Tuesday, October 24, 2023

"In This Harvest Time- What a Bounty We See- as They Are Bringing in The Sheaves of the Liars... Murderers... and Thieves."

God Poet Transmitting.......

This being Petri Dish, it is the place to talk about the #1 byproduct of material existence. What would that be, Visible? That would be lies, and as these Times of Material Darkness intensify... we are looking at a bumper crop this harvest time. What a bounty we see as they are bringing in the sheaves of the liars... murderers... and thieves.

People lie for the purpose of gain. People lie because they are lazy. People lie because the truth would prove a distinct disadvantage to them. They lie because they are too stupid to tell the difference. They lie because they have been lied to, and they believed what they were told. They lie because they don't know any better. They lie in self-defense because the truth brings the dreadful appearance of danger to those who traffic in it, but... are without fear nonetheless.

I'm not much of a hand at Physics. It does fascinate me, however, and I spend time regularly entertaining myself with its tricks and mysteries. I am a better hand at Metaphysics because nearly all of my composition is right brain. The only thing I have in the other hemisphere is my rising sign. Everything else is compacted in 4 houses on one side.

Here is a little something to think about, Desire is fire, and lies are extremely flammable. All the lies you tell yourself to justify the exercise of your desires... they accumulate. They concentrate. They fester in a chemical way. Sooner or later you have flames.

How do you think an apocalypse comes about? Lies are compounded like dirty paint rags that gather in a corner of your basement. The World's lies pile upon one another. They create pressure because The Truth must be free. Not only must The Truth be free. The Truth IS FREE... ALWAYS. Lies piled upon lies, eventually... according to a law of Metaphysics... makes it so The Truth burns free of the lies... by consuming the lies in the fire of revelation.

Then one sees the bullshit upon which kingdoms were built... and fortunes were made... bursting into flames, and dancing their exposures through a flaming transparency. You can see through lies. You don't need an apocalypse for that. An apocalypse comes about for those who refuse to see through the lies.

If your life is grounded in truth... that will be revealed. If it is not... that will be revealed.

I was speaking with an angel of God this morning. I assume it is one of God's step-down transformers. No one speaks directly to God, except certain angels, and no one comes face to face with God except Metatron. However... I am ALWAYS reminded that it is God I am speaking with.

Let me clarify for just a moment. Many people are offended... put off... and whatever it is that occurs to them when someone mentions talking to God or his angels. Why anyone would find that strange is strange to me. Mostly, they do not understand why God and his angels are not talking to them, while... all the time... God and his angels ARE talking to them but they are not listening.

God is speaking to us in myriad ways, but... the noise of The World... and The Desire Body drowns it out.

One must cultivate this relationship. God does not drop in on people who aren't paying any attention to him. He has others that handle that area. HOWEVER... speaking with God and his angels in a back-and-forth manner requires persistence and dedication. I hammered on the door for decades. Sometimes... a brief window would occur and... Wow! Then it was back to The Grind.

Persistence furthers. I kept at it and kept at it and finally, God said, “I am here now.” Since that time it has been a process of ever-clearer and ever more constant states of interactive communication. What do you have to do to make this happen????

It is simple and I guarantee success. I absolutely... by God.... guarantee success. All you have to do is make God #1 in your life, and everything else a distant #2. In fact... you can think of everything else as being... literally AND metaphorically... #2. Whatever comes up before you... hand it right over to God. Rely on God for everything. Do not concern yourself... one wit... about how God will handle it... or when God will handle it. God WILL handle it.

God will test your resolve. God will make sure you are sincere, and... a moment will come when you will be made aware of his abiding presence, at... all... times. Now... let me return to what I was going to say when I said, Let me clarify for just a moment; Earlier... I was speaking with God through the intermediary and I said, It is a matter of some curiosity to me, Lord, that I have zero apprehensions about what I see coming in the patterns and trends of these times.

He replied, “Well, that's as it should be. None of the terrible things looming in the form of appearances... in The Event Horizon... have anything to do with you. You may be a part of the solution. You are not a part of the cause. You have thrown your lot in with me, and it is no longer any concern of yours.

“Visible, those who are deeply invested in the conditions of these times, WILL have a return on their investment. Those taking sides... those in the support infrastructure... will all be attended to as required by them. If you have boarded a large ship, you walked up the gangway on your own. The same as if you boarded a train or a plane. If you caused yourself to be born as a certain person, of a certain sex, in a certain location, at a certain time, there you are.

“At any time, you can throw your lot in with me. You can let me handle The Details. If you choose to do otherwise, for whatever your reasons, so be it. People who make me the all and everything of their life... I will be that. Handle it yourself and you will have mixed results, and where will it leave you if you don't know where you are going or what you are doing... or why you are doing it... in the first place?”

We are each of us on a plane of contrived reality that we have convinced ourselves is real. In Times of Apocalypse we find out if it is real... or simply a tissue of lies waiting on ignition. If you are awakening, those tissues of lies are being consumed by another kind of fire, the fire of realization.

If you have gone Woke, you have attached yourself to some material facade, for purposes of self-interest via a willing self-deception. It is your intention to get ahead of The Curve, never considering that it is the nature of a curve to loop back upon itself.

My recommendation is that people should not bother concerning themselves with whether I speak to God and his angels or not. My recommendation is that you should be doing EVERYTHING possible on your own account to be talking to God and his angels too. That will prove to be the single... most important investment... you ever make.

You will never find yourself talking to God and his angels if you don't bother to engage them on your own, to begin with... and... if you do not possess the necessary sand... grit... and determination to persist in it, you should not even bother to start. How can you construct The Pearl of Great Price without sand and grit? Those who are determined WLL succeed, and... “success is speedy for the energetic.”

If you are determined to become part of a crowd contending with another crowd, well... there you are. What is happening in Palestine is a horror show, but it has been going on for almost a hundred years and no one has done a fucking thing about it. The psychopathic... serial killer mindset... of those abusing The Palestinians is clear as crystal.

Never before has such a large portion of people from all the countries of The World risen up collectively about this outrage... this despicable... inhuman carnage. ♫ Battle lines are being drawn ♫ Justice is going to be done, but... the malefactors have to make it abundantly clear what their intentions are, and... this... they are doing. This they are doing.

All these slick operators in their lofty towers... above the chaos and confusion they are causing... imagine themselves to be safe and secure. They are neither safe nor secure as we shall see. All their rat servants who scurry about on the important business of their betters... they are not safe or secure either. All those providing lip service, and fealty to the demons of currency and blood... they are also neither safe nor secure.

No one who has not turned it all over to The Living Light is safe and secure. This is a world of change, and only The Lord of The Changeless can provide sanctuary. Find God before the rest of it finds you.

End Transmission.......

Some links will be waiting at GAB=

For those with an interest in the arcane, here are 3 treatises on specific areas that I have found to be more clear and concise than usual, and brevity is present as well. I am not recommending the practice of certain things, especially those contained in the first link. This is intended to inspire curiosity and open one's mind to other worlds.

Ceremonial magic and Sorcery

The Elements and Their Inhabitants

Hermetic Pharmacology, Chemistry, and Therapeutics


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

Not being stupid by having nothing vested in this disgusting realm is the way to go. Always has been.

Visible said...

a reader brought this section of the post to my attention;

They lie because they don't know any better. They lie in self-defense because the truth brings the dreadful appearance of danger to those who traffic in it, but... are without fear nonetheless.

What I was trying to say and did not say clearly enough is that people who traffick in... serve the truth often experience the dreadful appearance of danger but they are without fear concerning that.

Sorry for anyone being confused by my tortured syntax. (grin)

0 said...

Howdy Viz!

Just finished the comte book you shared. It was pretty short. Curious tho. Any good references for the concentrating aspects able to be objectively produced that lets one see the unseen in the "realm" so concentrated and consumed?

It was an interesting read. Asserting progeny could be created by a means other than physical intercourse which seems to result in the basest of individuals, at least by comparison to the other 4 elemental regions the Comte speaks of via the nymphs, sylphs, gnomes and salamanders. Some interesting assertions about the ones who are mentioned in the bible as being translated and taken up to eternity without tasting death, which if comte is worthy of belief would assert they didn't taste death because they were taken to their other non-man halves Worlds.

It was also reading that none of the individualized elemental peoples have immortality, but he didn't posit that this was due their own purity of form and being which is what makes sense to my mind given the assertions of cross-breeding resulting in the mans mortality and the elemental sides immortality. I wonder if its the admixture of all aspects of elements as combined in man that denotes the claim to immortality, in spite of still being able to Die mortally due some circumstance.

I should like to Try the Objective method to see if it produces such an affect on me.

And while typing this up I am drawn to the memory of some distilled water I put in a vessel with frankincense and set aside YEARS ago now. I wonder if I still have it in a cabinet somewhere. The 30 day mark is well and Past so not sure what greater/lesser effect might be produced by ingesting such. It also reminded me of the gematria and the ideas of gathering dews to make use of.

I did find synchrony in your post today being about Liars as I just had it out with my oldest about exactly that, constantly Lying to Avoid doing what she needs to to become functionally/financially independent. I have reached the end of my patience in that regard, so we'll see what results.

Sometimes I wonder if my own lifetime is some sort of microcosm that will not correct in the greater world till I take action in my personal life. I tell myself I'm giving time for my family to get a clue and start acting in right action, but as time passes, my patience to continue supporting while waiting to see if thats true wears thin. I do tend to give wider berth to those I favor over those I don't but that tends to just compound what those favored dump on me to Sort for them instead of them Doing what they need to themselves.

I wonder if the same means would let you see who your invisible friends are?

Anywho, another day another dollop huh.

Take it easy!

0 said...

What a curious conundrum huh. The Comtes words about the peoples of the air/water/earth/fire versus the words from Faust regarding calling them as Spirits of the air/water/earth/fire and looking to Control them versus the Comtes method of producing agreements in exchange for things each party wants.

From the 24 sacred-texts link:
""From my youth I followed art and science and was tireless in my reading of books. Among those which came to my hand was a volume containing all kinds of invocations and magical formulæ. In this book I discovered information to the effect that a spirit, whether he be of the fire, the water, the earth or the air, can be compelled to do the will of a magician capable of controlling him. I also discovered that according as one spirit has more power than another, each is adapted for a different operation and each is capable of producing certain supernatural effects.

"After reading this wonderful book, I made several experiments, desiring to rest the accuracy of the statements made therein. At first I had little faith that what was promised would take place. But at the very first invocation which I attempted a mighty spirit manifested to me, desiring to know why I had invoked him. His coming so amazed me that I scarcely knew what to say, but finally asked him if he would serve me in my magical investigations. He replied that if certain conditions were agreed upon he would. The conditions were that I should make a pact with him. This I did not desire to do, but as in my ignorance I had not protected myself with a circle and was actually at the mercy of the spirit, I did not dare to refuse his request and resigned myself to the inevitable, considering it wisest to turn my mantle according to the wind.

"I then told him that if he would be serviceable to me according to my desires and needs for a certain length of time, I would sign myself over to him. After the pact had been arranged, this mighty spirit, whose name was Asteroth, introduced me to another spirit by the name of Marbuel, who was appointed to be my servant. I questioned Marbuel as to his suitability for my needs. I asked him how quick he was, and he answered, 'As swift as the winds.' This did not satisfy me, so I replied, 'You cannot become my servant. Go again whence you have come.' Soon another spirit manifested itself, whose name was Aniguel. Upon asking him the same question he answered that he was swift as a bird in the air. I said, 'You are still too slow for me. Go whence you came.' In the same moment another spirit by the name of Aciel manifested himself. For the third time I asked my question and he answered, 'I am as swift as human thought.' 'You shall serve me,' I replied. This spirit was faithful for a long time, but to tell you how he served me is not possible in a document of this length and I will here only indicate how spirits are to be invoked and how the circles for protection are to be prepared. There are many kinds of spirits which will permit themselves to be invoked by man and become his servant."


Curious huh. So its almost like Faust was finding a way to extract work from them without giving anything in return. Given physics, nothing can be created or destroyed, just transitioned from one form to some other form.

Thus trying to Take without giving something of seeming equal value in return must create some sort of dharma or debt against the one taken advantage of eh? What happens if that one never seeks to take advantage in return and instead that one builds up so many instances of being itself taken advantage of while never acting in the same towards those who did so to that one?

Curious stuff. Thanks for all the links to other various things to read... my daily news reviews just leave me Angry and wanting to take some action, at least these things put my mind where I like to be in learning and understanding or trying to.

Nobooty :)

0 said...

Ha! on the 25 sacred-texts url it noted this:

"There areas many ethers as there are elements and as many distinct families of Nature spirits as there are ethers. These families are completely isolated in their own ether and have no intercourse with the denizens of the other ethers; but, as man has within his own nature centers of consciousness sensitive to the impulses of all the four ethers, it is possible for any of the elemental kingdoms to communicate with him under proper conditions.

The Nature spirits cannot be destroyed by the grosser elements, such as material fire, earth, air, or water, for they function in a rate of vibration higher than that of earthy substances. Being composed of only one element or principle (the ether in which they function), they have no immortal spirit and at death merely disintegrate back into the element from which they were originally individualized. No individual consciousness is preserved after death, for there is no superior vehicle present to contain it. Being made of but one substance, there is no friction between vehicles: thus there is little wear or tear incurred by their bodily functions, and they therefore live to great age. Those composed of earth ether are the shortest lived; those composed of air ether, the longest. The average length of life is between three hundred and a thousand years. Paracelsus maintained that they live in conditions similar to our earth environments, and are somewhat subject to disease. These creatures are thought to be incapable of spiritual development, but most of them are of a high moral character.

Concerning the elemental ethers in which the Nature spirits exist, Paracelsus wrote: "They live in the four elements: the Nymphæ in the element of water, the Sylphes in that of the air, the Pigmies in the earth, and the Salamanders in fire. They are also called Undinæ, Sylvestres, Gnomi, Vulcani, &c. Each species moves only in the element to which it belongs, and neither of them can go out of its appropriate element, which is to them as the air is to us, or the water to fishes; and none of them can live in the element belonging to another class. To each elemental being the element in which it lives is transparent, invisible and respirable, as the atmosphere is to ourselves." (Philosophia Occulta, translated by Franz Hartmann.)"

url: https://sacred-texts.com/eso/sta/sta25.htm

Anonymous said...

Good post.
Regarding the links at GAB
Well I no longer believe any of it.
For instance the shiff thing. If he is dead by the holidays then I will consider it .
All this talk all these coincidences all the shiff that supposedly is going to happen
Even the stuff I would like to believe ,and maybe some of it is true, but nothing ever comes of it.
When stuff to comes to pass regarding these demons and I see Karma at work then I will believe
Meanwhile thanks for your work. I look forward to reading it.

Visible said...


There are all kinds of books that speak to the possibilities inherent in us. Among the best are... of course... Patanjali's Sutras... the books of Eliphas Levi; though you need insight to understand him. I could list so many books but this is what I have found to be most efficacious and true. It follows an exchange I had with The Divine yesterday; "Visible, I am sure The Devic and Angelic realm appreciate your mention of them in your blessings of food and other activities. The same could be said for The Brotherhood and The Land of the Buddhas which you mention many times a day. However... why not simplify it, my friend? All of your solicitations... petitions and prayers are directed at me. I am also who answers them.

"It is all routed to me through these agencies. Why not bypass the middleman? (grin). Simplify your existence Visible, it is ALL me! Elsewise you can communicate with The Divine Mother as you do each evening and it is true that one God manifests through both.

"Everything concerning you comes to me, why not operate from that perspective?"

It was funny. I tend to get a little ceremonial about acknowledging everyone. I don't want to dis anyone, but apparently, I am on good standing with all of them. So... some time ago I was told to ask The Divine for anything that I might desire... no matter how big or small. If it was intended for me, the prayer would facilitate its delivery. If it were not, I would be spared the encumbrance.

I was not to fool around with rituals... or anything like them, but just be simple and direct and all I would ever need to know about magic or ANYTHING would be revealed if it were useful for me to know about and to not fool around otherwise because complications could arise. I lack nothing these days, and want nothing either, except a closer proximity to The Divine. This is how it has worked out for me, and I have no inclination to seek any change given the track record so far.

Anonymous said...

Its the deception and lack of remorse that truly bothers me.
Our over lords lack any sense of remorse for what they have done to humanity.
Not the slightest shred of remorse for corrupting the ‘money’ system through fiat money, no remorse for the constant lying, none for the cheating, nothing for the suffering they caused, no tears shed for their victims of murder they perpetrated through the clot shots and other poisoning. Just more deception as though none of it ever happened. Truly psychopathic entities they are. Any normal human who would look at the state of the world and wonders why not a single celebrity, politician, banker, business leader, or government employee ever expresses a sense of remorse for their acts of transgression towards their fellow human. Seems its all just business, I’ve got mine, so screw the rest. They must be possessed by wild desire, or something else, giving no thoughts to the consequences of their actions.
Atheism, is that what this is all about? No God, no consequences. Nihilism.

Anonymous said...

Have these reprobates ever thought...gee I wish I didn’t have to lie, I wish I didn’t have to cheat, I wish I didn’t have to rob people, I wish I didn’t have to murder people to fulfill my desires. What a thought eh? But they don’t wish for these things, instead they wish to not be caught. I believe our creator would grant any sincere wish so long as its not a perverse wish. I’ve stopped wishing altogether just in case, I just go about my soul mission. Most people don’t even try anymore, they’ve given up to the reprobates and scoundrels and hope they are not caught.

0 said...

Howdy Viz,

Thanks for the words man. You know when I was in my 20s that was my tact... I didn't pray I talked to the All like I would my best friend. I don't know why I continue to search, I suppose I just like to know I am Doing all I can do to realize the end the All has in store for me. Would hate to drop form only to find out I coulda done some other thing to help bring me to my destination. Sorry I hogged the comments on this one.

Glad I ran into your blog 15+ years ago now. Thanks for tolerating me being about.


Visible said...

This space was created for you, Gene. You can wax as long or short as you wish and as often as you wish. Everyone who plays nice is welcome in this playground.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Your Job and Objective- (should you choose to accept it) Is to Come Into Alignment with the Aims of The Soul."



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