Friday, October 06, 2023

"They Are Creatures of a Destiny of Their Own Making... Well... They Are. It's Just Not The Destiny that They Suppose It Is."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Well... this is Petri Dish where we use the scope to look deeper into the slime and confusion. I'll tell you... it's not very rewarding or satisfying for me. I don't like looking at putrid excrescences and stuff that jerks when you hit it with an electric wire. It's why I stopped doing Profiles of Evil. There is a much more beautiful side to life that I prefer to gaze upon.

I know you can't make a successful film without a certain amount of skells and pukes, but... I'm not making a film or writing any more books, which I could easily do; the books, not the films. I just do this. This is enough.

If you want to see the rough trade and the horrible levels people will stoop to... go to the links at GAB, which appear about 15 minutes after this post goes up.

I know how it all looks, and you can't be faulted for taking a dim view of things, but all of that is temporary. The shining throne of God lights the higher planes of existence forever and ever. If you're going to have orcs running wild... and you do... you are going to need a Saruman and a Sauron to give the orders and there are a number of those.

They are heading up the armies of chaos, which they can do without difficulty because they got cash money to appease and direct the slathering beasts. I'm not here to mince words. I call them as I see them and that is how I see them. How everyone else cannot see what I see is the big mystery to me. I guess they don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, including those with no empathy whatsoever.

These bipedal monsters in human form did not get as they are by cruel acts of indifferent fate or because no one gave them a chance. All chances come from God in any case. Read chapters 16 and 17 in The Bhagavad Gita. Krishna goes into detail about how such people get to be as craven and brutal as they are.

They indulge in behaviors that route them to the lower planes of existence where there is little light and a great deal of hunger, and... they will stay there... or go even lower... until something changes, and it will. It might take millions of years but it will change.

I was in prison for several years for something I didn't do. It was in Washington DC where some of the worst people are caged and there is only about 10% white people. Then I was in a place for The Criminally Insane for 22 months because I wouldn't behave in jail. If I had behaved I would have been much tortured and altered.

When Martin Luther King was assassinated by The State, I was in The DC Jail; a place with a reputation like Angola, and people were doing life there because it's a Federal location. (DC) I saw the rage and fury. They were busing people in from Baltimore and other locations. God moved me out of there a few days before they rioted and tore the place apart. A lot of people got hurt.

While I was in the place for The Criminally Insane they let horrible people out on the grounds. One guy had strangled and raped 6 women. A week after he was released, he promptly killed and raped, and strangled a nurse on the grounds and was right back where I was. I asked Feets Robinson (that was his name) why he did it. He said... It's what I do. I got along with him very well. He and Waverly Holden were two reasons no one messed with me in there.

The doctor and staff would not release me though. Dr. Kunev said that I was too dangerous... very sick and very dangerous. I had no track record of any sort. Weird, huh? Feets was one of the greatest athletes I had ever seen. Waverly was a pure... big-hearted... gangster from the old school. God set all this up. He has set up everything I've gone through for The Purpose of Demonstration.

I might have been there some time longer if I hadn't met a Harvard lawyer who was investigating conditions. I happened to be right up by the main door when he came in... in his 3-piece suit. My God, he was elegant. He had me out of there in practically no time, despite the opposition of the staff. The last thing he said to me was... “contrary to what some people can believe, life is long. Watch how you go.”

God has been wrangling me like unruly livestock. He's a superior cowboy. I never knew what was going on. Now I am on the verge of my next commission which is a mindblowing occupation. I can't talk about it. I'd screw it up.

If you pursue God... no matter what you come up against. If you never let up on the throttle, but your driving improves... you are going to get somewhere you never imagined. I look at the raging sea of Materialism... the millions tossed upon the waves... the broken hearts and dreams, and... I am so incredibly grateful to be where I am. I haven't even seen a mosquito in over a year.

My food is better than any restaurant I remember being in. I have regular moments of sheer delight in The Presence of God. It's all been wonderful, especially looking back the way I came. I get inexplicable challenges that come out of nowhere, but they are all to build my faith.

Yesterday, during meditation... in a back-and-forth dialogue with God.... he said something like, “You have no idea the control I exercise over you.” Then... he opened my mind and as I spoke... I could see it was him speaking. Then he said... “yeah, even that. You may think you are thinking, and speaking... and acting on your own, but you are not. I am intimately engaged in EVERYTHING that you experience.”

Now... that was something that had not happened to me before, having God appear in my side of the conversation and do the speaking. It was freaky. Anyway... delusional... or spot on... it changes nothing about the way I feel and it is incredible for me; more real than anything else. Everything else is a pedestrian dream of boring repetition. There is no spark and no delight in it. I am convinced now that if you don't have God in your life... you have less than nothing.

I really couldn't bring myself to go on a tear about all the odious comings and goings of the people out for themselves today. It's not going to be long before circumstances turn on them with swift and unexpected force.

The most disturbing aspect are the millions who buy into the progressive message; who live in a loathsome mindset of cancel and censure... who spend every waking hour trying to destroy the lives of others. Every day now... large numbers of them are freaking out in public... rampaging and assaulting everyone in their way. They are like stolen cars driven by invisible demons on a joy ride to Hell.

The heat is on. The pressure is relentless. The fiery anger is out of control BECAUSE... on that level of action... there are agents of The Darkside manipulating them one and all.

Unless one can see that the entire performance of life in every location is being directed to specific ends... one lives in a place of uncertainty... where anything could happen.

I truly feel for the people who have abandoned God... who believe they are creatures of a destiny of their own making... well... they are. It's just not the destiny that they suppose it is. Nothing succeeds for long unless God permits it; NOTHING. Violent fools on a one-way ride to their own pain and torment can't be told anything. Chucky the snake Schumer can't be told anything. He's always got an angle... and he definitely looks like what he is.

Gates and the rest of the mass murderers. You know their names. They live in a state of delusion that God has manifested for them in accord with their acts and intentions. They are going to think that triumph is in reach and no one can stop them, and then? To the tune of ♫ Along Came Jones ♫ along comes God... in whatever form he chooses to resolve and transform every single one of them.

Heads are LITERALLY going to roll. Hillary is running around doing TV interviews about putting MAGA people in reeducation camps. What is really going on... in their depraved minds... is worse than anything they talk about in public. Right up to the moment when they become absolutely convinced that nothing can stop them... they are going to be stopped... in that moment... and many of them are going to come back as rocks... or best outcome... a crustacean.

It's what happens to you when you have passed a certain line of evil behavior. You get sent back to the starting gate, following whatever seasons in Hell they have coming.

End Transmission.......

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0 said...

Tut tut, looks like rain.

I used to Love dancing in the rain when I was a kid.

Enjoy the Storm!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The materialists are gonna get reamed, if they haven't been already. I can see in the alternative news how so many things are falling apart. Things are lookin' great for those who hate this place, though I must admit things look better from far away, though that seems to be true for far more than just the state of the world. I mean, I'd rather see the jungles of the world on the we as opposed to being in them. Same with the gas giants. No, I don't want a trip to Saturn or Uranus.

Nostrils to the sky!

Missing Munich said...

Another crazy Friday at work. ....
Your words give hope, and by golly, I needed that.

Greetings all around!!!

Missing Munich

M - said...

"There is a much more beautiful side to life that I prefer to gaze upon."

Indeed. I as well.

Anonymous said...

"God has been wrangling me like unruly livestock. He's a superior cowboy."

Our God has lots of sharp-toothed sheep-dogs to send after us. I thank God for them and all of the consequences and resulting pain that comes with living apart from God, consciously speaking. We are not meant to live in the consciousness of self, it is the worst prison of all. We are meant to live in the consciousness of our Creator.

Much love to you Les

Justin V

Anonymous said...

pierre said.. after hitting imaginary like button.
something E Michael Jones ('Catholic or bust') refers to a lot.
The expensive school of experience.
another one is kant's The cunning of reason.
they shall get their commupance on the way down, that they think is up.

Visible said...

I new Visible Origami is up now=

"The World is Teeming with Madness Forged by Possession and The Predominating Appetites of Materialism."



Joseph Brenner

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