Monday, February 06, 2023

"DRIVEN; They Imagine It is Under Their Personal Power. Poor Fools on The Grand Stage of Their Own Dishonor."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Someone says something... and someone steps on the human squeeze toys of a small collection of Cancel Club members who then whine... threaten and screech about it, and... it becomes big news. Who is amplifying the manufactured concerns of tiny demographics and blowing them out of all proportion? Who is it that makes these virtual hit-jobs from The Cancel Club appear in The Mainstream Media?

How do they get any press to begin with? How is it that Biden's administration... which is one of the most corrupt in history (and that's saying something with Obama and Bush in the rearview mirror) is now investigating the main figurehead of this robber baron junta? How come these weather balloons are such big news?

Whenever you want to figure out what is really going on... look past the appearances. Look to both sides. Add up everything you see and ask yourself... what's missing?

You have a kind of barometer in your mind that tells you about good vibes and bad vibes by reading external pressure systems and atmospheric density. It's another way to talk about pinging off of the... objects... of... your... attention. You have attributes of The Higher Mind within you that permits you to read between the lines... that will tell you if it sounds off... or it sounds spot on.

You have the ability to read the Secret Book of Nature... but abilities and attributes are useless unless you use them. Does that register? I know that a great many of you have some relationship with The Higher Mind because of your interest in what we talk about here.

Within each of you there is a plane of awareness that is fed by hidden springs... or there could be. In some hearts it is an arid zone. The resident thinker just doesn't go there. We feed things when our attention shines on them. It is the same way that The Sun feeds this planet. In Times of Material Darkness, when The Carnal Mind is in the forefront of human experience... those of us that harbor The Inner Light must take care to ALWAYS feed the flame.

What that means is you should go nowhere without Love. Love is the force that gives ignition to Light. It's what caused this whole dance of eternity to begin with... pause and continue... pause and continue... for times beyond count.

There is a single source for all esoteric blessings, though they may come THROUGH various mediums of delivery, All of these mediums are tributaries of a greater river that feeds into a common ocean. Am I kind of saying that backwards? In a world that is already upside-down... perhaps that is the most direct route. (grin) Actually, it all works both ways... just like Good and Evil. It depends on your intention. Even good intentions should be vetted by the source of all good things... cause EVERYTHING is subject to change... and a greater reveal.

The Book of Revelations is a grand reveal but it's written in code. It allegories an internal awakening to the cosmic archetypes... that control the themes... endlessly demonstrating in The Dance of Life. That's why there are all those 7s.

Why are all these disparate events... criminal and depraved behavior... taking place with no restraint from any level of enforcement? They are priming a revolution to be started with fear and want, and then? They can proclaim martial law on behalf of everyone. This is what is percolating in The Hive Mind of Darkness... set below the waking day Hive Mind... and definitely noticed by The Higher Mind.

A critical key to understanding what is happening is resident in the mindset that Everything is Under Control. It's under the control of a central authority. It may seem like God is asleep and dreaming... cause he probably is, but he does wake up here and there, and you don't have to be sleeping too. You can be an active... conscious... force... in The Dream.

What we are saying is that God has a vast and powerful army that nothing... ever... can challenge. However... he lets people free to pursue their own amusements. He participates in many of these amusements... if the amusements please him, AND... especially when he knows that you encourage his presence in whatever the amusement might be.

It might seem that everything is haywire, and that bad men have their way. This is not the case. You are looking at a stage production. Believe me. We are all actors in a stage production, and the stage production has a director... a choreographer... all the stagehands... and sundry backstage... bustling changes of costume and backdrops... without count... worldwide... and the whole world is now connected in a particular way, His... Will... to... be... done.

Yeah... it looks like the really Satanic nasties have got their hands on the whole production, but... what is REALLY happening is that they are being outed before the eyes of The World. They have been filled up with the psychic helium of hubris... and DRIVEN; they imagine it is under their personal power. Poor fools on the grand stage of their own dishonor... shown to all for what they are.

They will not prevail. Especially in a time like this... an apocalypse. Previous apocalypses have involved stages of realization... in a progression of thought forms... finally materialized. Anything will materialize if you focus your attention on it for any length of time or... via a greater intensity of concentration. You really should be careful about what you want.

I find that the only safe course of action is to work to bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. If you do this... it will first appear in you. You will be contagious, but not to everyone. But... those you touch may touch those you cannot reach, and all will be touched by God in the process. Not everyone will see The Golden Age. Not everyone will experience a quantum leap in consciousness. This is not what they seek at this time.

Parts of The World, and certainly the carnal parts... run in circles... in an endless looping. You really do have to make the effort to rise above these parts of The World or... you might spin forever. An apocalypse provides you with a cosmic impetus. If you join your impetus to that impetus, you will be in a powerful slipstream. You'll be like a VW Bug behind a tractor-trailer; metaphorically speaking.

Sooner or later... the time of the earthquakes is coming... the time of tsunamis... when Nature begins to reflect the state of human disorder. You can counter this condition... in your own being... by not being host to pressures and stress... caused by the press of The World upon you. You can see that Crazy is contagious too.

What was it that Kipling said, about keeping your head... while all about you are losing theirs? He was a great poet. He was truly a man of conscience... much maligned by those who misread his intent. When lies are the currency of the culture... that culture is doomed. Many tell themselves that it can't happen here... wherever Here might be. It can happen ANYWHERE... except in the protected parts of The World.

If you go with God. God will go with you. The World is far less real than God is, and God can shape it any way that pleases him. The Liars and Shapeshifters have their own way of making life appear to be, BUT... God brushes that aside like cobwebs that are ignited by his touch. His light dissipates AND... makes... shadows The World is a presentation of light and shadows, and people gravitate to the balance of light and shadows that please them. Subsequently dwelling in Full Life... Half-Life, and shades of gray forever and a day.

You are where you are comfortable to be... for as long as it lasts... and NOTHING temporal continues forever... just new versions of the same keep popping in and out of view. Now you see them and now you don't.

There are more permanent locations. Conditions Here... on Earth... are similar to a proving ground. It's an amusement park obstacle course. You can ride the rides so long as it pleases you to. Sometimes the ride is smooth and sometimes the ride is rocky. The ride ALWAYS ends.

One ride does not end.

Right now... the people who think they are in charge are planning various things because events haven't gone as they planned. That will continue... no matter what they come up with, BUT... it doesn't have to involve you... unless it does.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Heaven on Earth? Regardless of how good it gets here, it's still a place of limitations and perpetual inconvenience. I consider every nanosecond of time that is not discretionary as an inconvenience. I have more than most, way more than in the past, but I still bitch and gripe. I'd rather withdraw from it all as much as I can as opposed to trying to change it. Not worth my time or energy. More discretionary time not lost on a place that I nokw consider beneath my contempt.

Off topic.

Also wondering. We are here to evolve, right? I know I came here to sort out some stupid issues, because I had an incredibly stupid outlook that I don't think I'll talk about because it's really beyond stupid; but from what I see, the majority of the world shares that stupid outlook, and that majority is probably over 90%.

Now I really am confused at how choosing a life working as a cobalt miner or sifting through piles of garbage the same amount of time so they can hopefully eat that day. And these people leading these miserable lives yet breed. . .so they can have 2 more dollars a day or what have you when the sprog is old enough to hunt for cobalt and sort through garbage. Another slave in the making for the family economy

Ye gods. I think people who volunteer for that kinda life are beyond bein' nutters, and I think those who proceed to continue the cycle for alleged personal gain belong in the SPAM FACTORY.

Nostrils to the sky on the post.

Anonymous said...

"They are priming a revolution to be started with fear and want, and then?"

They are now allowing the vax truth to slowly come out, thru the mainstream media and Twitter, and this will incite chaos and people will burn their governments to the ground when they realize they've been poisoned and have nothing to lose. Then after a few months or weeks of total chaos, a one world government will be offered as the solution and people will gladly accept it to end the chaos.

Let's see if their plan works or if the divine force stops it. At this point, i don't think there can be avoiding divine judgement upon the world, as so many people allowed even children to get injected with the vax. I just read about some 8 year old girl who died after the vax.

May God punish the evil ones and the slaves who went along with this genocide (70% of the human race) and protect and reward the good and righteous people.

0 said...

Nice timing with that earthquake in Turkey overnight last night. That appears to have been a monster and is still having nearly as big aftershocks.

Panic will killya faster than the perceived "thing" whatever it is. Keep your head about you.

Game seems like its about to be cranked up again now.

Party On!

letgoist said...

"It doesn't involve you unless it does." The last 3 years seems to have involved many that didn't want to be involved or didn't know that they were involved by those who's want was to involve as many as possible. For most it was an impossibility to not be forcibly involved in some way by those that desired this maximum involvement. Various levels of involvement notwithstanding. I think maybe you are saying despite the level of involvement involved it is the degree to which the consciousness is involved that really matters. But im not sure.

Visible said...

That would be it. It begins in The Mind.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Focused Concentration Leads to a True Discrimination. The Ability to Hold and Direct Thought is a Real Talent."

Anonymous said...


Would that be canned SPAM??

Evolve to what is the question. Took me quite a while to reach the same conclusion. Limitation. Conflict. Waste of time. Best of luck to the ones that struggle on.
It’s a worn out welcome. Thank you very much.

It’s just sad that the potential for wonderfulness is ridiculed, rejected, & ignored.
Everybody’s too busy thinkin’ they’re gettin’ somethin’. Well, they’re gettin’ somethin’ alright.


Patrick said...

Loved this Vis.... Echo's of the Stoics and such damn subtle hardcore, if there is such a thing.
Thank you... as always.
It's only an excerpt... to drive eyes to the full monty.



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