Monday, September 25, 2023

"Anything People Can Go Crazy about They Are Going Crazy About. When The Moral Compass Breaks The Tiller is Unmanned."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I had a most wonderful event this Saturday morning. I went out before the altar of The Sun as usual, and... once I was seated, God boomed at me from The Sun with a hearty, “Good Morning, Visible!” Then the air was filled with motion... colors and music.

An angelic do-wop group appeared, singing my name in funny associations... in four-part harmony. A drum section of congas and bongos materialized... and God did a narrative... a running commentary over the whole affair that cracked me up.

This sort of thing happens to me not infrequently... along with a few other variations. More and more... The Divine Comedy of God's Presence makes itself known to me. There is the reason I even bring any of this up; why should anyone care? That's some subjective Visible stuff. There's nothing mainstream about it. How does any of this apply to me?

I bring it up because of one critical feature. God plays around very much like children do on a playground. He does silly things. He is your father and mother. Your real father and mother and you are ETERNALLY the child. You need to expect this sort of thing to happen to you. If your Heaven is a somber location with a stern and curmudgeonly ruler sitting grim-faced and glowering, that... is... what... you... are... going... to... get.

I won't try to include any further descriptions of what transpired with me this morning on cartoon Olympus because it is dependent on context in a had-to-be-there kind of way. Let's move on to what he had to say afterward.

“Big changes are coming soon now, Visible. Look at me, son! Have you ever seen anything like me anywhere around here? (he was referring to The Sun) No! You have not. Come rain come shine, I'm here. Oh! Did I mention I bring the clouds and the rain as well... and the wind... and... I might add... all life on this planet?

“Tell me, can P.T. Barnum do anything like this? Cecil B. DeMille? Let's not mention they are also gone to their reward... such as that might be.

“Could all of The World's richest men pool all their resources and come up with ANYTHING like what I do every day, without having to think about it much at all? It's just my way of smiling on creation. I'm in a good mood, Visible. I'm in a good mood all the time... unless I choose otherwise, and... that would only be the portion of me showing displeasure to those seeking it.

“What's all that singing and dancing about this morning? Big changes are coming. For some of you, it is going to be like Lord Ganapati puttin' on The Ritz; Happy Birthday, by the way, Lord Ganesha. For some, it is going to be Sturm und Drang and that's putting it lightly.

“Why I mentioned that part about legendary showmen and world-shaking billionaires (in their minds) is to point out that just because I don't shake... rattle... and roll The Casbah on any regular basis, doesn't mean I can't do it ANY TIME I PLEASE!!! I set The Sun in its course, and the constellations shine at my behest. I'm pretty sure I can do anything imaginable and a whole lot that is not.”

Then there was some more singing and dancing, with some Hare Krishna and several other mantras all counterpointing the central theme. It was really funny and moving at the same time.

Then he continued on about how every now and then he steps in personally to make a point. It's rare enough that there is little record of it, and what record there is, is all couched in allegory... obscure scriptures and fable.

Yesterday, (now three days ago) I started writing this and got the following first paragraph down as a guide to this particular Petri Dish. It was the day before the singing and dancing outside. Imagine my surprise (cause I had completely forgotten about it) when I saw what was there after what happened this morning. I'm talking about the first sentence;

God has a remarkable sense of humor; ... Poland cutting ties with Ukraine...

Satanic witch Martina Abramovic is asked to be Ukraine's ambassador... Spokestranny Field Marsh(al)mellow Sarah Ashton-Cirillo was removed from her post as the mouthpiece for AshkeNAZI Nation's military forces.,., and that's just Ukraine!

All over The World the farce of globalist enterprises is breaking down or stepping in dogshit. Long-time Senate capo Menendez from Soprano-Land has been indicted. He got on the wrong side of one shotcaller or another.

Righteous outrage is finding its voice.

Every day now... THEY are being called out... THEY are being found out... and the tide is turning.

Meanwhile... a not-inconsiderable portion of the public is getting stupider and more vain by the day. Now... the latest trend is to get elf's ears. It's a really big deal in China... and... of course... for Elon Musk's baby momma.

Body morphing can be tied to the transhumanism craze, AND... what are these people going to do when their implants get hacked??? Surely they will. That is the intention of both the government and the independent operatives.

That is the intention of The Killer Vaccines. One batch kills you. Another filled you with magnetic lodestones and other zombie duck-calls. Another batch condemns you to the agonies of perpetual health problems. Anything people can go crazy about they are going crazy about now. When The Moral Compass breaks... the tiller is unmanned.

When Materialism ejects all thoughts of God from The Hive Mind, the descent into chaos is a certainty, but... this is all a process, and a greater harmony in the form of Universal Brotherhood will arrive... exactly on time... as it always does.

Within a certain bandwidth of awareness... it is like the calm in the eye of the storm. Above and below that bandwidth... and beyond the parameters to either side... is a raging fury that intensifies as you continue further on. This is what we are seeing. People are really losing it. The Amazing Monster Paranoid Machine... The Pleasure Groove... The Appetite Emporium and Amusement Park of Carnal Desire are flooded with crowds wearing the bad sunglasses.

The whole world is a migration of souls in search of what cannot be found... out there. They are being compressed together. Their hungers exceed their capacity to satisfy them. Their minds have been hijacked by the armies of Mammon. There is going to be some strange sorting-out in the near field of time pending.

I lived in Palm Springs for a few weeks or months a few times. God thought it ironic to put me in one of the richest towns in The World where I had no money and only the clothes on my back; I would have to wear my cape when I washed them at the coin laundry.

I lived on tangerines and other fruit plucked from trees. Meanwhile... law enforcement thought I was Elvis Presley's friend... so... I was kind of left alone... in that most ungenerous zone... that I have ever known. (good work, Wordsworth)

It always had a gay population because of all the show-biz types that lived there. In the next couple of decades, it... increasingly... became a gay mecca. Now it's a major rich-fruit land, AND... they want to create an AIDS memorial and decided it should look like a puckered asshole.

That's your main HIV entry port except for needle sharing.

People actually got upset. Gee... you would think they were past that by now. Anyway... the porn doughnut is out. The point I am trying to make is that just as it is in the higher realms where all kinds of child play, regenerated innocence, and... cartoon-like projections from The Land of The Higher Self are in action... so also in the lower realms... does a travesty upon the same come into manifestation, and you get absurdities... and dreadful ironies... and things falling apart because there is no central integrity.

You get directed efforts to despoil innocence... to make depravity a new kind of Wonder Bread, and... generally have the life and joy sucked out of existence... along with your vitality. Sex possession by the specific demons of desire... drains the reservoir, and then you are discarded like the corpse of a fly in a web of your own viscosity.

Very often... when we are presenting imagery here, we might be a tad too subtle, and... apologies for that. I mean to say that some readers... no doubt... think I am talking about something other than what I am talking about, so... the presentations can seem stranger than they actually are.

If you are not into The Divine, or you are trapped in the psychic nets of archaic scripture confusions... things can seem a little off here; not serious enough... not institutional enough... not cut-and-dried like the fossilized garments God once wore and then left by the wayside.

The whole fabric of existence is breaking down now, and the stage is being set for the latest version of The Sun King who will arrive, write the script for the next age, and provide the spiritual force that sustains it... just as Krishna-Christ did, and it will still be them again... in a different outfit. It's brotherhood this time. Last time it was sacrifice. It won't be long now.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

Anonymous said...

‘..Web of your own viscosity’

Man, you really do stretches with words


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is now up=

"Every Day, The Altar of God Shines... with The Life-Giving and Selfless Offering of... His Endless Love... for His Creation."

ChrisDee said...

Oh boy, is existence breaking down! The stupidity I encounter in people each day or week is astounding. They just don't think. Burying heads in sand. Don't wanna know nothing. Life to them is just going on as normal (whatever normal is), while others like me, you and those who come here (and other places) can see exactly what sort of things are coming down the wire. And I don't doubt there will be stuff we hadn't thought of.
The kind of world they think they have or want is rapidly speeding to the buffers of Reality, where real science is waiting to hole their green dreams below the waterline, along with much other beliefs and stuff built on shifting sands.
Crazy minds; never seen anything like it. May the Sun King come quickly now!

Anonymous said...

My facial recognition detector went off again. At the end of that Tucker Carlson clip, while he’s finishing up his speech, a middle aged affluent looking woman appears and makes a hasty retreat from the crowd in Utica, MI.

My facial recognition detector went off again. At the end of that Tucker Carlson clip, while he’s finishing up his speech, a middle aged affluent looking woman appears and makes a hasty retreat from the crowd in Utica, MI.

I think it was Wretched Gretchen with very little of her made up plastique sheen and no high beam red lipstick. Very odd.

If it was her, why would she be there? Was she trying to go incognito, taking notes
on what TC was saying, or did she have something to do with the event? Was TC aware
of her? When she trotted off, he seemed to be. TC seems sincere, but it’s hard to know what he gets up to in light of his background, so there’s that. It’s hard for me to believe no one wouldn’t recognize her, if she was there. Anyway, i thought it was interesting.

As far as Palm Springs is concerned, modern sculpture is bringing up the rear, for sure.

Someone said Poland withdrew 23 billion in funding for Ukraine, which is about the same amount the Xiden administration is set to give olive drab Zipperboy. Funny how they come up with the numbers they come up with, isn’t it?




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