Friday, July 03, 2009

Absurdity and Corruption Beyond Measure

I keep telling myself that it can’t get any more absurd than it is but I am consistently wrong. I keep thinking the corruption has finally reached the point where humanity will collectively rebel; that Nature itself will manifest as a chain-mailed fist and come down on the heads of these people but... I guess not yet. How far can it go? Apparently there’s no real limit.

It’s been crystal clear for some time that the media is nothing more than a slimy, lie machine. If you hear something from the mass media you can take it for granted that it’s a lie or certainly an exaggeration or a distortion. In certain cases where the news doesn’t fit with the media’s agenda they just don’t report it at all, as in the hijacking of the Free Gaza ship and the imprisonment of the passengers. Yesterday we learned that this doesn’t even touch the level of corruption that defines today’s mass media. Yesterday we saw what they have been up to at the Washington Post. It’s painful to read the spin coming out of the mouths of the corporate heads. You can see the lies snaking through the explanations and you know... you damn well know they did everything they are accused of doing and that everyone from the top down knew what was happening.

Now, today I see this. The absurdity of the process and the commentary from the players is off the charts. There is no reality. Reality is in a coma somewhere in the charity ward of a rust belt hospital. For those of you with penetrating intellects and... I think I can safely say that reflects the general capacity of my readers... both of these news items provides a horror and squirmy entertainment that is hard to rival. Still, I know this is probably nothing compared to what I haven’t seen yet and what ‘they’ haven’t gotten up to yet or what I don’t know about. I stand in stunned amazement. How can this civilization still be standing? Surely all of the concrete and glue, every nail, bolt and screw has abandoned its post.

We find out that Goldman Sachs has been neck deep in every ugly financial meltdown in the US over the last hundred years. We know that their alumni are in charge of the Obama administration’s financial policy and we can assume that Goldman and the Federal Reserve are Siamese twins with rabies. I’m not a fan of Matt Taibbi. I don’t think Michael Bay is an immortal director but he certainly knows how to get your attention.

The American government and its corporate bosses are an enormous dead skunk in the middle of the road. These snakes are the authors of the 9/11 attacks through the various government agencies they used for that purpose in tandem with Mossad and some others so... there’s no limit to what they will do to serve and promote their interests. These are not human entities. What they are is yet to be fully revealed but they are not human.

Now, Ron Paul has got the votes to lift the skirts of the Federal Reserve so you can rest absolutely sure that the kitchen timer is ticking down to the next false flag attack on America and it’s going to be large. I would bet it’s going to be a series, a multiple. They need to protect themselves and that’s what they are going to try to do.

A large percentage of military personnel; police, firefighters and assorted government personnel at every level know that 9/11 was an inside job. Most of the country believes it. I don’t run into anyone in Europe who doesn’t know this. We’re really coming up on something that could result in a total transformation of the world as we know it. Well... the signs have been there for a long time now.

Pause with me for a moment and consider just how bat shit crazy these people are. Take a moment to scan the landscape on its various levels of existence. Glamour and materialism are a form of insanity and the insanity is progressive. It’s similar to the condition of a sex freak that can’t satisfy the urge in any ordinary way and is compelled to go ever deeper into the perverse. At the same time, the forces of political correctness race to keep pace with each new experiment in order to press for the necessary legislation to legalize and protect it. Where are they going? They must be going somewhere. Do they know where they are going and... if they do... what does that tell us?

Events like this show us just what sort of a Fellini film we are inside of but it’s not Fellini directing, it’s Clive Barker. As normal becomes a thing of the past on every level, madness is becoming the new sanity... but the Earth continues to rotate... people shop and sit on park benches. They go to work and they move through their days and their lives. There’s a pattern of consistency there. It’s not like it was but it still has a certain routine to it that belies what is actually taking place. This is a very explosive situation.

Some places are more nuts than others. Some places are more stressed than others. We’re all waiting for it. Will it ignite and drive large crowds into a wildfire of fear swept streets? Will it just be varieties of specific events that become news items to those at a distance? The people at the top of the food chain are out and out criminals in the main. The exceptions to this become increasingly rare. The middle class is trying to hold it together but the degree of dissipation juxtaposed to the various insults and injuries being visited upon them do not make for a positive prognosis.

The interesting thing is that there are millions of people who think what I am talking about here is absurd and exaggerated and that we’re just going through a rough patch and the all terrain Obamamobile is going to shot out of the swamp at some point and hit the Tamiani Trail. The alligators, water moccasins and mutating pythons will all be just a bad dream. We’ll remember not to eat so many burritos when we’re throwing back shots of Jagermeister in the future. It happens and now we know better.

For the same reason that no sane farmer employs a fox to guard his chickens, no sane person believes you can get to a particular state of existence without going through a certain sequence of events as in... you can’t get there from here. For some reason, the people fixing the mess believe that doing a variation on what caused the problem will solve the problem, especially if you put the people that caused the problem in charge. Seen objectively this makes no rational sense but this is what they are doing.

I wonder just how crazy it’s going to get. The Washington Post story is like a donkey punch in a grocery store and... speaking of grocery stores, I am still tripping out over the warp and woof of what I read about the organic food industry.

There is a way that things work and a number of ways that they don’t work. You can’t drive a car without oil for very long and the consequences are extreme. You shouldn’t put sugar in your own gas tank, much less in the cars of your neighbors or constituents. You don’t saw off the limb you are sitting on with the saw action closest to the trunk of the tree. You don’t dry your pets in a microwave. Right now it’s not much different than that.

At other times, some of these things would make me shake my head and laugh. I’m not laughing though because it isn’t funny. Meanwhile there’s this growth industry of comic news shows whose income depends on it continuing. They don’t want it to stop. They’d be out of a job. Well... I don’t have any more to say at the moment. What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

These demons who killed Lord Jesus and are even now engaged in killing his relatives, among countless others, are the same demons who also killed our beloved Srila Prabhupada..

They will continue killing and corrupting until the annihilation of the material cosmos is accomplished.

With the regeneration of the material cosmos, after a "rest," they will return again as a part of the whole.

It's what they do.

Anonymous said...

Les... Well and precisely said. "Bat shit crazy" hardly begins to cover it!

I have to believe that this insanity is NOT sustainable and that Universe is about to vomit out out fur ball of psychopaths...

In peace and hope...

Anonymous said...

Israel should have learned from Moses long ago. The golden calf was a lesson they never learned, Now they want to "take out" the rest of us for their "other transgressions" Guess that the ashes from the golden calf strewn in the water they drank wasn't strong enough. I expect a major event in a few days. If it does happen do not keep the wind to your back. Be well all and keep an eye to the wind. Grandpa

nina said...

I think the worse their financial portfolios look, the less they think about anyone else. They would rat on each other in a heartbeat - if they had access to an airtight alibi. I think this particular moment in time is a phase, one of many - and we will continue to slide downhill in a prolonged crash. This is how we learn the truth about catastrophe, it is not one sole event, its a cascade of worsening events that never reaches bottom since after-effects spawn greater after-effect to create ever-expanding chaos. In overpopulation where the Earth's urban, suburban and exurban centers are struggling, starving, bulging out of every crevice, these ones of undefined species also multiply. That's the only natural part of it. No wonder they are, heh, pro-life.

nina said...

There have been so many lies, for so long, belief systems under attack, who is to say everything we know isn't what it is? For all we know, which is hourly turning out to be false, can we say the stars as we have studied them, are what we think they are? Lately they say Black Holes might not be what was previously accepted science. In that light, we wonder, if they are going to delete Black Holes, who is to say we have already entered into one and this is what it looks like from the inside.

Visible said...

It is a certainty that things are very strange at the moment and what is or is not reality is constantly in question. I know from my journeys into the interior just how strange things can be and especially of late.

What is happening is happening on a lot of levels at the same time like multi-dimensional chess. All of these states play off of each other and the combination's are unpredictable. I'm comforted to know that the is a master game plan but sometimes I can't see well at all. It's like a great many heavy bodies are moving into position and when position is finally achieved there will be action.

m_astera said...

The USDA Organic label has been a farce from its inception around ten years ago. I had to laugh at the part of the article Les linked to where they said that consumers and farmers demanded it. What really happened is that organic food was a growth industry in the 1990s, posing a threat to the big corps, so they got their buddies in congress to mandate regulation. The safety of the people is always the reason the government gives, right?

The standards board was immediately stacked with pro-business shills, and the regulations (NOP final rule) were ridiculous from the start, with lots of built-in loopholes.

When you buy that organic milk, chances are it comes from a 4,000 cow factory dairy, one of many owned by a giant international corporation. The cows aren't living any better than the cows in other factory farms, but they are being fed supposedly organically grown feed.

"We're from the government and we're here to help you"

The scariest part for me is not the non-organic chemicals that are allowed, heck they are in all of the food you eat anyway. The scariest part is that all of the corn (maize) in the USA has been contaminated by cross-pollination with GMO corn. So whether you buy organic corn or not you are eating GMO food, and corn products are used in most food. This is likely true for soy and canola as well.

For those interested in an overview of the whole mess and how we got into it (and how to get out of it), here's a synopsis that I wrote last fall:

Tundra Kat said...

I think you're right about a series of false flag attacks. Worse, I think they'll be biological (swine flu writ large).

They've got to use those detention camps scattered throughout the country for something.

Randall said...

My comments rarely get through now
that I have to use IE fora browser,
but First prayers for Dadnerd, and then, there's the old prison saying about The PTB: "fuck 'em, and feed 'em fish"

Anonymous said...


Im a worried? -
"These are not human entities. What they are is yet to be fully revealed but they are not human."

Im hoping Im not tripping over a few words? Les they are human.
They become some else via -
"Glamour and materialism are a form of insanity and the insanity is progressive"

No sure if Im clear here but, thats what Ive got to say.

Le Mat

Reality Bytes said...

A master game plan?
You reiterate at a prolific rate the choicest hyberbole with a keen sense for hynogogic rhetoric, and display a dazzling matchmaking talent for voxpop convergence scenarios... all the signs hitting the fan in one big poop-scoop d'etat, and yet everything is under control; evil is destined to extinguish itself conveniently whilst you toast organic marshmallows at a prudent distance and reminisce on previous incarnations. Either you're a crazy contradictory mammal like me or else you're an AI chatterbot. Good job I've got my tin-foil hat on, huh?

Hank said...

Yea, I have been getting a bad feeling for a while now.

First there is this almost complete "news" blackout in the MSM. By that I mean we have massive coverage of things that are of no consequence. Michael Jackson, king of pop pedophilia. Gov. Sanford and the never ending fuck fest. Now we have the "resignation" of Sarah I've got a vacuum between my ears Palin, and her cartoon quest to be president. Can anyone tell me how being able to see Russia qualifies as foreign policy experience. Can anyone tell me why a rugby team has not taken a collective piss on this bitch.

Anything and everything with no substance is on TV. To me that means some kind of serious shit is going on behind the curtain. I mean something other than the usual violation of our rights.

The problem is that there are so many players in this game, on both sides, to be able to make heads or tails of it. The feds and the wall st. gang are doing everything they can to clamp down on the truth, and finish the transfer of wealth from the masses. Police forces being given M16s for free. Howdy Doody trying to find some way to use the US military within American borders, using natural disasters or pandemics as an excuse. And there is a myriad of other shit they're doing that can't be seen for the muddied water. Their corporate co conspirators in the media are providing the mud.

But then you have hints that Americans are smelling a rat. We have the preacher that wants his congregation to show up wearing their guns. We have states and their police wondering WHY the president wants to deploy the military in the US. We have one police dept., Boston I think, that has turned down the M16s. We have Oath Keepers reminding the hundreds of thousands that have been in the military and are still in the military, that their oath was to the constitution, not to the government or the president. They have even come up with 10 orders they will not obey.

There is much more, but lines are being drawn. Forces are being organized.

They, the bad guys, are feeling the pressure. 911 is leaking all over the place. Their little Iran bomb had a bad fuse. The jew atrocities in Gaza are being seen for what they are. All their efforts to make questioning the holocaust illegal is drawing too much of the wrong kind of attention. The questioning kind. Add to that the fact that 73 percent of Americans are seeing the special interests win the battle to deprive them of health insurance, and you've've got a classic cluster fuck.

The answer is there, if you can read a hundred boxes of alphabits in a whirlpool of milk. I can't, and I'm usually pretty good at seeing what's behind the curtain. Their extraordinary efforts to hide what they are doing is what gives me that bad feeling.

It's kind of like watching a master juggler, doing a hundred running chainsaws at once, and he has walked out into the audience. I just don't see it ending with applause. Peace to all my friends, and if you have to get up and go to the bathroom, now would be a good time.

Anonymous said...

How's Dadnerd coming along?


Astraea said...

Les Visibles,

It seems to me to be about consciousness.

You will be better than I am at examining and elucidating this, but if you thik about it, anyone, except for black people perhaps, who voted for this Obama person did so for unconscious reasons, for reasons they were not really aware of, coming out of their subconscious minds.
Having been conditioned into "tolerance" that being "racist" was taboo, that it was unacceptable to "discriminate" and eve that being white is something to be ashamed of and all white people should bow their heads and shut up because, really, actually, black people and bronze people and others are really, actually, better - and that being "scientific" is the only sensible way to think a is the only right way to go or right way to think - all the rest (including the unconscious mind) is irrational. That is how they have caught the poor people of the West - in this terrible trap where there is no Life, only a dead end called Death.

People do not examine their conscience any more. They do not sit down and look inside to see what exactly is motivating them or manipulating them - so they are easy prey. When they presented this Obama person they fell for it hook, line and sinker - they just fell in line like zombies. After Bush it was a slam dunk.

I know two people who voted for this person - and I can see why - their egos, their poor weak and confused egos were so easily bamboozled.

So, consciousness, awareness, is what we need - and I do not think enought people are becoming awake and aware enough fast enough - and as you said, Nature will take her course, and she will not do it gently homosexuality is something She truly loaths. Ask Khali or ask Diotima, or ask Ereshigal.

Nature and our thinking CAN only function or operate through opposites. Up down, high low, right left, hot cold - and male female.
Homosexuality is fundamentally intrinsically absolutely evil - and it is everywhere now, and more and more of it - and it has been imposed on the West by the ignorant, evil creatures whom we have been too weak (being unaware and unconscious) to throw off, like the slimy, creeping things that they are.

I urge you, I beg you to listen programs on "Born on the Fourth of July" on RBN - .
Go the the archives and listen to that program for yesterday, the 3rd. July and the 2nd - two hours each when Barbara Jean interviewed David Hawkins.


If people could just stop being so completely ego driven they could survive spiritually, this onslaught.

In England today Christianity is almost a revolutionary activity - or soon will be!

That is the usefulness of religion or spiritual practise - it helps one to keep a check on one's conscience!

That is why I am truly baffled and amazed by the behavior of the Dalai Lama. He has no concsience it seems"!
None! What does he do when he supposedly meditates???

Thank you again for your great work Les Visibles. PLEASE listen in to those two programs.

Astraea said...

There is an article, with video, on RussiaToday, posted yesterday, about the Ukrainians who are demanding an inquiry into WW2 and how the Gentiles of the Ukraine were used as cannon fodder - actually driven in front of NKVD and being mown down by the Germans. They were without weapons to defend themselves at all, let alone attack. They blame the Jews mostly, and they want Russia to open this all up.

Anaughty Mouser said...

I think the next false flag may well be at multiple locations in the USofA simultaneously, and that the attacks will be by agent provacateurs from the CIA and other spooks where the blame will be placed on the TRUTH-MOVEMENT itself.
Thereafter just being associated in any way with 911truth or any other truth group (peaceful or not) will become totally illegal and guilty parties will be incarcerated indefinately as enemy combatants without recourse to cousel or trial.
Hence all the new prisons now awaitng inmates.
Blogging at a truth-seeking site (such as this) will become illegal.
Seeking or speaking the truth will be in effect illegal.
There will be a global ban on all alterative media/blogs, and persons engaged in writing and/or reading such alternative media will be tracked down and jailed like child pornographers are now.
George Orwell can be deemed as a prophet with respect to the insights in his writings.
I wonder how he knew way back then this was coming?


Anonymous said...

Organic food? This means that your GM broccoli may have been grown without pesticides, but who gives a shit? It's still poison. If a horse is grazing on clean grass, then horse shit is organic, but I wouldn't eat it.
I think the only way to avoid being poisoned by your food is to produce it yourself, and they are working on the removal that option.
We must be drugged,poisoned and traumatized in order for them to feed on us. We've been fattened. The slaughter has begun.

As for black holes, I have it on good authority that they are cosmic re-cycling bins. The mother of all black holes sits at the heart of the universe, which is after all, a fractal thingy.


Anonymous said...

We can keep talking about the "obvious" as much as we want. The veil is being lifted on many fronts and this, to many people, can be extremely shocking. Look at pettiness outside you, recognize it, and transmute the part that is inside you. Everything is perception. Then, look at the seemingly small amount of "good" that is outside you and magnify it inside you thousand fold. It's no use in being heartsick and feeling powerless. The world is the way we perceive it ... We need to own our folly individually, transmute the bad into good by choosing our thoughts carefully - and then, when enough people are doing it, the world somehow changes like there was a miracle... This does not exclude no action on our part. Action is the key - read The Call of Agni Yoga - but still, action needs to be hand in hand with inclussivity. It's our collective mess we’re seeing now, the ones who can perceive it, need to act on it and action starts with reforming our thoughts by dropping despondency and embracing the fire within. The rest will come like in a well directed movie, because our fates are way better directed than we think.


Anonymous said...

Imagine how different our world would be if people like Cynthia McKinney were our elected representatives. Or Barry Goldwater for that matter. Or you.

We're ruled over by a bunch of psychopathic scumbags and their psychopathic scumbag followers. It's becoming increasingly easy to find out just who is a psychopathic scumbag, they're the ones who know the truth, but play along because they're down with the psychopathic scumbag plan.

Matt Taibbi knows the truth about 9-11. Matt Taibbi's Goldman Sachs article divulged absolutely zero inside secrets concerning that psychopathic scumbag operation, but it did serve to elevate Matt Taibbi to the status of truth teller. He is not. He is a psychopathic scumbag masquerading as a truth teller. Orhama is another. Biden is another. Everywhere you look in this most corrupt of countries, are psychopathic scumbags in positions of power. Finding leaders of integrity is easy, just look for the people ignored or ridiculed by the psychopathic scumbags in power.

They're going to fuck with the food supply next, that's my prediction. People who are starving now will die, and people who are hungry now will be starving soon. That's the psychopathic scumbag answer to population control, and it will use mother nature as a scapegoat whore.

Unknown said...

What are your comments on this ?


:)leon~ said...

mr v.
i been feeling a bit guilty about feeling so good seeing as how things(& me to)are so fukced up but i been pretty bad for awhile so i guess its ok & after all i can only be me whatever i do so i might as well relax about being so up tight about not being able to loose that up shrink says its a hostile enviromental perception issue but i only see her mainly because of the zoloft.anyways i just wanted to say thanks because you're blogs are a real neat treat.

Visible said...

A core group of us are forming a community

The New Shangri La

Maybe you'd like to be a part of it and maybe you have some ideas. We're all ears.

brian boru said...

There have been more terrible times in the recent past. If you lived in Russia in 1920 you could be tortured and murdered by the government at any time. Millions were, usually the best and most moral. Nothing happened to the Bolshevik monsters during or after the slaughter. There was no resistance, and the average Russian of that time was a lot tougher than the average American couch potato of today. The very same tribe responsible for that vast slaughter during their Marxist experiment are now getting ready for another slaughter. So their media lie? What's new from the race which is the master of the Big Lie. These parasites live to lie, steal, corrupt and murder. They are responsible for more human suffering and death and cultural and environmental destruction than all other people on earth combined. The world needs a 'final solution' to them.

Ivan de Coward said...

brian boru: The world needs a 'final solution' to them.

British historian David Irving once said in an interview: "One hundred years from now Hitler will get a very decent hearing".
I don't think it will take that long - ten years from now max, else one hundred years from now there will be no one left with the knowledge and intelligence to understand what Hitler was all about.

Look, you don't have to approve or disapprove what Hitler has done or hasn't done. But the taboo on open and truthful discussion of his legacy must be broken. You cannot even mention that Hitler was a vegetarian without being labeled neo-Nazi.

You don't have to kill or burn them all in gas ovens in order to arrive to the final solution. All that is required is universal awareness of who they are. Easier said than done when virtually all channels of communication with the absolute majority of the population are firmly in their hands. Not to mention the money supply, education system ... the list is almost endless.

Robert L said...

When you are absolutely convinced that a specific, long awaited mis.deed will be exploded into our relative unease, then step back from it all...and meditate.
True it is horrendous, and yet we still get through it all. For me and for you try this, imagine that this day is peaceful and stable and compared to the hell which visited the planet back in the 40´s our relative desperation or anxiety of today´s world is nonetheless qualitatively 7 times better. No direct starvation, no direct advancing armies, no largescale bloodshed and rape. So use the dialectic, something in-between or maybe not. Use the relative peace to prepare for the hell which you fear, so that when those demons leave your dreams and enter your visible senses, you will be waiting for them, and not in a fit of fear, paralyzed.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Dumballah.. let me see now, do they have my measure on all your Blogs? nice work, the chin ups' tha stuff.I don't have anything belicaose or beligerent to add to your work today I am still tiasted from trying to save the hard drive in my laptop. I was about to download some rather innocuous 'free' software - 'shareware' program from a seemingly genuine site - I hit the 'DOWNLOAD' button, then an incredibly bizzare wwwwwBINK!wwwwBINK! letters and noise title appeared and was heard in the title bar of the 'run or save' window, it continually replayed itself and I had to close the little download window to stop it. Well, that pissed me off, unfortunately I had asked to download what I can best describe as a 'military-industrial-complex' quality trojan/worm/HDD destroyer. I am no mug when it comes to computers, I have salvaged the Ram and the nothing else; the hard drive is unopenable - I put it in an external HD box, and nothing. I can often judge the level of buzz on the part of the Orks by the amount of grief reported to me by my colleagues associates and allied fellow travellers. A NEW WAVE ASSAULT IS JUST BEYOND THE SMOKE - or should I say the 'FOG OF WAR' - keep your powder dry andf your eyes peeled comrade. "Theem injuns arrz'a'rastliss taneet"!

"E Nomini spiritu sancti"

One who stands a nightwatch at the barricade... and watches and waits.

Visible said...

Last year I took my computer in to someone to fix a couple of small items. In the process he wiped out all of my music that I had recorded over the years so that every track and component I had used to record the songs was gone. Everything else remained.

Why he did this I don't know but that's what happened. I now have to re-record everything, about 150 songs, again. I will do it and they will be better but man... it was a blow.

Well... you're not criticizing me today. There's always tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Dumballah... too much praise is not a good thing and you know it. Oh, here's for my second byte at the cherry,.. OI!! Reality byter, fuck off! You borrow your Nom de guerre from a Holy wand shit heel flic that borrowed it's 'hit song' and it's 'hit soundtrack' from a time and a place that didn't know 'gen X. I know, I was a nobody when "My Sharona" was a genuine hit - not a cover. As for your bile, FUCK YOU idiot, a typical hyperbolic convoluted toss-pot squirming with glee at your own big wordiness - FUCK OFF! Oh, westwiredfunny, you get a club jersey and can play anytime I'm the captain. Sweet stuff, it is all about the yin and yang, physical and metaphysical.. ya can't sell ya shit at the market unless, ya can get it down there, and that takes a wagon, a body, a physical presence - discorporate when you are done with the husk, until then it IS the temple!!!
The duality dear friends the duality, made in the image of our creator, both physically and metaphysically!! DOH! Oh, we need to fight with our meditative Will and our physical Will: WILL = STENGTH of being. Not good enough just to be a tough fucker in the 'Field'. You have to be a tough fucker in the 'Mind' - field as well and 'at the same time', or 'simultaneously'; for the wordy among you. The creator or Us, if you Will, anyone, Bueller? What is needed right now is a serious fucking MILITIA DEI, and we are da dei! Dei is us and us is dem, we are all and everything and it is endless, our current fight is with a bunch of Orks that scribbled a tome about them being chosen and us being not. They don't care about the money or the power, it's about manifesting the Will of their master of their reality; Lucifer. Against our "master of reality" - the 'natural' universal creative energy of 'good' Will.

"E Nomini espiritu sancti"

...from the nightwatchmen at the barricade..adieu

P.S. let's get our heads together in the clouds and foil there evil plot.. NOW!!

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on the link that Mahrouk 5:21 posted?

From Lurking Reader (aka Reading Lurker)

Visible said...

Well Lurker;

As far as I read it did not ring true to me. It reminds me of transcriptions I have read of channeled information allegedly given by some famous person now living in some realm where it is possible for them to speak to those capable of hearing and transmitting.

I go by vibrations and as I read anything I get certain 'hits' from the material.

Another thing, very often these sorts of things never tell you anything useful that you don't already know. I tend not to trust anything I don't hear from within or that is not corroborated from within. this doesn't mean I know what's going on either. It's just a system that works for me.

Anonymous said...

One thing for sure.. just like us, the Andromedeans, etc., etc., etc., all have it coming, kid.

Their "final exam" is the same as our "final exam."

Anonymous said...

"Homosexuality is fundamentally intrinsically absolutely evil..."

Wow. Bad day luv, or nothing else to worry about? Interesting take on "consciousness" though.

Anonymous said...

(If necessary, substitute God, Allah, etc. in place of Krishna)

Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 8.6

yaḿ yaḿ vāpi smaran bhāvaḿ

tyajaty ante kalevaram

taḿ tam evaiti kaunteya

sadā tad-bhāva-bhāvitaḥ


Whatever state of being one remembers when he quits his body, O son of Kuntī, that state he will attain without fail.


The process of changing one's nature at the critical moment of death is here explained. A person who at the end of his life quits his body thinking of Kṛṣṇa attains the transcendental nature of the Supreme Lord, but it is not true that a person who thinks of something other than Kṛṣṇa attains the same transcendental state. This is a point we should note very carefully. How can one die in the proper state of mind? Mahārāja Bharata, although a great personality, thought of a deer at the end of his life, and so in his next life he was transferred into the body of a deer. Although as a deer he remembered his past activities, he had to accept that animal body. Of course, one's thoughts during the course of one's life accumulate to influence one's thoughts at the moment of death, so this life creates one's next life. If in one's present life one lives in the mode of goodness and always thinks of Kṛṣṇa, it is possible for one to remember Kṛṣṇa at the end of one's life. That will help one be transferred to the transcendental nature of Kṛṣṇa. If one is transcendentally absorbed in Kṛṣṇa's service, then his next body will be transcendental (spiritual), not material. Therefore the chanting of Hare Kṛṣṇa, Hare Kṛṣṇa, Kṛṣṇa Kṛṣṇa, Hare Hare/ Hare Rāma, Hare Rāma, Rāma Rāma, Hare Hare is the best process for successfully changing one's state of being at the end of one's life.

Curly Boy said...

Geekinx Dump0...

Fanx 4 making me Dei

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Matthew Tripp said...

The wheel of Buddhist terms poster Velcro modular wall mural game. Doctoral dissertation for philosophy, title: The Interpenetration of Buddhist Practice and Classroom Teaching.

PARASITIC SPECIES INFESTATION alien robot telescope spaceship: audiobook first few tracks are good, PALE BLUE DOT as we transition to a knowledge based global society

as computing power increases exponentially and ubiquitous web enabled sensors allow for immersion in context relevant buddhist or ethics perspective, national broadband plan... augmented reality sociology subject index and table of contents Chinese military intelligence genius clones life energy word abacus sustainability transmission measurement context mapping is me Google for EXTINCTCULTURE please let me know what you think about this topic (FOLDING@HOME and BIONIC software's, engineering 450 million new species to make deserts habitable or telepathic ecosystem maintenance) autodesk inventor prototyping software for genetics use the audio book list on to build course of life coaching training young orphan people to be CIA certified ethical hackers download free at because if the current post world war 2 education system was meant to produce factory workers (not critical thinking curriculum video from best teacher nationally then teachers answer questions and do research while the kids watch, pause for Q+A, the videos podshifter software for iTunesU ) how much worse is this continuation of using the bible koran instead of critical mass ecosystem dynamics physics logistics?

google for flashcard database

subliminal education psychological profiling HDTV

MIT OCW designing your life. The art of war flashcard deck, wikipedia article audio book the 48 laws of power... RAW stem cells movies: Eagle EYE, Minority Report, (gps and audio recording + all video survelance to DVR on web for all probation and parole ankle monitors, put more people on them and use software to monitor them, the probation or parolee pays for the ankle monitor and then gives it back to the probation office then the next probation pays for it again, thus buying another one) broadcom is makeing new version of these chips every two months now GPS + Bluetooth + WiFi + FM combo chip)
audio + video security DVR in juvinile prisons with audiobooks streaming leave the headphones you buy behind for the next inmate

web 2.0 directories: and USE THE TAGS cloud, also and SHARE



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