Wednesday, September 20, 2023

"It's a Glitter Palace Where Everything is Embedded with Razor Blades and Fishhooks. It's a Circle of Unhappiness."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Materialism tunes people to The Profit Motive as reason for action. If you are not doing it for gain, what is the point? The same applies to helping others; if there is no publicity involved... there is no point in doing it. Jennifer Garner showed us that earlier this week when she took off her shoes to give them to a man whose feet were too large to wear them. Then she went and bought another man's shoes to give him instead.

Heh heh... someone still doesn't have any shoes.

It must have been that the Paparazzi Angels were nearby, and looking for anyone out doing selfless service on The Avenue. You can find these angels not ever very far from Hollywood because so much charity goes down there.

Of course... there is the outside possibility that she was trying to throw two stones at one bird, and... was also telegraphing support for the transgender movement, symbolized by a man wearing women's shoes. It is fine... and involved philosophical questions of this sort... that do not keep me up at night.

What I thought... immediately... was... why is Ben Affleck attracted to the most vacuous and vapid women from an industry noted for a surfeit of them? The company you force yourself to keep is often a profound motivator toward alcoholism. It's got to be tough... seeing your reflection in a shallow pool of water on the sidewalk of an unlovely town.

What is the moral of this story? It's convoluted... so... you're going to have to really think about it for a moment. The moral is... you can't run away from your problems wearing women's shoes; unless you are a woman and the one pursuing you used to be a woman.

Yes... it takes a great deal of courage... and restraint... to live inside my head. Fortunately... thanks to Lady Kundalini, I have visceral proof that there is only one mind.

This begs the further question of; if there is only one mind, how come it is splintered and splintering off into so many separated units that are going mad in the process? “Well...” (well... well...) said the serpent with a mouthful of tail; “Materialism is the mechanism that separates us from one another through Profit Motive.”

Now you see one of the arguments used by Communists in search of their own greater profit... off of the labor of their fellows... which the very system itself makes it impossible to complain against. Think about it, my friends. Why would all these members of The Federated Society of Rampaging Pederasts, AKA- The WEF, AKA- all the other Alphabet Predators... why would they want a Communist society when they are stark raving capitalists??? Most of them are bankers of one kind or another, so.......

….... why would they want a system that insists on an equal share of everything for everyone? I'll tell you why, 'cause it ain't gonna happen... EVER! It's the endless game of Bait and Switch that hooks every passing fish that doesn't know any better. You might ask; why do these fish not know better over... and over... and over... and over ad nauseam? Why are they serial not-know-any-betters?

I could say, there's one born every minute. I could also say, the same one gets born over and over. I could further say, there is no fixing Stupid. I could say a lot of different things, but it all boils down to The Profit Motive. It all distills into the pursuit of personal gain. Look! Shiny thing! Me take it!!!

Also... the more you dumb people down, the more they are controlled by the attraction to dumb shit. More people want to be Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton... than want to be someone helping others and keeping their name out of the lights on Social Media Broadway. Every time either of these bi-pedal Pomeranians breaks a nail there's a 3-alarm fire on Instagram. How would I know this if I don't belong to Instagram and don't go there? I just do. It's a gift... it's like I can't control it.

I never realized so many people could be so thoughtless... OR did Materialism make them that way? The level of sociopathy is off-the-charts. After all the horrible after-effects of The Killer Vaccines, medical practitioners are still recommending them far and wide.

Why are they doing this when so much evidence tells them it's a bad idea? It is because the manufacturers of The Killer Vaccines are paying them to do so. They are doing it for The Money. The Profit Motive rears its rapacious head yet again.

Medical School is no longer about healing people (if it ever was). It's about marketing the skills that you don't even have.

Why do Journalists now create the news instead of reporting it? They are paid to do so. Why are so many people on Social Media spinning mendacious and toxic lies? They are paid to do it. Why are all The Climate Change Nazis protesting with such fervor over something that does not exist? Well... (well... well...) some of them are really stupid, but otherwise... they are being paid to do it.

How do the migrants get from Point A to Point Wherever? Someone is financing their trip. Someone is paying someone else to take them there because... somehow there is a profit to be made, and the profit amounts to entire countries. The people doing this have boltholes prepared for themselves when the shit hits the fan. They'll be somewhere else by that time.

It always worked before. Someone has to build a society and a culture, and... someone has to tear it down... loot it... and sell it for parts. Ah... but these are exceptional times. In exceptional times... another Profit Motive comes into play. It is something I call... The Good of All. Sometimes Bad Shit has to happen to wake people up because they had no appreciation for The Good Shit that they already had.

Here's the thing about Materialism. It's temporary. Call it temporary insanity and you wouldn't be wrong. It is The King's Ankus that gets everyone killed who has possession of it. It is the thing that possesses you until the work of The Demon is done. Then it moves on to the next false construct... leaving you holding the sodding baby.

It's a glitter palace where everything is embedded with razor blades and fishhooks. It's a calliope of unhappiness that just goes round... and round... and round. It's a land of forgetfulness, where each time something happens... you forget that it happened before. It's the different results that never show up, regardless of your devoted expectations.

It's all fine and wonderful... for a time... on its way up; back in the days of Formica and sock-hops. It then stays steady for a decade or a few... or it seems to, but it's actually been on a not-so-noticeable decline, and then? It suddenly increases in speed, and people are more concerned about having something to hold on to, instead of being concerned about where it winds up. Right about that time... religion turns into a leaky boat on an angry sea.

Of course, The Sea is angry. Think of it as a liquid mass of frustrated desires... failed ambitions... empty returns on meaningful investments... shattered hopes and clouds of morning-after depression... (there's a cold front coming in) and all of that is a part of the currents that run through vengeful waters. The King's Ankus does... not... float.

It's all the poisoned fruit of The Profit Motive. We've had a few bumper seasons and now it all lies rotting on the ground... Durian-style.

Alternatively... there are The Heavenly Hosts, BUT... in Times of Material Darkness most people are looking at the ground. God is a cultivated taste. It can take time for the meaning and message to sink down into the visceral zone. There's nothing fly-by-night with The God Thing. It's more of a shine-by-day affair.

Sometimes... when the human soul has gotten a serious drenching of Materialism; a monsoon down-pouring... it becomes very hard to see beyond it. All your possibilities of solution are material... you've been seduced into trusting The Science, BUT... The Science can't cure what you can't see.

It can't comfort an empty heart. It can't soothe an agitated spirit. It only treats the symptoms and never gets anywhere near the cause. The cause is the thing itself, to begin with. Far too many of us cannot see that.

The one thing that Materialism does create... that lasts for any appreciable length of time is... an absence of Love. It might have a myriad of distractions that will take your mind off of the missing thing... the only thing... that makes life worth living... for a time... it might just serve for a time, BUT... eventually you are one more nighthawk at The Diner and the place is empty and... the coffee is cold.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Read it in elementary school when I couldn't really understand it. Will read it again later, though I'm in the middle of a book right now.

Kipling is AWESOME. Wise beyond this midden heap of a realm. Must meet him when I get there, along with all the other 'ghosts' I've taken a fancy to. It's nice I've been visited by a few in the dreamscape, some more than once.

I can't believe how so many are so attached to this place. I can't wait until my contract is up so I can leave it behind. . .for good this time.

Nostrils to the sky!

0 said...

Killer post. "The Good of All." I'd offer a slight change. The Good of The All. Dunno that it matters but it stuck out to me while reading the post.

Towards a Greater Consistent Harmony across the board!

I imagine the All is getting a bad taste in its maw as it consumes the last few years of packetized consciousness's. I doubt it likes eating little pieces of shit for breakfast any more than the twat in happy gilmore. :P


Anonymous said...

Speaking of doctors and medical school:

I couldn't let that slip by


0 said...

Just bumped into this. Its ridiculous what some people do in the name of "progress".

Made me feel sick reading it. And its a monkey, not a person.

All Damn the Colluders.


Visible said...

Yeah, Musk is Evil. This puts the fork in it. He just got permission to do this to humans. I'm pretty sure his subjects need the treatment anyhow... probably... and it will help their Instagram rating.


That newspaper is from Fiji (grin) and the article reads like satire. The clown with the stethoscope looks like what he is.

Visible said...

Gene; I always thought Dr. Ben Carson was a pretty impressive fellow. Then I saw this in a book recently=

"On the level of an individual person, there is much empirical proof of the
existence of two minds within one person. For instance, consider Christina
Santhouse. At eight years old, she experienced nearly constant seizures, on the
order of 150 per day, emanating from her right hemisphere. In 1996, Dr. Ben
Carson, a prominent surgeon and politician from the United States, performed a
hemispherectomy, completely removing one half of her brain. Though it seems
such a procedure would kill or debilitate a human, the procedure in fact cured
Santhouse and her seizures ceased. She earned a master’s degree in speech
pathology, married, and started a family.[178]
In almost any other case, removing half an organ would cause someone to die or
be noticeably diminished. You cannot, for instance, live with only half a heart. If
a person survived, as in the case of losing one lung, quality of life would be
drastically altered. Santhouse’s experience shows that even with half a brain,
someone could remain in every way herself—demonstrating there are, in fact,
two minds living in your head."

I say this by way of not being opposed to scientific miracles because I know that EVERYTHING has a spiritual cause.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Visible, you & your author are light to us all, so we are also alighted.

But, againe, just goes to show whether or not anything one can read or hear is veritas. I hear often enough of peeple living and functioning on just neural fluid, accomplishing what normal brain possessing peeple would, however. However, since S. Hook and all the rest of it, i have been high-on skepticon with most of it. The cop tales on the nightly newz, the muh "science", the war machine, Harari, CGI peeple, Biden, Fetterman, you name it.

They like scaring the kids and impeding the process of growing up and maturing. The only thing i can trust is “God” who is in my heart and try to protect that thought with my life. Maybe you know that if you can feel it ( in the heart ), how truth rings through it’s chambers, pumping it to all the cells. Memory plays a major role as well, in connection with the heart’s experience of what the brain communicates, as much as seems is forgotten as the snot peeple blow into tissue paper, but i refuse to leave it behind, because it is priceless.

Like LTPTB, i’d rather not be forced to maintain what should not be maintained and skip the graduation.

I dunno, like you say, time will tell and we shall see.

Can’t thank you enough.


Thankful Reader said...

Simmer down gunpowder, sometimes the splinters of God need to be re-forged.

0 said...

Good find Viz. I remember reading about someone with almost No brain having been functional in spite of the mostly missing organ. Tried to go find it but just found this vague article.

And this one:

Its curious to wonder at huh. To my mind it infers the iteration of form centers a field which need not be wholly centered in the specific Organs so much as the gestalt of the Form acts to anchor its persistence till some event happens that shifts the balance of the anchored to being free of that anchor.

For the one who had seizures that you referenced from Ben Carsen, it seems like seizures are a sort of Short in the neurons so that theres no moderation of the signals, and that removing the hemisphere which had the "fault" let the remaining matter work without that Short interupting it.

I wonder if they can see seizure paths in the brain while the seizure is happening? It would be interesting if they could somehow cut the path or interupt the path to see if it builds another short around the opened path.

I am open to what we call miracles, tho to my mind it just is something that we don't understand yet, so we label it a miracle and stop wondering at it.

The all does what the all wills. All Hail the All! ha.

Take it easy man,

Sukh said...

Visible Origami:
Sailing to Charleston Bay, Doesn't Always Work Out as Advertised or...The Pitchman Told You it Would

Anonymous said...

pierre said, after clicking the like button.

I recall the case about the guy who had 90% of his brain not there, born that way. He led a relatively normal life, job, wife etc. A better man than I in that regards.
thought the 90% term would pluck it
hah, I thought it was one of those 19th century ones like the Wolf Boy etc, but not so. then again sometimes I think half my guts were in my scrotum when it was bigger than a grapefruit (only a hydrocele, since reduced much).. maybe this guys brains were in his guts like Homer Simpsons. Skull like a donut. mmmm I like donuts.



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