Tuesday, October 03, 2023

"I See Bobbleheads... Fastened to a Looping Rollercoaster... that Spins Forever in The Clouds Above Santa Monica."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Cover your ears and eyes children. I don't plan to be kind or nice today. From what I see in The Petri Dish it isn't possible.

I did not know this.

We know who owns Germany. Ever since Waterloo, The Monster has increased in size. It hopes to swallow The World, BUT... The World will stick in its throat and it will strangle on its own excess.

Okay... let's start with Tom Hanks. I don't pay much attention to Tom Hanks, but I keep seeing where a lot of people think he got taken to Gitmo and executed and replaced.

They are saying this about nearly everyone you can think of. What I don't get is if the latest iteration of Benjamin Fulford's color-coded ninjas from The Armies of Q are doing this; how come nothing changes?

There is this internet site called Real Raw News. The Nimrod running it was finally compelled to put a disclaimer on it, saying it is a parody-satire site, but this has made no difference. I'm not saying there are no White Hats; I'm a White Hat... metaphorically speaking, BUT... I remember 20 years ago, Benjamin Fulford was going on... and on... and on... (cue Stephen Bishop) about varicolored ninjas at war with each other.

It had some kind of connection to The Yakuza and Japan... and sounded like bullshit sushi to me. It was an earlier construct of The Q Thing. I am also not saying Q is illegitimate. I don't know, do I? However... I am not a wishful-thinking kind of a guy. I don't blow smoke up my own ass... hoping that when it finds its way to my head... it will crystallize into the shapes I am hoping to see.

Tom Hanks hangs out with a lot of nefarious characters like The Obama's and Clinton's. He's been on Epstein's plane, but so has nearly everyone of importance that Mossad was trying to honey-pot, and I guess he got a lot of them before the reality-shifters got their hands on the situation... after Epstein got shackled by whoever was behind that... and then spirited off to a villa on The Undead Sea.

I look at people like Tom Hanks.... Taylor Swift... Madonna... Bradley Cooper... all those showbiz flavors of some time span, depending on the coins in the meter, and I see bobbleheads fastened to a looping rollercoaster... that spins forever in the clouds above Santa Monica... with bobbleheads being endlessly replaced by new bobbleheads with new coins in the meter.

They are The Dancing Teletubbies of Distraction that exist for people to live vicariously through... and dream of their time to come... when they have coins in the meter. You ever see Jay-Z smile? Jay-Z doesn't smile because never a moment goes by when he is not reminded that he sold his soul to The Devil and all he got was a bunch of shit everyone resents him for, AND wants to take from him.

When The Devil gives you something... and believe me, these arrangements happen... what he does is to extract the joy from it through the period of its possession (pun intended). What God does... when he gives you something, is to be present as the joy that is in it.

You might think of The Devil as that part of God that rules a specific bandwidth of existence called the Carnal Realm. That term is not entirely comprehensive, but... we are limited in what we can say. We're not hiding any cosmic secrets but... the ones we know about don't translate into terms understandable within a particular range of communication.

It's like when you open your mouth to say something and nothing comes out. You might want to say something, but... you can't. It's similar to when an angel puts that cleft in your upper lip when you are born that says, Shush.

So... there are these cos-playing retards out there... in the amusement park... role playing location... of The Mind. They are all dreaming the impossible dream of being among the few who are lavishly favored by Karma and... whose exclusivity is ONLY made possible by its exclusivity.

Everybody doesn't get to be a fallen star that lights up on this plane... as long as there are coins in the meter, NOT ALL AT THE SAME TIME. It wouldn't make sense and only happens on The Higher Planes where no one takes it seriously like they do down here, BUT... they want it oh so badly, and it is understandable why they don't like themselves very much because they are grasping... small-minded characters who would sell their mother for a spot on Dancing with The Cinderblock Heads.

It's understandable why they don't like themselves very much, and... most everyone else by extension, except for those who cater to their delusions. If you are looking for some entertainment in the areas I am speaking about, just go to Twitter-X and put Spiritual in the search bar.

So... I don't know much about Tom Hanks or any of the rest of those clowns and I don't care to. They'll be there until there are no coins in the meter, and then someone else will take their place. That's how it works. You get to be ANYBODY you want to from a serial killer... to a rock star... to a world savior... if you are willing to put in the time and effort they each require.

The serial killers have all kinds of former serial killers to torture and kill while there are coins in the meter. The rock stars get to use their entourage of former rock stars the same way they used the previous rock stars, and... world saviors? Well... that's a whole other thing.

The real reason the weaponized justice department is after Trump is because he had no wars. Two of the strongest powers in the temporal realm are The Military-Industrial Complex and The Energy Industry. Trump went South on both of them with... no wars and cheaper energy costs. Big Media and Social Media are two hookers owned by The Powers that think they are. They do whatever their pimp daddies tell them to, and... it looks like Twitter-X is going to be a big problem.

Governor Newsom's Senator Rugmuncher sounds like she might be German. I guess they may have more black lesbians in Maryland than in Kalifornia, which would seem odd, then I saw she was a buddy of H. Clinton and all the dead hieroglyphic children fell into place for me. I could read the bones, so-to-speak.

The whole political theater is presently an incest-fest. It's like what they used to do back in The Hapsburg period. Everybody at a certain level knows everybody else at a certain level and they all get together into an exclusive group grope and poke until there are no coins in the meter.

Some events are going to come to pass... fairly soon... that are out of the range of the comprehensive ability of most minds. It always gets stranger than fiction when God shows up, and... God is due any time. He might well already be here (of course he's here), and just working outside the present collective range of sight. He'll be coming more and more into focus all the time. However, he is going to look very different to different people.

All the animals go each day... to the relative amnesty zone of the local watering hole. There the zebra looks into the water and sees a zebra. The hyena sees a hyena. The snake sees a snake. On our plane of being... the ner-do-well sees a ner-do-well. The sleaze sees a sleaze. The World is a big projection zone and people see themselves and their own predispositions in everyone else.

The search for God and the pursuit of money and fame are like oil and water.

Everything works perfectly toward the precise resolution of everything... into the specific outcome that was generated aforetimes. Everything and everyone... does what they do... until they do something else, and the option for that is ALWAYS present, but... the motivation comes and goes and is always dependent on the degree of suffering caused, and... how long it can be endured.

There are rules and laws that intertwine existence like the threads that weave the destinies that the tapestries reveal. We've said this many hundreds of times in different ways, but... on it goes. On it goes no matter what anyone says cause some people just don't listen, and... that is what The Purpose of Demonstration is all about.

Sometimes the dramas of the moment... in the particular trends and patterns of any period of time... seem to go on far longer than many of us might wish. God is very patient, and also... the players are given the opportunity to indelibly imprint upon the fabric of existence so that there can be no doubt... no doubt whatsoever... what their intentions were; far beyond the possibility of any excuses working in defense of their actions.

However... sooner or later... what goes around comes around in a big and comprehensive manner and The Perfect Storm appears. I'm recommending squall weather gear if you did not get relocated to more favorable climes... given that there are... no doubt... still some coins in the meter, cause... it works both ways.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky. I'm expectin' a very interestin' fall and winter.

Anonymous said...

Jason Shurka and Jeffery Prather both claim the "5G FEMA emergency test"(disguised as a test) on October 4th, 2:20 p.m. eastern time(ET)(October 11th, if October 4th date changes) will be to activate a high frequency 18 gigahertz 5G signal 3 different times as a pulse for 30 minutes to smart devices for the activation of graphene oxide via the nanotechnology, nanoparticles, nanopathogens, hydrogel the lipid particles to swell causing the sealed pathogenic contents to release a bioweapon payload(s)(Murburg, Ecoli, Ebola, Staphylococcus, Brewer's yeast) in the bioweapon injected host people(NPC's) who injected themselves with the via the SARS-COV-2; Jeffery Prather claims the next bioweapon(s) attack from this will be a Marburg chimera virus produced via gain of function technologies; causing a 1P36 gene deletion essentially turning these host people(NPC's) into a literal zombie state making the hosts aggressive with a propensity to bite; Note that the 1P36 gene deletion is the number 1 affliction side effect of the "Pfizer" bioweapon injections; The CDC published a zombie type scenario extermination plan in 2011 called the "CONPLAN 8888-11 "COUNTER ZOMBIE DOMINANCE""

Al said...

"It's similar to when an angel puts that cleft in your upper lip when you are born that says, Shush."

Did you know I was currently watching that movie? Actually I am on Prophecy 2, watched 1 on Sunday and will finish on 3 tonight.

Anywho always appreciating what you have to deliver Les, much Love Amigo.

M - said...

"Dancing Teletubbies of Distraction" - LOL

BTW, I prefer your not playing nice. ≋;>

Visible said...

Yeah... I don't know about this whole 10/4... (Whoa! ten-four!) thing. What I do know is that I'm not vaccinated nor possessed except by the love of God, so... we'll see. It's all got to come to a head at some point... before it gets chopped off.

0 said...

Hehe Q... I think Q is in-Q-tel... just another arm of the CIA.


At the end of my position with a company called Megapath that bought Covad to remove that Name from circulation in preparation for Covid to be produced in the nations awareness, I had a bit of a brush with people from in-q-tel. Megapath was funded by Fusion GPS... the ceo then was a real pos, doubtful he changed. Small guy with a chip on his shoulder. Dumb as a Politician and loud.

It is funny huh... if they're taking out the bad guys, why are things still getting Worse instead of better.

With no Accountability, nothing will improve, even if they all dropped dead, there would be legion behind them ready to take the payout to screw over their fellow men.

Accountability or Revolution. Times just about up.

Great post!

0 said...

Noted the comment on Epstein, caused me to recall an article off rense.

"Epstein’s Legend of Zorro

As a crony of tech fraudster Jeffrey Epstein who invested in lifelike sex dolls based on his years of experience with less-than-legal teens, Richardson helped finagle the insider real-estate deal for the pedophile’s 7,600 acre Zorro Ranch, north of the state capital Santa Fe. Yes, Epstein did not die in jail but was spotted at the ranch two months after his ‘suicide’...which is conveniently located out of public sight and in short distance from the state line with Colorado and access to either I-70 or I-40 for trucks heading to Jimmy Alefantis’ pedophile safe-house chain in Virginia. Whatever became of all the DACA kids? Now you know. The ranch was recently sold for $300 to a Florida (state) registered Love and Bliss Church, headed by 22-year-old Alexander Leszczynski, in a deed transfer signed by Epstein in April 2019. (Epstein supposedly died on August 10, 2019.) “Out of the night, when the full moon is bright, comes a whore’s man known as Z-Z-Zorro!”"

Quoted from:

Nice eh?

Visible said...

Yeah... a lot of people wishing in one hand and... doing something else in the other are fixated on this Q thing, and their anthem; "nothing can stop what is coming." Some of the things they believe are patently absurd, and what would have inevitably been an outcome of such events has not taken place. I don't believe in the works of men, and anything lasting is God-inspired PERIOD!

Civilizations and cultures are inspired. They get built. They get torn down and replaced, all for The Purpose of Demonstration.

As soon as one gets involved one is involved. One attaches and shares the destiny. If I have the option (and I do) I am going to go another way. Nothing other than the beauties of my lady Nature and her charms, mysteries, and secrets intrigue me here. Anyone who makes a point of talking to her every day and seeking her... WILL hear from her and then what follows will be a mystery too.

Visible said...

You spend all that time writing those and I delete them the moment I see what they are without ever reading them. Doesn't seem to make any sense, but who cares? Keep em coming.

Letgoist said...

"God is very patient, and also... the players are given the opportunity to indelibly imprint upon the fabric of existence so that there can be no doubt... no doubt whatsoever... what their intentions were; far beyond the possibility of any excuses working in defense of their actions."
Im thinking Intentions are very powerful things. As Individual as the person that has the intention. I sensed that they were important and in recent times I have been subjecting them to a rigorous vetting process, albeit limited in its effect due to some missing data and albeit only when the conscience is not hindered by the intentions of yes you know who, "the mind." Who knows what its intentions are. Can it even have intentions, I think it can and they can be as f*$5d up as any in existence. I find it good to read here that the intentions of others (and myself), whilst usually hidden and usually only known to the individual that has them, do imprint on fabric of existence. And that maybe it renders the non sense that the mind/ego throw up to defend the self at times, ultimately worthless and without truth. Another small piece of the puzzle stumbled upon. Many Many Thanks Les.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"I KNOW that The Bible We Have Has Been Adapted for The Profit of Mercenary Priests and... Their Banker Sidekicks."

Anonymous said...

You mention the town where I was born in the title. Growing up, Hollywood was like a shining thing in the distance made by a glitter eating dog. I was raised near an industry that destroys people. I had my spinal fluid tapped at five at UCLA. They told my Mom it was a needed medical intervention. I remember shivering on the table, tears running out of my eyes, told not to move. I think I became a “truther” then. All I could think to do was to get away from it. Moving to Northern California, up and down the coast, you slowly begin to realize, the borg is everywhere. I think that the bobble heads are energy harvesting archetypes, rock stars too, because “ Once and forever it is Orpheus…” (Rilke). So part of truthers, and Q are for sure grifters, because they are everywhere, but the good part is people who care about children, and would like to see certain practices, (“Everyone has preferences “ Majestic Ape, Comet Ping Pong and Pizza) end. But as you know, and Aeschylus knew, people learn best through suffering and somehow all we see here is God. The sound and light experiments in MK- Ultra at Stanford can yield your favorite band, so maintaining a certain professional distance to the world, with its sound and fury, and endless sketchy information is very necessary. Tom Hanks makes me upset because I have seen so many movies where his archetype is “ the good guy” and if we can believe Issac Kappy, he clearly is not. Unfortunately, the bad guys playing good guys seem to go on forever, like turtles, all the way down.



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