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Flaming Dumpsters and your Dying Breath

I’m definitely on the wrong planet. Or it could be as Michael Rivero says, “I flat out do not believe those numbers.” I think that means what it would mean to me if I had said it and that is that it’s either a manufactured lie or the questions were worded in such a way that there was no alternative answers outside of a narrow spectrum... but you know how these people work.

Let’s suppose that there’s some truth to it. Look at the comments that follow the article and consider also that the article is closed to comments now. Look at the glaring similarity in style that weaves in and out of the comments. This is a put-up job. How I know it’s a put-up job is that there’s more than one piece of evidence which suggests it and, since I take it for granted that these people lie at all times, I guess we can forget about everything I just said because we don’t even need any of it.

What I want to talk about is the mentality exhibited in the comments that follows the article. The denial and stupidity leaves me breathless. I stand in awe of the understanding that these people can actually feed and clothe themselves. I am living on the planet Moron, the third planet from an embarrassed sun know as Sol. The planet of the mind, Mercury, spins around in the closest orbit and appears to be retrograde all the time. Ironically, we are sandwiched between the planets of Love and War. Don’t tell me that the universe isn’t a conscious design. I want to point out that intelligence is the author of existence, not the result. Then again, how to explain things like this or this? Hopefully you will forgive me for not linking a London tabloid or some other piece of toilet paper with which the devil wiped his ass. I know it’s out there but I just couldn’t bring myself to go. Seeing what I’ve given you was bad enough.

What I want to talk about is why things like reality shows are such a big deal now and why so much attention is paid to the lives of celebrities; why instant celebrities with no talent whatsoever are manufactured in vats somewhere in the California desert, why the focus is so often upon the most banal things, why most of the food is like a chemistry experiment that went wrong, why this and why that. What’s the real reason that various perspectives on human life are all presented in the way that they are while the remarkable beauty of our true being is buried beneath the flaming dumpster of this pornographic excuse for a culture?

It’s simple. It’s all about making us look a certain way to each other and presenting the superficial and obscene as the true picture of humanity and... the reason for this is that the people they tell us we are will permit just about anything; understand nothing, be completely consumed with our appearances and command of trivia to the exclusion... to the total exclusion of everything which makes life worth living. The sort of people they make us wish we could be like can be compared to the cows on some South American pampas at night ...that are being fed upon by vampire bats. Vampire bats have the ability to bite you without you knowing it is happening; so much the better if you are someone who is incapable of knowing what is happening due to your dependence on the bats telling you... what’s happening.

I can’t define pornography but I know it when I see it. Some judge said something like that. I would agree. This is pornography disguised as culture. It’s a full color fold out of a naked wolverine on a bed of burning garbage in Pethouse magazine. It’s in your face and standing behind you with a hardon at the same time. It’s everywhere.

Because of this phenomenon that expresses itself in most movies; most television shows, most radio programs, most music, most books, most magazines and most newspapers we are led to believe that we have the intellectual depth of a chicken and the life value of a cartoon character. It makes it a lot easier to kill people when the general population is morphed into what they have become as a result of the models constructed for them and fed to them from the time they learned to walk.

It’s easy to see the connections... money is power and it has no conscience. Corporations are about making money and nothing else except... the power to make more money. Because corporations have a great deal of money they can buy politicians. Politicians are natural born whores. When corporations buy the politicians from both sides of the aisle they control the political process and the government and the inevitable result of that is fascism. Fascism is most easily instituted upon a public made indolent from exposure to a watered down and compromised educational system that operates in tandem with an agenda driven media which, perforce, becomes the real education system. As John Fogerty said, “I know it’s true cause I saw it on TV.”

The houseman for the specific form of fascism of the moment is Political Correctness. The intention of political correctness is to destroy the family unit and pervert the natural affection and loyalties that exist within that dynamic. Therefore we are treated to the many permutations of human life as demonstrated through sitcoms and the hi-profile cartoon expressions of the same where absurdity can be expanded in ways that programs using human actors cannot.

The sudden appearance of the Spice Girls in the UK and the Mouseketeer abortions of Brittany Spears, In-sync, Aguilera and company were designed to materialize in consort with George W. Bush and this granted control of the life soundtrack to those intending to present particular values and lifestyles that reflected trivia and stupidity as virtues. Following along came My Space, Facebook and assorted web spaces that interacted with the proliferation of cellphones and text messaging that has resulted in the ‘out of nowhere’ Twitter motif that defined text messaging as the approved format for ‘life as soundbyte’. For this we were given a snake oil salesman with a teleprompter who had near zero government experience.

I’m throwing a lot of things out here without the depth that such a subject requires even though the subject has no depth at all. I expect the reader to extrapolate in their own minds and see the specific weave of the matrix. Mcluhan said many things similar as have others.

Life has a particular integrity to it that tends toward an evolution of consciousness. When that integrity is compromised, then a future crisis point is created to resolve the departure. Civilization can be considered as the human reaction to discomfort. Ergo... so much of the technology is devoted to comfort and convenience. War in foreign places, rich with the resources to maintain this comfort in selected zones, follows as well.

Once a certain balance has left any culture it is automatically headed for readjustment. There is no court of appeal for this. You are dealing with forces that cannot be persuaded otherwise. When things have to come where they presently are you can most certainly assume that it will not be long before indications of adjustment come into view. We have been seeing these indications for awhile now. Well... some of us have been seeing these indications and others are seeing what they are being shown which brings us back to all of the things discussed in this piece.

I don’t know how many ways I can say the same thing. It’s one thing to hear this from any one of us who are speaking about it. It is something else entirely when Nature herself starts telling you. It is something else again when what seemed far away begins to show up on your doorstep. Still... for all of the signposts which have appeared in the last ten years there is still a very large portion of the population that doesn’t have a clue and which at the same time has an opinion on everything.

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea # 23- We don't release the photos. We simply issue a statement to this effect- "We have photos that show us doing things that are so horrific that we are afraid of the consequences if you should see them."
That should satisfy everyone.....right?


William Wilson said...

Hi Les-your take on the media, specifically, reality shows, I agree with, but I'd like to sugest another reason the media moguls like them-they're cheap.
Instead of paying Screen Actor's Guild wages to performers, instead of paying to train and dress performers (as Hollywood studios USED to do)-they figure-let the performer, who is a member of the public, do it himself or herself. In other words, it's a way of cheaping out.
Another con.
Remember when the stuff that was put on TV was entertaining? I remember on TV seeing WC Fields, Mae West and the other folks, who had real talent. Slowly, ever so slowly, so much entertainment has turned to crap.
It's kind of an American corporate propensity to take away the good (whatever it is) and replace it with cheap and inferior. Like margarine instead of butter. Or casienate instead of cheese. Or hih fructose corn syrup instead of cane sugar. I blame not just the corporations but also the public.

Hank said...

What’s the real reason that various perspectives on human life are all presented in the way that they are while the remarkable beauty of our true being is buried beneath the flaming dumpster of this pornographic excuse for a culture?

See, thing is Les, it's not just THIS culture, is it. I mean I know this is the only one we have to work with, and the only one we have any hope of doing anything about, but the deceptions,the window dressing, the farm animal makeup, and the stories instead of history has always been there. From a certain point of view, our entire existence, in it's present, non spiritual form is a lie.

I believe there have always been those that have been able to see the potential of man, because they had reached a point where they discovered the potential in themselves. They had found the remarkable beauty of the true being.

They also found that they had been separated from the majority of their fellow men by this awakening, by forces beyond their abilities to penetrate. A dense fog of lies and propaganda, deception and elected and forced ignorance. Their attempts to edify and enlighten were, more often than not, met with not only disbelief, but vilification and persecution. Many in fact were put to death, while the masses chanted their oaths and pledges to ignorance, completely unaware that their invocation to god to have mercy on their victim, should have been applied to themselves.

We see the potential, you and me and most who post here, and for our efforts we are forced into the role of a parent, having to watch those we love go through the pains of growing. "If they would only listen" is a phrase that torments us, and almost every parent that has ever lived.

At some point, doesn't there have to be a human awakening to that remarkable beauty of our true being? What kind of growing pains will there be to get there? Are we on the precipice of disaster or awakening? So many questions, and the more I feel a stirring in the force, the more there seem to be.

What will happen, no one knows, but one thing is for sure, and that is that we live in interesting and possibly pivotal times for mankind, and those of us that see, I believe may have an unprecedented opportunity to affect our future course. We have a weapon at our disposal that people like us have never had before, and that is this, right here. The internet, and blogs like this and many others, where information can be shared with everyone, all the time. Boy, that has to make their butts pucker, don't ya think.

All this to say that there may be a genuine shot, at this point in time, for the human epiphany needed for us to all, or most anyway, to take a big step toward being that creature of remarkable beauty, by facing the ugly truth. Ourselves. Peace

Anonymous said...

"the remarkable beauty of our true being is buried beneath the flaming dumpster of this pornographic excuse for a culture"

As you do, well again, thanks.
Two, it is wondress thing when Nature herself speaks to us, yes. I feel she says this, dont worry about balance nor the gross loss of self in this world. "Time" will return us to a growth cycle soon. We must take this as it comes, not in desire of its coming but in readiness. Build and love and give this new wave room to swell.

PS many great ideas put together, thanks Les

Le Mat

Anonymous said...

Just feel more coming out today.
‘life as a soundbyte’
Nice, add a PC world and we can see the circus at work.
It would be hard to soundbyte the "truth." As Hank has shown us with grace, its ourself that gets in the way. I find song and loving words get close to an ok soundbyte. But maybe, "we'll never know" works the best. I really dont want to see the light all at once, but hope to share its birth though me? If I can, as many here do, grow and change, can I share this without strings nor needs? Can I walk the path with others? Well, yes and no, but why not try? We surely cant go wrong, the planets, moon, sun and self are there to guide too. How greatful I am for these signs, tools, and much more I want to swim and hike the darkness of ones self. In fact, now at this time in human growth, we can get more for less, the self is screaming out. Easier it is to see though the soundbytes. Great time to be ones self!!!

Le Mat

Anonymous said...

Dear Les
You are committing a grave injustice by putting politicians on the same level as whores.
A prostitute earns (her)living in a fair & honest manner.
In contrast to politicians, (she) actually delivers what she promises!

Visible said...

You are correct. I have also slandered rats, weasels and vampire bats lately too.

nina said...

Of huge concern is the helplessness brought about by these phenomena. These traits have become automatic, no longer are people able to react through natural instinct, instead they refrain from acting at all, behaving like graduates of irresponsibility programming therapy. I can really see the coming of a time when teeming masses step over downer hominids regardless of where they think they are going or time constraints. This helplessness is already among us, God help you if you find yourself lying on the curb, hit by a bus, and the passerbys take a pass, assurred you have swine flu.
This morning, my dog managed to wrap his leash over the roll bar in the jeep while I was making a pick up at the clinic. A woman entered and asked the vacant waiting room, does anyone have a jeep? I responded yes, I do. Then she said "Your dog is hanging." I dropped everything and untangled him, a nurse eventually came outside to see what was going on and as I was examining tiny Louis, she wouldn't really involve herself until she was assured that Louis was friendly. Sigh. You can see where this is going. Now, Louis is fine, he's got a lot of sand. He spent the return tied under the roomy dashboard and is at this time resting at my side, rethinking the direction of life, chewing a toy and behaving normally. Yes, he's lost his jeep privileges until winter when the top goes back.
But the event is the point of your post today, Visible. I'd read it before we'd taken off and the cultural response to Louis' emergency played out in classic Visible technicolor. As soon as I pulled Louis back from his moment of truth and was confident he was unharmed, I was struck by the sheer helplessness and fear surrounding the event. If you saw a little dog strangling himself WOULD YOU NOT JUST HELP HIM? Rather than waste precious time dawdling in PC delusions? Flesh it out and put Saddam in Louis' place. Who spoke up? Who stepped up to the plate? Who is in charge here? Its Apocolypse Now meets the Cabbage Patch Kids at the snot wrestling bar.
When helplessness and fear is all humans know, we find ourselves alien strangers in the TEOTWAWKI cartoon culture of Alzheimer victims. Everybody seems to have forgotten where they live.
As Charles Eisenstein phrased it in his essay Wood, Metal and the story of the World, "... Most insidiously, we have each created a fictitious projection of our selves, a self-representation, and gotten lost within it, pursuing its interests to the detriment of our true interests ..."
Being "lost within it" is how "the lost" will continually loose everything until they lose their lives. You could even say the "lost ones" are already dead to begin with when their PC self-representative is doing the driving and the natural self is asleep at the wheel.

Anonymous said...

Not to be sharp here, but the talking heads do give you what they promsies. Its called double speak. The power to control requires you to say it before you do it. Dont think the Obamanation doesnt get this. The details are for us to get mad and cry over. The outcome is still planned and spelled out for you, use more than your eyes and ears.
Last night I watch "primetime" junk on NBC and CBS, and its right there promising sex, fear, lust, and a need to live with objects. Now again, whats has Obama offered to us? What will his rein bring? Still whores too me.

Le Mat

Ivan de Coward said...

Should the torture photos be released or not? Let us put aside this dilemma for a moment. Let us ask a few other questions instead. Why the photos have been taken in the first place? Who took the pictures? What was the purpose of taking them?

I was quite disturbed by such questions few years back when the Abu Ghraib prison scandal was unraveling. The whole thing didn't make any sense to me no matter how I looked at it. If you are torturing somebody why would you take pictures unless you are a sadist and psychopath who wants not only to enjoy the torture but also wants to have the photos of it so that you could enjoy them later on. Evidently, people who tortured and took the pictures did not do it on their own volition, I thought. Would you do it without authorization from above if you where at the lowest level of military command? Considering the ramifications, you would have to be not only a sadist but a suicidal person to take those pictures. But all that did not make sense to me from military perspective either. If your purpose was to win the hearts and minds of Iraqis why in the haven would you torture and humiliate them. You can dismiss "winning the hearts and minds of Iraqis" as a propaganda ploy, but even if your purpose was to brutally subjugate people why would you humiliate them only to RELEASE them afterwards. The worst thing you can do to a Muslim is to sexually to humiliate him. If you do that, at least have common sense to kill him after that - unless your only purpose is to multiply your enemies that is. It took quite some time until it finally hit me. There must be some entity out there powerful enough to do all this with impunity, knows exactly what it is doing, goes about doing it in very methodical and calculated manner, and of course all of this must serve its interests. If such entity does exist it surely does not care about America, what is more, it looks like it is doing everything it can to demoralize America. All of a sudden things started falling in place and making perfect sense to me. Can you think of such entity my dear friend?

Here is a little reading for those of you who still is in the deep coma: The Anti-Humans. If it doesn't wake you up I do not know what will. Nowadays nobody reads anything longer than a few sentences so, in a feeble hope to hook you up, I am going to quote from the introduction to this book:

"This account, as I have said, deals with prisons in Romania, but the procedures used there have been and are
used wherever the anti-humans have gained control. Identical procedures, together with such improvements as
may have been suggested by their experiments and delights in Romania and other captive nations, will be used
everywhere that their power is extended - including, of course, the United States, if that nation reaches the goal
toward which it is presently moving at a vertiginous speed. If the Americans succumb, they will remember this book as a prophecy that was completely fulfilled. Apart from its value to Americans as foreshadowing things to come - certain to come, if the operations now in progress in the United States are carried to a successful conclusion - this book, although not couched in the technical terminology of psychology and psychiatry, should be of absorbing interest to everyone who,
regardless of his political desires or prognostications, is sincerely interested in study of the human

Animadverto said...

‘life as soundbyte’ - how true that expression is. Most people believe that they are able to think; most people I know have the attention span of five seconds and a memory of 10 seconds. As Gore Vidal states, most Americans can not remember what happened Friday evening on Monday morning.

Anonymous said...

It's the fear. The fear of actually having to think for yourself--quick, run in and yell, then it's someone else's problem--you can sleep at night now because you can justify to yourself that you did..well, something.
I'll bet the first thing that woman thought when she saw your dog was if she did anything, and the dog dies, some fucking lawyer would be slapping liens on her house and she would spend the rest of her life in and out of court---
It's the fear of pit bull lawyers, some accountant who couldn't make it anywhere else but at the IRS, the local cop who thinks he's a navy seal, the dentist who is about to blow his head off because he looks into peoples mouths all day, the cute little receptionist won't give him the time of day, and he's afraid to divorce his pain in the ass wife because she'll take him to the cleaners so he decides to take it out on you as you lay there helpless.(dentists have a very high suicide rate)
I haven't been to the dentist in a long time but next time I do go, I plan on putting a .45 down on the tray and asking him if this will be painful or not--improved customer service guaranteed!!!!
It's weasels who wouldn't normally make it in the real world, but they have a little bit of power behind their license department counter, unemployment office get the picture---they think their jobs are bulletproof and maybe in a normal economy they are but big cuts are coming and with it, big trouble because outside of their little power trip world, they are nothing--so, how do they feed the jones?
If the lid ever blows, there are going to be a lot of pissed off people who are going to use that time to get back at everyone they feel has more than them, slighted them, etc.
Combine that with folks not being able to get their meds and all bets are off the table.
Combine that in a glass (shaken, not stirred) with a totally apathetic public and it's going to be a slaughter--those to whom there are no rules, and those who make the mistake of thinking that there are rules--


Still alive said...

If Americans were not dumber than dog crap and the scum of the earth they would not be Americans.

The fake "free" and phony "brave" non-"christians" in the USSA have so much to be proud of.

You said it, Les. The sign posts are there for those who wish to see them and one day their warning will come to fruition.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Visible, since you reside outside the US, it may be of interest to you and the gang to see how the globalists are easing into education in the US. Do a search on the International Baccalaureate Programme which is becoming the new fad ineducation in the US. The IB program covers the K-12 in three groups. Man, this is how it is done!

pot said...

Fact is, the herd is content with the fictitous reality so long as they can eat, drink and be merry for at least some of their existence, with the hope for a better life in the future. Once they can not do that, they will see their neighbour who thinks or looks differently from them as the enemy.

The fact that living standards are actually in decline in most of the developed world is not apparent to most of them. In any economic downturn which they are told is part of a natural economic cycle and is short term, the left blames the right for any downturn, and the right blames the left, and they don't notice that the upside of the cycle is not as high as the last one.

They are on a train, heading for a train wreck, and not only don't they see it, they do not to know they are on a train. They think that vibration and noise comes from their washing machine or the neighbours TV.

Anonymous said...

Good angle Pot. Government and religion--your pot of gold (retirement/heaven) are at the end of the rainbow so don't do anything but the minimum now--we'll take care of it for you--trust us---
Anything to keep you lukewarm and apathetic--Whatever you do, don't enjoy and have gratitude for this day. The official version is all written in our books, and laws, so it's got to be true--just ask the experts--don't EVER think for yourself or we will call you silly names and fart in your general direction!!!!


Anonymous said...

Mantra as soundbite?

Anonymous said...

Evolution is a personal thing. It has always been this way. Humans were lemmings thousands of years ago, and still are.

Free Will is the Original Sin, and most humans cosider it just that. All great men and women through human history utilized their Free Will, and that is why they became great. If you follow the herd, you will be just ordinary.

notamobster said...

I have 2 things to contribute, if I may, vis:

S.A. said - "If Americans were not dumber than dog crap and the scum of the earth they would not be Americans."

I was born here. I believe in the U.S. Constitution though I don't need it to tell me the rights of man. I am fairly intelligent, and devote a great deal of my "real" time to the betterment of my fellow man's life. By definition, I am an American. I stand by the ideals this country was founded on, if not the actual history and reality of it. To throw around blanket castigations of an entire nation out of envy or anger, what have you, is simply wrong!

#2: Nina, my love... and JjGalt!!!!

I was coming back to work, from lunch a couple of years ago with a few of my guys. There was a massive fireball, so we stopped to gawk. A man came running out of the building, his legs on fire, and fell to the ground screaming. I started running his way and shouted for some assistance from the group of 50 or so onlookers.

One person came with me. Why?

Is it fear? Fear of lawsuits or disease, or whatever? Or, maybe... is it that we in the west have become comfortable in our voyeuristic approach to life. Content to live out our days in the quiet isolation of the sticky, but private, porn viewing room at the back of the store?

We watch the intimate moments of other peoples lives, to avoid having to endure anything real in our own. We (collectively --- not me, you, some others) talk about pornography, television, sports --- all and sundry topics to avoid being real.

I sent out a terribly important informational email, which was very well researched this morning.

To my dismay, a coworker asked me not to send him this stuff anymore. A few minutes later he said "I only want work related and porn...nothing else!"

Is it possible in our insatiable lust for consumption, that we have merely become a civilization of voyeurs, consuming even the idle moments of our existence?

Anonymous said...

Dead-Bang on nota, literally and figuratively.
If I could just get my American fingers to stop sticking to the keyboard, I would type more--
Ohhhh, Britney Speers newsflash in my inbox...gotta go


Mouser said...

"Because of this phenomenon that expresses itself in most movies; most television shows, most radio programs, most music, most books, most magazines and most newspapers we are led to believe that we have the intellectual depth of a chicken and the life value of a cartoon character."


Thwe real beauty of the world has been deliberately lost and confused in PC fluff which is leading to the (deliberate) breakdown of the traditional family very akin to Makow's comment on our devolving social morals.

That which isn't fluff is spin (PC lies) by capatalist (fscist-lite) any-and-everything-for-profit multinational corporations who as cartels have verily bought and paid for almost all of the polititions in the entire world.

Correctly pointed out that almost all politions are financial whores whose main job is to tell lies in order to do the bidding of the multinational (fascist) corporations.

No big leap to get from multi-nats to the international banking cartels and the Rothschilds of this world.

If I knowing direct my mulinational company to embark on projects for profits in countries not my own (and even in my own country) which I know will cause hardship or death over time to tens, hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of people - do I not have responsibility in the for-known suffering I cause to others?

Genetically modifying crops for profits or draining a river of it's water by paying politicians to make it PC is just plain wrong.

It is the spin and fluff pseudo-reality we are deliberately fed in almost all media, films, books, newspapers, schools etc which desensitize us to do such things and to sit idly by and watch as they occur.

Earth is between hell and love. The spin and fluff helps us to NOT even realise we are alive.

The true beauty and intellegence of life is wasted on the living.


Anonymous said...

Sorry I can't spell or type.

M. Murry said...

My personal $100,000 question is: Are the willfully shallow and ignorant my enemies as well? I didn't think so before, but now I'm not so sure.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Judge Sixkiller,
The willfully shallow and ignorant are not your enemies by choice, they are rather our burden to enlighten to the truth.

kikz said...

hey nota...

long time no hear...
march i think?

hope you're well. hope your studies are going well too..




Joseph Brenner

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