Wednesday, June 28, 2023

"President Criminalstiltskin Looks to Be in A Whole Lotta Trouble These Days as His Past Returns to Haunt and Taunt Him."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Larry the Lizard... over at Black Rock... is whining about ESG-DEI troubles. He appears to have come out of the same egg batch as Chuckie... Doll Eyes... Schumer. I could easily see both of them sunbathing on a rock in The Mohave and assume they were related. They're obviously under-bosses for the same reptile overlords. I expect to see David Icke at any moment... doing a Discovery Channel show on evolutionary timelines for cold-blooded life forms.

Yeah... all is not well in The World of Octopus-Squid... The World of global high finance. Anyone know the difference between ESG and DEI? The former leather-freak bondage media is suddenly turning on its owners. The New York Times just had a field day with Ice Spice's twin sister... the press secretary... over at The White House; I can't believe they haven't changed the name of the building yet.

President Criminalstiltskin looks to be in a whole lotta trouble these days, as his past returns to haunt and taunt him. Everywhere you look, the color is being leached from The Truman Show landscape. Even the rainbow flag now appears in shades of washed-out gray. You know hard times are ahead when the rodeo clowns of The Crass Media turn on their own biggest creation.

WORD MUST HAVE ROLLED DOWNHILL from somewhere, and the kid gloves are coming off. The Vice President was just honored as the least popular vice president of all time. Merrick Garland can hear the villagers howling at the castle gates; something about impeachment, and being run out of town on a rail.

Look! Usually, it's just a sitcom with no laugh track. One side yells at the other side, and they both get paid by the same employer. It's like The Supreme Court that gets the script passed up to the bench each day... on those rare days when they are in session.

Somehow... somewhere... in the last few weeks... the whole agenda has switched tracks. The people who actually make the decisions or... the people everyone else thinks make the decisions, but that no one talks about... have made the decision to shit-can the covered dish... potted plant... that was playing the president on Reality TV. It looks like he and his dysfunctional son, along with Princess Mumblemouth... are being put out to pasture... shortly.

Everyone is freaking out behind closed doors. No one from the president's handlers to the janitor's closet seems to know what's happening or... why it's happening. You might say they are in damage control but... the damage is done and the whole thing is a write-off. The repair shops won't touch it. This is one of those scenes where everyone slinks out the back door at 3:00AM.

Usually... when they do something like this it is because they have to do it. Otherwise... they would do something else. By the time they get around to No Win City; their present location... it is to be suspected that the replacements came out of the 3-D printer already, and... await the final touches.

Here's another way to look at it. The whole movie was scripted way back, and everything that has happened is part of the script. The fix was in before the last election was stolen, and everything that followed was only to steer Trump back into the presidency again. All the crime and sexual degeneracy was merely setting the stage with collateral damage so that... the whole nation would be clamoring for Law and Order; a real clamp down on freedoms, for... your... own... good.

Okay... that's one possibility... and one that has often come to mind. They rolled out The Killer Vaccines with no resistance. No one in power reacted or resisted. Name (and nameless) players shouted from the sidelines, but... none of it mattered. They worked up a war in Ukraine but that went South... or West, depending on how you look at it. Climate Change is the only thing that keeps chugging along, BUT... NONE... OF... THESE... THINGS have been able to grab anything more than marginal support. Most people don't care about any of them.

You have to get the support of most people... even if only for the short time necessary to get the revolution done. You can't have a revolution without the support of The Middle Class, and... no one's in the mood. The moment has passed and they're not going to get it back.

Every one of their plans to capture the imagination of The Public has failed. Even when they created fake polls saying that this or that amount supported this and that... it didn't seem to matter; not like it used to. Every scam they got up to... has fallen apart after a while.

Yes... The Banker Compromised International Corporations are still steampunking along behind Pride and The Transgender Mutilation Train... but The Flash is Gone and it took The Thrill with it. Even The Flash movie went right down The Gender Neutral Toilet.

Here's the thing... in The Material World... the basic building block of civilization (and whatever culture is the face of it) is The Family Unit; not the family eunuch. Any family that intends to replicate and expand, MUST involve acts of procreation between the male and the female heads of family. Otherwise... there is no family.

Yes... fake pretend families can adopt the offspring from other natural acts of sexual congress that... for whatever the reason... are not able to be part of that Family Unit, and yes... they can make life from test tubes, but they still need those male-female essences commingling in the test tube. GENERALLY... all through history... a man and a woman come together (use your imagination) and new little people appear... go through certain changes... and then the process repeats all over again.

Well... they screwed up the usual population replacement process with cellphone pollution and Killer Vaccines. They've been funneling cartel-approved migrants over the border to create a new voting block... and to do the stuff that the materially jaded are no longer willing to do... AND to get rid of the working class Whitey influence block, BUT... not the ruling class Whitey.

On the one hand... it seems that their efforts to screw up normal life have been very successful. On the other hand, it has not been the spectacular success they were looking for, and now even their own bought and paid for people are turning on them.

So... here is how it looks to me, and... I've probably already said this a dozen ways before. All the vile tactics being employed by The Uber Controllers... happened for no other reason than to expose them to the eyes of The World... a world that is processing through stages of awakening, and which... once the collective Hive Mind Force reaches a particular level of awareness... will send the formerly seeming-to-be in charge... spinning into space.

Everything created in form came into being through mind power expressed as thought. Everything you see is thought-crystallized... is sunlight frozen into shapes. The Sun is the material mind force of creation... owned and operated by The Black Sun that is too bright to see... but we have to give names to things for the meanings that come and go... forever changing in meaning.

The World exists for God's entertainment. It is a theater of operations in which he can discover himself again and again. Man and Woman are a single thing... temporarily divided so that they can seek union endlessly... on a stage where dramatic performances take place.

True and lasting union cannot be achieved in this fashion... except by a small handful of Tantrics, so... life is an ongoing tragedy for people who approach it that way, BUT... since they are mainly sensation seekers and attachment junkies... everything reaches the end result designed for it. It can be achieved through the union of the two principles within a single human vessel.

Everyone gets a clue eventually, so... in the long run... it all works out, and... The Road to Damascus didn't go away. It's still there. Push hard enough in either direction and... you will get results.

I guess what I am trying to say is that it doesn't matter which of these... or if any of these... are true. It's just a performance that runs through predictable territory because it endlessly repeats itself. As long as you are chasing after something... it will be running from you... or you will be running toward it at some future coordinates in Time and Space. When you stop running... when you stand still... it all spins and swirls around you forever; occasionally taking a respite... a break between acts.

A time comes when you can step in and out of the action... as you please... for the purpose of being useful to those presently hypnotized by dancing dust. Much of the effort... when uninformed... makes little difference in the short term and can actually cause harm when you can't see the endpoints of your efforts to be helpful. Eventually... you realize it is best to leave it all alone, and... simply become a way station on the never-ending journey.

Love God and The Way will appear.

End Transmission.......

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Al said...

"I could easily see both of them sunbathing on a rock in The Mohave and assume they were related." Ahahaha no I have to laugh.

"Princess Mumblemouth... are being put out to pasture... shortly."
Ahahaha Thanks for the laughs as I have had to open two windows just to comment in real time. I'm feeling something about the princess not being eligible for presidency being a non American born citizen but I could be way off on that.

One of the best I have had the pleasure of reading, Thanks Les


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Personally I value time, low stress, freedom to do what the Hell I want when not on the job, the fewest unwanted distractions in life, the fewest annoyances I can get, and the highest standard of living possible. I LOVE being in a DINK (Dual income no kids) household, and I don't see personally why anyone would want to be anything else.

If you're not here, you're somewhere else, and that somewhere else has far fewer limitations than here, and access to REAL knowledge as opposed to the garbage propaganda that is so ubiquitous here. Good luck finding real history in this perpetually inconvenient cess pit. I also wonder how many biological accidents are hated? That could explain why so many societies are so messed up, barring those who are born missing something and stuck being a psychopath for it; not that they have a choice in the matter after they're here.

All I see in a sprog is a personal urban/suburban liability that will make great cannon fodder, cheap corporate labour, free slave labour in an agricultural setting a tax payer, and a 401K plan in some societies. Well, in famine times they occasionally make make good stew meat. (I HAD to throw that in there.) Especially during The Cultural Revolution of China, though I'm sure it happens everywhere. I even wrote a story about that happening in Holodomor called, "Cook 'Em All, Let The Chef Sort 'Em Out". Gods, I wish I had the money to get a T-shirt with that on it.

I'm under the impression quite a few people think like me. I've corresponded with a few, and my psychic twin is mostly on the same page. We'll be talking about this after IT gets home from work. (Damn right it's also a member of The Holey Order of The Septum, thereby a nose.)

Still a great post, though. NOSTRILS TO THE SKY! People should be allowed to be what they are, and not pushed into being something they're not.

Andy said...

"Love God and The Way will appear."

Rumi said something similar.

For me,

This ^^^

0 said...

How curious your post today. I just watched a show on the korean scientist who did the cloning experiments and has now been relegated to cloning camels in the UAE. (its on netflix)

They called out cloning as getting female ovum from some species, removing its nucleus which has only the one half of the females dna present in it, which is Why its an Ovum, and then they go find a skin cell or some other cell that has a nucleus with both pairs of chromosomes in it and insert that into the ovum. They then have to cause a little electrical pulse to jolt it into beginning cellular division.

How curious that we as fully formed iterations of form largely have full sets of chromosomes in all our differentiated cells Except the Ovum/spermatazoa, which have only half allowing combination with some Other half to create a new Whole.

Its also interesting that even if they use the skin cell of the mother of the ovum and put that nucleus into the mothers ovum, the new clone is not 100% like the old, since the ovum was formed of its own complete set of chromosomes, genetically its the same but the iteration of form caused to be is unique because its not the same ovum as the mother grew from having been produced by the now mature mother. (maybe the mothers mothers ovum would net a more close to 100% clone, ie take a mother of a daughters ovum and put the daughters skin cell nucleus in it, might be closer than using the daughters ovum and skin cell.)

I suppose I'm rambling.

I do have to admit the comment I find myself posting on most articles these days is just "Accountability or Revolution". I leave it at that. No further point trying to pick things apart when people have no desire to hear anything but what they already know being parroted back to themselves.

Lets hope its accountability thats restored to avert the revolution, tho at this point I really don't care which way it goes, so long as it Goes.


0 said...

"The whole movie was scripted way back, and everything that has happened is part of the script."

I have frequently called it "a series of engineered events" to "frame up" the new crew. Gotta let it go to crap to be able to pretend some new guy who's harassed can be made to look like the good guys. Keeps everyone picking the finger on someone Elses hand instead of their own.

You remember Willow? :)

Kazz said...

The safety conscious youth of Australia have got together to make a wonderful video to the people who 'think they run this world'.

Enjoy :o)

Luv Kazz

Strider Laughs said...

Speaking of out of function, an Amtrak choo choo went brrr earlier after colliding with a truck.
The German noise/industrial band collapsing new buildings comes to mind but it's no Bauhaus.
Do they have bolshy yarbles at the Bolshoi?
How will they build the Indian Ocean high speed rail if Brandon goes bye bye? (honk!)
This is a golden time of comedy and reality is going to come back hard.
Beautiful and in my prayers a love of God is always expressed.
The other post about grammar and English getting mangled comes to mind when watching videos with all kinds of errors and almost dyslexic mistakes.
Lysdexics of the world untie!
I could use some brush up myself and you have to know your limitations as a hero figure once said. Yes I know it was acting but whatever gets you through.
Remember the Robert Plant quote about does anybody remember laughter.

Visible said...

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