Tuesday, October 27, 2020

"Mr. Apocalypse is the Invisible Hand of God, Exposing Each of Us According to our Nature and our Intent."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The nation is a powder keg at various locations in its urban sectors. Last night in Philadelphia is a classic example. This is due to more than one reason, but you can be sure that behind all of the Rolodexing sources that media heads attribute to THE CAUSE... there is a focused intent. Certain Deep Pocket Satanic forces want President Trump stopped at ANY COST and there are paid agents, on the ground, whose purpose is to generate violent reactions at EVERY opportunity. Last night in Philadelphia is a precursor to what is going to lead up to and directly follow Election Day.

One of the reasons for the HUGE investment in CHAOS is their ever-increasing concern that the best-laid plans are about to be mislaid. THEY REALLY thought that COVID would compost the indefatigable Energizer President. The initial investment is due to the mindset of... 'THE MOMENT IS AT HAND'. Satanists, self-recognized as such, and Satanists by way of disposition, have been working for decades toward a certain end. Here is just ONE example of a CONSTANT shaping of the culture to a specific end. It isn't even Country Music, it's sleazy, zoned-out, softcore porn, celebrating a tattooed depravity of the debased feminine. The idea is to turn the image of The Divine Mother (within our minds) into A WHORE by replicating and relentless picturing of it in every aspect of the entertainment industry; 'bitches and ho's, bitches and ho's'. The Divine Feminine is NOT a bitch and a ho but they want you to think she is. It makes me weep, I love her SO MUCH!!!

ANYTIME you want to DESTROY a culture, you first pervert the sexual mores of the culture. In tandem with this, you work to destroy the Family Unit, which is the basic building block of a society. If you could go back 20 years and experience the times and then flash forward, you would be astonished to see the changes that came in a 'seemingly slow' and incremental fashion, so as to not be evident in the process. There is a dedicated cabal that is relentless and determined to bring about an impenetrable darkness of turmoil and torment, also known as Hell on Earth. It is not profitable to see them as an independent force whose counterpart is the good and the righteous. They are BOTH mere players in a drama intricately designed for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION.

They are compelled to pull out all stops at this point because their ill-chosen manikins of the moment are melting before their eyes.. Here is your initial screen capture and also a longer train of evidence that something has gone terribly wrong with their choices.

You could see by her crazed laughter during a VERY RECENT interview that she is under enormous SPIRITUAL pressure. On the other hand, her running mate is losing his mind, his memory, and his capacity for articulation. It's a total meltdown in progress. None of this is an ACCIDENT. It is all being choreographed by the Celestial Realm, as an object lesson. EVIL DESTROYS ITSELF. It is happening right before your eyes. Mr. Apocalypse is the bartender in the dining room of The Overlook Hotel. Mr. Apocalypse is working his way to the surface in every one of us, according to OUR INTENTIONS. Intention IS Destiny.

Perhaps you noticed that there was hardly anyone at the Biden/Harris campaign event that is shown on the video you just watched? NO ONE is showing up for these events. It is astounding. This is NOT accidental. As I am watching the Lansing, MI. event (Air Force One has just landed), the announcer speaking JUST SAID exactly what I wrote to open this paragraph... heh heh.

Mr. Apocalypse is an IRRESISTABLE FORCE. You cannot stop it, you can only channel it, or be mulched by it. Mr. Apocalypse is The Awakening taking place at this time. He is the Invisible Hand of God, exposing each of us according to our Nature and our Intent.

I have been watching President Trump speak in these recent events and I am seeing what I have not seen before. I am seeing a clarity and extemporaneous inspiration in the man that was not apparent before. Some of the things he is saying about In God we Trust and changing the education system so that children are no longer being programmed with vicious lies is IMPRESSIVE. I look for the subtle tells and I am seeing them. Sometimes the office makes the man. I will tell you a metaphysical secret which I have seen demonstrated through history. When a man or a woman comes into a position of power, angels appear to test the quality of the person and if they are willing, the angels protect and inspire them and make them a shining example to lift the spirits of the people. If they resist, another team from the Infernal Realm appears and they are rendered into an unfortunate example... an object lesson. I feel no schadenfreude about this. I feel sorry for them because THERE BUT FOR FORTUNE GOES YOU AND I.

I feel so blessed now! I feel transformed by the grace of the spirit of God which is in me. I wandered lost and harassed and tortured, BUT... I now know, this was all a part of the process of SHAPING me. There were so many unfortunate qualities that I struggled with, the same as most of the rest of us, AND THEREIN lies one of the greatest of human misfortunes; when one ceases to struggle. There is giving up and there is Conscious Surrender. They ARE NOT the same. My friends... my dear friends, NO MATTER WHAT you imagine you have done, or how unworthy you think yourself, no matter what odds you envisage you are up against; NONE OF THESE can halt or hinder you IF... the Love of God is IN YOUR HEART.

As I have said before, there is a REASON that the Greatest Commandment is called THE GREATEST COMMANDMENT. It is the supreme and direct route to Liberation and the Kingdom of God; “thou shalt LOVE the Lord your God with ALL your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind.” THAT... that is ALL you have to do and following that you will NATURALLY love your neighbor as yourself, BECAUSE your neighbor IS YOURSELF. You don't have to worry about getting the 2nd part right. If you do the first, the second comes automatically.

It is said... and I believe it IMPLICITLY; those who follow The Path of Knowledge, they will have to come back again and follow The Path of Love, BUT... for those who follow The Path of Love, all knowledge will axiomatically come as well. The Truth is, my friends, that in these times of enormous distraction and the forces of evil loose in the collective unconscious, as well as in the wide, wide world, The Path of Love is the ONLY SURE AND CERTAIN WAY. Love is a protective force and the signal important feature of it is YOU FORGET YOURSELF in service to others. Not only does this free you from the possibility of tragic missteps, but it is the SINGLE most wonderful experience you can have; losing yourself in service to others.

I don't do what I do for personal gain. There really isn't enough of that for a hamster to live on. I don't do it for prestige because I am the target of immediate media censure simply for the things I say. I do not do it for any material gain because there isn't any. I do it FOR THE JOY OF IT, and that is beyond my poor talents of description to articulate. It is like a warm wind of certitude, flowing all around you and the whispers of angels in your ears. GOD SEES EVERYTHING and he sees through your eyes. People don't get this BUT... God is resident within each of us, recognize it or not. It does not change it. God IS THE LIFE IN YOU. You could not be alive otherwise and GOD IS ALSO the light in you, like a headlamp of clarity that shines on everything, IF... IF YOU DON'T BLOCK IT.

It is so simple, my dear friends. It is simplicity itself. Love God and all else will follow. I speak from direct experience. Sure... you might suffer on the way, as God tries you and burns away the dross. That is what happens, you know? The painful part is ONLY the parts of ourselves that we are unconsciously attached to, being removed. God is working to make you free and in Times of Material Darkness, it can be painful to let go of what holds you back and causes you to suffer. Stop suffering! Stop wanting anything but God and your suffering WILL go away. Yes... God is incomprehensible. You can NEVER in your mortal state comprehend God but YOU DON'T HAVE TO. God CAN BE KNOWN through his primary emanation... Love, Love, Love. That is what every Avatar is, the embodiment of the Love of God. They are God personified, come to show you the living expression of LOVE. Why is this so hard for people to understand? It is God come in human form to demonstrate the beauty and simplicity of Love. If LOVE works for the living, physical embodiment of LOVE. Why will it not work for you? It will.

Blessings upon you one and all!

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I see this as the time of ultimate retribution. . .or should I say getting what we deserve; good or bad. The ones who think they have the most to lose are getting whacked the most, considering really that no one has anything to lose here in the Cosmic Scheme of things. After all, aren't we here to simply evolve; in the long run? To clean ourselves up, so to speak? I see a lot of parasites going down. Real estate market, overpriced status junk stores, banks ain't gonna get shoite of what's owed them, and everything that was is going bye-bye.

So killer to have a less crowded and saner world where nature is respected, wild animals can walk through town without being molested, and maybe in time they will eat out of your hand and let you pet them. No more use of mass industry, with towns being self-sufficient in agriculture and crafts like the old days. Hopefully mass telepathy will 'return' amongst all the species, and people will value what really matters, and recognise the oneness of all. ALL!!!!!!!!!

Ray B. said...

Vis, a column focused on 'intent'. Thanks!

Not all of the Chaos in today's society is generated on earth-plane. Yesterday, I was agitated, unable to focus-clearly, and uncharacteristically angry. It was like being on a coffee 'buzz', except without coffee intake. Plus, I was having a hard time maintaining contact with my higher parts.

Finally, I got fed-up. I went into a quiet place, started my inner routines, and refused to be distracted. At some point, there was a 'click' and I had an inner quiet. In the same moment, there was an inner "Aha!" Some higher part of me had pin-pointed an 'interfering' entity. A Cleaning began. In a short time, a higher controlling-entity was revealed. Another Cleaning began. Before long, a next-higher controlling-entity was revealed.

As this final entity was Cleaned, the whole 'negative network' shut down. Clarity returned. Calm returned. A sense of well-being returned. It was quick, when it happened. And, it stayed...

The above is WHY we need to become aware of our normal/natural states. That way, we can observe (and respond) when we do not feel "like ourself." It may not BE "ourself"...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

'I have been watching President Trump speak in these recent events and I am seeing what I have not seen before. I am seeing a clarity and extemporaneous inspiration in the man that was not apparent before. Some of the things he is saying about In God we Trust and changing the education system so that children are no longer being programmed with vicious lies is IMPRESSIVE

I am MASSIVELY excited by all  you are saying here, Mr. Visible.

Let me explain my situation - I am a minimum wage manual worker in the UK (I am not complaining- due to its nature it is the most fulfilling thing I have ever done in my life) But these combined with other circumstances mean I have nowhere near the time I have to investigate unfolding current events as I would like to.

Thus, I would be very grateful if you could possibly post links to relevant speeches such as you mention - and to alternative events such as Kamala Harris' meltdown.

I remember watching a POTUS address to the nation - the one where the mad harpies dressed in white - and I saw this Kamala entity - I had never seen her before, but her momentary  reaction - a scowl - is the the one thing seared into my memory from that viewing and she has haunted me ever since- so now to see her as Running Mate ..

What it was, was Trump talked about organised gangs he had had arrested who had been kidnapping and trafficking girls etc  - the scowl of hatred and derision on her face - she actually glowered- astounded me.

She is 'a woman and a feminist'etc.

WHY did she hate that instead of approve it?

Visible said...

Guy; The Kamala links are right there in the post, 4th paragraph.

The Campaign speeches for Trump are easily accessed via ANY search engine, however, you can get all of his stops and speeches Just by clicking on this hotlink

Thomas said...

I think one cannot really go wrong with Loving God, as long as it is sincere, in whatever shape or form. I seem to remember some Indian (or nepalese?) lore about, even if a person has an imperfect guru, even a very imperfect guru, if one is sincere in one's devotion, God will know it, and respond accordingly.

And what about the Hare Krishnas? I recently read "monkey on a stick", and oh my! ... Prabhupada I think was a very good man, and very sincere, but not perfect. But some of his disciples were straight up bandits! And yet, many people who practised the teachings, and lived in the ashrams really benefitted from it. They are still around, last I checked, and the ones I've met have been very nice people.

And what about honest, simple, sincere Catholics? Even with the church being thoroughly corrupt, their devotion surely benefits themselves and those around them.

Strange, it is! True Love is like magic :)


I'm guessing here, but... perhaps Kamala Harris was jealous of Trump, and thus could not credit the goodness of the action, simply because it was Trump who had done it, and not she?

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"I am not a Political Animal. I am a Lover of God, the Avatar and Humanity. PERIOD."

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Many,many thanks Mr. Visible-not just for the immediate response but for the wisdom of decades

Visible said...

Thomas; I met quite a few Hare Krishna's and 'almost' without exception, they were exceptional people. I've never forgotten them and I think Prabhupada was a fine man. I do not think he had the managerial abilities he might have had that would have made a difference. He was a simple man who loved God profoundly. I've read Monkey on a Stick 3 times now.

Thank you, Guy.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

And Thank YOU, Mr. Thomas and Mr. Visible



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