Friday, July 17, 2009

Roiling in the Kali-fornicatorium

Wassup, Homies? Why, it’s Barbara Boxcutter talking down-town with the black community. As you travel around the net reading the commentary concerning this exchange you can see the Zio-press and their seal slick shills never missing the opportunity to point out that the ‘black man’s’ Chamber of Commerce got $275,000 from Exxon Mobil. This is supposed to mean that he is a bought and paid for black man. Then you’re going to hear about how liberal Boxcutter is. All that aside, Boxcutter’s comments are racist. Still, I’ll have to look up what that means in the new Zio-hate crimes laws. It’s altogether possible that ‘the black man’ could be legally liable as a result of calling Boxcutter’s comments racist.

The black man’s name is Henry Alford but let me go with generic in respect of Boxcutter’s indication that Alford is part of a black mass, albeit not presently massing in that mass, nor engaged in conducting a Black Mass because he’s got a problem with something to do with Global Warming. Well, there’s a whole lot of fairly cogent argumentation going on here so I’ll leave that to the pros. Speaking of ‘pro’ in a sort of ‘ladies of the night’ context it’s good to know that Global Warming is also going to be heating up a few bank accounts. It be a growth industry for a variety of political growths waiting for their turn in the Petri Dish on the biopsy table.

I could be wrong but it seems to me that Alford is courageously opposing the Global Warming scam even though he got money from Exxon Mobil. However, since the oil companies are certainly positioned to make windfall profits from the scam doesn’t this mean Alford never got bought at all? It makes your head spin.

Let’s look at what we know or at least what we can assume. At no time in the last few decades (or maybe ever) has a cause come along, like Global Warming, or anything else, where the intention and the result was to do anything more than put more money into the hands of the people who caused the problem; even when the problem doesn’t exist. Let me give the example of Terrorism as another wicker man like Global Warming. I’m going to have to go with my lying eyes. I’ve been outside a few times in the last few years and I have noted the weather. It is Global Cooling is what it is and The Irish are behind it. (grin)

It does appear that Al Gore has a drinking problem in need of an intervention. Here’s a little something on that Global warming committee. Note the phrase, “Members and energy industry lobbyists who are negotiating the bill”. If you want a scientific and mathematical breakdown on what the Global Warming, Cap and Trade initiative will produce then I suggest you go here. Yes, dear friends, it’s all bullshit and it’s all about the pigs crowding around the trough getting just a little more golden swill.

I’m going to have to label myself a denier. I’m generally a denier of most of what I hear from the historical re-write departments and the MSM, make it up as you go, departments and all of the departments that are connected to the department stores filled with all the products manufactured off shore.

Let me state an obvious and ‘inconvenient truth’. One of the things that is killing American and western economies in general, besides gratuitous, ‘for profit’ wars; mass theft by the government and banking combine, manipulated health care costs by the AMA-Pharmaceutical-hospital and insurance combine is the loss of America’s manufacturing base. Who sent America’s manufacturing base into the Third World? Corporations did this. Why did they do it? They did it to maximize their profits. Their argument was that they couldn’t compete due to the American worker needing to make a living wage. Their argument is that other people were going to do it cheaper and then sell it for less and then they would be out of business.

What that means is that both cost and quality have to be low to compete. I’m not going to throw in how the devaluation of currency affects this. Let me just state it very simply; soulless, vampire corporations decided to destroy the communities in which they lived in order to make obscene profits. Behind these corporations lie the unnameable Lovecraftian creatures, the bankers. The long term intention is to turn 90% of the population into slaves serving the gross and pornographic needs of a predatory 10%. Quality and cost will remain high for those able to afford it. The rest of you who are disposable will get disposable goods.

Their facts and figures do not matter because they are all lies composed by the numbers crunchers who are told what the numbers should be before they are crunched. There is no initiative, no impulse, no effort and no policy from the crack-whores in Congress and Parliaments around the world that is not pre-designed to bend you over and ride you hard for the amusement and profit of the psychopaths in control of your hamster on the wheel existence. Global Warming is a lie. Everything they tell you is a lie.

Barbara Boxcutter and her friends who sold you the Boxcutter Story of 9/11, which they orchestrated, are intent on pimp-rolling in their eight-ball jackets through the subways of your desperate, subterranean existence (apologies to the thug community) while their hired police gangs demonstrate what they learned in those IDF seminars. You might as well put that keffiyeh on now because baby, you are a Palestinian.

Greed and the lust for power are compelling magnets for the disciples of moral relativism. They are justified in all ways by the need to survive in a world gone mad with greed and the lust for power. If you can’t beat them, join them or they will beat you. Make a deal with the devil and let the future take the hindmost. Whatever you do, it can be made to look different tomorrow. In an age of materialism, the free radicals rule. You’re taking your marching orders from cancer cells in suits.

The bad news is that it happens at all and that it goes on for so long. Sometimes the only way to learn a lasting lesson is for the pain of the experience to be made memorable. The good news is that this cancer is fatal. Cancer kills itself by destroying the organism on which it feeds. Is this not so? Is this not so? Ergo... here is your metaphor for evil. What are your options? You can join in this suicidal dance of death and thereby assist what is to come by providing us with your absence, or you can build a new world while the other one devours itself. Both of these things will and are happening right now. You’ll have to build a new you at the same time and that’s why it hurts and that’s why it feels dark and that is where the sense of ‘pressing down’ is coming from. You have to hang in there. You have to endure. For all of the despicable evidence of our corruptions, there is something truly great in humanity and this intensity of trial is what is polishing the gem within. You must rise to the occasion. Considering the alternative should be sufficient for all of the faith and strength required.

I hear you and I assure you that I know just how hard it is. I’m living in it just like you. The growth pains that are necessary for the coming quantum leap can seem unbearable at times. The daily evidence of brutality and injustice, which is ignored amidst the celebrations of excess... the glittering disco ball of temporary things, spinning out the Kali magic, while the blood shines black under the moonlight... it is to weep.

The poor and defenseless are thrown into the thresher. The crimes committed against them are attributed to them. It can look bleak. It is not. It is the greatest of opportunities to discover what you are made of. The evidence of these cold and malicious hearts should echo within you and form into the words... “I am not like them. I will not go down like a beast into the grave. I will become what I really am.”

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Anonymous said...

Yep, Last night a little Leprauahaun turned all me gold into lead, so this morning I took matters into me own hands, and milk boarded me bowl of Lucky Charms, I kept hearing this little voice saying repeatedly "I LOVE THE IRISH, I LOVE THE IRISH....."

Visible said...

I know there are people who feel that I pick on the Zio-Nazi's too much just because they are the most visibly nasty mass murdering psychopaths on the planet. There are other psychopathic groups and one of them is headed by the world's richest drag queen besides the one sitting on the throne of England. Elton John doesn't even come close.

So, just to get to the truth of the matter over the pope's accident, I am of the theory that he was masturbating while reading the Documentati Di Boy Toy Abusica. that he authored during the times when he was covering up the church sex abuses scandals and he got so excited that his balls exploded and fractured his wrist.

This posted because I know there are people who think I only pick on the Zio-Nazis

Anonymous said...

not good news for Alex Jones

Anonymous said...

Big smiles today.

I think we could spend a little time talking about the weather. Things are changing much faster than during other points in Earth's history. We should ask why? Its safe to say the "warming" is happening in places, but so is cooling? Its all getting mixed up, why? I think western science hasnt looked at the real reasons why. And I say this lack of understanding has been created to hide something. We all know deep down what that something is.
The Zio-bad men may not feel the changing winds, too focused on keeping the sheep moving. This lack of care on their part is only going to help the end game.
Thanks Les for your words, they help. I would suggest that we are all poor and defenseless, in the face of carbon tax ideas and the such. So, let the Zio-boys take more of the material world from us, what do we have to fear? The mounts of shit they create arent hurting you, just themselves? Soon the world will flip and they will be crushed by their own weight of crap. The rest of us will rebond of our weight!!!
Le Mat

Hank said...

I'm not a denier, I'm a believer. I believe brothers and sisters. Can I get an amen. OK...never mind.

I am a believer though. I believe that the planet goes through changes, and is doing so now, as always. There is evidence that there is an overall warming, just as there has been many times in the past. I also believe that humans are making it worse, just like someone that throws matches on a bonfire makes it worse. Let's face it, humans make everything worse. Yes, we are the species with the fecal touch... but where was I.

Oh yea, changing planet. It would appear that the whores in suits, have discovered yet another way to take advantage of the ignorance they have nurtured so lovingly for so long in so many. The sky is falling, no, wait a minute, the tides are changing, or was it, the sun is setting everyday. I'm sure any of these would do, given the fertile soil they have created, but they have chosen global warming.

Their new motto is, catch a fart and paint it green. I know there are many out there who just don't know, and that's where they make their money, and build on their enslavement policy. What the masses don't inform themselves about, is the suit pigs gold mine. Global warming is just the latest of many, and from early testing, it's looking very rich.

Those "people" that have no connection to their souls, have been taking advantage of the masses using planetary changes since the beginning of recorded history. Floods that were sent to destroy the evil. Famine and disease that were punishment for sin. Now it's global warming because of our polluting ways, and each time a price has been extracted.

A little research will tell you that the planet goes through changes. Sometimes subtle, sometimes not but always changing. It's why there are fish fossils in deserts, and the remains of ancient cities under water. We either adapt or the planet kills us, but don't fall for the milking process being implemented to take advantage of natural processes.

The truth is in a wrestling match with the lies, and we've got a good hold on their 911. Let's not fall for the feint of global warming, and lose our leverage. Peace to all.

and` said...

I knew it!!! That evil Cthulhu is up to his old Elder God tricks again!!

This sounds like a job for Samurai Cat!!

Anonymous said...

I think Alex is now Alex "Bullhorn shill" Jones.

I have been noticing a shift within me these last few months. I told my partner last night that in the duality of physical world versus spiritual world, the physical world is looking more like a nuisance. I told her to never be attached to anything more than you can carry.

If I had my way I would take off on a around the world bike tour. Never having more than I could carry and be totally content.

I think we will return, painfully soon, to a time when we once again realize that we don't own anything. Those who have the most will find this a most painful experience. After years of of being in league with the devil in pursuit of material wealth this will be one painful rebirth.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les-

This is a very good article indeed.
Barbara Boxers efforts to flatter minorities reminds me of how the logo of King county(Washington State) was changed a few years ego to where it now incorporates a picture of Martin Luther King. Given that MLK was probably assasinated by a government hit squad-using his image in such as fashion strikes me as symbolic in the same spirit as how Boxer is behaving, towards "minorities"
Symbols over substance.
The powers-that-be eliminate or co-opt a threat, then they make a symbol out of that threat, and after turnig it into a symbol, they then use it as a tool of their propaganda. Propaganda to not only indicate how they really are on the side of or sympathize with what they've just eliminated, but to also identify themselves with whatever benevolence emanated from what they've just rendered powerless(to their power and profits).
It's really hideous and horrifying how they operate.

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, sorry I forgot to add this.
Regarding this being a time which "tempers" certain folks, I'm tempted to paraphrase the old quote "These are times which try men's souls"


"These are times which try men's patience"

Eye On said...

Nibiru Soon, Vis

If you take the time you may find yourself wondering what took you so long to wake up to the fact that you are not part of the action. If you were part of the action you would not give a second or first thought to allieviating the poor of their "wealth", or in denying them health - ie the panfludemic. After all, not dying of "natural" disease only increases your chances of living to see the day you forgive us for having come to the same conclusion as you have. Not enough room. Sorry.

No shore tang said...

in your pipe dreams "Eye On"

watch ywhself

Anonymous said...

Mr. eye on (or could it be one eye ; ). While todays fast moving events appear to indicate the "FIX" is in. With all due respect, sir or madam, there is good in this world and there is evil. Something never mentioned is simply this...THE REST OF US. Many hands make light work. Slainte.

The Goof, the Butt and the Sulky said...

Neat article, man

I'm wondering about that Kali-gal at the Sewersize Disco is she like for real evil or can a man tango with her? You know good n evil, is it like cosmic ice-cream, choco-chunk vs vanilla fudge a matter of taste/perspective?
I had some evil thoughts about some ignorant bully who was my "boss" until he got me fired.
Although he seemed to be making it very clear it was a personal pleasure it felt more like having run into a playful kitten.
The FX dept. in my head was in overdrive producing some of the most insane movies to date.Phew!
And phooey! Major irritation for months on end. Stop thinking about it just get those applications written. Then one day in the mall I go all trembly and my jello legs move me into a side-view of the target. Not him. Thank God. Fuck! That would be hard to explain, Yes your Honor, I was shopping with my family in the mall (on a slightly lesser budget) and all of a sudden I saw my ex boss and I spun him around and knocked his lying teeth out. I'm not usually like that, I think it's because his monkey stole my monkey's bowl, uhm, it happened but it's petty minor in comparison to what's happening in the real world, huh? Don't put me away man, I'm over it now (I hope)

kikz said...

“I am not like them. I will not go down like a beast into the grave. I will become what I really am.”

love it.


Anonymous said...

just the facts--
rusisans DROVE cars to the north pole this april 09--etc--

The vostok graph clearly illustrates the imminent ice age--

The graph shows that glaciers arrive about every 100000 years but the
between glaciers interglacial warm(warmer than today) periods always
last precisely 12500 years-
-and guess what--
precisely 12500 years have already passed since the end
of the last glaciation--
(and no global warming will save us from these coming glaciers)'Little_Ice_Age.htm!.htm nasa fudges data


pray for global warming -
for it is the glaciers that
are now coming to smite you.

Anonymous said...

Hey!! Impotent News Flash!!!
"The Weather....(Drum Roll)..........Changes" back to the ongoing M.J. saga...."
Hey!! Another Important News Flash!!
"“Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves...Now here's Tom with the Weather.""
— Comedian : Bill Hicks
Peace All.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Lucky Charms..

Anonymous said...

"I deny that Capital and Labour are in their nature antagonistic--I assert that they are essential and complementary to each other. The incentive and right of both is the profit of production, and the security of one and the efficiency of the other are essential to national prosperity.... It is the duty of the organized nation to protect Labour, and to secure for it the profits of production, not a mere competitive wage.... The free nation I desire to see rise again on the soil of Ireland is no offspring of despair--no neo-feudalism with Marx and Lassalle and Proudhon its prophets."

Words spoken by Arthur Griffith, in relation to the lock-out/strike of Dublin in 1913. If we would only understand the words which are spoken to us by our forbears.

People starved to death in those times, as a direct result of, British Free Trade - British Israelism.

We are now in similar times because it seems greed is better than care. The bankers are not solely responsible for this mess. The land-owners, and developers within their local communities had a choice as to where they sourced their goods and labour when the economy was buoyant. Too often when I made enquiry as I delivered cheap Eastern European goods to the Irish market, for the so called Celtic Tiger economy. When I asked on occasion why it would not be better to buy local, they thought me a fool. The labour which came from Europe were treated in an abysmal manner, and were treated with scorn and a source of black labour. This is not any particular country problem, it is a problem of greed defined by which tier of the food chain we are on.

The key to what Griffith was saying is the word complementary, when we learn to treat each other with dignity and realize we are not one greater than the other, more dependant on one another.

We all make choices. We could choose to depend on each other locally, rather than be dependant on others internationally.

Regard, Mac.

Anonymous said...

At about +- 1:15 pm EST Mike Riveros' website,, Disappeared.??? WTF is going on???.

kikz said...

can't post commentary on smokin mirrors..

WRH can be reached via


Visible said...

There is a new Visible Origami up-

Silken as a Moonbeam Sliding across a Frozen Lake.

Anonymous said...

A-, Les.
I subtracted a mark because you used your favourite word- psychopath- in a post yet again. Stop it! You're talented... use another word OK?
Hmmm... thumbing through my Megiddo dictionary... what's a good replacement for 'psychopath'? I leave you to anglicize this--


The last word is self-explanatory, the root of the first has many interesting permutations.

Other than that, you could always find a synonym in Russian! It's a little closer to Greek but--- nope! Same word! Hmmmmm... could always go Joyce on us. Call it an act of contrition. ;)


Visible said...

Besides being a day late and a dollar short (since there's another post up) what can I say.

A spiritual master told me that there was a good reason that we don't know about all of our past lives or any, for that matter. Then he told me I had been James Joyce.

I have no use for Joyce at all. Don't like him so.... it struck me and I felt strange for awhile. Then I realized he was fucking with me. It happens.

Still alive said...

I knew the Irish were behind global warming! Do these people ever quit?!

Breaking news: only a second revolution and civil war will save America now.

So, Dear America, you might want to follow Les` advice and mature real quick and figure out just who you are.

For if you don`t your endless delusions will crash upon you faster than you think.

Anonymous said...

"An elephant never forgets."



Joseph Brenner

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