Thursday, September 28, 2023

"These Snakeheads are The Multiplicities of Legion... Counterpointing The Singularity of The Indwelling Kundalini."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Lao Tzu made the argument many centuries ago that the head of an army should never take his troops beyond the immediate reach of the supply wagons. It can be considered a metaphor... an analogy for many other constructs. Let's try just a short parallel step sideways; to the left, I suppose.

There is a hydra-headed movement in all Western countries that gives the impression that each of the snakeheads is attached to its own independent body. This is not the case... nor are there only 7 heads as in the classical example. Every one of these heads is a venomous dealer of death, and each of them is specific to the poisonous atmosphere it creates.

Several heads attack particular aspects of the economic theater of operations. Let's just use America as our example throughout. Europe and other Crown Colonies; Canada... Australia and sundry are in the same boat but lower in the water... with the problem of staying afloat being several degrees more critical.

Several heads are attacking the culture through gender confusion. There is a head for demagoguery and a head for sophistry. There is a head for variations of addiction. There is a head for peer pressure, which can split into the appearance of a thousand heads when needed.

Other heads are attacking the religious structures, via apostasy... the dilution of structures having to do with behavioral guidelines... and a feeding into a general dissatisfaction with the constraints that wear upon letting one's free flag fly... leading to ever-greater numbers of the disaffected being led away in chains to Egypt; if you get my drift, and... you would know by direct involvement if you are prone to drift.

Other heads are attacking the underpinnings of government. These heads are NGOs... think tanks... banker-financed citizen movements... multitudinous banners... under which lockstep zombies march for Climate Change Awareness... racial divisity that they call diversity... equality across the board in a landscape of impossibility.

There are more heads; I've lost interest in cataloging the matter. Just assume that anywhere there is an adhesive... holding any elements of this society together... solvents... in the form of venoms... are being applied.

There is a perspective that says this is all calculated by a cabal of vested interests, and... that these vested interests are opposed by a collection of souls, euphemistically called The White Hats. I never followed Q. All I had to do was watch what happened AND... what didn't happen. If what should have happened had happened... The J-6 people would not be in jail.

All sorts of efforts could have been made, and... damn well... soon... better be made... about the borders and those deep-pocket monsters who are picking and sorting the migrants according to criminal propensities, and a general capacity for social mayhem, which any idiot paying attention could suss out quick enough.

There's another perspective... which I personally align with... that says both sides of the press for conflict on all sides... is being managed by invisible agency... for the purpose of exposing the previously hidden intentions, and objectives of all sides, before the eyes of The World. This is also in keeping with the nature of apocalypse.

These snakeheads are the manifest externalization of the evil that moves in humanity, under the guidance of the darkness that resides in humanity, by force of telepathic agency; simplistically explained as... The Devil made me do it... I don't know what came over me... or the ever-popular, I don't give two fucks and a Timex what anyone thinks, get out of my way or get run over.

These snakeheads are the multiplicities of Legion... counterpointing the singularity of the indwelling Kundalini... that is kept submerged by carnal attractions... overriding the spiritual pulses within... during times of pervasive material darkness.

Certain ageless interests... that exist on a particular bandwidth... below The Worlds of Light have a relentless drive to keep The World in a state of darkness and confusion. They make bank on it, and they also feed the appetites of those whom they serve. There is a particular nation that has a religious predisposition to this sort of thing and likes to use religious holidays as opportunities for blood sacrifice; this is easily proven.

The Kabbalah, which is based on the previous forms of Chaldean and Egyptian magic are systems... that in all simplicity... can be described as a device to communicate with higher intelligences. That's the way of it... when the intentions of the practitioners are influenced by more noble motives. In Times of Material Darkness... when motives are less noble and more craven, it exists as a ladder that can be used to also communicate with denizens of The Pit.

God plays chess with himself in one area of interest, and... games of chance in others, and a certain amount of wagering goes on; consider the tale of Job, and... there are quite a few other examples. One should also note that God is identified as, the gambling of gamblers in The Bhagavad Gita. I shall add, as above, so below as well.

On the matter of chess, God is sitting on both sides of the table, allowing the pieces to move according to their nature... which is informed by the invisible entities... that guide and inform both sides of the equation. In this case we would call them The Higher and Lower Nature. You are seeing it play out before you at this very moment. Everyone is outworking their personal destinies in accord with the angelic or demonic guidance they are resonant with.

Yes... we could finesse the minutiae here to a considerable degree, but we have space constraints and The Reader is advised to extrapolate the matters on their own, should they be so inclined.

Strange doings are going on in The Theater of The Absurd, which is the stage getting the most use and traffic at this time. Katie Hobbes... governor of Arizona by election fraud just stepped away and appointed someone in her place. Then we hear she will be back tomorrow. Who does that?

The Senate reacted in the extreme over Grunge-Boy Fetterman's efforts to make himself look working class, as opposed to lost and stupid, which was the actual effect, and now... he has to wear a suit and tie.

Snow White has been canceled since the main actors kept running their mouths about Prince Charming being a stalker and other borderline-intelligence commentary. This sort of thing doesn't happen OR... it didn't happen in the past.

The feckless... soy-boy... incel-cuck Speaker of The House seems to be muttering under his breath about not voting to fund the government, and... The Ukraine neo-con banker war... unless the border is closed. He's getting heat from a certain faction whose asses are not yet in bondage gear from efforts by The Usual Blackmailers.

I look at these things the way I would the appearance of a skin inflammation... that indicates something is out of order below the surface, and is about to become more colorful as part of the process of elimination.

I've been told that big changes are imminent and... when I see seemingly unrelated events going on, and... I could add many more of them here, but space constraints do not permit... I look for the connections, which I assure you are there... BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED!

I see a mosaic appear... a kind of wall mural on the mindscreen that tells me the picture is changing by arcane means... back to the chessboard... as the supply wagons disappear over the hills... behind the army of darkness... where I note that some of the snakeheads seem to be dysfunctioning, though... short-circuiting is probably a better fit, ♫ and I say to myself it's a mysterious world ♫

Any minute now... several areas of sustained abuse, and criminal intent... are going to reach critical mass. It's a mathematical certainty... tick... tick... tick...

Time will tell and we shall see.

End Transmission.......

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M - said...

Loved that horse!!!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Anonymous said...

And no parachute!?!


Visible said...

Concerning today's post=

Steve said...

I dont quite see it as God on both sides here, although I understand the idea of it. I see God now exposing the Dark beings that have controlled and manipulated the world to date ,and their inner dark protection being stripped away and exposed. I was told decades ago that eventually this would happen and that the dark would loose its power by this expose. I hope soon a wave of consciousness will reach a trigger point where the masses will see through what they have been lead into.

Visible said...

Scripture in every religion clearly says he created both Good and Evil. It's why The Lord's Prayer states, "Lead us not into temptation." I get that it's hard to understand... can even seem irrational, but God exists beyond all opposites. The World... however... is the playing field of both.

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks to the link for the book by Joseph Brenner. I have three of his books and haven't read them in ages.

Always love these posts and links. thanks,

robert said...

An introjection for precision in language about what is beyond language's grasp
Still we can extend our reach and paint a better picture every day, if we will

Use our words for us or against ourselves, to woo the wayward wanderer back into union

Joseph Brenner - Brotherhood

"Good and evil are opposite poles, and therefore where one manifests there must be the other to complement it and balance its power. But remember, both are but men's concept of an Infinite Reality, which changes not and cannot be affected by whatever men think of it as Good or Evil."

One Consciousness creates the manifest Creation, a physical play toy made alive by that Consciousness, organized by patterns we call laws. For every action there is an equal but opposite action.
As we observe the dynamics of our tiny minds' ebb and flow, we note that if we push too much in a positive way there is a pull back which threatens to bring us below zero. We rise above the little self then fall below it.

This symmetry resists our will until we reconnect to the infinite, blow out the local dynamics by opening the valve to the infinite. Just as the so-called law of the conservation of energy becomes moot and invalid OUTSIDE a closed boundary defining the system.

Were it not for the grace of adding positive love energy to the rhythmic reversal of the pattern of light and dark, life and anti-life, life would be an existential No Exit

This addition comes from the general transparency of Creation to the Creator's intention, limited ONLY by the limitations of the children to learn and not be ruined by overbearing Parenting interceding before lessons are integrated at the soul level.

Yes, indirectly, the One Consciousness bequeathed a nested world in which shared consciousness is permitted to evolve in a sinuous, circuitous route until the apprentices master their power of consciousness for all time.
So, the darkness appears as shadows in the phenomenal world and man discerns the difference
From above/below/outside/inside the show, every transformation is perfect and carries the final resting place within itself

Love has no anti-life intention!
Truth has no opposite in Reality!
Wisdom rises above any illusion of ugliness!

Let there be light and in a world of space-time, there is time for a shadow to appear to embrace the light as if it would squeeze it out

The projection of a dark lord over the One is but the inertia of embodied consciousness throwing mud pies on the shiny thing whose brilliance feels painful!
The injection of Coyote into the human conception of Infinite Unity is just fire-side, wound licking stories we tell to hide our inner trickster for another long day of learning

As long as we insist on OUR projected patterns mirroring the above, we make it so,
we ENFORCE "as below so above" and use our borrowed gift of creative power to assail the above...

Still, the One awaits the foreseen end of our puzzling persistence in playing the fool in our own story, with patience that time cannot touch

We choose between staying limited or learning to remain in balance with the unlimited

Tapping the unlimited transcends all the rules of the Pattern maker but carries the responsibility of not adding too much fuel to the fire

We have to learn how not to burn, hear what I say!

Visible said...

Whoa... Robert!!!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is now up=

"Everyone's Relationship with Lady Nature IS An Unavoidable Association... Given that You Have a Physical Body."



Joseph Brenner

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