Wednesday, November 30, 2022

The Passion of Hogs in Squalor and The Passion of Christ. In ALL Cases; “Success is Speedy for The Energetic.”

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I'm sitting here before a blank page, and just about to thank my mentor for the endless inspiration upon which I rely... and wondering what will happen in this next hour or so. I get to sit under the waterfall at any time because my mentor is ALWAYS present; has been present for far longer than I have known about it. Sometimes... I look ahead into Time, which for me is a place of unformed movement condensing into shapes. The closer I am... the easier they are to see, and then the easier it is to make out what it is I'm looking at.

I know some people have stamp collections or basement train setups... man caves or the local pub. Some have whatever sexual passion has more and more taken over their lives or... some other appetite or... whatever it is that they use to mask their fear of the forms taking shape up ahead. I have my passion which used to take many shapes and now I look in the mirror because it is what is taking shape in me, but the mirrors in my life are the ones I see my invisible friends in and whoever it is that I... by chance... encounter, though we KNOW that nothing comes about by chance.

Each morning, and at different parts of any day, I go for a walk through The World at a distance removed and I see... the incremental and relentless march of Crazy through all the dramatizations that are part and parcel of The World at large. It is a great... big... mental... institution. Everybody works there, playing all of the roles in “King of Hearts” on an endless loop.

So... today I went on another wander... through the forming movements of patterns and trends... that are the sidewinder actions of a snake... moving across the sands of time, doing their temporary dances until they shed their forms. Now... it appears that Mr. Apocalypse is rooting in the woodwork for the pedophiles embedded there. (You will see most disturbing evidence in the links at GAB. It's a horrorshow).

I've known about the eyes in the darkness for some time. I've looked up and I've looked down. I've looked out and I've looked within. What I have seen indicates that everything from The Dark Side finds its way into shape through the force of Materialism, and those who work The Attractive Force to draw the unsuspecting into all manner of depravities. Invisible vampires work within us through hungers and desires shaped to look... like... what... they... are... not. They can and do, suck... the... vitality... right... out... of... you.

Now and again... to my mind's eye... comes the image of the Moray eel. There is something about the nature and habits of the Moray that apply to the dangers concealed in the peripheral niches of this shadowland in which we are... momentarily... present.

The first Tarot card in The Major Arcana; putting aside The Fool because The Fool is the entirety of the whole journey through the archetypes... is The Magician. He represents focused attention.

BOTA Deck Magician

He has two opposites associated with him and... they are Life and Death. This is the possible result... at all times... of paying attention, and not paying attention. Eliphas Levi, a great adept, said that “Concentration is the secret of the magical art.” That would bring us right back to paying attention, wouldn't it?

Let me see if I can give you a better working example. Consider a flashlight and how it throws light in areas where darkness was previously resident. Then consider a laser. What you have is a variation of intensity on the concentration of light. Most people are incapable of much concentration and attention beyond the parameters of an ordinary flashlight. Real magicians... of both areas of enterprise... be it white or black magic... are capable of far greater concentration than the masses.

Devoted yogis are capable of all manner of supernatural feats through the agency of concentration. Skilled scientific detectives and heart and brain surgeons... race car drivers and all manner of specialized performers have a greater degree of concentration than most.

I was... and probably still am... very good at pool and ping-pong. I grew up on military bases and I was incarcerated for periods of time, so... I was exposed to these games at an early age and given great opportunities to develop the skills. There are all kinds of pedestrian amusements I was better than most at... like Poker... Backgammon and Chess. Every one of these requires concentration. I did not bring this up to brag about past glories (grin). I brought it up for another reason.

Although I am more accomplished at these skills than most, I AM NOT in the same league as professionals who could wipe the floor or table with me most of the time. There is a wide divide between my pool playing and that of a pool shark or a card sharp or a Chess master. I'm not talking about cheating. I have no space for that sort of thing. You don't need to cheat if you are any good because... most people are not paying any real attention most... of... the... time.

MOST OF THE TIME... anything you put your mind to... and your heart into... and the time into... AND for... which... you... have... a... driving passion for... you will get good at, but some of us have The Gene, and when you have The Gene, you have something exceptional that is not available to the general public. I have seen people do amazing things who had The Gene.

Where do you think child prodigies come from? I'm waiting on a few of them in particular who should be showing up any time now.

Each of us has The Gene for something though many of us do... not... know... what... it... is. Each of us can have The Gene for anything if we are determined to excel at it. It can take more than a lifetime in many cases. It REALLY depends on the area of focus and the degree and intensity of passion that you bring to whatever it may be. There is a passion of hogs in squalor and there is The Passion of Christ. In ALL cases; “success is speedy for the energetic.”

Consider the wider world. Just look at all the pursuits we get up to. Nearly all of them end in tragedy. Great pool players die the same as anyone else, leaving not much of a mark on life. Even the greatest artists fade from history... eventually. Atlantis had its Shakespeare and Michelangelo. Who were they? No one seems able to tell us, and Atlantis was only one moment in an immeasurable stretch of temporary... time... passing.

OBVIOUSLY... and it would be obvious to anyone paying attention... there is only one reasonable objective that anyone should have, and that is to arrive at the presence of The Creator. HOWEVER... our momentary attractions are perpetual distractions from this endeavor. When we cry out to Heaven for one thing or another, Heaven will throw something else in our path to see how deep our interest is. Most of the time that distraction will serve until another distraction is necessary. ONLY those who are not distracted will come into The Presence.

Once you have secured this presence, EVERYTHING... The World Entire... is your devoted servant and plaything, even though you may have little or no interest in any of it. Alternatively... EVERYTHING else WILL result in disappointment or... loss. That's just how it is. I don't care what philosophy you use to justify your actions and perspective... that's just how it is, and Life WILL show you this, again, and again, and again... for as long as it needs it to until... you... get... the... point.

When you REALLY... REALLY... want it more than anything else, it will come quickly and in surprising fashion. There are rules of engagement, and when you don't know what they are, it can be difficult to process or accomplish whatever it is. This is where Love comes in. Love gets you through all of it, AND... when you can focus this love with... all... your... attention, The World is your oyster and you are the pearl contained there... fashioned out of the irritation of a grain of sand.

Because of the force of Materialism, those of weak character and great appetite, are freely freaking in the hogwallers. They are dancing and cavorting in the bloodshed of innocents, where no one is innocent past the point of discovery... that discovery that always results in the loss of innocence, and sometimes life itself... though life comes back around with a tenacious regularity... regardless of whatever you got up to earlier.

Pay... attention! The ass you save may be your own. Pay enough attention and you can save or take a great many lives, depending on your agenda. Personally... I have no agenda but whatever The Divine assigns me to. For the moment that seems to be howling in The Wilderness of a Materialism gone hog-wild.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, November 25, 2022

"My Calling Attention to The Same Reconstituted Lies and Bullshit does not Alter or Inhibit Their Presence."

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It's Black Fly Day. I have never been to Black Fly Day. I am not in the habit of going out in search of what I don't want or need... on sale... for half the value at twice the price. I remember The Great Toilet Paper Panic of 2020. I missed that too because I've got a perpetually self-actualizing bidet in my mind, which is out in front of everything hidden behind. It's possible to immolate your waste products prior to disposal. I'm not suggesting I can do this. I am only speaking of what is possible; just like dining on Prana and Sunlight. I burn garbage day and night through the agency of Kundalini.

These are things to shoot for, without intending them as results, in... other... words... they come with the territory. We are in a constant state of evolution on every level of being unless... we work contrary to it or hinder the process. As soon as you stop fiddling with the works it takes care of itself... like heartbeats... like breathing... like everything else that was working well, before... you... screwed... it... up. I know a lot about this cause... I screwed up a lot. I have valuable life experience!

As I try to demonstrate of late... I am moving away from world critiques because it is just a replicating wheel of the same reconstituted bullshit, over and over again, and my calling attention to it does not alter or inhibit its presence. I am opposed to getting into pissing matches with skunks. Then again, the... particular... skunks... have the appearance of massive temporal power AND influence. Why go sticking your hand in a hornet's nest, if all it does is stir up the hornets, and does nothing toward sending them on their way?

Ah... but we seek to fight The Good Fight, and right from the get-go, Krishna gets directly into it in Chapter One of The Bhagavad Gita... so... I am compelled to say something when needs be.

Remember this video?

It's a capture from an interview with an Israeli minister... lawmaker... whatever the title is. She says... “It's a trick, we... always... use... it.” She was referring to the term... Anti-Semitic.

Remember when Paul Wolfowitz said that the term Neo-con is Anti-Semitic?

Transhumanist Klaus Schwab now says the term Globalist is ALSO Anti-Semitic.

You know what's coming... right? Soon, the word Satanic is going to be Anti-Semitic too.

The FACT is that most of the Neo-Cons and Globalists are of similar genetic makeup.

One of the certainties of events that are destined to follow The Awakening... is the public waking up en masse to what has been happening to them and who The Hoodwinkers are. I have always maintained that The Bad Guys, insofar... as... that... term... applies... are a natural collective of people with a common interest in Plunder and Control and they do not come... exclusively... from the same demographic. They come together based on common appetites and desires.

Criminals are able to easily spot their associates with common interests. Stamp collectors and Chess enthusiasts are drawn to one another. Pedophiles find each other, AND... Pedophilia is rampant in the cloisters of Material Power. This is because The Ruler of This World has a requirement of his followers that they offer up to him The Despoliation of Innocence as a continuation of their stages of personal corruption. It... is... a... rite... of... passage... as one matriculates to a world of greater darkness.

Power is coming to the formerly powerless. Power is being rerouted away from those who have been abusing it for their own material gain. This is A FACT of which I... am... inflexibly... certain. The Angel of God made it clear to me; “Visible... Justice in the eyes of The World and Justice in my eyes are different and that is why recompense should be left in my hands. EVERYTHING... in fact... should be left in my hands by those wise enough to know the reason for it.”

Some amount of people will no longer speak to me. Old friends from times past are offended at my telling the truth about what should be abundantly clear to anyone moved... to... consider... The Details. A certain historical event, DID... NOT... TAKE... PLACE as we have been told it did. It was a necessary fabrication to cover up... to distract from... the deaths of tens of millions in Soviet Russia, by... their... hand.

There are many other fabrications and events. The truth of them is hiding in plain sight. I don't think so many people are angry with me for telling the truth. I think they are angry with themselves over their own cowardice.

The Truthteller... in these times, is subject to censure in every area of material enterprise BECAUSE of who it is that controls these areas of enterprise. Eustace Mullins... Christopher Bollyn... Henry Ford... Solzhenitsyn... Muammar Qaddafi... Ernst Zundel... and many others have spoken out in their time. Certain conditions and agendas sometimes continue for centuries. Look at what The British have inflicted on The Irish. Look at what certain segments of The Rich and Powerful have visited upon The Poor and Powerless. The Magna Carta is only one example of power being held to account... finally.

Well... the sordid nobles and the merchants... too fat to dare to die... continued to control conditions and The Narrative by... other... means, BUT... sooner or later... by decree of Heaven... there is a shift in The Wind. With the coming of Mr. Apocalypse and The Awakening... a time of great change is upon us. Of course... The Usual Miscreants are seeking to stay ahead of the curve, looking to control perceptions... and to stay in charge through controlled opposition.

Klaus Schwab... Yuri Harari... George Soros and other who front for The Rothschild Crime Syndicate, are reversed-Kundalini... black arts practitioners of Sex Magic. They attempt to control The World through enforced perversity. Reversing the natural order of sexual force attracts powerful demons from The Infernal Kingdom.

There is an entire fabricated nation stolen from the previous inhabitants, and based on fraudulent claims of a gone-missing-DNA. These former inhabitants are now used for target practice in a game of genocidal sport-killing. The real victims are the ones with the real DNA.

Now that they have long outworn their welcome there, they have set their sites on that land they presently seek to wrest from The Russians. Well... The Gameboard has changed. The balance of power has shifted. What was once... no longer is... now.

You can argue against The Facts as you please, BUT... that... don't... change... them. With money and power to enforce their will upon others... and acquired for that very purpose, they have become The People You Cannot Criticize... IF... you possess anything you fear to lose; I... DO... NOT.

Schwab, Soros, and assorted henchmen are heavily invested in the transsexual thing because of trans-humanism. They are the force behind the movement to elevate sexual perversity and mutilation to a cultural art-form. They have been driven into the public eye by their own hubris, which has convinced them they cannot be stopped. They can only move... and live... and breathe with Heaven's permission. This they are not permitted to know.

Mr. Apocalypse is ripping apart the concealments in this time of transformation and change. The World is about to be massively reshaped, AND... there is nothing anyone can do about it. As the demonically possessed seek to turn The World into a prison camp through Killer Vaccine digital passports, they are rendered blind to what is actually happening. The Divine has closed their minds and hardened their hearts so that they will not turn away from their criminal efforts to suppress human freedom of thought and movement.

The Will of Heaven cannot be opposed; ALL... power... comes... from... The... Supernal... Realm.

It IS NOT my passion... vocation... or avocation to be in conflict with The High and Mighty in their pursuit of an ever more complete control over the fate and freedom of Humanity. It just worked out that way. I CANNOT close my mind or my eyes to The Self-Evident Truth of what I see. No one can legitimately dispute with... or prove otherwise to what I say. No one is going to make me see what is not... as what is. It is what it is.

There is a worldwide magic show that has hypnotized The Hive Mind for... a... very... long... time. It's been done with Bread & Circuses. It's been done with symbols... telepathic invasion... and programming. Those days are at an end. It was not fun while it lasted.

I did not make up any of what I say. I did not go looking for ways to convince myself of what was not there. In my search for The Truth... The Truth came to me, as it will to ANYONE who persists in the rituals of discovery. You CANNOT disprove what I say. You CANNOT prove what you say. This is why you are The Children of The Father of Lies. The evidence of what is true is OVERWHELMING to the mind of anyone who is not deceiving themselves. A little child can tell that The Emperor has no clothes.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

"The Mind is The Playground of Monsters, AND... of Every Other Kind of Marvelous and Divine Construction."

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There is a tumbleweed lodged in the mouth of an old washing machine. It's laying on its side and the wind howls through it... making as many variations on a single note as The Wind is capable of doing, and... I am recognizing... as I stand a short distance off... that all sound and form appears from the variation of a single note OR... adaptation if you prefer. This is The Graveyard of Material Empires; shit breaks and someone throws it away.

In Italy, they make landfills into small mountains and then plant grass over them. You see them as you drive the main thruway from North to South. A few years before I got there, it was an Italian tradition to offload your broken appliances lakeside... wherever a lake could be found. No one went to the lakes for any other reason. It was also 'a thing' to simply pull to the side of the road and roll whatever it was over the side (if there was a side). Archaeologists would have had a field day...

All over The World, garbage is a big deal. Until recently, and it is... no doubt... still going on, we packed up enormous freighters with the refuse of a disposable culture and sent it off to The 3rd World.

When certain resources get scarce, bankers start a war. Otherwise, it's all a game of Out of Sight... Out of Mind. Like Nevada for nuclear wastes. Like the ocean for whatever lands in it... until there are islands of garbage, much bigger than Manhattan... that have become steaming suicide piles for unsuspecting wildlife; don't get me started on wind-farms and cell-towers.

Yeah... I see all of these conditions, as I motor through this world... on my way somewhere else. It's not that I don't care. Lady Nature is my loving counterpart. She means more to me than I could possibly express. I am intimately aware of her. So... I can hear her travails that... not infrequently... sound like the wind through the washing machine. I hear her cries in all creatures. I hear the human race crying out in despair over its endless mind-traps of imprisonment... self-inflicted... THE... PRIMARY... URGE… AND DRIVE... OF... LIFE... IS... TOWARD... FREEDOM!

The birds in the sky soar and fall in a timeless dance of celebration... that they can... at least temporarily... escape the bounds of Earth. It's child's play to accomplish it, but... once... childhood... has... fled, it is nowhere to be found. It's a... state... of... mind... is what I'm saying; so is the wreckage scattered across the sands... slowly melting away until it is gone, consumed by an invisible fire. Material Culture is a perpetual garbage machine.

Sometimes I look ahead into The Obvious that will follow after the cataclysm comes and goes. I see The Mad Max Landscape... radioactive cockroaches the size of wharf rats. They do look pretty at night. I see all the post-apocalyptic possibilities. Anyone who has lost control of their mind's imaging controls or taken a major hit of bad acid has seen these things. I've seen things that are a so much greater horror due to the fact that they are actually there... even though they are not there... they are there in... your... head. The Mind is the playground of monsters, as well as every other kind of marvelous and divine construction.

It's not a good thing to lose your moorings inside your head, BUT... that is the intention and objective of those on their way to the dark... unknown sea within. It may be that they do not know the course they have set, BUT... any fool can see what is going on in The World of the moment.

It puzzled me for a long time. I couldn't figure out who was doing what. From whence came this mysterious force that made international corporations roll over on their backs? What was forcing world governments to march in lockstep toward a worldwide Weimar Republic? Why were they fomenting race wars... wars between the sexes? These suicidal jihads of self-immolation. Self-abuse and self-injury are epidemic. Basically... it's Crazy Town... Clown Central... everybody is singing The Bug-House Blues. There are crazy people everywhere. Many of them are already dead and do... not... know... it.

I thought it might be The Usual Suspects. It usually is, especially when a formerly prosperous nation suddenly goes into a steep moral decline (like The Weimar Republic) and huge amounts of the national wealth have disappeared through all manner of exits, including inflation. This had happened so many times over the course of history that it led to well over 100 banishments and expulsions. Do... see... the... historical... record... on... this... matter.

HOWEVER... information has come to me... concerning the overall shift in the collective human mindset, and it can't all be blamed on The Usual Suspects. Because of the very real perils of Materialism, The Heavenly Hierarchy has set certain changes in motion because of what is presently forming in The Event Horizon. It is necessary to recycle everyone... and everything... that is not useful for what is coming.

It's always a... great... big... windup that precedes global change, and... we are in the midst of it. Long-hidden secrets are being revealed. Mr. Apocalypse pulls the covers off someone... or something every day it seems. He also jerks the rug out from under someone else. Those who have vampirized The World for so long are finding the curtains torn away from their daytime sleeping chambers, and the disinfecting sunlight is pouring in. Legend has it that vampires don't like sunlight or... is it that sunlight doesn't like them? I've a feeling it's not personal.

“Look, man... it's not personal. It's just evolution.” The Sun doesn't take things personally. That is one of the keys to immortality.

In the soiled minds of The WEF... in all the corridors and cloisters of temporal power... in the marketplaces of The Masters of Garbage... THEY ALL THINK they are the ones doing whatever it is, AND... they think they are meant to survive whatever they intend to put the rest of us through. They are mere pawns in the process of Global Transformation. A far greater mind is steering The Moment through its surface changes. A far greater mind is holding what is beneath the surface in place.

Recent shifts in my own perspective have provided ample proof to me of what I say here. I do not expect The World to hear this from me or from any of the rest of us who labor in these vineyards. I know those who seek Understanding will find it. Someone is going to be drinking the fermented grapes of wrath. Someone will dine on Ambrosia. You might say it is the luck of the draw... since the whole thing is rigged, BUT... not... exactly...

We are ALL disposed according to our desires and aspirations. Sometimes... The Wheel of Fortune rolls down for this group, and sometimes it rolls up for another. There are profound reasons for everything that occurs. IF... there are steps you can take to put a desirable distance between yourself and what you see around you... then... there are steps you must have taken to get yourself into it as well. It's all that equal but opposite stuff again; some kinda cosmic law.

People are ALWAYS going to blame someone else for what happens to them. There WILL BE scapegoats and sacrificial lambs. It MAY seem out of proportion, BUT... everything is weighed and adjusted to the nth degree. There are no accidents. There are no innocent bystanders. There is no injustice. Whatever you encounter is something you set up at an earlier time.

I KNOW that people do not want to hear this. That... changes... NOTHING. I am not the sort to complain. I am the sort that looks for solutions. Since my own facilities and information are limited, it has become my habit to seek out the finer understandings of a greater wisdom. I can't get these understandings unless... I... become... as... a... little... child.

To become as a little child is not to regress into childish behavior. An older man can identify as a 7-year-old girl. That... does... not... make... him... one. The secret of the matter is tied up in an awareness of innate Humility. It is the recognition of how little you know in comparison to The Wisdom of The Father and The Divine Mother. They each have their areas of operation.

Becoming as a little child means to gain a perspective on your utter reliance, (like... it... or... not) on The Life Power. If you cannot discover this humility, you... will... have... it... visited... upon... you. Life will bend and twist you back into the fetal position you were in before you arrived the last time. Right away, you start looking for something to put in your mouth.

The crazy shit you see everywhere now is simply another progression of Materialism. It moves in stages. If it has you in its grip, you had better seek help soonest. If you are more or less free of its nonsense then... more power to you, as that is certain to follow.

It's all a remarkable and well-oiled machine that turns in absolute precision, its... wonders... to... perform. The trick is to understand, as... much... as... is... possible how it works. Love drives the engines. Love charts the course. Love begins and concludes the matter. Love is all you need to know about any of it. There is no end to love. Even the most brilliant of our kind that has ever traveled here... has not measured or experienced the heights and depths of Love. It cannot be done. It's a wonderful thing.

End Transmission.......

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Divine Geometry

Thursday, November 17, 2022

"He can Turn The Valley of The Shadow of Death into The Shining Vale of Immortality, IN... A... TWINKLING!!!"

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Certain things are provably true when you find that the lies being told are a cover for the people telling the lies. If you study something deeply and carefully, and... everything you find leads you back to the same perpetrators, and all the ancillary evidence ALSO leads back to the same perpetrators, you come up with a variant on the- 'if it walks like a duck' analogy. In the following examples, it's not so much a matter of who did it as it is a matter of; what... are... you... going... to... do... about... it?

They want to lock us down with Killer Vaccine Passports. They want to genocide us with The Killer Vaccines. They want to herd and corral that which cannot be contained. Why do you think The Declaration of Independence and The Bill of Rights needed to be written down? It is because these Kafkaesque fantasies have been in The Infernal Mind for a very, very long time, and laws needed to be made to protect us from them.

Over time, they have sent a plague of termites disguised as lawyers, (or is it the other way around?) to eat away the foundations of our national charters. Not only do they want to remove our freedoms, BUT... they insist on programming perversity, under the guise of diversity, into the Hive Mind... as a virtue. The bigger part of The Alt.Sex racket is population reduction. The hammering on about climate bullshit, and every other nonsense agenda that the wanna-be elites come up with, are... all... about... reducing our numbers, and getting the survivors to toe... the... line.

The panic and paranoia that are created by the monsters in training are in order for them to gain an elite status, and for the rest of us to cower in fear before them. You need look no deeper than this. Weakness and Fear are at the core of nearly all horrific crimes.

Everyone you see promoting these lies, and buying into these lies, have been bought off or intimidated, one way... or another. The only people who believe in these lies are the kind of people who attend Taylor Swift concerts and watch The Kardashian, First Family of Satanic Witches on TV.

9/11 was a calculated event, designed to eliminate massive evidence of fraud from certain office buildings... and remove basic American freedoms over a fabricated threat by Stone Age Arabs, who were not even involved in the attacks. The attack was gruesome enough, BUT... the aftermath has proven to be the worst of the matter. Incontrovertible evidence implicates Israel... American neo-cons... and compromised foreign and domestic intelligence agencies as being the perpetrators of these acts of terrorism.

Since that time, our most precious freedom of movement has been taken from us. Since then, the people responsible have been practicing the Hegelian Dialectic, over... and over... and over. Free and fair elections are a thing of the past, though... this may have been the case for a much longer period of time.

There are certain rights that you cannot take from people. As soon as you engage in this, you set off trembles on The Cosmic Web of the manifest plane... and Heaven's police force is activated in response. Of course, this sort of thing goes on, and on, and on. It is for The Purpose of Demonstration, to... see... how... we... respond... to the challenges visited upon us by virtue of The Lords of Karma, according to our own actions in former times.

The whole game of Good and Evil is a distraction. There are forces in The World that routinely misdirect the human mind for the purpose of crowd control, AND... as... any... fool... can... see... AS TIME PASSES... the circles tighten. The walls move in. The laws become more rigid and more crazy. The Culture becomes more and more absurd. This is all an orchestrated process to bring Hell on Earth. Working the other side of The Street is The Initiatic Brotherhood. Light shines where Light is present and Darkness covers where Light is not.

There are those who seek The Light, and... there are those who seek The Darkness, AND they all find what they are looking for. The Light, of course... rules. Wherever there is Light, The Darkness is forced to retreat. The Light DOES NOT RETREAT from The Darkness. I recommend that you keep this in mind because... it is not difficult for The Mind to become confused about what is and what is not real. Simply look at The World around you.

I note a pervasive heaviness across the land, now that a 2nd election has been stolen in a row. One does not have faith in The Divine only in the good times. A steady and stable faith WILL carry you through ANYTHING... anything at all. These demons of the moment cannot harm you. They can ONLY cause you to harm yourself or you... masquerading as... someone... else...

Step by step, The Nosferatu Army marches in all directions to subjugate The Willing. They are The Mind-Knockers coming out of the turbulent ocean of The Collective Unconscious. They are the zombies and sleepwalking dead who are awakened by the ever-intensifying false light of Material Culture. They are there, and they are not there. It is your consistent fear that crystallizes them into the shapes they take.

I know how it looks out there. I know how it looks to me and I know how it looks to many others, BUT... the way anything looks is subjective. It is what you have convinced yourself of that you see. Each of us has woven a pattern, and now... it is each of us that seeks to unravel it. Generally... what happens is that one becomes further entangled in the weave as a result of their efforts. You... could... ask... for... help.

If you want to fix The World on your own, that... effort... is... permitted. Hard as it may be to believe, everything is permitted, and nothing is real. If you seek the wisdom and counsel of a greater mind, you... will... have... it. If you insist on proceeding on your own, you will have made a reservation for The Purpose of Demonstration. What do you think, “become as a little child” means? What... do... you... think... that... means? It means you take the hand of your parent while crossing the street.

To become as a little child is to place all of your faith in The Divine Parent. It is to depend UTTERLY on that Divine Parent, just as a good child would. A rebellious child does not want to do this. What... is... the... parent... to... do? They know that the child will return to them, beaten and bloody, tired and sadder... but wiser. The World is an instructional vortex... a pinball machine with random, flashing bumpers. Everybody wants a piece of that... until they don't.

The World of immersive sensation... is a dancing hypnotic of sinuous forces... interacting for the purposes of pleasure and pain. It's a cute little creature with porcupine spines. It's a sea urchin that lives in the sidewalks. It is the asp in your bosom. There are 3 of these forces and they account for all you see, and... all... that... drives... and... draws... you... to... it. It kisses and consoles you while it flays the skin from your body; mostly metaphorically speaking, unless you get The Game of Thrones edition.

You can dally through this department store of possibilities for... as... long... as... you... like... OR you... can... ask... for... help.

Yes... there are some nasty customers out there because someone is in need of them, for The Purpose of Demonstration, BUT... my father can handle all comers. He can turn The Valley of The Shadow of Death into The Shining Vale of Immortality, IN... A... TWINKLING!!! He waves his hand and things appear. He waves his hand and things disappear. There is NOTHING he cannot do, and this whole dangerous and disappointing world has been set up TO... DRIVE... YOU... TO... HIM!

It is as simple as that! You don't need to know more than that. If you don't know, then God does. If you think you know, then God does not. His input is canceled out when you usurp him in your efforts to resolve whatever Oedipal Complex has possessed you. Then... depending on how intelligent you are... out of that comes whatever monstrous complexity you build to justify your perspective.

Yes... a lot of bad shit has happened, and there are some seriously crazy individuals and groups running amok, BUT... what has that got to do with you? They will find whatever the shape it is that their madness takes. When The Awakening brings it a little more clearly to their vision... what they have done to themselves and each other... they will short-circuit. They will blow a fuse. They will realize whatever the destiny is that they wove in the guise of their own worst enemy.

It WILL NOT be bad weather everywhere. It is obvious what fates the cities portend. It should be obvious that there are directions in which Life works, and directions in... which... it... does... not... work, AND... that is what The Purpose of Demonstration is for. It shows us what works and what does not, AND... maybe we learn, and maybe we don't.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, November 14, 2022

"This Group is not Composed Entirely of A Certain Demographic- Genetic Litany Imprinted on A Plagiarized Scroll."

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Well... I saw this... this morning. I was going to open with something else, BUT... in my travels previous to writing this, I wound up watching that. You'll catch on pretty quick. This caused me to extrapolate out-in my head/mind. It made me think of a whole lot of conditions being made glaringly apparent by The Awakening, AND... it does not bode well for those who think they rule over us.

I'm not saying this group is composed entirely of a certain demographic... genetic litany imprinted on a plagiarized scroll. I will say that certain types are singular to this group because... that's... how... they... are, and they could be Catholic, Jewish... or Muslim. They could be Caucasian... black... brown... or yellow. They could be man or woman, though the one much predominates over the other. Sometimes doing Evil is a matter of being able to afford it.

Sometimes those who seem Evil to us at a certain time... or across a period of time... are simply the ones playing that role, which has a different cast and intention in Times of Material Darkness than at other times. I personally know... and am informed by history... that luminous beings came in every... one... of... those... types... groups... kinds; is this where I would say genus,... if I were going to say it? I'll leave that to the editors who always come on after the fact. They can't do it themselves. All they can do is alter what you intended... unless... God is your editor.

Well... look at what they did to The Bible. They edited it to reflect the interests of the editors, AND... now? They got The Bible ADJUSTED to everything that ORIGINALLY was supposed to adjust to The Bible; now it goes the other way around. The Truth must now adjust to one's own personal truth... so that no one knows the truth anymore. THAT... is the primary intention of those pushing these brain-washing indoctrination schemes.

I'm not from that temporal tradition. There are The Old and The New Testaments. The first is a book of Gematria. The Gospel off-shoot, up-shoot; or whatever they are calling it these days... got hijacked back around the 4th century. They got rid of Karma and Reincarnation. They got rid of The Divine Mother. They distorted the sex angle, AND... you can see where that angle has brought The Church to... these days.

I like to look for and celebrate God behind... the... scenes... and before it got written into all those books, in that Place of The Living Spirit, not in the place where someone else took the teachings of the original and then adapted it to their understanding, in order to understand it, AND THEN... it fell into the hands of the moneychangers who know how much material profit there is in Religion. So... they goosed it yet again. By this time... you can see... there's a need for Heaven's Divine Representative, The Avatar, to reappear here again, and sort the vibrating archetypes into a new dance number for the coming age.

No... I am not being flippant, calling it a dance number. That's what it is. God is The Cosmic Dancer. He dances The World into and out of being.

So... I began this posting with a link to Dave Chappelle's opening at Saturday Night Live. It is part of a rising awareness that is being orchestrated from on high, via the medium of The Awakening. I haven't watched Saturday Night Live for years and years. Every time I tune in to see what they are up to, it proves to be worse than I expected; which was already pretty bad. This clip came to me in my usual morning perambulations through The World Out There and I'm glad it did.

It may appear that what we are dealing with these days are... lies piled on lies... perverted and disorderly minds in places of power... society gone haywire in a culture gone mad... and an assortment of wicked flavors designed to burn your tongue. No! These are just temporary effects and conditions that trace back to an unsettling dis-ease in The Hive Mind, which is being generated from On High and from within, and...which... causes... all of the chaotic actings-out that are in evidence in The World at large, in... these... times... of... transition.

A smaller group of psychopaths are looking to genocide and rule The World. They are using fear tactics... real and imagined... war and climate change... the ever-present fear of loss that takes every shape known... the dangerous streets... the depraved educational system. For many years these spiritual predators and vermin have been eating away at the underpinnings of traditions and feeding on the garbage... both literal garbage and mind garbage.

As morality and the higher qualities have degenerated, those embodied forces that feed on corruption and human suffering have replicated themselves into host bodies far and wide. In the very short space of a couple of generations...we have come near the lip of The Pit of Despair... circling The Drain; as it were.

There is a teeming sea of people who have no idea who they are. They have permitted their country to be stolen out from under them. In many ways... it is a crying shame. In other ways... well... things change. Things change. This is the constant on which material life depends. Observation of this is what provoked The I-Ching and The Tarot. These are ways to read the meaning and intention of The Stars. Stars in the sky are centers of influence like The Sun and Moon.

The Sun and Moon are the wardens of stability in the midst of change. They direct the seasons... the days and nights. Every hour of the day has a ruler who generates its atmosphere. I am not into such minutiae, but... I am aware of it. When I was young, I read all those books on the occult... treatises from alchemists and magicians... angelic languages... numbers and letters... yadda yadda. I am sure this is important information for those seeking to employ them for personal reasons. They are of no importance to me.

I like my truth simple and made profound thereby. This leads back to that, “become as a little child” thing. I want to dance in The Gardens of Divine Magic, where life is an everlasting fairytale... not in a cold landscape of letters and numbers. I imagine... no... let me say... I am certain that ANYTHING I need to know... will be communicated to me through The Intuition... IF and WHEN I need it. Otherwise... why should I carry all of those ponderous volumes around in my head?

I read so many of the important philosophers. In... most... cases... I was fortunate to see through what it was they thought they were trying to get to BEFORE I wound up reading more than I had to. It may be that one or several of them hit on important features here and there. Some of it might have been a big deal for them, and others who came along and read them later. None of it stayed with me for long. I wanted the source of The Living Waters, not some tedious and extended argument about some particular portion of an elephant's anatomy.

God is a living presence. This SHOULD BE your starting point. Practicing that presence SHOULD BE the hallmark of the life of anyone seeking the source of life's essence. The association between yourself and The Divine SHOULD BE a rapturous and ecstatic dance of union... a joyful embrace of one's missing parts, which is poorly represented in the material dance of the sexes.

Mind... I am not the puritan police. I don't make rules for others. Without the never-ending romance of opposites, we... would... not... be... here... Not that Here is such a great shakes, BUT... one must make do with what is there until Here becomes REALLY HERE. There is a great deal of truth in being here now. There is far more truth in it than is gained by running around and repeating it because that is where your income is derived from.

There have been so many impostors who have taken us in. We have been misled, and it has rewarded us with injury and regret. There is more to life than is to be found in material constructions. For some it is the only world they know, or... want... to... know. They are welcome to it. For myself... I am just passing through on my way somewhere else, WHICH... is also Here.

The idea... it seems to me, is to discover The Kingdom of God within, and to share it without thinking about it by carrying it with you everywhere you go. The core vibration of The Kingdom is... Love. Seek after a higher love and The Kingdom will materialize within... and around you automatically.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, November 09, 2022

"Stage 6 Cancer on a Peloton Bike to Nowhere, AND... It's Right Around The Corner from Ships Passing in The Night.

Foo Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I really don't like having to say it. I would have preferred a different outcome but I see the inexplicable and the unexpected going through the same motions they used last time. You have to admire the level of Arrogance. I would have thought that no one could get that far advanced in Hubris and still be animate. It's like seeing Stage 6 cancer on a Peloton bike to Nowhere, which is right around the corner from Ships in The Night. It's the same old same old alright.

Arrogance is so hard and cold that you would expect it to turn one into a statue at some point; frozen like one of Medusa's boyfriends... on a Greek frieze... circling some ancient chamber pot.

Yes... the destiny of our times is taking the... long... way... there. I guess The Divine is pulling out all stops to save as many as he can in this season's glorious harvest, BUT... things being what they are, and so many people having bought into one material hallucination or another, from simulated sex, all the way to simulated existence... you become a wandering reflection... like a ghost who only appears when the necessary face of personality looks into the mirror.

It's a vampire system instituted by vampires who live on the life force of others. If you inhabit it then you are on the menu. I have always recommended standing in The Light, BUT... sometimes even the true servants of God have to walk in the darkness for a moment or two. Then it is good to take a light with you... like Frodo had in Cirith Ungol... or The Hermit's Lantern... or The Light of the Avatar... or The Holy Grail, which would be a purified heart from which The Love of God shines.

God is seated in the human heart, where permitted... He does not stay where he is not welcome.

There is no news of election doings about Arizona, where the Secretary of State refused to leave her post while running for governor. That's where the rats have the cheese to begin with, and where the words of Stalin ring... “those who count the votes decide everything.” This has been the way of it for some time. That accounts for the Arrogance. They keep getting away with it.

People have the wrong idea put into their heads about Life on Earth in the first place. The World is not a place you fix. You are what you fix OR... The World fixes you when you get out of line. You are either in a program of conscious learning OR... you are in a forced labor camp in The Penitentiary of The Mind... and the only difference is in knowing you do not know or... thinking you know.

The World goes through the same predictable changes ad infinitum. Good times... Bad times... War... and Peace. You can get on your prancing charger and take off after The Black Knight. You can go hunting The Dragon or The Evil Queen or sundry archdemons, and assorted flavors. They... are... there. You will... if you persist... find what you will wish you had not gone looking for.

You can get pissed off about this or that, BUT... you will not change much. Evil isn't something you chase out of town and then you never see it around. Doesn't work like that. You have to decide which side of town you want to live in... or... maybe not in town at all. Your choices are many. The principal job of those who serve The Light of The Avatar is to lead people out of darkness. This does... not... mean... leading them into another darkness posing as The Light. That is what The Agents of Material Culture do.

All the rest of this Cowboys and Indians... Christianity vs Islam... Capitalism and Communism... are just theater settings where you do your dance. They are stages that you act on, and... when the play is over... you play the same role again or... you play another. It's all acting in Karmic skits to the purpose of you being freed of the need to play these roles, BUT... that's not entirely it either because the dramas go on, and on, and on. It seems you have a choice, BUT... many choose to continue on the treadmill of endless transitory identities... through more tedious, replicating plots than Arlington has grave sites.

There are social justice warriors and social reformers in abundance in these times. All the veterans of foreign mischief who started the fires are now determined to put them out. Some want to stop Porn. Some want The Climate controlled. Some want to police the language... shape how you think, and how you live. They are going to eliminate sex trafficking. You won't stop any of these things. They will simply move to another part of town or... out of state. They will change their appearance. They will change their strategies. As you must have noticed, as smart as crime detection gets... the criminals match them in savvy.

If you want to change The World, and so many of you do, go... do... it. It won't last long. If you are not genuine and sincere you will not last long at all. The World is changed in one way only. It is when a person changes themselves... embraces a better version of themselves... cuts loose their baggage... stops arguing on the corner of life or the internet with ill-tempered misery lovers, and goes and does it... whatever it is. What do they say? "Shit or get off the pot?”

When you become a living example of a better life, people will follow you. They might not even know that they are doing so. When you become a cupola of light, you will illuminate to the reach of your aura, and radiate in vibration far beyond the aura. Once again, The Sun gives the example. It lights up an entire solar system, and the same conscious light shines through every star.

Stars are gathered in places to permeate a singularity of cosmic archetype. They are called constellations. They forge the personas we wear to provide our difference in the mix. When... you... are... Impersonal, you shine through whatever suit of clothes... whatever identity you assume, WITHOUT... HINDERING... THE... LIGHT'S PASSAGE... THROUGH... YOU.

In the meantime... everywhere else... people operate through their shadow selves and act like Hungry Ghosts. Appetite is a fiery prison. It's a gas jet where you want a blue-white flame. A fire consumes whatever you feed it... if it's hot enough. What you feed the fire determines the color of the flame and the degree of smoke that attends it. You create the atmosphere around you.

When people become besotted with Material Culture they leave themselves open to bad leaders. They get what they deserve. It is a sad affair. You HAVE TO drive the agents of darkness from your being. The Fire of Love accomplishes this. I am not concerned about bad rulers. I KNOW where they are headed, along with all their camp followers and duped legions of The Clueless. I've had skirmishes with them several times in my life. They proved to be of no consequence. They DO NOT rule me.

I often think of the line from that poem by Richard Lovelace;

“Stone Walls do not a Prison make,
Nor Iron bars a Cage;
Minds innocent and quiet take
That for an Hermitage.
If I have freedom in my Love,
And in my soul am free,
Angels alone that soar above,
Enjoy such Liberty.”

He was born one of the richest men in Europe and he blew it all fighting wars against his own country, which did land him in prison a time or two; quite the character... rather a passionate fellow. (grin)

There's nothing the terrestrial lords can do to me. I am not trying to shut them down. That's God's job, which he does not mind reminding me of whenever I muse about changing The World. I've got my job and it suits me just fine. I've done any number of things here, in my comings and goings... or so I've been told by those who know.

The stupid games that the power-mad and assorted crazies get up to is their affair. Of course, it ends badly. There is no other way for it to end. Sooner or later... the notes come due. Sooner or later your number comes up from the pneumatic tube, which runs in serpentine loops from the invisible to the visible and back again. Sooner or later, your... number... comes... up.

I wonder how many people have read the whole of Hamlet's Soliloquy?

“To be, or not to be, that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles
And by opposing end them. To die—to sleep,
No more; and by a sleep to say we end
The heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks
That flesh is heir to: 'tis a consummation
Devoutly to be wish'd. To die, to sleep;
To sleep, perchance to dream—ay, there's the rub:
For in that sleep of death what dreams may come,
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
Must give us pause—there's the respect
That makes calamity of so long life.
For who would bear the whips and scorns of time,
The oppressor's wrong, the proud man's contumely,
The pangs of disprized love, the law's delay,
The insolence of office, and the spurns
That patient merit of the unworthy takes,
When he himself might his quietus make
With a bare bodkin? Who would fardels bear,
To grunt and sweat under a weary life,
But that the dread of something after death,
The undiscovered country, from whose bourn
No traveler returns, puzzles the will,
And makes us rather bear those ills we have
Than fly to others that we know not of?
Thus conscience doth make cowards of us all,
And thus the native hue of resolution
Is sicklied o'er with the pale cast of thought,
And enterprises of great pith and moment
With this regard, their currents turn awry
And lose the name of action.”

It... pretty much... says it all... about elections, the ambitions of craven hearts, and... the eternal meddlers in the affairs of others... those who reap the whirlwind are those driven mad, like moths around a flame. The pursuit of empty celebrity by those incapable of embarrassment is a Sisyphean tale of self-abuse... a tortured monkey in a cage of its own design... hitting itself in the face.

I would like things to work out for the righteous hearts in search of a higher destiny for us all, BUT... the evidence is clear. A large portion of our fellows is moving down Perdition Way. Will The Awakening catch them in time? Many are running from that very thing. Great and transformative change is coming soon, and... one either cooperates and changes with it, or one opposes it to their ruin.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, November 04, 2022

"Some Conceal It, and Some Work It. ALL Misery is Caused by Love's Absence in Some Particular Fashion or Area."

Foo Dog Poet Transmitting.......

We could all use improvement. When we hit a certain level of stride... our confidence can sweet talk us into believing that we are a finished product, and worthy of being in one of the finer showrooms or display cases; as if being in a showroom or a display case were an indication of value. I try to remind myself that I am standing in The Sun's Light. The Sun is not standing in my light. It's good to keep perspective.

This is why I want to share this with you today because... it is serious protection on unfamiliar highways. Always be looking to hear some way to improve yourself. Then... to learn to keep it to yourself, and then to practice it without calling attention to yourself. There's this fellowship of near-invisible lightworkers and they move surreptitiously through Humanity, and they've always got their eye out for new recruits. It works the same way with The Other Side. Everyone is doing God's work, no... matter... what... they... think.

Members of this fellowship know which side of the aisle anyone is coming from because they don't choose sides. It doesn't work like that. Demons got a job to do, just like angels do. It's a different form of employment. One of them blesses us, and the other torments,... harries... or punishes us for our behavior. You really do want to attract the one over the other. I've met both. I prefer the company of angels. I'm not troubled by demons, We just have different agendas and don't usually run into each other. Chemistry professors and surfers don't USUALLY hang out in the same locations.

There's one God. He works both sides of The Street, his... will... to... be... done. I was locked up in some very dangerous locations. In one case, I was confined with the criminally insane for over a year and a half. You meet a certain class of people there, and you... most definitely... meet representatives of The Lower Realms; sometimes even in person, BUT... you are moving through all of this every day already. You hope you don't meet the more intense elements.

See... this is one of the things about God. He can ready you and prepare you to interact with Bad Leroy and Sneaky Pete. These are all characters in Life's Movie... being screened everywhere, all around you until... you... go... off... camera; for a change of costume? Who knows? The Thing is... God is all-powerful, and if you go with God, well... you do the math.

This is not to say that one tries to bluff their way through. There is an authenticity that is required, and if you don't have it, you... will... be... exposed. This might not be a good thing, depending on where it happens and who blows your cover. GOD IS REAL!!! Make no mistake about that, and if you are not profiting from a relationship with him, that's on you.

I should add that God in essence, which is beyond any essence I can claim an understanding of... is neither male nor female. One can worship and serve God in ANY of these representations on the playing field of duality. One can also be Advaita. I like mine personalized, so I reference and serve both. The Sun rules the day and The Moon rules the night, and... it's more intricate than that, but let's not get into that end of it. (grin) Atmospheres of The Divine Mother and Divine Father flow in slipstreams through The World. I try to catch both of them when they pass through or when they pass by.

The World IS a garden. We can see what we have each made of it... what we value... what we love... what we fear... what we are after. All of these reveal themselves in the process of being around anyone for any length of time.. It is one of the reasons I prefer impersonality too. There is One Self. That is an absolute. The Absolute looked into the mirror and shattered it into all the variations you see in The World around you. He/She likes to live and witness the drama. He/She appears in each of us when we are at our best. This is why we remind ourselves about room... for... improvement.

Each of us is like a project in a classroom. We are each at our desk. We are constructing something according to our understanding of it, which is only partial. We have to rely on inspiration or previous knowledge. Where do we get the inspiration? In True Life, God the Teacher, WILL come into your being and live your life. In the process, you are remade in his image. That can take a while, which is a good reason to remain humble or... what sort of lessons do you think you will get?

Yeah... it's better to keep your head down and your eyes in your head. It's serenity itself not to want anything. Every single thing we pursue in this life is about finding and experiencing it, BUT... none... of... these... things... is... it. It can only be realized WITHIN. Then... then... you have found The Supreme Enjoyer. You are also in a mobile classroom or on a tour bus where you have everything explained to you. Since none of it is a mystery anymore, you don't have to chase it, it... WILL... come... to.... you.

You can traverse all of the alleged holy spots on the planet, but there is no guarantee you will find what can ONLY be discovered within, and... which has nothing to do with geography. You do get to enjoy the geography though. I see so many people in misery or afraid. Some conceal it, and some work it. ALL misery is caused by God's absence in some particular fashion. Hell is the absence of Love, and Fear is the warden in The Penitentiary of The Mind. Yeah... you have to free your mind. That means you shouldn't trust it to make decisions for you without... a... deeper... confirmation.

How much grief could people spare themselves and each other? Do I really want this, that or the other thing? Must I have this to the exclusion of my peace of mind? Will I get caught? Heh heh... I have to ask if you know who is asking the question and who is listening to you ask?

The whole of The World is an intricately woven spider's web. It is also called The Dream Web. It is also called Maya. Any action of thought... word... or deed, causes The Web to tremble and alerts whatever corresponds to the message in the tremble. This is one of the reasons whereby everything... is... under... control. We are ALL at some level of placement, according to our vibrationary schematic, based on former tremblings that have woven our place in The Mix. We can go deeper into it OR... we can gradually AND... with assurance... rise into ever more rarefied areas of The Web.

From there we can give thought to stepping off The Web entirely. My particular wavelength is that of an eternally joyful servant and celebrant of The Glory of God. We are each of us on a ray... a wavelength... a stair landing... we are each individually exposed to some kind of acting out on the stage of life. Some like it front and center. Some like to be in the background or even further back pulling the strings. Some like to dance, Some to sing. Some to play... all must act. The force of life compels you. This is most clearly elucidated in The Bhagavad Gita.

You have to do what you have to do, whether you like it or not. Keep in mind that there is more than one version of that, and more than one way to react to it. It can give you that wondrous sense of unshakable purpose OR you could be dragged kicking and screaming through the motions. You can see the different ways that people handle or do not handle it. In these times of electronic immediacy, you can hear about it or anything else at any distance on Earth pretty quickly.

This is all new territory for us. Even if we have seen it before, it was a very long time ago. This level of technical expertise doesn't come around that quickly, AND... WHEN... IT... DOES... the fate of The World hangs in the balance. Will they make it to the next stage OR... will they destroy the stage and themselves as well? Hmm... Well, there's always a few people left in scattered enclaves who only wish they were dead... heh heh. Sorry... that is also possible OR... a new world could blossom into a glorious Spring of the coming of God. Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......

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I know I was supposed to write a Petri Dish, but I don't always have much say in what I say.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2022

"Down in The Sleep-Waters of Fata Morgana Land, It was The Usual Soap Opera, Death-by-Inches Sorta Thing."

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The sanitation team called The Cleaner from Pulp Fiction and they went into the Pelosi- highly guarded- compound AND... they... sanitized... it. A wall-to-wall carpet cover-up team came in. The Fine Detail After-work Finishers came in with toothbrushes and went after the grout in the tile. Technicians from DARPA used an alien vacuum cleaner kind of tool to suck the glass that fell outside the house, back into the panes they came from, and made it look like nothing had happened to the glass, from... inside... the... house.

Folks... the squeeze is big-time on this one. Even the alternative press (the ones who are making money from their knight-on-a-white-charger thing) are toeing their side of the line. IT IS OBVIOUS that Pelosi brought the guy into the house... as he has done so many times before. The place is mobbed-up with security and high-tech warning systems. He also had a young boy in the car, that time he was pulled over for DUI.

People who have arrived at that house with court business and whatever, WHEN NONE OF THE RESIDENTS were... even... there... said that several security people appeared right off.

It's not a matter of whatever The Spin says on either side of this broken gyrocopter, consuming itself in flames on the Persian carpet. Pelosi has a long history of this sort of thing in SF. What it is a matter of is the HEAVY HAMMER of... silence peons! That is coming down on the heads of everyone who makes a living selling their version of the truth.

It's not even a matter of that, compared to what is really happening, which is that Mr. Apocalypse is loose and he's forcing people to out themselves FROM... THE... INSIDE. Yeah... The Steam is coming down on every head, and many heads cannot process the steam into positive change. Of course... that is the point of The Steam coming down on their heads in the first place.

Those who are among the high-and-mighty are getting the greatest attention from The Steam, and... they... can't... handle... it.

The Steam is a metaphor for The Force of Change, which is animating Mr. Apocalypse and The Awakening to... begin... with... and then being further channeled through them into The Hive Mind. The Hive Mind had been previously in a holding pattern in The Dreamscape, streaming the usual... pedestrian... desire and appetite fare. You can become obese while you are asleep. Does my ass look fat in this dream?

Waking up is like coming up out of the water that you were formerly swimming around in, below... the... surface. That first gasp of air is a marvel! It's supercharged prana... with a side of manna... at The Shining-Sunlit Table of The Gods. Down in the sleep-waters of Fata Morgana Land, it was the usual soap opera, death-by-inches sorta thing. Now... why look at that! Immortality and all kinds of other comestibles are right out there where you can touch them.

In the waters below, you can find The Island of Massa Damnata. At the center of the island is one of those underwater volcanoes. They go off now and again, but no one can remember the last time, because that was all-she-wrote for the people keeping score, and writing down their version of The Affair.

Let's get back to coming up out of The Water OR... waking up; if you prefer. The whole playing field is changed. The training wheels are off. You can leave the slots and rails. You don't need to put gas in your car. You don't even need a car. You don't have to worry about speed limits or cops because everyone is watching where they are going, and everybody is going in the right direction... and... there is infinite space. All of this was already present and possible, but people had put self-limiters on themselves and were confined to the rat-mazes of The Personality.

If you have to ask God for Patience, he will give you something to be patient about. If you like to whine, the same law applies. If you want to be negative, well... that certainly puts you in control of your own weather. You'll get Joe Btfsplk to be your tour guide and traveling companion.

It's kind of like asking God to ruin your enemies and you don't know who your enemies are, even though you are lost in an endless hall of funhouse mirrors... you don't know who your enemy is. When you get out of The Water, the mediums of communication change. You hear things you never heard before and no longer hear all that static you were getting at regular intervals. Any discord that comes around... are only the raw materials that you weave your personal harmony out of.

I don't know Paul Pelosi, BUT... I know the type. I've never been a fan of hypocrisy so... I set it up so that I could be and do whatever, AND... NEVER... HAVE... TO... WORRY... ABOUT... IT because I wasn't passing myself off as a high mucky-muck. I didn't have one of those professions where codes of conduct/rules of behavior come into play, and you have to watch yourself BECAUSE... the other people with their own insidious hypocrisies can hide them better than you did, and then deflect the negative censure on to you.

I did have a code though. I have tried to live by it, AND... I'll tell you what; it's no easy thing in a world that is ubiquitously, criminally corrupt. Fortunately... I tumbled to the heart of the matter, and that was the need to scour myself of whatever it was that set me off about others. That's a hard... hard... situation. We are MOSTLY averse to self-inquiry... when it reveals conditions and qualities that we don't like to be reminded of.

Now... I don't care if P. Pelosi intends to have sex with the entire male population of San Francisco. I'm amazed at the stamina of his perversity. He's at an age when most people should be (BUT... seldom are) routinely cognizant of their imminent departure. I would think... most especially in his case, with what he's left behind him... on his course to this moment... that he would be more mindful, BUT... The Divine has been clear about his part in the matter, and he regularly hardens the hearts of those he intends to introduce to The Purpose of Demonstration.

One REALLY has to throw themselves on the altar of God's Mercy and seek that epiphany moment of IN-sight-by-grace.

The criminals are running hog-wild at this time. It's because of Material Culture. That's a powerful whirlpool! Mr. Apocalypse is coming for all of them; The Pelosi Crime Family, The Biden Crime Family, The International Satanic Order of Soros and Co, The Corrupt European, Aristocrat Overlords, and The Israeli, International Crime Syndicate. There are a whole lot of factions; all of them seeking preeminence. They have committed grievous crimes against Humanity. The Heavenly Posse is on the way.

You are going to start seeing the most amazing events, where worldwide celebrities start going down like dominoes. We've already seen some amount of this, increasingly... in present times, BUT what's coming is like... nothing... you've... seen... before. Some of it is going to be really funny, and you might... momentarily... find yourself laughing about it... until you realize what a tragedy it is.

Get ready for The Big Clown Car Pile-Up of The Changing of The Age. You're going to see all kinds of people running hard, and nowhere... because they are chasing themselves by proxy. Oh! You are going to see and hear such things! You're also going to feel all manner of wonderful emotions on the off-chance that you open yourself up to them. It is coming in waves, and... in some cases, it is going to pass right overhead, IF... you... don't... rise... to... meet... it.

It will be... pretty much as Dickens once said; “the best of times and the worst of times,” depending on what you are looking for and what your intentions are. The Personality is no match for The Impersonal. This is why the outcome of Armageddon is never in doubt. The battle is over before it even starts. If you win the internal battle (through surrender to The Higher Self) the external battle will never be a problem for you.

End Transmission.......

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