Wednesday, February 22, 2023

"And... Setting Off Yet More Feeding Frenzies among The Brotherhood of Barracudas in The Human Ocean."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

When you begin to see... one after another... distraction-events from all over the map of human endeavor, it means several likely possibilities. One is that it is getting late; in every sense of the word. Two... they're up to something and they want to keep your attention off of it. Three... both. And... of course... something else entirely. (grin) Well... I'm glad I cleared that up.

The Ominous appointment of Susan Rice... Satanic bottom-feeder extraordinaire... to some double-talking race-baiting position, makes it seem like they are very serious about martial law. Then... insane geriatric celebrity, Jane Fonda... now wants 30% of the oceans off limits for fishing because of our brothers in the sea... Brother Tuna... Brother Swordfish... and Brother Shark, who are... likely... even smarter than we are... according to Jane... in which case it may well be true.

People are up in arms everywhere, about everything you can imagine... and a lot that you would prefer not to know about. There is a feeding frenzy of lawyers chasing lawsuits; doesn't matter how frivolous they are or how long ago they happened. Flash gangs are looting the stores in urban locations. Sexual misnomers are causing people to lose their jobs, AND... setting off yet more feeding frenzies among The Brotherhood of Barracudas in The Human Ocean.

Think about it... what could be the cause of so many people going certifiably crazy? The Killer Vaccines? No... this started way before that. Alien lookalikes... moving through the human stream? Possibly. Secret government psyche-ops? Also possible, BUT... with any of these... there has to be something else behind them, and something... possibly... behind that... and so on... and so on.

Yes... we are fishing about. Trying to get a handle on something whose dimensions are unknown to me; “what's this button here for?”

I think that any and all of these causes may be valid. I also think that all of them are expressions of the atmosphere of apocalypse that has come upon us. I think it is especially tense because this is a Grand Apocalypse... and a Grand Apocalypse is the opening movement in the appearance of The Avatar.

I see EVERYTHING through the lens of The Invisible Hierarchy. EVERYTHING has to do with... God. All surface noise and distractions caused by variations in light... are material expressions of humanity's search for Truth... moving through The Divine Mother and guided by The Devic/Angelic Realm. Everything that can be seen... comes out of The Unseen.

Consider that The Internet has put people inside their heads like never before, and mostly in trashy environments. Materialism... in the run-up to The Internet... made a whole lot of people stupid due to the pursuit of comfort and convenience. Such is the inevitable peril of civilization; civilization is humanity's reaction to pain and discomfort. This also accounts for the rampant hedonism of the present, due to all the pain that preceded it, BUT... mostly because undisciplined life forms are obsessed with getting their ya-yas out.

Materialism ALWAYS drives the simple mind toward the simple pleasures that don't stay simple for long. Materialism also drives them crazy because what they truly seek cannot be found there. This is something The Rich discover in every generation.

Those who imagined themselves to be in control of external circumstances... and weren't even in control of themselves... because of the spiritual force behind external changes... now feel the control they thought they had, slipping away from them. What do such personalities do when this happens? They grasp tighter... and tighter. They dream of martial law. It's for the good of The People... of course.

I look at all this swirling nonsense, and random... incomprehensible gibberish, and it is like seeing a display window full of televisions... with the same scenery moving on every screen. Fortunately... you can't hear what is being said... and you can't remember all the lip-reading tells that you once used to steal signs... during baseball season, so... many... years... ago.

Where was I? Ah yes... I was getting tangled in syntax. All of this is like a dream passing before my eyes. I can see it is going in very bad directions in certain locations... and different results are coming about, depending on where you are. Are you the one throwing? Are you passing between the thrower and the object? Are you the object? These roles change the effect of the event... whatever the event might be.

I have no desire to continue talking about what is only a dream passing. For some it is pleasant and for some... it is a nightmare... and some are... themselves... pleasant... and some are nightmares for those they encounter in The Dream of Life. It's different for everyone because YOU are different from everyone. At least this is what you tell yourself. Very similar replicants of yourself are presently busy acting out in similar ways... BUT... then again... the outcomes are not the same. Does it make you wonder?

Even though I have been remarkably different from the stereotypical in this life, and not always in a good way because... I was a disrupter, AND... an unpleasant reminder of things and conditions most of us do not want to think about, or hear about, and... which is also the reason that Lord Shiva seldom gets invited anywhere... well... I have no desire to be different from my fellows anymore.

I prefer a blessed anonymity. I have no desire to be less or more than anyone else. I know if I want to walk with The Eternals (not the ones in that film I had to turn off after ten minutes) I must wear the cloak of anonymity. I should not stand out. I should appear and disappear, leaving no troubled waters. At some point, one must decide whether to be a shepherd... a sheep... or a wolf. We all have a role to play... even if it acts invisibly most of the time.

Things and conditions are not what they appear, and neither are the players... but if you can see your commonality with all manifested life... you can serve all and harm none.

The number 3 appears in some permutation in every religion; be it Father... Son... and Holy Ghost; Brahma... Vishnu... and Shiva, or even Osiris... Isis... and Horus. A part of this is due to the 3 cardinal desirables of life; Love... Wisdom... and Truth. Love flows out of Truth and Wisdom flows into it. Love is Active and Wisdom is still. Truth emerges from secret springs. These springs feed into Love, which flows toward Wisdom.

Wisdom is what lasts... and lasts... and lasts. In fact, the Wisdom I follow is called, Ageless Wisdom. This is because it... does... not... change. It was present in Ancient Egypt, (and well before) and it is present in the authentic teachings of The Christ. It will be present when all the names have changed. It is above religion, which only constitutes the clothes that God once wore. People... with their grasping nature, insist on dogma and cant. They are determined to be the hall monitors for others, all while having no idea where they are headed to.

Love comes and goes. Wisdom remains no matter what comes and goes around it. Truth is the objective of both. True love pursues Truth and acquires Wisdom in the search. Wisdom is an appreciator of Truth, BUT... only Love will take you there. This is why it is so important to, “become like a little child.” We are all on this road, no matter what we tell ourselves and others. If we are lying to ourselves because we are blinded by material desire... our road will be a painful course until our intentions and our objectives change. Pain... is The Great Educator.

Truth is the wellspring of eternal life. Love is the witnessing thereof, and Divine LUMINOUS Wisdom is the light shining between the twin peaks of Temperance. It becomes luminous when Wisdom and Truth are one.

There are many stages on The Road. Some speak more profoundly, and with more impact because they have a greater vista. If you have not been searching for God... and serving God, you have wasted your life. It is never too late. Where there is breath there is life. One might beat their heads against The Walls of Convention for years... and years... and years. Life begins when you find your way around those walls without having to bring them down.

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M - said...

No surprise that Ms. Rice is a member of the CFR, Trilateral Commission, Brookings Institute, ad nauseam. Wikispooks has her listed as a Spook and DS Operative - which I do not doubt.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Poetic masterpiece. NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible,

With people getting escorted or thrown out of all sorts of meetings/jobs
lately - for telling the *truth - I found this piece to be rather reassuring
as to why and when it is happening. As my favorite EQ guy, Dutchsinse,
says: Be prepared, Not scared. I AM so ready!


*as in "their truth" (Wink)

Anonymous said...

hi viz [ability] grin ;]
thank you.... always enlightening and appreciated !
with sincere gratitude
your friend

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The Chiaroscuro Calliope, where The Shades of Gray Spin... The Up and Down Puppets Between The Night and The Day."

TotoFromOz said...

"Pain... is The Great Educator" true.



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