Friday, February 17, 2023

"The Best Way I Can Describe It is that Living Conscious Light is Coming in Human Form and Within The Human Heart."

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When The Dial is set at the middle; going Green in one direction and Red in the other, you are at midpoint. If you turn it down, The Invisible Kingdom becomes The Infernal Realm... demons... devils... lots of smoke so you can't see well, and it gets smokier and darker the more you turn The Dial down. Everything in The Visible World begins... more and more to reflect that... as above so below.

If you turn The Dial up, it becomes Heavenly Acres that stretch beyond thought. All the demons and devils turn into angels and luminous entities. You're in The Green... literally and metaphorically. It is the same place, but your level of awareness alters the landscape and the population. Within a short distance of each other... there are people in extreme... opposite mindsets, with the resonant emotion.

Everything happens in your mind... on a particular bandwidth. Bandwidths can be expanded, if you have the tools to accommodate that. Bandwidths get expanded too... by Heavenly fiat. That's happening now. A whole new set of tools is coming to humanity for the new bandwidths.

Those who have imagined that they controlled human affairs... and depending on one's perspective, I could see how it might have appeared that they were in charge, are trying to extend their appearance of control as the changes of a new age come upon the people who will be living in it.

They're trying to get ahead of the changes... so that they can be the ones implementing them. However... since they are the most distant creatures from any sense of Brotherhood at this time, it is doubtful that they will be allowed to continue in their frauds.

Here's the deal with ruling... temporal authority. It rules at the pleasure of The Heavenly Hierarchy. You may wonder why humanity had such terrible periods... as history shows (if Heaven is in charge)... people get the government and conditions that they deserve. When they behave in a selfish manner, and cannot curtail or control their appetites, certain conditions come into being to demonstrate where such reckless behavior leads, and what the costs are. The present state of the culture shows this in all its dreadful aspect.

This is why stability... at every level; physical... emotional... mental... is becoming shaky. It is why people are losing their minds. As Materialism intensifies... so does insanity.

The Leadership is in crisis; the ones who think they're in charge. Outside the bandwidth of their perceptions is an incoming pressure. It is coming down on them. It is forcing them into the public view and also forcing them to behave in ridiculous and embarrassing fashion. Both of these are going to intensify beyond what you may presently expect. Heh heh... it's going to get interesting.

It is The Avatar who is pressing them... and making them dance when they don't know how; they got no rhythm... because you need Harmony for that. Mr. Apocalypse is an aspect of The Avatar, so is Lady Awakening. There are others also.

The Avatar is bringing reality. Some are going to love this, and some are not going to like it at all. Say that you're in a basement somewhere doing bad shit. It could be a government's basement or... the basement of a multi-billionaire. The Avatar... in one personification or another... is going to tear the roof off that basement and light is going to flood in.

The best way I can describe it... is to say that living conscious light is coming... in human form and within the human heart where a place has been made for it, and some people will be overjoyed and grinning like The Sun coming over the horizon, and some will not be happy whatsoever... because they are workers of iniquity who operate in The Darkness. It's a seasonal AND a geographical thing. It comes in regular cycles and it happens in specific fashion in specific locations.

Sometimes one of them is stronger than the other... by appearance... and especially so in Times of Material Darkness. That can go on for a while... and it has. Now... The Living Light is coming and it has the workers of darkness in a panic. They are desperate for a war... aliens... plague... something, something... ANYTHING to distract The World from the heightened bandwidth coming in on The Awakening, and then everyone can see that The Emperor has no clothes.

We live in a false world because we are separated from our Higher Self. In a state of Unity... the sex is ongoing and doesn't need a partner. When one is in a loving state with their Higher Self, it is a form of intercourse far... far more wonderful than the bump and grinds down here.

Everything has been turned to sleaze... by The Usual Suspects. They think it's what you want. It is actually what they want. When they can make it a common thing for everyone else, they can get REALLY deep down and dirty into their favorite things, and... how can the also-compromised object?

Some people just prefer The Carnal Realm, and they are welcome to it. The only time I get engaged is when they insist that I join them, I... am... not... going... that... way.

I try not to believe that I know more than I know. I try not to insist that I am right, and things don't always mean what you think they do. This is why one must learn to see with God's eyes instead of their own. How does one do that? I'm glad you asked. God sees through The Eyes of Love... in ALL directions. His physical embodiment can be seen in The Sun, though he is also The Sun you cannot see as well... at this time... due to bandwidth conflicts. (grin)

Years ago... this lady was trying to get me to listen to the album, Jesus Christ Superstar. Even though I am not a Christian, I thought it was poor form. I thought it would be profane. I resisted at every turn. A good deal of time went by... a few years. I hadn't listened and I wasn't going to. One night I was on fine LSD with this lady and a few others. She asked me to listen to an album she was going to put on and asked me not to say anything until it was over.

Well... the album opens with this fantastic guitar interaction... and then segues. I don't remember at what point I registered and my face lit up, and I turned around... and she was laughing. It became my favorite music to listen to for a while.

In recent memory... I would see these ads for a TV show on Fox called... “Lucifer.” My immediate reaction was that they were trying to take their Satanic message to a wider reach. Also, it was on Fox and I didn't watch network TV. I swore I would never watch it. Then... for reasons I cannot remember, which is often the case with me, I wound up downloading it and it turned out to be one of the best series I have ever seen. It's a whole other take... with remarkable writing and acting.

Appearances are deceiving. Yeah! It's still TV, and it gets lost for a little while, and it goes places that are predictable, but... on the whole, it was engrossing and a learning experience for me, because ONCE AGAIN... I let a superficial... uninformed perspective... dictate to me a judgment over what I had zero evidence to bring a case against. Someone really made an effort to tell a mythic tale. I was surprised.

I once had a girlfriend in Woodstock. She was one of the most remarkable people I ever met. During a certain 6-week period... 3 times... I was in a situation where I was sure... absolutely sure that I was right about something, and... in each case... I was proven wrong. I learned a lot from that.

So... I see some of what's happening in The World. I also know where that kind of behavior leads, and some people are VERY gullible and easily deceived by their appetites, and some people are not. Both of these exist in large numbers in this country. Some are going down and some are going up. It is not necessary for all of us to go down or... be enslaved.

You begin to become a slave when you lie to yourself, which leads you to lie to others. You create a false reality, and eventually... you become either so confused or obsessed that, you... are... led away... into... bondage of one kind or another. You can see people in different stages of this... especially in the denser population zones.

Some locations survive as a dream world. LA is definitely one of those. There are places where people gravitate toward one another for certain activities and conditions. They should not be surprised by what they find when they look in the places where it is located, whatever... it... is.

It is definitely time to pay attention now.

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Anonymous said...

Visible, Thank you for another week of excellent posts, links,
inspiration, and way much more.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Anonymous said...

that Lucifer show was quite good as far as TV shows go, altho nowadays i can't really stomach most of it. Heil Lucifer!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Indulging Selfish Appetites and Whims because You are in Fat City, WILL Bring Attila to The Gates of Your Town."

Poet Gregory said...

I liked the story about "Jesus Christ Superstar." I also like Thursday's story of "The King's Ankus."

Awesome stuph!

Nostrils to the sky!



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