Friday, November 04, 2022

"Some Conceal It, and Some Work It. ALL Misery is Caused by Love's Absence in Some Particular Fashion or Area."

Foo Dog Poet Transmitting.......

We could all use improvement. When we hit a certain level of stride... our confidence can sweet talk us into believing that we are a finished product, and worthy of being in one of the finer showrooms or display cases; as if being in a showroom or a display case were an indication of value. I try to remind myself that I am standing in The Sun's Light. The Sun is not standing in my light. It's good to keep perspective.

This is why I want to share this with you today because... it is serious protection on unfamiliar highways. Always be looking to hear some way to improve yourself. Then... to learn to keep it to yourself, and then to practice it without calling attention to yourself. There's this fellowship of near-invisible lightworkers and they move surreptitiously through Humanity, and they've always got their eye out for new recruits. It works the same way with The Other Side. Everyone is doing God's work, no... matter... what... they... think.

Members of this fellowship know which side of the aisle anyone is coming from because they don't choose sides. It doesn't work like that. Demons got a job to do, just like angels do. It's a different form of employment. One of them blesses us, and the other torments,... harries... or punishes us for our behavior. You really do want to attract the one over the other. I've met both. I prefer the company of angels. I'm not troubled by demons, We just have different agendas and don't usually run into each other. Chemistry professors and surfers don't USUALLY hang out in the same locations.

There's one God. He works both sides of The Street, his... will... to... be... done. I was locked up in some very dangerous locations. In one case, I was confined with the criminally insane for over a year and a half. You meet a certain class of people there, and you... most definitely... meet representatives of The Lower Realms; sometimes even in person, BUT... you are moving through all of this every day already. You hope you don't meet the more intense elements.

See... this is one of the things about God. He can ready you and prepare you to interact with Bad Leroy and Sneaky Pete. These are all characters in Life's Movie... being screened everywhere, all around you until... you... go... off... camera; for a change of costume? Who knows? The Thing is... God is all-powerful, and if you go with God, well... you do the math.

This is not to say that one tries to bluff their way through. There is an authenticity that is required, and if you don't have it, you... will... be... exposed. This might not be a good thing, depending on where it happens and who blows your cover. GOD IS REAL!!! Make no mistake about that, and if you are not profiting from a relationship with him, that's on you.

I should add that God in essence, which is beyond any essence I can claim an understanding of... is neither male nor female. One can worship and serve God in ANY of these representations on the playing field of duality. One can also be Advaita. I like mine personalized, so I reference and serve both. The Sun rules the day and The Moon rules the night, and... it's more intricate than that, but let's not get into that end of it. (grin) Atmospheres of The Divine Mother and Divine Father flow in slipstreams through The World. I try to catch both of them when they pass through or when they pass by.

The World IS a garden. We can see what we have each made of it... what we value... what we love... what we fear... what we are after. All of these reveal themselves in the process of being around anyone for any length of time.. It is one of the reasons I prefer impersonality too. There is One Self. That is an absolute. The Absolute looked into the mirror and shattered it into all the variations you see in The World around you. He/She likes to live and witness the drama. He/She appears in each of us when we are at our best. This is why we remind ourselves about room... for... improvement.

Each of us is like a project in a classroom. We are each at our desk. We are constructing something according to our understanding of it, which is only partial. We have to rely on inspiration or previous knowledge. Where do we get the inspiration? In True Life, God the Teacher, WILL come into your being and live your life. In the process, you are remade in his image. That can take a while, which is a good reason to remain humble or... what sort of lessons do you think you will get?

Yeah... it's better to keep your head down and your eyes in your head. It's serenity itself not to want anything. Every single thing we pursue in this life is about finding and experiencing it, BUT... none... of... these... things... is... it. It can only be realized WITHIN. Then... then... you have found The Supreme Enjoyer. You are also in a mobile classroom or on a tour bus where you have everything explained to you. Since none of it is a mystery anymore, you don't have to chase it, it... WILL... come... to.... you.

You can traverse all of the alleged holy spots on the planet, but there is no guarantee you will find what can ONLY be discovered within, and... which has nothing to do with geography. You do get to enjoy the geography though. I see so many people in misery or afraid. Some conceal it, and some work it. ALL misery is caused by God's absence in some particular fashion. Hell is the absence of Love, and Fear is the warden in The Penitentiary of The Mind. Yeah... you have to free your mind. That means you shouldn't trust it to make decisions for you without... a... deeper... confirmation.

How much grief could people spare themselves and each other? Do I really want this, that or the other thing? Must I have this to the exclusion of my peace of mind? Will I get caught? Heh heh... I have to ask if you know who is asking the question and who is listening to you ask?

The whole of The World is an intricately woven spider's web. It is also called The Dream Web. It is also called Maya. Any action of thought... word... or deed, causes The Web to tremble and alerts whatever corresponds to the message in the tremble. This is one of the reasons whereby everything... is... under... control. We are ALL at some level of placement, according to our vibrationary schematic, based on former tremblings that have woven our place in The Mix. We can go deeper into it OR... we can gradually AND... with assurance... rise into ever more rarefied areas of The Web.

From there we can give thought to stepping off The Web entirely. My particular wavelength is that of an eternally joyful servant and celebrant of The Glory of God. We are each of us on a ray... a wavelength... a stair landing... we are each individually exposed to some kind of acting out on the stage of life. Some like it front and center. Some like to be in the background or even further back pulling the strings. Some like to dance, Some to sing. Some to play... all must act. The force of life compels you. This is most clearly elucidated in The Bhagavad Gita.

You have to do what you have to do, whether you like it or not. Keep in mind that there is more than one version of that, and more than one way to react to it. It can give you that wondrous sense of unshakable purpose OR you could be dragged kicking and screaming through the motions. You can see the different ways that people handle or do not handle it. In these times of electronic immediacy, you can hear about it or anything else at any distance on Earth pretty quickly.

This is all new territory for us. Even if we have seen it before, it was a very long time ago. This level of technical expertise doesn't come around that quickly, AND... WHEN... IT... DOES... the fate of The World hangs in the balance. Will they make it to the next stage OR... will they destroy the stage and themselves as well? Hmm... Well, there's always a few people left in scattered enclaves who only wish they were dead... heh heh. Sorry... that is also possible OR... a new world could blossom into a glorious Spring of the coming of God. Time will tell and we shall see.

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I was wondering about Justin Virden. If you get to read this, you are in my prayers.

I know I was supposed to write a Petri Dish, but I don't always have much say in what I say.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I swear, I do declare. Me thinks the world is the realm of perpetual inconvenience, unanswered questions, slavery to circumstance, unwanted obligations, and WHY IN THE FECK HAVE I BEEN HERE SO MANY TIMES, DAMMIT? Last run, here. Never again.

Nostrils to the sky, as I await my Akashic Library Card to find out why I've been such an idiot.

Anonymous said...

"The whole of The World is an intricately woven spider's web" - YES! Realising this I feel I don't want to shake the web at all but just to enjoy the world as it unfolds. As always a wonderful piece. Thank you Lesvisible (love that name!).

Ty said...

Vis, I think you will like this, song...

What is impersonal love Visible?

Visible said...

Love for all equally and impartially. Sort of like what The Sun does. It can also be intensely personal so long as it is dispensed impersonally.

Anonymous said...

Lord Dattatreya and His 24 Gurus

23. Spider (Makari)

Spider builds a beautiful web from his heart through the mouth; play and enjoys with it and then after some time swallow that very same web.
Lord Supreme creates material universe from His Maya, preserves it and after a while draws it back into the Self. The Supreme Self has no desires and is beyond the reach of cause and effect.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"You Can't Speak Your Mind... or Hold a Sane Opinion. The Doors of Perversity have Been Blown Off Their Hinges."



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