Wednesday, November 30, 2022

The Passion of Hogs in Squalor and The Passion of Christ. In ALL Cases; “Success is Speedy for The Energetic.”

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I'm sitting here before a blank page, and just about to thank my mentor for the endless inspiration upon which I rely... and wondering what will happen in this next hour or so. I get to sit under the waterfall at any time because my mentor is ALWAYS present; has been present for far longer than I have known about it. Sometimes... I look ahead into Time, which for me is a place of unformed movement condensing into shapes. The closer I am... the easier they are to see, and then the easier it is to make out what it is I'm looking at.

I know some people have stamp collections or basement train setups... man caves or the local pub. Some have whatever sexual passion has more and more taken over their lives or... some other appetite or... whatever it is that they use to mask their fear of the forms taking shape up ahead. I have my passion which used to take many shapes and now I look in the mirror because it is what is taking shape in me, but the mirrors in my life are the ones I see my invisible friends in and whoever it is that I... by chance... encounter, though we KNOW that nothing comes about by chance.

Each morning, and at different parts of any day, I go for a walk through The World at a distance removed and I see... the incremental and relentless march of Crazy through all the dramatizations that are part and parcel of The World at large. It is a great... big... mental... institution. Everybody works there, playing all of the roles in “King of Hearts” on an endless loop.

So... today I went on another wander... through the forming movements of patterns and trends... that are the sidewinder actions of a snake... moving across the sands of time, doing their temporary dances until they shed their forms. Now... it appears that Mr. Apocalypse is rooting in the woodwork for the pedophiles embedded there. (You will see most disturbing evidence in the links at GAB. It's a horrorshow).

I've known about the eyes in the darkness for some time. I've looked up and I've looked down. I've looked out and I've looked within. What I have seen indicates that everything from The Dark Side finds its way into shape through the force of Materialism, and those who work The Attractive Force to draw the unsuspecting into all manner of depravities. Invisible vampires work within us through hungers and desires shaped to look... like... what... they... are... not. They can and do, suck... the... vitality... right... out... of... you.

Now and again... to my mind's eye... comes the image of the Moray eel. There is something about the nature and habits of the Moray that apply to the dangers concealed in the peripheral niches of this shadowland in which we are... momentarily... present.

The first Tarot card in The Major Arcana; putting aside The Fool because The Fool is the entirety of the whole journey through the archetypes... is The Magician. He represents focused attention.

BOTA Deck Magician

He has two opposites associated with him and... they are Life and Death. This is the possible result... at all times... of paying attention, and not paying attention. Eliphas Levi, a great adept, said that “Concentration is the secret of the magical art.” That would bring us right back to paying attention, wouldn't it?

Let me see if I can give you a better working example. Consider a flashlight and how it throws light in areas where darkness was previously resident. Then consider a laser. What you have is a variation of intensity on the concentration of light. Most people are incapable of much concentration and attention beyond the parameters of an ordinary flashlight. Real magicians... of both areas of enterprise... be it white or black magic... are capable of far greater concentration than the masses.

Devoted yogis are capable of all manner of supernatural feats through the agency of concentration. Skilled scientific detectives and heart and brain surgeons... race car drivers and all manner of specialized performers have a greater degree of concentration than most.

I was... and probably still am... very good at pool and ping-pong. I grew up on military bases and I was incarcerated for periods of time, so... I was exposed to these games at an early age and given great opportunities to develop the skills. There are all kinds of pedestrian amusements I was better than most at... like Poker... Backgammon and Chess. Every one of these requires concentration. I did not bring this up to brag about past glories (grin). I brought it up for another reason.

Although I am more accomplished at these skills than most, I AM NOT in the same league as professionals who could wipe the floor or table with me most of the time. There is a wide divide between my pool playing and that of a pool shark or a card sharp or a Chess master. I'm not talking about cheating. I have no space for that sort of thing. You don't need to cheat if you are any good because... most people are not paying any real attention most... of... the... time.

MOST OF THE TIME... anything you put your mind to... and your heart into... and the time into... AND for... which... you... have... a... driving passion for... you will get good at, but some of us have The Gene, and when you have The Gene, you have something exceptional that is not available to the general public. I have seen people do amazing things who had The Gene.

Where do you think child prodigies come from? I'm waiting on a few of them in particular who should be showing up any time now.

Each of us has The Gene for something though many of us do... not... know... what... it... is. Each of us can have The Gene for anything if we are determined to excel at it. It can take more than a lifetime in many cases. It REALLY depends on the area of focus and the degree and intensity of passion that you bring to whatever it may be. There is a passion of hogs in squalor and there is The Passion of Christ. In ALL cases; “success is speedy for the energetic.”

Consider the wider world. Just look at all the pursuits we get up to. Nearly all of them end in tragedy. Great pool players die the same as anyone else, leaving not much of a mark on life. Even the greatest artists fade from history... eventually. Atlantis had its Shakespeare and Michelangelo. Who were they? No one seems able to tell us, and Atlantis was only one moment in an immeasurable stretch of temporary... time... passing.

OBVIOUSLY... and it would be obvious to anyone paying attention... there is only one reasonable objective that anyone should have, and that is to arrive at the presence of The Creator. HOWEVER... our momentary attractions are perpetual distractions from this endeavor. When we cry out to Heaven for one thing or another, Heaven will throw something else in our path to see how deep our interest is. Most of the time that distraction will serve until another distraction is necessary. ONLY those who are not distracted will come into The Presence.

Once you have secured this presence, EVERYTHING... The World Entire... is your devoted servant and plaything, even though you may have little or no interest in any of it. Alternatively... EVERYTHING else WILL result in disappointment or... loss. That's just how it is. I don't care what philosophy you use to justify your actions and perspective... that's just how it is, and Life WILL show you this, again, and again, and again... for as long as it needs it to until... you... get... the... point.

When you REALLY... REALLY... want it more than anything else, it will come quickly and in surprising fashion. There are rules of engagement, and when you don't know what they are, it can be difficult to process or accomplish whatever it is. This is where Love comes in. Love gets you through all of it, AND... when you can focus this love with... all... your... attention, The World is your oyster and you are the pearl contained there... fashioned out of the irritation of a grain of sand.

Because of the force of Materialism, those of weak character and great appetite, are freely freaking in the hogwallers. They are dancing and cavorting in the bloodshed of innocents, where no one is innocent past the point of discovery... that discovery that always results in the loss of innocence, and sometimes life itself... though life comes back around with a tenacious regularity... regardless of whatever you got up to earlier.

Pay... attention! The ass you save may be your own. Pay enough attention and you can save or take a great many lives, depending on your agenda. Personally... I have no agenda but whatever The Divine assigns me to. For the moment that seems to be howling in The Wilderness of a Materialism gone hog-wild.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

And I'm in a nose cave at the moment. In fact, I'll be here all day barrin' slavin' to the bladder, intestines or stomach.

Moray eels. Went to the Monterey Aquarium, and a chick was hand feeding them. It was soooo cute. I think they're rather pretty, though I don't wanna be bitten by one.

Anything I want, if I want it more than anything, huh? You know how long I've been waitin' for my Akashic Library Card? Then there's the red nose hair coat, but I don't see that in the near future either.

Nostrils to the sky on the post.

Oba said...

Thanks dog-poet, for .. being you !!!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"We All have The Right to Find The Truth on Our Own Terms, Even if It Turns Out to be The Monster Behind Door Number-5."

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Wonderful, thank you!

Unknown said...

M Much Gratitude and Appreciation les!!you weild that light saber well amigos cutting through the proverbial bullshit of
And helping to dispel the fear and the nefarious shanagins of the usual suspects.
The tibetan guy told us a while back what was coming, I tend to trust those who can see the field of play from the mountain top.Been avidly following you for a couple of year now. Should have commented earlier.




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