Friday, September 15, 2023

"Observe The Appalling Ignorance that Can't Tell The Difference Between a Killer Vaccine and a Bullet to The Brain."

God Poet Transmitting.......

We talk a lot about madness... insanity... and all the permutations thereof here... and have done for some time. That is because it is the biggest Pattern and Trend... presently going on above and beneath the surface, and... more and more burbling to the top... where each individual... microbial... persona acts out in some wild and unpredictable fashion... like the latest imaginary virus.

It is happening on every rung of the social ladder. Each day... new examples are added as standbys to the list of dependable regulars like Smokin' Joe and The Crack Hunter (double entendre)... Stephen King... Rob Reiner... Michael Rappaport... Keith Olbermann... Madonna... Oprah... Lady Gaga... Kamala... these are but a few of the false light luminaries... flitting about the sconces that make dancing shadows far larger than the blocker(head) that casts them.

It seems to have slithered into palpable presence by progressive increments too minute to notice until it is flaming out before your eyes. It seems to be contagious because... by the day... there are more and more of them; refugees from The Land of The Mindsnatchers.

Mel Gibson, a man who does not need to do this, is appearing in one badly done B movie after another... following in Bruce Willis's footsteps... which is not a good idea... given that Bruce has less and less of an idea where those footsteps are headed.

More and more... famous and self-important people... no longer have a working filter between brain and mouth. I do not know how many of the readers are seeing it as it appears to me, but... those cartoon characters that I once saw coming up out of the sidewalks of Hollywood... are now appearing everywhere. Something is coming down hard on the self-identifiers of those who never had a firm grip on them to begin with.

In the most simple terms... people are losing their shit far and wide. Obama can no longer keep a lid on what is happening close up and personal around him. Bill Gates... born into Crazy Town to begin with... is turning into a caricature of evil. People who should be in care homes, and who are surviving on blood transplants from the once young and healthy, are running for office in a dead heat with the urge to run to the bathroom.

The Return of The Mad Maskers has come not a moment too soon, now that so many luminaries need N-95 Depends masks over their mouths. Maybe no one will notice? Joe Biden can now play Uncle June without someone needing to call The Script Girl.

Everyone with any name recognition on the Progressive End seems to be in need of a constant minder. I am convinced this is resonant with The Will of Heaven. It is what I was told would happen ten years ago, and now? I see it right before my eyes.

It seems... and I am only speculating here... that those whose moral fiber has disintegrated before the rising sun of the coming age... are losing their will to resist depravity and perversity. Their shields are down, one might say... if one were to put a sci-fi twist on it. Corruption has seeped into their bone marrow and it's done the blood no good. I'm not a medical practitioner but... that seems about right to me.

Then again... obviously... liver function is compromised. It is safe to say that they will not long be with us here. Between the appalling ignorance that can't tell the difference between a Killer Vaccine and a bullet to the brain... their chances of survival are near nil.

They don't know what to eat. They don't know how to eat, and are of no mind to bless their food with a prayer of gratitude to the one who produced it for them; much less are they thankful for the breath in their bodies.

They don't know what to think, and soon they may not know how to think, and they do not know how to feel about that... or feel anything at all that isn't false-self-centric. They change their identities more than they used to change their clothes, and they didn't know who they were in the first place.

They endlessly want what they don't have, and don't want what they do have. They live in a world inside their heads that bears no resemblance to The World outside. They strut and pose in front of the mirrors of The World, and ravenous beasts watch them from the other side. These beasts slip into them through their reflection and then consume them from within.

Before the people... whose purpose in making laws was to kill all positive evolution and enjoyment out of life... caught on to MDMA... when it was in its pure state... as LSD-25 once was.... it used to be a remarkable experience for self-introspection, and I could... even lacking the academic credentials... see what a healing compound it could be for people suffering in certain prisons of the mind.

Then it became illegal. Then it became popular, and the Israelis swooped in and took control of the entire manufacture and marketing of it. Immediately they changed the components, and... I know whereof I speak because I had sufficient amounts of both to make my assessment; suddenly... instead of taking one to a state of transcendence above the mundane... it became a sexual device for enhancing the female nature in the male body.

It became a direct vehicle for homosexual engagements; for the evolution of Bitch Mind. I watched it take place. I felt the pressure of the force. I was fortunate that The Divine Mother was already present in me, via the awakened Kundalini, so I was spared residence in the Hell on Earth that such behavior INEVITABLY leads to, and it is why the aging roué is so consumed with disgust and regret in the fading years before departure arrives; heh heh; departure arrives.

Well... well... well... we are full of bon mots this morning.

I have observed all of this by simply coming and going in The World.

They did the same thing with LSD. The government snatched it... altered the composition... and used it to destroy the atmosphere of Peace and Love. They then flooded the culture with Meth and Heroin. No one can argue this with me. I know what I saw and experienced. Ten years later they introduced Cocaine into the mainstream. It was the perfect demonic condiment for The Wall Street Mind.

Now I am watching what cellphone radiation is manifesting in people. I am watching what sugar and other additives are doing to people. I am watching what is happening in the trades of psychology and education BECAUSE... they have done the same things to them that they did to the LSD... the MDMA... and many another feature in this raging inflammation of carcinogenic Materialism gone mad.

Some people are simply not bright enough to see The Truth, and there are more of those every day. Some people refuse to see The Truth because it gets in their way, and... there are more of them every day. Some people exist on a diet of lies, and the rate of attrition is off-the-charts so... there are likely fewer of them each day.

Nature takes care of balancing herself. She will either spin you off into the darkness of chaos... where you are broken down, and consumed as nutrients by the creatures who live there, OR... through trauma or awakening... snap you back into the groove. There are other means that she employs and all of them are certain to get your attention.

Disease is Nature insisting that you pay attention.

Some are mystified at my state... given the legendary quantities of various substances I once consumed. It really depends on who you are toasting when you imbibe. It's another proof of the value and efficacy of The Greatest Commandment... I've never thought of it as a commandment myself... maybe the word had a different meaning back in the day.

I think of it as a soul imperative, AND... an entirely natural reaction to the beauty... glory... and splendor of The Almighty God, BUT... most people do not think of God as that which vitalizes and maintains them in every moment. They do not think of God as the source of every good thing. I do... knowing that... as a man thinketh... so is he.

Madness? Craziness? Insanity? Here is what you can expect to see; what you are already seeing if you are paying any attention. Well-known personalities are going to be saying things they had no intention of saying. They are going to be convicted out of their own mouths.

It will be happening on every level of The Social Ladder.

They are going to start doing things they never imagined they would do. It is going to get wild. This is one of the ways that Lady Nature balances herself out, and what God visualizes into her being for The Purpose of Demonstration.

End Transmission.......

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M - said...

A Mr. Eric V. Weisman (GEE, GUESS WHAT TRIBE HE BELONGS TO) is perpetrating EVIL upon obligate carnivores by pushing "Evolution" brand cat food.

‘Study’ Claiming Vegan Cats Are Healthier Is A Mockery Of Science

I've seen videos from rainbow-haired (vegan, of course) airheads who simply refuse to feed their cats a non-carnivorous diet. These morons should be prosecuted for animal cruelty to the fullest extent of the law. Obviously, they need to have their cats taken from them and found LOVING fur-ever homes.

I'm a vegetarian who actually LOVES her cats. They get a diet of high protein-based cat food - the best I can buy. Just adopted a kitten who was on Science Diet at the shelter and you should've seen and smelled his diarrhetic poop. Since Science Diet is mostly grain-based, it looked awful and smelled like vomit. It was irritating his intestine so much that bloody mucus appeared. Thankful, his Maman knew just what to do: Find kitten food formulated for carnivores (Orijen) which is 90% protein. (I read labels) Within 24 hours his bowel movements had changed from crapola to that of a carnivore. No more runny stools that look and smell like vomit. No more bloody mucus. He is now a much happier (and healthier) CARNIVORE. Just like his big brother.

0 said...


I tried MDMA once. Half a tab on a trip to reno with a good pal. It was a trip. Made me all outspoken and loud, not a good look for me. Remember walking down the street outside past a couple cops on horses and not caring. We wandered thru the various interlinked casinos, playing some slots here and there and just sort of aimlessly trying to be out and about.

At some point we went back to the room with the two beds and had a curious incident. Maybe 20 minutes after going in, 3 youngish girls came and knocked at the door, asking if this was where the party was. I answered, and was like nah, not here, must be somewhere else. Sent them on their way while my pal was looking at me like WTF did you just do. Ah well. I suppose I am not much for social interaction on the whole/hole huh. Really I think that was the last time he and I took a trip together.

The best teacher is personal experience. Never really know till you do what you want to experience what you thought you wanted only to find out its not really what you wanted.

Its been odd as when I tried most drugs for an experience I'd get the effect the first time, but trying it a second time produced no or bad results. Tried coke once in paris, second time I had it in dallas, first time made my teeth numb, second time didn't make a dent. Maybe different quality products, but it was the same for salvia. Almost like the consumption of such put some Thing in its place in my consciousness and was not further needed to Tweak anything else. I hate taking pills, but I'll try something a time or two just to see what my own experience of it is. So I know what I'm talking about should it come up, at least for myself. Can't know if I don't do.

Lets hope the implosion is swift, and induces a return to enforcing of existing laws and Accountability for seated authorities run amok.

Take it easy Viz!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

Al said...

"They are going to start doing things they never imagined they would do. It is going to get wild."

I'm very glad that goes both up the ladder and sorry for the ones it goes down for, they know not what they do nor where they're going but they sure will when they arrive.

I'm looking forward to what's ahead for those who aim in that higher direction.

Have a good weekend Amigo.

M - said...

Faux pas in my Post. I meant to say:

"I've seen videos from rainbow-haired (vegan, of course) airheads who simply refuse to feed their cats a CARNIVOROUS diet."


Thing Gregory said...

Dear Vis,

As an English mayor, I gravitate to good writing. Like you, I've been around the block or two in experiences and the like. This is all to say this post was epic. [Crack Hunter = Too funny, should be a meme.]

I read your posts everyday as often as I can to keep up. I relish the reconnection with God that you inspire in us. You are helping me be a better thing. [Human is a stretch of a word for me yet. I have a ways to go.]

The takeaway is that you are so well educated! I marvel at your erudition, your recall of ancient texts, authors, obscure references and knowledge of the occult.
I am grateful to find you, because you fill my mind with more than just an awestruck love for God. You fill my mind with knowledge, intelligent thought and divine wisdom. [And a keening reminiscence for those experimental days... sigh.]

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And as always, Nostrils to the Sky!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is now up=

"That Behavior is an Orgiastic Writhing Death-Dance of a Boschian Nightmare Beneath The Big Tent of Babylon Rising."



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