Monday, April 10, 2023

"They are Driven by The Force of Borrowed Will, and Twisted by Monsters in Search of Ever-Greater Monstrosities."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I requested some Easter music this (Sunday) morning, it being Easter, and... no matter how I phrased my request, I was told that no such thing existed on Amazon. I couldn't get anything even from The Mormon Tabernacle Choir. There was nada except for elevator music and... some jazz. So... I said, well... how about something Satanic or Infernal. They had PLENTY of that.

I did get some Easter music though; metaphorically speaking. It's a kind of reversed Road to Damascus, BUT... not unwelcome, and... I expect to see a lot more of it shortly. Here is the first example; sent in by a close friend...

and... another perspective on the same thing from the same source. This fellow in the video; no longer with us... was once a Communist functionary. He's now doing the old soft-shoe to some hot-foot blues.

Meanwhile, I had to search a bit for provenance on this.

It wasn't present in my first exposure to it. I don't like to promote this sort of thing, BUT... I have to seriously wonder why the scene was cut out of the official release, AND... why does he ask the young boy to suck his tongue... in English?

Because I am not a fan of this man, I hesitate to comment further. What I will do is provide one... last... link... with a little more detail, so... at least we know the event happened and is not a deep fake. I don't know how you explain this away, ESPECIALLY in light of all the public awareness of dark shit on the sexual frontiers concerning children.

Here's the deal, my friends... independent of all the events of recent times that indicate low behavior among the highly born; materially speaking... this is what happens in an apocalypse. Somehow... by inexplicable means, through the operations of a mysterious force, the covers are being torn away from those who have... for so long... used them as a means of concealment.

From one quarter, all these exposures are being used to kill the collective faith in that upon which all sincere religions have been built; for as many years as there are grains of sand upon a beach. From another quarter it is simply part of the process of, out with the old and in with the new, even though there is nothing new under The Sun; his... will... to... be... done.

Now... The Pope is collaborating with Pedo-Disney on a documentary. He says using dating apps like Tinder is “normal” while insisting “the true Church is on the peripheries.” (of what?) Of course... this does not surprise me. I ran into The Pope on The Invisible Plane during my six-week fugue state in Italy, and the experience left me with no doubt about the blanketing darkness that infests the established church.

These wolves in sheep's clothing... these false prophets and whitened sepulchers... are everywhere in the religious and political hierarchies. During my visitation in hyperspace, I encountered a great many of these public figures in the higher plane reality of their transitory selves. Quite frankly, I am amazed to be still corporate, given the intensity of some of the events I have passed through. As many have said, both publicly and privately; “I guess God's not done with me yet.”

Of course, God is never done with us because our spiritual evolution is a work of endless refining until we shine with the inner light of pure spiritual gold, and even that... is but a stage upon the way.

Honestly, I don't know. Maybe it does stop somewhere in places like Brahmaloka, AND... I am sure that there are parallel locations of the same kind of place for each and every feature of true faith. The religions that represent the process of passage to a higher and more enduring existence are each like the facets of a diamond from which a self-generating light shines for eternity, and... each true religion is another persona that is a temporary face generated by The Everlasting Impersonal to represent the moment we are in.

Now they are seeking to inject the gene-modifying mRNA spike-protein Killer Vaccines into cows and pigs, AND... lest the vegetarians get over-confident... into vegetables as well.

Who knows what further state of being these possessed... and deluded psychopaths intend for a destination? Quo vadis... humanity? Now we see the true face of transhumanism. OBVIOUSLY... an ancient and invisible evil... is the animating force that drives the possessed toward an unhinged darkness filled with gnashing teeth and screams of despair.

Is this our destiny? Are we compelled to be driven there by force of momentarily borrowed will, twisted by monsters in search of ever-greater monstrosities? Such would be the case, were it not that a greater will is in ceaseless command of all variations of will that ever were or ever shall be. This... my friends... is a test.

Yes... it is hard. Yes... it seems overwhelming at times with no respite in sight, as evil is piled upon evil, and madness has gone exponential in the streets of the darkling cities. Dr. Moreau and Dr. Frankenstein are the chief residents in the hospital systems of the present. One can find no reason or rhyme in anything they do. They are clinically insane. You can hear their howling, insane laughter resounding off of the cavernous halls of fetid laboratories; “It's alive! It's alive!”

God will not... God cannot help you... if you go off his viewing screen. Oh yes... EVENTUALLY, you will find your way back around, BUT... at what cost?

You can clearly see that all of these transitioning people have lost their minds. There are Twitter LS sites to cover all the constant horrors that each new day brings; woke parents, end wokeness, leftism, Trans Posting L's, males in disguise, and all the other sites of derangement. There are dozens of them. I only wandered there for a short time. It REALLY tests your faith in things to come. The Crazy-Land Express is running 24/7 everywhere now.

Something is coming and it won't be long arriving. The madness cannot sustain itself. The Purpose of Demonstration must eventually achieve its purpose.

Dear God, we pray that you hear our earnest pleas... that some measure of vision, and a release from the tormenting pressure of Materialism might come upon us in... this... dark... hour. We know it is not dark at all, but only SEEMS so. We pray that you will open our inner sight so that we might see more deeply, and know with a greater certitude and confidence that you are among us and within us at every moment, and ever shall be. Awaken our hearts to your constant indwelling presence... so that our faith might blaze incandescent and light our way wherever you choose to lead us.

We pray to know, with blessed assurance that you are our strength and sustenance at all times, and that we need NEVER fear or doubt the certainty of your protection in all states of adversity and need. You are the light that cannot be extinguished. May... you... come... soon.

Oh... how quickly the darkness of The Separated Mind seeks to swallow all our hopes and good intentions, by way of Divide and Conquer. The Mind is the battlefield where our personal war is waged, and a sane person concerns themselves with no other conflicts because... ALL external conflicts are the product of an interior conflict. Make peace with yourself and there will be no one to contend with you. They simply will not see you in that light because... you will be outside the bandwidth that identifies contention.

I do not know the truth of the matter concerning the Dalai Lama. What perplexes me is why he would do such a thing considering the implications. I am left with the thought that he was unaware of it as it occurred. This is what The Heavenly Hierarchy is doing in the minds of all the titleholders of our time; be their title gained by birth... talent... placement... wealth or fame... or whatever the Karmic magnet that holds them in a specific persona for a metered period of time.

For some reason, guided by The Will of God, all the momentary movers and shakers of The World are being moved and shaken without their permission.

We live in a segment of time... when anyone's grip on the idea they have of themselves... is tenuous and fragile where it comes into contact with Truth. Mr. Apocalypse is walking invisibly through The World and tapping people with his walking stick. He hits them like a piñata, and whatever is concealed within... tumbles to the material surface on which they stand, and identifies itself like a chorus girl troop of dancing M&Ms; “Hi! I'm so and so and this is what I am.”

Whether it is provoked from without or provoked from within, it will be exposed to the eyes of The World for what it is, due to the force of apocalypse that is loose for The Purpose of Demonstration. If one is concealing nothing at all then all that is exposed will be the light shining through their transparency. This is what happens to us anyway... in the process of living, through the accumulating feedback in the passage of our thoughts... our words... and our deeds... we are either becoming more and more obscured or... more and more translucent.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Heh-heh-heh. I say, 'The gods aren't done abusing me yet.' Another doozy of a nostrils to the sky post.

I'm expecting a total world wide economic collapse shortly, like way before year end from what I read. Exactly what the world needs, though I'm sure many will cringe at that statement.

Oh well. Rock on!

Anonymous said...

mas and Mas Visible

Many a people are in some-sort-of-cognitive-dissonance regrading the nature of what is undeniably so regarding the 'young-tongue-sucking-fiend' and i find it simple to resonate with the.
Nearly four decades ago, some syncronicity had me interact with a Rimpoche from kagyu/drakpa lineage in an informal setting and so the conversation was the usual chit chat about spirituality and New cAge figures. Knowing through a third party that this Rimpoche and the fiend were biological brothers, not twins, i dared to ask what , as a member of these lineages, was his personal opinion regarding the fiend, although i used the usual title this incarnation of fiend represents to pose the question, bilogical brotherhood being the condition...... Moment of cognitive dissonance..... He looked me right in the eyes, and said... /he son-of-a-bitch/.... Major moment of cognitive disonance...... mental transmission ..... many doubts and confusions vanish..... still, having 'no hair on my tounge' as the people use local expression in an 'acusatory tone) frequently tell me, (not my fault, really 'sincerely' not my fault; i was made like this).. i asked verbally to clear up the remaining fog regarding what was just expressed, and he replied, it was not an infiltration, he was 'born' like that.... (just writing this , the memory is burning up something with a kind electrical burn-off in various parts of my body and associated subtle-bodies)....

Regarding piñata theme in your poem-in-prose, Mr.Apocalipse is making his rounds, dropping 'seeds', quite 'Anonimously', until further reflection...

Met him, without realizing, some weeks/moths back, fuzzy geo/temporal more temporal, because i was sitting in a restaurant and overhearing a conversation between (beTwin) a father of some pre-adolescence and a woke some-person in full regalia of same, regarding the gender confusion theme, whe Mr A., said through the mouth of the father-figure, ''mira, no me importa come te identificas, pero si hablas con mis hijos de esta tema, yo te voy identificar como una piñata, me entiendes?'

'Fiendy' had enough intelligence to comprehend the 'look, i do not care how you identify yourself, the moment you talk to my children. i am going to idetify you as a piñata. understand?', and close noise-making apparatus with both lips, (and great will-power) at the obvious consequences to not do so, get a slightly bent over body posture, and biped-like-slither distance itself.

Mr A. has a stick, a walking- stick, you have called it.... anytime now that could be described as a piñata rod, beating the piñata , until the sweets fall down, for the children attending the birthday party, rush to collect them, all to music and singing of the 'Happy Birthday

I am seriously considering opening up a piñata store as a'business' front-and-fund-generating operation, as soon as therapists, psychologists and analysts catch on to the new technique of the 'role-playing release'... do not, it is advisable, confuse piñata-rod for flaming-plasma sword, some idiot invited Miki and Mini to the party !!!!

Piñata for Your birthday ???

Cheerful Love GrizzlyBear Hug

Guy Reid-Brown said...

I sincerely hope Rixon puts this one up.

God-ness Bless

Anonymous said...

majority of humans became inhuman, with no sensitivity, empathy, kindness, charity, or compassion, and the vax is simply the tool of the divine force to sterilize and/or remove the masses. Of course it's the elite's fault for conditioning the masses into such inhumanity, and no doubt the divine force is using the elite to destroy the evil society they have built worldwide before finally destroying them too. Our only job is to be human, choose compassion and kindness and charity.

Bill said...

Haven't you said the same thing several times here in about a week gone? I was expecting some rap about how you made so much posting this and I too could make 800 dollars a day.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

I have never trusted the Dalai - he smiles too much

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"It's not Poison Unless You are Poisonous. It Takes The Form You Give It, Depending on What Rules Your World."



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