Wednesday, June 28, 2023

"President Criminalstiltskin Looks to Be in A Whole Lotta Trouble These Days as His Past Returns to Haunt and Taunt Him."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Larry the Lizard... over at Black Rock... is whining about ESG-DEI troubles. He appears to have come out of the same egg batch as Chuckie... Doll Eyes... Schumer. I could easily see both of them sunbathing on a rock in The Mohave and assume they were related. They're obviously under-bosses for the same reptile overlords. I expect to see David Icke at any moment... doing a Discovery Channel show on evolutionary timelines for cold-blooded life forms.

Yeah... all is not well in The World of Octopus-Squid... The World of global high finance. Anyone know the difference between ESG and DEI? The former leather-freak bondage media is suddenly turning on its owners. The New York Times just had a field day with Ice Spice's twin sister... the press secretary... over at The White House; I can't believe they haven't changed the name of the building yet.

President Criminalstiltskin looks to be in a whole lotta trouble these days, as his past returns to haunt and taunt him. Everywhere you look, the color is being leached from The Truman Show landscape. Even the rainbow flag now appears in shades of washed-out gray. You know hard times are ahead when the rodeo clowns of The Crass Media turn on their own biggest creation.

WORD MUST HAVE ROLLED DOWNHILL from somewhere, and the kid gloves are coming off. The Vice President was just honored as the least popular vice president of all time. Merrick Garland can hear the villagers howling at the castle gates; something about impeachment, and being run out of town on a rail.

Look! Usually, it's just a sitcom with no laugh track. One side yells at the other side, and they both get paid by the same employer. It's like The Supreme Court that gets the script passed up to the bench each day... on those rare days when they are in session.

Somehow... somewhere... in the last few weeks... the whole agenda has switched tracks. The people who actually make the decisions or... the people everyone else thinks make the decisions, but that no one talks about... have made the decision to shit-can the covered dish... potted plant... that was playing the president on Reality TV. It looks like he and his dysfunctional son, along with Princess Mumblemouth... are being put out to pasture... shortly.

Everyone is freaking out behind closed doors. No one from the president's handlers to the janitor's closet seems to know what's happening or... why it's happening. You might say they are in damage control but... the damage is done and the whole thing is a write-off. The repair shops won't touch it. This is one of those scenes where everyone slinks out the back door at 3:00AM.

Usually... when they do something like this it is because they have to do it. Otherwise... they would do something else. By the time they get around to No Win City; their present location... it is to be suspected that the replacements came out of the 3-D printer already, and... await the final touches.

Here's another way to look at it. The whole movie was scripted way back, and everything that has happened is part of the script. The fix was in before the last election was stolen, and everything that followed was only to steer Trump back into the presidency again. All the crime and sexual degeneracy was merely setting the stage with collateral damage so that... the whole nation would be clamoring for Law and Order; a real clamp down on freedoms, for... your... own... good.

Okay... that's one possibility... and one that has often come to mind. They rolled out The Killer Vaccines with no resistance. No one in power reacted or resisted. Name (and nameless) players shouted from the sidelines, but... none of it mattered. They worked up a war in Ukraine but that went South... or West, depending on how you look at it. Climate Change is the only thing that keeps chugging along, BUT... NONE... OF... THESE... THINGS have been able to grab anything more than marginal support. Most people don't care about any of them.

You have to get the support of most people... even if only for the short time necessary to get the revolution done. You can't have a revolution without the support of The Middle Class, and... no one's in the mood. The moment has passed and they're not going to get it back.

Every one of their plans to capture the imagination of The Public has failed. Even when they created fake polls saying that this or that amount supported this and that... it didn't seem to matter; not like it used to. Every scam they got up to... has fallen apart after a while.

Yes... The Banker Compromised International Corporations are still steampunking along behind Pride and The Transgender Mutilation Train... but The Flash is Gone and it took The Thrill with it. Even The Flash movie went right down The Gender Neutral Toilet.

Here's the thing... in The Material World... the basic building block of civilization (and whatever culture is the face of it) is The Family Unit; not the family eunuch. Any family that intends to replicate and expand, MUST involve acts of procreation between the male and the female heads of family. Otherwise... there is no family.

Yes... fake pretend families can adopt the offspring from other natural acts of sexual congress that... for whatever the reason... are not able to be part of that Family Unit, and yes... they can make life from test tubes, but they still need those male-female essences commingling in the test tube. GENERALLY... all through history... a man and a woman come together (use your imagination) and new little people appear... go through certain changes... and then the process repeats all over again.

Well... they screwed up the usual population replacement process with cellphone pollution and Killer Vaccines. They've been funneling cartel-approved migrants over the border to create a new voting block... and to do the stuff that the materially jaded are no longer willing to do... AND to get rid of the working class Whitey influence block, BUT... not the ruling class Whitey.

On the one hand... it seems that their efforts to screw up normal life have been very successful. On the other hand, it has not been the spectacular success they were looking for, and now even their own bought and paid for people are turning on them.

So... here is how it looks to me, and... I've probably already said this a dozen ways before. All the vile tactics being employed by The Uber Controllers... happened for no other reason than to expose them to the eyes of The World... a world that is processing through stages of awakening, and which... once the collective Hive Mind Force reaches a particular level of awareness... will send the formerly seeming-to-be in charge... spinning into space.

Everything created in form came into being through mind power expressed as thought. Everything you see is thought-crystallized... is sunlight frozen into shapes. The Sun is the material mind force of creation... owned and operated by The Black Sun that is too bright to see... but we have to give names to things for the meanings that come and go... forever changing in meaning.

The World exists for God's entertainment. It is a theater of operations in which he can discover himself again and again. Man and Woman are a single thing... temporarily divided so that they can seek union endlessly... on a stage where dramatic performances take place.

True and lasting union cannot be achieved in this fashion... except by a small handful of Tantrics, so... life is an ongoing tragedy for people who approach it that way, BUT... since they are mainly sensation seekers and attachment junkies... everything reaches the end result designed for it. It can be achieved through the union of the two principles within a single human vessel.

Everyone gets a clue eventually, so... in the long run... it all works out, and... The Road to Damascus didn't go away. It's still there. Push hard enough in either direction and... you will get results.

I guess what I am trying to say is that it doesn't matter which of these... or if any of these... are true. It's just a performance that runs through predictable territory because it endlessly repeats itself. As long as you are chasing after something... it will be running from you... or you will be running toward it at some future coordinates in Time and Space. When you stop running... when you stand still... it all spins and swirls around you forever; occasionally taking a respite... a break between acts.

A time comes when you can step in and out of the action... as you please... for the purpose of being useful to those presently hypnotized by dancing dust. Much of the effort... when uninformed... makes little difference in the short term and can actually cause harm when you can't see the endpoints of your efforts to be helpful. Eventually... you realize it is best to leave it all alone, and... simply become a way station on the never-ending journey.

Love God and The Way will appear.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, June 23, 2023

"Those Who Will Hear Will Hear, and Those Who Will Not Hear Will be Informed by Other Means. So It has Always Been."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The Navy knew those people on The Fisher-Price submarine were dead a couple of hours after they went down to the sediment of The World's biggest bathtub. One of The World's biggest egotists of all time, James Cameron; also known as The King of The World... who spends all his time underwater; he knew they were dead too... or at least he wants us to know this, which is why he went out of his way to brag about it after the fact.

Why... was The World not informed at the time? A major shitstorm of media hysteria ensued... taking up most of a week... toying with public emotions over the hope that there was hope. Ah! I see. It was a distraction from The Hunter Biden Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free scam. You can expect more and more of this sort of thing now that Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening have been given the power to wake up the populations by... any... means... necessary.

Yes... the force of awakening has just been increased many-fold. This is one of the reasons that Pride went belly up this year. It is why the Communist insurgency is being confronted on the grass-roots level. It is why middle school children are rebelling against the sexual programming.

I need to ask the reader a question. Feel free to take a few moments to reflect on the matter before ignoring it altogether. (grin) If there is an ever-rising number of real genders... how come you can only be changed from a man into a simulated woman... or from a woman to a simulated man? Shouldn't you be able to change into any of these other genders as well? Does this verify that it's all mental illness? Yes... we already knew that.

Boy! Am I glad I don't live in Michigan. Fascist Girl... Ice Queen Whitmer... the present governor and high priestess of election fraud, and present incarnation of Elizabeth Bathory... now wants to put you in jail for hurting the feelings of the protected classes of the mentally ill.

Absurdity piles upon absurdity. Sooner or later some larger breaking point is reached. Sooner or later large numbers of crazy people are going to be acting out in public places. Oops! Right... that's already going on. Sorry.

Sooner or later something even worse is going to happen. That's what I meant to say. The good news... if you don't live there... is that this will mostly be happening in the coastal states, except on The East Coast where The Zombie Virus has already crossed over the borders inland to other states.

The conservative buffer that exists in The West runs to the east of the coastal states. The conservative buffer in The East runs to the South... or it used to. It's been overrun all the way to Florida now, and that's only because the parents of the people behind all the social turmoil everywhere else... live there.

The conditions we are presently seeing in most urban and suburban zones cannot prevail for any length of time. The infrastructure has become so compromised that it cannot contain the outrages against Nature... external AND internal. Externally life-threatening conditions are inevitably going to manifest to an even greater degree. Internally... once madness reaches a specific temperature... it can no longer be contained.

I was speaking with my mentor earlier... through the medium of The Sun, and he told me that this was not meant to continue into an agonizing distance without respite. The pushback we are presently seeing is an indication of a much greater reaction everywhere. Sanity... relatively speaking... will be restored at some point. HOWEVER... however... certain dramatic incidents are meant to take place so that a telling lesson can be written upon human consciousness.

It is unfortunate, but... unavoidable... because some people simply will not respond to anything but greater force. They are too committed and too invested by now and... for them to lose... is to lose everything. This they cannot abide, although... as coming events will prove... this they will abide regardless.

When you look past the surface hype of the latest Kennedy to grab the issues that trouble most people but which The Catamite Media will not address, you see yet more of the endless opportunism of the political gamers. None of these people are the answer. They are all owned by the banks.

My mentor continued to say that a series of tragic events are needed to wake people up. The time for stroking the shoulder of the dreamers and gently awakening them is past. More serious efforts are now required. The American political machines on all sides are owned by the corporations and the corporations are indentured to the banks. We live in a follow-the-money world.

This is the thing with Materialism. The more it occupies the human mind... the more The Divine is pushed aside... and the more sex becomes the medium of worship and celebration. As it continues... those so affected and mesmerized by its presence... devolve into a bestial state. They lose the ability to read and write and figure. They lose the capacity for objective thought. They lose the faculty of Reason.

When a culture is rising... certain conditions exist that are similar to what was present during the founding of this nation. All cultures... when they are rising... exist for one of two reasons; as a vehicle for the demonstration of creative expression and human potential... or... as an object lesson for The Purpose of Demonstration.

Whenever a protagonist exists... there will be an antagonist. Heaven enjoys the demonstration of The Spirit over Matter. The sword... be it literal or metaphorical... is a symbol of The Spirit INFORMING Matter. It is all theater in which cosmic dances are choreographed and performed to educate humanity... over the long... evolutionary... haul.

The spiritual objective of existence is to bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. This is accomplished against seemingly impossible odds, BUT... it is aided by changing generations... by the dynamics of a new age... and by the infusion of divine force from within.

It is a long-reaching plan that involves many lifetimes of struggle. It is something that is sometimes achieved in particular individuals who bring it into being within them... and create an oasis here and there in the desert... filled with the wreckage... of human ambition.

There will be some number of these as The Avatar increases his influence into the material sphere. Never forget that The Earth is a sacred vessel. This... those who despoil it come to understand... through their failed efforts to entirely subdue and subjugate it.

At the moment... the force of Materialism seems overwhelming. It is a time of billionaires and extreme gratuitous excesses. It is the time when even the common folk live better than the kings and queens of yore. It is a time of hedonism and sybaritic depravity. It is a time of Babylon Rising... and this nearly always happens when Materialism reaches a certain stage... in defiance of our spiritual nature. Once it has pushed its way past the boundaries of what is acceptable to Heaven... Heaven responds.

There is little anyone can do to avert the course of destruction that so many have set their minds upon. Unfortunately... for many... only trauma; The Spirit INFORMING Matter... has any lasting effect on those who press onward into the dark flaming core of endless wanting. The way does not lie in that direction. Neither peace nor love... nor fulfillment can be found there. Wanting leads ONLY to more wanting. There is no joy in things. There is no freedom in stuff.

Those crying that “the bridge is out,” are voices lost at the margins. Jeremiah may have been right, but his exhortations changed nothing... except to make sure he had a hard time of it, and... boy, did he have a hard time of it.

They called Gandalf... Stormcrow in Rohan. The Truth is often bad news. People don't want to hear it. There is no real satisfaction to be gained in... I told you so.

Those who will hear will hear, and those who will not hear will be informed by other means. So it has always been. So it will always be... in Times of Material Darkness. Better times are coming, but worse times wait between here and there. Oh... the sorrow that lives in the hearts of those... who can see the masses that are led astray... and can do nothing but pray for them.

Materialism makes you dull and stupid. It makes you hungry all the time... for sensations that leave you wanting. Sooner or later anger comes to rail at the emptiness inside, and... who is to blame for that? Already the barbarians are loose in the cities, and those who encourage and support them... laugh from their sanctuaries of straw. They dream of taking over, while something else has already taken over in their hearts and minds.

This is the fate of those who have led humanity astray... who profiteer from human weakness and ignorance. They find themselves enslaved by a harsh taskmaster who will not let them go until the last farthing has been paid.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

"The World Wakes up Voices in Your Head. There Are Many Such Voices so... There Are Many Kinds of Crazy..."

God Poet Transmitting.......

You can go crazy in two different ways. The experts will tell you there is more than that, but... most of the others are sub-groupings of the main crazy that is brought about through a bad reaction to Materialism. It's a rash you can't see that can be scratched in all kinds of ways.

You go crazy because The World makes you crazy or you go mad seeking God. All the weird little tics and disturbances of The Mind... that cause a personality to get bent out of shape... are caused by adjusting to what The World demands of you. The World wakes up voices in your head. There are many such voices so... there are many kinds of crazy. The more you listen to these voices... the more insistent they become.

There is a crazy that comes from fitting in too well, and another crazy that comes from not being able to fit in at all. Every form and kind of wanting that The World creates an attraction for... generates an insanity that... through repetition... becomes pathological and chronic.

The deeper into Materialism you go... the more real it becomes... even though it is nothing more than a veil of shifting appearances, which... your sense of time gives weight to; were it not for time... you would see it in the time-lapse sequencing of endless coming to flower and going to seed... over and over again.

The bandwidth of the physical sense locks you into the theater of your dreaming... that part of the amusement park where your particular dreams are assigned... based on the nature of your wanting. You go from squalling... to whining... cheering... and weeping, to gasping for breath in what seems like no time at all.

How do you break The Spell?

Madness is a seashell beyond the sea's kiss... if the sea is Materialism.

If you are a true mystic or lover of God... Madness is a fundamental requirement. Otherwise... you would never bear the unavoidable phenomena that occur as you traverse Yesod. That is the primary inescapable next step from The World of vin ordinaire... The Vale of The Moon; the lower and upper reaches.

The Sun flows directly into it from above. You must negotiate the lower chambers where the great dangers of illusion and delusion lie... all the snares of The Lower Astral... and then... the subtle bindings and attractions of the higher stage.

That's the hard one at the beginning. Most people never get past that, though they may convince themselves they have... mistaking specters for luminous bodies. After that... if you've got a good teacher... based on the level of your purity... sincerity, and zeal... wonder follows upon wonder.

Of course, I am talking about The Road Out, which is actually The Road In. Materialism is a lure and you are a fish... gone to market. The best way to avoid getting caught at... or by something... is to not do it... or go there... in the first place; ♫ this little piggy went to market ♫

I know what it usually sounds like to the usual people; what's the big deal? The big deal is that... inescapably... while you are carving up life... life is carving you. Everywhere you are and everything you do... leads somewhere else. Getting a nice job at Google... Microsoft... Goldman Sachs. It sounds like a dream come true until it... inescapably... turns into a nightmare. It is simple math... if you know how to do your figures.

All those people marching in tightly compressed ranks... are being herded, just like cattle... and to the same end. It eats them alive in increments of pain. It devours them from the inside. It is no different than a diseased swamp, and... you will catch your death; as the old aunt says.

BUT! They are living well! They are fortunate! They could be on The Street! They are on The Street. It's a matter of degree, and the hard cold truth is that everything has to be paid for. Every broken commandment... every side-stepped rule... has to be accounted for. The Commandments did not appear as the strictures of a mean God... who wants to take all the fun out of life. They exist for your protection.

The Commandments are training wheels. The rules are guidelines along the way to a more perfect balance. Once they are incorporated into your nature and learned memory, you are no longer even aware of them. They do not apply to you as adversarial confinements because you are no longer at war with yourself. Everything comes back to that.

Right at this minute you can look at The World and see scripture in living testimony. You can see the broad way that leadeth unto destruction. You can see what happens when you gain the whole world and lose your only soul. You can see the outcome of; where there is no vision.

Why can so many people not see what is right in front of them? How very fortunate you are to know that there... but... for... fortune. I call that God's Good Graces. How do you get into God's Good Graces? You keep the commandments and follow the rules.

Sometimes I am thunderstruck to be saying these things. Given the way I have behaved, and the darkness of The World I walked through to get here, I am stunned... upon reflection... at the strange country I passed through... and what I saw and did there. I can tell you that loving God is the key to your survival, and not just your physical survival... which is of far lesser account, but... your spiritual survival.

I was so hamstrung by my shortcomings! Over and over they pulled me down into confusion and disorder. Over and over again, I climbed back out. God is writing a story in every one of us. It is defined by the degrees of our resistance and surrender. Truly... those who love much are forgiven much.

When I heard about Vivekananda, I read everything he wrote... two or three times. When I kept running into Mikhail Aivanhov, I got his entire library and am reading it again. Now I am reading Patanjali's Sutras over, and over, and over again, and imprinting... branding... tattooing them on my being.

Stability and focus require tremendous effort to establish themselves within. It takes countless failures to achieve them. Only the truly determined can accomplish it, and... they are the ones who love what they do.

I model myself upon my heroes. The greatest of them is that which is the origin of The Sun... and which personifies itself thereby... that humanizes itself... so that I can identify with it... as it takes me beyond pedestrian things. YOU CANNOT FAIL IF YOU DO NOT GIVE UP!

I look back upon my darker moments and it is a wonder and a miracle that I am here... and especially where Here amounts to. God is real. I know this without question, and that alone takes away all the power of The World to trap or harm me. That fact reduces all the armies of The World to soldiers of mist passing through the trees on a mountain. If God is for me, who can be against me?

Loving God is the key to everything. There is a reason it is called The Greatest Commandment. When you love God, you open the door to God's love for you. It makes it possible for that love to impact on you. True change comes from within.

No man could be more fortunate than I am. To find God is to put an end to all strife forever. There is nothing else to achieve... once that has been accomplished, AND everyone who perseveres WILL succeed. YOU CANNOT FAIL IF YOU DO NOT GIVE UP!

I did not intend to write anything like this today. It's Petri Dish where other issues are usually explored, BUT... this is what happened despite my intentions otherwise.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, June 15, 2023

"We Are in The Closing Times of The Last Gasping Shudder... of a Long Overdue Death Rattle... and Then The Credits Roll."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Social media medusas... hydra-headed... mental flower-potted narcissists... superficial lifestyle influencers... life coaches waiting for death to call... cellphone junkies... masturbating monkeys... earlobe stretching, man-bun wearing, incel-losers in search of a dominatrix... who learned how to do it on Youtube. All they want to do is bend over for someone anonymous and distant, but... right up close to the inside of their heads.

Everywhere there are people worrying about how they look... playing hide and seek with their sexual identities, and the last creative offspring they had was a pregnant pause that wound up in an abortion clinic. There are no inspired poets. There are no decent writers. I haven't heard a good song in over twenty years. There is nothing worth watching even if you download it for free. Sure... if you go back a few years, but now? No way, Jose. Can I still say that?

Nothing's funny anymore. Life's too serious for that. You can't say this. You can't say that. I can say anything I damn well please, but that's only because I don't have anything you can hurt me with. Not everyone is so lucky. Meanwhile... people are still trying to get out of here alive; good luck with that.

BUT SUDDENLY... everything is changing again. LGBT-whatever is going out of style. You can't go to PETA to get your kids neutered. Yesterday a bunch of middle school kids tore down all the Pride garbage from the walls and started screaming that their pronouns were “USA!” People are direct voting with their pocketbooks, and... they got tape of Biden and Son scamming... blackmailing... and generally doing what utterly corrupt people with power do.

We are in the closing times of the last gasping shudder of a long overdue death rattle... and the credits begin to roll. Whew! It was close there for a minute or two. I've been watching the tide turn for some time now. I can't imagine what they are saying in all those virtual press rooms where they write the news before it happens and make up the rest.

AI got the vaccine. Now AI is autistic. How are they going to spread The Mind Parasites? Wait till that turns on them! Ukraine didn't work out. What are they going to do? What do they usually do? They orchestrate a false flag. Do you think they'll do that this time? I... don't... know...

What if they can't do it? What do you mean? What if something stops them? Yeah... who? The forces that really run this place, above and beyond the playground antics of these troubled times. That would be nice... wouldn't it? It would.

You see what's been going on, my friends? You've seen this groundswell over Tranny-Bud-No-Wiser? How about the economic cross-hairs over Target? Looks like they got to tuck and run. Starbucks took down its Pride decorations. Starbucks!!!!!!! Didn't they come out of Grunge City? Weren't they all the way Jose? Can I say that?

There's a serious Aztec-Two-Step going on here. The White House has trannys making nasty on The White House Lawn. The Media... that hydra-headed Bitch Media, which includes The Social Disease Media... and... The Killer Vaccine Media; which owns all those other media... is ONLY posting the approved spin and nothing more. That is where a large bulk of the population gets its mental and emotional marching orders from.

Alternative media is screeching and hollering, BUT... they can't agree among themselves because The Main Media owns a large number of them... in a controlled opposition sense. Meanwhile... on Main Street... most of the country is in an outrage that accounts for all those SPONTANEOUS boycotts that have the conscienceless marketplace in a scramble. I knew it had to come. You knew it had to come, and what... do... you... know? Here it comes!

They are not going to go down easy. They will suffer every embarrassment and indignity on the way to ignominy. They will kill and maim, but... what happens... what happens if all... of... a... sudden... the foot soldiers they rely on refuse to obey orders?

You see... God Almighty... through The Stepdown Transformers that are His Angels... and Devas... and luminous beings... and all the agencies and sub-agencies of The Hierarchy of The Eternal and Living Light.. are easily present in every mind... everywhere... at any time. Sooner or later God rights The Ship. There may be mass casualties. Still... how many people from a hundred years ago are still here? There may be great suffering and trial, BUT... we will pass through it.

I do not know The Details. I can tell you that Critical Mass is upon us. A certain collective of delusional beings... with power granted to them for The Purpose of Demonstration... are attempting to seize control of The World. They are hammering on everyone and everything below them.

Celebrity talking heads... political leaders... religious functionaries... are all singing The Perversity Song because, Or Else is waiting with all the means of persuasion... right off camera... backstage... in the parking lot... at their homes where their families are duct-taped to each other. Fingers are in the mail. People have been sent to Gonzalo Lira-Land.

This is supposed to be The Age of Brotherhood so... let me assure all of ye restless souls and troubled hearts that it shall come to be. We are in the birth pangs of the delivery system. We are on the cusp of the transforming moments. That is what all this dark shit... sexual perversity... runaway Materialism... body torturing... wild in the streets nonsense has been about.

The Bad Guys have been hard at work making life difficult so that we might be persuaded to do evil in order to survive... to permit evil to get by... to give our children to The Dark Arts Schools of behavior modification. Many have gone that route. Many have bought the mind tattoo of Brave New World voodoo. Many have bowed and genuflected to The Money Gods who print that thin-air money.

The whole thing is whether moral and upright shall prevail over degenerate and dissolute. There must be limits on behavior in order for freedom to exist. There must be parameters for us to live and breathe and move in. If there are no borders or boundaries... the heart and mind can no longer function and there will be no world rotating... in orderly fashion around The Sun, which is The Eye of God... the giver of light and life in the heavens. It's always a contradiction in terms.

In every age... some men plot to rule The World entire. They are NEVER able to do this. For those who have contributed to the ruin of others... who have blood debts to pay... who have forced The Hand of God through The Council of Elders to fashion a Bolshevik Punisher... a Night of The Long Knives... a Khmer Rouge... a Khan... a Tamerlane... a Rwanda... some transitory Hell on Earth for payback... such conditions will come. Such conditions have always come in sectors set aside for the purpose.

Even now they plot to bring these proven evils back. Even now they work to destroy the infrastructure with Soros-infected prosecuting attorneys. Even now they whitewash crimes... free the criminals... and prosecute those who have done no wrong.

BUT... what is this? Strange forces are at work that they cannot control. These same forces are inside them and WILL drive them to their own destruction soon. They will overreach. They will overreact. They will step on the glueboards of their own making. They will be trapped in their own webs. They may APPEAR to be powerful beyond restraint, but... all power is borrowed. It can and will be rerouted at the given moment. It is all for The Purpose of Demonstration.

It is so very hard to see things as they are. We are in Dreamland, where the infrastructure is Attachment... Pleasure and Pain... Attraction and Repulsion. These things are embedded deep in the psyche like thorns and brambles that foment rage in the thrashing to be free. We each build our prisons in that Penitentiary of The Mind according to what we chase after and what we run from.

It is so difficult to be still. Only then will the bindings fall away.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, June 12, 2023

"What Materialism Does is... it Captures Your Attention. Then it Lies to You. It Tells You What You Want to Hear."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Georgie Soros ♫ got the news today (oh boy...) one more unlucky man that went away ♫ Remember the end scene in Ghost? Yeah... it's going to be about a thousand times worse, ♫ cause now we know how many trolls it takes to fill The Albert Hall. You... did... not... turn... me... on ♫ My apologies to The Beatles for that. A little birdie told me a whole lot of people are going to be going away soon, even if they remain... like an echo... in human form.

The Big Clock is ticking. The Personality Doomsday clock is ticking and soon Robert DeNiro... and all those other shuffling cards and sundry... will no longer be with The Screen Actors Guild.

All those politicians... the movers and shakers in The WEF... The Globalists... The Climate Change hucksters... The Warmongers... The Ass Bandits and Child Molesters... the celebrity mouthpieces and talking heads that went along with the program, and did all those commercials for sanctioned murder and mayhem... routinely replaced by the next wave of high-table diners.

They'll wake up somewhere else... as someone else... with no memory of before... just a lot of suffering they caused themselves with nothing else to show for it. Often... the next life can be pretty painful when you were famous in the one before, and did nothing helpful with it.

Unless it rings the bell in the higher halls of light... it has no meaning. Everything down here is musical chairs with The Cactus Man. Most people... literally... waste their lives. They are uninformed of the divine promises embedded in material existence, and become a wind-up toy for their appetites and desires. Eventually, the wind-up will wind down.

It is a metaphysical fact that hides out of sight... that people come back here countless times in search of something that cannot be found external to them. I just said that the other day... didn't I? Well... it's not something that stops being true in the short term... or the long term... or ever. It simply is.

All the suffering that goes on down here... has something to do with not being able to find what you are looking for, due to not knowing what it is in the first place. Until you can find someone who can tell you what that is... you are walking blind.

People get angry... frightened... frustrated and sundry. These emotions are like stomach acids that eat through the lining until the protective barrier is lost. Yes... it is exactly like that.

What Materialism does is... capture your attention. Then it lies to you. It tells you what you want to hear about all the things that seem to exist beyond your reach. All these things are composed of dream-stuff, also called mind-stuff. It's the stuff that everything is made out of. It is what... seems... to... be. It is not what is. You cannot see what is... unless the eyes above your eyes are opened.

There is another sense that sits on top of each of your material senses. It is activated by the wheel of force which is associated with it. The yogis call them chakras. The Western Tradition calls them interior stars... or planets. They are a living part of you that is caused to remain dormant... due to Materialism.

It takes considerable effort to open them, and that is not recommended because it can make you crazy. It is advised that you use indirect methods like... symbols... images... sounds... that connect to archetypes and cause them to vibrate. This generates a resonance. Maintaining that resonance is key. It is why a guide... a teacher... a wayshower... is so necessary.

They've been there before. They are like a pilot... a chauffeur... a ship's captain. They know what this dial here is for. They have all the necessary instruments and they know what the readings indicate. Sometimes you get handed over to the next guy at the different stages or stations of your journey. It is all the same guy, but... this makes it interesting and mysterious. People seem to like that sort of thing.

There is a mysterious chamber. I was told in altered states that it was between the paws of The Sphinx, but now I suspect that maybe you get your coordinates by standing between the paws of The Sphinx. In this chamber is some critical information about events that are soon to occur. Someone hid this information in various locations around The World, but we don't find it until the time is right.

Similar information is hidden within us as well, but... you have to know how to access it. You have to know what submerged location within yourself it is located in. Then you need to know what will attract its attention and set off the homing device.

This is one of the reasons that Meditation is stressed as a necessity in the search for a greater ease of being. It is one of the means of locating submerged treasures. If you can't be bothered... you won't be bothered. Do not imagine that many of the people who are able to cruise through life are also blessed. It could well mean God has no interest in them because they have no interest in him. Those whom God loves... he chastens. He prunes them. Sometimes severely.

Being put through a lot of shit does not always mean bad karma. It can mean God has taken an interest in you. I was put through an extraordinary amount of shit. I've only mentioned a small portion of it here. What's the point? Nobody likes a whiner and I have no reason to whine or regret... given where the suffering has since brought me to. If I hadn't struggled and resisted so much, I might not have suffered nearly so much, but... I... didn't... know... any... better.

Well... I've been told it was unavoidable. The way I took up the mountain was the severe route. It has benefits and drawbacks, but... if you can endure it... the degree of difficulty leads to bigger payoffs... (grin) seriously. Some prefer the scenic route... switchbacks, and riding round the mountain with her when she comes... when she gets around to it. I had some idea of what waited ahead, so... yeah, I was in more of a hurry.

Being in a hurry didn't get me there much faster than the tortoise but... it felt like it... heh heh. Of course, I'm not there-there yet, but I can see the lights of the city. I'm not headed for the city... however... it is a necessary stop. I like the borderlands, and... you do have a choice of locales. Some people like crowds. I do not.

I'm not after Nirvana. That seems a little selfish to me. I like the service end of it. I like being helpful. I'd do it for nothing all day long. It is what floats my boat. I like the idea of being a servant. I don't like where thinking about being anything else can take you; except being a friend. That I want too. One day I serve God. The next day I pal around with him, which is another kind of service. I let God handle The Details.

I heard a lot about The Details in my meditation this morning. You know how you can hear something a thousand times but it just didn't get through to the part of you that gets it? That is how it has been for me and The Details. The Details are not my affair. That's God's department. My job... my only job... is letting God handle The Details;

“Then why not have done with your foolish,
anxious striving to be that which you are now,
always were, and always will be,
in supreme fullness and perfection?
Why not then let go completely and let Me,
your Real and Perfect Self, have full sway in your consciousness,
letting no thoughts therein you know are not My thoughts?

That is all You need to do—I will do the rest.

Beloved, if you abide thus in Me,
and let this My Word abide in you,
everything your heart seeketh will surely come to pass,
in blessed richness and abundance.”

That sums it up for me. That's the ticket. I get it. I really get it! What the heck was wrong with me for so long? Ah well... water under the bridge my lad.

All those celebrities of the brief hour... creatures of Time, while the sand runs through the hourglass. Tortured souls... tormented by Vanity and her ugly sisters. The rich... and the powerful... tormented in their fashion as it applies to the theme. One gets to be royalty by playing the chambermaid... the courtiers and courtesans... the footman and the fool. It's a long haul... and then you're right back at the end of the line again. Think I'm imagining it... making it up? Think again.

I don't care who you are. It is a rare thing when good health comes with the package... or peace of mind... or freedom from fear... or true love... or clarity... wisdom... or truth. Those are to be found on another cruise line. It's a smaller boat on a different ocean... with a different captain and crew.

People insist on fooling themselves. They only see the brochures. They don't read the fine print. They'll cross that bridge when they come to it... if the bridge is still there. Some parts of our being are below the waterline. It's a whole other amusement park, and... it's crowded... it's hot and noisy... and... it's got no lifeboats.

At some point The World hits a kind of critical mass... a critical domino falls and sets off a chain reaction across many levels of dominoes... running in every direction. Well... no one plays dominoes like God. God plays every game there is better than anyone else ever has. It's something to keep in mind when you're playing games.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, June 07, 2023

"Eternity is Your Companion and Love is Your Passport to The Countless Wonders that Stretch Beyond Measurement."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The Culture is having its own season of Global Warming and it appears that T.S. Elliot was wrong. April is not the cruelest month, June is. Fortunately, it's a day short of 31. Still... it isn't February. It should be February. People might have to wear more clothes. There would be fewer wet t-shirt parties. People with steel rods through their quipment might find their solar-powered... Eldridge Cleaver warmers... to be less effective too.

You can sense it in the air. You can probably smell it too; ♫ the smell of death around you ♫ I'm no prophet on a mountaintop. I live in a desert anyway, but still, I don't have the credentials, but... one doesn't need a burning bush on their windowsill to see what's coming. If you see mangroves in the direction you are headed in, then you are soon to wind up in a swamp.

You could change direction, provided that you are not already surrounded by mangroves... with your outboard propeller tangled in something that smells real bad. If you can look behind you and see a thundering herd of degenerates... foaming at the mouth like some kind of 5-G Fentanyl zombie apocalypse... it might be hard to actually turnabout and go back the way you came.

Sometimes things just have to run their course.

The Purpose of Demonstration is not just a cool catchphrase. It is a literal descriptor of life. You get to see the workings out of specific courses of action. You do this and that happens. You do that and this happens. You start teaching prepubescent children about perverse sex acts... that they might not have engaged in over their whole life... and then you program it into their heads and I think... I'm just speculating here, but... I think... you're going to get a percentage of monkey-see... monkey-do outcomes.

And... there are accompanying millstones being fashioned for the necks of the pedo-pedagogues.

See... the idea is to use the same tactics they used to develop a hardcore block of borderline intellects... that will vote for anything that involves some kind of a nipple slip-wardrobe malfunction. With all the tools of Satanic Materialism at your disposal... it is not a difficult task to create a sizable demographic of people who cannot think above their stomachs; never mind the parts they can no longer see unless they are using one of those bomb squad, undercarriage mirrors.

When a goodly not-so-good portion of humanity has been reduced to the level of livestock, you can intuit with some degree of certainty that bad shit is going to happen to them, and possibly you too... if you are in the neighborhood.

When what is unnatural has been rendered government-sanctioned natural... when fat is the new thin... when darkness is the new light... when stupid is the new smart... when ugly is the new beautiful... when coarse is the new refined... when up is down and back is forth... there is something more than a possibility that everything is going to go very wrong... sooner than later.

For those who are still not clear about the use of the word 'thenssitiff'' in yesterday's post... imagine someone with a lisp saying the word... sensitive. I seem to have caused some confusion out there when more than one person brings it to my attention.

Well... ♫ battle lines are being drawn ♫ It seems we have another grand scale, Purpose of Demonstration coming to a head in the near future. The thing is... people with an agenda have an innate compulsion to push... and push.... and PUSH!

There's no point at which they are going to say they are satisfied; okay...that's far enough, AND... when you have hundreds of agendas stirring the waters of consciousness, and broadcasting them over every available medium without respite... you are going to get what is commonly known as... chaos and confusion.

It's a small group of people doing this... small by comparison with the rest of us... small even by comparison with all the splinter groups sucking the ox

ygen from the room. One man (if man he be) in Northern Kalifornia is responsible for much of the mayhem in that part of the state. That would be Scott Weiner.

One man is largely responsible for the chaos in Philadelphia. That would be Larry Krasner.

The same could be said for George Gascón... Kim Fox... Kim Gardner; the list is long. However... these are all monkeys. The organ grinder is George Soros. There are others, like Cari Tuna that you have probably never heard of.

The benediction for their efforts flows from The Satanic Pope. That honor is carried by whoever is the ruling Balrog from The Rothschild Coven. Even Soros is only one of their front-demons.

They have an army of public relations flacks... that stroke the image... their image and the image of what they do. Simply look at The World and the truth will be apparent because... by their works, ye shall know them.

“I'm not afraid of you. You're nothing but a pack of cards.”

They are The Infernal Royalty and major source of most of the suffering on Earth, IF... you take into consideration that everyone's suffering is self-generated... it might cause some wonderment as to what evil they actually cause. I'll give you a minute.

There is a war being waged. It is a spiritual war. The objective is The Human Soul. It is an ancient conflict that intensifies exponentially... every time Materialism gets to a certain level, like the level it is at now.

This war is ALLOWED to continue until critical mass is reached. This is the cauldron of testing and refining to see who is to be made fit to move on, and who is to be melted down and recast. Those that are made fit are those who are permitting it. Those who are to be melted down and recast are those resisting it.

In some cases, this resistance is conscious. In most cases it is unconscious. That is where Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening come in. It is their job... as the archetypal Astaire/Rogers dancers... at this time... to awaken the inner coryphée... Nataraja... whathaveyou... within The Willing. The more saturate The Hive Mind is with Materialism... the fewer the resonant dancers.

Consider that a wind is blowing from Heaven. This wind will either lift you up or blow you away. It will fill your sails or... it will sink you. Rather... it will be you making that choice. It matters not who you appease in the temporal sense... nor what you accomplish in a worldly sense. That is just dust in the process of settling. It matters if you get Heaven's attention. That is all that matters.

Negotiating the terrain here can be difficult at times. All you have to do is not pay attention and it will be brought to your attention. It is a common problem as to who it is you should serve. There are seeming benefits and liabilities in each case... depending on what you hold dear. In one case it is all benefits and no liabilities if your values are in order. Otherwise... you have only the temporary appearance of benefit, and that is the main liability.

Everyone gets what they want. That's how it works here, and everyone incurs debts... that's how it works here. Every so often... The Sun King comes to town and pays the bills come due, and the bills for The Coming Age. That is... if you accept his mercy. His blood is the currency that fuels continued existence. This is to the purpose of giving you another chance... and yet another chance... and yet more chances still.

May the roses bloom upon your cross means... may higher love flower in your heart. May you achieve freedom from The Personality and its instrument... The Mind. Then... Eternity is your companion and love is your passport to the countless wonders that stretch beyond measurement... for those who give themselves away in every moment... for those who find service... being useful... the source of a never-ending joy and peace in the light-suffused heavens within.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, June 02, 2023

"It Gets Pretty Claustrophobic Behind Those Walls, When You No Longer Know Who You Are... and The Panic Sets In."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Over at Truthseeker, today and yesterday is an article by Philip Giraldi.

He's someone with a life history involving 20 years of service in the CIA. Supposedly, he's now a sort of whistleblower/columnist. He's a highly intelligent fellow, but... I get no spiritual buzz from him and reading him makes me drowsy. I don't mean to criticize him. I don't know him... but I do know what he's talking about.

The article says more than it says. It's about the new hysteria over that catchall mind game bullshit called Antisemitism.

That video says all you will ever need to know about the Antisemitism smear that's used to combat and suppress truth.

First off... the people who came up with this psych-slur are NOT Semitic. They have no Semitic DNA at all. They are AshkeNazis; the same people who presently want Ukraine for their new homeland... ♫ same as the old homeland ♫ now that it's gotten too hot for them in Israel... where they've been land-stealing and sport-killing Palestinians since they arrived after the last world war.

As soon as they got there, they went to work replacing The Palestinians... The Original People of The Book... with themselves.

They managed to hijack the Palestinian homeland by fudging the numbers over what THEY SAY happened to them in World War 2. If you want the truth about that, simply read The Red Cross report on the concentration camps and also note the Jewish Almanac, where it shows a population increase in their numbers from before the war to after the war.

One of the reasons they need to have that holocaust construct tattooed on The Hive Mind is because of the holocaust they performed in The Soviet Socialist Republic when they ran the Communist scam from the time of The Bolshevik Revolution until (for myriad reasons) it collapsed in 1991. Tens of millions of Christians died there.

You see who all the oligarchs are that fled the country taking the wealth with them?

They've been reworking history since... to indicate that they were the ones who were being oppressed there. The facts say otherwise, and Solzhenitsyn covers a lot of what they were and what they did. The truth of the matter is easy to discover now, if... one... cares... to.

Here's what they've done to the Palestinians, real-estate-wise since they got there.

That's truth! You can't argue with it. You hear them screeching in The Media- which they nearly completely control- about Palestinian terrorists. Who they mean... are those people they've locked down in urban concentration camp pockets... that they micromanage with tanks... against rocks and sundry.

Now... as Giraldi muses... they're coming after our right to say anything about it. None of us have been able to say much about it for a very long time. What's going to change about that? Right.

They can't stop me or anyone else empowered to speak the truth. Sure... they can limit the audience. I am an example of that, but most people are trapped in a materialism-stupor anyway, and dreaming about whatever their karma has them dreaming about. It would never change under the usual circumstances, BUT... these are not the usual circumstances and The Usual Suspects know this. It's why they're hot and lathered about the matter now.

Most of the heat is coming from the younger generations. There's no uptick in Antisemitism. There's an uptick in people seeing what's going on. It's an apocalypse! Shit gets sorted in an apocalypse, so... now they're trying to stop what they can't stop anyway.

The hammer is coming down on The General Public all over The World these days. It's what the ruling class does when things start to get dicey for them, but... this diceyness is a natural thing... like climate change... only it's on a social and cultural level. Every now and then... The Cosmos and the... real... rulers... of... The... World... decide (like clockwork) to level the playing field.

So... the harder the self-deluded press, and suppress the public... the greater the tension in the dynamic. It's like trying to press down on water in a sealed container. It can't be done. The container will explode. Of course... if the sliding-lid... French-press-pressure is gone... you can push your hand into the water with no trouble... and... when you take your hand out, you will see all the evidence of you having been there, just as soon as the water settles down.

Yeah... there's going to be mayhem and bloodshed in certain quarters because all of the players wouldn't have it any other way. The ruthlessness of those who have gotten their way for so long is evident in the way they treat the people below them. It leads to a kind of uncontrollable arrogance, which... in the Biblical sense... is always present before a fall.

Now we got Pride month. That's to cover for the deeper shame and confusion that underlies the prancing glitter. This... and all the woo-woo gotten up to for distraction's sake... to take the public mind off of what's happening to them, and who it is that is responsible... is not going to work much longer.

Perhaps some of you think Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening are some kinds of literary devices? Not hardly. I've personally met Mr. Apocalypse. He told me what he intended to do some time ago. I see it happening, but... it's only just beginning.

Since some of you think it's all only entertainment, I suggest you get your folding lawn chairs... flak jackets and wet suits... and popcorn, and settle in for the unsettlement.

The real killer in the whole affair is runaway... brush-fire insanity... among the high and low. It's getting closer and closer to critical mass, AND... when it hits critical mass... the shifting plates in the collective unconscious are going to cause an interior earthquake... which is going to cause a tsunami of awakening... that is going to be of such power that those most responsible for all the bad shit that's been going down for such a long time, are going to spin like tops right off into the Ring-Pass-Not.

THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ESCAPE THEMSELVES!!! Run and hide all you please. Slam the doors on your reinforced concrete bunkers... you cannot hide from yourself, and it gets pretty claustrophobic behind those walls, when... you... no... longer... know.... who... you... are, AND... the panic sets in. Yikes!!! I would hate to be in their shoes. Fortunately... I am not.

They've had plenty of time to stop their nonsense. They've still got a tiny window, but... it's the nature of The Beast. They continue to think they can handle and manage all the details. Well... they themselves are simply one of the details being handled from another location where they have ZERO cachet.

Now... lest anyone think I am referring ONLY to a specific demographic... this is not the case. It may be that they occupy a large segment of those so engaged, but the self-victimizing... through the agency of insatiable greed... and the raging need... to control others... covers members of every demographic. They come in all colors... shapes... and sizes. They are the manipulators and predators... who believe in no power save their own. The Invisible Hierarchy is about to show them the fallacy of that perspective.

The dictators... and The Bankers... and the strategizing self-fellating narcissists... the thoroughly possessed... are soon to come to the brink of an impassible gulf, and they shall see... upon the other side... the poets... the mystics and martyrs... the righteous dreamers... the selfless servants... and the reflections of all the people they might have been had they not been so criminally deluded.

Now it appears that Jamie Foxx got blinded and paralyzed by The Killer Vaccine...which he did not want to take...

...but the producers of the film where he was working... insisted he get it and get it he did... in every sense. You can expect to see more and more of this.

My friends... it is only a little time now until the coming of The Sun King. We are in the advent of his approach. Do not despair, though appearances weigh heavy upon you. Do not doubt... though darkness SEEMS to rise on every side. Keep your head down, (in an attitude of prayer) and... mind how you go.

End Transmission.......

Footnote; as long-time readers here know, every now and then someone wants to argue with me about something they take seriously... like The Bible... or some social issue or political issue, like Communism; wanting to defend it to me. As you know... Antifa is a Communist vehicle... so is all that Diversity... Equity... and Inclusion. They're trying to do here what doesn't work anywhere else, so it won't work here either.

People come around like Ross Perot with charts and pie graphs and whatever they can find to support their argument. None of that means anything to me. Communism is dialectical MATERIALISM. Hopefully, that suffices for all I need to say on the matter. It also eliminates any consideration of The Divine. Those are eternal non-starters for me.

I don't argue. It doesn't mean you are wrong. I just don't argue and I don't debate, and the comments section is not for that. You have Reddit and all kinds of other places to do that sort of thing. I'm sorry if this hurts anyone's feelings but that's how it is here.

I should add... however... here is some commentary from Edgar Cayce;

“Decades before the rest of the world was thinking about the enormous impact that China would have upon the global stage, Edgar Cayce predicted great things for China and its people. On one occasion, Cayce told a group of people that eventually China would become “the cradle of Christianity, as applied in the lives of men.”

-- Edgar Cayce reading 3976-29

This suggests the personal application of spiritual principles would become paramount to the Chinese people. Cayce then went on to caution that it would take a long time to manifest but that it was the country’s destiny: “Yea, it is far off as man counts time, but only a day in the heart of God – for tomorrow China will awake.”

On another occasion, when a thirty-six-year-old book publisher asked about the destiny of China in 1943, just prior to his own trip to the country to serve in the capacity of a missionary, Cayce promised amazing changes in the country that would lead to more democracy and greater religious freedom. He also suggested that eventually, the height of civilization would move from the West to the Chinese people: “And these will progress. For, civilization moves west.”

So... there is that, but it would mean they were no longer under a Communist dictatorship.

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