Saturday, October 31, 2020

"Magic is Like the Wind and All Magic is in the Will and the Quality of All Magic is Determined by INTENTION."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

This is the cultural blog. That means we have to put on our hip-boot waders and surround ourselves with an aura of cleansing Love, given the toxicity of the times. Due to the level of chaos and confusion that is rampant at this turning of the age, there are MANY trends moving through the collective mind of Humanity that are being missed for several reasons. One is that people are too close to the action to see them. Another is that they are representative of the trends and have lost their objective perspective; if it were ever present to begin with. Another is that there is a cloying, hypnotic miasma that is moving like an ill wind through certain levels of awareness, and of which the victims of it are unaware. It is difficult to dispel, most especially if you are unaware of it.

Keep in mind that it is NOT ONLY money that George Soros, The Deep State, China, Big Tech and the supporters of the Progressive Left agenda bring to the battlefield of our time. There is MAGIC at work. There has ALWAYS been MAGIC at work. This is the big factor that is not mentioned and it has been at work in human affairs for a VERY LONG TIME. There are two magics in this world. They are the Magic of Light and the Magic of Darkness and they are most effective when applied to those who live in the light and are influenced by The Light and when applied to those who live in darkness and are influenced by darkness. What do I mean by this? We will explore the various features next.

The Magic of Darkness has several powerful weapons at its disposal. One is Human Ignorance. Another is Human Fear. Another is Carnal Nature, expressed in low passions and appetites. These are collectively VERY POWERFUL in Times of Material Darkness, when Humanity has the benefits of convenience and physical ease that has been brought to them by technological advances. It should be stated here, and with emphasis...

Civilization is humanities reaction to PAIN, in the pursuit of COMFORT.

This is aided and abetted by Alcohol and Drugs and millions of distractions that militate AGAINST Introspection and Self Inquiry. We, collectively have no idea who we are, in terms of purpose and true aspiration. We shall discover that in this coming Age of Brotherhood.

The Magic of Light also has powerful weapons; Hope and Faith, Clarity... and chief among all of these- LOVE. Love expresses in Unity and it is the main weapon and shield for the workers of The Magic of Light. The Magic of Darkness has Discord and Disunity. It expresses in Diversity. It makes you wonder about that word; doesn't it? I did not mention all of the powerful weapons of the Magic of Light. It is enough that I mentioned LOVE. You... the reader... can extrapolate out from that. Some of the weapons of Light seem not to be weapons, like Compassion, a very powerful weapon. Lao Tzu said that “Compassion is a weapon from the sky against being dead.”

If you look at what is happening in this country at this time... today, it should be VERY CLEAR to you, WHO is doing WHAT, and 'WHAT' should be very clear too. The Press and MEDIA, whose responsibility is to report the truth about events, past and present, is an industry of LIES. If you want to see who they fear, look at who they lie about. If you want to see who they support, look at who they lie and obfuscate on the behalf of. Look at what they report and what they omit. Who, presently is preaching FEAR and who is preaching Optimism? Who was it previously that started and supported wars and who is it that is presently ending conflicts and making PEACE? I need give no names here and I need not go on any further. I need ONLY to state again what The Master, The Prince of Peace said, “By their works, ye shall know them.” Really... my friends; do I need to say more? I will say a little more.

Who is it that supports the riots in the streets, whose agenda is JUSTICE... so they say... so they say? Is Justice accomplished through brutality and looting? Who wants to keep the country closed down, the schools closed down and the borders opened? Who is opposing this and promoting the reverse? Who has, PROVABLY profited by conspiring with the enemy? Who has not done so? Is that enough? There is so much more but I will cease in that area now. If you care to know, then you do know. If you do not care to know, you will not.

The Magic of Darkness has been VERY effective. The common souls do not know the truth about Bill Gates. They do not know that Dr. Fauci funded the research that brought COVID out of Wuhan. He gave them 3.7 million dollars, BUT... the Deep State protects its own... UNTIL IT DOESN'T. We would be in deep shit from the Deep State were it not for THE AWAKENING. I thank my fortunate stars EVERY DAY that I am able, through the industry of previous lives, to KNOW that God is Supreme over all and to have no concern for the Deep State or the Infernal Kingdom. You do know that the Infernal Kingdom exists as a location for those who seek to exist in and BEHAVE IN a certain fashion and the Supernal Realm is the same? These are states of being manifested from states of mind. You get, INEVITABLY, the fruits of your intentions.

There are many people, incarnate here in this moment who are in Hell. There are others who are in Heaven and there are LEVELS to reside at in each of them. Heaven and Hell are states of mind. There are also states beyond mind at the Buddhic, causal, and Atmic locations. Other systems list the planes on which our different bodies exist as being the Physical, Astral, Mental, Buddhic, Divine, Logoic, and Monadic. Each tradition has different names. The Astral is the plane of Feelings. You can see how Heaven and Hell might have locations there but NOT ONLY there. You do not have to be anywhere you do not want to be, and anywhere you wish to be... you have ONLY to go about with the certitude that you are ALREADY THERE, and it WILL form around you. Everything HERE starts as an IDEA. Then it becomes a blueprint. Then it goes through a process of construction. Then it is materialized. The only difference between us and a fully realized being is how long it takes for our visions to materialize.

What you do comes back on you. PERIOD. You are where you put yourself and right this moment, the way to anywhere stretches before you. As you think, so you are. This is VERY POWERFUL magic.

These magics have impacted on Human Consciousness for a very long time. At certain times, the priest class was the repository of magic. At other times, the magicians served the interest of Rulers. There are Black Magicians in the halls of power around the world. They are the powers and principalities, the rulers of the darkness of this world, and the spiritual wickedness in high places. Some of them are in physical form and some of them are discarnate and work through the minds of the incarnate. When you live and act a certain way you are open to the influences of certain magics. You are the recipient of the forces you invite in. You have to invite them in! It's like the stories of vampires who cannot cross your threshold unless invited.

Magic is a funny thing. I am NOT talking about Stage Magic. Magic is invisible. You can see the effect of it but not the cause of it. It is like the wind and all magic is in the will and the quality of all magic is determined by INTENTION. We practice magic all the time but are unaware of it. Healing is a similar thing. Some people heal you just by your being around them. Others make you sick the same way. If you knew how powerful you are, your life would be very different. HOWEVER... one must ALWAYS keep in mind the tale of The Sorcerers Apprentice and MANY ANOTHER 'cautionary' TALE. One MUST have a righteous teacher. Jesus Christ comes to mind. He is teaching ALL THE TIME. You simply have to be able to set your dial. You have an internal radio. You have to fine-tune to WCRST... or WKRNA or... whatever font of Ageless Wisdom you SUBSCRIBE to.

LOVE is the MOST powerful magic of all. It immediately overcomes any other magic but you must be fixed in the expression of it... UNSHAKEABLE. FEAR is the tool of darkness and the interesting TRUTH Is that Fear and Love CANNOT exist in the same space at the same time. They displace each other. Your course of action should be clear. The power and force that is generated out of DISCIPLINE is amazing. Take command of your mind and your thoughts and you take control of your world.

My friends... I say the same things again and again in a different way. I am now saying that again and again (grin). Hopefully, I do not get to where I am saying this again and again. It is simple, my friends. It is simple. Love God and Love your neighbor. You need to do no more than that, other than to Serve as you Go. There needs be no complexity about this. Cast out intruding thoughts and hold one high ideal in your mind. Plant the seed in your subconscious. Let it sprout. Water and attend this fragile growing plant with your attention. It WILL grow strong. It will shelter and protect you like a mighty tree. This is magic too and it is in your hands.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

"Mr. Apocalypse is the Invisible Hand of God, Exposing Each of Us According to our Nature and our Intent."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The nation is a powder keg at various locations in its urban sectors. Last night in Philadelphia is a classic example. This is due to more than one reason, but you can be sure that behind all of the Rolodexing sources that media heads attribute to THE CAUSE... there is a focused intent. Certain Deep Pocket Satanic forces want President Trump stopped at ANY COST and there are paid agents, on the ground, whose purpose is to generate violent reactions at EVERY opportunity. Last night in Philadelphia is a precursor to what is going to lead up to and directly follow Election Day.

One of the reasons for the HUGE investment in CHAOS is their ever-increasing concern that the best-laid plans are about to be mislaid. THEY REALLY thought that COVID would compost the indefatigable Energizer President. The initial investment is due to the mindset of... 'THE MOMENT IS AT HAND'. Satanists, self-recognized as such, and Satanists by way of disposition, have been working for decades toward a certain end. Here is just ONE example of a CONSTANT shaping of the culture to a specific end. It isn't even Country Music, it's sleazy, zoned-out, softcore porn, celebrating a tattooed depravity of the debased feminine. The idea is to turn the image of The Divine Mother (within our minds) into A WHORE by replicating and relentless picturing of it in every aspect of the entertainment industry; 'bitches and ho's, bitches and ho's'. The Divine Feminine is NOT a bitch and a ho but they want you to think she is. It makes me weep, I love her SO MUCH!!!

ANYTIME you want to DESTROY a culture, you first pervert the sexual mores of the culture. In tandem with this, you work to destroy the Family Unit, which is the basic building block of a society. If you could go back 20 years and experience the times and then flash forward, you would be astonished to see the changes that came in a 'seemingly slow' and incremental fashion, so as to not be evident in the process. There is a dedicated cabal that is relentless and determined to bring about an impenetrable darkness of turmoil and torment, also known as Hell on Earth. It is not profitable to see them as an independent force whose counterpart is the good and the righteous. They are BOTH mere players in a drama intricately designed for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION.

They are compelled to pull out all stops at this point because their ill-chosen manikins of the moment are melting before their eyes.. Here is your initial screen capture and also a longer train of evidence that something has gone terribly wrong with their choices.

You could see by her crazed laughter during a VERY RECENT interview that she is under enormous SPIRITUAL pressure. On the other hand, her running mate is losing his mind, his memory, and his capacity for articulation. It's a total meltdown in progress. None of this is an ACCIDENT. It is all being choreographed by the Celestial Realm, as an object lesson. EVIL DESTROYS ITSELF. It is happening right before your eyes. Mr. Apocalypse is the bartender in the dining room of The Overlook Hotel. Mr. Apocalypse is working his way to the surface in every one of us, according to OUR INTENTIONS. Intention IS Destiny.

Perhaps you noticed that there was hardly anyone at the Biden/Harris campaign event that is shown on the video you just watched? NO ONE is showing up for these events. It is astounding. This is NOT accidental. As I am watching the Lansing, MI. event (Air Force One has just landed), the announcer speaking JUST SAID exactly what I wrote to open this paragraph... heh heh.

Mr. Apocalypse is an IRRESISTABLE FORCE. You cannot stop it, you can only channel it, or be mulched by it. Mr. Apocalypse is The Awakening taking place at this time. He is the Invisible Hand of God, exposing each of us according to our Nature and our Intent.

I have been watching President Trump speak in these recent events and I am seeing what I have not seen before. I am seeing a clarity and extemporaneous inspiration in the man that was not apparent before. Some of the things he is saying about In God we Trust and changing the education system so that children are no longer being programmed with vicious lies is IMPRESSIVE. I look for the subtle tells and I am seeing them. Sometimes the office makes the man. I will tell you a metaphysical secret which I have seen demonstrated through history. When a man or a woman comes into a position of power, angels appear to test the quality of the person and if they are willing, the angels protect and inspire them and make them a shining example to lift the spirits of the people. If they resist, another team from the Infernal Realm appears and they are rendered into an unfortunate example... an object lesson. I feel no schadenfreude about this. I feel sorry for them because THERE BUT FOR FORTUNE GOES YOU AND I.

I feel so blessed now! I feel transformed by the grace of the spirit of God which is in me. I wandered lost and harassed and tortured, BUT... I now know, this was all a part of the process of SHAPING me. There were so many unfortunate qualities that I struggled with, the same as most of the rest of us, AND THEREIN lies one of the greatest of human misfortunes; when one ceases to struggle. There is giving up and there is Conscious Surrender. They ARE NOT the same. My friends... my dear friends, NO MATTER WHAT you imagine you have done, or how unworthy you think yourself, no matter what odds you envisage you are up against; NONE OF THESE can halt or hinder you IF... the Love of God is IN YOUR HEART.

As I have said before, there is a REASON that the Greatest Commandment is called THE GREATEST COMMANDMENT. It is the supreme and direct route to Liberation and the Kingdom of God; “thou shalt LOVE the Lord your God with ALL your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind.” THAT... that is ALL you have to do and following that you will NATURALLY love your neighbor as yourself, BECAUSE your neighbor IS YOURSELF. You don't have to worry about getting the 2nd part right. If you do the first, the second comes automatically.

It is said... and I believe it IMPLICITLY; those who follow The Path of Knowledge, they will have to come back again and follow The Path of Love, BUT... for those who follow The Path of Love, all knowledge will axiomatically come as well. The Truth is, my friends, that in these times of enormous distraction and the forces of evil loose in the collective unconscious, as well as in the wide, wide world, The Path of Love is the ONLY SURE AND CERTAIN WAY. Love is a protective force and the signal important feature of it is YOU FORGET YOURSELF in service to others. Not only does this free you from the possibility of tragic missteps, but it is the SINGLE most wonderful experience you can have; losing yourself in service to others.

I don't do what I do for personal gain. There really isn't enough of that for a hamster to live on. I don't do it for prestige because I am the target of immediate media censure simply for the things I say. I do not do it for any material gain because there isn't any. I do it FOR THE JOY OF IT, and that is beyond my poor talents of description to articulate. It is like a warm wind of certitude, flowing all around you and the whispers of angels in your ears. GOD SEES EVERYTHING and he sees through your eyes. People don't get this BUT... God is resident within each of us, recognize it or not. It does not change it. God IS THE LIFE IN YOU. You could not be alive otherwise and GOD IS ALSO the light in you, like a headlamp of clarity that shines on everything, IF... IF YOU DON'T BLOCK IT.

It is so simple, my dear friends. It is simplicity itself. Love God and all else will follow. I speak from direct experience. Sure... you might suffer on the way, as God tries you and burns away the dross. That is what happens, you know? The painful part is ONLY the parts of ourselves that we are unconsciously attached to, being removed. God is working to make you free and in Times of Material Darkness, it can be painful to let go of what holds you back and causes you to suffer. Stop suffering! Stop wanting anything but God and your suffering WILL go away. Yes... God is incomprehensible. You can NEVER in your mortal state comprehend God but YOU DON'T HAVE TO. God CAN BE KNOWN through his primary emanation... Love, Love, Love. That is what every Avatar is, the embodiment of the Love of God. They are God personified, come to show you the living expression of LOVE. Why is this so hard for people to understand? It is God come in human form to demonstrate the beauty and simplicity of Love. If LOVE works for the living, physical embodiment of LOVE. Why will it not work for you? It will.

Blessings upon you one and all!

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Friday, October 23, 2020

"Doomed Flowers Fading, Falling and Endlessly Composting the Ground for their Next Brief Waving About in the Wind."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I can't remember how it was that I arrived at the name, Mr. Apocalypse. I had to study myself and my tendencies to see if it might have been something I came up with or something I was told. Thinking about it; it's not my nature to invent terms for people or forces, unless I'm writing a novel, or engaging in literary descriptives in some shorter affair, like this. It seems like I was told the name but I can't remember the scene where it happened. I remember the name coming up frequently during the time I was engaged in conversation with the force and it had a personality to it that was distinctive.

I'm not sure it matters how the name came to me. I've no question in my mind about the existence of the character. Since that period when I had several interactions, there haven't been any new engagements. That is possibly because I haven't taken any Ayahuasca or other psychedelics in some time. When I do... everything becomes incredibly animated and I am resident on planes that are not accessible (so far) to me in my every day walking around consciousness. He has slipped into my mind briefly, now and again, to say something like, “I told you that was going to happen.”

Sometimes I get warnings that something really big is on the horizon BUT... so far, I haven't seen it taking place. The Left Coast Earthquake p-e-n-d-i-n-g shows up almost every day. Thinking about it, I went on an internet voyage and discovered this. What is odd about it are his descriptions of a future time and some of it is very accurate. He couldn't have known about any of that.

Hover over the document to view the controls / flip through the pages

Some years ago, I had a dream. It wasn't anything like his BUT... it had the very same stillness feature and absence of birds and other sounds of Nature. It was a literal expression of that humorous trope, “It's quiet.. too quiet.” As far as I have discovered, it first showed up in that film, “Drums Along the Mohawk.” That is what he describes; a kind of quiet that is more than quiet and I had the EXACT same sensation at the time. In the brief time between my sensing that something very wrong was about to happen, I remember feeling this sense of suspended awe. Then the ground began to move violently under my feet. So intense was the experience that I woke up.

Lao Tzu talks about those times when everything is about to go belly up. It starts when people are collectively aware of who their leader is. In the best of situations, they hardly know he exists. As the society degenerates, they obey and acclaim him. As it gets worse, they fear and despise him. Finally, they ridicule and mock him. The last is where we presently find ourselves. Few realize how close we are to chaos and disorder. We are on the doorstep. It doesn't have to go that way and there are illumined souls, singly, and in groups who are working to prevent this. From the higher planes where Shamballah resides... to the realized and incarnate yogis of the Himalayas, they are working on our behalf.

The problem is that we are in a time of great Material Darkness and as a result, the INFERNAL forces and their dedicated servants have become emboldened, and they have the MOST OPPORTUNE climate to operate in; religions are crumbling, degenerate behavior is celebrated, the youth are without direction or vision, art has become banal, uninspired, and perverse, the leaders are corrupt and the general atmosphere is about material acquisition, no matter what means are used. Moral Relativism is in the ascendant. From the schools of higher learning to every area of medicine, dangerous trends are in motion. It is NOT a pretty picture. The biggest problem, and which serves the interests of the infernal realm, is that humanity has been brought to a stage where their appetites shape their values.

We have not arrived, en masse, to this stage by accident. It is a tale told in increments, a step by step procedure you see. At the beginning, and at every point along the way, we walked here in a dream. It is a dream orchestrated by those with a HEAVY investment in the outcome. The situation is that there is more than one outcome and this is where The Divine comes into play. I've mentioned this before but, I suspect it does not completely convince, due to all of the previous influences so many of us have been subject to. First, there is KARMA, which reaches back incalculable distances in some cases, and far less in others. There are old souls and new souls. At least I have been told so by authorities far more informed than myself. Then there are those forces we have all encountered in this incarnation; parents, relatives, friends and enemies, the education system, the culture we grew up in, and sundry agencies that have had a hand in shaping our present mindset.

As I said, I've mentioned what I am about to say several times; there is ONLY ONE ORIGIN of All Force and All Life. There is more than one way to identify it, and our identification depends on whether our perspective is CARNAL or otherwise. At the carnal level, this origin of force is a horned figure, and the relationship is one of bondage. This can be clearly seen in the world around you, IF... you are not CARNAL. I should distinguish here between those human practices that are a normal function of life and a point of view concerning them that is of a lower order. Sex is not bad. It is the point of view that renders it good or bad, and good or bad, for the purpose of this discourse can be defined by whether it BINDS you or not. In Times of Material Darkness, it is most likely to be binding.

We are ALL serving this Origin of All Force, ONE WAY or ANOTHER and we are either in some stage of bondage or some stage of freedom. There are some who are totally free and some that are totally bound BUT NO MATTER WHAT, you are in some relationship to this force and that relationship is forged by intention.

This has been another roundabout journey to get back to what I originally intended to speak about. These forces out of the Infernal Realm are engaged in the same pursuits as those of the Supernal Realm and that is The Harvesting of Souls. It also involves influencing the routine behaviors engaged in, and the directions taken, by anyone susceptible to the encouragements, given by the workers from the different Areas of Enterprise. Between them stands YOU. You can go either way. It is up to you. Life is an elevator. You are either going up... or down. Again we post the Shankara comment:

"These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation and the company of the great-souled ones."

Many people have read that comment. What might they have thought of it? What does that mean; “the human birth”? It seems the writer is implying it is rare. You take the shape best suited to act out your desires and exercise your appetites. The life form moves in one of two directions, toward freedom or bondage. You can see this in life everywhere. You can ALSO see that there is more freedom, GENERALLY, at certain times in a life. It might be appropriate at this time to mention that FORM is a FORM of Bondage.

I started out writing this because of my reflections on Mr. Apocalypse and what I see happening on the world stage, collectively and individually, among the known personas and the unknown. It is glaringly evident to me that many people (especially among the celebrities of the time) are being driven crazy and they are acting out accordingly. On the other hand, some number of us are awakening and becoming saner. We are starting to see what is worth having and what is not, OR... the wall of denial grows ever denser, higher, and wider. ♫ So high, you can't get over it. So wide, you can't get around it ♫

It doesn't seem to matter how poised or aware one might be; difficulties and the force for change, appear in a regular fashion. We are all met with common obstacles. What varies with each of us is how we react. As I study life... and I do this FULL TIME, it becomes ever more and more clear to me that our reactions are one of the major definers of us. Our intentions are the other major definer. Everything we encounter and where we find ourselves afterward has to do with our reactions and our intentions. Reactions and Intentions are also what BINDS and FREES us. The nature of this is simple. The ramifications are too complex for even a library of books. If ONLY we did not react before reflecting on the outcome. If only our intentions were a reflection of the Kingdom of Heaven.

This reminds me of an odd reality that stands in defiance of the equal and opposite reaction schema. It can take a lifetime to construct and an afternoon to destroy. Whether it is the reputation of a life, any of its relationships, the creative output, or any of the areas of our existence we have invested in. It can take a long time to acquire or construct. It can even take lifetimes to arrive at ...and it can ALL go South in a hard, hot hurry.

We are all some variation on a chemist in a lab. Some things mix well together and some combust. This and many another permutation we discover in our experimenting. You WILL become the product of the one you emulate and fashion yourself after in The Crucible of Experience. Sometimes you arrive at it (or it seems like it). Sometimes it is revealed in the process. This seems to me to be the most important question anyone can ask; “Who am I following and where does it lead?” There is a reason that all the terminology of alchemists has the flavor of a lab.

I may need to find another form or medium of expression. I seem to be running out of ways to say the same thing differently; maybe another approach, maybe another area of inquiry in this wide, wide landscape of enterprise.

One thing I am almost confident enough about to say, I KNOW, is... I know that on the other side of this election, conditions on the ground are going to be very changed, no matter which way it goes. If the worst happens, this may not be the place to be. Then again, given that the darkness has now covered the world, where is there the greatest possibility that the light will break through? Of course, the answer is, WITHIN YOU and IF (and I am pretty sure it is not IF) that is the case, it doesn't matter where you are. It matters who you serve and since... who you serve, no matter who it is, is only another form of the same thing... it comes down to what you are comfortable with. They both have advantages; one in the short term and the other in the long.

It can be said, and decidedly so... that the spiritual implications are VASTLY different, depending on how you SEE the one you serve and... I am certain, you will have to serve something or someone. You can ONLY become free of that by going through all of the stations on the road to freedom. Ironically, those who get the point from a particular perspective, no longer want to be free of their service, once certain realities dawn on them. One can't discuss much of this in this medium. This medium ONLY applies within a certain bandwidth, between certain parameters. At some point, you go through a door, aperture, portal, or the bathroom window and the door closes behind you... forevermore. If ever you return, it will be in a greatly changed persona.

Otherwise... there is all the scrambling that goes on down here, for what seems like forever, or until the curtain comes down for a time (and it will) BUT... then the curtain comes up again. I can honestly say, I want no further part of any of this. I'm not from here and I've never been as sanguine about the routes and objectives as so many others are. My heart and mind have never been on this field of play, among all these doomed flowers, endlessly composting the ground for their next brief waving about. I see through it. I can NEVER be deceived again. God be with you all.

End Transmission.......

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Sunday, October 18, 2020

"The Sun, Lady Nature, The Devic Realm, the Invisible Friends and The Stars are ALL LIVING BEINGS."


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Well... they tried impeaching him. They tried rumor and slander. They have used the mighty engines of Butt Boy Media but it did no good. Then they CREATED a pandemic, with a virus no worse than any of the others that have come and gone, and far less deadly than some, and they made the whole country paranoid and almost tanked the economy. That is ALWAYS the real issue. Strangely and inexplicably, the economy kept, more or less, choodlin along.

It HAS TO BE that Q-Anon is right about what they say he is doing (OF COURSE THEY ARE, or they wouldn't be so frantic about discrediting it.) Certainly, 'drain the swamp' indicates something. It has clearly shivered the timbers of entrenched pervs like Clinton sidekicks, John Pederasta and his brother. The President hasn't drained the swamp yet, but he has definitely disturbed the waters and brought all the bottom feeders to the surface; most especially the Crocodile Swine, jaws agape... snorffling in that great atavistic conflict between Fear and Appetite.

Now... They have poured in hundreds of millions from the Communist and Satanic mindsets, to buy the election, spread lies and suppress the truth, and hire every Name that is for sale in the social theater. They have loosed their PAID Minions of Darkness upon the Urban Public. No matter what they do, they cannot stop Mr. Apocalypse. Dr. Anonymous; one of our great contributors of Breaking News, sent this in to me this morning. As allergic as 'some of you' are to links, this is A MUST READ.

It seems... or so I am told, they are about to reveal the money trails that have been so influential in recent times. I could not figure out why the president exuded such an air of confidence lately, nor how it is that he has become so measured and restrained, not to mention poised and articulate. Now I see that they have had these heavy guns in reserve. I am thinking, more and more, that Biden may well step aside from his campaign. I KNOW that Heavy Pressures are at work behind the scenes.

What a time to be living in!!! Off to the side is Lady Nature, p-e-r-c-o-l-a-t-i-n-g. Then... there is the spiritual hierarchy and the influence of The Logos. There are also, OTHER forces from unsuspected regions; those which are hidden in plain sight and also far afield. I can't go into further detail about this because I don't have the details. I have only the whispers of the interior. God is Real and we are soon to get evidence of this unlike ANY that we have previously been exposed to.

Earlier... I was wondering... what if the bad guys win? What does that mean for all the decent people who make up the majority of us? Of course, the virus would go away. Then the relentless waves of sexual perversity, which came into prominence during the reign of the Chicago Bathhouse President, and which has been in limbo or reverse these last years, would have all of the beasts from the Infernal Kingdom crying out, “Surf's Up!”

I will be doing a transmission from the First Church of the Presence of God later today, in which I reference what Master Aivanhov had to say about what is causing so many problems on the material plane. I believe that the reader is going to find this VERY EYE-OPENING!!! I had NEVER had this presented to me in this fashion before and it makes all kinds of sense. It just goes to show how little we know. Sadly, for many people, the less they know, the more sure they are that they have ALL THE ANSWERS. They don't. Unless you are able to say “I DON'T KNOW.” You are guaranteed to be informed, sooner... rather than later, in ways that you, in hind-sight, would have wished to avoid.

I realize that a significant mass of humanity is disturbed, one way or another, and living in a routine of fear and uncertainty. On the OTHER HAND, if you have been looking 'through' appearances, you are becoming more and more familiar with the ever-increasing presence of Celestial Forces and the attendant AWAKENING. I won't even attempt to describe what I have been feeling lately. What I can say is that whatever the focus of your attention is showing you, is the fruit of what you have put your attention upon. Yes... that sounds like STATING THE OBVIOUS, BUT... the level of Collective Myopia, operating with a force of contagion that would make Coronavirus run to Mommy, is the culprit. What I mean is that this is the reason so many people cannot see what is right in front of them. They are ALSO looking in the wrong places.

The Avatar IS coming and a period of Universal Brotherhood is coming with him. The Kingdom of Heaven and God's Righteousness is also set to descend, into the hearts of those who have opened them to this result. In every case, where a place has been prepared, it will be filled, AND this force will knock upon the doors of every fearful and closed heart as well. Some MAY open and some WILL NOT. If you don't go the one way, you will SURELY go the other.

Often, when we hear something more than once, we get into a State of Accommodation about it. We see it, we hear it, we read it, we give it a perfunctory acknowledgment but it does not pass into our visceral awareness. Once one has reached a certain age, there are windows and doors that close and it doesn't even get noticed. This is what accounts for The Walking Dead. Those who are no longer alive in any vital way but who are ONLY going through the motions, rotating in closed circles of habit, repeating on itself, waiting ONLY for the mercy of Death to claim them and IT IS A MERCY.

These people, who are DREAMING, they think they are alive. Living is GROWING and when you cease to grow, you stagnate. Observe Nature if you don't believe me. Every day, I awaken to a new hope and a certainty of positive growth and change and this is BECAUSE I seek, with all my might, to allow the divine to express UNHINDERED through me; to guide me, to teach me, to inspire me and ALL OF THIS, with the certain knowledge that the protection of God attends me.

We have (some portion of us) a period called Childhood, in which The Divine is operating in spontaneous fashion. It is a time when the Devic Realm is open to the experience and imagination of the child. There is a reason why the Satanic Agenda, which flourishes (as if hot-housed) in Times of Material Darkness, seeks to perform, as its PRIMARY FUNCTION, the rape, and despoliation of Innocence. There is a reason that people wind up Senile at a certain point of their life. It is the negative slipstream that blows across the road to Regenerated Innocence. Who even talks about Regenerated Innocence? It's not to be had at Walmart or Costco.

I walked into Costco yesterday, without a mask, my friend and I went to the returns counter so they didn't badge us. Then we did our whole shopping escapade and saw ONLY two examples of unmasked shoppers. One was a fitness jock, several inches taller and decades younger than me, with wife and two children in the cart and walking with a palpable defiance. Then I saw a fit lady with two children. It was the most crowded I have ever seen the place and my friend and I and these people were the ONLY ones, among hundreds, without masks. Not a word was said to us by staff; not at checkout either. Later I was in Safeway and saw NO ONE unmasked and no one said anything. Of course, we got looks.

As a telepath, I could feel some portion of the mind's thinking, “why am I wearing this stupid uncomfortable mask?” I do believe that my friend and I might prove to be forces for good overall. During the football game, which I have since turned off; I just don't care anymore. I saw a commercial for 60 Minutes. Tonight's guests are, that opponent of Putin who they are pretending got poisoned and that Illuminati/Satanic hack, Dr. Fauci. I guess that explains all the robots. These are the people who I was calling The Walking Dead. The people who will watch this and the other propaganda programs.

It is NOT my intention to disparage these people BUT I do need to say, FEAR MAKES YOU VULNERABLE!!! Fear causes YOU to empower shadows and to give substance to shadows and to block the light with them. This happens to children once they get programmed. The light gets blocked. Puberty does this in any case, BUT a twisted perspective on it does it ABSOLUTELY.

Perhaps I should not call them The Walking Dead. Perhaps I should call them the Marching Lemming Somnambulists or some-such. The TRUTH is though, if you are walking with your eyes closed, you can depend on running into obstacles, or tripping over something. Of course, the same thing happens if you have the Cellphone Virus.

You have to WANT to Awaken. Just as you have to want to find God. Once again, I include the words of Shankara;

"These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation, and the company of the great-souled ones."

You have to DESIRE this, because, Desire is the agent of God's Will. Low desire WILL take you to low places and high desire will take you higher. You MUST have an IDEAL. You must have an objective of greater and more profound intent. No matter how impossible it may seem to you at the moment, NOTHING is impossible. My ideal is to become a microcosm of The Sun. I speak to The Sun about this most days. The Sun and ALL of the other forces of the kind; Lady Nature, The Devic Realm, the Invisible Friends and The Stars are ALL LIVING BEINGS that can be communicated with. Wary they may be BUT you can PROVE YOURSELF to them.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

"A Golden Age is Coming for Those with Hearts that Love has made Golden."


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Who manufactures the COVID tests? What if the COVID tests report that EVERYONE has it who takes the test; given that the whole virus scam was created TO GET RID OF THE PRESIDENT IN THE FIRST PLACE. Is it any wonder that NOW they are setting new records for COVID infections, 'here, there and everywhere'? Just in time for the election? What a surprise. How is it that people can be this stupid, regimented, and afraid? That is a wonder.

Of course, there are people who take the test and it shows negative but that would HAVE TO BE THE CASE to give some semblance of authenticity. It is all a gigantic fraud!!! It used to be that only the chronically frightened went around in their masks and now I can enter a supermarket and RARELY see anyone like me. What many DO NOT KNOW is that they CAN'T make you wear a mask. They can refuse you entrance to begin with but what I HAVE FOUND is that you can pull it down and forget about it once you are in, which I have demonstrated most places I go. If they can do this to you, what else can they do? It will not be hard to move the majority through the paddocks to the Killing Floor.

How is it that the White House does not know that this is happening? They MUST KNOW but they aren't saying so... there must be something else going on.

Surely you are noticing the imaginary powerful and elite losing their minds? Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic governors, the psycho-dummies in the streets? What is one to do? Do? Do nothing. In a feeding frenzy, you can't tell the good guys from the bad guys because THERE ARE NO GOOD GUYS the moment they jump in. REMEMBER THIS! Evil destroys itself. It devours itself. That is THE NATURE of Evil. All you have to do is do nothing. Gee, Visible, isn't that Fatalism? Let's see what Lao Tzu had to say about that;

“Be utterly humble
And you shall hold to the foundation of peace.
Be at one with all these living things which, having arisen and flourished,
Return to the quiet whence they came,
Like a healthy growth of vegetation
Falling back upon the root.
Acceptance of this return to the root has been called 'quietism,'

Acceptance of quietism has been condemned as 'fatalism.'
But fatalism is acceptance of destiny
And to accept destiny is to face life with open eyes,
Whereas not to accept destiny is to face death blindfold.
He who is open-eyed is open-minded-
He who is open-minded is open-hearted,
He who is open-hearted is kingly,
He who is kingly is godly,
He who is godly is useful,
He who is useful is infinite,
He who is infinite is immune,
He who is immune is immortal.”

Amen to that!!!

We imagine that by contending in this world that we can CARVE out a space for ourselves, even accumulate a great many HOSTAGES TO FORTUNE. That should leave us with worry and dread all through that VAIN exhibition. There is ONLY one power. There is ONLY one source of power and if you are not in accord with it... if you are not resonant with it, if you are not utterly reliant on it, you ARE CONTENDING with it, and the end result is that it will wear you down and burn you out from the inside, instead of lighting you up in the most marvelous and transcendent fashion. I KNOW whereof I speak here and EVERYONE else will know it too, sooner or later, one way or the other, and it CAN and probably WILL hurt all the way there.

Why is it as it is, here in this battleground of appetites? It is because, in the illusionary world of temporary things, HUNGER is KING! Would you be free? This IS NOT something you can accomplish on your own. This is WHY so many are bound, no matter how hard or ingeniously they struggle; no matter how smart, or how rich, or how seemingly powerful. One MUST impress Heaven and Heaven watches. Heaven is always watching. The first thing one must gain to impress Heaven is Humility and following that... Integrity, but supreme among all of them is LOVE because LOVE contains all of these qualities. If you have Pure Love, you also have The Qualities of God, and those who exhibit the same, impress Heaven. A light radiates from such a one and angels are drawn to Earth to observe and assist them.

Angels circle the globe EVERY DAY, in search of that light. First, you attract the angels, then you attract The Divine. The greatest success stories here are not about individual achievements, or temporal treasures and powers and station. All of those are the fuel for The Purpose of Demonstration. Impressing the world lasts only so long and brings with it the certain ignominy of history. It can take some time to undo it all and a great deal of attendant suffering. WHY... OH WHY... do people not get this? There is a primer for how to handle life and it has NEVER been said better and that is in this specific translation of The Way of Life.

Yes... I KNOW that seekers have found the answer in The Gospel of Jesus Christ, in the Dhammapada, in the Bhagavad Gita, and other scriptures. I have added ONLY the ones I am familiar with and that would include decades of inquiry into Hermetic and other occult systems BUT... when it comes to a primer on how to conduct yourself in EVERY situation, I have NEVER found a better than the 81 Sutras of Lao Tzu. I've mentioned that I used to take psychedelics and read it OVER and OVER and OVER, to imprint it upon the subconscious. I am not recommending that it is just what I did.

I am nobody important and I realize that. At one point recently, I decided to simply forget all of the mistakes I made and all of the good things I did. Perhaps they cancel each other out? We don't get anywhere without making mistakes and God help those who will not act for fear of making a mistake. Of course, prudence, discrimination, and judgment should always be your fellow travelers BUT... nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I seek to bring the Kingdom of Heaven and its righteousness to Earth. It is an insane ambition but it is what I seek. Each day, I ask for it to descend... into the hearts and minds of those WILLING to host it. Any one of us who accomplishes the possession of it can become a contagion that infects the hearts and minds of everyone they encounter. It is like playing tag. It is like, 'pass it on'. It is like radiating outward that Heavenly resonance which brings every heart into accord.

Pray that The Kingdom of Heaven and its righteousness will descend upon you, so that you may share it with everyone, the same way The Sun does what it does and never thinks about the Good and the Bad it shines on. It just shines. It just shines. The Sun and every other of the countless stars in the sky were once someone like you and I. They aspired as far as it would take them and then they met that emissary of The One, who took them the rest of the way. You ONLY have to want it MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE. That is the solitary requirement and this is why Faith, Certitude, and Determination are so important. You won't get far without them.

In this world of endlessly fading dreams, that rise and fall like waves on the sea, none of them are remembered for long. I am staggered sometimes, when I reflect on the futility of effort that is the general lot. I move through a world of meaningless, appetite driven, madness. All the hungry ghosts are dancing in the ballroom of The Overlook Hotel. ♫ Where or When ♫ is on the playlist, so is ♫ I'll be Seeing You ♫ and most certainly, ♫ As Time Goes By ♫ The walls of the crumbling infrastructure are stuccoed with poignancy and regret. See how it crumbles and fades. The rising and falling edifices of dreams, green leaves for a season, and then... dead leaves swirling in the November wind and gone, gone to compost the Earth for each new edifice that comes and goes and comes and goes. Is that all there is?!?

That IS NOT all there is and you can prove this to yourself if you will. A Golden Age is coming for those with Hearts that Love has made Golden. Gold for hearts and Silver for minds. It's all alchemy in a world of ignorant chemists. They solve et coagula results in reductio ad absurdum. Turning Lead into Gold is no more than changing Tamas into Sattva. Cultivate your mind gardens. The power of imagination is immeasurable. AND ALL OF IT is made possible by attracting angels. All of the elementals as well are willing to be friends with those who have the favor of The Lady. They know when that is present, I assure you. Luther Burbank and other rare souls have proven it again and again. Why spend your time in futile contention with others for a mess of pottage when you can walk into the secret paths of Nature? For the sincere and determined, The Book of Nature will open. Now THAT... is a fine ambition.

End Transmission.......

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We've got a new location! We shall see how it goes.

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Thursday, October 08, 2020

"A Roundabout and Clumsy Primer on the Disparate Sections of the Human Mind."


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One surprise after another, day after day. Forgotten rock stars in search of that Attention Junkie fix, jump into the toilet bowl media (doing the backstroke) to let everyone know how close they were and how much they loved a now dead guitar player. Morons talk about him now 'jamming with Hendrix'. Sensitive mystics, in a perpetual Black Sabbath retrospective, talk about how they're going to see him, when they pass on. Yeah... you bet.

I imagine that opening paragraph might rankle some and the reason would be, as the reason ALWAYS is... Attachment and Investment. Just about everyone, temporarily trapped on the material plane, is the victim of their own attachments and investments in the attachments. Most of the time, with celebrity fascination, the one attached has never met the celebrity, nor has much of an idea what the celebrity is like. Most of the time those celebrities are not very nice people. This is something I have personally verified, having the misfortune of encountering not a few in my passage.

As is the case with MANY celebrities, the lengths you have to go to, to become one, and the lengths you have to go to, to remain one, militate against your being a very nice person. It DOESN'T come with the territory.

I wanted to be one of those people once. Of course, I had my own idea about what sort of a person I would be. I wasn't after the fame, as a primary or even principal objective. It was ancillary to getting my work heard by a wider audience. That does come with the territory. I had the goods, still do. I had the confidence, still do ...and I was CRAZY and that is/can be a serious asset in The Game. Yes... I was CRAZY but am not crazy now so... I no longer want to be one of those people.

Interestingly... at one point in my conversation with The Man on the Beach, he was walking ahead of me and he turned and said, “You're a celebrity here, you know?” I did not and still don't. It was not in the cards for me to become a player in The Game, given that the CRAZY lasted for quite some time and does not serve one's legacy well, AFTERWARD. God and his angels did me a BIG FAVOR, though I did not know it as such until I was no longer crazy.

If you are CRAZY, or a member of any of the many subdivisions and genres under the umbrella of CRAZY, such as; compulsive, obsessive-compulsive, neurotic, psychotic, schizophrenic, paranoid, bi-polar, megalomanic, manic depressive or even dementia coldcockst as opposed to praycockst. Whether, as Goldilocks you see 3 bears or even the evidence of 3 bears, and you think the bears are friends of yours, or out to get you, or are going to leave you, or may not come home, or any of the other possible variations then... you certainly have a problem. With some problems people cope and with some they do not and there are, of course, degrees of severity.

I have a serious background in the many singular workings of the mind, refracted through the personality. My childhood was like Mississippi flood soil for aberrant potential. Then I spent over a year in a maximum-security ward for the criminally insane; at the time, one of only two of the kind in the whole country. I also took LARGE amounts of very powerful mind-altering substances for decades. Meanwhile, over all that time, I studied the occult architecture of the mind.

This post, so far, has been a set-up for a brief discussion of the function, facets, and control of The Mind. Whether I am successful in what I now attempt, OR NOT (as far as my intended outcome), there will STILL be much of value that you can take and use, according to your motivations.

There are 3 separate states of being in the human mind. There is the Subconscious, the Self-Conscious and the Super-Conscious. Our Subconscious... You know those swimming areas at the ocean where there are colorful, little, round (usually) plastic pontoon-like objects that are strung together on a cable and exist as parameters of demarcation, indicating the area in which you are permitted to swim? The Subconscious, your 'personal' subconscious is that area, ALTHOUGH... it's an arbitrary thing and is connected to the entire ocean regardless, which flows right under those colored pontoons. The entire ocean is the collective unconscious. The individual you- the Self-Conscious might be swimming around in that ocean or traversing it on a boat, gazing at it from onshore but as far as the Subconscious Mind goes, you are independent of it. Then there is the Super-Conscious and that is God. You access or express as it, when you have reached that stage of awareness that is conscious of EVERYTHING ELSE in a unique and comprehensive manner and it is IMPOSSIBLE to explain this.

OR... you might think of a house with a Basement, a Ground Floor, and an Attic. The basement is the Subconscious. The Ground Floor is the Self-Conscious and the Attic is the Superconscious BUT... once again, this is a rough, rough analogy. However, they will serve for our purpose.

In the Tarot card, The Lovers, two naked figures stand beneath an angel, who confers a blessing upon them.

Bota Deck The Lovers

The angel is the Superconscious. Behind the woman is That Tree, with the apples and the serpent. Behind the man are twelve trefoil flames that signify the 12 astrological signs and the 3 decanates of each. The 12 main personalities and the 3 subgroups in each sign. This indicates that there are only 36 basic personalities in the world and everyone is a variant, or amalgam, thereof. The woman is the Subconscious and the man is the Self Conscious. The woman looks at the angel and the man looks at the woman. Herein are suggestions that can be extrapolated on that can result in illumination.

When I speak to 'my subconscious' I tell it to hold EVERYTHING up before the eyes of the angel (Superconsciousness) and to then take whatever the angel's reflection upon it is and accept THAT ONLY as Truth AND THEN... reflect that back to me (the Self Conscious). There is a system here that can solve ALL problems and also lead to states of awareness undreamed of by most.

The Devil card, #15 reduces to #6, which is the lovers, AND you will see these are those same states of consciousness in a DIFFERENT state of being.

Bota Deck The Devil

The chains around the necks of those attached to the half cube, on which the Devil sits, are LOOSE and can be lifted off by the subjects. Our bondage is an imaginary construct of the mind, arrived at through faulty reasoning. Materialism puts us in bondage to appearances. This is a false appearance and BEHIND the devil is the angel, who is revealed when the mind is righted. It is but a mask. It is God as the wicked see him.

There is ONLY God, all other entities are the mind's creation when the mind is subject to illusions generated by appetite. There's a bit more to it but this will serve. You are either the servant of Heaven or the slave of whatever gave you that harsh master.

Let's say there are 3 basic states of consciousness and the last one you don't get to, you get TAKEN to. The Subconscious is like a child. It thinks in pictures, which is what fuels creative visualization. You work and program your subconscious ALL THE TIME. Most just don't do it CONSCIOUSLY. The Subconscious is WILLING to give you ANYTHING. This is what makes the mind your greatest friend or your worst enemy and YOU DID IT ALL YOURSELF.

Unfortunately... others get to our subconscious BEFORE we do, via telepathic invasion and parental programming, societal pressures, and all of this is the fruit of karma BUT... you can do something about it at whatever stage you CATCH YOURSELF, and REALIZE what was done to you and what you can do about it. This is the basis of As a Man Thinketh (so is he). You can change your life anytime you want to start doing so and you can change it DRAMATICALLY..! Why you don't is ALSO Karma. This is where Grace and the compassion of God comes in. You have to convince the angels of your sincere desire for positive change and that's all.

I'm sorry about the cabled off section of the ocean and my other cumbersome analogies. There is NO WAY to explain these things or it would have already been done. Sure... people have taken shots at it and some of them think they accomplished it and some did, like Ernest Holmes BUT... you have to GET IT and most people don't.

The thing is AND the thing has always been that... you can't tell people anything unless they want to hear it and even when they do, the likelihood of them being consistent in the application of it, is a very iffy thing. This is also Karma. This is why TRAUMA is so often the needed catalyst. It doesn't have to be but OFTEN it is. It's hard to realize that God loves you when this happens but that is what it means. For many people, he doesn't take that kind of interest because he knows them to the core and he knows how long it is going to take for them BUT ANYONE... ANYONE CAN muster the focused determination if they REALLY want to. I recommend consistent and passionate prayer (believing). Anyone who thinks they don't need any help REALLY needs help.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, October 02, 2020

"I can see the Neon DENOUEMENT Sign, Winking in the Event Horizon of Pending Dramatic Change."


Dog Poet Transmitting.......

What was the first thing I thought when I heard that President Trump and the First Lady had caught the- not nearly as bad as they make it out to be- COVID virus? It did not take a great deal of rumination and contemplation. The bells rang in my head, making a sound very much like a bird chirping, ♫ Put-up-job... Put-up-job ♫ Years ago, in Woodstock, I would take walks with my girlfriend, Svargo (friends called her Dr. Svargo- thankfully she did not look like Omar Sharif.) and she would point out to me when the ♫ Drink-your-tea ♫ bird was singing in Byrdcliffe, where I lived on occasion. It was kind of like that.

I get this deep and abiding suspicion that The President has something in mind here. There is something in the wind. I don't know what is going to be taking place in the next fourteen days, while, ostensibly, cloistered in quarantine... but it is probably of major importance.

I also suspect that support for The President is much greater than the Ho-Press says it is, with their designer polls. The loud and shrill Communist Left and their fellow travelers, compose a MUCH SMALLER number of people than the Ho-Press and other STD-ridden Media are claiming. Because they are loud and obnoxious, they SEEM to be a more robust contingent; THEY ARE NOT.

Even with the general public, dumbed down to a Short Bus level, the amount of decent, law-abiding, and humane citizens, VASTLY outnumber the knuckle-dragging troglodytes. They are also, en masse, much more likely to vote.

Here is what is going on behind the scenes of this national soap opera. The voter fraud rank and file are being WATCHED... CLOSELY. Antifa and assorted skells have been INFILTRATED and are being analyzed and identified. The money trails are ALL being traced and the black bag apparatus of the Black Bloc Barbarians is being autopsied by their counterparts. A great deal is going on out of sight. I can see the neon DENOUEMENT sign, winking in the Event Horizon.

Although it may not have seemed like it, the forces of stability have not been asleep at the switch. This is not to say that The President has consistently handled himself in a professional manner. Still... I can understand why he's not as polished as many of us might wish. They have been hounding him for near four years. It takes its toll. I do think there are more rabbits in the hat than is generally presumed and IT IS OCTOBER. I suspect that Lady Nature will be making a statement as well.

I have no interest in painting the administration as the white hats and the Thug-Life Jacobins as the black hats. It's always been shades of gray, but the choice for me is clear. If the Left gets in, you might as well call in the trumpet player and The Little Drummer Boy for a rendition of Taps and start preparing for the wake; that's as far as this country is concerned. Given this, I believe that the Hand of Heaven is inclined toward the present, in-situ players. This would be, in large part, because of the ill wind that blows out of the Democratic Party. When in my Marcel Proust mindset, I have often contemplated that it is an ill wind that blows no one. Don't quote me on that and my apologies for having, momentarily, traded my spiritual head-gear for something approximating a do-rag. I have heard The Divine use bad language before, for emphasis.

One of God's most enduring qualities, in my mind, is his sense of humor and it ranges from the sardonic to the sublime. I've long been familiar with the connection point between The Sacred and the Profane; things are not what they seem to be, in the common anthropomorphic realm of the Mortal Mind-Projection Dynamic. Most everyone talks as if they had some idea of what God is like and what he would do in any given situation. I am here to tell you that you are, assuredly, flat out wrong, and uninformed.

I will attend that observation with my trademark statement, 'I don't know'. Given that I don't know, there is this visceral sense that no one else does either and when people tell me how they believe IT IS, my unspoken posture is... that is only their version and no more valid than any other. There are SOME FEW whose commentaries I consider SACROSANCT. Everyone else, I add Tamari to.

Perhaps you have noticed the glaring evidence of Satanic Activity, the world over, in recent decades? You saw in the last episode this post by Vigilant Citizen?? Surely you know about Pizza-Gate; Spirit Cooking and Marina Abramovic, Adrenachrome, Child Sacrifices , and the general elevation of Satanic philosophy, moving like an Eastern Brown Snake through the emoji-land of Social Media? Satanism and Materialism are the same mindset, with only the addition of ritual to distinguish between them.

Perhaps you are wondering how did the Satanists take control of certain aspects of government? They have ALWAYS been there. How did the Satanists, via the Pink Mafia, take control of the entertainment world and all of its aspects? They have ALWAYS been there. How did the Satanists take control of organized religion? They have ALWAYS been there. How did Satanists get into the minds of those financing all this radical social change at the street level? They have ALWAYS been there. How did the Satanists take control of the policies of multi-national corporations, who are now throwing their weight behind the most profane and depraved lifestyles? They have ALWAYS been there. How did a Satanic curriculum insidiously insinuate itself into the educational system? They've always been there. The only difference now is the VISIBILITY. They are overconfident to a fault BUT The Ineffable has arranged it so.

The forces of darkness, which cloud the human mind, are resident in the human mind, WHEREVER there is also resident a favorable environment of intentions, appetites, and desires of a certain order. As Materialism intensifies, that environment proliferates, more and more widely, and more and more intensely. A dirty kitchen, a dirty house, WILL attract vermin. What do you think takes place in a dirty mind? This is WHY you MUST stand guard at the Gateway of the Mind! The light working angels are harvesting the souls of the willing, so are the demonic agents of darkness. This is no joke. This is no fantasy of mine. This is not speculation. This is REALITY.

How does one go wrong? It starts with little departures. They seem insignificant, this expedience perspective and the cutting of corners. The little departures become routine. Naturally, this opens the door for bigger departures, ultimately resulting in the question, “How did I get here?” Bilbo once told Frodo that you have to be very careful when you walk out of your door because the road that runs past your house CAN take you ANYWHERE! “Even to Mordor!”

Changing your life is hard! It is never so hard as when you are trying to change. Think of all those New Year's resolutions. Everything is more difficult in the beginning; anything you are trying to learn, or accomplish. This is why there is a Chinese hexagram called Difficulty at the Beginning. What many people do not know and which costs them dearly, is that it takes ten days to two weeks to get past the initial stage of transformation, whether it is your taste buds or most bad habits, or if you are instituting a discipline. It's work, in the beginning, attended with this recurrent thought; 'I don't want to do this.' After a period of regular practice, it will get to where you can't NOT DO IT. I KNOW this from experience, again and again. It will even turn into a joyful expression, if it is a discipline that changes you for the better.

People have gotten lazy and self-indulgent. They have let down their guard and abandoned their vigilance. Often there is no one watching the store. TRULY; “Eternal Vigilance is the price of Liberty!” The negative side-effect of this is... just like when you leave your car unlocked at the wrong location, or at an inopportune moment, it gets stolen. This is how the mind gets hijacked as well and it is happening in a pandemic far worse than COVID. Because of self-interest, people have become more credulous, they WANT to believe what is not true cause MAYBE... just MAYBE it is. They say you can't cheat an honest man. This I firmly believe, with a tad of elaboration to that effect.

Why am I telling you this? Because it says in The Bible; “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:” This is true and most especially true in these times. This IS the time of The Harvesting. There is a serious competition afoot. I tell you this, not only due to the danger BUT... because of the GREAT opportunity that is present in these times for those who are steadfast and endure. There are INCREDIBLE possibilities for you. I goldarn guarantee it. If people ONLY KNEW...

You probably have noted that I quote Christ and the apostles MORE than anyone else over the course of time here, yet... I am not a Christian because I WILL NOT belong to a system that has corrupted the message of the one upon whose teachings the system is based. God is a LIVING REALITY and PRESENT. You don't need books, rituals, censers, and drag queen ensembles to be in the groove. You don't need pecking orders and you don't need priests or intermediaries. The eternal Bible is written on the walls of the secret chambers of the heart. All you need is The Presence and YOU HAVE THAT. You would not be alive without it. An effort has to be made to establish conscious contact and if I can do it, you can do it. How bad do you want it? GOD IS REAL! Rather than resisting God, which MOST people do, without even knowing it; why not channel God? Why not GET OUT OF THE WAY. It will change your life fundamentally and in ways that beggar your present imagination.

The world is filled with clumsy dancers, dancing to the music in their head and adamantly living THEIR OWN Truth. There is no such thing. When you can't see what is going on, you run into things. You trip over things. Give up and let Love be your guide.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is;

(this was a rough first take)
"All romance is about the search for God and union with our own true nature. That's what this is about."

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