Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hate Crimes and Congressional Slime

H.R. 1913 is the brainchild of John Conyers and this collection of nitwits. Imagine Political Correctness as a ravenous beast perched on top of a bloodstained altar equipped with chains and gag-reflex, red ping pong balls attached to bungee cords for the orifice of speech. Imagine that this altar is Congress. This little gem of a law slipped through the house a couple of weeks ago like a dissolute, pre-revolution French marquis... all rouged up and panting like a dog on a hot summer’s day.

Recently there’s been a hot competition between the British Parliament and the American Congress to see who can sponsor and pass the most Cromwellian repressions by way of King Draco... cooked up in private ovens and then served in the public zones of academia and Main Street, Anywhere.

The Miss America pageant is about as engaging and attractive as Donald Trump’s hair and we know why Trump purchased this operation in the first place. Yes... the contestants are about as charming and informed as a monkey in a tuxedo but recent events there show all too well the horned hand of the contemporary Khmer Rouge. Perez Hilton, who plays the buzzing fly reporter from the movie, “Meet the Feebles” in real life, asked Mz California about gay marriage and Mz California said something to the effect that it was different strokes for different folks but that she was opposed to it.

They say that she lost the Mz America competition because of this but that’s not enough. Now they want to strip her of her useless title for exercising her right to free speech. However, spokes personnel from the Gay dimension say it isn’t what she said that was wrong. She has a perfect right to believe what she does BUT, it was the way she said it. I’m guessing she didn’t measure her words to the required template which changes its shape every ten minutes and guarantees that there is no right way to say it.

This list shows the extreme concentration of a particular political power base in respect of the gay movement and who is behind it. It’s not much of a leap from there to the outlawing of Christmas trees and the phrase, “Merry Christmas” and the forbidding of Christian symbols but apparently not other symbols. Things are often not what they seem to be about but are actually about something else which squats behind the façade of a ‘cut-out’.

I don’t much care about Mz. California or any other twit who mouths banal phrases about nothing at all while trying to sell my imagination on what it would be like to bang Barbie after she had a head on collision with a cosmetics factory. I don’t care about Gay Marriage or any of the other dress up illusions that different theater groups get into while they are doing their version of “The King of Hearts”. What concerns me is the other kind of false flag activity where so called victims manufacture crimes against themselves in order to make life for everyone just a little more unlivable with each succeeding day. That such crimes are manufactured is already well known, given how many times they’ve been caught at it in recent years.

As families are tossed into the streets and unemployment eases up to 20%, while the government is engaged in routine murder abroad at the behest of corporations AND while the infrastructure crumbles and the education system comes to resemble a Krispy Kreme donut franchise we find that the most important consideration before us is how can we bend ourselves into pretzels to accommodate a variety of movements that cannot be accommodated.

I’m not much for fundamentalist Christianity. They’re certifiable. One look at the creationist, Looney Tune agenda is all you need to prove that these people are a deadly combination of stupid and insane but... it is apparent that there is a war on to destroy the family structure and that is one thing that fundamentalist Christianity is pretty big on. I don’t believe in coincidence. I think there’s a reason for everything. You’re free to believe what you like too. I’m all about allowing people to think and say what they want. The worst part of the matter is that those seeking to suppress free speech are themselves in the habit of saying anything they want. For some reason that’s okay.

You don’t have to be paying too much attention; not that most people can manage even a little attention these days... you don’t have to be paying too much attention to note some very disturbing trends from the Monsanto putsch against normal farming to the ever increasing laws against having an opinion or being yourself. There’s some large calculating engine with several thousand hands that is churning out madness and confusion at every turn. They operate that ritual of, problem-reaction-solution and the world as we know it dances on the edge of a cliff over a terrible abyss. They orchestrate offenses and then they market legislation against these offenses.

These reptiles in human suits with their viral lawyers and congressional, circus clowns have turned into a greater problem than any of the problems they’re whining about or engineering so that they can whine about them. I have no idea how far they want to go with their Hellraiser Revue but it doesn’t look like any highway I want to travel on.

The whole idea of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech has nothing to do with what they are presented as. They are there to give cover and sanctuary to a pack of bad actors who want to inhibit the expression of others while they give free rein to their own. Its 1984 arriving 20 years late. It’s life imitating Kafka. It’s madness. At this very moment there are legions of bureaucrats hard at work seeking out the way to further bloodshed and cultural darkness as if they were selling cleaning products instead of weapons against humanity. Some of them are just glad they have a job and some of them are glad it’s that particular job.

Anyone who can’t see the insanity of teaching same sex relationships to five year olds and arresting 6 year olds for kissing a classmate is insane themselves.

It’s going to be quite a free for all in the land of 300 million guns when the power kicks off and the food disappears. There is the irony of a nation built on the murder and enslavement of others finally reaping some of what it has sown but I’m all out of shadenfreude.

Are hate crimes and hate speech a problem? I’m thinking they are right up there with death by huffing glue or people falling off amusement park rides. You can’t legislate morality and you certainly can’t legislate against different perspectives any more than you can declare one more valid than the other. People have a right to think and speak as they wish and if there are social consequences for that well... that is part of the price of growing up and part of the price of learning how to behave.

All I can say is that I am going to take a few minutes each day to think some number of politically incorrect thoughts and I’m going to see if I can’t say some number of politically incorrect things right here where I am sitting. Maybe you can’t hear me but I just want you to know I am doing it. I’m going to laugh at you and I also want to tell you that so called hate crimes and hate speech are possibly justifiable when it involves people such as yourself. It’s more likely self-defense than anything else.

There’s no real problem with hate crimes and hate speech. You want these laws to avoid criticism for the awful crimes in which you are presently engaged. I see right through you and sooner or later your day is going to come.

There’s no real problem with hate crimes and hate speech. You want these laws to avoid criticism for the awful crimes in which you are presently engaged. I see right through you and sooner or later your day is going to come.

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Anonymous said...

Back on the trail.
You may have let out a liitle secret-

"They are there to give cover and sanctuary to a pack of bad actors"

Yes, very bad actors, not even as gifted as Regan. Now hiding behind hate crimes is just going to make them worse, much worse. Soon we will have silly Skeksis walking the white house. Sorry, to be so layed back here, but its going to fall apart for the "lizard men" soon. I see your line of thought here, but lust and fear cant last. Everone will cry and get off and than, the circus leaves?

Anonymous said...

"And if my thought-dreams could been seen
They'd probably put my head in a guillotine
But it's alright, Ma, it's life, and life only."

Hank said...

Les, this hate crimes bill worries me more than most of the other stuff they have done, and if the senate passes it and Obama signs it, there will be no more doubt about having the same old thing in black face.

This would be a pre-emptive strike in their war on the american people. One of the first things you do is try and disrupt enemy communications. As I have said before, words are our most potent weapon against these poison dart frogs, so attractive in their presentation, yet so deadly. While they distract the masses with a plethora of bull shit, they are trying to ease our weapon out of our holster, and use it against us.

They feed on our compliance, and the masses help them stuff their guts, by embracing the ignorance that that allows them their bliss. Truth is their dreaded enemy. The frogs know that if they are dragged out into the light, away from their moist, shady hiding places amongst the trees, they wither and die.

The frogs are scared. They see their forest of lies being cut away, and their hiding places exposed. They are trying to placate the beast of truth, with little tasty pieces, hoping it will satisfy the hunger for it.

The question now is, can we win the fight before they change the rules. Can we build those verbal and written weapons of mass destruction before they disarm us.

I believe a fundamental struggle is coming, and in many ways has already started. However, I also think that they may have created the instrument of their own destruction. They have gone to great lengths to convince the American people that we are the good guys, and thankfully, most Americans bought it. Now they are faced with the task of selling us on the idea that it's OK not to be the good guy sometime, and they're finding it a hard sell.

I can see many ways for all this to play out, but I have no real idea which way it will go. I certainly am not the verbal pugilist that you are Les, but I will continue to fight, in my ham handed way as best I can, with the only weapon left, and the only one they fear, the truth. Peace my friend.

Wiliam Wilson said...

Hi Les,
Thanks for mentioning "hate crimes"
Americans can't say they weren't warned that it was coming to this: that certain organizations, claiming to act on behalf of those of the Jewish faith, would run roughshod over the rights and liberties of free American citizens. That we, sons and daughters of the pioneers, who settled and built a nation and culture, were conquered from within.
We were warned by people such as William Dudley Pelley and George Lincoln Rockwell, the Minutemen, the California Rangers, the Birchers, people labeled as extremists, hatemongers, fanatics. Practically every futuristic nightmare percolating in the brains of people who organizations like the ADL termed extremists and fanatics-has come to pass.
And, we Americans weren't conquered by force of reason, we were conquered by deception.
Maybe it's karma. Maybe the injustices the ancestors of we Americans of European descent committed upon blacks and American Indians are being visited upon our heads, now. As kind of a payback.
Quien sabe? who knows?
Those who are pushing for "hate crimes" laws are attempting to cover up their past and present crimes by eliminating knowlege of the past.
I can't say Americans weren't warned.

Scarlett said...

Hate speech laws aren't designed to stop hate -- they are designed to create it. When you aren't free to voice any negative thoughts, you either bottle it up and explode or you go underground where you are free, and encouraged (by agent provocateurs, most likely) to indulge in the really dark, underside of seething rage.

They need us to become racists -- blaming our loss of jobs on the Mexican illegals. They need us to become anti-semites, too. They need a new neo-nazi movement to disguise their own zio-nazi one. It is part of the plan. When they succeed is pushing people over the edge -- their justifications can start. It is hard to keep selling yourself as a victim when the bodies are piling up on the other side and all you have are a couple of parking lots that were destroyed and maybe an old person who died of a heart attack due to the shelling.

The best thing is to break the law. Calmly, quietly, reasonably break it. Just keep talking about free speech. Just keep talking about being an American. Just keep shouting 'give me liberty or give me death'. Clog up the system with a shitstorm of their own making :)

As for the gay issue, I'm all for adults being free to do what (or who) they want. But, there is no denying that there is something to the argument that there is a gay agenda and we are being forced to accept it. When young girls are kissing each other to attract boys ... maybe the openness is a little too open. Do whatever you like in the privacy of your own home ... but my kids don't need to brainwashed into thinking it is just a lifestyle "choice". It isn't. And if it is a choice, then I have the right to tell you that your choice is immoral. If you are born that way, I can't discriminate. So which is it, 'cause you can't have it both ways?

Medusae said...

I'm on board with most of what you have to say - but I'm thinking that gay kid that never hurt a fly but gets his skull caved in with bricks and fists by a frothing gang of gay-bashers would probably disagree.
Crime, however, is crime (hate inspired or not) and should be prosecuted either way. And hopefully deterred with understanding and education. Yes?

The only quote I might comment on read: "Anyone who can’t see the insanity of teaching same sex relationships to five year olds and arresting 6 year olds for kissing a classmate is insane themselves."

There is a difference between sex and sexuality. Call me insane, I guess.
Just teaching them that sometimes women marry women instead of men (and such) doesn't MAKE the kids gay the next year. You're making a correlation that doesn't necessarily exist - One doesn't follow the other.
I learned evolution in school - Did I suddenly grow another opposable thumb the following year? Not that I'm aware of... >.>

Better that they be aware of such things than having no clue and then make uninformed biases. Let them be INFORMED biases! Which I think is what you're getting at with this post?

Although I don't know which is worse...

Visible said...

Point taken but,

I'll stick with my position. This post is not about the points you cherry-picked. This post is about how this movement and other movements are fronts for something other than what we have been led to believe them to be and also about how laws for hate speech are used to suppress the freedom of speech in ways not even related to the group mentioned here.

Read carefully and you will see that I am not talking about what you have assumed me to be talking about. I'll take a wild guess and say that you are a member of something related to the topic under discussion and that that might be why this is the only part of what was said that affected you.

Anonymous said...

I used to flip a coin to see how I "felt" on different issues--too much strain on the brain otherwise. Problem is, last time I tossed it up, it disappeared........
I'm still waiting for it to reappear and in the meantime pretty much don't give a shit about the sideshow carnival barkers enticing me into the tent.....
Write-on Visible--


AntonChigur13 said...

Very good blog. Couldnt have said it better myself. The scumbags in Congress and the White House are completely out of control and absolutely destroying the Constitution in order to suppress the people and grab more power for their elitist banker overlords. Were headed for some very dangerous times indeed. I just went to stickerjunkie.com and made 1,000 "WHERE'S THE CHANGE?" stickers...

Anonymous said...

Back in the day before they had the label politicially correct, I used to say things as I seen them.
No-one seemed to understand when I did this, to tell the truth I never understood either. I just said it as I saw it.
I used to call this the Uncle Bob thing. Like at the funeral, would he be in attendance. Or the wedding, watch the aisle to see if he came.
The christenings were always the worse, as Bob would always be mulling birth and death over a pint and a pipe. Now death, he was always good for a skeleton or ten in the cupboard.
PC my arse, when I have to ring any radio DJ and try to point out there is a vast difference in making love to the same woman for forty years, or to watch two over-paid so-called movie stars dogging in a crap movie and calling it love.
You do that Les, you come right out and tell us all the politicially in-correct things to say, and your readers will try to repeat them ad-nausium in our daily life to all and sundry.
Lets all be the Quare (sorry thats an Irish thing) Uncle Bob everyone wishes would stay at home, but secretly wish to see in the front pew.
Anyway good to see you back on form.

Regards, Mac.

Anonymous said...

yes quite, Lez. It's about trying to destroy children's innate understanding of who they are and what they are - it reminds me of the English child who recently when finding herself put with a group of children who mainly spoke Urdu requested a transfer to an English speaking group; the teacher went apeshit, the child was accused of racism arrested and spent three hours in a police cell.

Robert Whelan, deputy director of the Civitas think-tank, said: "A lot of these arrests don't result in prosecutions - they aim is to frighten us into self-censorship until we watch everything we say."

It is utterly disgusting and extremely sinister to use face time with children, instead of for the purpose of imparting the 3 Rs, to inculcate concepts which are contrary to the children's instincts and the beliefs of their parents. Frankly a child of 5 cannot get his head round the concept of 'women sometimes marry women' since the only possible reaction will be, "what the fuck for?".

Of course one of the problems highlighted here is the innate malleability of female teachers to become the shock troops of the Cultural Marxists pulling the strings from behind the curtain. Possibly this is why all the male teachers were hounded off with shouts of paedophile ringing in their ears.

Ivan de Coward said...

Here is a no-nonsense synopsis of the history of hate laws, who's behind all of it, and what to do about the 'pedophile protection act'

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. This bobble head nation makes me want to vomit.


Anonymous said...

Les, I agree with what you said about there being an anti-family agenda.
The nuclear family is the strongest human bond in existence, the backbone of a community, the foundation of a society. The more splintered people are in their relationships the more vulnerable they are to the sinister machinations of the social engineers.

The politics driving the gay movement... The politics driving abortion on demand...The politics driving religious fundamentalism...
The politics driving the porn culture...all are examples of the anti-family agenda.

In nature a female animal's most profound instinct is to rear and protect her young, but that natural instinct has been so corrupted by the architects of the death cult that human females will abort their own children by the millions. And males, society's "protectors and providers" just go along with the slaughter.
If people don't even care about their own children, or they care more about their religion than their own children, or they care more about their narcissistic impulses than their own children, then they sure don't care about anyone else's children...So hi ho, hi ho...it's off to war we go.
Mmmm, another bloody heap of human sacrifice on the gods' everlasting barbecue.

Men and women have been brainwashed by a malevolent, elitist patriarchy that is very anti-family.
Many women today are little more than idiot whores who fuck around and then flush their inconvenient children down the toilet.
Many men today are little more than idiot dogs who jump however many idiot whores will have them, completely indifferent to their responsibilities toward their children.

The average male and female, gay or straight, are the enemies of the malevolent masters. Of course the Big Boys don't want men and women to fall in love and have children and form strong family/community bonds. But they don't want the gays forming strong family/community bonds, either. It's the old divide and conquer tactic...designed to keep Master's power intact.

psychegram said...

What never fails to amaze me is that no one ever stops to consider the inherent Orwellian overtones of the very term, 'politically correct'. PC just sort of oozed its way into the lexicon, the same way the community of sodomites - I'm sorry, 'homosexuals' - sort of sidled up to a perfectly good synonym for 'happy' and forever fouled it.

That said, I have gay friends. The practice itself doesn't particularly bother me ... what does, is when that practice is encouraged. Not just homosexuality, of course; I have a tendency to take offense whenever any practice is encouraged through the powers of media mind control. Marketing bothers me in exactly the same way. What comes to mind is a conversation I had not too long ago with an old high school friend, regarding the topic of political correctness. I said 'black' instead of 'african american' and he took offense, and - attempting to dissect (or is that 'deconstruct'?) my dislike of political correctness - finally fingered the problem: I don't like to be told what to say or think. Apparently that's because I'm a white male (so is he, though I'm sure this surprises no one. I have yet to meet an 'african american' who insisted on political correctness, but maybe I just don't get out enough.)

At any rate, the 'gay agenda' is not the agenda, I think, of gays. At least, not your friendly neighborhood fruits, who for the most part really do just want to do as they please, I think, and I wish them well with that. No, it's much deeper. It is, as you say, an attack on the family structure, in order to weaken one of the last remaining bulwarks between the individual and the all-consuming state, and while the promotion of homosexuality has been one of the preeminent tactics to date the signs within the media are pointing towards an effort to normalize practices considered deviant by almost anyone.

Anyone here ever watch Family Guy? I do. I find the show hilarious, but I also find that it can be a useful guide to where we're being directed, as under the guise of comedy the most outre practices can be encouraged. Take Brian, for instance. He's had three girlfriends in the show, two single-episode throw-aways and one semi-long-term. All were of course very attractive. Oh yes, and human. Did I mention that Brian is a dog?

A recent episode also included pedophile behaviour on the part of Peter, the Family Guy of the title.

The family is itself extremely dysfunctional, with the daughter, Meg, being singled out for endless emotional and physical abuse from every other character; the baby, Stewie, an evil genius obsessed with killing his mother; and the son, Chris, a retarded useless blob of a teenager.

This is just one show, but it is massively popular and the reaction from most of the audience to the subtle-as-a-wooden-mallet programming probably no more sophisticated than 'hey, it's just a cartoon' (in fact, this was exactly what Peter said in the aforementioned pedophilia episode, while pawing a drunken, passed-out 16-year-old girl.)

So, what do you want to bet that a few years down the line, kid-fuckers and dog-buggerers are clamoring for their rights? They can't help it, after all. They were born that way. And it's their choice. Who the hell are you to tell them they're wrong? They can do what they want, and if what they want to do is your little girl, well, that's their right and it's a beautiful thing. Say something mean to them and HR 1913 or one of its mutant hillbilly kin will get you thrown into a reeducation camp and your kids tossed into the foster care system (which is absolutely infested with kid-fuckers, so, out of the fire....) and thus, your best bet will be to grit your teeth, hold your tongue and police your own thoughts while the issue of your loins is taught that every dissolute, debauched, and deviant perversion known to the human imagination is their holy birthright.

Well, we're not quite there yet. As it stands, though, if you call decadence what it is you're lumped in with the Crazy Christian Fundies; and if you call attention to the satanists, jacking off into the stab wounds of six-year-olds, who are behind all this, you're a Delusional Conspiracy Theorist. Hard to say how to fight this. All I can say is, you're not getting inside my head.

Maybe that's just because I'm a white male? Well, I was born that way, and it's a beautiful thing. So by your own logic, you can go ahead and learn new and interesting ways of fucking yourselves.

psychegram said...

Also, this via the truthseeker seems relevant:


Franz said...

Les! YES, your at the top of your game, fella!

To Wiliam Wilson:

"Maybe it's karma."

No no NO, please, a thousand times please, no!

Never make excuses for them. Karma NEVER seems to get them, and why? Because they do NOT ever accept ANY blame. Not for ANY crime.

Did European Americans ship slaves from Africa to the East Coast? No, Marano Jews did. Did Karma eat them up? No, their progeny still has the wealth all that misery bought. And what sort of misery are they buying with it NOW?

And Encyclopedia Judaeica notes that over 70% of all the "Spanish" Conquistadors were... also Marano Jews. Karma get them? Nope.

No. As a group, European Americans committed no more crimes no more often than anyone, anywhere. And more often than not they took responsibility for their misdeeds, going so far as to make reparations for them or at least refusing to repeat them.

European Americans do not make up phony persecutions to cover up real atrocities. So Karma can bite my butt. Till I see karma or god or goddess or mum nature do some justice on the real evildoers in this world, I give it no credence whatsoever.

Because aside from our eternal gullibility, Euro-Americans are also WAY too patient.

DodgyOne said...

I guess it must be true in some way the pigs do fly. How else can you explain the amount of shit coming down from the power halls of the most corrupt on high.

pot said...

Of course, these are the same people who gave us the KKK, created anti-semitism to promote Zionism and have been behind countless genocides and holocausts that have targetted all religions and races.

The number of the bill is very telling, 1913. This could have been the purpose of the Swine Flu scare, as a diversion, although there were other motives.

In 1913, we got the Fed and Income Tax. The ADL and NAACP also came into being just as a resurgence in the KKK coincidentally began.

There was a book written called "A Racial Program For the 20th Century " in 1913 by Israel Cohen. This is now said to be an anti-semitic hoax but the name of the author is that of a Zionist author who was a known Communist in Britain. In it he says:

"We must realize that our party's most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppresssed by whites, we can mould them to the program of the Communist Party. In America, we will aim for a subtle victory. While inflaming the negro minority against the whites, we will endeavour to instil in the whites a guilt complex for the exploitation of the Negroes...."

Communism and Zionism are both elements of the same plan for the banksters world government dictatorship called globalization today.

This bill will enable many blogs to be shut down by their ISP's who risk legal consequences. Books currently available will be removed from book stores and libraries, and the Dark Ages will officially begin.

Anonymous said...

Did you know that a law was passed in California towards the end of 2007 whihc made it illegal to use the words
Mom Dad Father Mother Husband Wife
in the public schools. Florida followed with the same law a few months later.

Anyone stupid enough to accept homosexual will accept anything.

There are two kinds of people in the World today, those who can accept it and those who cannot because they find it sick, pernicious and destructive.

It IS anti Nature - so expect her revenge and don't whine about it.

If you were so out of touch with your instincts as to accept this then you need to understand that you are fundamentally dishonest.

Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up.

Living in the Time of the Avatar.

Visible said...

There is a new visible-streams-of-consciousness piece up.

A Couple of Poems for the Nights Fading Light.

Anonymous said...

Oi. Parabéns por seu excelente blog. Gostaria de lhe convidar para visitar meu blog e conhecer alguma coisa sobre o Brasil. Abração

Citizen Sane said...

To one of the gutless commenters who hides behind "anonymous": You wrote this:
"Of course one of the problems highlighted here is the innate malleability of female teachers to become the shock troops of the Cultural Marxists pulling the strings from behind the curtain. Possibly this is why all the male teachers were hounded off with shouts of paedophile ringing in their ears."

Yes, genius, that's just what happened. The brigade of malleable female teachers "hounded men off" the educational employment stage. Are you hallucinating? Men have been a minority in K-12 public education jobs because of the low pay, low prestige, and the endless amounts of WORK - just like other human service jobs in the non-profit sector (hint: men haven't typically been beating down the doors to get take those jobs, either). There are no cocktail lunches with the boys, happy hours at titty clubs, no perks, and the salary SUCKS.
Clearly you have never taught in public schools, and you know no one who has, but that doesn't stop you from making ignorant assertions that only serve to highlight your stupidity.
And if you're all about "manhood", try finding the balls to post with your name.

jaysays said...

1) Hate crimes legislation is clearly about violent crime and not speech (read the bill). Canada has a Hate Speech law, not the U.S. - not even proposed.
2) The problem with assuming the problem is as bad as amusement park rides is that you assumed. An average of 21 "hate crimes" involving violence occur every day... not including those that go unreported because local officials don't agree to investigate because of their own bias and prejudice (think Mississippi Burning).

For a table of the 2007 statistics, visit the FBI's site: http://www.fbi.gov/ucr/hc2007/table_01.htm

Anonymous said...

Who do you hate?



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