Thursday, June 15, 2023

"We Are in The Closing Times of The Last Gasping Shudder... of a Long Overdue Death Rattle... and Then The Credits Roll."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Social media medusas... hydra-headed... mental flower-potted narcissists... superficial lifestyle influencers... life coaches waiting for death to call... cellphone junkies... masturbating monkeys... earlobe stretching, man-bun wearing, incel-losers in search of a dominatrix... who learned how to do it on Youtube. All they want to do is bend over for someone anonymous and distant, but... right up close to the inside of their heads.

Everywhere there are people worrying about how they look... playing hide and seek with their sexual identities, and the last creative offspring they had was a pregnant pause that wound up in an abortion clinic. There are no inspired poets. There are no decent writers. I haven't heard a good song in over twenty years. There is nothing worth watching even if you download it for free. Sure... if you go back a few years, but now? No way, Jose. Can I still say that?

Nothing's funny anymore. Life's too serious for that. You can't say this. You can't say that. I can say anything I damn well please, but that's only because I don't have anything you can hurt me with. Not everyone is so lucky. Meanwhile... people are still trying to get out of here alive; good luck with that.

BUT SUDDENLY... everything is changing again. LGBT-whatever is going out of style. You can't go to PETA to get your kids neutered. Yesterday a bunch of middle school kids tore down all the Pride garbage from the walls and started screaming that their pronouns were “USA!” People are direct voting with their pocketbooks, and... they got tape of Biden and Son scamming... blackmailing... and generally doing what utterly corrupt people with power do.

We are in the closing times of the last gasping shudder of a long overdue death rattle... and the credits begin to roll. Whew! It was close there for a minute or two. I've been watching the tide turn for some time now. I can't imagine what they are saying in all those virtual press rooms where they write the news before it happens and make up the rest.

AI got the vaccine. Now AI is autistic. How are they going to spread The Mind Parasites? Wait till that turns on them! Ukraine didn't work out. What are they going to do? What do they usually do? They orchestrate a false flag. Do you think they'll do that this time? I... don't... know...

What if they can't do it? What do you mean? What if something stops them? Yeah... who? The forces that really run this place, above and beyond the playground antics of these troubled times. That would be nice... wouldn't it? It would.

You see what's been going on, my friends? You've seen this groundswell over Tranny-Bud-No-Wiser? How about the economic cross-hairs over Target? Looks like they got to tuck and run. Starbucks took down its Pride decorations. Starbucks!!!!!!! Didn't they come out of Grunge City? Weren't they all the way Jose? Can I say that?

There's a serious Aztec-Two-Step going on here. The White House has trannys making nasty on The White House Lawn. The Media... that hydra-headed Bitch Media, which includes The Social Disease Media... and... The Killer Vaccine Media; which owns all those other media... is ONLY posting the approved spin and nothing more. That is where a large bulk of the population gets its mental and emotional marching orders from.

Alternative media is screeching and hollering, BUT... they can't agree among themselves because The Main Media owns a large number of them... in a controlled opposition sense. Meanwhile... on Main Street... most of the country is in an outrage that accounts for all those SPONTANEOUS boycotts that have the conscienceless marketplace in a scramble. I knew it had to come. You knew it had to come, and what... do... you... know? Here it comes!

They are not going to go down easy. They will suffer every embarrassment and indignity on the way to ignominy. They will kill and maim, but... what happens... what happens if all... of... a... sudden... the foot soldiers they rely on refuse to obey orders?

You see... God Almighty... through The Stepdown Transformers that are His Angels... and Devas... and luminous beings... and all the agencies and sub-agencies of The Hierarchy of The Eternal and Living Light.. are easily present in every mind... everywhere... at any time. Sooner or later God rights The Ship. There may be mass casualties. Still... how many people from a hundred years ago are still here? There may be great suffering and trial, BUT... we will pass through it.

I do not know The Details. I can tell you that Critical Mass is upon us. A certain collective of delusional beings... with power granted to them for The Purpose of Demonstration... are attempting to seize control of The World. They are hammering on everyone and everything below them.

Celebrity talking heads... political leaders... religious functionaries... are all singing The Perversity Song because, Or Else is waiting with all the means of persuasion... right off camera... backstage... in the parking lot... at their homes where their families are duct-taped to each other. Fingers are in the mail. People have been sent to Gonzalo Lira-Land.

This is supposed to be The Age of Brotherhood so... let me assure all of ye restless souls and troubled hearts that it shall come to be. We are in the birth pangs of the delivery system. We are on the cusp of the transforming moments. That is what all this dark shit... sexual perversity... runaway Materialism... body torturing... wild in the streets nonsense has been about.

The Bad Guys have been hard at work making life difficult so that we might be persuaded to do evil in order to survive... to permit evil to get by... to give our children to The Dark Arts Schools of behavior modification. Many have gone that route. Many have bought the mind tattoo of Brave New World voodoo. Many have bowed and genuflected to The Money Gods who print that thin-air money.

The whole thing is whether moral and upright shall prevail over degenerate and dissolute. There must be limits on behavior in order for freedom to exist. There must be parameters for us to live and breathe and move in. If there are no borders or boundaries... the heart and mind can no longer function and there will be no world rotating... in orderly fashion around The Sun, which is The Eye of God... the giver of light and life in the heavens. It's always a contradiction in terms.

In every age... some men plot to rule The World entire. They are NEVER able to do this. For those who have contributed to the ruin of others... who have blood debts to pay... who have forced The Hand of God through The Council of Elders to fashion a Bolshevik Punisher... a Night of The Long Knives... a Khmer Rouge... a Khan... a Tamerlane... a Rwanda... some transitory Hell on Earth for payback... such conditions will come. Such conditions have always come in sectors set aside for the purpose.

Even now they plot to bring these proven evils back. Even now they work to destroy the infrastructure with Soros-infected prosecuting attorneys. Even now they whitewash crimes... free the criminals... and prosecute those who have done no wrong.

BUT... what is this? Strange forces are at work that they cannot control. These same forces are inside them and WILL drive them to their own destruction soon. They will overreach. They will overreact. They will step on the glueboards of their own making. They will be trapped in their own webs. They may APPEAR to be powerful beyond restraint, but... all power is borrowed. It can and will be rerouted at the given moment. It is all for The Purpose of Demonstration.

It is so very hard to see things as they are. We are in Dreamland, where the infrastructure is Attachment... Pleasure and Pain... Attraction and Repulsion. These things are embedded deep in the psyche like thorns and brambles that foment rage in the thrashing to be free. We each build our prisons in that Penitentiary of The Mind according to what we chase after and what we run from.

It is so difficult to be still. Only then will the bindings fall away.

End Transmission.......

There will be no links today. I am on a backup computer. I had a major twist come out of somewhere to put my system in traction. Maybe my fix-it guy can fix it.


Anonymous said...

Just was reading the Godman book by G.W.C. again yesterday and this gem is from page 9. Written in 1916...

"God's loosened thunders shake the world ! Across the lurid sky the war birds scream! Earth's millions die! Fear and woe unutterable! The fires of purification are lighted! Into the cosmic melting pot has been cast hate, race prejudice,

selfishness and the devils of greed! The towers of superstition and tyranny are falling ! The thrones and scepters of kings lie scattered and crushed along

the highway of nations!

Pride has fallen from its insecure pinnacle of shame ! The rich are terror stricken ! "Their silver has been cast into the street!" "Their gold has been removed from them !" "The merchants of the earth weep and mourn, for no man buyeth

their merchandise!" The churches are in panic! The liquor power rages ! The gambler is terror stricken!

The grafting politician seeks a hiding place and finds none! The briber flees when "no man pursueth !" The priest and preacher pray, but no help comes, for they, too,

must be judged! The harlot alone seems unafraid, BECAUSE SHE IS NOT A

HYPOCRITE, and has heard the words, "The harlots will

enter the kingdom before you!" Mankind has gone to the limit of animalism ! THE SOUL WALKS FORTH, NAKED AND ASHAMED. IT IS HIGH NOON OF THE JUDGMENT DAY."

Book here:

Love to all,
David Paul Widner

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Circumstances are making people do what they should have done voluntarily on their own years ago, but better late than never; and they're finally realising their power for it. Power they had all along, but never seemed to know they had even if you shoved their face in the fact.

This post made the rest of my day after a rather annoying morning.


Strider Morrison said...

On fire LV! Look in the mirror for the last inspired poet.
Getting away with the towers filled a certain group (wink) full of hubris and arrogance.
Lavrov was right about the "end of history" moment and how we proceeded to bomb and kill everything in sight of a certain region with oil for the sake of the small hat tribe.
Smoke and mirrors are not meant to be a lasting operating system and there are cosmic firewalls to stop the Nimrod World from ever happening.
You would think that people would read the whole thing until the end but all the muh convenience electro gadgets have totally killed attention span.
Just now on my after brunch heel and toe I said aloud, what a golden time to be here, thank you God.

Anonymous said...

For the purpose of demonstration, yes indeed....Romans 9:22-23 (KJV) What if God, willing to shew his wrath, and to make his power known, endured with much longsuffering the vessels of wrath fitted to destruction:
And that he might make known the riches of his glory on the vessels of mercy, which he had afore prepared unto glory,

Justin V

Anonymous said...

pierre said. TV Guide mode.
The Chosen was excellent I watched it three times (in a short period). series 4 on the way next year. Mary magdelene was your Lady Truth (and beauty) in her Good Girl mode. in her other mode she belonged to the modern movies as a heroin(sic).
apart from that I am reverting for my daily Happy Hour to 50's sitcoms (yes all jewish) strating with Silvers/Bilko , Car54 Where Are You, The Honeymooners (yes you once said you liked Gleason) - I guessed correctly this was where they got The Flinstone's characters from , and into the silly 60's with It's About Time (continuing the jewish blonde problem and Neanderthal Ooh Ooh Ross from the first two of the preceeding shows).
suffered and partly enjoyed The Great, skipping through the porn, woke, which was half of it. put up with the eternal swearing, and all those blacks we know dominated Russia in the 18Th Century. clever lines and some historical angles, but will not be watched again.

Steve Kando said...

"There are no decent writers." ?
I do believe you owe an apology to James Howard Kunstler, who has written and still writes excellent observations on the state of the nation (USA).
Frankly I know of no other writer in the same league.

Sincerely - Steve Kando

Visible said...

Never heard of him. I wasn't referring to socio-political writers... journalists. I don't read that sort of thing.

Andy said...

I agree LV, it is alowed, so all can see their fruits. And everything is uhmmm becoming visible.

Its not really a laborious task. We dont shovel and sweep out darkness. We simply open the blinds and let the light do what it does. The Light is revealing Much. I agree.

I hardley ever comment on sites these days.


Ive been up here at elevation 7007 feet above sea level for some time. In The Valley of Enoch. Surrounded by 11's. Hotel room eleven, driving train #11, working six days a week, 11 hour nights. That is alot of elevens. Hauling Phosphate Ore, Phosphate is of course the Alchemy symbol for Spirit and Light. Moving Spirit and Light, in the night. If you will. My The Unconscious mind, if you will, hard at work in the night.

My fruits.

Long time no talk. Good to read your words.

~ we are right on schedule ~

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Every Human Being... is Dealing With... or Not Dealing With... or... Entirely Ignorant of... The Same Force."



Joseph Brenner

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