Tuesday, September 12, 2023

"People Have... Collectively and Singly... Been Convinced a Time or Two Before... Not to Believe Their Lying Eyes."

God Poet Transmitting.......

It's the day after the day that we celebrate the greatest magic trick (so far) that was ever performed... on September 11, 2001... in which Stone Age Arabs... living in caves in Afghanistan... who were unable to get even a single-engine pilot's license... hijacked 4 aluminum planes... and flew two of them at 600 miles an hour... into steel reinforced buildings that shortly after collapsed at the speed of freefall into their own footprints, but... they had no feet!

A nearby steel-reinforced building collapsed without even being hit by anything. It came down by controlled demolition that was captured on film... and which was OBVIOUSLY controlled demolition, BUT... almost no one believed their own eyes because the government-owned and controlled media said it did not happen that way.

Another plane flew into a specific area of The Pentagon where 3 trillion dollars disappeared and there was no plane wreckage, just a round hole too small for a plane to have disappeared into; most people believed a ghost plane hit The Pentagon because the government-owned and controlled media said so.

Then... the last plane... supposedly on its way to The Capitol building... got shot down over a rural Pennsylvania location. It was shot down because The Deep State needed The Capital building for a scenario 20 years later, to be staged... filmed... and directed by government operatives who would claim it was an even bigger attack on our long-gone-missing Democracy than the earlier event.

People have... collectively... and singly... been convinced a time or two before... not to believe their lying eyes. Siegfried and Roy... David Copperfield... and Chris Angel... have all made really large objects disappear, but none of them made anything nearly as large as 3 trillion dollars disappear like Dov Zakheim did.

The object of 9/11 was to create a perpetual state of fear, along with huge government agencies to sustain it... like Homeland Insecurity that was initially run by Skull-Face Chertoff, another dual national henchman of Dov Zakheims... who then went on to manufacture and sell those x-ray machines used by TSA, which was another huge government agency that exists as a loading chute to program people into believing they are livestock.

In order to convince them they are livestock, they have to make them progressively stupider. In tandem with making them stupider... they have to confuse and disorient them as well, and this they are doing with a wide menu of bad education and sexual perversities. They are also giving them endless reels of distraction that are tailored to their basic appetites. Along the way... many of them disappear, but the others don't seem to notice because they are grazing and their eyes are on the ground.

It is important to keep the fear at a certain pitch and to create a basic distrust among the members of different religions... political persuasions... races, colors, and cultures.

For some reason, and with only a few exceptions, the people who engineered and carried out 9/11 were all members of a particular demographic. We like to call them The Usual Suspects because... usually... when something bad happens on a larger scale... they are usually... in some way... involved in it or behind it.

The reason they have amassed so much power is because they have taken control of the money supply through the Federal Reserve Act.... which has worked so far... because The US was/used to be The World's currency arbiter. They can LITERALLY print money out of thin air.

The air is thin because they probably also lowered the oxygen content by selling it off in other locations or stockpiling it for later when they can sell you the very air that you breathe.

This made it possible for them to buy everything they needed to control the shape and flow of information in order to control human thought.

Now they are attacking this country and The World with a multi-pronged pincer assault... of variations of Communism... under a host of different names... which are all covers for the same thing. You might wonder why total capitalists would be so sanguine about a system that is the sworn adversary of Capitalism.

This is because Communism makes it impossible for people to have a say in anything dealing with government policy. It is simply enforced and you can't... and better not... say anything about it. It gives them a greater degree of control, as it did in Bolshevik Russia where they killed tens of millions of Christians and other folk who were a hindrance or... simply in their way.

They had to create a huge fabrication after the war to cover for their blood-soaked behavior. They are looking to do the same thing again.

They are behind nearly every present effort to throw The World into turmoil... for the purpose of taking over in the confusion. They won't succeed, but you can surely see it unless you are bone-deep stupid or... a coward.

They are behind the forced migration crisis. They are facilitating it on every level, and hindering every effort to stop it. They are the ones running the Climate Change Scam. They are the ones behind the Ukraine conflict. They run The WEF... The Council of Foreign Relations and all the other agencies of plotting and planning. They are behind the sex trafficking industry and the pornography empires.

They control The State Department and all the alphabet agencies. They control The Media of every kind. They control what movies you see and what horrible garbage you have to listen to. They control social media. They are behind every organization that promotes sexual dysfunction and are now pushing transgenderism as a facet of transhumanism in order to mainstream Satanism.

They control the bread and circus industries. They fabricated the COVID hoax and they manufactured The Killer Vaccines that are not vaccines. Nobody wants to say anything about it directly because you are not allowed to criticize those who seem-to-be in authority over you. Once again... let me EMPHATICALLY state... they have no power but the power you give them.

They wave the objects of desire before your eyes... to guide you from the paddocks... to the chutes... to the killing floors. Most of the celebrities of many kinds... the talking heads and print journalists... the politicians and religious figures, WITH FEW EXCEPTIONS... are Judas Goats. They are the exciters and the pacifiers.

I often think of Mick Jagger on the stage at Altamont... (where I was about fifty yards from the stage) singing songs of violent arousal; Street Fighting Man... Midnight Rambler etc.; while slamming his belt on the stage and... alternatively... pleading with the unruly crowd; “peace... brothers and sisters... peace!” I watched it happen. I watched him whip the crowd into a frenzy. I don't care what any narrated film clips tell you... otherwise.

I know who did 9/11, and... if you don't know, just click on the big-box link in the right-hand menu where it says, “Israel did 9/11,” or go here for many... many hours of gathered information.

Shortly after 9/11, I did an album called, “9/11 Was an Inside Job”...

...and I wrote a poem about it over at the Visible Streams of Consciousness site.

Posted December 2008 at Visible Stream of Consciousness

I did not include The Usual Suspects in either of them because I did not know about it at the time. Everything that I now know about 9/11 and the work of The Usual Suspects through history, I learned in the last couple of decades through relentless searching for The Truth.

I tried every way I could think of to find some other explanation, but there were no further explanations. I know this because I looked. I did not set out with a premise in mind beforehand. I came upon all of it in the process of seeking. The Truth is a caustic and incendiary thing when it comes to The Details.

Those who love The Truth are a persistently endangered species. Sometimes it is better to keep it to yourself and stay out of the line of fire because... eventually... everything gets sorted, BUT... sometimes the way it gets sorted is due to people not staying out of the line of fire... people who hold honor and integrity higher in value than their own corporate existence.

God and his angels see everything that happens here, and ALL POWER rests with them. The Power that Evil possesses is all borrowed power for The Purpose of Demonstration. God created both Good and Evil for his own reasons having to do with the growth of the human soul... through adversity and challenge... to spiritualize existence, and... bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. Think of existence as a symphony orchestra and God as The Conductor.

In life... the players create harmony and dissonance based on what moves them. Somehow God weaves it all together... bringing it all into harmony for those who dwell in harmony, and otherwise for those who choose it so; for as long as they choose to stay there. I am not concerned about what the future holds. There are some who really ought to be, but... they are not. God will inform them in due time.

End Transmission.......

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0 said...

"people who hold honor and integrity higher in value than their own corporate existence."

Yep. Nailed it.

Sometimes I wonder if being iterated in a form limits ones immaterial reach. I wonder if one drops the iteration of form, is ones reach then unlimited? Sometimes I wonder if the reason I'm not dead yet is due this potential idea being true. How'd it go in star wars films? "strike me down and you make me Stronger"

I dunno.

I do know that living in a world devoid of self discipline and self accountability, there won't be much progress to be had by any of the iterated forms who live in the delusions.

Guess we'll see what shakes out.

You follow realrawnews.com at all? The latest article there is calling Michael Flynns brother Charles Flynn who is a general over Fort Shafter in honolulu a deep state fema supporter. (course they fail to call out that they are brothers from Rhode Island.)

I wonder if anyone knows anyone on maui that can still qualify the unchecked claims from all these "news" outlets. https://realrawnews.com/2023/09/marines-in-maui-were-in-the-shit/

Take it easy man.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

My LV addictions is well served today.

Nostrils to the sky!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

am just happy to finally see the modern society collapsing. Nostrils to the Sky!

Visible said...

I avoid realrawnews. I find them utterly lacking in credibility. but... that's just me (grin) They make Hal Turner look like an oracle of truth.

Almismo said...

I particularly liked the serene severity in your Style today. Impeccable.

0 said...

Hehehehe. Ain't that hilarious. They are a blind for letting fence sitting people believe Other people are taking care of things huh.

It cracked me up when I read thru this weeks fulford commentary and he called out michael baxter of RRN too as just being a facade narrative.

I then went back to the doc you called out last week sometime I think it was.

"There are two powers that alone can effect in their conjunction
the great and difficult thing which is the aim of our endeavour,
a fixed and unfailing aspiration that calls from below and a
supreme Grace from above that answers.

But the supreme Grace will act only in the conditions of the
Light and the Truth; it will not act in conditions laid upon it by
the Falsehood and the Ignorance. For if it were to yield to the
demands of the Falsehood, it would defeat its own purpose.

These are the conditions of the Light and Truth, the sole
conditions under which the highest Force will descend; and it is
only the very highest supramental Force descending from above
and opening from below that can victoriously handle the physi-
cal Nature and annihilate its difficulties . . .
There must be a total and sincere surrender; there must be an exclusive self-opening to
the divine Power; there must be a constant and integral choice
of the Truth that is descending, a constant and integral rejection
of the falsehood of the mental, vital and physical Powers and
Appearances that still rule the earth-Nature."

Almost paints the iteration of form as the Seed making process of greater consciousness. A point conceived in objective reality as an iteration of form that lets one integrate 2 or more fields while inhabiting the iteration of form. (or deintegrate perhaps)

Above and Below, Within and Without. If physical reality shows above as without and below as within, then in the unformed void is above within and below without?

Axis of Alignment, Plane of Division.

But not till ones sorted their own waffling tendencies huh. Maybe its similar to how a pool of standing water then incubates various other things while Moving Waters incubate little.

Take it easy pal!

Anonymous said...

The FDA just approved the new covid vaccine yesterday and it will be available at most places by Thursday or Friday, so this is probably the one that is going to cause mass deaths, which will then be blamed on a "new variant", and used to justify stricter lockdowns, and basically a total police state is created.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Wheeling and Dealing... Far Away on Their Rounds... Subsumed in The Minotaur Mind of The Eye-for-an-Eye People."

Guy Reid-Brown said...

 'you can surely see it unless you are bone-deep stupid or... a coward.'

I hope I may be neither -

'Reputation is what men and women think of us; character is what God and angels know of us.'

Thomas Paine

God Bless you, Les

Ty said...

I don't know about you Vis, but I'd rather unite and work with the peaceful and successful communist country of China, than for all of us to die in a pointless war for the Anglo-America-AshkeNazim empire.

Visible said...


I think someone put something in your coffee and you can't think straight anymore. I am not afraid of the AshkeNAZIS or The Chi-Coms. I work for God... PERIOD. You are unaware that God is all-powerful. I understand that. Hopefully, you get your mind right before you wind up in a camp somewhere.



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