Friday, June 02, 2023

"It Gets Pretty Claustrophobic Behind Those Walls, When You No Longer Know Who You Are... and The Panic Sets In."

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Over at Truthseeker, today and yesterday is an article by Philip Giraldi.

He's someone with a life history involving 20 years of service in the CIA. Supposedly, he's now a sort of whistleblower/columnist. He's a highly intelligent fellow, but... I get no spiritual buzz from him and reading him makes me drowsy. I don't mean to criticize him. I don't know him... but I do know what he's talking about.

The article says more than it says. It's about the new hysteria over that catchall mind game bullshit called Antisemitism.

That video says all you will ever need to know about the Antisemitism smear that's used to combat and suppress truth.

First off... the people who came up with this psych-slur are NOT Semitic. They have no Semitic DNA at all. They are AshkeNazis; the same people who presently want Ukraine for their new homeland... ♫ same as the old homeland ♫ now that it's gotten too hot for them in Israel... where they've been land-stealing and sport-killing Palestinians since they arrived after the last world war.

As soon as they got there, they went to work replacing The Palestinians... The Original People of The Book... with themselves.

They managed to hijack the Palestinian homeland by fudging the numbers over what THEY SAY happened to them in World War 2. If you want the truth about that, simply read The Red Cross report on the concentration camps and also note the Jewish Almanac, where it shows a population increase in their numbers from before the war to after the war.

One of the reasons they need to have that holocaust construct tattooed on The Hive Mind is because of the holocaust they performed in The Soviet Socialist Republic when they ran the Communist scam from the time of The Bolshevik Revolution until (for myriad reasons) it collapsed in 1991. Tens of millions of Christians died there.

You see who all the oligarchs are that fled the country taking the wealth with them?

They've been reworking history since... to indicate that they were the ones who were being oppressed there. The facts say otherwise, and Solzhenitsyn covers a lot of what they were and what they did. The truth of the matter is easy to discover now, if... one... cares... to.

Here's what they've done to the Palestinians, real-estate-wise since they got there.

That's truth! You can't argue with it. You hear them screeching in The Media- which they nearly completely control- about Palestinian terrorists. Who they mean... are those people they've locked down in urban concentration camp pockets... that they micromanage with tanks... against rocks and sundry.

Now... as Giraldi muses... they're coming after our right to say anything about it. None of us have been able to say much about it for a very long time. What's going to change about that? Right.

They can't stop me or anyone else empowered to speak the truth. Sure... they can limit the audience. I am an example of that, but most people are trapped in a materialism-stupor anyway, and dreaming about whatever their karma has them dreaming about. It would never change under the usual circumstances, BUT... these are not the usual circumstances and The Usual Suspects know this. It's why they're hot and lathered about the matter now.

Most of the heat is coming from the younger generations. There's no uptick in Antisemitism. There's an uptick in people seeing what's going on. It's an apocalypse! Shit gets sorted in an apocalypse, so... now they're trying to stop what they can't stop anyway.

The hammer is coming down on The General Public all over The World these days. It's what the ruling class does when things start to get dicey for them, but... this diceyness is a natural thing... like climate change... only it's on a social and cultural level. Every now and then... The Cosmos and the... real... rulers... of... The... World... decide (like clockwork) to level the playing field.

So... the harder the self-deluded press, and suppress the public... the greater the tension in the dynamic. It's like trying to press down on water in a sealed container. It can't be done. The container will explode. Of course... if the sliding-lid... French-press-pressure is gone... you can push your hand into the water with no trouble... and... when you take your hand out, you will see all the evidence of you having been there, just as soon as the water settles down.

Yeah... there's going to be mayhem and bloodshed in certain quarters because all of the players wouldn't have it any other way. The ruthlessness of those who have gotten their way for so long is evident in the way they treat the people below them. It leads to a kind of uncontrollable arrogance, which... in the Biblical sense... is always present before a fall.

Now we got Pride month. That's to cover for the deeper shame and confusion that underlies the prancing glitter. This... and all the woo-woo gotten up to for distraction's sake... to take the public mind off of what's happening to them, and who it is that is responsible... is not going to work much longer.

Perhaps some of you think Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening are some kinds of literary devices? Not hardly. I've personally met Mr. Apocalypse. He told me what he intended to do some time ago. I see it happening, but... it's only just beginning.

Since some of you think it's all only entertainment, I suggest you get your folding lawn chairs... flak jackets and wet suits... and popcorn, and settle in for the unsettlement.

The real killer in the whole affair is runaway... brush-fire insanity... among the high and low. It's getting closer and closer to critical mass, AND... when it hits critical mass... the shifting plates in the collective unconscious are going to cause an interior earthquake... which is going to cause a tsunami of awakening... that is going to be of such power that those most responsible for all the bad shit that's been going down for such a long time, are going to spin like tops right off into the Ring-Pass-Not.

THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ESCAPE THEMSELVES!!! Run and hide all you please. Slam the doors on your reinforced concrete bunkers... you cannot hide from yourself, and it gets pretty claustrophobic behind those walls, when... you... no... longer... know.... who... you... are, AND... the panic sets in. Yikes!!! I would hate to be in their shoes. Fortunately... I am not.

They've had plenty of time to stop their nonsense. They've still got a tiny window, but... it's the nature of The Beast. They continue to think they can handle and manage all the details. Well... they themselves are simply one of the details being handled from another location where they have ZERO cachet.

Now... lest anyone think I am referring ONLY to a specific demographic... this is not the case. It may be that they occupy a large segment of those so engaged, but the self-victimizing... through the agency of insatiable greed... and the raging need... to control others... covers members of every demographic. They come in all colors... shapes... and sizes. They are the manipulators and predators... who believe in no power save their own. The Invisible Hierarchy is about to show them the fallacy of that perspective.

The dictators... and The Bankers... and the strategizing self-fellating narcissists... the thoroughly possessed... are soon to come to the brink of an impassible gulf, and they shall see... upon the other side... the poets... the mystics and martyrs... the righteous dreamers... the selfless servants... and the reflections of all the people they might have been had they not been so criminally deluded.

Now it appears that Jamie Foxx got blinded and paralyzed by The Killer Vaccine...which he did not want to take...

...but the producers of the film where he was working... insisted he get it and get it he did... in every sense. You can expect to see more and more of this.

My friends... it is only a little time now until the coming of The Sun King. We are in the advent of his approach. Do not despair, though appearances weigh heavy upon you. Do not doubt... though darkness SEEMS to rise on every side. Keep your head down, (in an attitude of prayer) and... mind how you go.

End Transmission.......

Footnote; as long-time readers here know, every now and then someone wants to argue with me about something they take seriously... like The Bible... or some social issue or political issue, like Communism; wanting to defend it to me. As you know... Antifa is a Communist vehicle... so is all that Diversity... Equity... and Inclusion. They're trying to do here what doesn't work anywhere else, so it won't work here either.

People come around like Ross Perot with charts and pie graphs and whatever they can find to support their argument. None of that means anything to me. Communism is dialectical MATERIALISM. Hopefully, that suffices for all I need to say on the matter. It also eliminates any consideration of The Divine. Those are eternal non-starters for me.

I don't argue. It doesn't mean you are wrong. I just don't argue and I don't debate, and the comments section is not for that. You have Reddit and all kinds of other places to do that sort of thing. I'm sorry if this hurts anyone's feelings but that's how it is here.

I should add... however... here is some commentary from Edgar Cayce;

“Decades before the rest of the world was thinking about the enormous impact that China would have upon the global stage, Edgar Cayce predicted great things for China and its people. On one occasion, Cayce told a group of people that eventually China would become “the cradle of Christianity, as applied in the lives of men.”

-- Edgar Cayce reading 3976-29

This suggests the personal application of spiritual principles would become paramount to the Chinese people. Cayce then went on to caution that it would take a long time to manifest but that it was the country’s destiny: “Yea, it is far off as man counts time, but only a day in the heart of God – for tomorrow China will awake.”

On another occasion, when a thirty-six-year-old book publisher asked about the destiny of China in 1943, just prior to his own trip to the country to serve in the capacity of a missionary, Cayce promised amazing changes in the country that would lead to more democracy and greater religious freedom. He also suggested that eventually, the height of civilization would move from the West to the Chinese people: “And these will progress. For, civilization moves west.”

So... there is that, but it would mean they were no longer under a Communist dictatorship.

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M - said...

I have a couple of points to make.

(1) Re: Jamie Foxx
It's beyond my ken to understand how anyone who doesn't want to get jabbed feels forced to get jabbed. There will be other jobs, other means of support. Now he - and others like him - might possibly be disabled for life. Now what? Does one's health mean so little to them and their loved ones? My boyfriend's company finally mandated that everyone either get jabbed or be tested EVERY SINGLE WORK DAY. That was the day he said goodbye, after almost 30 years. He retired and we both couldn't be happier. He has heart issues and I, well, I have issues with being told what to do - especially when my instinct says "NO". So there you have it.

(2) "There's an uptick in people seeing what's going on." Yeah, the jig's up and they're scared - as they should be. Control is a reaction to FEAR. However, we should never buy into the myth of CONTROL. How a person thinks or feels about any given issue is something THEY can and will never control. It's still there under the surface - and THAT is what scares them.

"The most mediocre in society became its most eager auditors of correct behavior." - Unknown

(3) People who work really hard trying to CONVINCE others of something are really just trying to justify their convictions to THEMSELVES...because they have doubts.

Note: Rational discussion is different from arguing. (I don't argue either.)

n. An extended communication (often interactive) dealing with some particular topic
n. A reason or reasons offered in proof, to induce belief or convince the mind

As always, Vis, thank you for speaking the Truth so eloquently.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Al said...

Thank you for yet another nice piece of truthiness laid upon the pages of time my friend.

Enjoy the weekend or is it the week beginning, I always forget these days.


Anonymous said...

about China, i literally took 100s of copies of the Bhagavad Gita by Prabhupada translated into the Chinese language into Hong Kong and Macau (which is direct Chinese territory). I was never stopped by the police even once.

If China is such a fascist atheistic dictatorship police state, why did they allow a white american to give out 100s of copies of Hindu religious books? This was in November 2009 btw.

I found China to be a very peaceful, optimistic place, very hopeful and very good vibes.

Visible said...

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