Monday, September 04, 2023

"Everyone is Not Suffering on This Fine and Glorious Morning. Some of Us are Bathing in The Slipstreams of The Sun."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Jimmy Buffet has gone to Margaritaville; now... finally... reunited with his last shaker of salt. In the end... it was his own damn fault. We all find what we seek. If we can't find it here, it's usually waiting for us on the other side; that's the good news AND the bad news.

The ADL is getting hammered on Twitter-X. They overstepped in their campaign to genocide the white race. Apparently (I did not know this) they train (program) every FBI recruit... and have compelled 150 United States mayors to enforce their policies within their bailiwick... and (this I did know) work together with The Southern Poverty Law Center to destroy the life and work of anyone who opposes them. I did know that they are deeply involved in training the police forces in America.

This vampire coven was formed in response to the public justice that came about after a pencil factory owner in Atlanta... one Leo Frank... murdered a 13-year-old girl after sexually assaulting her, and then trying to blame it on a black man who worked for him.

Mary Phagan

Via National Vanguard:

Through the usual wheedling and dealing... and probably a little blackmail as well, his lawyers got his sentence commuted. Then the villagers stormed the jail and lynched the psychopath.

It's KNOWN and PROVEN that he did this crime, BUT... if you go to the search engines these days... which are owned by his genetic partners in serial and enduring crime... his crimes are whitewashed (white... washed?). He should have been arrested for impersonating Steve Buscemi as well, but... Steve hadn't been born yet.

Is it any wonder then... does it surprise you at all... that they may well have also distorted the history of World War 2... in order to cover for the horrible things they did during The Bolshevik Years in Russia and the satellites? Eh? Eh?

What is about to be worked out on the playing fields of our time has been coming for a very long time. Brave souls like Jake Shields are now stepping forth on social media to ♫ tell it like it is ♫ It's The Awakening, folks. Do you wonder why it is taking so long? People have been very deeply asleep and that sleep has been protracted by persistent mind-washing from the poppy fields of Disinfo-Land.

I'm pretty sure the Andrew Tate affair had a lot to do with Jake Shields coming about.

Oh! My Goodness! The flaming Shit is about to hit... the fan, in the wind tunnels of Materialism, gone mad and sideways.

I know... I know... you look at how powerful they seem to be, with their open borders... and no one does anything about it. You see the sexual... mind-bending curriculum in the schools. You see the fomented racial hatred. You see the looting and pillaging... and no one does anything about it!

You see the miscarriages of Justice; one justice for the ones burning the cities down, and another justice for those caught up in the Deep State-engineered clusterfuck of January 6th. You see the flotsam and jetsam of the wreckage of Humanity, washing up on the sidewalks of The American Dream, and no one does anything about it!

They must be very powerful indeed, and they are joined by kindred Rakshasas and Asuras... on a globalist putsch... to smart city your asses into open-air concentration camps. For many... security is more important than freedom. Given that; the architects of your misfortune are making The World unsafe everywhere... so that people will cry out for martial law to make... it... go... away.

They will be glad to do this. That was the point in the first place... when they were making The World unsafe.

Doesn't it all look a tad staged? Doesn't it seem unreal in the natural course of events? Doesn't the absurdity and ridiculous nature of present cultural trends seem... a bit... over the top? It's as if some greater mind... some supramental entity... above and beyond that of the organized despoilers... is at work; bending and shaping the misshapers, and their direction, without their knowledge.

Something seems to be pushing the agents of The Dark Side out into the light. Something veiled and obscured... behind the obvious appearances of the day... is forming conditions in a way no human mind intended them to be. Yes... the twisted perversities are all present indeed, but... something else seems to be going on too.

It's being said... outside the range of mass media reporting... that Elon Musk bought Twitter to counter The ADL. He's stated that they should, “just drop the A.” If you go to the search engines, you get a lot of outrage from the pederast left. Rolling Kidney Stones is right there at the top of the results, along with all the other Usual Suspects howling about Justice for Leo Frank.

I don't know about Elon Musk. You never know who God intends to use for his purposes... regardless of their willingness or awareness of being so used. However... Transhumanism is nothing more than the incompetent attempting to play God. That NEVER ends well. The Tower of Babel and all sorts of ancient allegories speak to previous efforts of the kind.

You either serve God or... you pretend to be God. You might not directly state this, but there are all manner of indirect indications, explanations, and diversifications that indicate it; the latter to reduce risk and exposure... in case you get called on it... AND YOU WILL... but not in the way you expect it to happen... because... you can't defend yourself against it coming down on you.

At the risk of repeating myself... which I seem willing to do regardless... over and over; God is Real. Let me say that again, God is Real. What does that tell you? I mean... Nodwells will bob their heads at that statement; “Yah shure... Godt is real.” However... for some reason... due to some form of cosmic disconnect... it does not sufficiently dawn upon most people what the implications of that are.

Perhaps, God is real does not cover the gamut. Perhaps one should say; God is real and in absolute control of everything. That is true also; God is real, and God is in absolute control of everything.

So... if God is real, and in absolute control of everything... that means all is as it should be. Wait a minute! Hah! See the problem? Everything may be the way God wants it to be, but... everything IS NOT the way you want it to be. Am I correct so far? So... why the disparity? Well... my friends... everything is in a state of flux. It is an endless becoming.

Right now... everything is not the way a great many people would like it to be, and all along the way it's not going to be okay because a great many people are not the way they are supposed to be either. That will get sorted, and things will get better. It is the nature of existence for things to go sideways, and... for there to be intervals of time before a course correction sets in.

At a higher level... things do not go sideways. Perhaps one should aspire to exist at a higher level where conditions do not appear as they appear down here... seen through a haze... caused by the smoke of unclean desires burning... in the land of tooth and claw... where the carnal populations are directed to the gaping maws of the threshing teeth of Mother Kali.

I am not saying everything is perfect. I am saying everything is on the way to becoming perfect or reworked until it is. However... many of us are exceedingly tardy. Some require the whip-hand of extremity to encourage them forward. Some require loss... a forced detachment... to free them of the chains that bind.

Everyone is not suffering on this fine and glorious morning. Some of us are bathing in the slipstreams of The Sun, as the very Word of God expresses upon the dancing rays. Some of us have unveiled the hidden sun within. Some of us seek to do so, but... have not done so as yet.

I do not concern myself with what Jonathan Phlegmsplatt gets up to. I do not go in fear of twisted freaks... whose demons in possession of them... demand they disorder and control The World. They cannot even control themselves, and... they've had a long run of it. They've been given a lot of rope, and... like Leo Frank, eventually that rope goes taut... because... you see.......

....... God is most certainly real AND present. God is also... absolutely in control, and... I care not one whit what anyone else has to say about that. What they think and do is not my affair. Feel free to build your castles in the air or on the ground. Feel free to carry on as you please... with or without the certainty that it will all come back on you... whatever that may be.

No... I am not the latest iteration of Dr. Pangloss... though I do agree that some of us live in the best of all possible worlds... or could do... because all of us build The World in which we live.

I know that many do not agree with this; what about all those starving children in Africa, Visible? Yeah... what about it? There is no injustice anywhere.

Maybe you had a hand in all that at some point and maybe that is why it troubles you so. Of course, your outrage does not inconvenience you at all, does it? It probably feels good to vent in your righteous indignation, and... it's the thought that counts.

The hunger and suffering will continue because that is the nature of life on Earth... in these times. It will exist for as long as people continue to generate suffering and then are forced to come back and experience it for themselves. It's how it works, folks. You don't like it? Well... stop doing it.

During my evening meditation. This would be on Saturday. While in a conversation with my chief invisible friend, I was told, “Well... I liked what you had to say about me picking the crazy... the simple, and the fools to carry my message, as opposed to all those educated types with degrees. It looks like I hit The Trifecta in your case.” Yeah... he talks like that. It was an amusing moment for both of us.

End Transmission.......

I STRONGLY recommend that you read Part One; the first 26 pages of this book.

If you read no further you will still be much improved by having done so, and your perspective of The Divine Mother will be permanently altered as well.

I have read further on and certain aspects of what I see disturb me. I'll delve more into that in an upcoming post. I do not mean to criticize because I don't know. It's the lack of Humility that troubles me. I find it hard to trust anyone who is not permanently awestruck by the splendor and majesty of God... and demonstrates it in their persona, and in everything they say and do; I'm still working on that.

However... if you ever wonder why I reference The Divine Mother, besides the fact that I am on a tantric path that does not involve pedestrian sex... those 26 pages cover my reasons.

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Anonymous said...

well according to the SPLC, i am an extremist and a very bad person for creating a troll blog called Boycott American Women, where i used humor to suggest the idea that women outside of the West are more feminine than western women.

I guess I'm infamous? Either way i'm seeking the Divine Feminine now, i don't care about earthly women anymore.

M - said...

Inspiration for today:

"Each night, each day, each moment has its own offering of beauty." - Emerson

Happy National Wildlife Day.

robert said...

The hunger and suffering will continue because that is the nature of life on Earth... in these times. It will exist for as long as people continue to generate suffering and then are forced to come back and experience it for themselves. It's how it works, folks. You don't like it? Well... stop doing it.

It struck me Saturday that one thing we do is hold back emotion, to our inevitable suffering

We cling to the vestiges of positive feelings like we will never get any more
We also stockpile our negative experience along with its associated emotional resonance as if to NOT get any more of same… Oops!

By setting the mind to watch for pattern match to anticipate going there again and then swerving out of the way
Going out of our way to miss our growth oppertunities...

Where there are emotional treasures stored up, in this plane, there is potential for devastating emotional analogs to Musk fires of lithium!

It is clear that physical hoarding brings risk of DEW intervention…

Emotional power drives us mad with extremes then pares us down to more timid back and forth yet still caught in our sights, trapped in our mental corrals

The overshadowed human drivers, who see only cattle, depend on hooking our stuck emotional patterns to control the herd
We are shown some pitiable sight of those less fortunate, suffering the results of their karma to demonstrate the massive degradation of the human experience increasingly out in the plain sight, by those overshadowed by the pit boss
Then we are led to think that our continuing compliance with the deadly system as usual will "help"!
Send your conformity and maybe a few counterfeit dollars and feel the virtuous ego glow!

When will we trade our personal hoard of feelings for gold, the payment of light servers?
Give away what is unlimited, dissolving limitation as the river flow swells?

The only way to honor people is to be present
Shining out
Sharing the within without
Without reservations

Love is unlimited
Fear is self-limiting

Being present is the highest love

During my evening meditation. This would be on Saturday. While in a conversation with my chief invisible friend, I was told, “Well... I liked what you had to say about me picking the crazy... the simple, and the fools to carry my message, as opposed to all those educated types with degrees. It looks like I hit The Trifecta in your case.” Yeah... he talks like that. It was an amusing moment for both of us.

What is hilarious is how being crazy, simple and foolish and continually revealing that state of being to the self without judgment, bypasses most of the drama that ego-centricity attracts!
Lose face?
How if the mask is dropping away?
Lose what is already lacking?
In trade for what is always replenishing?
Feeling lost?
When we can return to the face of the Son, even if we are falling backwards?
Imagine the worst?
When we can imagine the pulses of healing energy surging from the center of all things?

Take the mind on another enthralled journey as a media suckler?
Break the mind from its dependence on fixed concepts and take a flier on the eternal promise

Have a heart
Give the heart a break
Take heart from skepticism back to believing in infinite feeling

Visible said...

Prescient AND articulate!

Anonymous said...

I am snarling with hatred for the human race, Les. Specifically the normie NPC materialists. I can't wait to watch this modern society burn.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Re: the top comment - you find yourself becoming a labelled Extremist by the mere fact of standing still -

'You either serve God or... you pretend to be God.'


KnowThanx said...

Robert is a thoroughly eloquent commenter!

I come here from TTS to read his additions

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

You hit another one outta the ballpark with this.


#5, I am so with ya. I think that's the only reason I'm still here. To watch this era DIE! And from all the news reports I read, it's on its way.

Visible said...

I try to get to that... at least my own approach... in today's Origami.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is now up=

"One Kind of Crazy has Infected The High and Mighty, and... Another Kind of Crazy has Infected The Low and Desperate."

0 said...

People define their own facets of self.

The facetless appear crazy, simple, fools, to they who are faceted.

The faceted cannot recognize the Value in be-coming facetless, because it removes all levers for further selfish ends. Instead of legup-ing it, one Harmonizes with their local now.

Be-come the pearl of great price, ie. Facetless. Then one is free to adjust as needful in the moment to produce the right action type results.

Good stuff!



Joseph Brenner

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