Friday, July 24, 2009

The Serving Armies of The Standing Bankers

One would be a fool to think that because they could see the delusions and denial of those around them that they were free of some degree of the same. You can’t occupy a human body with its sensory apparatus and be free of it. Even if you were free of delusions about the nature and operations of the manifest world you would not be free of delusions about yourself. Even an awareness of the world is a delusion because it indicates a state of dreaming that doesn’t exist, except as a projection upon a blank screen. The screen is real, the projection is not.

However, even if the pool a man is drowning in is not real, this does not mean you should not try to pull him out of it. His suffering is real to him, even if he is in denial about it.

I know that agents of the American and Israeli government were the authors of 9/11. I know this. Many others know this. Then there are those who buy the official line which is impossible. The very fact that no jets were scrambled during the event points to government complicity. The free fall of three buildings into their own footprints and the evidence of nano-thermite prove controlled demolition. Consider these things in a court of law.

Why then do seemingly intelligent people resist the obvious truth? Let’s give an example of a personality type. Let’s take a man who went to war in Vietnam or Iraq under the illusion that he was fulfilling some patriotic duty to a democratic country. We’ve since learned that the Vietnam War and the Iraq War, like nearly all wars, were the brain child of bankers who initiated them for profit. Let’s consider that the so-called democratic country is not, in fact, a democratic country but a serf nation in fealty to a collection of bankers called The Federal Reserve. All of the representatives of this serf nation are employed by the bank and serve at the pleasure of the bank. John Steinbeck illustrated the nature of the bank in his wonderful novel, “The Grapes of Wrath”. Today you see the reality of ‘the bank’ at work in wars for profit, in foreclosures and corporate thefts as well as the tightening of counterfeit, fiat currency flow into the economy.

This man who went to Vietnam has bought into his own sense of sacrifice and whatever idea of manhood he thought he got out of it. He even wallows in the injustice of his state, given how the war ended and the public’s view of it. It defines him to himself. He’s listening to Bruce sing, “Glory Days” on the bar stool of his dotage. He went from soldier to college graduate and into a field that relied on the serf nation for his employment. He bought into the system and served the system, continuing to believe that there are good wars and that his nation is a democratic one. He seeks justice in the system believing that the public interest is served. In reality, the poor usually go to jail and the rich stay out or spend their time in a country club. If he looks clearly at it he cannot justify his position with his conscience so he becomes philosophical and interprets everything that happens within a fantasy construct the same way he did with Vietnam.

Deep inside this man strives to believe that he is a hero. He rocks along with John Fogerty and never hears a word. All across this democratic land, there are men and women like him. They are lawyers and businessmen; politicos, doctors, engineers, teachers and whathaveyou and they all work for the system. The system allows only so much in the way of personal or reactive thought and action. When you’re heavily involved in it and in debt to it, it owns you... no matter what you tell yourself. It owns you. You can’t act outside of it and you can’t speak against it or yonder looms the highway and the sleeping bag under the overpass. This living state of compromise and hypocrisy in the service of a confined, personal survival is untenable to a real person. A real person doesn’t ask themselves the cost of truth. They pay the toll.

No one wants to have to accept that they went to war or that their children died in wars that existed only for the profit of bankers or the pressures of a foreign nation who control the banks that start the wars. No one wants to be put into the position where they jeopardize their position by speaking out against lies and hypocrisies, so they pretend they don’t exist while the very thing stares them in the face. This is how you die inside. This is how you lose your youthfulness and all of the finer qualities that made you who you think you are but no longer are because these finer qualities will not stay in the heart of a man who is false to himself.

How is it that a man can think himself brave by going to war for bankers and not find himself capable of going to war for the very essence of what these false wars were presented as being about? All the phony medals and awards of this phony world are useless except in the company of other men and women who lie to themselves. They think they are honest yet they embrace dishonesty at every turn. They think they are brave yet they kneel in a moment before the oppressors of humanity. They think they are useful but they are all bad examples and willing servants of the engines of enslavement. They watch movies about people in dire peril who win the day because that’s how movies go. They think they are one of those people but they are given the same choices as the people in the movie and they turn away. They turn away.

No man can see the world as it is who does not look closely at himself. No one can know the meaning of anything if they do not know the meaning of themselves.

It is something to see; people who imagine they are standing forth and speaking the truth while hearing the roar of the crowd. One does not hear the roar of the crowd when one speaks the truth. One hears the rustling of chairs and the sound of people leaving the hall. Why is this? The people who are leaving are not leaving because of the speaker. They are leaving because what is inside them cannot accept the responsibility that comes with hearing the truth and failing to act.

Such an immensity of lies surround us that it threatens to block out the sun. It has certainly blocked out the light of introspection and objectivity within so many of us. Enshrined lies now have their own laws to protect them. The only time a purported truth needs protection is when it is concealing the lies contained within it. If something is true then further inquiry only proves it so.

The men from Vietnam and Iraq believe they have sacrificed so much for their country but they fought and died and... in some part survived ...conflicts generated by bankers. They are fools to believe otherwise but they do. Having embraced this lie it is not so hard to embrace each succeeding lie. They want to be a part of all they imagined to be true. They go on to fill the positions freely given to those who can accept and perpetuate the lies. They corrupt their own children with these lies after first having corrupted themselves. They corrupt their friends and their neighborhoods. Their churches speak of the deep things in unknown places which honor those who gave their service to God and Country. It was always the bank. It was always about the money; money for the men who did not go to war, money for the men who created the wars for money.

The greatest of honors are reserved for those who have the courage to see the lies and to admit that they were in service to lies and who then denounced the lies and their own complicity in them. These are the few and the brave who are no longer proud. How often have we seen any man accomplish this before the world and then go on to live the truth he has discovered at the cost of all he once believed to be true?

It has been truly asked what it profits a man to gain everything and lose himself. There are real heroes among us but their ranks are not composed of the men and women who have served the interests of those who sacrificed them for a lie.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Roiling in the Kali-fornicatorium

Wassup, Homies? Why, it’s Barbara Boxcutter talking down-town with the black community. As you travel around the net reading the commentary concerning this exchange you can see the Zio-press and their seal slick shills never missing the opportunity to point out that the ‘black man’s’ Chamber of Commerce got $275,000 from Exxon Mobil. This is supposed to mean that he is a bought and paid for black man. Then you’re going to hear about how liberal Boxcutter is. All that aside, Boxcutter’s comments are racist. Still, I’ll have to look up what that means in the new Zio-hate crimes laws. It’s altogether possible that ‘the black man’ could be legally liable as a result of calling Boxcutter’s comments racist.

The black man’s name is Henry Alford but let me go with generic in respect of Boxcutter’s indication that Alford is part of a black mass, albeit not presently massing in that mass, nor engaged in conducting a Black Mass because he’s got a problem with something to do with Global Warming. Well, there’s a whole lot of fairly cogent argumentation going on here so I’ll leave that to the pros. Speaking of ‘pro’ in a sort of ‘ladies of the night’ context it’s good to know that Global Warming is also going to be heating up a few bank accounts. It be a growth industry for a variety of political growths waiting for their turn in the Petri Dish on the biopsy table.

I could be wrong but it seems to me that Alford is courageously opposing the Global Warming scam even though he got money from Exxon Mobil. However, since the oil companies are certainly positioned to make windfall profits from the scam doesn’t this mean Alford never got bought at all? It makes your head spin.

Let’s look at what we know or at least what we can assume. At no time in the last few decades (or maybe ever) has a cause come along, like Global Warming, or anything else, where the intention and the result was to do anything more than put more money into the hands of the people who caused the problem; even when the problem doesn’t exist. Let me give the example of Terrorism as another wicker man like Global Warming. I’m going to have to go with my lying eyes. I’ve been outside a few times in the last few years and I have noted the weather. It is Global Cooling is what it is and The Irish are behind it. (grin)

It does appear that Al Gore has a drinking problem in need of an intervention. Here’s a little something on that Global warming committee. Note the phrase, “Members and energy industry lobbyists who are negotiating the bill”. If you want a scientific and mathematical breakdown on what the Global Warming, Cap and Trade initiative will produce then I suggest you go here. Yes, dear friends, it’s all bullshit and it’s all about the pigs crowding around the trough getting just a little more golden swill.

I’m going to have to label myself a denier. I’m generally a denier of most of what I hear from the historical re-write departments and the MSM, make it up as you go, departments and all of the departments that are connected to the department stores filled with all the products manufactured off shore.

Let me state an obvious and ‘inconvenient truth’. One of the things that is killing American and western economies in general, besides gratuitous, ‘for profit’ wars; mass theft by the government and banking combine, manipulated health care costs by the AMA-Pharmaceutical-hospital and insurance combine is the loss of America’s manufacturing base. Who sent America’s manufacturing base into the Third World? Corporations did this. Why did they do it? They did it to maximize their profits. Their argument was that they couldn’t compete due to the American worker needing to make a living wage. Their argument is that other people were going to do it cheaper and then sell it for less and then they would be out of business.

What that means is that both cost and quality have to be low to compete. I’m not going to throw in how the devaluation of currency affects this. Let me just state it very simply; soulless, vampire corporations decided to destroy the communities in which they lived in order to make obscene profits. Behind these corporations lie the unnameable Lovecraftian creatures, the bankers. The long term intention is to turn 90% of the population into slaves serving the gross and pornographic needs of a predatory 10%. Quality and cost will remain high for those able to afford it. The rest of you who are disposable will get disposable goods.

Their facts and figures do not matter because they are all lies composed by the numbers crunchers who are told what the numbers should be before they are crunched. There is no initiative, no impulse, no effort and no policy from the crack-whores in Congress and Parliaments around the world that is not pre-designed to bend you over and ride you hard for the amusement and profit of the psychopaths in control of your hamster on the wheel existence. Global Warming is a lie. Everything they tell you is a lie.

Barbara Boxcutter and her friends who sold you the Boxcutter Story of 9/11, which they orchestrated, are intent on pimp-rolling in their eight-ball jackets through the subways of your desperate, subterranean existence (apologies to the thug community) while their hired police gangs demonstrate what they learned in those IDF seminars. You might as well put that keffiyeh on now because baby, you are a Palestinian.

Greed and the lust for power are compelling magnets for the disciples of moral relativism. They are justified in all ways by the need to survive in a world gone mad with greed and the lust for power. If you can’t beat them, join them or they will beat you. Make a deal with the devil and let the future take the hindmost. Whatever you do, it can be made to look different tomorrow. In an age of materialism, the free radicals rule. You’re taking your marching orders from cancer cells in suits.

The bad news is that it happens at all and that it goes on for so long. Sometimes the only way to learn a lasting lesson is for the pain of the experience to be made memorable. The good news is that this cancer is fatal. Cancer kills itself by destroying the organism on which it feeds. Is this not so? Is this not so? Ergo... here is your metaphor for evil. What are your options? You can join in this suicidal dance of death and thereby assist what is to come by providing us with your absence, or you can build a new world while the other one devours itself. Both of these things will and are happening right now. You’ll have to build a new you at the same time and that’s why it hurts and that’s why it feels dark and that is where the sense of ‘pressing down’ is coming from. You have to hang in there. You have to endure. For all of the despicable evidence of our corruptions, there is something truly great in humanity and this intensity of trial is what is polishing the gem within. You must rise to the occasion. Considering the alternative should be sufficient for all of the faith and strength required.

I hear you and I assure you that I know just how hard it is. I’m living in it just like you. The growth pains that are necessary for the coming quantum leap can seem unbearable at times. The daily evidence of brutality and injustice, which is ignored amidst the celebrations of excess... the glittering disco ball of temporary things, spinning out the Kali magic, while the blood shines black under the moonlight... it is to weep.

The poor and defenseless are thrown into the thresher. The crimes committed against them are attributed to them. It can look bleak. It is not. It is the greatest of opportunities to discover what you are made of. The evidence of these cold and malicious hearts should echo within you and form into the words... “I am not like them. I will not go down like a beast into the grave. I will become what I really am.”

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Welcome to the Big Stripe, Chaingang World

At Angola Prison in Louisiana they have a term called “Big Stripe”. That’s a name they hang on certain prisoners doing serious time. Prisons are an industry and you shouldn’t kid yourself about it. One of the prison industries biggest money makers is the War on Drugs. You can scroll down just past the video screen to find ten more documentaries to watch just in case Global Cooling is keeping you indoors.

Unlike Al Gore, I have a PhD and all sorts of advanced studies degrees in my area of expertise; field testing both natural and un-natural chemical compounds that affect perception and awareness. I’ve even got a certain smaller amount of experience in the most dangerous drugs on the planet. These would be legal drugs. I don’t recommend fooling around with illegal drugs unless you have the gene. I definitely do not recommend fooling around with legal drugs at any time because they will certainly kill you. Illegal drugs may or may not accomplish that. You have to try harder with them.

I used to think that alcohol was the most dangerous legal drug but I can’t say for sure anymore. I don’t know if Edgar Bronfman still kills more people than the corporations based in Basel, Switzerland. What I do know is that over a million people are presently locked up in the Prison Industrial, ‘McPenitentiary’ Complex for entrepreneurial activities related to prohibited comestibles . They’ve got a flashing banner on their website which says, “Over one million served”.

Putting people in prison for association with illegal drugs is the way the big guys deal with the competition. The illegal drug industry is controlled by the men in suits, which is the reason the quality has been so bad for so long.

I realize that a lot of people use illegal drugs to escape from the possibilities of their bright, shining future in this “best of all possible worlds” but there are others whose shamanistic intentions for self-inquiry pose a definite threat to the quid pro quo, status quo of, “You’re my bitch and she’s my ho,” assembly line- hamsters on a treadmill- legal drug existence in the Brave New World. As at any time in recorded history, visionaries had better watch their ass. The civilians in the mix are usually watching someone else’s ass and that’s how they come to hear the steel doors slam behind them, once the effects wear off.

I’ll have to digress a little here for the sake of illustration and explanation. I’m going to have to talk about reincarnation. I want you to imagine a few scenarios based on certain personality types as they move from life to life and finally achieve the dream position at the end of their long term journey to the fixed destination.

There’s a secret system, within the system of reincarnation, which selects certain personality types for fast-tracking in the manifest world. Everybody else without the requisite gene is just allowed to develop along whatever lines their basic nature and whatever they run up against results in. In some cases these rejected entities develop an awareness of possibilities beyond The Matrix and they are able to participate in their evolution which creates a hot-housing environment for moving on up.

Let’s consider those chosen for manifest world, fast tracking. It takes awhile but under the tutelage of their handlers, these entities have their natural humanity processed out of them, while opportunities for education and personal expression are opened up for them. Most of them never go much beyond the grunt capability in their areas of employment but they do get that Peter Principle thing and they turn out to be a big help for the smaller group who exhibit the ability to go beyond the grunt mentality to actually thinking and expanding on the world view of their handlers. These ‘special’ individuals are then routed for reincarnation into particular families where they can be ‘grooved’ to become conscious workers in the industries that employ their handlers. Some of them become handlers. The rest of them become politicians; religious leaders, media figures, university heads, government czars, bankers, syndicate approved- illegal drug dealers, major crime figures, corporations heads, military leaders, mainstream entertainment faces, philosophers presenting ideological constructs and all the varieties that make up the representatives of the temporal, control envelope.

This grants them the opportunity to legislate against; rail against, condemn and create disinfo for the purpose of maintaining control over the operations they put everyone else in jail for attempting to engage in on their own without an official seal of approval. This also provides them with an enormous economic machine that funds the educational reverse engineering that wipes out the majority of the capacity for independent thought in the masses not chosen to serve the system. Where does this put you, if you are reading this and understanding what I am talking about? Heh heh... well, it won’t be Beverly Hills or The White House.

The system is rigged from top to bottom and from cradle to grave and back to the cradle again. There are two systems but I’m only going to talk about the one today, except insofar as the other system gets affected by cosmic events that have to do with balancing out what would eventually become a completely unbalanced global state of total oppression, if it were allowed to continue on its own. You have to look at power as it is understood on your tiny Earth and compare it to the power that you can’t even imagine in the rest of the universe. While certain souls have been busy looking for ways to control everything on this little planet, other souls have somehow made it out of The Matrix and hooked up with infinitely more powerful forces that could cook this planet like an egg in a microwave without thinking about it.

So an arrangement gets made where the scumbags who want to control and torment every creature on Earth are allowed to get away with it for certain periods of time. This also serves to separate the two types of people who appear to serve two seemingly different forces. Like the song says, “You got to serve somebody”. Then, at times already agreed upon previously, the heretofore, invisible representatives, whose agenda is to free and to heal those controlled and tormented by the employees of The Matrix get to step in and administer some lasting cosmic justice upon the rear ends of The Cenobites with their Pinhead theme park and their pinheaded customers. The game is fixed in ways unknown even to those who know the game is fixed.

Therefore, everything you see and experience is part of a series of dream sequences designed to make some very important points; it is a dream, it’s possible to wake up, it’s all under control and nobody knows exactly why that is but that is the way it is.

Over the long tortured course of this reincarnation, ‘long train running’, The Queen of England gets reborn as a crack whore. Corporation heads and liquor barons become urban, street winos. Big entertainment figures become lifelong social pariahs. Prison industry- management heads become child molesters headed for the joint. Powerful media figures become mental patients writing in their own shit, in small print on the walls of their locked cells. Pharmaceutical titans wind up as animals in a testing lab (over and over again) and so on and so forth. It works the other way too... depending. As I said though... every now and then the game board is suspended for a time so that small traces of evidence may remain for the duration of the next round of play. This is that time.

Some of you have read the yogis, metaphysicians and... some of you have read Joseph Campbell. Some of you are familiar with Terrence McKenna and the works of Carl Jung. There are others who continue to point out certain things even though the truth in not specifically any of these things they do provide an environment for you to develop the impetus to discover, The Door of Everything.

I keep checking my mail but I guess... given the pressures of the moment... no one has yet proven equal to the task, which gives new meaning to the phrase, “sitting here in limbo.”

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Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Coming State of Chaos and Disorder

I want to talk about something that I believe is going to be of profound importance sooner than most people realize. We’re all familiar with Gerald Celente. I think Mr. Celente is a little taken with his own abilities but he’s also very successful at what he does so maybe a certain amount of personal promotion can be allowed under the circumstances (grin). I note the tendency of various seers and successful alternative news sites to engage in this sort of thing and in a couple of cases, which will remain nameless, are really over the top in this regard.

My personal feeling is that none of these predictors and presenters is completely accurate. No matter how good we think we are we have our limits and our blind spots. Here is a brilliant presentation of what many of us are soon going to be up against.

What Celente and other insightful forecasters do not see, or intentionally ignore is that what is happening is not the result of powerful firms and individuals being stupid and greedy. It’s not about people being dishonest, lying and manipulating whatever is at hand for their own personal profit. Certainly all of these things are features of these firms and individuals. Some of them are immense bloodthirsty octopuses or anaconda crocodile hybrids, like Goldman Sachs, with the power to destroy national economies and start wars.

What has to be understood is that this is all intentional. It may be stupid and short-sighted even among those with seriously long range plans but, it’s not the result of ordinary human failings. We are dealing with the relentless and remorseless actions of full blown psychopaths, more demented and dangerous than any serial killer you’ve ever heard about.

I don’t have the tactical skills of Gerald Celente, nor his workforce and instruments but I can predict things too. Anyone with an objective reasoning capacity and a certain amount of clear vision can predict certain things and I’m going to do a little of that today.

The CIA has a term called ‘hotspots’. You can think of them in the context of natural phenomena such a volcano. Things erupt along the path of least resistance according to the pressure of a force greater than the material resistance to its passage. A pressure cooker has a release valve on top in order to facilitate the proper function of the unit. I could talk about a lot of things like boilers and steam pipes; propane tanks and whatever. You get the picture.

Certain scenarios are going to happen. They are going to happen in the places where the pressure is the greatest. That means your urban centers. Some urban centers in some countries are going to go first. It’s going to be widespread. The pressure of survival upon the lower ranks of humanity, combined with a lesser but still great pressure on the middle class is going to result in eruptions. This is all being choreographed by monsters in human form. Any fool can see the safeguards they have been putting in place for some time now. Any fool can see the changes that have occurred in the laws of the land and the thug-mind that has been generated in the police forces as well as the weapons that are now routinely applied in situations where they were not previously. The climate of fear is a big factor in all of this.

I am at a loss for the solution in terms of the majority inhabitants of this planet. A large percentage of people would not even consider what solutions I and others may possess. There’s little one can do in this regard. Once people have mired themselves in illusion and turned their will over to the beast there’s not much you can do for them. Once people have surrendered their reason so as to accept the manufactured lies of an agenda driven media you can’t tell them anything. There is an unfortunate tendency in a great many people to believe what they are told by the very forces responsible for their plight.

I’m talking to you, not to them. They’ll never read this. They’ll be listening to Chris Mathews and Anderson Cooper and thinking about how his big arms will hold them tight. They’ll be listening to the front man, Obama while he tells them to “remain calm” as government employees lock the fire doors. The last thing to go through some people’s minds will be the evening lineup of shows they are going to miss. It’s a sad state of affairs but it is what we have.

During times of turmoil certain people will band together to protect their neighborhoods and organized gangs will leap for the opportunity to loot and sundry in the moment of opportunity. Once a certain level is reached there will be no way for any amount of government forces to contain what happens. They’ll be in a few places and they’ll be indiscriminate because policy is hard and fear is going to tap deeply into their survival instincts. When the veneer of civilization is peeled away the beast of chaos is there.

Here’s a clear example of where your brothel of government leaders is at. These paid whores are in lockstep toward their own doom. The good men and women who could have made a difference have been marginalized or closed out of the process. No one gets into the club who will not serve the interests of the swine in the shadows. There are good people at various levels and there’s no telling what positive effort they may yet bring in government, the military and law enforcement. We are going to see every human judged according to their capacity to rise to the occasion. We’re going to see the best and the worst of what we have in us.

It is past time to start thinking about where you are and what you see around you. In a time of large transformations there are increasingly visible signs. The necrotic state of the culture should be evident. The corruption of governing officials and corporate interests is up close and personal. It is foolish to believe it all works out when that is not the intention of the people who are creating the problem. The whole point of 9/11 was to introduce the Big Brother schematic via the overnight appearance of The Patriot Act written long before it surfaced. The creation of a non-existent enemy and the ruination of the financial system through gratuitous wars and banking malfeasance are a part of this.

While these pathological miscreants go about the business of destroying themselves there are going to be wide spaces that will be relatively unaffected by what is going to take place. If you are in a position to consider such things it is past time to do so. The wreckage on the horizon is not going to happen overnight but it might happen quicker than one might think. There is not just one pack of evil entities in global accord. There are many and they are set against each other. They are set against themselves from within. Besides what they are up to there is another force that is directing them to their destined end. It is impossible for them to win when they are at war with themselves. No one can win such a battle when they are also making war on the wider world outside.

It’s time to think about where you are. It’s time to get in closer touch with the elements of your own higher nature. You’ve got help aplenty within. Its part of what you are. Rather than to be dismayed by external circumstances it is far better to connect with your own central authority rather than to be divided against yourself like these unfortunate creatures due to the fear that is loosed in their lower nature.

In times of personal trouble I have always found that there is a place inside me that knows what to do. I have had moments of remarkable re-adjustment based on the degree of my ability to receive insight and to trust what I hear depending on the source and the sense of integrity in the message. It is in moments of crisis that we truly find or lose ourselves depending on where our values are.

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Monday, July 06, 2009

Zionism; a Psychopathic Cancer of the Soul

I didn’t want to write about Michael Jackson again but I may have to mention him a time or two here today. I’ve received a number of emails wanting to show me another side of Michael and the writers did it in a restrained and thoughtful manner. Even in the comments section this has been the case. Michael appears rather accidentally here today because some people are making certain arguments and there is bound to be more of this appearing in following days.

I’m not going to take a position on this. I’ve already seen plenty to make some agendas clear to me so I wouldn’t be surprised by much in relation to them. The world is presently in a difficult state due to the antics and intentions of a collection of psychopaths who are, very unfortunately, over represented by a particular group of people. Has it always been these people or does the source of negative force shift and change with the centuries? Whatever has been is less important than what is so... let’s look at what is.

There’s a video that is being scrubbed from the internet. Just about everywhere you go, it’s gone. You generally see, “this video has been removed for violation of terms of service” or something similar. The only place I could find a copy was on a white pride site that I located through Google. ADL gremlins and assorted megaphonies in concert with various fellow travelers have all but removed this video from the usual locations. Unfortunately for their zealous efforts, concerned individuals have retained hard copies and are popping them up here and there. I was searching for some time but this was the only place I could locate it for the moment.

This video pretty much tells the tale; a bunch of drunken, American, Zionist Jews in Israel giving you that ‘in vino veritas’ thing. Let’s add to this.

It’s an inarguable reality that Mossad was involved in the 9/11 attacks. It’s also an irrefutable reality that Zionists in the Bush administration and in positions in powerful think tanks and the mass media were the single most powerful lobby for the Afghanistan invasion which was a response to 9/11 that was blamed on Bin Laden (who was in Afghanistan) but which was, as I’ve said, actually performed by Mossad with the assistance of the CIA and members of other intelligence services.

Following this invasion, the same Zionist cabal lobbied for the Iraq invasion, told the lies necessary to lend credence to their presumptions (Michael Ledeen and his yellow cake fantasies comes to mind) and pounded the drums of war until that happened too. Along the way they attacked Lebanon under false pretenses and performed a hideous slaughter on the people of Gaza.

Presently; this same crew of psychopathic scoundrels is working to initiate an attack against Iran, once again using the US military to accomplish it. They are being assisted in this by political whores like Vice President, Joe Biden who is one of the more unctuous and sanctimonious hypocrites to ever come down the pike. He and Joe Lieberman are a couple of bookends in The Devil’s Library.

A few days ago a ship sailed to deliver goods to the people in Gaza who had been smashed by the Israelis and left living in the rubble of their former homes. Cynthia McKinney lays out the whole thing in a letter from an Israeli jail where she was detained after the Israelis hi-jacked this aid boat in international waters. Feel the passion and conviction of her words and ask yourself... ask yourself what does your heart say in response.

Now let me add two more features to this presentation. Recently, members of Goldman Sachs, who control the administration’s financial policies, in concert with the Federal Reserve and particular European banking families, orchestrated a financial meltdown in order to gain a firmer control over world financial markets and the flow of currency.

The second feature is that a special holocaust (patent pending) was performed on a variety of people in World War 2 and has since been exclusively co-opted by the Zionist Jews who are now the only real victims of the event. Whatever the actual numbers are; the Red Cross figures or those of the Zionist accountants who claim six million and continue to claim six million, (even though three million victims have since been removed from the Auschwitz ledgers) are not my concern. My concern is what they have used this event for.

Following the war, they used world opinion to gain a nation in the land of Palestine which was, at that time, inhabited by a great many Palestinian people who have lived there for many centuries. Over the course of following decades they have practiced a systematic genocide on these people and used the slur of Anti-Semitism to counter all criticism of their actions. There has been another purpose for this reflexive use of Anti-Semitism and that has been to give the appearance that they are Semitic and therefore related to the original inhabitants of this land. They are not Semitic, they are Ashkenazi. The Palestinians are Semitic.

In the process of their ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people they have changed the names of all of the formerly Palestinian towns as if that would legitimize their presence. The claim of being Semitic allows them to give the false impression that they are the people they are replacing. Now, this nation of Israel is a launching pad for world disorder and the looting of the world’s treasures. This was the intent all along and whatever the truth of the special holocaust (patent pending), this was the intent as well. A study of Zionist manipulation during the war and their many associations with Hitler and his policies, stand as compelling evidence of certain long range plans.

So... what we have is a serious problem that threatens everyone who is not of the psychopathic, Zionist persuasion. Through their near total control of the world’s mass media they have been able to give continuous false impressions of what is really taking place. A casual study of who owns the media shows very clearly what the truth of the matter is. Either the people listed as owning it own it or they do not. Which is it?

Everything I have mentioned here is a fact and the more you research this, the more evidence there is of it. Like many others, I have put some years into this and what it is is what it is. I didn’t set out to prove a particular point. I only wanted to find the truth and in the process I found an understanding of why they have gone about it the way they have.

The world needs to wake up to what is going on and the world is waking up. The internet is one of the main reasons, in concert with the ‘lifting of the veils’ in this time of The Apocalypse. This is why there is such a hue and cry against the internet and the bloggers who are revealing the truth. The truth is the enemy of ‘business as usual’ and the enemy of every lie that justifies every theft and murder that accompanies ‘business as usual’.

There’s no telling how this will all resolve itself. I believe it is all part of a cosmic play whose purpose is an object lesson for humanity. Because of this, I am confident of the outcome. I’ll leave you with your own thoughts on the matter and you are free to let us know what those are.

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Friday, July 03, 2009

Absurdity and Corruption Beyond Measure

I keep telling myself that it can’t get any more absurd than it is but I am consistently wrong. I keep thinking the corruption has finally reached the point where humanity will collectively rebel; that Nature itself will manifest as a chain-mailed fist and come down on the heads of these people but... I guess not yet. How far can it go? Apparently there’s no real limit.

It’s been crystal clear for some time that the media is nothing more than a slimy, lie machine. If you hear something from the mass media you can take it for granted that it’s a lie or certainly an exaggeration or a distortion. In certain cases where the news doesn’t fit with the media’s agenda they just don’t report it at all, as in the hijacking of the Free Gaza ship and the imprisonment of the passengers. Yesterday we learned that this doesn’t even touch the level of corruption that defines today’s mass media. Yesterday we saw what they have been up to at the Washington Post. It’s painful to read the spin coming out of the mouths of the corporate heads. You can see the lies snaking through the explanations and you know... you damn well know they did everything they are accused of doing and that everyone from the top down knew what was happening.

Now, today I see this. The absurdity of the process and the commentary from the players is off the charts. There is no reality. Reality is in a coma somewhere in the charity ward of a rust belt hospital. For those of you with penetrating intellects and... I think I can safely say that reflects the general capacity of my readers... both of these news items provides a horror and squirmy entertainment that is hard to rival. Still, I know this is probably nothing compared to what I haven’t seen yet and what ‘they’ haven’t gotten up to yet or what I don’t know about. I stand in stunned amazement. How can this civilization still be standing? Surely all of the concrete and glue, every nail, bolt and screw has abandoned its post.

We find out that Goldman Sachs has been neck deep in every ugly financial meltdown in the US over the last hundred years. We know that their alumni are in charge of the Obama administration’s financial policy and we can assume that Goldman and the Federal Reserve are Siamese twins with rabies. I’m not a fan of Matt Taibbi. I don’t think Michael Bay is an immortal director but he certainly knows how to get your attention.

The American government and its corporate bosses are an enormous dead skunk in the middle of the road. These snakes are the authors of the 9/11 attacks through the various government agencies they used for that purpose in tandem with Mossad and some others so... there’s no limit to what they will do to serve and promote their interests. These are not human entities. What they are is yet to be fully revealed but they are not human.

Now, Ron Paul has got the votes to lift the skirts of the Federal Reserve so you can rest absolutely sure that the kitchen timer is ticking down to the next false flag attack on America and it’s going to be large. I would bet it’s going to be a series, a multiple. They need to protect themselves and that’s what they are going to try to do.

A large percentage of military personnel; police, firefighters and assorted government personnel at every level know that 9/11 was an inside job. Most of the country believes it. I don’t run into anyone in Europe who doesn’t know this. We’re really coming up on something that could result in a total transformation of the world as we know it. Well... the signs have been there for a long time now.

Pause with me for a moment and consider just how bat shit crazy these people are. Take a moment to scan the landscape on its various levels of existence. Glamour and materialism are a form of insanity and the insanity is progressive. It’s similar to the condition of a sex freak that can’t satisfy the urge in any ordinary way and is compelled to go ever deeper into the perverse. At the same time, the forces of political correctness race to keep pace with each new experiment in order to press for the necessary legislation to legalize and protect it. Where are they going? They must be going somewhere. Do they know where they are going and... if they do... what does that tell us?

Events like this show us just what sort of a Fellini film we are inside of but it’s not Fellini directing, it’s Clive Barker. As normal becomes a thing of the past on every level, madness is becoming the new sanity... but the Earth continues to rotate... people shop and sit on park benches. They go to work and they move through their days and their lives. There’s a pattern of consistency there. It’s not like it was but it still has a certain routine to it that belies what is actually taking place. This is a very explosive situation.

Some places are more nuts than others. Some places are more stressed than others. We’re all waiting for it. Will it ignite and drive large crowds into a wildfire of fear swept streets? Will it just be varieties of specific events that become news items to those at a distance? The people at the top of the food chain are out and out criminals in the main. The exceptions to this become increasingly rare. The middle class is trying to hold it together but the degree of dissipation juxtaposed to the various insults and injuries being visited upon them do not make for a positive prognosis.

The interesting thing is that there are millions of people who think what I am talking about here is absurd and exaggerated and that we’re just going through a rough patch and the all terrain Obamamobile is going to shot out of the swamp at some point and hit the Tamiani Trail. The alligators, water moccasins and mutating pythons will all be just a bad dream. We’ll remember not to eat so many burritos when we’re throwing back shots of Jagermeister in the future. It happens and now we know better.

For the same reason that no sane farmer employs a fox to guard his chickens, no sane person believes you can get to a particular state of existence without going through a certain sequence of events as in... you can’t get there from here. For some reason, the people fixing the mess believe that doing a variation on what caused the problem will solve the problem, especially if you put the people that caused the problem in charge. Seen objectively this makes no rational sense but this is what they are doing.

I wonder just how crazy it’s going to get. The Washington Post story is like a donkey punch in a grocery store and... speaking of grocery stores, I am still tripping out over the warp and woof of what I read about the organic food industry.

There is a way that things work and a number of ways that they don’t work. You can’t drive a car without oil for very long and the consequences are extreme. You shouldn’t put sugar in your own gas tank, much less in the cars of your neighbors or constituents. You don’t saw off the limb you are sitting on with the saw action closest to the trunk of the tree. You don’t dry your pets in a microwave. Right now it’s not much different than that.

At other times, some of these things would make me shake my head and laugh. I’m not laughing though because it isn’t funny. Meanwhile there’s this growth industry of comic news shows whose income depends on it continuing. They don’t want it to stop. They’d be out of a job. Well... I don’t have any more to say at the moment. What do you think?

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