Thursday, September 28, 2023

"These Snakeheads are The Multiplicities of Legion... Counterpointing The Singularity of The Indwelling Kundalini."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Lao Tzu made the argument many centuries ago that the head of an army should never take his troops beyond the immediate reach of the supply wagons. It can be considered a metaphor... an analogy for many other constructs. Let's try just a short parallel step sideways; to the left, I suppose.

There is a hydra-headed movement in all Western countries that gives the impression that each of the snakeheads is attached to its own independent body. This is not the case... nor are there only 7 heads as in the classical example. Every one of these heads is a venomous dealer of death, and each of them is specific to the poisonous atmosphere it creates.

Several heads attack particular aspects of the economic theater of operations. Let's just use America as our example throughout. Europe and other Crown Colonies; Canada... Australia and sundry are in the same boat but lower in the water... with the problem of staying afloat being several degrees more critical.

Several heads are attacking the culture through gender confusion. There is a head for demagoguery and a head for sophistry. There is a head for variations of addiction. There is a head for peer pressure, which can split into the appearance of a thousand heads when needed.

Other heads are attacking the religious structures, via apostasy... the dilution of structures having to do with behavioral guidelines... and a feeding into a general dissatisfaction with the constraints that wear upon letting one's free flag fly... leading to ever-greater numbers of the disaffected being led away in chains to Egypt; if you get my drift, and... you would know by direct involvement if you are prone to drift.

Other heads are attacking the underpinnings of government. These heads are NGOs... think tanks... banker-financed citizen movements... multitudinous banners... under which lockstep zombies march for Climate Change Awareness... racial divisity that they call diversity... equality across the board in a landscape of impossibility.

There are more heads; I've lost interest in cataloging the matter. Just assume that anywhere there is an adhesive... holding any elements of this society together... solvents... in the form of venoms... are being applied.

There is a perspective that says this is all calculated by a cabal of vested interests, and... that these vested interests are opposed by a collection of souls, euphemistically called The White Hats. I never followed Q. All I had to do was watch what happened AND... what didn't happen. If what should have happened had happened... The J-6 people would not be in jail.

All sorts of efforts could have been made, and... damn well... soon... better be made... about the borders and those deep-pocket monsters who are picking and sorting the migrants according to criminal propensities, and a general capacity for social mayhem, which any idiot paying attention could suss out quick enough.

There's another perspective... which I personally align with... that says both sides of the press for conflict on all sides... is being managed by invisible agency... for the purpose of exposing the previously hidden intentions, and objectives of all sides, before the eyes of The World. This is also in keeping with the nature of apocalypse.

These snakeheads are the manifest externalization of the evil that moves in humanity, under the guidance of the darkness that resides in humanity, by force of telepathic agency; simplistically explained as... The Devil made me do it... I don't know what came over me... or the ever-popular, I don't give two fucks and a Timex what anyone thinks, get out of my way or get run over.

These snakeheads are the multiplicities of Legion... counterpointing the singularity of the indwelling Kundalini... that is kept submerged by carnal attractions... overriding the spiritual pulses within... during times of pervasive material darkness.

Certain ageless interests... that exist on a particular bandwidth... below The Worlds of Light have a relentless drive to keep The World in a state of darkness and confusion. They make bank on it, and they also feed the appetites of those whom they serve. There is a particular nation that has a religious predisposition to this sort of thing and likes to use religious holidays as opportunities for blood sacrifice; this is easily proven.

The Kabbalah, which is based on the previous forms of Chaldean and Egyptian magic are systems... that in all simplicity... can be described as a device to communicate with higher intelligences. That's the way of it... when the intentions of the practitioners are influenced by more noble motives. In Times of Material Darkness... when motives are less noble and more craven, it exists as a ladder that can be used to also communicate with denizens of The Pit.

God plays chess with himself in one area of interest, and... games of chance in others, and a certain amount of wagering goes on; consider the tale of Job, and... there are quite a few other examples. One should also note that God is identified as, the gambling of gamblers in The Bhagavad Gita. I shall add, as above, so below as well.

On the matter of chess, God is sitting on both sides of the table, allowing the pieces to move according to their nature... which is informed by the invisible entities... that guide and inform both sides of the equation. In this case we would call them The Higher and Lower Nature. You are seeing it play out before you at this very moment. Everyone is outworking their personal destinies in accord with the angelic or demonic guidance they are resonant with.

Yes... we could finesse the minutiae here to a considerable degree, but we have space constraints and The Reader is advised to extrapolate the matters on their own, should they be so inclined.

Strange doings are going on in The Theater of The Absurd, which is the stage getting the most use and traffic at this time. Katie Hobbes... governor of Arizona by election fraud just stepped away and appointed someone in her place. Then we hear she will be back tomorrow. Who does that?

The Senate reacted in the extreme over Grunge-Boy Fetterman's efforts to make himself look working class, as opposed to lost and stupid, which was the actual effect, and now... he has to wear a suit and tie.

Snow White has been canceled since the main actors kept running their mouths about Prince Charming being a stalker and other borderline-intelligence commentary. This sort of thing doesn't happen OR... it didn't happen in the past.

The feckless... soy-boy... incel-cuck Speaker of The House seems to be muttering under his breath about not voting to fund the government, and... The Ukraine neo-con banker war... unless the border is closed. He's getting heat from a certain faction whose asses are not yet in bondage gear from efforts by The Usual Blackmailers.

I look at these things the way I would the appearance of a skin inflammation... that indicates something is out of order below the surface, and is about to become more colorful as part of the process of elimination.

I've been told that big changes are imminent and... when I see seemingly unrelated events going on, and... I could add many more of them here, but space constraints do not permit... I look for the connections, which I assure you are there... BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED!

I see a mosaic appear... a kind of wall mural on the mindscreen that tells me the picture is changing by arcane means... back to the chessboard... as the supply wagons disappear over the hills... behind the army of darkness... where I note that some of the snakeheads seem to be dysfunctioning, though... short-circuiting is probably a better fit, ♫ and I say to myself it's a mysterious world ♫

Any minute now... several areas of sustained abuse, and criminal intent... are going to reach critical mass. It's a mathematical certainty... tick... tick... tick...

Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, September 25, 2023

"Anything People Can Go Crazy about They Are Going Crazy About. When The Moral Compass Breaks The Tiller is Unmanned."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I had a most wonderful event this Saturday morning. I went out before the altar of The Sun as usual, and... once I was seated, God boomed at me from The Sun with a hearty, “Good Morning, Visible!” Then the air was filled with motion... colors and music.

An angelic do-wop group appeared, singing my name in funny associations... in four-part harmony. A drum section of congas and bongos materialized... and God did a narrative... a running commentary over the whole affair that cracked me up.

This sort of thing happens to me not infrequently... along with a few other variations. More and more... The Divine Comedy of God's Presence makes itself known to me. There is the reason I even bring any of this up; why should anyone care? That's some subjective Visible stuff. There's nothing mainstream about it. How does any of this apply to me?

I bring it up because of one critical feature. God plays around very much like children do on a playground. He does silly things. He is your father and mother. Your real father and mother and you are ETERNALLY the child. You need to expect this sort of thing to happen to you. If your Heaven is a somber location with a stern and curmudgeonly ruler sitting grim-faced and glowering, that... is... what... you... are... going... to... get.

I won't try to include any further descriptions of what transpired with me this morning on cartoon Olympus because it is dependent on context in a had-to-be-there kind of way. Let's move on to what he had to say afterward.

“Big changes are coming soon now, Visible. Look at me, son! Have you ever seen anything like me anywhere around here? (he was referring to The Sun) No! You have not. Come rain come shine, I'm here. Oh! Did I mention I bring the clouds and the rain as well... and the wind... and... I might add... all life on this planet?

“Tell me, can P.T. Barnum do anything like this? Cecil B. DeMille? Let's not mention they are also gone to their reward... such as that might be.

“Could all of The World's richest men pool all their resources and come up with ANYTHING like what I do every day, without having to think about it much at all? It's just my way of smiling on creation. I'm in a good mood, Visible. I'm in a good mood all the time... unless I choose otherwise, and... that would only be the portion of me showing displeasure to those seeking it.

“What's all that singing and dancing about this morning? Big changes are coming. For some of you, it is going to be like Lord Ganapati puttin' on The Ritz; Happy Birthday, by the way, Lord Ganesha. For some, it is going to be Sturm und Drang and that's putting it lightly.

“Why I mentioned that part about legendary showmen and world-shaking billionaires (in their minds) is to point out that just because I don't shake... rattle... and roll The Casbah on any regular basis, doesn't mean I can't do it ANY TIME I PLEASE!!! I set The Sun in its course, and the constellations shine at my behest. I'm pretty sure I can do anything imaginable and a whole lot that is not.”

Then there was some more singing and dancing, with some Hare Krishna and several other mantras all counterpointing the central theme. It was really funny and moving at the same time.

Then he continued on about how every now and then he steps in personally to make a point. It's rare enough that there is little record of it, and what record there is, is all couched in allegory... obscure scriptures and fable.

Yesterday, (now three days ago) I started writing this and got the following first paragraph down as a guide to this particular Petri Dish. It was the day before the singing and dancing outside. Imagine my surprise (cause I had completely forgotten about it) when I saw what was there after what happened this morning. I'm talking about the first sentence;

God has a remarkable sense of humor; ... Poland cutting ties with Ukraine...

Satanic witch Martina Abramovic is asked to be Ukraine's ambassador... Spokestranny Field Marsh(al)mellow Sarah Ashton-Cirillo was removed from her post as the mouthpiece for AshkeNAZI Nation's military forces.,., and that's just Ukraine!

All over The World the farce of globalist enterprises is breaking down or stepping in dogshit. Long-time Senate capo Menendez from Soprano-Land has been indicted. He got on the wrong side of one shotcaller or another.

Righteous outrage is finding its voice.

Every day now... THEY are being called out... THEY are being found out... and the tide is turning.

Meanwhile... a not-inconsiderable portion of the public is getting stupider and more vain by the day. Now... the latest trend is to get elf's ears. It's a really big deal in China... and... of course... for Elon Musk's baby momma.

Body morphing can be tied to the transhumanism craze, AND... what are these people going to do when their implants get hacked??? Surely they will. That is the intention of both the government and the independent operatives.

That is the intention of The Killer Vaccines. One batch kills you. Another filled you with magnetic lodestones and other zombie duck-calls. Another batch condemns you to the agonies of perpetual health problems. Anything people can go crazy about they are going crazy about now. When The Moral Compass breaks... the tiller is unmanned.

When Materialism ejects all thoughts of God from The Hive Mind, the descent into chaos is a certainty, but... this is all a process, and a greater harmony in the form of Universal Brotherhood will arrive... exactly on time... as it always does.

Within a certain bandwidth of awareness... it is like the calm in the eye of the storm. Above and below that bandwidth... and beyond the parameters to either side... is a raging fury that intensifies as you continue further on. This is what we are seeing. People are really losing it. The Amazing Monster Paranoid Machine... The Pleasure Groove... The Appetite Emporium and Amusement Park of Carnal Desire are flooded with crowds wearing the bad sunglasses.

The whole world is a migration of souls in search of what cannot be found... out there. They are being compressed together. Their hungers exceed their capacity to satisfy them. Their minds have been hijacked by the armies of Mammon. There is going to be some strange sorting-out in the near field of time pending.

I lived in Palm Springs for a few weeks or months a few times. God thought it ironic to put me in one of the richest towns in The World where I had no money and only the clothes on my back; I would have to wear my cape when I washed them at the coin laundry.

I lived on tangerines and other fruit plucked from trees. Meanwhile... law enforcement thought I was Elvis Presley's friend... so... I was kind of left alone... in that most ungenerous zone... that I have ever known. (good work, Wordsworth)

It always had a gay population because of all the show-biz types that lived there. In the next couple of decades, it... increasingly... became a gay mecca. Now it's a major rich-fruit land, AND... they want to create an AIDS memorial and decided it should look like a puckered asshole.

That's your main HIV entry port except for needle sharing.

People actually got upset. Gee... you would think they were past that by now. Anyway... the porn doughnut is out. The point I am trying to make is that just as it is in the higher realms where all kinds of child play, regenerated innocence, and... cartoon-like projections from The Land of The Higher Self are in action... so also in the lower realms... does a travesty upon the same come into manifestation, and you get absurdities... and dreadful ironies... and things falling apart because there is no central integrity.

You get directed efforts to despoil innocence... to make depravity a new kind of Wonder Bread, and... generally have the life and joy sucked out of existence... along with your vitality. Sex possession by the specific demons of desire... drains the reservoir, and then you are discarded like the corpse of a fly in a web of your own viscosity.

Very often... when we are presenting imagery here, we might be a tad too subtle, and... apologies for that. I mean to say that some readers... no doubt... think I am talking about something other than what I am talking about, so... the presentations can seem stranger than they actually are.

If you are not into The Divine, or you are trapped in the psychic nets of archaic scripture confusions... things can seem a little off here; not serious enough... not institutional enough... not cut-and-dried like the fossilized garments God once wore and then left by the wayside.

The whole fabric of existence is breaking down now, and the stage is being set for the latest version of The Sun King who will arrive, write the script for the next age, and provide the spiritual force that sustains it... just as Krishna-Christ did, and it will still be them again... in a different outfit. It's brotherhood this time. Last time it was sacrifice. It won't be long now.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

"It's a Glitter Palace Where Everything is Embedded with Razor Blades and Fishhooks. It's a Circle of Unhappiness."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Materialism tunes people to The Profit Motive as reason for action. If you are not doing it for gain, what is the point? The same applies to helping others; if there is no publicity involved... there is no point in doing it. Jennifer Garner showed us that earlier this week when she took off her shoes to give them to a man whose feet were too large to wear them. Then she went and bought another man's shoes to give him instead.

Heh heh... someone still doesn't have any shoes.

It must have been that the Paparazzi Angels were nearby, and looking for anyone out doing selfless service on The Avenue. You can find these angels not ever very far from Hollywood because so much charity goes down there.

Of course... there is the outside possibility that she was trying to throw two stones at one bird, and... was also telegraphing support for the transgender movement, symbolized by a man wearing women's shoes. It is fine... and involved philosophical questions of this sort... that do not keep me up at night.

What I thought... immediately... was... why is Ben Affleck attracted to the most vacuous and vapid women from an industry noted for a surfeit of them? The company you force yourself to keep is often a profound motivator toward alcoholism. It's got to be tough... seeing your reflection in a shallow pool of water on the sidewalk of an unlovely town.

What is the moral of this story? It's convoluted... so... you're going to have to really think about it for a moment. The moral is... you can't run away from your problems wearing women's shoes; unless you are a woman and the one pursuing you used to be a woman.

Yes... it takes a great deal of courage... and restraint... to live inside my head. Fortunately... thanks to Lady Kundalini, I have visceral proof that there is only one mind.

This begs the further question of; if there is only one mind, how come it is splintered and splintering off into so many separated units that are going mad in the process? “Well...” (well... well...) said the serpent with a mouthful of tail; “Materialism is the mechanism that separates us from one another through Profit Motive.”

Now you see one of the arguments used by Communists in search of their own greater profit... off of the labor of their fellows... which the very system itself makes it impossible to complain against. Think about it, my friends. Why would all these members of The Federated Society of Rampaging Pederasts, AKA- The WEF, AKA- all the other Alphabet Predators... why would they want a Communist society when they are stark raving capitalists??? Most of them are bankers of one kind or another, so.......

….... why would they want a system that insists on an equal share of everything for everyone? I'll tell you why, 'cause it ain't gonna happen... EVER! It's the endless game of Bait and Switch that hooks every passing fish that doesn't know any better. You might ask; why do these fish not know better over... and over... and over... and over ad nauseam? Why are they serial not-know-any-betters?

I could say, there's one born every minute. I could also say, the same one gets born over and over. I could further say, there is no fixing Stupid. I could say a lot of different things, but it all boils down to The Profit Motive. It all distills into the pursuit of personal gain. Look! Shiny thing! Me take it!!!

Also... the more you dumb people down, the more they are controlled by the attraction to dumb shit. More people want to be Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton... than want to be someone helping others and keeping their name out of the lights on Social Media Broadway. Every time either of these bi-pedal Pomeranians breaks a nail there's a 3-alarm fire on Instagram. How would I know this if I don't belong to Instagram and don't go there? I just do. It's a gift... it's like I can't control it.

I never realized so many people could be so thoughtless... OR did Materialism make them that way? The level of sociopathy is off-the-charts. After all the horrible after-effects of The Killer Vaccines, medical practitioners are still recommending them far and wide.

Why are they doing this when so much evidence tells them it's a bad idea? It is because the manufacturers of The Killer Vaccines are paying them to do so. They are doing it for The Money. The Profit Motive rears its rapacious head yet again.

Medical School is no longer about healing people (if it ever was). It's about marketing the skills that you don't even have.

Why do Journalists now create the news instead of reporting it? They are paid to do so. Why are so many people on Social Media spinning mendacious and toxic lies? They are paid to do it. Why are all The Climate Change Nazis protesting with such fervor over something that does not exist? Well... (well... well...) some of them are really stupid, but otherwise... they are being paid to do it.

How do the migrants get from Point A to Point Wherever? Someone is financing their trip. Someone is paying someone else to take them there because... somehow there is a profit to be made, and the profit amounts to entire countries. The people doing this have boltholes prepared for themselves when the shit hits the fan. They'll be somewhere else by that time.

It always worked before. Someone has to build a society and a culture, and... someone has to tear it down... loot it... and sell it for parts. Ah... but these are exceptional times. In exceptional times... another Profit Motive comes into play. It is something I call... The Good of All. Sometimes Bad Shit has to happen to wake people up because they had no appreciation for The Good Shit that they already had.

Here's the thing about Materialism. It's temporary. Call it temporary insanity and you wouldn't be wrong. It is The King's Ankus that gets everyone killed who has possession of it. It is the thing that possesses you until the work of The Demon is done. Then it moves on to the next false construct... leaving you holding the sodding baby.

It's a glitter palace where everything is embedded with razor blades and fishhooks. It's a calliope of unhappiness that just goes round... and round... and round. It's a land of forgetfulness, where each time something happens... you forget that it happened before. It's the different results that never show up, regardless of your devoted expectations.

It's all fine and wonderful... for a time... on its way up; back in the days of Formica and sock-hops. It then stays steady for a decade or a few... or it seems to, but it's actually been on a not-so-noticeable decline, and then? It suddenly increases in speed, and people are more concerned about having something to hold on to, instead of being concerned about where it winds up. Right about that time... religion turns into a leaky boat on an angry sea.

Of course, The Sea is angry. Think of it as a liquid mass of frustrated desires... failed ambitions... empty returns on meaningful investments... shattered hopes and clouds of morning-after depression... (there's a cold front coming in) and all of that is a part of the currents that run through vengeful waters. The King's Ankus does... not... float.

It's all the poisoned fruit of The Profit Motive. We've had a few bumper seasons and now it all lies rotting on the ground... Durian-style.

Alternatively... there are The Heavenly Hosts, BUT... in Times of Material Darkness most people are looking at the ground. God is a cultivated taste. It can take time for the meaning and message to sink down into the visceral zone. There's nothing fly-by-night with The God Thing. It's more of a shine-by-day affair.

Sometimes... when the human soul has gotten a serious drenching of Materialism; a monsoon down-pouring... it becomes very hard to see beyond it. All your possibilities of solution are material... you've been seduced into trusting The Science, BUT... The Science can't cure what you can't see.

It can't comfort an empty heart. It can't soothe an agitated spirit. It only treats the symptoms and never gets anywhere near the cause. The cause is the thing itself, to begin with. Far too many of us cannot see that.

The one thing that Materialism does create... that lasts for any appreciable length of time is... an absence of Love. It might have a myriad of distractions that will take your mind off of the missing thing... the only thing... that makes life worth living... for a time... it might just serve for a time, BUT... eventually you are one more nighthawk at The Diner and the place is empty and... the coffee is cold.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, September 15, 2023

"Observe The Appalling Ignorance that Can't Tell The Difference Between a Killer Vaccine and a Bullet to The Brain."

God Poet Transmitting.......

We talk a lot about madness... insanity... and all the permutations thereof here... and have done for some time. That is because it is the biggest Pattern and Trend... presently going on above and beneath the surface, and... more and more burbling to the top... where each individual... microbial... persona acts out in some wild and unpredictable fashion... like the latest imaginary virus.

It is happening on every rung of the social ladder. Each day... new examples are added as standbys to the list of dependable regulars like Smokin' Joe and The Crack Hunter (double entendre)... Stephen King... Rob Reiner... Michael Rappaport... Keith Olbermann... Madonna... Oprah... Lady Gaga... Kamala... these are but a few of the false light luminaries... flitting about the sconces that make dancing shadows far larger than the blocker(head) that casts them.

It seems to have slithered into palpable presence by progressive increments too minute to notice until it is flaming out before your eyes. It seems to be contagious because... by the day... there are more and more of them; refugees from The Land of The Mindsnatchers.

Mel Gibson, a man who does not need to do this, is appearing in one badly done B movie after another... following in Bruce Willis's footsteps... which is not a good idea... given that Bruce has less and less of an idea where those footsteps are headed.

More and more... famous and self-important people... no longer have a working filter between brain and mouth. I do not know how many of the readers are seeing it as it appears to me, but... those cartoon characters that I once saw coming up out of the sidewalks of Hollywood... are now appearing everywhere. Something is coming down hard on the self-identifiers of those who never had a firm grip on them to begin with.

In the most simple terms... people are losing their shit far and wide. Obama can no longer keep a lid on what is happening close up and personal around him. Bill Gates... born into Crazy Town to begin with... is turning into a caricature of evil. People who should be in care homes, and who are surviving on blood transplants from the once young and healthy, are running for office in a dead heat with the urge to run to the bathroom.

The Return of The Mad Maskers has come not a moment too soon, now that so many luminaries need N-95 Depends masks over their mouths. Maybe no one will notice? Joe Biden can now play Uncle June without someone needing to call The Script Girl.

Everyone with any name recognition on the Progressive End seems to be in need of a constant minder. I am convinced this is resonant with The Will of Heaven. It is what I was told would happen ten years ago, and now? I see it right before my eyes.

It seems... and I am only speculating here... that those whose moral fiber has disintegrated before the rising sun of the coming age... are losing their will to resist depravity and perversity. Their shields are down, one might say... if one were to put a sci-fi twist on it. Corruption has seeped into their bone marrow and it's done the blood no good. I'm not a medical practitioner but... that seems about right to me.

Then again... obviously... liver function is compromised. It is safe to say that they will not long be with us here. Between the appalling ignorance that can't tell the difference between a Killer Vaccine and a bullet to the brain... their chances of survival are near nil.

They don't know what to eat. They don't know how to eat, and are of no mind to bless their food with a prayer of gratitude to the one who produced it for them; much less are they thankful for the breath in their bodies.

They don't know what to think, and soon they may not know how to think, and they do not know how to feel about that... or feel anything at all that isn't false-self-centric. They change their identities more than they used to change their clothes, and they didn't know who they were in the first place.

They endlessly want what they don't have, and don't want what they do have. They live in a world inside their heads that bears no resemblance to The World outside. They strut and pose in front of the mirrors of The World, and ravenous beasts watch them from the other side. These beasts slip into them through their reflection and then consume them from within.

Before the people... whose purpose in making laws was to kill all positive evolution and enjoyment out of life... caught on to MDMA... when it was in its pure state... as LSD-25 once was.... it used to be a remarkable experience for self-introspection, and I could... even lacking the academic credentials... see what a healing compound it could be for people suffering in certain prisons of the mind.

Then it became illegal. Then it became popular, and the Israelis swooped in and took control of the entire manufacture and marketing of it. Immediately they changed the components, and... I know whereof I speak because I had sufficient amounts of both to make my assessment; suddenly... instead of taking one to a state of transcendence above the mundane... it became a sexual device for enhancing the female nature in the male body.

It became a direct vehicle for homosexual engagements; for the evolution of Bitch Mind. I watched it take place. I felt the pressure of the force. I was fortunate that The Divine Mother was already present in me, via the awakened Kundalini, so I was spared residence in the Hell on Earth that such behavior INEVITABLY leads to, and it is why the aging roué is so consumed with disgust and regret in the fading years before departure arrives; heh heh; departure arrives.

Well... well... well... we are full of bon mots this morning.

I have observed all of this by simply coming and going in The World.

They did the same thing with LSD. The government snatched it... altered the composition... and used it to destroy the atmosphere of Peace and Love. They then flooded the culture with Meth and Heroin. No one can argue this with me. I know what I saw and experienced. Ten years later they introduced Cocaine into the mainstream. It was the perfect demonic condiment for The Wall Street Mind.

Now I am watching what cellphone radiation is manifesting in people. I am watching what sugar and other additives are doing to people. I am watching what is happening in the trades of psychology and education BECAUSE... they have done the same things to them that they did to the LSD... the MDMA... and many another feature in this raging inflammation of carcinogenic Materialism gone mad.

Some people are simply not bright enough to see The Truth, and there are more of those every day. Some people refuse to see The Truth because it gets in their way, and... there are more of them every day. Some people exist on a diet of lies, and the rate of attrition is off-the-charts so... there are likely fewer of them each day.

Nature takes care of balancing herself. She will either spin you off into the darkness of chaos... where you are broken down, and consumed as nutrients by the creatures who live there, OR... through trauma or awakening... snap you back into the groove. There are other means that she employs and all of them are certain to get your attention.

Disease is Nature insisting that you pay attention.

Some are mystified at my state... given the legendary quantities of various substances I once consumed. It really depends on who you are toasting when you imbibe. It's another proof of the value and efficacy of The Greatest Commandment... I've never thought of it as a commandment myself... maybe the word had a different meaning back in the day.

I think of it as a soul imperative, AND... an entirely natural reaction to the beauty... glory... and splendor of The Almighty God, BUT... most people do not think of God as that which vitalizes and maintains them in every moment. They do not think of God as the source of every good thing. I do... knowing that... as a man thinketh... so is he.

Madness? Craziness? Insanity? Here is what you can expect to see; what you are already seeing if you are paying any attention. Well-known personalities are going to be saying things they had no intention of saying. They are going to be convicted out of their own mouths.

It will be happening on every level of The Social Ladder.

They are going to start doing things they never imagined they would do. It is going to get wild. This is one of the ways that Lady Nature balances herself out, and what God visualizes into her being for The Purpose of Demonstration.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

"People Have... Collectively and Singly... Been Convinced a Time or Two Before... Not to Believe Their Lying Eyes."

God Poet Transmitting.......

It's the day after the day that we celebrate the greatest magic trick (so far) that was ever performed... on September 11, 2001... in which Stone Age Arabs... living in caves in Afghanistan... who were unable to get even a single-engine pilot's license... hijacked 4 aluminum planes... and flew two of them at 600 miles an hour... into steel reinforced buildings that shortly after collapsed at the speed of freefall into their own footprints, but... they had no feet!

A nearby steel-reinforced building collapsed without even being hit by anything. It came down by controlled demolition that was captured on film... and which was OBVIOUSLY controlled demolition, BUT... almost no one believed their own eyes because the government-owned and controlled media said it did not happen that way.

Another plane flew into a specific area of The Pentagon where 3 trillion dollars disappeared and there was no plane wreckage, just a round hole too small for a plane to have disappeared into; most people believed a ghost plane hit The Pentagon because the government-owned and controlled media said so.

Then... the last plane... supposedly on its way to The Capitol building... got shot down over a rural Pennsylvania location. It was shot down because The Deep State needed The Capital building for a scenario 20 years later, to be staged... filmed... and directed by government operatives who would claim it was an even bigger attack on our long-gone-missing Democracy than the earlier event.

People have... collectively... and singly... been convinced a time or two before... not to believe their lying eyes. Siegfried and Roy... David Copperfield... and Chris Angel... have all made really large objects disappear, but none of them made anything nearly as large as 3 trillion dollars disappear like Dov Zakheim did.

The object of 9/11 was to create a perpetual state of fear, along with huge government agencies to sustain it... like Homeland Insecurity that was initially run by Skull-Face Chertoff, another dual national henchman of Dov Zakheims... who then went on to manufacture and sell those x-ray machines used by TSA, which was another huge government agency that exists as a loading chute to program people into believing they are livestock.

In order to convince them they are livestock, they have to make them progressively stupider. In tandem with making them stupider... they have to confuse and disorient them as well, and this they are doing with a wide menu of bad education and sexual perversities. They are also giving them endless reels of distraction that are tailored to their basic appetites. Along the way... many of them disappear, but the others don't seem to notice because they are grazing and their eyes are on the ground.

It is important to keep the fear at a certain pitch and to create a basic distrust among the members of different religions... political persuasions... races, colors, and cultures.

For some reason, and with only a few exceptions, the people who engineered and carried out 9/11 were all members of a particular demographic. We like to call them The Usual Suspects because... usually... when something bad happens on a larger scale... they are usually... in some way... involved in it or behind it.

The reason they have amassed so much power is because they have taken control of the money supply through the Federal Reserve Act.... which has worked so far... because The US was/used to be The World's currency arbiter. They can LITERALLY print money out of thin air.

The air is thin because they probably also lowered the oxygen content by selling it off in other locations or stockpiling it for later when they can sell you the very air that you breathe.

This made it possible for them to buy everything they needed to control the shape and flow of information in order to control human thought.

Now they are attacking this country and The World with a multi-pronged pincer assault... of variations of Communism... under a host of different names... which are all covers for the same thing. You might wonder why total capitalists would be so sanguine about a system that is the sworn adversary of Capitalism.

This is because Communism makes it impossible for people to have a say in anything dealing with government policy. It is simply enforced and you can't... and better not... say anything about it. It gives them a greater degree of control, as it did in Bolshevik Russia where they killed tens of millions of Christians and other folk who were a hindrance or... simply in their way.

They had to create a huge fabrication after the war to cover for their blood-soaked behavior. They are looking to do the same thing again.

They are behind nearly every present effort to throw The World into turmoil... for the purpose of taking over in the confusion. They won't succeed, but you can surely see it unless you are bone-deep stupid or... a coward.

They are behind the forced migration crisis. They are facilitating it on every level, and hindering every effort to stop it. They are the ones running the Climate Change Scam. They are the ones behind the Ukraine conflict. They run The WEF... The Council of Foreign Relations and all the other agencies of plotting and planning. They are behind the sex trafficking industry and the pornography empires.

They control The State Department and all the alphabet agencies. They control The Media of every kind. They control what movies you see and what horrible garbage you have to listen to. They control social media. They are behind every organization that promotes sexual dysfunction and are now pushing transgenderism as a facet of transhumanism in order to mainstream Satanism.

They control the bread and circus industries. They fabricated the COVID hoax and they manufactured The Killer Vaccines that are not vaccines. Nobody wants to say anything about it directly because you are not allowed to criticize those who seem-to-be in authority over you. Once again... let me EMPHATICALLY state... they have no power but the power you give them.

They wave the objects of desire before your eyes... to guide you from the paddocks... to the chutes... to the killing floors. Most of the celebrities of many kinds... the talking heads and print journalists... the politicians and religious figures, WITH FEW EXCEPTIONS... are Judas Goats. They are the exciters and the pacifiers.

I often think of Mick Jagger on the stage at Altamont... (where I was about fifty yards from the stage) singing songs of violent arousal; Street Fighting Man... Midnight Rambler etc.; while slamming his belt on the stage and... alternatively... pleading with the unruly crowd; “peace... brothers and sisters... peace!” I watched it happen. I watched him whip the crowd into a frenzy. I don't care what any narrated film clips tell you... otherwise.

I know who did 9/11, and... if you don't know, just click on the big-box link in the right-hand menu where it says, “Israel did 9/11,” or go here for many... many hours of gathered information.

Shortly after 9/11, I did an album called, “9/11 Was an Inside Job”...

...and I wrote a poem about it over at the Visible Streams of Consciousness site.

Posted December 2008 at Visible Stream of Consciousness

I did not include The Usual Suspects in either of them because I did not know about it at the time. Everything that I now know about 9/11 and the work of The Usual Suspects through history, I learned in the last couple of decades through relentless searching for The Truth.

I tried every way I could think of to find some other explanation, but there were no further explanations. I know this because I looked. I did not set out with a premise in mind beforehand. I came upon all of it in the process of seeking. The Truth is a caustic and incendiary thing when it comes to The Details.

Those who love The Truth are a persistently endangered species. Sometimes it is better to keep it to yourself and stay out of the line of fire because... eventually... everything gets sorted, BUT... sometimes the way it gets sorted is due to people not staying out of the line of fire... people who hold honor and integrity higher in value than their own corporate existence.

God and his angels see everything that happens here, and ALL POWER rests with them. The Power that Evil possesses is all borrowed power for The Purpose of Demonstration. God created both Good and Evil for his own reasons having to do with the growth of the human soul... through adversity and challenge... to spiritualize existence, and... bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. Think of existence as a symphony orchestra and God as The Conductor.

In life... the players create harmony and dissonance based on what moves them. Somehow God weaves it all together... bringing it all into harmony for those who dwell in harmony, and otherwise for those who choose it so; for as long as they choose to stay there. I am not concerned about what the future holds. There are some who really ought to be, but... they are not. God will inform them in due time.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, September 07, 2023

"In My Mind is a Glowing Matrix, a Translucent Disco Ball, and a Central Core of Light that Illuminates It from Within."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I had heard somewhere that birds are thoughts. I remember The Man on The Beach flying four birds across the sky on the invisible reins of his mind. That was right when he told me; “Everything's under control... take the reins!” I intuit that to mean... now... that he who controls his mind controls his world. It ties right in with; as a man thinketh... so is he.

All this connects to a meditation I memorized a long time ago where... toward the end... the speaker says; “Why not then let go completely and let Me, your Real and Perfect Self, have full sway in your consciousness, letting no thoughts therein you know are not My thoughts?” In my mind is a glowing matrix... like a translucent disco ball. There is a central core of light that illuminates it from within.

The Light... that is at the core of this glittering ball... shines through every facet that covers the surface of the globe. On an actual disco ball... each of the facets is a mirror that reflects the lights that are directed at it. This is kind of like the way The World operates in its smoke-and-mirrors fashion. The sphere I am speaking of... is a glowing ball of consciousness that provides a habitation for Divine Luminous Wisdom.

This shining ball is like The Sun, but it is... in fact... The Spiritual Sun that shines through every star. Each of the facets is a realized soul that represents a specific quality or function of The Impersonal Conscious Light within The Globe. This globe is always expanding as new entities get lit up by the light going on in their hearts and minds. In this time of awakening... there is a greater number of us who are called to shine forth into the darkness of this world.

Outside the reach of this shining ball is the darkness of material existence that is lit by a false light. The Light within the sphere is formless. It gets its shape from that which it shines through. All through the course of this shining, there are facets that break away, and travel like a lightning bug into the darkness of space... where they shine as a newly born star... becoming a globe like the original, though much smaller, and also having facets of its own.

Those are the newly minted qualities of God that grew out of association with the effulgence of The Light of God... at The Central Core of Everything. Here... once again... is an image of the greatness of God. He shines in every facet of every sphere of light in the heavens. He is also the force of life in everything that lives... and which lives only for the purpose of discovering this.

Consonant with this are the levels of refinement that are each a world... a universe... unto themselves. There are also levels of degradation of The Light that go downward toward places of ever denser darkness and heat created by atmospheres of pressure.

We are situated between the two... here in Middle Earth. Our intentions that guide our actions lead us in one direction or another. Seldom does one go round and round the Mulberry bush, but... it does happen.

You live in several worlds at the same time, though this is not that apparent to those who are mesmerized in The Dream State. Your body... and the invisible schematic that holds it together... then the feelings and thoughts... they are each at their own level. The bottom is transformed from the top down, according to the principle of The Field and The Knower of The Field.

Above the mental plane are The Causal... The Buddhic... and The Atmic Planes. Physics names what it can identify or theorize. Metaphysics takes it from there. The tenets and truths of metaphysics come to us from those who have traveled to these locations. Illuminated souls all agree on what they have found there. Bullshit artists make a living from telling people what they want to hear.

I never listened to Joe Rogan. Something put me off, and this is the case for many that I simply go right by... without feeling the need for further investigation, and... every time I do engage in some investigation, I discover why I passed them by. Earlier... I saw Joe interviewing that sleazemeister of renown, Bill Maher; habitue of The Playboy Club and man-about-town, bon vivant, and chaser of upscale... nubile... tail and trim.

He could have nailed the man on his TDS and general peddling of sophistry and spec. He did not do this. Rogan is a lot like Alex Jones, and all the rest of the sensationalists who dangle some actual particle of truth, along with assorted half-truths, with the intention of getting you to believe they have the goods. Mostly what goods they have are to be found on their massive internet shopping zones.

I've studied the virtual markets of Infowars... and Natural News... Rense... and sundry... those big names that have claimed to be truthtellers. What they really do is run department stores. They get fat pretending to be what they are not... like all the rest of the cartoon characters that dance and sing to finance their lifestyles.

We got Oprah and The Rock. She's worth 2.5 billion (that's 2500 million). He's worth 800 million. They put up 10 million dollars between them for those who got burned out by DEW on Maui. If you look up chump change in the dictionary they are given dishonorable mention.

How can they not see the implications of how they have exposed themselves to The World? Everyone else sees... except for the ten thousand people who actually sent them money. Offal could have taken the amount needed out of her petty cash.

Why am I bringing this up after the way I opened the post? It is to... once again... highlight Mr. Apocalypse. It is he who is forcing the clueless elite to embarrass themselves in all the ways that we are seeing; Bill Gates buying a hundred million dollars of Bud Light stock and working to bury 70,000,000 trees. COVID... the official Olympic virus of election theft is back on the menu.

The list is large and... if you don't know by now who is on that list there is no point in me listing them again.

The road to infamy is lined with the super-rich beating dead horses by the side of the road. The level of absurdity is astonishing, and... there is a direct connection between the increasing impoverishment of The Middle Class and the obscene wealth of The Vampire Coven. Something very similar was happening in pre-revolutionary France. It... presently... is the best of times, and it is the worst of times, as someone said about that period and which now applies to this period.

I guess they are expecting different results.

I am far wealthier and much more free than any of these people. I answer to no one but God. They are held prisoner in The Court of Public Opinion and have to answer to The Devil Himself. You might say they don't care what people think about them. You would be wrong.

They have no control over that because the collective wrath of a great many separated minds brought into a state of unity by their contempt and hatred of these people is not something they can avoid. It is a force of a certain power that acts upon them all. Meanwhile... there are invisible harpies that give them no peace.

Have you not wondered why powerful individuals apologize for offending the mentally ill? These people are surrounded by bodyguards and their images are protected by powerful PR firms. The presence of so many bodyguards tells you how it really is for them.

They are captives of their own ambitions... appetites... and ignorance... outworking as destiny... for The Purpose of Demonstration. They are on rails... moving inexorably to that place they have constructed by their actions.

I am bringing this up because all of this is about to go into hyperdrive. There is no way for them to continue to contain the fallout AND control the narrative at the same time. It can't be done, and it was arranged that way by a wiser mind long ago. Watch now, The Greatest Show on Earth, where everyone gets what they thought they wanted... where everyone gets paid in the coin of recompense.

There are Saturn returns of an individual kind, and... there is Saturn returning on a collective scale. We are about to see both of them... big time.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, September 04, 2023

"Everyone is Not Suffering on This Fine and Glorious Morning. Some of Us are Bathing in The Slipstreams of The Sun."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Jimmy Buffet has gone to Margaritaville; now... finally... reunited with his last shaker of salt. In the end... it was his own damn fault. We all find what we seek. If we can't find it here, it's usually waiting for us on the other side; that's the good news AND the bad news.

The ADL is getting hammered on Twitter-X. They overstepped in their campaign to genocide the white race. Apparently (I did not know this) they train (program) every FBI recruit... and have compelled 150 United States mayors to enforce their policies within their bailiwick... and (this I did know) work together with The Southern Poverty Law Center to destroy the life and work of anyone who opposes them. I did know that they are deeply involved in training the police forces in America.

This vampire coven was formed in response to the public justice that came about after a pencil factory owner in Atlanta... one Leo Frank... murdered a 13-year-old girl after sexually assaulting her, and then trying to blame it on a black man who worked for him.

Mary Phagan

Via National Vanguard:

Through the usual wheedling and dealing... and probably a little blackmail as well, his lawyers got his sentence commuted. Then the villagers stormed the jail and lynched the psychopath.

It's KNOWN and PROVEN that he did this crime, BUT... if you go to the search engines these days... which are owned by his genetic partners in serial and enduring crime... his crimes are whitewashed (white... washed?). He should have been arrested for impersonating Steve Buscemi as well, but... Steve hadn't been born yet.

Is it any wonder then... does it surprise you at all... that they may well have also distorted the history of World War 2... in order to cover for the horrible things they did during The Bolshevik Years in Russia and the satellites? Eh? Eh?

What is about to be worked out on the playing fields of our time has been coming for a very long time. Brave souls like Jake Shields are now stepping forth on social media to ♫ tell it like it is ♫ It's The Awakening, folks. Do you wonder why it is taking so long? People have been very deeply asleep and that sleep has been protracted by persistent mind-washing from the poppy fields of Disinfo-Land.

I'm pretty sure the Andrew Tate affair had a lot to do with Jake Shields coming about.

Oh! My Goodness! The flaming Shit is about to hit... the fan, in the wind tunnels of Materialism, gone mad and sideways.

I know... I know... you look at how powerful they seem to be, with their open borders... and no one does anything about it. You see the sexual... mind-bending curriculum in the schools. You see the fomented racial hatred. You see the looting and pillaging... and no one does anything about it!

You see the miscarriages of Justice; one justice for the ones burning the cities down, and another justice for those caught up in the Deep State-engineered clusterfuck of January 6th. You see the flotsam and jetsam of the wreckage of Humanity, washing up on the sidewalks of The American Dream, and no one does anything about it!

They must be very powerful indeed, and they are joined by kindred Rakshasas and Asuras... on a globalist putsch... to smart city your asses into open-air concentration camps. For many... security is more important than freedom. Given that; the architects of your misfortune are making The World unsafe everywhere... so that people will cry out for martial law to make... it... go... away.

They will be glad to do this. That was the point in the first place... when they were making The World unsafe.

Doesn't it all look a tad staged? Doesn't it seem unreal in the natural course of events? Doesn't the absurdity and ridiculous nature of present cultural trends seem... a bit... over the top? It's as if some greater mind... some supramental entity... above and beyond that of the organized despoilers... is at work; bending and shaping the misshapers, and their direction, without their knowledge.

Something seems to be pushing the agents of The Dark Side out into the light. Something veiled and obscured... behind the obvious appearances of the day... is forming conditions in a way no human mind intended them to be. Yes... the twisted perversities are all present indeed, but... something else seems to be going on too.

It's being said... outside the range of mass media reporting... that Elon Musk bought Twitter to counter The ADL. He's stated that they should, “just drop the A.” If you go to the search engines, you get a lot of outrage from the pederast left. Rolling Kidney Stones is right there at the top of the results, along with all the other Usual Suspects howling about Justice for Leo Frank.

I don't know about Elon Musk. You never know who God intends to use for his purposes... regardless of their willingness or awareness of being so used. However... Transhumanism is nothing more than the incompetent attempting to play God. That NEVER ends well. The Tower of Babel and all sorts of ancient allegories speak to previous efforts of the kind.

You either serve God or... you pretend to be God. You might not directly state this, but there are all manner of indirect indications, explanations, and diversifications that indicate it; the latter to reduce risk and exposure... in case you get called on it... AND YOU WILL... but not in the way you expect it to happen... because... you can't defend yourself against it coming down on you.

At the risk of repeating myself... which I seem willing to do regardless... over and over; God is Real. Let me say that again, God is Real. What does that tell you? I mean... Nodwells will bob their heads at that statement; “Yah shure... Godt is real.” However... for some reason... due to some form of cosmic disconnect... it does not sufficiently dawn upon most people what the implications of that are.

Perhaps, God is real does not cover the gamut. Perhaps one should say; God is real and in absolute control of everything. That is true also; God is real, and God is in absolute control of everything.

So... if God is real, and in absolute control of everything... that means all is as it should be. Wait a minute! Hah! See the problem? Everything may be the way God wants it to be, but... everything IS NOT the way you want it to be. Am I correct so far? So... why the disparity? Well... my friends... everything is in a state of flux. It is an endless becoming.

Right now... everything is not the way a great many people would like it to be, and all along the way it's not going to be okay because a great many people are not the way they are supposed to be either. That will get sorted, and things will get better. It is the nature of existence for things to go sideways, and... for there to be intervals of time before a course correction sets in.

At a higher level... things do not go sideways. Perhaps one should aspire to exist at a higher level where conditions do not appear as they appear down here... seen through a haze... caused by the smoke of unclean desires burning... in the land of tooth and claw... where the carnal populations are directed to the gaping maws of the threshing teeth of Mother Kali.

I am not saying everything is perfect. I am saying everything is on the way to becoming perfect or reworked until it is. However... many of us are exceedingly tardy. Some require the whip-hand of extremity to encourage them forward. Some require loss... a forced detachment... to free them of the chains that bind.

Everyone is not suffering on this fine and glorious morning. Some of us are bathing in the slipstreams of The Sun, as the very Word of God expresses upon the dancing rays. Some of us have unveiled the hidden sun within. Some of us seek to do so, but... have not done so as yet.

I do not concern myself with what Jonathan Phlegmsplatt gets up to. I do not go in fear of twisted freaks... whose demons in possession of them... demand they disorder and control The World. They cannot even control themselves, and... they've had a long run of it. They've been given a lot of rope, and... like Leo Frank, eventually that rope goes taut... because... you see.......

....... God is most certainly real AND present. God is also... absolutely in control, and... I care not one whit what anyone else has to say about that. What they think and do is not my affair. Feel free to build your castles in the air or on the ground. Feel free to carry on as you please... with or without the certainty that it will all come back on you... whatever that may be.

No... I am not the latest iteration of Dr. Pangloss... though I do agree that some of us live in the best of all possible worlds... or could do... because all of us build The World in which we live.

I know that many do not agree with this; what about all those starving children in Africa, Visible? Yeah... what about it? There is no injustice anywhere.

Maybe you had a hand in all that at some point and maybe that is why it troubles you so. Of course, your outrage does not inconvenience you at all, does it? It probably feels good to vent in your righteous indignation, and... it's the thought that counts.

The hunger and suffering will continue because that is the nature of life on Earth... in these times. It will exist for as long as people continue to generate suffering and then are forced to come back and experience it for themselves. It's how it works, folks. You don't like it? Well... stop doing it.

During my evening meditation. This would be on Saturday. While in a conversation with my chief invisible friend, I was told, “Well... I liked what you had to say about me picking the crazy... the simple, and the fools to carry my message, as opposed to all those educated types with degrees. It looks like I hit The Trifecta in your case.” Yeah... he talks like that. It was an amusing moment for both of us.

End Transmission.......

I STRONGLY recommend that you read Part One; the first 26 pages of this book.

If you read no further you will still be much improved by having done so, and your perspective of The Divine Mother will be permanently altered as well.

I have read further on and certain aspects of what I see disturb me. I'll delve more into that in an upcoming post. I do not mean to criticize because I don't know. It's the lack of Humility that troubles me. I find it hard to trust anyone who is not permanently awestruck by the splendor and majesty of God... and demonstrates it in their persona, and in everything they say and do; I'm still working on that.

However... if you ever wonder why I reference The Divine Mother, besides the fact that I am on a tantric path that does not involve pedestrian sex... those 26 pages cover my reasons.

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