Tuesday, June 20, 2023

"The World Wakes up Voices in Your Head. There Are Many Such Voices so... There Are Many Kinds of Crazy..."

God Poet Transmitting.......

You can go crazy in two different ways. The experts will tell you there is more than that, but... most of the others are sub-groupings of the main crazy that is brought about through a bad reaction to Materialism. It's a rash you can't see that can be scratched in all kinds of ways.

You go crazy because The World makes you crazy or you go mad seeking God. All the weird little tics and disturbances of The Mind... that cause a personality to get bent out of shape... are caused by adjusting to what The World demands of you. The World wakes up voices in your head. There are many such voices so... there are many kinds of crazy. The more you listen to these voices... the more insistent they become.

There is a crazy that comes from fitting in too well, and another crazy that comes from not being able to fit in at all. Every form and kind of wanting that The World creates an attraction for... generates an insanity that... through repetition... becomes pathological and chronic.

The deeper into Materialism you go... the more real it becomes... even though it is nothing more than a veil of shifting appearances, which... your sense of time gives weight to; were it not for time... you would see it in the time-lapse sequencing of endless coming to flower and going to seed... over and over again.

The bandwidth of the physical sense locks you into the theater of your dreaming... that part of the amusement park where your particular dreams are assigned... based on the nature of your wanting. You go from squalling... to whining... cheering... and weeping, to gasping for breath in what seems like no time at all.

How do you break The Spell?

Madness is a seashell beyond the sea's kiss... if the sea is Materialism.

If you are a true mystic or lover of God... Madness is a fundamental requirement. Otherwise... you would never bear the unavoidable phenomena that occur as you traverse Yesod. That is the primary inescapable next step from The World of vin ordinaire... The Vale of The Moon; the lower and upper reaches.

The Sun flows directly into it from above. You must negotiate the lower chambers where the great dangers of illusion and delusion lie... all the snares of The Lower Astral... and then... the subtle bindings and attractions of the higher stage.

That's the hard one at the beginning. Most people never get past that, though they may convince themselves they have... mistaking specters for luminous bodies. After that... if you've got a good teacher... based on the level of your purity... sincerity, and zeal... wonder follows upon wonder.

Of course, I am talking about The Road Out, which is actually The Road In. Materialism is a lure and you are a fish... gone to market. The best way to avoid getting caught at... or by something... is to not do it... or go there... in the first place; ♫ this little piggy went to market ♫

I know what it usually sounds like to the usual people; what's the big deal? The big deal is that... inescapably... while you are carving up life... life is carving you. Everywhere you are and everything you do... leads somewhere else. Getting a nice job at Google... Microsoft... Goldman Sachs. It sounds like a dream come true until it... inescapably... turns into a nightmare. It is simple math... if you know how to do your figures.

All those people marching in tightly compressed ranks... are being herded, just like cattle... and to the same end. It eats them alive in increments of pain. It devours them from the inside. It is no different than a diseased swamp, and... you will catch your death; as the old aunt says.

BUT! They are living well! They are fortunate! They could be on The Street! They are on The Street. It's a matter of degree, and the hard cold truth is that everything has to be paid for. Every broken commandment... every side-stepped rule... has to be accounted for. The Commandments did not appear as the strictures of a mean God... who wants to take all the fun out of life. They exist for your protection.

The Commandments are training wheels. The rules are guidelines along the way to a more perfect balance. Once they are incorporated into your nature and learned memory, you are no longer even aware of them. They do not apply to you as adversarial confinements because you are no longer at war with yourself. Everything comes back to that.

Right at this minute you can look at The World and see scripture in living testimony. You can see the broad way that leadeth unto destruction. You can see what happens when you gain the whole world and lose your only soul. You can see the outcome of; where there is no vision.

Why can so many people not see what is right in front of them? How very fortunate you are to know that there... but... for... fortune. I call that God's Good Graces. How do you get into God's Good Graces? You keep the commandments and follow the rules.

Sometimes I am thunderstruck to be saying these things. Given the way I have behaved, and the darkness of The World I walked through to get here, I am stunned... upon reflection... at the strange country I passed through... and what I saw and did there. I can tell you that loving God is the key to your survival, and not just your physical survival... which is of far lesser account, but... your spiritual survival.

I was so hamstrung by my shortcomings! Over and over they pulled me down into confusion and disorder. Over and over again, I climbed back out. God is writing a story in every one of us. It is defined by the degrees of our resistance and surrender. Truly... those who love much are forgiven much.

When I heard about Vivekananda, I read everything he wrote... two or three times. When I kept running into Mikhail Aivanhov, I got his entire library and am reading it again. Now I am reading Patanjali's Sutras over, and over, and over again, and imprinting... branding... tattooing them on my being.

Stability and focus require tremendous effort to establish themselves within. It takes countless failures to achieve them. Only the truly determined can accomplish it, and... they are the ones who love what they do.

I model myself upon my heroes. The greatest of them is that which is the origin of The Sun... and which personifies itself thereby... that humanizes itself... so that I can identify with it... as it takes me beyond pedestrian things. YOU CANNOT FAIL IF YOU DO NOT GIVE UP!

I look back upon my darker moments and it is a wonder and a miracle that I am here... and especially where Here amounts to. God is real. I know this without question, and that alone takes away all the power of The World to trap or harm me. That fact reduces all the armies of The World to soldiers of mist passing through the trees on a mountain. If God is for me, who can be against me?

Loving God is the key to everything. There is a reason it is called The Greatest Commandment. When you love God, you open the door to God's love for you. It makes it possible for that love to impact on you. True change comes from within.

No man could be more fortunate than I am. To find God is to put an end to all strife forever. There is nothing else to achieve... once that has been accomplished, AND everyone who perseveres WILL succeed. YOU CANNOT FAIL IF YOU DO NOT GIVE UP!

I did not intend to write anything like this today. It's Petri Dish where other issues are usually explored, BUT... this is what happened despite my intentions otherwise.

End Transmission.......

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M - said...

I tried to read Jordan Peterson's book "12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos" but didn't even get 1/4 of the way through it. I couldn't stomach his pretentiousness.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Visible said...

I am not a fan of that man. Even before I found out what I now know about him I did not care for him. Ben Shapiro hits me the same way. Actually... I could make a large list here of the phonies who have no objective but their own advancement, but... I would prefer to stare into space without a thought in my mind.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Personally... I Prefer a Pat on The Head to a Kick in The Ass. Both are Always Available and... Waiting in The Wings.

Anonymous said...

Methinks the Js have Jordan's Bs in a V.



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