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Mr. Visible Meets the Invisible Man

I’m relatively sane. I know if people could climb inside my head they wouldn’t find John Malkovitch. They wouldn’t find me either because that guy got blown away in a Force 7 spiral, right up through the top of what used to be his head, a long time ago. So, what someone would probably find is whatever version of the self I was using at the time. You can’t actually use ‘the self’ because it is still... motionless... but... you can put some clothes on it and let the clothes act as if they were the thing that was being concealed. In some ways it’s like “The Invisible Man”. You can’t see him but the clothes outline his form so there is the appearance that he exists. The world is something like that. It appears to reveal all kinds of things but it is actually concealing things. It’s concealing one thing in particular and a number of other things that are related to that one thing. These would be the various ‘powers’, aspects... characteristics. Words, as you know are... well they’re kind of like the clothes I was just talking about. They give thoughts something to wear.

That metaphysical introduction is important to what I would like to say. It lets you know that there are certain limitations that I can’t get around and you are going to have to help me out by letting a ‘particular facility’ inside your mind develop on the theme and give you a personalized Polaroid that will serve for more than a thousand words.

There’s this swine flu that’s turned into a full blown epidemic of press coverage about itself without being much of anything at all. Like some of you, I have a curious nature. Automatically, my mind goes rummaging around behind what I am being told and it keeps doing that until a little plausibility chime goes off and then... it fleshes it out like those clothes on the invisible man again.

It’s not really swine flu. It’s a designer flu and it didn’t just come out of Nature any more than a car does. The things that make the car come out of Nature but not the car itself. That’s as much as you need to know to start looking for who made it. You don’t have to wonder whether it was self-generated so we can move to the next steps; who made it? Why did they make it? Why did they blow it out of proportion after they released it? Why did they release it where they did? There are other questions but these will do for now because I’m not going to answer these questions. I know the answers in a general way. You can learn most things just by following Cui Bono.

Answers are not hard to find. That’s not the problem. The problem is whether you like the answers you get. If you don’t then you have to accommodate yourself to whatever lie you can be most comfortable with. This is what people do and you can’t do much about that except to let them know that you know and maybe they’ll get honest with themselves and maybe they won’t. Sooner or later they are going to come up against the truth in one way or another and then... what happens to them will depend on how much of a career they made out of lies.

Many of you know that I post at this site under the name of Apollonius (taken from an ancient Greek who was called Apollonius of Tyana. 90% of the people there are in total denial about 9/11 and most of the things that have happened over the last decade. I go there because I am pretty much the only one, with one or two exceptions, who tells them about other perspectives on things they would rather not hear about and I get wacked for being wack. They think I’m deluded, possibly crazy and certainly ‘eccentric’ which would be the kinder word for what they might otherwise say. The funny thing is that I’m not crazy or deluded at all. It’s like walking into a mental institution where all of the patients think they’re medical professionals. I’m one of the few doctors there and it amuses and intrigues me to study their symptoms and read their case histories.

There was this Air Force 1 incident. This event is much stranger than it has been made to appear. It’s kind of the reverse of the Flu media pandemic. This also didn’t come out of Nature so you can apply the same questions to this as you did to Flumania When you read the linked article you are going to find yourself seriously puzzled. The idea of taking a presidential plane up over the Statue of Liberty for a photo-op and not telling practically anyone is... well, we’ve seen a pretty high level of absurdity over the last decade but this is in a class of it’s own for more reasons than I care to go into. Ponder it, if you will, for a moment.

There’s some kind of connection between these two events. It’s possible they are happening as a distraction and it’s possible that they are precursors for something that’s about to happen. There are other possibilities and I know that some of you are going to give me your take on it.

There are several articles on the designer flu circus at today and nothing about the plane incident. The plane incident is so curious; read, ‘newsworthy’ that not hearing any more about it is also newsworthy. We know that the Main Stream Media is the propaganda wing of the ruling elite. If you approach the MSM with this understanding in mind you get a whole new perspective on it... as opposed to looking at it as actual news. It’s a mental trick that most people don’t exercise because they are intellectually lazy. This brings me to the consideration of ‘objective reasoning’.

Try this experiment. Put anything on the TV and observe yourself watching it. A point will come where you forget that you are apart from it and watching it and you are then inside of it. This happens with many things in life and people actually die as a result of this condition. Think about it. There are many permutations and circumstances where this would apply. Metaphorically speaking; there are a lot of people driving around in their lives while using the cell phone. An act of real power is being able to have no thoughts in your mind and to be in control of what comes in and goes out. Most people have no idea how useful this ability is. Consciousness is a really impressive thing but most people don’t even think about it.

You can see the invisible man’s handiwork all over the place, even if you can’t see him. These days he is often accompanied by an official source that remains nameless because he’s not authorized to speak on the subject. This guy is on the news all the time. He often writes articles. He’s the guy who mentions Bin Laden and tells you where Bin Laden could be and what that gang of Scarlet Pimpernels; Al Qaeda is planning and doing. There’s this other guy, or it might be several guys who decide what you see and what you don’t see and who is also in charge of rephrasing the words of public figures. By example we could use Ahmanedijad’s actual comment about Israel as opposed to what this guy replaced it with. He’s the guy that also keeps the Gaza situation out of the news unless it’s advantageous to the people who are exterminating the Palestinians. He’s the guy who counts the bottle rockets that land in the empty spaces around Sderot. He’s the host of that Ron Paul show, “Wack Guy for the Gullible Eye.”

I’m going to give you some homework today. I want you to see how often you can spot The Invisible Man and these other guys now that you understand that thing about watching TV while remaining apart from it; now that you understand about what comes out of Nature and what doesn’t, now that you know the MSM is actually a propaganda tool. Just by my mentioning these guys you are going to start seeing evidence of their actions and presence. You’ll be thinking about this flu thing and the plane thing and maybe even about all the strange weather we are getting from Global Cooling.

Probably by now you are getting what I was trying to say with that metaphysical intro. The readers here will be picking right up on it but the people at that forum, some of whom are reading these words right at this moment... they won’t be getting it. This is another curious thing. Here’s hoping you don’t feel someone tap you on the shoulder but when you turn around there isn’t anyone there. Many people would be quite surprised to find out that this happens all the time but they don’t identify it as such.

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William Wilson said...

The face of the man who gives the MSM it's marching orders (9/11. Gaza, ect) has the face of a skull.

nina said...

I'm not sure how to put this, that's what the Invisible Man does, makes us think we're c r a z y end-of-the-road doomers to even suggest such things, so I'll just blurt it out having no other tools to massage it into a message, the Polo Ponies ... their lungs congested, 21 downed in a fell swoop ... lungs congested ...

mNemosys said...

"An act of real power is being able to have no thoughts in your mind and to be in control of what comes in and goes out."

...dig it...

a book worth reading describes the current state of homo sapien affairs fairly accurately: The Sheep Look Up

[it does not, however, refer to humans much; they are more interesting and less absurd so they do not make for good science-horror-fiction archetypes....unless one is seeking tragedy] the "voiddrOidz" [TM]
let 'em stew in their own festering stench. [though I agree with studying their methods: survival demands understanding the liars ethic: it may help avoiding danger in the guise of "life support"....

meanwhile: right on write on

Anonymous said...

Been workin the New York thing out all yesterday. Its a fast step, for the man, too fast. The flu thing seems to be fizzing out, but the media is going the other way. The reaction to the fly by should be focused on, the man was studing it? I think it was a test of info outlets, other than main media.
Other side, great work. A good link to self and the outward looking eye. The flu+airforce1 is an important mix. The TV can fail and the screen flickers too.
More of this, thanks.

Le Mat

Greg Bacon said...

Put this swine flu into perspective, by looking at the 50,000 or so deaths due to that killer drug, Vioxx, legally sanctioned by the FDA. And these deaths were from 1999-2003.

Just FOUR years.

12,000 deaths a year from a government approved drug, but you didn't see anywhere near the amount of hysteria from that death march.

Death's Due To Vioxx----

Dr. Graham also told the Senate Finance Committee that Vioxx may have caused 55,000 deaths alone, more than the 28,000 projected by the FDA. Graham also indicated Vioxx may have caused as many as 160,000 heart attacks, strokes and deaths, combined.

The US Food and Drug Administration denied charges it tried to suppress a safety official's findings that painkiller Vioxx, which was pulled from the market last week, raised heart attack risks.

Dr. David Graham's study on the Merck & Co Inc. arthritis drug was sent through the "standard review process" before being made public in August, the FDA said in a statement released late Thursday.

We're being herded again, just like a flock of chickens or a lot full of pigs...right into the butcher's arms.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les...

Very Good piece and thought provoking.

I have been giving this Flu "PANDEMIC!!" thing quite a bit of thought, and it seems to be a PR Campaign for Tamiflu. I am from South Africa, and I have seen Tamiflu capsules in 3 News Bulletins.

Whoever is Tamiflu's PR managers are doing a superb job. It has to be the only company making money in these tough economic times, however immoral.

keep up your excellent writing, and if you are correct about something coming soon, Best of Luck to us all! And remember, we have look out for our brothers and sisters.

kikz said...


susana said...

Greetings Les.,
This is a long shot but I saw the Invisible man top story of the Daily Wail 10 minutes ago.
I was looking for archived information on the McCanns and my eyes were drawn to the top page where it showed an accident at a parade honouring the Dutch Queen.
It showed her horrified face, it showed injured in the road being attended to. It's blazing headline was this was deliberate.
And right next to that was a headline that Holland had just reported the first case of this super duper killer flu.
Now I sometimes think that the journalists and editors working for Murdoch do still have a brain and are beginning to develop courage and foresight.
Increasingly I see them towing the new world order line but with some column right next to it ridiculing
the whole thing.

Mouser said...

Yes. I've been witnessing the presence of the invisible man in the TV media for a couple of years now. It bothered me so much that I was forced to stop watchimg TV news altogether. News papers too.
For about two years I've been getting almost all my news from thetruthseeker, whatreallyhappened and 911blogger on the net.
I've become allergic to main stream media because only 15% is true and the reat is spin, fluff or outright lies and propoganda.
Peace out.

Dadnerd said...

Once again I'm amazed at your prolific ability to keep churning out the truth in such a refreshing way that really astounds me; but it shouldn't. I'm reminded of that book I read when I was young and confused and looking for answers. It was called Zen mind beginners mind. I played with zen way back then, dropped the zen but knew the "beginners mind" had merit. And I think you must have that quality. Otherwise how could you keep seeing things anew, week after week?

You said this...

"We know that the Main Stream Media is the propaganda wing of the ruling elite. If you approach the MSM with this understanding in mind you get a whole new perspective on it… as opposed to looking at it as actual news. It’s a mental trick that most people don’t exercise because they are intellectually lazy. This brings me to the consideration of ‘objective reasoning’."

The essential question is, why do some see the obvious and others not? Can't be IQ, so what is it? Could it be that the innate instinct in all living creatures is to survive? humans find comfort and security in certain kinds of knowledge? Does questioning that knowledge undermine the very ground they stand on? Is it so simple as that?

The old saying, don't get into an argument over religion or politics. It's more than just abstract information to most people, it is their reality, and dare anyone question it. How many people have been killed over this?

The brain absolutely demands security, if you challenge what it has established as real and comforting, you may incur the wrath of the believer.

I think this is a central question, a fundamental question we shouldn't shove off too quickly.


Anonymous said...

The invisible man isnt a "guided" force per say. He has many faces and is well networked. Those acting as his mouth are clear to us. However, the invisible man is also inside the host too. We are lucky to see his dance, but those not viewing him are most taken by him. Best part however, he doesnt make or create. He only changes forms, so threw others can he act out his wish. At this time, many (media) are seeming to act as a guided planned force to "control" this world, but its a game that keeps him going, and thats it, no plan. If he wins he has to give up the control of the sheep, they will have jumped of the cliff.
Let yourself move with this fear game, you will soon laugh and move past this. Dont let the invisible man stop the leap.

Le Mat

Dadnerd said...


If it is true that the brain requires security to function, then what next? There are two ways to live. Security in knowledge which is always questionable or, what is the other state of mind? A truly religious mind, a scientific mind is always in a state of questioning, right? Instead of being cemented in concrete, which admittedly is safe and comforting, it is in a state of flux. Now what is so safe about being in a state of flux?

Is it possible to find security in reality? Illustration. You feel secure calling yourself a Jew, the other poor slob calls himself a Palestinian. They both get a sense of security in their groups and identify with them, but... There will always be conflict when you identify with a group. The making of war is embedded in that arrangement, is that real security?

Everyone wants to belong to a group, as that provides some measure of power right? The blacks here in america want equal share of the wealth, and realize they have to organize and group together to accomplish it. In so doing they contribute to the conflict innate in separating groups. But do you blame them?

So the madness continues year after year. We don't see the real truth that we are all one. And as long as one group doesn't see it, they are a threat to the rest. See how the problem is complex?

So the real scientific/religious mind is free of all this, but what about the rest? We have to live here together, what is the right approach to this dilemma? Is Les Visible the right approach? Is there any other way to claw out of this mess?

Anonymous said...

Around 10,000 - 12,000 Americans die every year from lead poisoning. You know, bang, stop or I'll shoot.

Since 9-11 more than 120,000 Americans have been murdered and around 240,000 have killed themselves.

Hey, what's a little swine flu among friends?

Dadnerd said...

Before I get Gornygobbed, you all know what I mean by "poor slob"

You're not gonna make me explain that, are you? :>)

slinks away quietly....

Spell-check said...

Yes. I've been witnessing the presence of the invisible man in the TV media for a couple of years now. It bothered me so much that I was forced to stop watching TV news altogether. News papers too.
For about two years I've been getting almost all my news from thetruthseeker, whatreallyhappened and 911blogger on the net.
I've become allergic to main stream media because only 15% is true and the rest is spin, fluff or outright lies and propaganda.
Peace out.

Mouser said...

Illuminati=NWO>Rothschilds>IMF=Bilderberger=Trilateral=CFR>Freemasons=Zionists=Neocons>police state=martial law>everybody else.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les

At this link:
a certain Dr. Ott gives a speech regarding the links between the 1918 spanish flu and our modern engeneered virus. He explains that infected soldiers via vaccination were sent to train in Spain when entering the war and they were submitted to gaz attack réactions. According to him, the exposition to those toxic chemicals is a main factor in ''optimising'' the killing potentcy of a otherwise harmless organism.

I see a correlation between those events and declaring ground zero to be Mexico city, which is one of the most, if not the most, poluted air mass on the continent. What happened next? A vaccination campaing in Mexico, add your toxic gas and voilà, a brand new coctail of spanish brew. Those few cases were an excuse for vaccination, wich carry the real threat. If so, we should see the effects once the vaccine kicks in.

And on this page:
remember that Illuminati card game that came out in 1995 and depicted the 911 attacks. Well, the folowing cards are : Population reduction, Center for disease control, Epidemic ( quarantine ). Rings a bell?

Tonight ( april 30th/ may first )is the 233rd anniversary of the Weishopt illuminati agenda. It is also Walpurgis Night for satanists. To feel that mind set of our beloved elite political class, I leave you with those lyrics from Stormwitch.

May God help us.

The time has come, the witches are ready tonight
on the hill, black sabbath, evil rite
they are descending on magical broomsticks
riding on he-goats through the night

Come nearer, come nearer
you can't resist their might
at walpurgis night

All around you can smell a nasty, strange scent
they are making oils from the bodies of murdered infants
they're dancing 'round a hot, flickering fire
mixing poison, singing cursed songs

Come nearer, come nearer
you can't resist their might
at walpurgis night

Warted feed are trembling the ground like and earthquake
they are making love, with broomsticks with rats and with snakes
holding crazy orgies with the devil
praying to the master of hell

Come nearer, come nearer
you can't resist their might
at walpurgis night

Visible said...

Greetings Friends;

I'm back on the internet. Truly weird what's going on but we keep going on.

thanks for the words and the support.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

The Spiritual Master Game and Official T-Shirt.

Anonymous said...


You asked,

"The essential question is, why do some see the obvious and others not? Can't be IQ, so what is it?"

You could use shopping as an anology

Some of us are content to window shop and see as many fascinating distractions as possible.

For some of us "BUY NOTHING" is the only way to fly. You could ponder the possibilities of a nonsociety based upon such a transcendental philosophy, or you could let that go too as it gets really heavy.

Others are compelled to stop and purchase and possess things that catch their eye, they need to buy into what they could have chosen to let be on their way to another perception. Once the passion of possesions takes root its difficult to let go of the accumulated baggage and responsibilities that come with ownership.

So lets say for instance that it becomes popular to amass and share stories of the accumulation of things. . . .

any more questions?


Rev. John Moulton, said...

Dear Mr. Visible (or may I address you as Les?):

I tried to leave comments on both of these articles; the former was just dropped and the latter would not show the word one needed to key in. Anyway, as regards the first I just wanted to say that it was outstanding among the other exceptionally fine articles. As to the latter, I regret to inform you that I can't do my homework because I have no TV nor do I subscribe to any newspapers or magazines. And I'm damned careful what I read on the net. "The Protocols of Zion" is about my speed. (BTW, thanks again for the link to "The Controversy of Zion, I'm spreading the link like H5N1.) However, the mind pollution like the air pollution here in the high country is effectively zero. May God keep you so that you can keep on keepin' on the good work.


Anonymous said...

Geez, I kept getting messages that "The Certificate For This Site Is Invalid"--I got into the site, but couldn't post--couldn't figure out if you were doing it or "they" were--:)
Kudos for reviewing softly what so many commenter's in here already know--I forget that there are new readers every day and that you can't assume anyone knows certain things--always good to get a reminder as well--
Going back underground now with my gas mask on--gonna enjoy a nice BBQ pork sandwich and sing Negro Spirituals...Swing lowwwwwwwwwwwww Sweet Chariot.......
Any idea how far into the ground a 747 can penetrate on impact? I may need to dig a little deeper-----

William Wilson said...

Hi Les,
Hope you enjoyed the anti MSM stuff I sent, you probably get all kinds of interesting things recommended to persuse so dont worry about it if you havent seen it.
My point being that the MSM is probably the biggest threat to the liberties, freedom, and well being of humanity. Even more so than armies.
Were it not for them, we, as a species, would be far better off, in all ways.
First one has to see the enemy and identify him before he can be defeated.

Anonymous said...

What came to my mind when I read this was the fact that on 9/11 the catholic churches all along the north jersey coast filled up. Even the junkies went.


Hank said...

The invisible man with the guiding hand. Bump the story this way, color it just so, add a little incredulity, surprise or matter of factness, and voila you have the eavning news. Lets not forget the fire, flood or traffic accident du jour, preferably with live video. Ahhhh, there's nothing like watching a warehouse in some california industrial district burning to the ground, while having morning coffee.

As Les said, knowing the "news" for the propaganda it really is, gives us a tool with which to decern some real information from the "news", simply by looking at what they report and, more importantly, what they don't report, and the timing of the reports. This terrible swine flu that has killed a massive 3 to 4 hundred world wide, is all we hear on the news right now, because something had to scare the people away from the US being a torture nation. The jews in controll of the media, had to divert attention from something that has the possibility of being traced back to 911.

Then there is this plane thing. Was it just an undeling making a bad decision, or maybe it was a way to see how indoctrinated with propaganda americans really are. I'm not sure why, but I think it encouraging that it became a non story so quickly.

I sense that the people are waking up to the fact that they have had someone pissing down their backs and telling them it was raining for a long time now, and I don't get that they are happy about it. Of all the articles I have read by the israeli trolls, trying to condone torture, and convince people to move on, the overwhelming response has been no fucking way. You can't tell the masses that we are a nation of laws, and then blatantly violate those laws, and expect them to turn a blind eye, once the crime becomes clear. In this respect, I think the powers that be created the mechanism of their own demise by allowing the masses to believe what they have been taught about america. That is, simply put, that we are the good guys.

See Les, this is where I scratch my head about Obama. He clearly knows what happened on 911, yet he is allowing the media to slap america in the face with as much torture stuff as he can release. He has to know, if he knows that they cling to their guns and religion, that if you slap them enough with the truth, they will reach a, "now just wait a dang minute" moment, where they will not like being associated with torture because americans are the good guys, and good guys don't torture.

Why? Why is he allowing all this to come out against the advice of many of his advisors, including the dredded Rham. Is he smart enough to know that if he can blow this little spark into a flame, he could use it to consume his and our enemies? Is he waiting for the masses to get worked up into a frenzy, before he pulls back the curtain to expose them all.

I have no fucking idea, and maybe my idealism and hope are distorting my mind to see things that are not there, and create possibilities that don't actually exist. I don't know, but I will continue to watch closely, and that means the invisible man as well, so I will know where not to look.

For some reason I cannot get the thought of, keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer, out of my head. Peace friends.

Anonymous said...


The flux idea, it seems that flux shouldnt be right, not at rest and thus not what we seek, but I say no. What we are is "flux" and should we forget that, we stop along the path and only to view and not act. This is why large patterns in history and human life or so lost. Its very hard to keep a center, and I agree that thats all most people ever wish for, a center.

Le Mat

Dadnerd said...

Le Mat:

Yeah that actually is the reality. I see how disconcerting it is to realize we are all just floating and spinning around in space. We seem to need fixed objects in the material world as well as the mental world. That is, a world we create in our heads. Question could be, how to have a corresponding image in our head that reflects the real world outside? Instead we imagine so much that simply has no basis in reality.

I don't think humans are very rational beings. You know the ancients all talk of dispelling the illusion, that would be called enlightenment. It seems too hard for most of us, why? Letting go of our most cherished beliefs and ideas seem like the most difficult thing to do. That's why I'm thinking it has to do with security more than intelligence. Fear!

Anonymous said...


Fear is super big. What we never see is fear of the self. Whats worse, its the fear of ones own acts and thoughs that are play against us. We never really get put under the thumb, we put ourselves their by fearing not to be there. Next we are being controled and are controlling the very same thing, the link between the body and soul (material/mental).
If we let others walk us passed this, we learn nothing and still fear lossing everthing. The "center" is but a focusing point and no the real center of the issue. We can move it to any place and start it over as many time as we wish. Most people let others do this, as help. Thats fine but the soul doesnt want others doing its work. Sooner or later we have to move into the "dark" self, ah.

Le Mat

Anonymous said...

Your commentary is shrinking. That shows me that a lot of traffic is going/being routed to Shangri La. Good. The only problem is, navigating Shangri La. I have gotten on, but posting? Eh! That is a resource only the gods know yet!
So let me say: I hope Shangri La makes it and you get several communities. I am too old to go there to live (old people have old tolerances!), but I hope you will work out something where we can contribute to the community and I hope you will work it out where we can have a temporary retreat there. If you will do this, I will shower you with contributions. If you deny retreats, there are elsewheres.

Visible said...

Why make the presumption that we would deny retreats? They are meant to be a big part of what we do.

As for navigating the 'new' forum, they are still working the bugs out. Contact the moderator and he will help you out, I promise.

Anonymous said...



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