Thursday, October 19, 2023

"Within All of The Symptoms of National Decay. The Traveling Town to Town Crazy Circus is The Most Underestimated of All."

God Poet Transmitting.......

There is no clear provenance for this quote; “those whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad.” Apparently, it was around in Graeco-Roman times...biblical times. It's one of those statements that has the authority of Truth about it. I can clearly see its verity in life itself; historically... and right in front of my eyes.

When the Israeli-orchestrated attack on itself took place almost two weeks ago, all kinds of people... some of them known for their sagacity and quick wits at all times previously... lost their shit in the twinkling of an eye. Mark Levin... who is known as The Great One around Fox Studios... became a slathering pit bull... crying out for blood and mayhem, even though he probably knew that Israel was behind it.

Ben Shapiro who hit me wrong the first time I saw him; afflicted as he is with Short Man's Disease, and all the glib artistry of a fox... negotiating living spaces with chickens, has now turned himself into an internet cartoon overnight.

If this contrived assault for the purpose of genocide has done nothing else, it has unmasked double agents... right... left... and center.

Now we hear that there were no 500 dead in a hospital bombing, though the Washington Post and CNN were still reporting it last night. Now The Post has simply removed mention of it. CNN is still reporting it, with new details... further on in... that I refuse to read. This on the other hand is a small and very incomplete list of hospitals Israel has bombed.

Well... there's more... and more... and more.

If I were to start listing atrocities at Sabra and Shatila... and many... many... many others I know about, I would be here all day.

The bottom line is that DNA provides one's connection to specific points of land. The Occupiers of Palestine have no connection there... at all.

Something truly important that... until now has been known, but not widely known... is now widely known, and that is how almost all The World's Temporal Powers MUST knuckle under for The Banker Nation. I should mention here that ALL wars are caused by Bankers for the purpose of material gain. This is not something that can be disputed. It is prima facie... or at least what you absolutely find when you look directly behind the prima facie.

Given the mainstream and alternative press efforts to promote something that didn't happen, and to keep promoting it, I am going to stay away from the general impressions of the day-to-day... in their infective sway... on The World view of The Mind-Controlled.

Without a doubt... The Powers Presently Losing Their Grip are heavy breathing over World War 3. Anything they can do... they are doing. Meanwhile, a certain agreement concerning Iran just ended, and now... almost certainly... hypersonic missiles are to be a given factor there... should provocation call for them to be.

Why are they going mad for war at this time? They are in a whole lot of trouble of their own creation, and... like we said in the beginning, they are being driven mad because they are going to be destroyed. Heh heh... poor dears... they can't help themselves.

America cannot hope to contend with Russia-China-Iran and Sundry, in their visibly deteriorating state. Yet... this is one of the prevailing insanities of an empire in free fall. This grasping madness comes upon it, and... it seeks to snatch The World entire and bend it to its will. The result is like that which all empire builders experience... in business... in any area of enterprise; “I'm sorry, Sir... according to our records, you are over-extended.”

You see the rapid decay in the social order. Orc bands run freely through the neighborhoods. People with nothing... in search of more... are being ferried to the borders by your real enemies... posing as your best friends. You know who they are. They are not hiding it. They are financing it!!!

Sexual degeneracy is nearly a legalized requirement for good standing. Drug and alcohol addictions are rampant. Physical well-being is running away to The Big Rock Candy Mountain with your immune system. The people running the medical INDUSTRY are promoting the very disorders they are supposed to heal you of. They are promoting behaviors that... by their oath... they are supposed to be protecting you from.

The merit system is gone. Stupid and poorly taught are now the new smart and capable. After The Plandemic, I tried to have a medical procedure done and was told... NO MATTER WHAT... I had to have a PCR test, which... actually renders you positive because THAT'S HOW THE SYSTEM WORKS!

However... within all of the symptoms of national decay. The Traveling Town to Town Crazy Circus is the most underestimated of all. Now you are seeing the insanity at every level of the social spectrum. The President has become Uncle June from The Sopranos. He's talking through woven filaments of gauze that filled his brain until they started coming out of his mouth. Now he's got a new chin. Likely he's gotten The Fetterman Treatment.

His advisors are all crazy. His vice president is a cartoon. Hubris is as much a mental illness as any other form of it. Wild-eyed... power-mad lunacy has been around for millennia. You see it at street level, and they used to put these people in places where they couldn't hurt other people... BUT... now... it's in evidence at the highest levels of temporal authority.

I am watching people being controlled by enforced narratives everywhere I go on the internet. I can LITERALLY see who it is that is bending any one person to their will. I can see who the arm-twisters are. I can see who the paymasters are. All I have to do is pay attention to what they say. The amount of righteous souls... indifferent to personal gain is... very... very small.

Now... since everyone in public view has to demonstrate their loyalty to Banker Nation... they are falling to the wayside like drops of rain from the clouds... where once they lived in their minds... and believed to be composed of solid matter. They thought they were free to speak the truth... heh heh... you can't take The Devil's paycheck and freelance as you please.

You are either independent of this OR... you are in harness. I myself am in harness because that is what the term Yoga implies. Everyone has to serve somebody... like it or not, BUT... at least you do have a choice. In Times of Material Darkness your faith must be strong OR... you will not be fed from the secret springs. In such times it is very hard to exist free of The System. Believe me... I know whereof I speak.

The one I work for makes sure of a person's sincerity before demonstrating he is real. The good news is that he owns and runs everything... no matter what those being driven mad may think; those on the conveyor belt to destruction. The hard truth is that you are required to suffer in extremity first.

Hey! It's the same thing with The Bad Guys. You have to prove your mettle. You have to make your bones. Both sides have a weeding-out process.

Observe those who thought they were free to speak their minds, formerly going all self-righteous... with bombastic FX. Observe them now... when speaking the truth about a certain group of people... can mean the end of all your good times.

They think they've got the whole thing locked down. It's why they have come out of the shadows, with the control bars in their hands; that's what they call those devices that puppeteers use to work the strings.

That thing that they call The Mark of The Beast? Where you can't buy or sell without it? That was in scripture thousands of years ago. How is it that they would have already known about that? It's because the insanities that possess the human mind are predictable; there is nothing new under The Sun. They're working on that very thing right now. It's in the news regularly.

Sounds scary... doesn't it? Why... the fear alone is enough for most people to decide they had better get that mark... that vaccine... that implant; walk this way... do as you are told. However... as Lao Tzu said even longer ago. (I'll paraphrase for better understanding.) Many people have tried to take over The World, but... they never succeed because The World is a sacred vessel, which... at the mere approach of The Profane... recedes.

The Earth is a living thing. It is infinitely patient until it isn't. What scripture didn't say... in concert with The Mark of The Beast is that there is another mark you can get by following The Will of Heaven, and as Lao Tzu also said; “though Heaven prefers no man, the wise man prefers Heaven.”

Yes... things... conditions... et al... are predictable because it all repeats. Those that Heaven chooses to destroy... it first drives mad. You can pretty much assume that to be true and you can see it at work right this minute... especially now.

The Divine is setting everything inorder. It can look messy, and... downright terrifying, but... he's done this before already too. He's done this many times. You've got nothing to worry about unless you've got something to worry about, and that would be inside you, where you should have been doing inventory all along.

End Transmission.......

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Al said...

From what I get we have done this at least 15-20 times on Earth alone, arrived as a civilization to this most changing of scenery's known as a golden age on the wheel of our galactic rotation. I don't know how many I was here for but it matters not the very same opportunities for all arise each time in this school of hard knocks.

I don't know is the best I have for many answers but sometimes I see the only requirement for a passing grade is found within our own decisions to house either darkness or light as our driving force. One must seek darkness and feed it to fail.
The dark ones cannot harm anyone who does not house fear and anger as their driving force. Karma may take one home but that's of course a different and personal story for each.

The only way it seems to test us is to see what we all choose when confronted with absolute chaos and darkness. As for me it doesn't matter what happens out there is clown world I care far more for what I do with it.

I felt a mini sermon come over me today, sorry all for the long windy ride.

Blessings for you my friend!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nothing vested in this garbage, no problem. Damn right! Nostrils to the sky and beyond!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"I Found Higher Love, It is The Lubricant that Greases The Gears of The Machinery of Existence and Dissolves The Mind."

Striding Feels Good said...

Giving thanks to God for the purposeful demonstration.
Now all can see what a sewer pipe of evil abomination puppet the FUSA is.
It was always a Potemkin fraud but it is the end of the line for all fairytale delusions.
Mr. Apocalypse dapper and dancing across the horizon!



Joseph Brenner

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