Wednesday, April 26, 2023

"They are ONLY Unpleasant and Harsh... However... When You are Harsh and Unpleasant. Or... Have... Been."

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Even a man who's pure at heart-
and says his prayers at night...
can become a wolf when The Wolf Bane blooms,
and The Moon is full and bright.

There are ways of putting it that are less attractive than the sugar-coated options. Let's see; Unpleasant Truths? Harsh Realities? Hard, Cold Facts? A bitter pill to swallow?

What it amounts to are... things you don't want to hear, but nonetheless... are so. There are cosmic realities that people don't want to accept. The Mind likes to think it knows a way around them. At least, this is what The Mind tells you. It's the same mind that makes excuses for putting off the tasks you don't want to perform.

There are words people don't want to hear, and terms vary from country to country... from language to language... from tradition to tradition. Let's start with variances in traditions. In The Eastern Tradition, they have names for the three forms of action and being. They are called Gunas. They are Sattva... Raja... and Tamas. In The Western Tradition, they are called, Mercury... Sulfur... and Salt.

The way these forces and substances define as... is; Luminosity... Passion... and Inertia. ALL of manifest life is a combination of some... or all of these.

Then... there is Karma. That's what they call it in The East. We don't have a single word for it in The West. We have phrases, like, “reap what you sow.”

Then there is The Caste System. In India, this is clearly defined by the work and life station of those in the various designations. In The West... you can be damn sure we also have one, but it's not so classically evident. It's there though... most visibly so in The UK.

These conditions... forces... states of being are all, FOR MOST PEOPLE... Unpleasant Truths... Harsh Realities... yadda yadda. They are ONLY unpleasant and harsh... however, when you are harsh and unpleasant... or have been.

Here's one of the places you can find on your next reentry... if you have been too harsh and unpleasant over a sufficient measure of time.

It's one of those harsh and unpleasant places. It's a fact that Haiti is a terrible place at the best of times. It's one of the centers for Gay Tourism and HIV transmission; more hard truth that the people so engaged will tell you is not so.

Legend has it that Baby Doc Duvalier sacrificed an unbaptized infant on his bed, shortly before his fleeing to France. This was to make conditions on the Invisible Plane less welcoming for the new incoming regime. It's a voodoo thing, which Haiti is ALSO the epicenter for.

Gee... where's Bono and The Edge; out selling pricey real estate? Where's Sean Penn? Where... are... The Cleeeentons? Oh... they'll be by... and by. It's programmed into their future.

Anyway... Hell is not only to be found on The Lower Astral Plane. That's where you go when you are habitually expressing low-level emotions... in or out of the body. The WHOLE of Life is... mathematical and precise. You don't like this? You don't like hard... cold... facts? You don't like unpleasant truths? Too damn bad. That changes... NOTHING!!!

You can change where you are headed. You can do that right now. Why then... do most people... the far larger number of people... not change the direction in which they are headed? This too is Karma... because Karma forms inclinations, shapes intentions, and determines what you can and cannot see. What you can and cannot grasp. So... it gets proven to you. Nice... huh? Real nice.

Oh... they'll send in people with guns to deal with the people with guns, BUT... they won't change anything BECAUSE... physical conditions exist for invisible reasons. What you see is built on what you cannot see.

There are people; if you can call them that, who are working right now on turning America into Haiti. George Soros and his people are doing this. Mayorkas at Homeland Security is doing this. Merrick Garland over at Justice is doing this. (heh heh, some people wanted to put him on The Supreme Court.) Walensky at The CDC is doing this. This is a big... concerted... effort.

All of these people are going to wind up in Haiti of The Mind somewhere. It won't be long ♫ yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, it won't be long ♫ before the Karma they personally created goes into... or comes out of The Kiln.

There are some people who are transported to mind-worlds of trembling glee at the thought of rivers of blood running into oceans of pain. Don't try to comprehend why they are like this. It's beyond your ken. Every... single... day... now, you hear about something like this.

AND... what about this?!?

I'm sure that many people are wondering how and why people can be like this. Well... my friends... this is nothing new. You are only hearing about it because this is an apocalypse. This is Karma operating through the 3-gunas. When you got on the elevator... what button did you push? You can tell where you're headed by the theme music that accompanies your journey... metaphorically speaking.

Would you rather not go to Haiti? Would you rather not wind up where that professor is going to go? Neither of these things... nor all the other similar things that happen... EVERY DAY... are the result of a few bad thoughts one afternoon. I've heard people laugh and say, “Well... I'm going to Hell anyway.” I've been around people on a daily basis... in a captive environment... who did horrible things; you don't want to know.

If you are wrestling with bad thoughts... caught in despairing mindsets... struggling with strong passions that bode no good upon accomplishment; wrestling with them, is... not... the... answer. The answer is to replace those thoughts and feelings with other thoughts and feelings of a higher projection every time the other thoughts and passions come into your mind and heart.

As soon as the bad net is thrown over you by forces you attracted to that effect... burn that net to ash with a Higher Love and a stronger aspiration.

There is NOTHING that a Higher Love cannot heal or neutralize... NOTHING. Determination is the key. You have to care enough to keep at it. I have been placed in the most inhospitable locations; visible and otherwise, due to arrangements made at another time. Time and time again... my invisible friends, by another arrangement... came to my aid.

Even if you are undeserving of this aid... because you have not attracted invisible friends... through the sweet incense of selfless service or... other... similar means, you can RIGHT NOW, make arrangements with The Heavenly Hierarchy; operators are standing by. You can pray for help and guidance. You can get a bank loan, based on the collateral of future service... or a promissory note for righteous conduct; AS ABOVE... SO BELOW!!!

What I am telling you is REAL. Want to stop being out of sorts? Get into alignment. Don't know how to do that? That's not your job anyway. Angels do that. You simply hold still while it happens.

You're in the tub and your mother is soaping you. You got some in your eyes, so you are whining and struggling. Hold still! The whining and struggling are the sources of the pain and suffering... duh.

You were SUPPOSED to go out and get your ass into trouble. That's how it works, and your mother (The Divine Mother) had to let you go. You fell off the Jungle Jim and skinned your knees. Someone hit you in the back of the head with a rock. You got bullied and terrorized. Hey! It's rough on The Playground, AND... there are levels and degrees of rough... depending on the playground.

Your imagination cannot comprehend the actuality of what is possible, both good and bad. Set your sights on a finer land, and... put your back into it!!!

End Transmission.......

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Friday, April 21, 2023

"Make Your Fealty to What Shines THROUGH The Sun and Not to The Clouds that Come and Go Before The Face of It."

Dog Poet sitting before The Altar of The Sun....... (from which Divine Love shines on everyone)

There were times when I could hear someone say, “Son? I'm afraid you've lost your mind.” The only response I could give at the time was to say, “It is impossible to lose your mind because... under no circumstances will your mind EVER let you go.” You either give your mind something to do... employ it at one task or another, or... your mind will be running the show and telling you what to do, because someone... or something else will be running it, and... in a sense, you will have lost your mind.

You can't lose your mind. It can be hijacked. It can be possessed, but... you have to put yourself in the position for that to happen.

You lose your freedom when you cease to have control over yourself. When you no longer command how you spend your time or where your mind goes, you are no longer in charge. That begs the question of whether you were EVER really in charge; all those decisions you thought you were making... you had no say in... at all.

I went mad on several occasions but it was only a temporary affair because the understanding ALWAYS returned to me that... there is ONLY one mind. I don't care what direction you take it in or what direction it takes you. It always comes back the same thing. Lady Kundalini proved this to me in convincing fashion. There was never a question concerning it after that.

After she made it clear to me, about The Mind, I could put myself into any personality I could think of that I had had any experience of... in real life or in films... feel every aspect of their features and the manner of their perception; the general sense of them in a very specific way. It still comes up for me all the time; if someone I know... at a distance thinks of me. If someone I know is having difficulty... and I guess a whole lot of people I never met... come and go like frames in a camera.

The key is not to be disturbed by any of it; to not be disturbed by anything at all because everything is under control. All the times when this is not a fixed reality in your mind, your mind is not your own, then... it is a question of where your Karma takes you.“Listen up boy! We can do this the easy way or we can do it the hard way. It's your choice.”

“But I don't want to pay attention all the time!” (Whine... whine...) Yeah... And look what happens! Everywhere in The World... at all times... you have people paying attention, and people not paying attention. The events and conditions in The World are all the result of this.

In this world, there is a large demographic of people going along with The Program. Where did The Program come from? Whose program is it? Oh, I see... you do this and you get that. Has that gone well for you so far? “But... we can't have all these people running around and doing their own thing! Imagine how crazy it would get?” Uh-huh... how's it all going at the moment?

Maybe you should look into what going along with The Program implies. I'd start with checking out the qualities and intentions of the people who somehow wound up running The Program.

Here's what happened. Money... or whatever is collectively defined as currency, is what greases the wheels of industry. It is what... gets... things... done on a certain level... seemingly. A time came when a certain group of people took over the money supply, and then? They set the agenda. They are the organ grinder and you are the monkey. They tell you what to do... one way or another, and... you go along with The Program.

However... and it is a big... glaring... HOWEVER... they are not in charge of you. They have simply convinced you that they are, and I happen to know... personally... that this is so because I tried the waters on The Matter.

Yes... they were able to make my life uncomfortable for a time. They locked me up. They tried to kill me, but that... didn't... work, AND... they had to take back all the charges eventually too. So... I don't even have a criminal record. You see... the way you THINK it all works is not how it really works, and if you get sucked into believing that is how it goes, you'll be going along for the ride in whatever direction they decide to take you.

All the temporal authority in The World is nothing more than a costume party. HOWEVER... if you want to play in their theater of operations. If you want something you think they are the ones you get it from, well... there you jolly well are, aren't you?

Then there is the matter of Hostages to Fortune... if you get married and have children. If you have a job. If you have a reputation. If you have property. If you have a bank account, and so on, and so on.

HOWEVER... there is a way to play in their theaters of operation or anywhere else, for that matter... IF your fealty is to what shines through The Sun and not to the clouds that come and go before the face of it. If... in your head... you are working for someone else. If you are working for The Divine while you are in the prison camps of The World. Somehow this works, and I know this works because it is what I have been doing for some time.

Yes... there can be some amount of difficulty and inconvenience getting to the right mindset that happens to be what REALLY runs this world, and you must persist, and you must prove out your faith, and you must never waver, or... they will get their hooks into you again.

Because... if the ones who APPEAR to be in charge can convince you they are in charge OR... if you have come to believe that they are the ones who supply what you imagine you need or desire to have... well... yeah... you're back on the chain gang (Cue cool guitar instrumental.)

That guy's dead now, isn't he? No! He's not dead. He's simply doing something else now under a different name because... there... is... no... death! Chrissie Hynde wrote that song for him.

That is how they keep you in line. That is how they get you to go along with The Program; FEAR OF DEATH, BUT... once you know there is no death then you have nothing to fear or... do you? Well... you would know better than I. We all want to be free, and somehow we have convinced ourselves that we can do that by going into bondage to someone else.

There is no freedom, not ever in the way most people think of it. The ONLY true freedom is in surrender to The Divine because... The Divine alone is free. Once you can step aside and let The Divine live its life in you... you will know what real freedom is because... God... alone... is free.

I lived a life of exceeding difficulty. Most of it was based on my struggle to be free, no... fucking... matter... what, and... I can assure you that I pushed the envelope beyond its capacity to ever get mailed. No one would have recognized it as an envelope when I got done with it, and I should have been gone many times by now, but... I still wouldn't be dead.

Do you know why certain INFORMED temporal authorities are leery about killing certain people? It is because one is quite limited while in the flesh, AND... much, much less limited when out of it. Oh! The damage you can do. Much of what you see happen in The World is the result of people in the flesh being compromised in their minds by people out of the flesh. In Times of Material Darkness, it will give you the conditions we are witnessing now.

What you tell yourself... in your head is real... is what becomes real for you. Mindstuff is plastic and it will shape your world according to the Play-Doh that God provides, and... which you sculpt according to the forms of disobedience to Heaven that you employ in the pursuit of your appetites and desires.

You build your world and then you complain about it. Of course, very few of us know what we are doing in the first place, BUT... that doesn't seem to stop anyone. Is it really so hard to ask for help? Do you really think there is no one there, just... because... you... can't... see... them?

Let The Divine live its life in and through you and... sooner or later... there will no longer be anything for you to have to apologize for because there will no longer be any You left to apologize for; not insofar as your existing in the separate and resisting persona you created for yourself. I can assure you that you are missing a great deal of fun so long as you maintain that illusion of a personal self.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2023

"The High and Mighty Become The Low and Downtrodden. The Beautiful People Become Ugly. Living Leaves a Mark."

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As I wandered This Wasteland Earth recently, I found an article that I later ran across again because it got legs.

This man had it all for some years. He was a top-tier celebrity with all the perks. People worshiped him because... in Times of Material Darkness... that is what people do. Then The Virus that Wasn't showed up... pretended to show up. It was never there, to begin with. They simply gave the old flu a new name.

COVID was the means by which to introduce The Killer Vaccine of The Usual Suspects. It seems they owned and ran every one of the manufacturers of demons' blood. I call it that because it is a medium by which possession is effected; if it doesn't kill you first. Oh... let's not be coy. It does both. One thing it certainly does is ruin your quality of life.

I mentioned 'clean-freak sociopaths' recently. Howard Stern comes to mind. He also dropped out of sight (at a certain level) for some time following The Scamdemic. I am not suggesting that Nicholson fits that persona. He always struck me more as a Good Time Charlie. Tom Cruise fits the bill more, and he had that germaphobe thing. Stern wouldn't leave his house. Tom's weirdness is more complex.

They all fear Death.

It amuses me no end that these people think they can bypass The Angel of Death by being clean-freaks and playing avoidance games; Doctor Faust, I presume?

Here are these big-time players going in fear of fake hazards. I never wore a mask except for the handful of times when I had no choice and they were separated by months at a time. I will be a fan of Safeway from now on because they NEVER enforced a mask mandate; at least the one where I live didn't, but... that could have been my invisible friends.

Yes... I have invisible friends who are many... many... many... many... many... times more powerful than ALL the visible friends anyone can have at any time on this Earth. Am I spechul? Well... I am unique, but... so are you. We are all unique.

How did you get the friends you have? Part of it was the magic of the law of attraction that works in the lives of all of us, and... you cultivated them too, didn't you? The love and kinship you feel for your friends obliged you to cultivate them and to overlook their shortcomings; hopeful that they would overlook yours.

I cultivated my invisible friends. You can do the same. You simply have to live up to your end of the arrangement. My invisible friends don't have shortcomings. I do, so I had to agree to have them neutralized, and... that does not come without pain.

The Law of Attraction did not make you into the person you are. Living did that, and you picked up all kinds of hangers-on and hitchhikers as you traveled from life to life to life. You became the person that you are by the choices you made as you traveled from life to life to life.

Your intentions shaped you, BUT... especially what you loved has shaped you, and this is The Primary Reason that you should love God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength (will), and all your mind.

This is because you become like what you love. This is how you are shaped by what you love. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We emulate our heroes. My hero is God. You might ask, “Visible, God is ineffable. How can you have a hero you can't see or comprehend?” Well... God takes all kinds of shapes to express himself as his various potencies in action. God is The Sun, expressing through The Sun... as The Sun... to accomplish what The Sun does.

God is defined in action by his qualities. When you allow God's qualities to be expressed in you, that is God expressing through you because God is in residence within you, AND... you are either blocking him or usurping him or... you are allowing him free passage. All of your suffering is the result of you getting in God's way. When God is no longer hindered or obstructed, you will no longer suffer.

Nicholson... Stern... Cruise... they do not believe in God. They are atheists. Many of the people who are atheists believe that they are God.

Scientology is... in some ways... like The Mormons. Mormons believe that they can become God, and they are right about that, in a simplistic sense. HOWEVER, in order to become God, you must become like God. You must behave as God does, and that... is a bridge too far when you get right down to the requirements of it... for most people.

To be God you must ceaselessly give yourself away. You certainly can't run around as the self you imagine yourself to be. In order to be God, you would have to come to an arrangement with God because God is already God. This seems to imply to me that you would need God's permission. The good news is that God is not opposed to your being God. One of his main prophets directly stated that he was The Son of God and that we are God's offspring.

Actually... what you are is God in Development. In fact, you are already God... but do not behave like God... so your God self is obscured by the obstruction of your false self. ALL you have to do is cease to act in an... apart... manner... you must embrace Unity and the soul of Unity is... Love. You must cease to be an expression of The Separated Mind. The Separated Mind makes you a fallen angel... a devil... one who is driven.

In Times of Material Darkness, we see people playing God (imperfectly) everywhere. Even the rampaging orcs are playing God. When one is born a Jew, they come here... by arrangement... to make The World a better place. In Times of Material Darkness, the majority of them default on that promise, though... there have been shining examples of those who have fulfilled the promises made. These are not the best of times for people making The World a better place.

Don't worry about it. God will step in. God is already here but concealed from mortal eyes. How does God change The World? He does it through The Generations. He does it through inspiration; his angels account for that in the human consciousness. Sometimes there comes The Generation of Vipers for The Purpose of Demonstration. People go sideways and get swept up in externals; like now.

Hollywood is a hotbed (grin) of Vanity and Narcissism; people playing God... well... they are actors. It is the same in government and religion. People play act as what they... in actuality... are not. It is the same way they pretend to be good people by making outward... public gestures... of generosity. The Inflexible Rules arrange for them to act in their own movie without realizing it.

Many of these people have a good run for a space of years, and then? And then? And then? Along comes Mr. Jones. Old Scratch... scratches those itches until they become running sores. The afflictions of life come upon those who pretended to be what they were not.

It's upside down, my friends. Life appears to be what it is not. The High and Mighty become The Low and Downtrodden. The Beautiful People become ugly. Living leaves a mark. Wealth becomes a constant burden. Beauty fades. The body starts to hurt from all the abuse it has taken. Power leads to powerful enemies. Fame becomes a public embarrassment; let the record show that... ah well...

The Point gets made. There is no escaping it, so... why bother? Heh heh... self-deception is the key player, with all those invisible entities, that... are... not... friends.

The most profound blessings occur out of sight. They are hidden within the smiling exterior. We come to look like what we become... he said... stating the obvious... but it is not obvious is it? Self-deception becomes a shared deception, and the most profound forms of cosmic justice occur out of sight.

As ye sow, so shall ye reap. This is inviolable law. So... why not do good with every thought... word... and deed? It's a mystery, isn't it? It is a mystery to those who conceal the truth of it from themselves through self-deception. A lifetime of causing harm can be wiped out by Grace in a minute... depending... depending. True conversions are rare. The shraddha they come, the shraddha they... yadda yadda.

How can you tell people to open their eyes when The Truth is all around them? The Fearful fear the cost of facing life with open eyes, but... what do you get otherwise? You are walking blind. If you know that a death... misunderstood... awaits us all, you can walk into Eternity with a smile on your face because you know that Death is just another stage in your journey. You've been through it many times before. You die when you go to sleep each night. Why do you wake up the same person? Is it another mystery?

You die whenever you have sex. Union is the death of the separated self, so... who are you having sex with, and.,.. do they really look like that? Don't let your union be temporary. Go for the whole enchilada.

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Thursday, April 13, 2023

"Why Not Get Ahead of The Curve? Why Not Catch Yourself Before The Inevitable Junction of a Rock and a Hard Place?"

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Occasionally, when doing a scientific experiment in a Petri dish, you have to throw the dish away. It's not reusable. This is one of those times.

Via Not the Bee:

Mike Lee Demonic church

Given the nature of Change in recent periods, it is recommended by the author that... unless you have an unavoidable reason for being in the middle of it... you step as far back as possible without falling off the cliff behind you.

A few decades ago, someone made a film called, “Escape from New York.” At the time, it probably seemed like one of those far-fetched nightmares of dystopia. It now seems likely. Another film called “Rollerball” was eerily prescient. Artistic efforts from the dark imagination now reflect the coming reality, when reality becomes whatever The Makers of Illusion say it is.

It's easy to think... these days... that everything is out of control. The pandemic of individual freakouts is a good indication of that. People are either becoming incapable of self-restraint under the pressures bearing down on them OR... they are programmed to that end.

All these lone gunmen do not appear out of nowhere.

Sometimes the government does a reasonable job when it functions in the areas appropriate to it and otherwise stays out of sight. Times are best (as Lao Tzu said) when the public barely knows the government exists. It's worse when people fear it, and it is at its absolute worst when they make fun of it and laugh at it. We are presently in a combination of the last two stages.

Someone... or something... exploded a dairy farm in Texas and killed 18,000 cows. They're saying it's a methane gas build-up. That would play right into the fantasies of The Climate Change Brownshirts... wouldn't it? They are, I presume, partly right about the methane angle, given that they are full of shit.

Strange things are happening, and bizarre culture wars are at the point of continuous ongoing skirmishes. In the midst of it all, are people jabbering about their rights to do anything they please, regardless of the fact that no one has that right except the rich and powerful. (snicker) However... those who are financing the massive brainwashing that precedes the obvious sexual free-for-alls are only interested in absolute control, and this they accomplish by making everything out of control.

There is a simple solution to the male trannies in sports thing; whenever trannies are set to compete against a female or a female team, the females objecting... or the team... should simply refuse to show up; game... set... match. It will soon be over once they focus some intelligence on the matter.

Look what happened at Anheuser Busch where The Usual Suspect in charge... associated an awful beer with a ridiculous character; almost 6 billion dollars in value has been lost since she/her did it. Despite the level of tastelessness required to drink that carbonated urine, entire demographics are now refusing to buy it. Decades ago, we were saying this; don't show up... one way or the other... and the whole thing shuts down!

Do you know what Communism is? It's where a group of criminals preach equality for all, and it is then enforced by those who apply it in a country they have taken over and for which no further remedy exists... except for flight or violent revolution. You can see it in operation right this moment in The United States. The waves of immigrants being intentionally routed across the borders are all people familiar with these forms of government... and desperate to oblige The Overlords.

Communism is when a group of sociopaths are able to take over a country under false pretenses, and then force their will upon all the inhabitants who are not part of their group or who are otherwise willing accomplices that get a small piece of the action. It doesn't work, except in its pure sense in Heaven. It does not work on Earth because life here cannot be arranged under that system unless Hell-on-Earth is the desirable end. Why is everyone who can leave, leaving Venezuela to come here? Venezuela is a beautiful place with many resources. Why is it now a shithole country?

Short of a spiritual awakening, America is doomed. Yesterday... I went to the gym, as I do every other day at that time when the fewest people are present. People would go from one machine to the other, and then they would check their cellphones each time. People on treadmills and other aerobic devices were immersed in their cellphones while engaged in the action. These are older folk. You would think they would know better.

What it comes down to is pathological sensation-seeking. Sensation-seeking is the reverse of self-inquiry. Without self-inquiry, the mirror of reflection soon becomes incapable of giving a reflection, and... step by step... one no longer knows who they are.

They drift further and further from their center until Nature's centrifugal force tosses them into utter darkness. This is not a possible result. This is the predictable result; get immersed in... get lost in externals... and soon you are lost indeed.

Children now spend all their time thumbhumping their phones or traversing violent, imaginary worlds. Their own actual world will come to reflect this. It is Cosmic Law. Imagination generates what holds its attention.

It's not as bad as it looks, and... it is even worse than it looks, due to the obvious pending results that anyone with a brain could see, if... they... wanted... to... see. Global... national... and individual Karma is working out in real time... this very moment.

I know I have been talking about these conditions and events for some time, and also in a very regular fashion. Part of the reason is that it is easy to forget what the mind is not regularly directed to. The force of The World, in the stages of advanced Materialism, is extraordinarily powerful. This is why people are hammering on their cellphones, getting immersed in virtual worlds, changing their moods and sexual identities as often as they change their clothes, and likely even more often than that.

They are doing everything besides confronting themselves, and as for religion... which used to fill that area of concern... you are now getting what is shown in the link at the beginning of the post. The thing is... Materialism is a religion, and God... so... loves... The... World... he's going to have to send someone again... and is sending someone again... or The World is lost, and that may well be true here and there anyway.

People know... in that place inside them that they refuse to look at; they know The World is headed South at the rate of free-fall. You really need to have an anchor or... utter darkness is a very likely result. Those who cannot hear must feel, and at some point, God really does pick up a two-by-four.

Why not get ahead of the curve? Why not catch yourself before the inevitable junction of a rock and a hard place? The Story of Life... the long tortured saga... is easily predictable; you do this, and that happens. You do that, and this happens. You do this consistently, and that happens consistently. You fail to do certain things consistently... yadda yadda.

In Times of Material Darkness, the critical actions require a superhuman effort. I don't care how you compute it... you need help. You cannot do it alone. That was what a community used to provide for kindred spirits, but... both community and kindred spirits are getting harder, and harder to find.

Both a sense of community and kindred spirits exist, but these days it is often at a further remove. Bad things are swirling in the invisible and looking for a place to land. You can see the places where they are landing... in the news every day.

Human evolution... due to the blindness created by Materialism... is going in reverse. Many people no longer know how to read or write. They cannot do simple math. Their worldview is being formed for them by perverts. Entire demographics no longer are able to communicate without endless streams of invective, and violence is often the reaction to anything that does not indicate complete compliance.

Those who are behind encouraging and implementing all of these devolutionary trends imagine that they will be able to control those that they are reducing to the level of livestock. They imagine they can stuff their bags with viable currency and head out of town... once they have set the towns on fire. Maybe it worked like that in times previously, when they did what they did for reasons best known to themselves. It's not going to work that way this time.

When the winds come up and the ground begins to tremble because The Voice of God is speaking, you are going to need an anchor. You are going to need something you can append yourself to. This is the reason we say the same things over, and over, and over again. It's too late to prepare when it comes upon you unprepared and there is no safe harbor to be found.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, April 10, 2023

"They are Driven by The Force of Borrowed Will, and Twisted by Monsters in Search of Ever-Greater Monstrosities."

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I requested some Easter music this (Sunday) morning, it being Easter, and... no matter how I phrased my request, I was told that no such thing existed on Amazon. I couldn't get anything even from The Mormon Tabernacle Choir. There was nada except for elevator music and... some jazz. So... I said, well... how about something Satanic or Infernal. They had PLENTY of that.

I did get some Easter music though; metaphorically speaking. It's a kind of reversed Road to Damascus, BUT... not unwelcome, and... I expect to see a lot more of it shortly. Here is the first example; sent in by a close friend...

and... another perspective on the same thing from the same source. This fellow in the video; no longer with us... was once a Communist functionary. He's now doing the old soft-shoe to some hot-foot blues.

Meanwhile, I had to search a bit for provenance on this.

It wasn't present in my first exposure to it. I don't like to promote this sort of thing, BUT... I have to seriously wonder why the scene was cut out of the official release, AND... why does he ask the young boy to suck his tongue... in English?

Because I am not a fan of this man, I hesitate to comment further. What I will do is provide one... last... link... with a little more detail, so... at least we know the event happened and is not a deep fake. I don't know how you explain this away, ESPECIALLY in light of all the public awareness of dark shit on the sexual frontiers concerning children.

Here's the deal, my friends... independent of all the events of recent times that indicate low behavior among the highly born; materially speaking... this is what happens in an apocalypse. Somehow... by inexplicable means, through the operations of a mysterious force, the covers are being torn away from those who have... for so long... used them as a means of concealment.

From one quarter, all these exposures are being used to kill the collective faith in that upon which all sincere religions have been built; for as many years as there are grains of sand upon a beach. From another quarter it is simply part of the process of, out with the old and in with the new, even though there is nothing new under The Sun; his... will... to... be... done.

Now... The Pope is collaborating with Pedo-Disney on a documentary. He says using dating apps like Tinder is “normal” while insisting “the true Church is on the peripheries.” (of what?) Of course... this does not surprise me. I ran into The Pope on The Invisible Plane during my six-week fugue state in Italy, and the experience left me with no doubt about the blanketing darkness that infests the established church.

These wolves in sheep's clothing... these false prophets and whitened sepulchers... are everywhere in the religious and political hierarchies. During my visitation in hyperspace, I encountered a great many of these public figures in the higher plane reality of their transitory selves. Quite frankly, I am amazed to be still corporate, given the intensity of some of the events I have passed through. As many have said, both publicly and privately; “I guess God's not done with me yet.”

Of course, God is never done with us because our spiritual evolution is a work of endless refining until we shine with the inner light of pure spiritual gold, and even that... is but a stage upon the way.

Honestly, I don't know. Maybe it does stop somewhere in places like Brahmaloka, AND... I am sure that there are parallel locations of the same kind of place for each and every feature of true faith. The religions that represent the process of passage to a higher and more enduring existence are each like the facets of a diamond from which a self-generating light shines for eternity, and... each true religion is another persona that is a temporary face generated by The Everlasting Impersonal to represent the moment we are in.

Now they are seeking to inject the gene-modifying mRNA spike-protein Killer Vaccines into cows and pigs, AND... lest the vegetarians get over-confident... into vegetables as well.

Who knows what further state of being these possessed... and deluded psychopaths intend for a destination? Quo vadis... humanity? Now we see the true face of transhumanism. OBVIOUSLY... an ancient and invisible evil... is the animating force that drives the possessed toward an unhinged darkness filled with gnashing teeth and screams of despair.

Is this our destiny? Are we compelled to be driven there by force of momentarily borrowed will, twisted by monsters in search of ever-greater monstrosities? Such would be the case, were it not that a greater will is in ceaseless command of all variations of will that ever were or ever shall be. This... my friends... is a test.

Yes... it is hard. Yes... it seems overwhelming at times with no respite in sight, as evil is piled upon evil, and madness has gone exponential in the streets of the darkling cities. Dr. Moreau and Dr. Frankenstein are the chief residents in the hospital systems of the present. One can find no reason or rhyme in anything they do. They are clinically insane. You can hear their howling, insane laughter resounding off of the cavernous halls of fetid laboratories; “It's alive! It's alive!”

God will not... God cannot help you... if you go off his viewing screen. Oh yes... EVENTUALLY, you will find your way back around, BUT... at what cost?

You can clearly see that all of these transitioning people have lost their minds. There are Twitter LS sites to cover all the constant horrors that each new day brings; woke parents, end wokeness, leftism, Trans Posting L's, males in disguise, and all the other sites of derangement. There are dozens of them. I only wandered there for a short time. It REALLY tests your faith in things to come. The Crazy-Land Express is running 24/7 everywhere now.

Something is coming and it won't be long arriving. The madness cannot sustain itself. The Purpose of Demonstration must eventually achieve its purpose.

Dear God, we pray that you hear our earnest pleas... that some measure of vision, and a release from the tormenting pressure of Materialism might come upon us in... this... dark... hour. We know it is not dark at all, but only SEEMS so. We pray that you will open our inner sight so that we might see more deeply, and know with a greater certitude and confidence that you are among us and within us at every moment, and ever shall be. Awaken our hearts to your constant indwelling presence... so that our faith might blaze incandescent and light our way wherever you choose to lead us.

We pray to know, with blessed assurance that you are our strength and sustenance at all times, and that we need NEVER fear or doubt the certainty of your protection in all states of adversity and need. You are the light that cannot be extinguished. May... you... come... soon.

Oh... how quickly the darkness of The Separated Mind seeks to swallow all our hopes and good intentions, by way of Divide and Conquer. The Mind is the battlefield where our personal war is waged, and a sane person concerns themselves with no other conflicts because... ALL external conflicts are the product of an interior conflict. Make peace with yourself and there will be no one to contend with you. They simply will not see you in that light because... you will be outside the bandwidth that identifies contention.

I do not know the truth of the matter concerning the Dalai Lama. What perplexes me is why he would do such a thing considering the implications. I am left with the thought that he was unaware of it as it occurred. This is what The Heavenly Hierarchy is doing in the minds of all the titleholders of our time; be their title gained by birth... talent... placement... wealth or fame... or whatever the Karmic magnet that holds them in a specific persona for a metered period of time.

For some reason, guided by The Will of God, all the momentary movers and shakers of The World are being moved and shaken without their permission.

We live in a segment of time... when anyone's grip on the idea they have of themselves... is tenuous and fragile where it comes into contact with Truth. Mr. Apocalypse is walking invisibly through The World and tapping people with his walking stick. He hits them like a piñata, and whatever is concealed within... tumbles to the material surface on which they stand, and identifies itself like a chorus girl troop of dancing M&Ms; “Hi! I'm so and so and this is what I am.”

Whether it is provoked from without or provoked from within, it will be exposed to the eyes of The World for what it is, due to the force of apocalypse that is loose for The Purpose of Demonstration. If one is concealing nothing at all then all that is exposed will be the light shining through their transparency. This is what happens to us anyway... in the process of living, through the accumulating feedback in the passage of our thoughts... our words... and our deeds... we are either becoming more and more obscured or... more and more translucent.

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Wednesday, April 05, 2023

"Their Orders Come from Renegade Principalities and Powers Who Get their Orders from The Dark Lord Himself."

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It has been some years now since we have been talking about the spread of Insanity across the country and around The World... due to the increase of Materialism. Surely it has been more than a decade and possibly two decades. I know I have been seeing it for longer than that.

It first came to my attention in the 60s. Anyone who was present for them can agree with me that they were pretty crazy times. Certainly... a big part of it was the drugs. Drugs open areas of The Mind that were previously inactive. It was a time of spiritual awakening, AND... it was a time of sexual awakening... because we have a material body, AND... several immaterial bodies.

A lot of what happened had to do with the stage of collective human evolution that was present at the time it happened. A great many people were deeply asleep and did not wake up the whole time. Many of them have not awakened since; have even bred children who haven't awakened either.... and who have also had children who have not awakened.

The Dream Manipulators have been around for a long time. Until technology made a wider material reach possible, they worked through telepathic invasion and social conditioning that was built around laws created by the lawmakers to keep everyone in their own grazing areas. The metaphorical wolves in sheep's clothing have been around for ages. They are part of the dramas that make life interesting.

When The Sexual Revolution arrived they were Johnny-on-The-Spot. The Spiritual Awakening was also a revolution in thought. On the one hand, you had sensory exploration. On the other hand, you had extra-sensory exploration. The force of Materialism accelerated the sexual dynamic and it hasn't stopped to take a breath since.

The sexual experience is a limited engagement. The satiation period is brief and it eventually leads to the desire to go deeper... to go further... to go off the beaten path. Two drugs played a big part in the escalation of serial sexual activity. They were Cocaine and Ecstasy. Cocaine amplified the diabolical aspect of sexual encounters. It makes whatever you get up to okay. It makes evil and depraved behaviors magnetically attractive. There was a fake spirituality about Cocaine initially... until the depravity angle hit full-bore.

Cocaine and Disco dovetailed and opened the saloon doors that swing both ways. The Gay Thing took off, especially in the cities where Nature had already been beaten within an inch of her life. That was the 70s. Coke went mainstream in the 80s among the moneyed set; most notably on Wall Street and Hollywood. I had a front-row seat for all of it, even if I was a bit off to the side, I was still able to move around the fringes of the action.

Also in the 80s... Ecstasy ran over the borders of The University of California laboratories, and into the hands of those informed about its presence... it was being developed to treat problems with intimacy and alcoholism; at least that was the story. The compound was very clean in those days. I had as much of it as I wanted and it was a remarkable substance.

Then it was made illegal and slowly but surely, The Israelis cornered the market on it and changed the composition. This became the go-to chemical for blurred boundaries with blurred genders... where anything goes. They call it Molly now, probably cause Molly is who you wind up as.

It was Cocaine's touchy-feely little sister, and if you weren't paying attention, it would turn you into one. I could see what they had done to it because I had the whole before and after thing. One feature I noticed... big time... was that it created a feminized mindset in the male consciousness. I always pay attention to what something does to me in my head, and I tried every drug there was on my way to figuring out what I liked and did not like. So... I saw the whole sexual culture being manipulated through chemistry. I saw it happen right in front of me.

The government and certain vested material interests have been working the scene for years, modifying human nature and trying to wash away the boundaries of good conduct... into a Good Time Charlie-Dr Feelgood, Big-Tent perversity game; the hot and sweaty rodeo of different cowboy and cowgirl positions where... if it feels good, do it became the mantra for more and more freedom under the guidon of unbridled license.

They spread crack-Cocaine through the ghettos for crowd management, via a government agency that is prohibited to act domestically.

Now... you see where we are. The whole sexual mutation and mutilation thing is and always has been, a government psy-op; keeping in mind that the government is owned and operated by The Bankers. The government is a tool wielded by those who control the money supply. It... does... what... it... is... told, and all of the other industries; The Media... Entertainment... Education... Religion... Finance... Manufacturing... ad infinitum; they do what the government tells them to under orders from The Banks.

If they don't do what they are told, the regulator agencies come into play to ENFORCE the will of The Bankers through those agencies.

The Bankers are agents of Hell World. That is where their inspiration and marching orders come from. Yes... EVERYONE takes orders from someone, even if they are at the top of the pyramid, that's only the material plane. Their orders come from renegade Principalities and Powers who get their orders from The Dark Lord himself. I've met him on several occasions. He is a very charming fellow.

Even he takes orders from someone because The Devil is an employee of God Almighty who... is... the... only... one... who... doesn't... take... orders... so far as we assume... BECAUSE it is all incomprehensible to you at that point, and likely well before that. It's all for The Purpose of Demonstration, here in this dream world that is God's playground, where he entertains himself.

You may not appreciate my saying that. You might think, “Who the Hell is this God that entertains himself with my suffering?” He is not the one who makes you suffer. You are. You could be playing with him right this moment and having a fine time of it; I am.

There are Heavenly Realms and there are Hell Worlds. How your sexuality expresses itself determines which of these you will eventually be visiting. Obviously... The Kingdom of Materialism, overseen by Mammon, or whatever names he is going by now, is a Hell World. Anything that makes you forget The Creator... automatically directs you to a Hell World. It might take a while to get there or... it could happen in an instant, but... Hell World is where True God is absent and False God is present.

Here is one example of the state of the times concerning sexual identity and the cluelessness that exists below the surface constructs made from tissue paper and glue.

There are thousands of delusional characters like this, from which the new legions of Manchurian Candidates are being forged. What's the point? The point is to make you weak... confused... and controllable. The point is to rip the fiber from the American spirit and make it an obedient slave by first making it a slave to its appetites and attractions.

As I mentioned in the beginning, we've stated that Insanity was going to get more and more wack and widespread for years. Some of us have seen this coming for a long time now. Surely you have had ample time to see that this is true and growing in ever more fertile ground.

Fortunately... I say, FORTUNATELY... God is Real and he knows what he's doing, even if no one else does. This is the means by which he brings us to a more enduring awakening, and... yes... he's got a Hell of a way of going about it. That's not God creating those conditions. These are the extremes we have ALLOWED ourselves to be guided to by Appetite and Desire. We walked there on our own.

Angels are standing by at all times to lead you out of this. Unfortunately... for many... they have too much of themselves invested in castles made of sand, AND... they want what they want and they don't care what you have to say about the matter, so... usually, it is best to keep your thoughts to yourself. I don't have that luxury.

Bless indiscriminately. Bless everything and everyone. Operate from the high end of the mental plane, and let your thoughts be expressions of a harmony with all things. Thoughts are more powerful than feelings and feelings are more powerful than actions. You can control yourself and The World around you by your thoughts BECAUSE... as a man thinketh, so is he.

End Transmission.......

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