations. Two other world leaders come to mind in that regard - Chavez of Venezuela and Putin of Russia - but they are not nearly as daring as Honorable Ahmadinejad. Here is a short list of leaders of the past with the same rare quality of bravery and honor: Jesus Christ, Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein. All three share the same fate for precisely the same reason. I only can hope that Ahmadinejad will have more luck.

Nevertheless Ahmadinejad is wrong. "Wrong" perhaps is not the right word here. But let me try to explain what I mean.

You can blame Jews for their Zionism as much as you want but that will not make much of a difference. We should not blame Jews for Zionism. In fact, we should not blame Jews for anything. Jews are smart people but they are not wise people, they do not know when to stop. That's what brings them down again and again throughout history. That's just the way it is and they cannot help it. You cannot change your nature. If you do you simply cease to exist. And nobody should blame them for being Jews any more than one can blame the parasite for socking the blood or the snake for using it's poison to kill - they are just trying so survive and propagate themselves as everybody else. By the same token nobody can blame you for refusing the parasite to suck your blood.

We should let them have their Zionism. By all means, have as much Zionism as you want. If they want to be racists that is fine with me. Racism is not bad, racism is good. We all should be a good old fashion racists. Everybody and every country should be allowed to be a racist and have an openly racist laws. For example, I think it would be very healthy for US (and not only for US) to have a law that states clearly and without any ambiguity that no Jew should be allowed to have any government position or any access to mainstream media, the law should bar them from having anything to do with money production. Who is Bernanke? Jew? get rid of him. Who is Gartner? Jew? get rid of him. Who are CBS boss Sumner Redstone or ABC boss Michael Eisner or CNN boss Gerald Levin? Jews? get rid of them. Boy, wouldn't that be wonderful. Israel would collapse immediately and Palestinian problem (which is worldwide rather then Palestinian problem) would be solved automatically. And we would not have to waste time trying to convince Jews that Zionism is not in their best interest, they would denounce their Zionism themselves. By the way, that kind of laws have existed in many countries back in history when people were not completely brainwashed and had plenty of common sense to guide them.

I have nothing against white supremacists. By the same token, if Chinese or Japanese want to exercise yellow supremacy, that is fine with me too. If black people want to be supremacists, haliluia, let them have it. The principle here is simple: if you want to be a racist you should except the same right for others. We all are, to some degree, bigots and racists, and that is perfectly OK. It's like free market economy. We all have our own interests that oppose each other. But we are not so stupid as to suggest that cooperation does not serve our interests. We enter free market with our conflicting interests but that does not prevent us from behaving in civilized manner if we are free. The same with racism. We need free and open racism for everybody and every country. People are not stupid, all that people need is freedom. If you are free and everybody is free and if you are not stupid you will realize pretty quickly what you gain and what you lose by being racist. You cannot check racism by decree. Different racisms should and will check themselves in, so to speak, free exchange of racism.

Racism is not bad, racism is good in free society. And how do we get free society, wise guy? Very simple. Take the money creation not only from the private bankers but from the government itself, anchor it to gold, put the money creation in people's hands via free banking with 100% reserves. These are very simple ideas known for hundreds of years. But for some mysterious reason we seem to have a lot of trouble getting there. Now you tell me why.

Anonymous said...


Pax Verbum

Anonymous said...

The Iran thing, is just one pea in the pot. The UN speech was hot smoke. The linked acts of a few people to one nation, is childish. The crimes of Gaza are but few in this world. What about Africa, or most of South Asia? The clowns are working in all nations, and they come from us, and not some bat clave in Israel. We, you and I, are helping the clown dance. We use their internet, we look to their actions before ours, we care if they change, we spend time thinking about ideas that we cant put our hands on. You want a car, job, and some white picket fence house, you're going to be playing in "their" show, sorry. You want to show love and be a force for the greater, you're going to have to walk away from the show. No more headlines, or hopes by words, just action itself. Will any of you be "ready" to stand with a dying Gaza kid, only to be the next target? Nope, you want words and talk to make up the difference. Find your sword, look to the blue flame of hate, and turn it around. Dont walk in my tail grass, you wont hear a thing!!!

Le Mat

Anonymous said...

Ahmadinejad works for the CIA, hello? Iran and Iraq along with Israel and well, all the Middle East, once were part of the British Empire(still are). What event in the last hundred years has changed that? Why would "they" give up power at all? Do you really think freedom or popular movenments have any ground in Iraq or Iran? They watch TV made in the US and buy stuff made in China, and dream for AC? Most want to live the "western" life and never will. We're in a bad place to be throwing stones here. Live like a young person in Iraq, without a future or nation and then you can cry out for change. Till than, you wouldnt have the strength to fight, nor the reason. Keep looking into the computer screen, you wont see yourself till you turn it off.

Le Mat

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,
Is "grange" as close as we're going to come to porn on this site? It's got all the angles-foreign women/guy of intrigue, lesbians, a head-shaved guy playing guitar......I think there even might be a country western song in there somewhere if you include a dog and grange drives a pick-up truck
I'M IN!!!!!!!!!!

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Having My Baby (Having My Baby)
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Having My Baby,
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Having My Baby

Wow, that brought a tear to my eye.....

Verification Word: ovainli--is that a Carly Simon Orgasm?


Visible said...

I've said it before and I will say it again. You are a very strange person Jj. Something like a cross between Seth Rogan in "Observe and Report" and Julian Sands in "Room with a View".

Did I nail it? Of course.

I get this sport of thing now and again and it has the ring of one of my friends messing with me.

Some of them are martial artists like myself and we used to stage events in public places where we knocked the crap out of each other and then the one's who started it would run away and whoever was left would explain to the police what happened and then, members of the public would chime in about how we or I or whoever had to play that role had saved all of them from carnage.

We had rubber knives that would disappear back into their stiletto sheaths and guns that were a little safer than the Lee family got involved with.

I would suggest not trying that in this day and age but it was really funny at the time. Now that I reflect back on it I say to myself, "You were really lucky you stupid idiot."

paolocaruso said...

I see that asswipe Jon Voigt standing behind Ely the Weasel in the picture. I thinks Holywood gots some dirty picture of Voigt or his daughter to keep them in line. Otherwise, the hypocrisy is unbearable. Clowns, they are all looking like clown with names like Madoff and Markoff, the theiving killer med student that the media says had a sense of entitlement for killing and robbing prostitutes ( well hell have you have read the Talmud?). Clowns,geeks and freaks right out of central casting. Sitcom and cartoon characters, all of them. None of them are for real.

Anonymous said...

"I don't think I'm going to start describing myself. It's another person's job to get that wrong"

why reinvent the wheel--:)


Anonymous said...

I been travelled in thirty countries includin' Palestine/Israel. Your writing cadence is not Palestinian, lacks French influence, is totally American and is more male than female in flavour despite your insistence on carpet leanings.
I call you out as being all or some of the following:
Male (possibly bisexual), USAmerican, living in an English speaking country (can't tell which one if its not USA).

Anonymous said...

'Jews are smart people, just not wise people...don't blame the Jews for anything'
blah, blah, blah
'Amen. Pax verbatum'...Anon

WTF! Why don't you trolls go back and live under the MSM bridge you came (under) from!

simon said...

to Ivan de coward

I absolutely concur.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up.

Magical Powers and the Absence of Love.

Anonymous said...

Oi. Parabéns pelo excelente blog. Gostaria de lhe convidar para visitar meu blog e conhecer alguma coisa sobre o Brasil. Abração



Joseph Brenner

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