Monday, November 14, 2022

"This Group is not Composed Entirely of A Certain Demographic- Genetic Litany Imprinted on A Plagiarized Scroll."

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Well... I saw this... this morning. I was going to open with something else, BUT... in my travels previous to writing this, I wound up watching that. You'll catch on pretty quick. This caused me to extrapolate out-in my head/mind. It made me think of a whole lot of conditions being made glaringly apparent by The Awakening, AND... it does not bode well for those who think they rule over us.

I'm not saying this group is composed entirely of a certain demographic... genetic litany imprinted on a plagiarized scroll. I will say that certain types are singular to this group because... that's... how... they... are, and they could be Catholic, Jewish... or Muslim. They could be Caucasian... black... brown... or yellow. They could be man or woman, though the one much predominates over the other. Sometimes doing Evil is a matter of being able to afford it.

Sometimes those who seem Evil to us at a certain time... or across a period of time... are simply the ones playing that role, which has a different cast and intention in Times of Material Darkness than at other times. I personally know... and am informed by history... that luminous beings came in every... one... of... those... types... groups... kinds; is this where I would say genus,... if I were going to say it? I'll leave that to the editors who always come on after the fact. They can't do it themselves. All they can do is alter what you intended... unless... God is your editor.

Well... look at what they did to The Bible. They edited it to reflect the interests of the editors, AND... now? They got The Bible ADJUSTED to everything that ORIGINALLY was supposed to adjust to The Bible; now it goes the other way around. The Truth must now adjust to one's own personal truth... so that no one knows the truth anymore. THAT... is the primary intention of those pushing these brain-washing indoctrination schemes.

I'm not from that temporal tradition. There are The Old and The New Testaments. The first is a book of Gematria. The Gospel off-shoot, up-shoot; or whatever they are calling it these days... got hijacked back around the 4th century. They got rid of Karma and Reincarnation. They got rid of The Divine Mother. They distorted the sex angle, AND... you can see where that angle has brought The Church to... these days.

I like to look for and celebrate God behind... the... scenes... and before it got written into all those books, in that Place of The Living Spirit, not in the place where someone else took the teachings of the original and then adapted it to their understanding, in order to understand it, AND THEN... it fell into the hands of the moneychangers who know how much material profit there is in Religion. So... they goosed it yet again. By this time... you can see... there's a need for Heaven's Divine Representative, The Avatar, to reappear here again, and sort the vibrating archetypes into a new dance number for the coming age.

No... I am not being flippant, calling it a dance number. That's what it is. God is The Cosmic Dancer. He dances The World into and out of being.

So... I began this posting with a link to Dave Chappelle's opening at Saturday Night Live. It is part of a rising awareness that is being orchestrated from on high, via the medium of The Awakening. I haven't watched Saturday Night Live for years and years. Every time I tune in to see what they are up to, it proves to be worse than I expected; which was already pretty bad. This clip came to me in my usual morning perambulations through The World Out There and I'm glad it did.

It may appear that what we are dealing with these days are... lies piled on lies... perverted and disorderly minds in places of power... society gone haywire in a culture gone mad... and an assortment of wicked flavors designed to burn your tongue. No! These are just temporary effects and conditions that trace back to an unsettling dis-ease in The Hive Mind, which is being generated from On High and from within, and...which... causes... all of the chaotic actings-out that are in evidence in The World at large, in... these... times... of... transition.

A smaller group of psychopaths are looking to genocide and rule The World. They are using fear tactics... real and imagined... war and climate change... the ever-present fear of loss that takes every shape known... the dangerous streets... the depraved educational system. For many years these spiritual predators and vermin have been eating away at the underpinnings of traditions and feeding on the garbage... both literal garbage and mind garbage.

As morality and the higher qualities have degenerated, those embodied forces that feed on corruption and human suffering have replicated themselves into host bodies far and wide. In the very short space of a couple of generations...we have come near the lip of The Pit of Despair... circling The Drain; as it were.

There is a teeming sea of people who have no idea who they are. They have permitted their country to be stolen out from under them. In many ways... it is a crying shame. In other ways... well... things change. Things change. This is the constant on which material life depends. Observation of this is what provoked The I-Ching and The Tarot. These are ways to read the meaning and intention of The Stars. Stars in the sky are centers of influence like The Sun and Moon.

The Sun and Moon are the wardens of stability in the midst of change. They direct the seasons... the days and nights. Every hour of the day has a ruler who generates its atmosphere. I am not into such minutiae, but... I am aware of it. When I was young, I read all those books on the occult... treatises from alchemists and magicians... angelic languages... numbers and letters... yadda yadda. I am sure this is important information for those seeking to employ them for personal reasons. They are of no importance to me.

I like my truth simple and made profound thereby. This leads back to that, “become as a little child” thing. I want to dance in The Gardens of Divine Magic, where life is an everlasting fairytale... not in a cold landscape of letters and numbers. I imagine... no... let me say... I am certain that ANYTHING I need to know... will be communicated to me through The Intuition... IF and WHEN I need it. Otherwise... why should I carry all of those ponderous volumes around in my head?

I read so many of the important philosophers. In... most... cases... I was fortunate to see through what it was they thought they were trying to get to BEFORE I wound up reading more than I had to. It may be that one or several of them hit on important features here and there. Some of it might have been a big deal for them, and others who came along and read them later. None of it stayed with me for long. I wanted the source of The Living Waters, not some tedious and extended argument about some particular portion of an elephant's anatomy.

God is a living presence. This SHOULD BE your starting point. Practicing that presence SHOULD BE the hallmark of the life of anyone seeking the source of life's essence. The association between yourself and The Divine SHOULD BE a rapturous and ecstatic dance of union... a joyful embrace of one's missing parts, which is poorly represented in the material dance of the sexes.

Mind... I am not the puritan police. I don't make rules for others. Without the never-ending romance of opposites, we... would... not... be... here... Not that Here is such a great shakes, BUT... one must make do with what is there until Here becomes REALLY HERE. There is a great deal of truth in being here now. There is far more truth in it than is gained by running around and repeating it because that is where your income is derived from.

There have been so many impostors who have taken us in. We have been misled, and it has rewarded us with injury and regret. There is more to life than is to be found in material constructions. For some it is the only world they know, or... want... to... know. They are welcome to it. For myself... I am just passing through on my way somewhere else, WHICH... is also Here.

The idea... it seems to me, is to discover The Kingdom of God within, and to share it without thinking about it by carrying it with you everywhere you go. The core vibration of The Kingdom is... Love. Seek after a higher love and The Kingdom will materialize within... and around you automatically.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Council of Nicaea didn't do much for the religious text either. There is a mistake in it saying animals are soulless, but for the most part one would be better reading the Kolbrin rather than the bible.

If you've got a few weeks, that is. That puppy is LONG. I don't agree with all of it. It says you should act this way or that way because of how you were born, and that goes against the intrinsic nature of some. Life shouldn't be lived like a mandatory flow chart. Live what you are as long as you follow the rule of ,'Do ye no harm, do as ye will.' Though these days, I'm more into 'DON'T DO'. I mean, if you're gonna be dead, waiting for the body to catch up, ACT LIKE IT!!!!! So here I will be, sittin' in front the de compooter all day, watchin' the era implode.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is now up=

"Nothing Else is Needed but God, and Everything Else is Just A Come-On for What Is Not God. Neti... Neti..."



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