Thursday, February 09, 2023

"Once Life Sweeps to One Side, It then Sweeps Back to The Other Side, Much Like a Snake Moving Upon The Ground."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Disney is cutting 3% of its workforce or... should I call that Woke Force? The need to adapt to a sharp drop in profit is necessary to survive when you drive your audience away. This is happening across the board in every area of so-called entertainment. On the surface, it appears as an effort to do the right thing, according to the people who enforce protocols, by accommodating an emergent demographic of The Newly Possessed, and more certifiably insane than the last bunch.

There's something wrong with the math though... and something very wrong with the dynamics of influence; in what direction does influence flow? Generally? It flows according to the press of gravity. It doesn't flow up from the dregs. To put it in a more colloquial fashion; shit flows downhill.

So... here we have the massive university-college system... the entertainment industries... the government agencies... even religion... is bending the knee (snicker) to The Sex-Freak, Woke Body Mutilation Contingent that is much less than 1%, and... if you include the culturally molded Urban-Gay demographic, you still get the smallest portion of the population... except for those genetically behind this sort of daemonic, filth circus.

What does this tell you? It tells you that the people behind this transhumanist Frankenstein... underground-lab experiment... are the top financial people in The World. Since Tavistock... they have been designing this collective-inmate mindset... for the time when they can legally render humanity as... meat... for the scalpels of their Satanic surgeons... who do it because they can and because they do evil for the sheer joy of it.

This is not some urgent injustice of Nature, welling up from the hearts of those abused by the wrong gender... at the wrong time; God playing a trick on them. This is all backdoor policy, set in motion by those who have REALLY lost their way. This is the part they play in life at this time.

They are forcing immigration through orchestrated wars and catastrophes, and... as their altruistic response to Global Warming. Everything that is tearing down what took generations to build... is done with the twin intentions of Profit and Control, AND... most importantly... because they like it. They got a taste for it. It's part of the process of Possession and similar to what happens in serial killers, which they also qualify as, but... on a far grander scale.

The Transsexual Distraction is just that, and... it also lets them play Dr. Moreau, who... came to a bad end, will... they.

Yesterday, I saw a video of a small group of geriatrics, who looked about as serious as someone paid to swing an arrow around outside a real estate office or a car lot. They were... obviously being paid to be there. They were waving signs about transgender rights. All over The World are these flash-mob demonstrators with their jackbooted backups, who are now... exclusively employed as Drag Queen Security. Sometimes they moonlight as an anti-police thug army.

All of these people are employees of one or another of Little Georgie Sorrows NGOs. The level of cowardice and Chamberlain's negotiating tactics is... impressive. Materialism got everyone too fat to dare to die. It got them too comfortable, with their asses welded to the pleather of their Barcalounger as one inanity after another, flows by before their eyes, and the entertainment gets progressively (courtesy of Progressives) more vile... more stupid... more depraved... and more hypnotic; well... their lifestyle put them to sleep long before The Programmers got serious. It was destiny!!!

Whenever life sweeps to one side, it compensates and sweeps to the other, much like a snake going upon the ground, and... that... is... not... a... coincidence. It is in the natural order of things, no matter how unnatural they might get. Press too far in one direction and a cosmic rubber band pulls it back, with relative degrees of speed, depending on the tension in the band.

The game is rigged, and not in the way the criminal mind tries to rig it. It's rigged to expose the Good and the Evil through their works. It is an ancient and timeless tableau. You can go back ten thousand King Solomon's ago, and the dynamic is ever the same. It is all Purpose of Demonstration for the amusement of The Creator.

It's thrilling, downright scary at times... just like in the movies. Sometimes it's funny and sometimes it's sad, and sometimes it is happening to someone else, and sometimes, it is happening to you. For as long as you are invested here and dependent on an outcome, just so long are you playing the role that goes with the part. Sometimes you do something in a new way, and some people think you are a genius; not necessarily. Not necessarily... and in Times of Material Darkness, it is more likely to be an evil genius.

No one does anything remarkable on their own. In every case, The Divine is working through them. Those who allow The Divine unhindered access are the real geniuses, and part of their genius is to avoid notice. They also have a taste for it... The Good Guys do, but they don't make a big spectacle about it... like The Other Guys. They work in mysterious ways just like their mentor; His will to perform.

As we have said here, again, and again, and again, Manifest existence is a magic show. It really is all done with mirrors... and smoke, of course. If you are working The Lower Carnivals, you need smoke, AND... when... it all goes up in smoke... that's because smoke is all it was.

Unreality is a dream. It is the senses... as tentacles reaching out... into the ocean of infinite possibility. The Mind grasps in the darkness, hoping that it has seized something of value, only to find that it is the one being seized, and then? The Mind goes into captivity. You see it all around you... don't you?

Don't you see the mesmerized and programmed lifeforms moving like schools of fish... into an ever more serious delinquency? Sooner or later it's reform school. Then it's prison. Life is certainly a prison for the vast numbers, also grasping in the darkness... hoping they might seize something of value.

Freedom is priceless, and it exists on many levels; freedom from fear... of anything, freedom from want... or desire for anything... freedom from games of mutual deceit... freedom from the battlefield... freedom from borders and boundaries because... you are no threat to anyone.

Such a freedom exists, my friends. It's currency... it's medium of expression is (ta-dah!) Love. True love... Higher Love... sets everyone free. That was the message of Jesus The Christ. Hmm... what do you know? That is the message of every avatar and teacher of humanity. They come to set you free from the servitude you have sold yourself into. Look around you, it's a penitentiary of The Mind.

In The World... the greatest APPEARANCE of freedom is exhibited by the slavers. Your enslavement sets them free. Once you had a royal figure... there on The Throne of The Heart... who ruled all things from The Sanctuary within, BUT... you wanted to be in charge so... that royal figure abdicated the throne. Without him in charge, The Infernal Kingdom took possession of you and now you wander the empty deserts of the cities of The World... while demons drink your wine and dance in your house, and you wander lost and alone... in a state of amnesia.

When you don't know who you are, everything becomes about finding the right... stage... prop... of... a... personality to make your way in The World. Fortunately... the planets and stars have provided you a template. Eventually, all pretenders are unmasked because that is The Purpose of Demonstration and the reason that an apocalypse comes around at regular intervals... although... there can be a long time between them so... mostly... people don't know what's happening.

Play your cards close to your chest. You're not out to win at anyone's expense. Once the echoes of your past have died down you are now free to avoid making the same mistakes. There are no more echoes; a heavenly orchestra now plays and you can dance forever on the high places within you.

End Transmission.......

Lord Patrick Willis has posted a take on a recent blog posting. This is how you get there.

(Patrick... Gmail won't let me email you. They say it's my network but everything else is fine. Hmm...)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for another confirming post.
As for the catholic school young man getting suspended for his beliefs.
If you read the twitter replies to this you will surly shake your head in disappointment
Same goes to the replies regarding MTG giving Yoel Whatever his name is formerly of Twitter , hell about suspending her and other conservatives but promoting porn to under age kids....
Not all but many replies to both these situations are written by the woke, the demons and the idiots who continue to keep this world in hell.
OK so good luck to them. I still get a bit peeved so I have not arrived at the gates of the awakened but I am trying and giving it all I got.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for passing on the word yet again my friend.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Life. Paper in fire. (Great Mellencamp song. Maybe his best.)

A sojourn through the realm of the demiurge, which I am quite sick of. I no longer need this toxic drug, yet still I'm here; ENJOYING THE HELL OUTTA IT ALL FALLIN' APART! I am NOT a fan of perpetual inconvenience, arbitrary obligations, hidden truth, bein' a slave to circumstance, not being fully self contained and having things die to keep me goin', and I don't like havin' to use the rails to drag myself up the two flight o' stairs I gotta go up to get to my flat after a usually 22 hour weekend as a dishwasher, either.

Desire. All jokes aside regardin' nose hair coats and tails, I really do want that Akashic Library Card. Omniscience! Ultimately, if one can think about it; who cares about anything else? What good is anything else after you get out of this sewage of a realm? Stupid toys to be left behind.

But I deserve everything I got/am gettin'/will get. After all, I asked for it; ignoring better advice. Maybe I'll finally stop pissin' on that bloody electric fence now. Maybe.


Ty said...

Vis, here is a great show by a kundalini awakened master (master Chrism) thought you may enjoy this, because types like this are kind of a rare thing these days. I hope you enjoy this as much or more than I did

robert said...

Thank you Visible!

An ever more concise tour of our place in the Universe, helpful as our attention span is broken by the load of lies.

You hose down superheated subjectivity from an infinite well with one object to desire.

The battle of Armageddon, the war in the mind for the soul, proceeds by letting the dogs out and demoralizing the rest of us:

Deflating our spirit attempting to inflate our souls with divine breath
Searing our wounds with a crust to block or moral sense from feeling anything new

Just staying present, holding true to ourselves, our real Self, takes all of our attention.
Nothing worth holding on to as we are being dragged down by all the erroneous perceptions we maintain.

Who will blink first in the game of Cosmic Chicken?

Ego thrillers being drilled by demonic anti-desires?
or those who have stared down their own vanity enough times to know better?

One positive aspect to the intensity reaching peak madness is the surfing possibilities!

When the big bubble pops, imagine the wave ride as the pent up passion is suddenly free to express without fear of disturbing the spiders' webs!

Seeing through the times into eternal reasons to be cheerful!

Anonymous said...

The red line has been crossed. Covid vaccines have now been added to the list of vaccines required for children to take.

God, where are you? Now is probably the time for you to finally intervene, God!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Trying to Make Sense of It is What is Confusing You. It is Why People Turn to Religion in The First Place."

stop wanting said...

Reality exists in the human mind and nowhere else.

George Orwell

The Full Cup said...

If FUSA had anything to do with the earthquake in Turkey/Syria then it deserves to be destroyed.



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