Monday, February 27, 2023

"I Consider These People Spiritual Card-Counters who Think Heaven is Some Kind of Casino with a Pecking Order."

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The people behind the people behind the people messing with the rest of humanity are very upset at how things are going, AND not going. Mr. Apocalypse tells me that some heavy hitters are going to lose their heads soon. The people behind the people are going to toss lesser members under the bus when the truth of their crimes is revealed. This is in the hope that it will redirect or stave off certain forces coming for them instead. “Well.... it always worked before.” Heh heh; famous last words.

He tells me it's going to be happening in a lot of places at the same time... a kind of time-traveling Fohat-Water ballet. He said... paraphrasing The Scarlet Pimpernel; “they seek him here. They seek him there. And pretty damn soon they're gonna see me everywhere.”

I haven't heard from him since Italy, so... I'm guessing it means some great drama is soon to occur. He's even more snarky than he was last time.

He told me that there's cause for optimism... and the world situation may yet turn out quite differently than a great many people fear it will.

As fear increases, people go in only a few directions; they grow crazier and more insecure by the day... or they grasp tighter and tighter to fundamentalism, which is spiritual materialism, which is a form of Satanism; whether they are Christian... Hindu...Buddhist or Muslim. It's either a press for more and more bizarre and far-out LOOK AT ME games from those who believe in nothing other than The False Self... or more and more clenched anger and angst... more and more territoriality with the fundie aspect.

So... the previous institutions are like termite houses in Florida. They are all crumbling... taking the faith in them sideways, so that people are either going stark... raving... batshit or... they are holding on for dear life to what is turning to dust in their hands.

There is only one real and enduring persona and that is God and it is beyond your ability to perceive it. It can ONLY be experienced through the surrender of the mortal self. Everything else is a temporary personality woven by the stars... according to the needs of Karma. We shed these personalities from life to life, depending on the lesson we are here to learn. We are... either shedding the unreal... while the real is being uncovered within us... or we are becoming more rigidified by a greater bondage through attachment to personal delusion.

The transitory Personality is the delivery system for the ego. The Individuality is God's delivery system unhindered by the undisciplined personality. One is the mortal self. The other is eternal. Give up the one to live in the other.

Oh Lord... let me be like a tree... upon whose branches angels perch. Let me be a habitation of angels. Let me become so innocuous and inoffensive that angels enjoy the common unity, in a shared devotion to the one true everlasting being... who expresses through DIFFERENT lenses of personality for The Purpose of Demonstration, AND... whose real and enduring nature remains... always unknown... by those arguing for the purpose of self-advancement or material profit.

Now... back to the real-time of The Moment of my present stage of realization.

Everyone wants to play God, BUT... only God can play God... and the only way you can play God is to let God play through you; to become God's flute... God's wind chimes...

As times get more and more wack... people become more and more argumentative... insisting that they are right about things they do not even remotely understand. They then become a Babel-well, speaking in a confusion of tongues and terms. It is not smart to contend with them. THEY READ BOOKS! They read books... written by men who explain what God thinks and God wants. As a British friend of mine often says; not bloody likely.

We are bobbing on an ocean like a Styrofoam container. The more that is in the container... the sooner it sinks or falls apart. At... no... time... do we contain anywhere near the volume of water that the ocean contains... nor shall we ever.

Fortunately... it is infrequently... that I encounter people who insist I said what I did not say... or wander in frothing at the mouth about something I never even brought up. They wave books in my face that... LITERALLY are available in dozens of translations... all trying to say the same thing accordingly to how they see it. ONLY when God speaks within your heart and mind are you able to get a direct read on anything, and... USUALLY, you can't say anything about it, because the moment you do... the meaning is lost.

People who like to argue are people who are angry about something else. They are unsettled and afraid, and they believe their argument makes them valid somehow. Those... who... argue... have... missed... the... point. No positive future awaits those who contend with others except... more of the same.

Now... as Mr. Apocalypse... more and more shakes up Material Nature... in advance of The Avatar, and people... by-the-day are losing their grip on their sense of self, they are going to more and more outrageous extremes to maintain their separated identity by the fantasy of living their own truth. There is no such thing as a personal truth. It can only be relative truth. The Truth is impersonal AND incorruptible.

Everyone in Heaven is impersonal. It is ONLY down here (and lower down) that individual personalities war against one another for an impossible supremacy. The Muslim has a scimitar that he cannot lift. The Christian has a club he drags behind him and cannot lift. They are going to war against each other over something they read in a book. One day they will grow tired of this nonsense and admit to themselves that they had no idea of what they were talking about... or killing other people over.

They make war upon others in the name of someone whose message distilled is... Love. Nothing retards one's spiritual progress more than being a pseudo-intellectual pundit whose head is filled with dates and names... wherefores... and all those whatnots unto begatland. They like to lean back and talk through their noses with a glass of water in their mouth... while making sure the butter stored there never reaches room temperature. They sound like a demon-possessed Katherine Hepburn.

God and his angels ARE NOT IMPRESSED; no one gets through the door who thinks they know what they do not know. I consider these people spiritual card-counters who think Heaven is some kind of casino with a pecking order. The least among them are the greatest in Heaven... BUT... you can't tell these people anything. They will go right back to telling you what so-and-so said to so-and-so about this-and-that. They will beat you bloody and senseless with tradition, and make you color inside the lines or die.

The best one can do is to pray for and hold out hope for these people, who are bent over with their heavy heads all the way down to their knees... and filled with dense and worthless information... pushing an enormous supermarket cart (in their minds) full of cinderblocks... to nowhere. What you know is not who you are. When I see people with initials after their names, I know better than to ask them about anything important. Pride REALLY DOES go before a fall.

People in self-important Halloween outfits with funny hats are not who you want to ask about spiritual matters. These people started out banging blackboard erasers and snitching on their fellow classmates. HARD AS IT MAY BE TO BELIEVE... God does not get all kinds of excited when these people get to the gates. Fortunately, that seldom happens.

People who are close to the... Heaven... that... is... within... do not think about money or being important in the eyes of people who don't know any better. They don't waltz around with all kinds of titles and ribbons on their chests. That's for the people pretending to be members of The Royal Family in cosplay... dress-up performances.

I don't know much at all and I am grateful for that. All I would need to do is start imagining I know more than I do... which is next to nothing... to get my invisible friends to stop talking to me. You must become as a little child to enter The Kingdom of Heaven, AND... I think that means you had better get Regenerated Innocence, which means unlearning all that crap that made you think you were some kind of grownup.

NOTHING is more important to me than the sure and certain knowledge that God is REAL. You can have all the books that were ever written and all the information about who said what (maybe) to someone else... once upon a time. Nothing truly important and lasting has EVER been written down anywhere -and remained intact for long- except in the secret chambers of the heart. One notices this most when they depart this zone and find they don't have any of it.

I think this is known as a rant. It's what used to happen here a lot more often than it does now... and thank God for that. Of course... the proof is in the putting... and we shall all find out whether any of this is true once we find ourselves out-of-the-body and looking for directions... to where exactly?

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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

"And... Setting Off Yet More Feeding Frenzies among The Brotherhood of Barracudas in The Human Ocean."

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When you begin to see... one after another... distraction-events from all over the map of human endeavor, it means several likely possibilities. One is that it is getting late; in every sense of the word. Two... they're up to something and they want to keep your attention off of it. Three... both. And... of course... something else entirely. (grin) Well... I'm glad I cleared that up.

The Ominous appointment of Susan Rice... Satanic bottom-feeder extraordinaire... to some double-talking race-baiting position, makes it seem like they are very serious about martial law. Then... insane geriatric celebrity, Jane Fonda... now wants 30% of the oceans off limits for fishing because of our brothers in the sea... Brother Tuna... Brother Swordfish... and Brother Shark, who are... likely... even smarter than we are... according to Jane... in which case it may well be true.

People are up in arms everywhere, about everything you can imagine... and a lot that you would prefer not to know about. There is a feeding frenzy of lawyers chasing lawsuits; doesn't matter how frivolous they are or how long ago they happened. Flash gangs are looting the stores in urban locations. Sexual misnomers are causing people to lose their jobs, AND... setting off yet more feeding frenzies among The Brotherhood of Barracudas in The Human Ocean.

Think about it... what could be the cause of so many people going certifiably crazy? The Killer Vaccines? No... this started way before that. Alien lookalikes... moving through the human stream? Possibly. Secret government psyche-ops? Also possible, BUT... with any of these... there has to be something else behind them, and something... possibly... behind that... and so on... and so on.

Yes... we are fishing about. Trying to get a handle on something whose dimensions are unknown to me; “what's this button here for?”

I think that any and all of these causes may be valid. I also think that all of them are expressions of the atmosphere of apocalypse that has come upon us. I think it is especially tense because this is a Grand Apocalypse... and a Grand Apocalypse is the opening movement in the appearance of The Avatar.

I see EVERYTHING through the lens of The Invisible Hierarchy. EVERYTHING has to do with... God. All surface noise and distractions caused by variations in light... are material expressions of humanity's search for Truth... moving through The Divine Mother and guided by The Devic/Angelic Realm. Everything that can be seen... comes out of The Unseen.

Consider that The Internet has put people inside their heads like never before, and mostly in trashy environments. Materialism... in the run-up to The Internet... made a whole lot of people stupid due to the pursuit of comfort and convenience. Such is the inevitable peril of civilization; civilization is humanity's reaction to pain and discomfort. This also accounts for the rampant hedonism of the present, due to all the pain that preceded it, BUT... mostly because undisciplined life forms are obsessed with getting their ya-yas out.

Materialism ALWAYS drives the simple mind toward the simple pleasures that don't stay simple for long. Materialism also drives them crazy because what they truly seek cannot be found there. This is something The Rich discover in every generation.

Those who imagined themselves to be in control of external circumstances... and weren't even in control of themselves... because of the spiritual force behind external changes... now feel the control they thought they had, slipping away from them. What do such personalities do when this happens? They grasp tighter... and tighter. They dream of martial law. It's for the good of The People... of course.

I look at all this swirling nonsense, and random... incomprehensible gibberish, and it is like seeing a display window full of televisions... with the same scenery moving on every screen. Fortunately... you can't hear what is being said... and you can't remember all the lip-reading tells that you once used to steal signs... during baseball season, so... many... years... ago.

Where was I? Ah yes... I was getting tangled in syntax. All of this is like a dream passing before my eyes. I can see it is going in very bad directions in certain locations... and different results are coming about, depending on where you are. Are you the one throwing? Are you passing between the thrower and the object? Are you the object? These roles change the effect of the event... whatever the event might be.

I have no desire to continue talking about what is only a dream passing. For some it is pleasant and for some... it is a nightmare... and some are... themselves... pleasant... and some are nightmares for those they encounter in The Dream of Life. It's different for everyone because YOU are different from everyone. At least this is what you tell yourself. Very similar replicants of yourself are presently busy acting out in similar ways... BUT... then again... the outcomes are not the same. Does it make you wonder?

Even though I have been remarkably different from the stereotypical in this life, and not always in a good way because... I was a disrupter, AND... an unpleasant reminder of things and conditions most of us do not want to think about, or hear about, and... which is also the reason that Lord Shiva seldom gets invited anywhere... well... I have no desire to be different from my fellows anymore.

I prefer a blessed anonymity. I have no desire to be less or more than anyone else. I know if I want to walk with The Eternals (not the ones in that film I had to turn off after ten minutes) I must wear the cloak of anonymity. I should not stand out. I should appear and disappear, leaving no troubled waters. At some point, one must decide whether to be a shepherd... a sheep... or a wolf. We all have a role to play... even if it acts invisibly most of the time.

Things and conditions are not what they appear, and neither are the players... but if you can see your commonality with all manifested life... you can serve all and harm none.

The number 3 appears in some permutation in every religion; be it Father... Son... and Holy Ghost; Brahma... Vishnu... and Shiva, or even Osiris... Isis... and Horus. A part of this is due to the 3 cardinal desirables of life; Love... Wisdom... and Truth. Love flows out of Truth and Wisdom flows into it. Love is Active and Wisdom is still. Truth emerges from secret springs. These springs feed into Love, which flows toward Wisdom.

Wisdom is what lasts... and lasts... and lasts. In fact, the Wisdom I follow is called, Ageless Wisdom. This is because it... does... not... change. It was present in Ancient Egypt, (and well before) and it is present in the authentic teachings of The Christ. It will be present when all the names have changed. It is above religion, which only constitutes the clothes that God once wore. People... with their grasping nature, insist on dogma and cant. They are determined to be the hall monitors for others, all while having no idea where they are headed to.

Love comes and goes. Wisdom remains no matter what comes and goes around it. Truth is the objective of both. True love pursues Truth and acquires Wisdom in the search. Wisdom is an appreciator of Truth, BUT... only Love will take you there. This is why it is so important to, “become like a little child.” We are all on this road, no matter what we tell ourselves and others. If we are lying to ourselves because we are blinded by material desire... our road will be a painful course until our intentions and our objectives change. Pain... is The Great Educator.

Truth is the wellspring of eternal life. Love is the witnessing thereof, and Divine LUMINOUS Wisdom is the light shining between the twin peaks of Temperance. It becomes luminous when Wisdom and Truth are one.

There are many stages on The Road. Some speak more profoundly, and with more impact because they have a greater vista. If you have not been searching for God... and serving God, you have wasted your life. It is never too late. Where there is breath there is life. One might beat their heads against The Walls of Convention for years... and years... and years. Life begins when you find your way around those walls without having to bring them down.

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Friday, February 17, 2023

"The Best Way I Can Describe It is that Living Conscious Light is Coming in Human Form and Within The Human Heart."

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When The Dial is set at the middle; going Green in one direction and Red in the other, you are at midpoint. If you turn it down, The Invisible Kingdom becomes The Infernal Realm... demons... devils... lots of smoke so you can't see well, and it gets smokier and darker the more you turn The Dial down. Everything in The Visible World begins... more and more to reflect that... as above so below.

If you turn The Dial up, it becomes Heavenly Acres that stretch beyond thought. All the demons and devils turn into angels and luminous entities. You're in The Green... literally and metaphorically. It is the same place, but your level of awareness alters the landscape and the population. Within a short distance of each other... there are people in extreme... opposite mindsets, with the resonant emotion.

Everything happens in your mind... on a particular bandwidth. Bandwidths can be expanded, if you have the tools to accommodate that. Bandwidths get expanded too... by Heavenly fiat. That's happening now. A whole new set of tools is coming to humanity for the new bandwidths.

Those who have imagined that they controlled human affairs... and depending on one's perspective, I could see how it might have appeared that they were in charge, are trying to extend their appearance of control as the changes of a new age come upon the people who will be living in it.

They're trying to get ahead of the changes... so that they can be the ones implementing them. However... since they are the most distant creatures from any sense of Brotherhood at this time, it is doubtful that they will be allowed to continue in their frauds.

Here's the deal with ruling... temporal authority. It rules at the pleasure of The Heavenly Hierarchy. You may wonder why humanity had such terrible periods... as history shows (if Heaven is in charge)... people get the government and conditions that they deserve. When they behave in a selfish manner, and cannot curtail or control their appetites, certain conditions come into being to demonstrate where such reckless behavior leads, and what the costs are. The present state of the culture shows this in all its dreadful aspect.

This is why stability... at every level; physical... emotional... mental... is becoming shaky. It is why people are losing their minds. As Materialism intensifies... so does insanity.

The Leadership is in crisis; the ones who think they're in charge. Outside the bandwidth of their perceptions is an incoming pressure. It is coming down on them. It is forcing them into the public view and also forcing them to behave in ridiculous and embarrassing fashion. Both of these are going to intensify beyond what you may presently expect. Heh heh... it's going to get interesting.

It is The Avatar who is pressing them... and making them dance when they don't know how; they got no rhythm... because you need Harmony for that. Mr. Apocalypse is an aspect of The Avatar, so is Lady Awakening. There are others also.

The Avatar is bringing reality. Some are going to love this, and some are not going to like it at all. Say that you're in a basement somewhere doing bad shit. It could be a government's basement or... the basement of a multi-billionaire. The Avatar... in one personification or another... is going to tear the roof off that basement and light is going to flood in.

The best way I can describe it... is to say that living conscious light is coming... in human form and within the human heart where a place has been made for it, and some people will be overjoyed and grinning like The Sun coming over the horizon, and some will not be happy whatsoever... because they are workers of iniquity who operate in The Darkness. It's a seasonal AND a geographical thing. It comes in regular cycles and it happens in specific fashion in specific locations.

Sometimes one of them is stronger than the other... by appearance... and especially so in Times of Material Darkness. That can go on for a while... and it has. Now... The Living Light is coming and it has the workers of darkness in a panic. They are desperate for a war... aliens... plague... something, something... ANYTHING to distract The World from the heightened bandwidth coming in on The Awakening, and then everyone can see that The Emperor has no clothes.

We live in a false world because we are separated from our Higher Self. In a state of Unity... the sex is ongoing and doesn't need a partner. When one is in a loving state with their Higher Self, it is a form of intercourse far... far more wonderful than the bump and grinds down here.

Everything has been turned to sleaze... by The Usual Suspects. They think it's what you want. It is actually what they want. When they can make it a common thing for everyone else, they can get REALLY deep down and dirty into their favorite things, and... how can the also-compromised object?

Some people just prefer The Carnal Realm, and they are welcome to it. The only time I get engaged is when they insist that I join them, I... am... not... going... that... way.

I try not to believe that I know more than I know. I try not to insist that I am right, and things don't always mean what you think they do. This is why one must learn to see with God's eyes instead of their own. How does one do that? I'm glad you asked. God sees through The Eyes of Love... in ALL directions. His physical embodiment can be seen in The Sun, though he is also The Sun you cannot see as well... at this time... due to bandwidth conflicts. (grin)

Years ago... this lady was trying to get me to listen to the album, Jesus Christ Superstar. Even though I am not a Christian, I thought it was poor form. I thought it would be profane. I resisted at every turn. A good deal of time went by... a few years. I hadn't listened and I wasn't going to. One night I was on fine LSD with this lady and a few others. She asked me to listen to an album she was going to put on and asked me not to say anything until it was over.

Well... the album opens with this fantastic guitar interaction... and then segues. I don't remember at what point I registered and my face lit up, and I turned around... and she was laughing. It became my favorite music to listen to for a while.

In recent memory... I would see these ads for a TV show on Fox called... “Lucifer.” My immediate reaction was that they were trying to take their Satanic message to a wider reach. Also, it was on Fox and I didn't watch network TV. I swore I would never watch it. Then... for reasons I cannot remember, which is often the case with me, I wound up downloading it and it turned out to be one of the best series I have ever seen. It's a whole other take... with remarkable writing and acting.

Appearances are deceiving. Yeah! It's still TV, and it gets lost for a little while, and it goes places that are predictable, but... on the whole, it was engrossing and a learning experience for me, because ONCE AGAIN... I let a superficial... uninformed perspective... dictate to me a judgment over what I had zero evidence to bring a case against. Someone really made an effort to tell a mythic tale. I was surprised.

I once had a girlfriend in Woodstock. She was one of the most remarkable people I ever met. During a certain 6-week period... 3 times... I was in a situation where I was sure... absolutely sure that I was right about something, and... in each case... I was proven wrong. I learned a lot from that.

So... I see some of what's happening in The World. I also know where that kind of behavior leads, and some people are VERY gullible and easily deceived by their appetites, and some people are not. Both of these exist in large numbers in this country. Some are going down and some are going up. It is not necessary for all of us to go down or... be enslaved.

You begin to become a slave when you lie to yourself, which leads you to lie to others. You create a false reality, and eventually... you become either so confused or obsessed that, you... are... led away... into... bondage of one kind or another. You can see people in different stages of this... especially in the denser population zones.

Some locations survive as a dream world. LA is definitely one of those. There are places where people gravitate toward one another for certain activities and conditions. They should not be surprised by what they find when they look in the places where it is located, whatever... it... is.

It is definitely time to pay attention now.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

"The Devil is The District Attorney in God's Courtroom of Perfect Justice. It is This... and It is... More Than This."

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Well... as this is Petri Dish... I guess I'll mention it. Most all entertainment media at this time is shit, and worse. The term 'shit', hardly seems to cover it. So... I am having to be more and more attentive about what I watch during the periods allotted. Fortunately... other countries are not so culturally ruined yet as ours is. If it was a medical condition, we would have Stage 4 cancer.

I do know that there are cases of people recovering from Stage 4, but... I suspect... the odds aren't great. I don't know. That's not an area I give any interest to... just saying. So... I thought I'd mention that I am looking forward to watching, “Cocaine Bear”.

It is... so they say, based on a true story about a drug plane going down in the wilderness with a load of cocaine. Bears are among the most omnivorous and eclectic eaters in The Wild. It makes sense that a bear might check it out and find a different kind of honey.

So the bear starts to behave like people do on coke, only it has sharp teeth and claws, and the brain power... not in excess of... a present-day urban cowboy. I wonder if they'll throw in a tranny as a love interest? Anyway... it has Ray Liotta, so it can't be a complete waste of time. He died last year. I guess this would be his swan song... except with a bear... on cocaine. I imagine there is a glorious opportunity for a Hunter Biden cameo, but... it's Hollywood and Hollywood is a dyslexic bowel movement in the wrong direction.

Now... I'll go back to talking about God and Lady Nature which is pretty much all that interests me at any time.

Religion is a form of entertainment. Its objective is also to hold your mind's attention on something that is being presented as something other than it is. There is also the cost of admission and some people spend far more on religion than they do on 'worldly' entertainments.

It's one of the ways that people process their fear of the unknown. It is said that the fear of God is the BEGINNING of Wisdom. People like to hedge their bets. The smart ones subscribe to Pascal's Wager. However...

God sees through all of that... though... you do get a certain spiritual profit from living according to the moral codes of the time; unless it's like now where there are none. Of course, in times like these, religion can be a big help to many. Regardless... you need to pay attention to the tilt of the minister's perspective, AND... the manner in which the gospel is shaped to the personal ends of whoever is running the magic show.

God is within. If they are teaching you that. That is good. God is also in every one of us. Hopefully, they are teaching that too, but you don't need a church made of hands to commune with The Lord of Heaven. The graceful chapels of Lady Nature await any who are so inclined to seek... after... direct... contact.

When seeking truth in books and traditions, one should be advised that what is sought can be found in neither. These instruments can indicate. They can point in a general direction, but Truth must be experienced. One achieves that by acquiring Wisdom and Higher Love. Truth is revealed by the union of Wisdom and Love. The Heart and Mind must come into unity to experience that which cannot be communicated in words or... through traditions and rituals.

“Be... not... deceived. Even The Devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment.”

They like to twist that around to say that The Devil impersonates an angel of light, and that may be, on occasion... true... but what it actually means is that The Devil works for God. Everyone works for God... like it or not... know it or not... willing or not... Regardless of the costume, everyone... no matter what they do... serves God in his greater plan, which extends far beyond what you may imagine at the moment.

The priest class likes to set up the good and evil dynamic; a devil as powerful as God... two antagonistic forces. Not the way it is... God is beyond good and evil and the creator of both, for the purpose of his entertainment and self-discovery, in... each... one... of... us. Think of it as an endless game... a replicating movie that screens forever... a dream... an illusion. It is what it is and not exactly any of those.

The Devil is The District Attorney in God's Courtroom of perfect justice. It is this and it is more than this. The priest class of Christianity is the same as all of the priest classes... with the exception of The Initiatic Brotherhood. They are all about the appearance of control. They are the door wardens of the temporal veil. They leave out the important parts that cause the whole thing to make sense, which otherwise... it does not.

It becomes a woo-woo fantasy creation of compromised imaginations... and it is perpetually beyond our reach, with the pie-in-the-sky... but we are made in the image of God... to be the embodiment of God. The Mission of The Christ was to demonstrate what we might all become if we... simply... wanted... it... more than anything else. Follow Christ, not The Christians. Step around those who are selling him in the marketplaces as some kind of bobble-headed snake charmer.

Christ is the embodiment of Higher Love and Sacrifice. Now he will come in a new presentation as the embodiment of Brotherhood. What you call Jesus Christ is simply the name and agenda he wore during the time when he was to be known as that. The names will change... the production will be different, THE... MESSAGE... WILL... BE... THE... SAME.

The scripture arrangement department leaves out the critical aspects of Karma and Reincarnation. God is a God of The Living. He has no involvement with the dead, and that is why one MUST attain while in the body or... one repeats the course until they do. One must reach that state of reliance and surrender... where there is no interference by YOU... in the process.

Many grow tired of the effort... are easily distracted by shiny shit... and glitter dust... sprinkled through the filters of The Mind. It takes the exceptional soul to see it through, but the gifts one gains are beyond the telling.

These are all good things to remember when you go about in The World. It is critical to know that it is all a magic show and that love... gives one the vision to see through it. Via the transformation and channeling of the sexual force... one receives the piercing eagle's sight that sees through the deception of appearances.

There is a reason that many yogis see the female aspect as The Divine Mother. She becomes every woman who comes into view, as a representation of her in the mind of the aspirant. I have always been deeply romantic because Love is the rushing blood of the poet. That intoxication can take one to many strange places. I prefer now the company of The Divine Mother; also given that she is the gate of both Life and Death. Coming to terms with her is one of the keys to immortality.

You have to get her permission to live forever, so... be VERY careful of how you treat her in any form. Remember also that as long as you are... compelled... to be here, it will be she that births you, and into what sort of conditions would that be? Rightly do they say... “Payback is a bitch.” One might keep in mind not to refer to her in that context... lest you run into her in that context; savvy?

I have always loved her and tried to celebrate her in every manner, BUT... there is a specific process by which one comes to Wisdom and Higher Love and it very much involves The Divine Mother. It is she that greets you in The Bridal Chamber of The Sahasrara.

There are invisible spirits that guard EVERYTHING that is worth having, and this is above... as... so... below. You don't snatch it from the display case. It must be conferred on you. It must be earned. You can't get around divine protections by any trick of The Mind.

What could anyone POSSIBLY be doing that is more important than getting right with The Invisible World by getting right with The Divine Mother and the ineffable? They are one and the same thing playing two parts in an eternal dance of creation.

So I look at The Sun without and within. I look at The Divine Mother as that which gives expression... shape... and dimension to The Living Light... on the never-ending plane of manifestation, and also in ways that language does not reach. The Universe entire... operates according to the principle that it takes two to tango. Mind how you go.

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Thursday, February 09, 2023

"Once Life Sweeps to One Side, It then Sweeps Back to The Other Side, Much Like a Snake Moving Upon The Ground."

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Disney is cutting 3% of its workforce or... should I call that Woke Force? The need to adapt to a sharp drop in profit is necessary to survive when you drive your audience away. This is happening across the board in every area of so-called entertainment. On the surface, it appears as an effort to do the right thing, according to the people who enforce protocols, by accommodating an emergent demographic of The Newly Possessed, and more certifiably insane than the last bunch.

There's something wrong with the math though... and something very wrong with the dynamics of influence; in what direction does influence flow? Generally? It flows according to the press of gravity. It doesn't flow up from the dregs. To put it in a more colloquial fashion; shit flows downhill.

So... here we have the massive university-college system... the entertainment industries... the government agencies... even religion... is bending the knee (snicker) to The Sex-Freak, Woke Body Mutilation Contingent that is much less than 1%, and... if you include the culturally molded Urban-Gay demographic, you still get the smallest portion of the population... except for those genetically behind this sort of daemonic, filth circus.

What does this tell you? It tells you that the people behind this transhumanist Frankenstein... underground-lab experiment... are the top financial people in The World. Since Tavistock... they have been designing this collective-inmate mindset... for the time when they can legally render humanity as... meat... for the scalpels of their Satanic surgeons... who do it because they can and because they do evil for the sheer joy of it.

This is not some urgent injustice of Nature, welling up from the hearts of those abused by the wrong gender... at the wrong time; God playing a trick on them. This is all backdoor policy, set in motion by those who have REALLY lost their way. This is the part they play in life at this time.

They are forcing immigration through orchestrated wars and catastrophes, and... as their altruistic response to Global Warming. Everything that is tearing down what took generations to build... is done with the twin intentions of Profit and Control, AND... most importantly... because they like it. They got a taste for it. It's part of the process of Possession and similar to what happens in serial killers, which they also qualify as, but... on a far grander scale.

The Transsexual Distraction is just that, and... it also lets them play Dr. Moreau, who... came to a bad end, will... they.

Yesterday, I saw a video of a small group of geriatrics, who looked about as serious as someone paid to swing an arrow around outside a real estate office or a car lot. They were... obviously being paid to be there. They were waving signs about transgender rights. All over The World are these flash-mob demonstrators with their jackbooted backups, who are now... exclusively employed as Drag Queen Security. Sometimes they moonlight as an anti-police thug army.

All of these people are employees of one or another of Little Georgie Sorrows NGOs. The level of cowardice and Chamberlain's negotiating tactics is... impressive. Materialism got everyone too fat to dare to die. It got them too comfortable, with their asses welded to the pleather of their Barcalounger as one inanity after another, flows by before their eyes, and the entertainment gets progressively (courtesy of Progressives) more vile... more stupid... more depraved... and more hypnotic; well... their lifestyle put them to sleep long before The Programmers got serious. It was destiny!!!

Whenever life sweeps to one side, it compensates and sweeps to the other, much like a snake going upon the ground, and... that... is... not... a... coincidence. It is in the natural order of things, no matter how unnatural they might get. Press too far in one direction and a cosmic rubber band pulls it back, with relative degrees of speed, depending on the tension in the band.

The game is rigged, and not in the way the criminal mind tries to rig it. It's rigged to expose the Good and the Evil through their works. It is an ancient and timeless tableau. You can go back ten thousand King Solomon's ago, and the dynamic is ever the same. It is all Purpose of Demonstration for the amusement of The Creator.

It's thrilling, downright scary at times... just like in the movies. Sometimes it's funny and sometimes it's sad, and sometimes it is happening to someone else, and sometimes, it is happening to you. For as long as you are invested here and dependent on an outcome, just so long are you playing the role that goes with the part. Sometimes you do something in a new way, and some people think you are a genius; not necessarily. Not necessarily... and in Times of Material Darkness, it is more likely to be an evil genius.

No one does anything remarkable on their own. In every case, The Divine is working through them. Those who allow The Divine unhindered access are the real geniuses, and part of their genius is to avoid notice. They also have a taste for it... The Good Guys do, but they don't make a big spectacle about it... like The Other Guys. They work in mysterious ways just like their mentor; His will to perform.

As we have said here, again, and again, and again, Manifest existence is a magic show. It really is all done with mirrors... and smoke, of course. If you are working The Lower Carnivals, you need smoke, AND... when... it all goes up in smoke... that's because smoke is all it was.

Unreality is a dream. It is the senses... as tentacles reaching out... into the ocean of infinite possibility. The Mind grasps in the darkness, hoping that it has seized something of value, only to find that it is the one being seized, and then? The Mind goes into captivity. You see it all around you... don't you?

Don't you see the mesmerized and programmed lifeforms moving like schools of fish... into an ever more serious delinquency? Sooner or later it's reform school. Then it's prison. Life is certainly a prison for the vast numbers, also grasping in the darkness... hoping they might seize something of value.

Freedom is priceless, and it exists on many levels; freedom from fear... of anything, freedom from want... or desire for anything... freedom from games of mutual deceit... freedom from the battlefield... freedom from borders and boundaries because... you are no threat to anyone.

Such a freedom exists, my friends. It's currency... it's medium of expression is (ta-dah!) Love. True love... Higher Love... sets everyone free. That was the message of Jesus The Christ. Hmm... what do you know? That is the message of every avatar and teacher of humanity. They come to set you free from the servitude you have sold yourself into. Look around you, it's a penitentiary of The Mind.

In The World... the greatest APPEARANCE of freedom is exhibited by the slavers. Your enslavement sets them free. Once you had a royal figure... there on The Throne of The Heart... who ruled all things from The Sanctuary within, BUT... you wanted to be in charge so... that royal figure abdicated the throne. Without him in charge, The Infernal Kingdom took possession of you and now you wander the empty deserts of the cities of The World... while demons drink your wine and dance in your house, and you wander lost and alone... in a state of amnesia.

When you don't know who you are, everything becomes about finding the right... stage... prop... of... a... personality to make your way in The World. Fortunately... the planets and stars have provided you a template. Eventually, all pretenders are unmasked because that is The Purpose of Demonstration and the reason that an apocalypse comes around at regular intervals... although... there can be a long time between them so... mostly... people don't know what's happening.

Play your cards close to your chest. You're not out to win at anyone's expense. Once the echoes of your past have died down you are now free to avoid making the same mistakes. There are no more echoes; a heavenly orchestra now plays and you can dance forever on the high places within you.

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Monday, February 06, 2023

"DRIVEN; They Imagine It is Under Their Personal Power. Poor Fools on The Grand Stage of Their Own Dishonor."

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Someone says something... and someone steps on the human squeeze toys of a small collection of Cancel Club members who then whine... threaten and screech about it, and... it becomes big news. Who is amplifying the manufactured concerns of tiny demographics and blowing them out of all proportion? Who is it that makes these virtual hit-jobs from The Cancel Club appear in The Mainstream Media?

How do they get any press to begin with? How is it that Biden's administration... which is one of the most corrupt in history (and that's saying something with Obama and Bush in the rearview mirror) is now investigating the main figurehead of this robber baron junta? How come these weather balloons are such big news?

Whenever you want to figure out what is really going on... look past the appearances. Look to both sides. Add up everything you see and ask yourself... what's missing?

You have a kind of barometer in your mind that tells you about good vibes and bad vibes by reading external pressure systems and atmospheric density. It's another way to talk about pinging off of the... objects... of... your... attention. You have attributes of The Higher Mind within you that permits you to read between the lines... that will tell you if it sounds off... or it sounds spot on.

You have the ability to read the Secret Book of Nature... but abilities and attributes are useless unless you use them. Does that register? I know that a great many of you have some relationship with The Higher Mind because of your interest in what we talk about here.

Within each of you there is a plane of awareness that is fed by hidden springs... or there could be. In some hearts it is an arid zone. The resident thinker just doesn't go there. We feed things when our attention shines on them. It is the same way that The Sun feeds this planet. In Times of Material Darkness, when The Carnal Mind is in the forefront of human experience... those of us that harbor The Inner Light must take care to ALWAYS feed the flame.

What that means is you should go nowhere without Love. Love is the force that gives ignition to Light. It's what caused this whole dance of eternity to begin with... pause and continue... pause and continue... for times beyond count.

There is a single source for all esoteric blessings, though they may come THROUGH various mediums of delivery, All of these mediums are tributaries of a greater river that feeds into a common ocean. Am I kind of saying that backwards? In a world that is already upside-down... perhaps that is the most direct route. (grin) Actually, it all works both ways... just like Good and Evil. It depends on your intention. Even good intentions should be vetted by the source of all good things... cause EVERYTHING is subject to change... and a greater reveal.

The Book of Revelations is a grand reveal but it's written in code. It allegories an internal awakening to the cosmic archetypes... that control the themes... endlessly demonstrating in The Dance of Life. That's why there are all those 7s.

Why are all these disparate events... criminal and depraved behavior... taking place with no restraint from any level of enforcement? They are priming a revolution to be started with fear and want, and then? They can proclaim martial law on behalf of everyone. This is what is percolating in The Hive Mind of Darkness... set below the waking day Hive Mind... and definitely noticed by The Higher Mind.

A critical key to understanding what is happening is resident in the mindset that Everything is Under Control. It's under the control of a central authority. It may seem like God is asleep and dreaming... cause he probably is, but he does wake up here and there, and you don't have to be sleeping too. You can be an active... conscious... force... in The Dream.

What we are saying is that God has a vast and powerful army that nothing... ever... can challenge. However... he lets people free to pursue their own amusements. He participates in many of these amusements... if the amusements please him, AND... especially when he knows that you encourage his presence in whatever the amusement might be.

It might seem that everything is haywire, and that bad men have their way. This is not the case. You are looking at a stage production. Believe me. We are all actors in a stage production, and the stage production has a director... a choreographer... all the stagehands... and sundry backstage... bustling changes of costume and backdrops... without count... worldwide... and the whole world is now connected in a particular way, His... Will... to... be... done.

Yeah... it looks like the really Satanic nasties have got their hands on the whole production, but... what is REALLY happening is that they are being outed before the eyes of The World. They have been filled up with the psychic helium of hubris... and DRIVEN; they imagine it is under their personal power. Poor fools on the grand stage of their own dishonor... shown to all for what they are.

They will not prevail. Especially in a time like this... an apocalypse. Previous apocalypses have involved stages of realization... in a progression of thought forms... finally materialized. Anything will materialize if you focus your attention on it for any length of time or... via a greater intensity of concentration. You really should be careful about what you want.

I find that the only safe course of action is to work to bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. If you do this... it will first appear in you. You will be contagious, but not to everyone. But... those you touch may touch those you cannot reach, and all will be touched by God in the process. Not everyone will see The Golden Age. Not everyone will experience a quantum leap in consciousness. This is not what they seek at this time.

Parts of The World, and certainly the carnal parts... run in circles... in an endless looping. You really do have to make the effort to rise above these parts of The World or... you might spin forever. An apocalypse provides you with a cosmic impetus. If you join your impetus to that impetus, you will be in a powerful slipstream. You'll be like a VW Bug behind a tractor-trailer; metaphorically speaking.

Sooner or later... the time of the earthquakes is coming... the time of tsunamis... when Nature begins to reflect the state of human disorder. You can counter this condition... in your own being... by not being host to pressures and stress... caused by the press of The World upon you. You can see that Crazy is contagious too.

What was it that Kipling said, about keeping your head... while all about you are losing theirs? He was a great poet. He was truly a man of conscience... much maligned by those who misread his intent. When lies are the currency of the culture... that culture is doomed. Many tell themselves that it can't happen here... wherever Here might be. It can happen ANYWHERE... except in the protected parts of The World.

If you go with God. God will go with you. The World is far less real than God is, and God can shape it any way that pleases him. The Liars and Shapeshifters have their own way of making life appear to be, BUT... God brushes that aside like cobwebs that are ignited by his touch. His light dissipates AND... makes... shadows The World is a presentation of light and shadows, and people gravitate to the balance of light and shadows that please them. Subsequently dwelling in Full Life... Half-Life, and shades of gray forever and a day.

You are where you are comfortable to be... for as long as it lasts... and NOTHING temporal continues forever... just new versions of the same keep popping in and out of view. Now you see them and now you don't.

There are more permanent locations. Conditions Here... on Earth... are similar to a proving ground. It's an amusement park obstacle course. You can ride the rides so long as it pleases you to. Sometimes the ride is smooth and sometimes the ride is rocky. The ride ALWAYS ends.

One ride does not end.

Right now... the people who think they are in charge are planning various things because events haven't gone as they planned. That will continue... no matter what they come up with, BUT... it doesn't have to involve you... unless it does.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2023

"I Am More Understanding of The Messages from Heaven, Since The Lullaby of Love has put The Demons to Sleep."

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People lose their way. That's the best perspective for me. It's better than hating, despising, or fearing them. It's better than any of the other windows of judgment that I could be watching them from. It's not necessary to be in an adversarial state of exchange with anyone.

If they've lost their way, and you can help them find it... that's a good thing. If you can't help them... you can bless them with the prayer that they find someone to help them... that they find their way. If this is all you ever get up to, you won't lack for anything... ever. Because you are freely giving a gift of inestimable value with no strings attached.

We live in Sticky Wicket World. Everything is adhesive to whatever it magnetizes. This goes for your attention as well, and that is why porn is such a problem; why any addiction becomes an addiction. Life is Suffering, due to the attention wars of your attractive nature. If you like it... that's a problem. If you don't like it... that's a problem.

For holding this true and enduring perspective one is maligned for not caring. It's best to hold your tongue on certain things, lest it be misinterpreted by those who have no clue... and zero interest.

Of course... you care. You care beyond measure because that is how God is... and you want to be like God; in the smallest and most unassuming manner. However... The World... The Carnal Mind... and The Craving Heart do... not... understand the meaning of any of this, as they go about The World behaving like beasts.

There is a Supernal Realm and an Infernal Realm. If you are constant in your residence in the former... you have no problem with the latter. One can command all the evil in The World simply by being in line with Heaven.

People do not understand what it is that they call evil. Look at the standards that are set... or once were in place. Then look how humanity behaves when it is deceived about the purpose of its true nature. There is a constant war between Light and Darkness. It is a war in which Light... true light... wins every battle, but it continues to exist because people are attracted to both sides depending on where they might find that which they think they desire.

Quit your evil nature and you will stop seeing evil. This is why I prefer to see people as having lost their way. Who am I to be deciding that? WE ALL DO THIS every minute of the day. The World is a continuous showcase... of the demonstrations of Good Judgment... and Bad Judgment... judged as one... or the other... depending on the point of view.

The playing fields of The World are testing grounds, to see what we are made of. Of course... it is always some version of this. It's more intense at this time. How are we doing? Not so good huh? If appearances are any indication.

It just so happens that there are many... many good people... far and wide, BUT... the focus of The Media is not on them, except when virtue signaling comes into play, and... they have their reward. You remember that Biblical phrase... “many are called but few are chosen?”

The pressure of the moment is quite high. People are crumbling. Those numbers are increasing. Holding strong in times like these is a sure ticket to an exponential return... exemplified in the opportunity for a quantum leap in consciousness. Degree of Difficulty has a commensurate effect on the value of the reward. Turn away the instruments of The Mind from the playground of the senses and you will... come into a higher order of knowing.

The World is a magic show. It holds the populace enthralled with the dancing... shapeshifting patterns that appear on The Mindscreen. It is a world of shadows... promises of pleasure and the excitement of danger calls the fools to their follies. I have a great recall of it. I have been there and done that. By good fortune... grace... or some inexplicable thing, I found my way out.

One doesn't have to travel any material distance to get to The Higher Mind. It is sitting there above The Carnal Mind... where few people pay attention to it. In an Awakening, The Higher Mind appears on its own, down into the dreadful mix of quicksand and glueboards... then glides up and over it because the attraction is gone. Sometimes it takes us with it... if we are ready and so inclined. How does one get ready? You stay ready.

You have to get your priorities in order. What really matters? This is a question best asked early on. Lest you find yourself reflecting on the saddest words of tongue and pen... these few words, it... might... have... been. (I forget how the poem went)

They are losing it... in The Street AND in the corridors of Power, where influence is the money that holds The World in sway.

Imagine that everything which has happened in recent times... and even over the long term... has been orchestrated to bring about changes that... when they occur... prove to be a surprise to both the manipulating and the manipulated.

What if it turns out different than any of them are expecting? What if The Dark Side and its agents... walk right into a trap of their own design... simply because they are programmed to do this for The Purpose of Demonstration? The thing is... Evil really does destroy itself. It is only ephemeral to begin with.

Today we are talking about something that defies the medium employed to define it. We can only nibble at the corners... trace the outlines... like a blurred face on an old coin... BUT- even though I can't explain it, it is the reason I see people as only having lost their way. I know they will come around in time, and I have learned not to push The River in terms of expediting their progress. Unbearable Compassion is a learned state of caution.

This is how Social Reformers turn into the biggest mass murderers The World has seen, whether it be Stalin... Mao... George Soros... The Rothschild Coven... they were or are all going to shape The World to their own satisfaction, and... they all fail miserably... except at causing misery. Do not try to fix The World. You will become a Stupid Head... with the legacy of Dumbass. It will be like getting a coat-of-arms.

I went through just about every stage of Stupid in this life, so I speak as an informed participant who was ill-informed on arrival. This life has been a never-ending wakeup call for me. It's like ringtones with no cellphone. Now that the waters of The Mind have become more still... I can see the invisible breath of God when it passes over the water.

I am more understanding of the messages from Heaven, now that the lullaby of love has put the demons to sleep. You cannot storm The Gates of Heaven. It is by invitation only, and your backstage pass is written on the fabric of your being. Everything in The Invisible is organized like this. We have fiery hieroglyphics that identify us to customs stops on the borders of consciousness. Why you cannot see who rules The World is because it is done with invisible hands, with symbols as scepters.

“Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” They have simply lost their way. It is in the nature of Materialism to cause confusion... followed by insanity. They have lost their way. It is why The Avatar comes, and comes again, and again, and again, according to the clockwork of the stars.

So... the key is to radiate Love and Harmony... that you may come into resonance with Heaven and become a sanctuary for others. As you continue, your wattage increases, and you become... in your own small way... like The Sun.

End Transmission.......

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