Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Welcome to the Big Stripe, Chaingang World

At Angola Prison in Louisiana they have a term called “Big Stripe”. That’s a name they hang on certain prisoners doing serious time. Prisons are an industry and you shouldn’t kid yourself about it. One of the prison industries biggest money makers is the War on Drugs. You can scroll down just past the video screen to find ten more documentaries to watch just in case Global Cooling is keeping you indoors.

Unlike Al Gore, I have a PhD and all sorts of advanced studies degrees in my area of expertise; field testing both natural and un-natural chemical compounds that affect perception and awareness. I’ve even got a certain smaller amount of experience in the most dangerous drugs on the planet. These would be legal drugs. I don’t recommend fooling around with illegal drugs unless you have the gene. I definitely do not recommend fooling around with legal drugs at any time because they will certainly kill you. Illegal drugs may or may not accomplish that. You have to try harder with them.

I used to think that alcohol was the most dangerous legal drug but I can’t say for sure anymore. I don’t know if Edgar Bronfman still kills more people than the corporations based in Basel, Switzerland. What I do know is that over a million people are presently locked up in the Prison Industrial, ‘McPenitentiary’ Complex for entrepreneurial activities related to prohibited comestibles . They’ve got a flashing banner on their website which says, “Over one million served”.

Putting people in prison for association with illegal drugs is the way the big guys deal with the competition. The illegal drug industry is controlled by the men in suits, which is the reason the quality has been so bad for so long.

I realize that a lot of people use illegal drugs to escape from the possibilities of their bright, shining future in this “best of all possible worlds” but there are others whose shamanistic intentions for self-inquiry pose a definite threat to the quid pro quo, status quo of, “You’re my bitch and she’s my ho,” assembly line- hamsters on a treadmill- legal drug existence in the Brave New World. As at any time in recorded history, visionaries had better watch their ass. The civilians in the mix are usually watching someone else’s ass and that’s how they come to hear the steel doors slam behind them, once the effects wear off.

I’ll have to digress a little here for the sake of illustration and explanation. I’m going to have to talk about reincarnation. I want you to imagine a few scenarios based on certain personality types as they move from life to life and finally achieve the dream position at the end of their long term journey to the fixed destination.

There’s a secret system, within the system of reincarnation, which selects certain personality types for fast-tracking in the manifest world. Everybody else without the requisite gene is just allowed to develop along whatever lines their basic nature and whatever they run up against results in. In some cases these rejected entities develop an awareness of possibilities beyond The Matrix and they are able to participate in their evolution which creates a hot-housing environment for moving on up.

Let’s consider those chosen for manifest world, fast tracking. It takes awhile but under the tutelage of their handlers, these entities have their natural humanity processed out of them, while opportunities for education and personal expression are opened up for them. Most of them never go much beyond the grunt capability in their areas of employment but they do get that Peter Principle thing and they turn out to be a big help for the smaller group who exhibit the ability to go beyond the grunt mentality to actually thinking and expanding on the world view of their handlers. These ‘special’ individuals are then routed for reincarnation into particular families where they can be ‘grooved’ to become conscious workers in the industries that employ their handlers. Some of them become handlers. The rest of them become politicians; religious leaders, media figures, university heads, government czars, bankers, syndicate approved- illegal drug dealers, major crime figures, corporations heads, military leaders, mainstream entertainment faces, philosophers presenting ideological constructs and all the varieties that make up the representatives of the temporal, control envelope.

This grants them the opportunity to legislate against; rail against, condemn and create disinfo for the purpose of maintaining control over the operations they put everyone else in jail for attempting to engage in on their own without an official seal of approval. This also provides them with an enormous economic machine that funds the educational reverse engineering that wipes out the majority of the capacity for independent thought in the masses not chosen to serve the system. Where does this put you, if you are reading this and understanding what I am talking about? Heh heh... well, it won’t be Beverly Hills or The White House.

The system is rigged from top to bottom and from cradle to grave and back to the cradle again. There are two systems but I’m only going to talk about the one today, except insofar as the other system gets affected by cosmic events that have to do with balancing out what would eventually become a completely unbalanced global state of total oppression, if it were allowed to continue on its own. You have to look at power as it is understood on your tiny Earth and compare it to the power that you can’t even imagine in the rest of the universe. While certain souls have been busy looking for ways to control everything on this little planet, other souls have somehow made it out of The Matrix and hooked up with infinitely more powerful forces that could cook this planet like an egg in a microwave without thinking about it.

So an arrangement gets made where the scumbags who want to control and torment every creature on Earth are allowed to get away with it for certain periods of time. This also serves to separate the two types of people who appear to serve two seemingly different forces. Like the song says, “You got to serve somebody”. Then, at times already agreed upon previously, the heretofore, invisible representatives, whose agenda is to free and to heal those controlled and tormented by the employees of The Matrix get to step in and administer some lasting cosmic justice upon the rear ends of The Cenobites with their Pinhead theme park and their pinheaded customers. The game is fixed in ways unknown even to those who know the game is fixed.

Therefore, everything you see and experience is part of a series of dream sequences designed to make some very important points; it is a dream, it’s possible to wake up, it’s all under control and nobody knows exactly why that is but that is the way it is.

Over the long tortured course of this reincarnation, ‘long train running’, The Queen of England gets reborn as a crack whore. Corporation heads and liquor barons become urban, street winos. Big entertainment figures become lifelong social pariahs. Prison industry- management heads become child molesters headed for the joint. Powerful media figures become mental patients writing in their own shit, in small print on the walls of their locked cells. Pharmaceutical titans wind up as animals in a testing lab (over and over again) and so on and so forth. It works the other way too... depending. As I said though... every now and then the game board is suspended for a time so that small traces of evidence may remain for the duration of the next round of play. This is that time.

Some of you have read the yogis, metaphysicians and... some of you have read Joseph Campbell. Some of you are familiar with Terrence McKenna and the works of Carl Jung. There are others who continue to point out certain things even though the truth in not specifically any of these things they do provide an environment for you to develop the impetus to discover, The Door of Everything.

I keep checking my mail but I guess... given the pressures of the moment... no one has yet proven equal to the task, which gives new meaning to the phrase, “sitting here in limbo.”

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Anonymous said...

"The world is like a ride in an amusement park. And when you choose to go on it, you think it's real because that's how powerful our minds are. And the ride goes up and down and round and round. It has thrills and chills and it's very brightly coloured and it's very loud and it's fun, for a while. Some people have been on the ride for a long time and they begin to question, is this real, or is this just a ride? And other people have remembered, and they come back to us, they say, "Hey - don't worry, don't be afraid, ever, because, this is just a ride... And we... kill those people." (Bill Hicks) R.I.P

Great Post Les..Peace.

Hank said...

"What I do know is that over a million people are presently locked up in the Prison Industrial, ‘McPenitentiary’ Complex for entrepreneurial activities related to prohibited comestibles .

This is not just metaphorical, for you folks that have never been a guest of the McPrison system. There is a prison industry called unicor. This is a for profit industry that competes with private companies. They use prison labor, and even though they pay them more than all the other prisoners, it's still only about a buck fifty an hour. Wouldn't those private companies like to get away with THAT.

This is one of the reasons, one of many, for the "drug war". Most street level drug dealers are completely non violent, so when the prison industry is looking for a work force, a large non violent one is preferable. Oh, in case you haven't guessed, I have experience to support my knowledge here.

There are other companies that are almost completely dependent on our McPrison system. Keefee is a commissary Co. that supplies most of the prison system with goods for sale in their commissaries, to a captive market. Wouldn't private companies like THAT as well. No advertising, just business.

Of course there are the other reasons for the illegal drug trade to remain illegal, and none of them have anything to do with the public good. Almost everything you have been told about illegal drugs, with some exceptions of course, is bullshit. Pot is the biggie. It's illegality was spawned and supported by corporate interests, most prominent being DuPont, who didn't want hemp to compete with nylon and other synthetic fibers. Since then, the illegal pot trade has generated billions in revenue, and a healthy cut goes to the politicians that help keep it illegal. All that violence south of the border and leaching it's way into the states is no accident. In this time of serious budget shortfalls, and the lure of billions in a legal pot business, it is more important than ever for them to reinforce the farce of pot is bad, or they'll have to give up their cash cut. Just a little FYI stuff. I'll address the reincarnation thing, what little I think I know in my second post.

Hank said...

Rebel4Ever wrote,

"The world is like a ride in an amusement park. And when you choose to go on it, you think it's real because that's how powerful our minds are."

Your statement reminds me of the movie, Total Recall, where they can plug you in, and you can have an entire vacation on mars in just a few minutes. I have sometimes thought that our whole lives here on earth might be a 10 minute "matrix" ride on some other planet, and that when we die here, we simply wake up there and find that we just stopped off for a quick life, on our way home from work. Or not.

I have thought about this reincarnation thing a lot, and the more I learn about my own existence, and the knowledge I have of things I have never "learned" about, the more substance it has. It is certainly as, if not more plausible than anything else I have heard about life and death.

There are well documented cases of children remembering things and people from their previous lives, that they simply could not know otherwise. Locations, circumstances, nicknames of still living former family members and much more. Exceptions to the rule, to be sure, but difficult to discount.

It may tie in with the theory that memory exists outside the body, and that we simply work like TVs, and make connections to the signal when retrieval is necessary.

Perhaps this life, here on earth and I would assume other planets as well, serve as a proving ground or maturation chamber of sorts for what we call our souls. It could serve to explain why some are forced to suffer such unimaginable pain in this life. Perhaps they have earned it by the way they lived their last life. Maybe it's all necessary some how, for reasons beyond our momentary understanding. Maybe it's something we humans came up with to absolve ourselves of the responsibility for so much suffering. I don't know, but the whole concept does provide a gluttony of food for thought.

I'm no prophet or seer, but there does seem to historically be a kind of reset button somewhere, that when things get right near the precipice of ultimate disaster, it gets hit. There has been more than enough time for world domination to occur, and there have always been those that have striven to that end, but for some reason, they never get there.

In the end I am left to wonder if contending with a world that seems to be caught in a causality loop is my purpose here or the distraction I am intended to overcome in the search for the true goal. Again and always, I don't know. I know I will continue the search, and go to where I am drawn in the belief that there are no accidents. Marvelous post Les, and one I will feast on for quite some time. Thanks again, and peace to all.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,
Ever think that the system of reincarnation was invented to dampen the enthusiasm of the 95% at the bottom to revolt against the 5% at the top?

The USA/Britain/Germany/French imported the Hindu system of schooling for just such ends. We have perfectly reproduced the Hindu caste system.

Get off the ride by homeschooling your kids, eschewing all debt, being self-sufficient (grow your own food, make your own energy, and other ideas propagated on this forum), etc. Not paying your taxes is easy if you don't have a job. Stay off the radar. Barter. Guns are us.

Recommended reading: An Underground History of American Education by John Gatto.

A Truthseeker
p.s. The swine-flu "vaccines" may be weaponized virus (bird-flu added) - the one said to have "mutated" into a deadly virus. Another reason not to send kids to school.

Wiliam Wilson said...

Hi Les-
What youre speaking of seems to point to this-

all humans are One
this is why do unto others as one would be done by-is true

William Wilson said...

Hi Les, shouldve added this

Natural plants, put here by God or Nature, appear to me to be far safer to use than man-made chemicals -this based on personal experience and those of people I have known. Known meaning past tense-as in OD'd
People used to criticize Communist countries for putting people in prison for committing political "crimes against the state", for being against the government's ideology.
Well, the drug laws seem no different. They, also, are dedicated to punishing "crimes against the state"-in the interests of defending an ideology. The ideology of corporate capitalism, which says it's myths, and lies, are to be taken as facts. And that the God of money, which it holds as the supreme value, may only be approached either through them or in ways which receive their OK and blessing. Actually, it looks like a weird and twisted mixture of Calvinism and Pharisee-ism.

Anonymous said...

See also:

Slavery by Another Name: The Re-Enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War II by Douglas A. Blackmon (Paperback - Jan 13, 2009)


Anonymous said...


Yes tools of control, ie drugs. If we want to look at different faces of the seen world, use some drugs. In time the world will use you, if this be the only relatioship you wish to have. Many, many people make the same mistake with everything before their eyes.
The state of being you leave as will be the guiding focus as to what you will return as? I dont see punishment working here, more like you already now what you're getting, you just arent ready or dont want it. Well, back you go, till the light link apears and you move with that new found love. Perhaps many never reach this state, sure seems this way in these days of darkness?
Not sure I understand the "fast-track" thing. What will be will be, the "maker" may speak in more detial but not us? Fast or slow we still have the gift of this awakening? Yes, others are in a place to show better this love, and should, but thats it, no real stuff to understand here? Anyway, thanks Les.

Le Mat

Peter of Lone Tree said...

Search the term "REX 84."

Anonymous said...

Not to be a bummer but I believe the prison system passed the TWO MILLION mark in 2002.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, and for the link to the book, which I'll read, and which led me to other books, several of which I'll read too.
Also thanks to those who comment. I learn a lot from all of you. We are all like cells in one body. Though I do not like some of the other cells, or the way they behave -negatively or undesirably both from my point of view, and from the point of view of generally accepted universal ethics- I can only have goodwill towards them and wish them well. Just as I wish myself well (the boomerang principle).

Visible said...

Yes, I'm only referring to those locked up for drugs.

Randy B. said...

Le Mat,

The "fast-track" thing:

It's simple. Even death won't save you from the sociopathic emotionless (and therefore inhuman) reptiles that have come to dominate this world in their lust for power and control. They've made inroads to power and control on the other side, too. Sometimes, they mold their little puppets from BEFORE BIRTH. However, Universe has certain ways of working, and whether it takes lifetimes or just a little while, karma's always a bitch to those who disdain holding the light.

Randy B.

Lee Smith said...

I'm a coward. Galileo style. Tell them what they want to hear -- are you going to die because you wouldn't tell them the earth is the center of the earth? Those assholes? When the word is already out there? Your blog -- your presence, rather than your words -- has made that attitude a falsehood, a shame. Can't say I'm out of it yet. I've read lots lately that has opened up reality to me, the cosmos, our history, our destiny. The Door To Everything is on its way from Amazon. I don't need to be cheered up. I am on an upward path. And of course we are all very glad of your blogs, your witness.

Anonymous said...

Another source for reading ->



Anonymous said...

OK, most folks are pretty decent types--the few percent are the ones that really cause the trouble--so, if you were "good" in this life, you won't come back "bad", you'll supposedly come back a whiter shade of pale?--the only ones coming back doing the grunt work and getting beat down are the ones doing the beating now?

If that's the case then wouldn't the few percent be "cured" by now and planting tulips and making the world a better place? Something is definitely off in the "karma-reincarnation" thing---generation after generation, and things just keep getting worse?--or is it that in the old days, you could only kill so many with the sword but now you can wipe people out with one piece of legislation or click on a keyboard?

I'm at a loss--I suppose it's all guesswork until you get there but then you never know you are there or where you have been--maybe it's all on faith--lol


Visible said...

Actually I covered that (according to my limited actual knowledge) saying I was dealing only with the one aspect, however also giving a bit of example as well.

It's a spiral and there have been many who have passed on to liberation from this plane and only return to be of service. Often times they are in the garment of a common soul with apparent flaws they do not actually possess but wear for the sake of more harmonious integration.

The deeper facts of the matter have been dealt with by a number of yogis with direct knowledge in their writings and discourses.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little disappointed in this site. This is one of the few places on the web where all the official subterfuge gets wiped away. (Also, I love that there is no advertising.) But, when push comes to shove, the author retracts his assertions and seeks refuge in mysticism.

WTF? Reincarnation upholds the status quo. So why bother uncovering the evil machinations of those in power? Just lie back and enjoy and wait around for revenge in the next "lives."

Some of you mention this "nibiru" planet - from what I dug up, Nibiru is supposedly part of our solar system but on an elliptical, 3600-year (in earth years) orbit around the sun. Perhaps we were seeded (or hybridized from Neanderthals) by these creatures, immortalized in ancient Sumerian cuneiform tablets which appear to worship aliens. This idea is at least a hypothesis that we can use to gather data. (Perhaps the illuminati do exist and conspire to keep the rest of us ignorant and servile. Perhaps alien craft are viewable with infrared equipment, etc.) But blathering on about seers and yogis makes me question this entire site.

And that makes me rather glum, because much else here appears spot on.


Visible said...

You'd probably be better served asking a question when you don't understand something or can't figure out the reason for its presence. Or you could make a convincing argument why something is not so or shouldn't be. It's hard to know how to respond when it comes only in the form of a complaint with no elaboration.

Reflexive assumption is a very limiting thing. If you're well acquainted with all of the elements of reincarnation then you'll need to tell me where I'm wrong. If it was too brief; I keep all of the articles under 1500 words- then you should ask for clarification or further explanation.

If you don't believe in reincarnation well that's fine and you should maybe wait for another article that doesn't mention it. Most articles don't. For myself, it's not a matter of belief. I have first hand experience of it.

I should point out that I've never read a spiritual master or realized yogi or illuminated metaphysician who does not subscribe to it and some have gone into elaborate detail.

It appears that you are expecting me to conform to your world view and if I step outside of it is disappoints you. I have to engage with my ideas at the level I find them on and what I present is what i have learned or experienced' always keeping in mind that I don't actually 'know' anything.

For the moment I suggest you either keep an open mind or just reject what you don't want to hear and accept what you do want to hear. There is a great deal more both visible and invisible than any of us are aware of.

I hope this doesn't come off as offensive or patronizing; such is not my intent. But I do prefer frank and direct speech both coming and going. I'm still learning so I do get things wrong on occasion though I wouldn't include what I've had to say on reincarnation as one of them. I would say that I was exceedingly brief.

Every time I mention reincarnation or karma it pushes people's buttons. They don't like the concept. They can't see the reason. They often demand explanations that were already said in the first place. There is something about these subjects that annoy and upset people... that can be said about many of the conditions in life but it doesn't change them. Adapting to what is is the surest way to master it and end the suffering that comes from being in conflict with it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reply. I confess I don't know much about reincarnation. The whole idea pisses me off; perhaps that's because I'm an atheist and like my retribution here on earth, thank you very much.

I also like rational discourse, and have always had a hard time with your floatier essays. I'm frustrated all the more because I appreciate the other stuff you say - your analysis of the crimes being committed all around us, your willingness to call a spade a spade, your connecting the dots (with flair). I guess I'm grasping in my rational way to come to grips with this spiritual, non-rational arena that you so confidently adopt. I don't adopt anything on faith; perhaps that is a fault. I am also suspicious of being taken for a ride, even only electronically. I'd like to believe that someone has the answers, that perhaps they could teach me.

In the absence of clear answers, maybe I will take my own advice and go back to an unconscious existence, retreating from the world and its cares, admitting that nothing I can do will change anything here on this plane of existence. I'm not sure I can do that...these human intrigues are so darned interesting, as is making sense of chaos.

Maybe that's why I read your columns - because I don't fully understand them and, like any partially shrouded mythology, the words tempt meditation.


Visible said...

I assure you that there are few things I take on faith. I trust and verify all down the line. It just so happens that I have had more experiences than I can recount that prove certain things to me so I write about them. I should also mention that my viewpoint is also shared by some of the most memorable characters in history.

One has to go looking for certain things. If you don't then they won't cross your path. I've got no use for religion at all but my experiences of the invisible realms have been many, many.

We can only go by our own experiences. I am going by mine.

Anonymous said...

Les Said:
"For myself, it's not a matter of belief. I have first hand experience of it".

"I have to engage with my ideas at the level I find them on and what I present is what i have learned or experienced' always keeping in mind that I don't actually 'know' anything".

I'm not sure how to phrase this but is it something like mind over matter, yet in a reversed sequence of metaphysical over mind and it really doesn't matter? One of those times where words fail to even get close--a tip of the tongue thing that can't actually be expressed without losing what it is. I hope you can get an inkling of what I am asking/wondering-- karma/reincarnation oriented--

It has to do with accepting what is in an overall sense--not that you have to agree, but accept on some level--

Can anybody carry on with what it is I'm trying to say--continue the thought???


Anonymous said...

Les, you say "go looking"--is that the same as being open to something--can we make something happen or do we just have to be open--I understand about reading this or that persons writings, but a lot of the time I feel like a kindergartner in a doctoral class and i just (for me) don't think/work that way--
you've perhaps come the closest to pointing the way, although there have been others, but does the "way" ever dovetail, or is yours different than mine---maybe I just answered part of my own question--



Visible said...

There's two aspects to this but many more permutations within them. the primary thing is realization. That is the same for everyone because the same thing is discovered. However, there are also degrees of realization. Some people have massive awakenings and some people have a series of smaller shocks like Earth tremblors but shock is probably not the best word.

At the same time there are (according to one particular school of thought) 36 personality sub-divisions.

In the Hindu tradition there are several forms of yoga. One can attain realization through any of them. Each of them will contain elements of the others. This is just one tradition. There are a number of them. There are also traditions that are not commonly known but which have existed for a very, very long time.

There is a the normal progression of each soul through a series of lives during which they discover and experience various things. Some are naturally inclined toward higher understandings and some are naturally inclined toward sensory experience. Some invest serious enthusiasm in what they do and most invest serious enthusiasm for only a short period in their lives and then settle for some level of existence that they live out until the next burst of enthusiasm. In the Bhagavad Gita it is said that "success is speedy for the energetic" This is very true. It is up to us how quickly we proceed (up to a point). One can attain realization in a single lifetime but that requires a super-human effort.

Some of us are energetic but inconsistent. I am one of those. I have put a great deal of energy into this and will not stop until I complete the work but there are others more balanced and focused than I who move at a swifter and surer pace.

All of the traditions that exist can be as much of a hindrance as a vehicle for realization. the same thing doesn't work for everyone and so it is important to find what is appropriate for you. This is why I recommend going within and asking in an unceasing way to be led.

I believe in direct contact and I have gotten that. Anyone can but it takes a consistent and deliberate effort. It takes determination, faith and certitude, It has to be the centerpiece of one's existence. Those who provides the advancement and rewards are not handing them out for weekend enthusiasts.

It is a very private thing and can only be accomplished in that manner. Group work is useful up to a point but eventually one passes beyond the ordinary boundaries of experience into the unknown both within and without.

The answer to every one of your questions that I noticed has to do with serious focus and a relentless capacity to continue despite the obstacles thrown in your path by the very force leading you. the answers to these questions are interiorly revealed based on passing certain tests. every event in our life, no matter how insignificant it seems is just such a test.

The objective is consciously resident within you at this very moment. Awareness has to merge with awareness. Our consciousness has to expand to the point that we are able to comprehend what is actually a very simple thing...extremely simple. It's all got to do with relentless effort in which one tries as hard as they can at all times until one cannot go a step further and then one surrenders. It is not for the weak or faint of heart. It takes everything. One must consider though that even ordinary life takes everything because you lose everything except what you have become when you leave this plane for other realms and, in most cases- preparation for the next round.

I hope this is useful. It's just what flows out. I don't think about this so I don't know how useful it is. It is what is speaking in me in respect of the impact of what I read. Given that I don't know anything and am a very small unit it is quite possible that I've not tagged exactly what was needed. One has to find that within.

Anonymous said...

Not bad for an amateur...lol

Relying on myself to find what I don't think I know--a bit at a time--nothing more until you can handle what you have been entrusted with right now--

I was afraid of what I already knew-- but I've come this far--might as well keep walking--at least the scenery changes when we move past it---actually, it stays the same but our perception of it changes--

Thank you,


Walter Washco said...


Every man will be judged according to that which is harbored in his heart. If a man harbors hatred even for his enemy it will profit him little.

It is a misnomer to call it a Jewish problem, more correctly the problem is one of lust . It is the lust of money which has been at the root of the problem since the days of Pharaoh.

Jews are not hated because of any of the isms you mention here but because of the evil which is to be found in the heart of man.

Yes, we as Americans would like to get our country back from the grasp of this satanic thing which holds this nation and all of the nations of the world in its mighty talons. Unfortunately this will not happen before Armageddon is fully played out.

Hitler was a pathetic Satanic puppet and would have done anything his master inspired him to do. And the leaders of the United States and Israel and every other country on this planet are also under the control of a single master, he is called the Prince of Power of the Air.

The Jews are unique in that the greatest Prophet, is numbered among them. They also number some of the most evil and ruthless as well as the finest and noblest of men, as do all of the various peoples of the world.

And it does very much concern being good or bad. Again the problem is not the Jews, it is the great controversy between good and evil.

The host and parasite example can be used against any group, Catholics, Negroes, Chinese etc.

Ivan, I do not mean this as a criticism. You are intelligent and knowledgeable, and I thank you for your time and your opinion. If I may advise one more clever than myself, up root all hatred from your heart. I know what it is like, it is like a damned weed that keeps returning. It is a full-time job, every time I think of the 9/11 or Bush and Cheney and now Obummer and that puppet show, I have to work hard at it.


kikz said...

'In the absence of clear answers, maybe I will take my own advice and go back to an unconscious existence, retreating from the world and its cares, admitting that nothing I can do will change anything here on this plane of existence.'

why...do you consider your conscious understanding & acceptance of unalterable external conditions unconsciousness?

pish. for the want of a nail...

as for any nosecrinkles inre metaphysical/spiritual...

perhaps a more rationalist/stoic path on your 'hero's journey' is desired.

the discourses of epictetus

neat, sweet, petite.



Joseph Brenner

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