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"A Roundabout and Clumsy Primer on the Disparate Sections of the Human Mind."


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One surprise after another, day after day. Forgotten rock stars in search of that Attention Junkie fix, jump into the toilet bowl media (doing the backstroke) to let everyone know how close they were and how much they loved a now dead guitar player. Morons talk about him now 'jamming with Hendrix'. Sensitive mystics, in a perpetual Black Sabbath retrospective, talk about how they're going to see him, when they pass on. Yeah... you bet.

I imagine that opening paragraph might rankle some and the reason would be, as the reason ALWAYS is... Attachment and Investment. Just about everyone, temporarily trapped on the material plane, is the victim of their own attachments and investments in the attachments. Most of the time, with celebrity fascination, the one attached has never met the celebrity, nor has much of an idea what the celebrity is like. Most of the time those celebrities are not very nice people. This is something I have personally verified, having the misfortune of encountering not a few in my passage.

As is the case with MANY celebrities, the lengths you have to go to, to become one, and the lengths you have to go to, to remain one, militate against your being a very nice person. It DOESN'T come with the territory.

I wanted to be one of those people once. Of course, I had my own idea about what sort of a person I would be. I wasn't after the fame, as a primary or even principal objective. It was ancillary to getting my work heard by a wider audience. That does come with the territory. I had the goods, still do. I had the confidence, still do ...and I was CRAZY and that is/can be a serious asset in The Game. Yes... I was CRAZY but am not crazy now so... I no longer want to be one of those people.

Interestingly... at one point in my conversation with The Man on the Beach, he was walking ahead of me and he turned and said, “You're a celebrity here, you know?” I did not and still don't. It was not in the cards for me to become a player in The Game, given that the CRAZY lasted for quite some time and does not serve one's legacy well, AFTERWARD. God and his angels did me a BIG FAVOR, though I did not know it as such until I was no longer crazy.

If you are CRAZY, or a member of any of the many subdivisions and genres under the umbrella of CRAZY, such as; compulsive, obsessive-compulsive, neurotic, psychotic, schizophrenic, paranoid, bi-polar, megalomanic, manic depressive or even dementia coldcockst as opposed to praycockst. Whether, as Goldilocks you see 3 bears or even the evidence of 3 bears, and you think the bears are friends of yours, or out to get you, or are going to leave you, or may not come home, or any of the other possible variations then... you certainly have a problem. With some problems people cope and with some they do not and there are, of course, degrees of severity.

I have a serious background in the many singular workings of the mind, refracted through the personality. My childhood was like Mississippi flood soil for aberrant potential. Then I spent over a year in a maximum-security ward for the criminally insane; at the time, one of only two of the kind in the whole country. I also took LARGE amounts of very powerful mind-altering substances for decades. Meanwhile, over all that time, I studied the occult architecture of the mind.

This post, so far, has been a set-up for a brief discussion of the function, facets, and control of The Mind. Whether I am successful in what I now attempt, OR NOT (as far as my intended outcome), there will STILL be much of value that you can take and use, according to your motivations.

There are 3 separate states of being in the human mind. There is the Subconscious, the Self-Conscious and the Super-Conscious. Our Subconscious... You know those swimming areas at the ocean where there are colorful, little, round (usually) plastic pontoon-like objects that are strung together on a cable and exist as parameters of demarcation, indicating the area in which you are permitted to swim? The Subconscious, your 'personal' subconscious is that area, ALTHOUGH... it's an arbitrary thing and is connected to the entire ocean regardless, which flows right under those colored pontoons. The entire ocean is the collective unconscious. The individual you- the Self-Conscious might be swimming around in that ocean or traversing it on a boat, gazing at it from onshore but as far as the Subconscious Mind goes, you are independent of it. Then there is the Super-Conscious and that is God. You access or express as it, when you have reached that stage of awareness that is conscious of EVERYTHING ELSE in a unique and comprehensive manner and it is IMPOSSIBLE to explain this.

OR... you might think of a house with a Basement, a Ground Floor, and an Attic. The basement is the Subconscious. The Ground Floor is the Self-Conscious and the Attic is the Superconscious BUT... once again, this is a rough, rough analogy. However, they will serve for our purpose.

In the Tarot card, The Lovers, two naked figures stand beneath an angel, who confers a blessing upon them.

Bota Deck The Lovers

The angel is the Superconscious. Behind the woman is That Tree, with the apples and the serpent. Behind the man are twelve trefoil flames that signify the 12 astrological signs and the 3 decanates of each. The 12 main personalities and the 3 subgroups in each sign. This indicates that there are only 36 basic personalities in the world and everyone is a variant, or amalgam, thereof. The woman is the Subconscious and the man is the Self Conscious. The woman looks at the angel and the man looks at the woman. Herein are suggestions that can be extrapolated on that can result in illumination.

When I speak to 'my subconscious' I tell it to hold EVERYTHING up before the eyes of the angel (Superconsciousness) and to then take whatever the angel's reflection upon it is and accept THAT ONLY as Truth AND THEN... reflect that back to me (the Self Conscious). There is a system here that can solve ALL problems and also lead to states of awareness undreamed of by most.

The Devil card, #15 reduces to #6, which is the lovers, AND you will see these are those same states of consciousness in a DIFFERENT state of being.

Bota Deck The Devil

The chains around the necks of those attached to the half cube, on which the Devil sits, are LOOSE and can be lifted off by the subjects. Our bondage is an imaginary construct of the mind, arrived at through faulty reasoning. Materialism puts us in bondage to appearances. This is a false appearance and BEHIND the devil is the angel, who is revealed when the mind is righted. It is but a mask. It is God as the wicked see him.

There is ONLY God, all other entities are the mind's creation when the mind is subject to illusions generated by appetite. There's a bit more to it but this will serve. You are either the servant of Heaven or the slave of whatever gave you that harsh master.

Let's say there are 3 basic states of consciousness and the last one you don't get to, you get TAKEN to. The Subconscious is like a child. It thinks in pictures, which is what fuels creative visualization. You work and program your subconscious ALL THE TIME. Most just don't do it CONSCIOUSLY. The Subconscious is WILLING to give you ANYTHING. This is what makes the mind your greatest friend or your worst enemy and YOU DID IT ALL YOURSELF.

Unfortunately... others get to our subconscious BEFORE we do, via telepathic invasion and parental programming, societal pressures, and all of this is the fruit of karma BUT... you can do something about it at whatever stage you CATCH YOURSELF, and REALIZE what was done to you and what you can do about it. This is the basis of As a Man Thinketh (so is he). You can change your life anytime you want to start doing so and you can change it DRAMATICALLY..! Why you don't is ALSO Karma. This is where Grace and the compassion of God comes in. You have to convince the angels of your sincere desire for positive change and that's all.

I'm sorry about the cabled off section of the ocean and my other cumbersome analogies. There is NO WAY to explain these things or it would have already been done. Sure... people have taken shots at it and some of them think they accomplished it and some did, like Ernest Holmes BUT... you have to GET IT and most people don't.

The thing is AND the thing has always been that... you can't tell people anything unless they want to hear it and even when they do, the likelihood of them being consistent in the application of it, is a very iffy thing. This is also Karma. This is why TRAUMA is so often the needed catalyst. It doesn't have to be but OFTEN it is. It's hard to realize that God loves you when this happens but that is what it means. For many people, he doesn't take that kind of interest because he knows them to the core and he knows how long it is going to take for them BUT ANYONE... ANYONE CAN muster the focused determination if they REALLY want to. I recommend consistent and passionate prayer (believing). Anyone who thinks they don't need any help REALLY needs help.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Heh-heh-heh. Parental programming attempts made me go into 'revenge mode'. Being contemptuous of humanity saved me from peer pressure when I was a adolescent, though not when I was younger. Wish I hadn't done some of the things I was persuaded to do when I was younger, but oh well. Wee crotch droppings have no sense, for the most part. I least I didn't. Some would say I still don't, but in may ways I'm inclined to disagree; though I do still have my moments. There's just a lot fewer of those moments where I 'leave the stadium' so to speak.

Again, I am reverse programmed. That's the way I like it. Makes life a LOT easier. Less work when I'm not at work, a lot fewer obligations, a lot less stress, and also speaking in analogy, I can sit on top of my tall rocky mountain as city city burns below. Do indeed go left when everyone is going right if you don't like crowds. Especially since the majority is so fecked up.

Nice song. Has a gospelly touch.

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

A spring of spirit, bubbling up in the wilderness!

"When I speak to 'my subconscious' I tell it to hold EVERYTHING up before the eyes of the angel (Superconsciousness) and to then take whatever the angel's reflection upon it is and accept THAT ONLY as Truth AND THEN... reflect that back to me (the Self Conscious). There is a system here that can solve ALL problems and also lead to states of awareness undreamed of by most"

Useful practice, evidently!
Any conscious effort, if used with regularity and a modicum of consistency brings us the feedback about our automatic processes.

"If the fool would persist in his folly he would become wise." W. Blake

Persist on a consciously chosen path and then take course correction, mercy brings wisdom
Thrash randomly learn nothing!

"There is ONLY God, all other entities are the mind's creation when the
mind is subject to illusions generated by appetite. There's a bit more to it but this will serve. You are either the servant of Heaven or the slave of whatever gave you that harsh master"

The fork in the road, the bifurcation of the nervous system, the two sexes.
Positive or negative energy flowing?
Big picture or selfish subjectivity?

How to navigate the fog of the war for the soul of humanity:
Follow your true heart wherever it leads with the spirit of freedom, the Holy spirit of love as your guide.

There is no here here so we look there, until we look within

Thomas said...

It's funny how one needs that "Eureka"-moment before things really register. Until then, we can think we get it without actually getting it.

"Yeah, yeah, I get it..."

Perhaps that was one of the central insights that went into Zen Buddhism - to strip everything else away, and then, to hit the mind from just-the-right angle, to jolt it into awareness?

We are strange creatures...

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Dancing with the Monkey Mind and Chasing the Ignus Fatuus across a Desert of Emptiness."



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