Thursday, July 27, 2023

"The Monkey Mind and The Dog of Desire on The Streets of Fire; The Jitterbugging Monkey Mind of The Sad Apocalypse."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Was it 2013... 14? Somewhere around there it was that I met Mr. Apocalypse for the first time, and... he told me he was going to nail them in public... pull their pants down... literally and metaphorically before the eyes of The World. He said they were going to be exposed in convincing fashion and ruined for all future enterprises against the rest of us. Slow forward to 2023 and now we see it by the day.

We see it in Hunter Biden and The Big Guy. We see it in all the clowns running through the halls of power with seltzer bottles and rubber noses. We see it in the awful films and music. We see it in the street demonstrations of sexual dysfunction... pulling down their own pants in front of The World. By incremental degrees of cluelessness... The World is no longer amused.

I was thinking about other periods of time in America... Europe... The Middle East. I was thinking about the periods of depravity that came along now and again... how it reached a level of intensity and... something happened. War? Maybe plague? I imagine it was different each time.

I thought about The Temperance Movement when alcoholism became so problematic in the cities. Drunks were everywhere. Now the Tranq zombies do the latest Thorazine shuffle ♫ on The Streets of Philadelphia ♫ One bright storm of summer from The Sun... will wash clean all the streets of The World, and... I WILL see that day.

Then I was thinking about men in bars. Men anywhere, seeing a beautiful woman and being drawn... sometimes against their will... sometimes driven by their carnal nature. They don't know the woman at all. Whether they admit it to themselves... they have only one thing in mind. It doesn't matter who she is... what she's like. There's just the urge... the mind captivated by her appearance and proximity.

Their biology is stronger than they are. Stronger than their good sense. Stronger than any impulse to step back and wonder about their intentions... and I was seeing this clearly across the centuries... everything from Helen of Troy to Heloise and Abelard... and all the other poetic pecker tracks on the trail of destruction that lead to and from the scene of the crimes.

The dead and gone that were spawned by a single passion; no different than the road kill that died for the same reason; the mating dance of creatures, and... I was thinking how the whole spectacle just sent me in another direction. If I had to feel that way... I wanted to feel that way about something everlasting. I didn't want to play hide and seek with her... moving back and forth... in different- forms through time. I wanted to be in her arms forever... or not at all.

The Monkey Mind is walking The Dog of Desire on the streets of fire... in a time of apocalypse; the jitterbugging monkey mind of a sad apocalypse... writ large and personal... on the tombstone of all the things that might have been... the record of failure... ten thousand times the size of The Vietnam Wall... the names written over and over... again and again. Time's sandblaster is continuously moving over the face of the memory of things best forgotten.

I thought about familiarity breeding contempt. The mental offspring that won't leave home... that stay as reminders of ill-conceived and spent passions... leaving footprints in the memory pool mirror where she studies her face. The lines engraved forever and gone without a trace; Moon she come, and Moon she go.. always new and always old.

Now I am seeing the definite truth of what I was told by Mr. Apocalypse. They smelled the victory... drawn out with promises of plunder and material delight. They believed their positions would protect them. They imagined their friends would come to their aid... such friends as men like these have.

They thought they could buy it... if they couldn't steal it... with the money already stolen for the purpose. They stood in a Mitch McConnell trance... bewitched by the jitterbugging monkey mind of a sad apocalypse.

Their legs are trembling and bounce up and down. These are the men with a terminal itch... possessed with the image of The World... as... their... bitch. She's a harsh mistress when you can't bring her down. She'll turn on you brother as soon as she can. They can't turn their backs. They can't walk away. They're doomed to the end of this ugly charade.

It's some kind of sex thing... devoid of romance. The violation is the turn-on... even more than the contact. They came down for the rape of the sidewalking hips. They came and they went through the trembling lips of The Old In and Out... the old in and out. The organ grinder taught them to do the bend and dip... these jitterbugging monkeys from the sad apocalypse.

All the mysteries of time for them... it all came down to sex, and so they went and screwed themselves and everybody else. Sex indeed... that mystery... of Ishtar's special trade. Bumping... and grinding... is the cardio of Hell... where the flames of desire are licking at your parts... burning without respite in The Land of Broken Hearts... The Land of Deep Regret... and they just keep on going cause they haven't found it yet.

How come your body hurts so much? Why do you long for death? What is this searing agony that comes with every breath? All of it was so much fun... back in the days when you were young... piss and vinegar they make an evil-tasting wine... especially when you're running out of everything but time.

How did it come to this? How did it come to this? These jitterbugging monkeys from the sad apocalypse... are nothing more than replicants of thoughts inside your mind. They're the flashcards of your panic... and the traffics getting manic... and the radio is dead... so you close your eyes and listen to the monkeys in your head... all those dancing monkeys holding up their signs; “tranny this!: and “tranny that!” and ice cream for the jitterbugging monkeys in your mind.

I can see the rough beast that Yeats mentioned. I can see him clearly... on the road that stretches across The Event Horizon. It is not Bethlehem toward which he slouches, and his hour never quite comes around at last... except where he has been invited by the rude customs of those who have... collectively... lost their way.

He's the gatekeeper. He's the man who sells the tickets in the kiosk. He's Yuri Harari in a dress constructed by another man who hates women. He's screaming about conspiracy theorists and the idea that a small group of psychopaths seeks to control The World... yet he... himself... previously claimed that The WEF intends to orchestrate extinction policies... and intends to rule The World in the aftermath. How is this not the very conspiracy he declaims?

The state of denial... the disconnect... it is amazing to see. I marvel at it.

Oh! These freaks and geeks... these misanthropes from the dark side of the bottomless pit. They are most certainly going to have their pants pulled down in front of The World. They are losing control of their minds... soon they will no longer remember who they were. They will stand gazing like Ozymandias upon a field of nothing. They'll be like Norman Bates in the final scene... talking about how he wouldn't hurt a fly. This will buy him no relief from the flies, however.

They don't suspect a thing... these imperious men... who rape children... these twisted creatures with no manhood at all. They do not suspect that the danger to their plans is present within them. Is indeed guiding them to their utter failure and a lasting shame. Their names will also be inscribed upon a wall... where drunks go to urinate. Perhaps it will be in one of those side alleys off Bourbon St.

They will be pursued for a very long time by Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner, and The Hound of Heaven. It will all be in their mind, but it will be as real to them as all the other things they had planned for everyone else... these hopped-up... jitterbugging monkeys... from the sad apocalypse.

End Transmission.......

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Let me not overly disparage Philadelphia, even if it is an animated Tarot card of what bad government can bring. The Usual Suspects REALLY got their hooks into that place. Here's something to cleanse your palate by one of the most gifted artists I have ever had the extreme pleasure to encounter.

If The World can hold on and sidestep the possibilities of annihilation... the technologies of the next several years will revolutionize and transform material life as we know it... but all real and lasting change comes from within.

Monday, July 24, 2023

"From a Multiplicity of Products, Comes a Marketplace of Things... to Form a World Out of Glitter-Bugging Zombie Dust."

God Poet Transmitting.......

This is that blog where we talk about cultural phenomena, and I thought... what with Toxic Barbie, and... the new resistance... by the much larger body of the population... that sees the relentless assault on The Family Unit, and... the pressure coming down on the young to identify with a tsunami of mental illnesses and sexual... diversions... from... the... norm... I thought we would look into where this is coming from, why it is coming, and... what the intentions of those financing it are.

In a few words.... they want to weaken us through appetite and desire in order to enslave us. They want to generate conflict between the desire body and the aspirational nature. They want to evoke The Beast and dim the higher qualities. Beasts can be controlled, and made to dance to specific dissonant themes.

At the rotten heart of the matter is the Satanic maxim of 'divide and conquer' through diversity and confusion. These are both produced by Materialism, which makes its living from a multiplicity of products that generate a marketplace of things... in a world of glitter-bugging zombie dust.

Homosexuality is not a big part of a culture... except in its decline. Then... all manner of perverse behavior appear; mental illness... suicide... obsession and compulsion... ever-increasing forms of legitimized depravity... a fixation on outer things.

History bears this out. Same-sex attraction is always around, but... it never goes mainstream until decadence... a product of cultural decline... comes into a widespread presence. Then... a whole bunch of carnal nonsense comes to the fore. Materialism eventually becomes a culture of convenience and excess... several of the deadly sins are celebrated as cutting-edge expressions of false-self love.

People get soft, and masculinity is one of the first things to be corrupted... because The cities... civilization; if you can call it that... is a Hive Mind pressure cooker adaptation of Lady Nature... a step-by-step distortion... a sprawling congestion of concrete and plastic, which... as it continues to mutate... creates an atmosphere of perverse effeminization of the masculine principle.

Enter The Metrosexual!

When the female principle gets twisted by a progressive separation from the natural... strange information is exchanged between the mother and her offspring. I'll add in one-parent households as another factor, as well as an extreme insecurity in mothers that cause them to chain their male children to them... make them emotionally dependent... and psychologically emasculate them. Gay men are intensely attached to their mothers. The mother lives through them.

These conditions don't last a great long time... because a culture in decline eventually enters a state of freefall and implodes. The homeless... the mentally ill... and chemically ruined souls... building patchwork civilizations on the city streets... is a telling example of what is to come. Finally, Rome crumbles and barbarians loot and violate the corpse in a red haze of despoliation.

The rich in their fortress towers destroy themselves behind their childless walls. In certain places... the righteous and clear-minded try to weather the transition, and to build it all again. War... plague... famine... they all do their part in the locations... where destiny... has called them into residence.

Here is a little exercise that anyone can perform and it will clarify what is happening. Go and check... on your own; who owns The Media that fabricate the information that sets The Hive Mind dancing? Who is behind the orchestrated migrations to Europe and The United States? Who is financing and promoting it? Who is running all of the sexual organizations and movements; who is behind the transgender craze? Who is pushing it? Who is defending it?

Who has compromised the legal process? Who made The Killer Vaccines? Who is promoting and funding all the violent reactive forces in the university settings? Who is behind the climate change hoax? Just as Santa has his elves, so does Satan.

Who is behind the wars for the purpose of profit? Once you have looked and seen that it is all the same source, and provably so, perhaps you will wonder what can be done before it... is... too... late. You need not worry about it. They will be destroyed by these very things we have just listed here, and it will be terrible for them because of their attachments to the possession of what is not theirs. All of it will be taken from them.

There are mysterious... but no less real... rules and laws that govern existence. It is impossible to break them in secret. Every time you do go crosswise to any of them, you initiate a reaction that comes looking for you. Justice... however... moves at its own pace... except in an apocalypse when it can become near instantaneous, and... we approach that stage of apocalypse soon.

I never had a problem with alternative sexual persuasions until they became a problem. The temporary is always trying to live forever, so they must go after the children and program the generations. It's big business now. Instead of just letting it happen when it happens... cause it has always been a part of life at some level... they're going to shoot it up with a hundred genders... and make it just like the soft drink aisle and the potato chip aisle at the supermarket.

They need room to expand! They are a growth industry! Perversion is a veil behind which reverse-engineering social reformers and certain business interests ply their wares.

Diversity is a principle of 'divide and conquer.' It causes a bewildering landscape of differentials that the... pop-up tradition... of... diversity... says you must welcome and embrace; each of them equally, lest indication be given that you favor one over another. You must accept and celebrate variations of sexual expression... no matter how bizarre or batshit they may be.

You must fix your nose into the armpit of a foul and diseased state of degeneracy or else... you have committed a crime of unlawful judgment upon whatever the clerk mind enforcers insist shall not be judged. Step by step... through your compliance with... absurdity piled upon absurdity... you are led into a no-man's-land of systematic abuse and dehumanization; “there is some shit I will not eat.”

On it goes to an ending that is programmed by the participants themselves. God waits at the end of every road in the form appropriate to the direction taken.

I was speaking with The Sun this morning. He is a regular visitor now and the delight of my existence. We were talking about the amazing information that had been given to me at sunset the day before. He was saying... “after all the trouble I went through to let you know... to impress on you how real it is. You go... by degrees... into doubt, as if it could not possibly be true. It's real alright. Let me reinforce that yet again.”

What had happened was that I was told what the next step in my journey was going to be. I knew something was coming and I'd occasionally done some imagining, but I didn't know anything. Yesterday... I finally heard about it, with no warning at all.

It turns out to be something that had never occurred to me, and... so perfectly aligned with my specific nature that... in between periods of doubt... I have been in a state of astonishment... about what seems too good to be true.

I can't talk about it except to say that it is a kind of janitorial... custodial position, but it's perfect for me! It is like working for Heaven's Sanitation Department.

Anyway... there I am this morning and The Sun... with typical elegance... is remonstrating with me over my lack of faith. I must have given some indication of... “Yeah... well you're The Sun though. You don't have any doubts”

“I'm not all that great.” he replied, “except in this solar system. There are far more powerful Devas than I, and... The One... The Great One from whom all of this is brought into being... oh my... next to him, I am nothing at all. I'm just one of his headlights.

“The job you are getting is tailored to your persona with a precision that is beyond the greatest bespoke suit-makers that have ever been, and they got that talent from him also. Look at me! I got this job for the same reason.

"I was already pretty cheerful and shining with similar light to the way I shine now, except in a much smaller format. It suits me perfectly and that's why I'm good at it, and also that's why I can keep doing it. You have to love doing it or your light will go out.

“It's the same for you. You've got the gene for what you will be doing. Everyone gets something tailored to their intrinsic nature. It's how it works. You would never have imagined this particular effort for yourself, but... obviously... it strikes a chord with you.

"There are great perks that come with walking The Royal Road. The challenges and tests may be severe... for a time... but the payoffs are outstanding.

"We always progress into a further permutation of what we have already been doing. It's the same for The Good Guys as it is for the self-involved; the driven... and delusional... on their way to epiphany.”

Apparently... success really is speedy for the energetic, and apparently... that bread on the waters quote is an understatement, where it is said you get a ten times return on your investment.

I wish I could remember all the things I have been told in the last couple of days. God! The Sun makes me laugh. It's all coming together now in my mind in ways I never expected to happen. You strive... for lifetimes maybe, but somehow you never expect it to happen (not really), and then it happens. What you believed to be real, even though you sometimes doubted yourself along the way, turns out to be more real than you ever thought it could be.

If a fuck-up like me can be brought to such a transformative perspective... just imagine how wonderful it could turn out for you! Yeah... you got to go through a lot; how else do you expect to be purified and reborn? It's not a road for weaklings and quitters, but... well... let me put it in the words of HPB again. She said it so much better than I can say it;

“There is a road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind, but yet a road, and it leads to the very heart of the Universe. I can tell you how to find those who will show you the secret gateway that opens inward only and closes fast behind the neophyte forevermore.

"There is no danger that dauntless courage cannot conquer; there is no trial that spotless purity cannot pass through; there is no difficulty that strong intellect cannot surmount. For those who win onwards, there is reward past all telling - the power to bless and save humanity; for those who fail, there are other lives in which success may come.”

Boom!!! There it is.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

"Even Now... The Pieces are All Coming Together- For a Wide and Far-Reaching Justice- That Will Touch Every One of Us."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Step away from the cellphone. Turn around. Put your hands... in your back pockets. Now pretend you are wearing high heels... shimmy to the left... shimmy to the right... and you do the tranny-humanism shuffle all night.

Listen to what that internal radio station is playing. The one you've been hearing ever since you got the genetically targeted vaccine, or... was that The Virus? Virus? Vaccine? Virus? Vaccine? Don't you listen to that bad Kennedy man if you don't want any men in black on your own grassy knoll.

A culture rises and falls on the quality of its art. A culture is defined by the quality of its art. When I say art, I mean music... visual graphic expressions... inspired poetry and prose; what you hear... and what you see... and what inspires thee. Does it lift you up or... does it bring you down? ♫ Don't bring me down! Don't bring me down...♫

Does Cardi B and Megan The Gelding lift your spirits with “WAP”? Would you rather hear, “All You Need is Love?” Something by Mozart? Does Taylor Swift remind you of Joni Mitchell? Not even a little bit? Do contemporary visual arts make you think of Titian? Raphael? Goya? Rembrandt? Are you sad that Andy Warhol went away to the vapid nothing he emerged from with Basquiat in tow?

Ask yourself who made them famous. Who owns all the art galleries?

Occidental Observer

Via Occidental Observer:

Go ahead. Look it up. Who makes all of these painted ponies famous? Who owns the industries that tell you who to follow and fail to mention anyone else?

Does it bother you that today's musical artists can't sing or play their instruments... outside of a kind of tedious redundancy... that would make a tree hang itself? That modern artists can't draw a recognizable character? That there are no more poets? That there are so few decent writers? Do you like living in a box... working in a cubicle... and spending all your free time on your cellphone? Are you glancing back and forth at it's tiny screen even now? Probably not. (grin) Not here anyway.

Ecstasy... or Molly... or whatever you call it has a very powerful impact on sexual behavior. At least it does now. Once... like LSD it was pure. I know. I had the original Sandoz in the ampules... and multiple multiples of everything Owsley and The Brotherhood of Love ever made. I had bags of Orange Sunshine... Window Pane... plenty of Mr. Natural blotters.

I also had plenty of the original MMDA from The University of Kalifornia, back when it wasn't illegal. Then... like the LSD, Saruman's people got their hands on it. It wasn't long before the... entire... ecstasy... market... was controlled by The Israelis... and something bad had happened to it. It did things to your sexual identity. if... you... weren't... careful. I pay attention to what changes... various chemicals initiate in me. I pay attention to the nature of the influence they have.

I don't take anything anymore, but I remember real good. The people shaping the mindsets... that comes about through the ingestion of specific chemical compounds... are designing them to adjust The Mind to an accommodation to transhumanism... and Mammon as God.

There is a definite intent behind every form of art that is permitted to gain any degree of exposure now. Inspired and gifted artists... truly revolutionary thinkers are... not... welcome. They have shut the door on them. They know that uplifting music and art... stirs the soul to travel in higher states of consciousness. They inspire us to aspire higher. What we have now drags us to the ground. It's ugly and demeaning... when it isn't saccharine and insipid.

Today's artists are knuckle-dragging thugs or... effeminate clowns or... sociopathic narcissists, and we are encouraged to simp along behind them. There are new forms of communication for people who can no longer read and write and have no real interest in doing so.

Great art causes the human spirit to soar. Bad art makes you empty and depressed. They know this. They've been at it for a while. It all comes down to control. People who imagine themselves to be in control had to murder their conscience to get there. They have NEVER been in control. They are mere actors in a drama orchestrated for God's entertainment.

Do you know the real reason that those who control the money supply... the industries and everything else are so hopped up about DEI? It is not to promote equality in this world. The World already takes care of that with its own fitness tests. They want to take your money and give it to the less fortunate because it is much easier to then take it away from them... and they are much easier to control than you are.

Studies have already proven that if all the money in The World were evenly divided between all of us, it would be back in the same hands in 60 days.

Why is The Soros Machine installing anti-law and order district attorneys into every location the money can put them in? Why is catch-and-release the hallmark of the new legal system that encourages the demented to ever greater outrages? They want to se the stage for King Draco to come back to power.

Why is the homeless situation even worse than it was, despite billions of dollars being thrown at it? They have no intention of curing it. It serves their purposes. The exploding phenomena of billionaires should tell you all you need to know about the lack of equity in society, yet they are the ones pushing these themes because controlling the narrative means you don't actually have to do anything about it.

Seen from a dispassionate and informed perspective... the whole of it looks... and is... insane. It cannot continue as it is, yet the architects press on to ever more untenable excesses. Why is this? It is for The Purpose of Demonstration. Humanity is about to be taught a lasting lesson about what is and what is not worth having... and each of us... is to receive a specifically tailored lesson.

Imagine that you are caught in quicksand... trapped on a glueboard... tangled in a wilderness of thorns. The more you struggle... the more bound you become. The same principle applies to sexual behavior. Keep pressing the boundaries and see what happens. In fact... this unwritten law applies to everything. It is one of the ways that life polices itself.

There are the rules you know about, and the rules you find out about.

When I write about the ills of our times... there is no hysteria or concern present. I have been convinced of The Hidden Hand in human affairs for some time. So I see everything through that particular lens. It may not make any sense right now. It will make plenty of sense later. It may seem terribly unfair right now. It will prove to be very fair later on. No one gets away with anything, and those who do great evil will encounter the same.

Even now... the pieces are all coming together... for a wide and far-reaching justice... that will touch every one of us. Much that is soon to appear has been waiting in the woodwork for some time... and much that is undiscovered is hidden in every one of us right now. Oh! Heh heh... the surprises that are in store for every one of us. Yes... I would tell you if I had The Details. That is not my department. That is God's department. He handles The Details.

You have heard that The Devil is in The Details? Quite so... if that is how you see The Creator. He is certainly The Devil when seen by The Wicked. Otherwise... he is not seen at all, (grin) (unless you are The Pure in Heart) but... he is very... very... present. In time you will become one or the other... in a very small way. Anyone who has discovered the truth of the matter can tell you this. If they were so moved to do so. If you were inclined to believe them.

A perfect storm is coming. What I mean by... a perfect storm; similar to the convergence of several factors coming together to cause one... is that this perfect storm will be both inside and outside you, and... likely... one of these will reflexively cause the other. There will be no storm for those who have stilled the conflicts within, and there will be... reflexively... no storm outside of them either.

This is something to think about before you are compelled to confront the lack of it. This is something to prepare for BEFORE your lack of preparation informs you of the absence. This is not something you can handle through material prepper-ation or... isolated location... or favored social station; not this particular tribulation. You can have all the exterior parts in place, but... what to do when it shows up inside of you?

I know it's hard to get your head around it... the idea that it's all exactly as it should be on the way to what it will be... that master tacticians are at the controls... and The Master Tactician is at the controls of the other tacticians; that it is no accident... that everything is perfectly monitored and directed to an appointed end. Does it not seem the wiser course to come into resonance with this Master Tactician?

End Transmission.......

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Friday, July 14, 2023

"So... Whaddya Gonna Do? Yeah... Uh Huh... Whaddya Gonna Do? Well... Never Fear, My Friends... It Ebbs and It Flows."

God Poet Transmitting.......

All of the terms... pronouns... sexual fantasies of non-existent identities... come out of The Ego. The flames of ego are fanned by social media, and given a sense of desperation by the masses of people pressed together, and striving to be noticed and identified apart from the mass. “Look at me! Am I not spechul?”

♫ I am so beautiful to me. Why can't they see... eee... eee? I'm everything I ever hoped for. I'm everything I need, 'cause I am so bea-you-ti-ful to meeeeee! ♫

You can see an ancillary offshoot of this sort of derangement done in real-time by someone with no time.

So... I start thinking. Let me count the ways; The Killer Vaccines direct mainlining of The Protocols... Insanity... sexual perversity... The pending war in Ukraine... absolute marrow-deep stupidity... addictions to form... bad diet... impotent rage directed inward... endless insatiable wanting... bad parenting and poor self-control. These are only a few of the causes of societal dysfunction that jumped out at me.

♫ these are a few of the obvious things ♫

For whatever the reason, the population numbers are going to be dropping. Large amounts of people will die when those who presently feed the rest of The World have to be concerned with feeding themselves.

Why? Why is all of this happening? Why are our leaders losing their minds? Why are people so mean and selfish? It's quite simple. When you turn away from God because survival is now an afterthought... all the blessings that come with God... that are often not associated with God... they go away too.

Materialism is what interposes itself between you and God. The Mind is drawn outward to multiplicities of form and desire. What you see... you covet; to paraphrase Hannibal Lecter. When one relies too much on outward things, self-reliance goes by the wayside. When immediate gratification becomes a driving force, self-control goes out the window.

It's all the product of Bad Parenting ♫ you... who are out on the road... must have a code... that you can live by ♫

People started to get fat and lazy in the 50s... after The War... when we came into full spectrum dominance of the planet and... The Bankers flourished... and debt became the way you do it... and technology became centered on appetite satisfaction.

Then The World rebelled against Materialism in the 60s. Peace and Love were... temporarily.. watchwords... while The Bankers skinny-dipped in The Gulf of Tonkin. Leaders got assassinated. Rock stars self-destructed. Sexual Liberation tossed fuel on The Fire of Crazy. The Intelligence Agencies sideswiped whatever movement there may have been by poisoning the good drugs and flooding the countryside with bad drugs.

Then Disco was manufactured to manifest The Metrosexual; putting lipstick on a ferret... Sodom and Gomorrah formed like shining cities in the minds of those captured in the thrall of Materialism... and the reality of it began to precipitate into form. In the 80's the culture of excess came into full bloom with Greed and Cocaine.

The Spiritual Nature took flight and the 90s ushered in The Age of Nihilism... all the music became dissonant and the lyrics were fraught with alienation, and the whole country began to smell of teenage stupidity. Doggy style bling and booty entered the picture with jackhammer-take-her-from-behind and make her submit... humiliation sex... performed on witless females who went along with the program.

Then Israel attacked America and blamed it on Stone Age Arabs. Horrible wars of attrition were waged. Certain chemicals were introduced into the recreational drugs... the food... the water... and men wanted to become women... and women wanted to become men; never realizing they get to go from one to the other every lifetime... if that's their thing or... they have an accounts-due situation.

Then... after Segway George got done fucking shit up, America's first gay president was shoehorned into The White House and started making laws that put a bounty on Normal and The Christian Tradition; already on its last legs... once again the people were moving even further away from God, and... all you got is either God or Materialism... too much of either while understanding neither... creates many new problems.

So... The State... riding in the crocodile swine chariots... began to press down on the hapless by making it too expensive for the poor to have anywhere to live... which created the homeless; that and opening all the mental institutions so... now they're all ♫ on the street, where... you... live ♫

Tattooed gangsters were herded across the borders to stand in readiness for the storming of Rome. Entire demographics were dumped into traditional communities to create Little Somalia and other cos-play theme parks, but mostly to create voting blocs... and to stand in readiness for future antagonisms.

The control wasn't absolute enough... yet... so race wars were fomented on contrived events that were inflated and inflamed by The Hooker Press that worked for the governments... that worked for The Bankers... that worked for The Prince of Darkness. So... auto-correct has been set into motion by The Cosmos.

An election got outright stolen and The Biden Crime Family was installed to implement the policies of some small group of possessed souls who own The Banks... The Government... The Media... The Entertainment Industries... The Education System... The Judicial System and the Souls of The Legislative Branch. They own all of this and more, and that's not even arguable. That's provable.

Now... the next step in world dominance proceeds with AI... 5G... Climate Change's war on food production... a Whitman's Sampler of poisoned chemicals too numerous to itemize... lab-grown meats and lab-grown viruses, and... The Little Guy (that's you) is up against it and no kidding about that. So... ♫ what's it gonna be boy? ♫

There have been several mass reactions to all of this. One is to get lost in some fixation from video games... to porn... to intoxicants... to ♫ going on behind closed doors ♫... to streetside violent outbursts and attacks on store windows and display cases... to random assaults with the perpetrators playing musical chairs through the saloon doors of Soros Legal... where the dead are buried face down... with their asses above ground... so that Gen Z zombies can park their electric bikes there.

Where does this leave us... with priapic nutters... humping the night deposit slots of sidewalk sperm banks and... The Controllers rubbing their hands in glee behind bulletproofed... tinted... windows?

You can see the progression from here to there pretty easily. Of course, I left out a great deal. I only get two and a half pages at a time. (I think I said three and a half the other day... I misspoke) You'll have to fill in the blanks... add further color commentary... or...just marinate in a pissed-off silence.

So... whaddya gonna do? Yeah... uh huh... whaddya gonna do? Well... never fear, my friends... it ebbs and it flows... it comes and it goes... sometimes right under your nose; I was told that we are God's bank and God is our bank. He has invested in us... placed potential and abilities hidden within us for times of necessity, and that he can light us up incandescent, any... time... he... feels.. like... it.

He's going to be doing that with some of us, just as soon as the agents of darkness have over-extended themselves beyond recovery or any possibilities of regaining their balance, cause their reach... once again... exceeded their grasp.

Armies are massing in The Invisible and God is within us. That can go two ways. It can lift us up to heights beyond imagining OR... he can come directly at us like an avenging angel, right... inside... our... heads.

This you can see happening all around you right this moment, BUT... what you are seeing is only in the beginning stages. It's going to go exponentially nova shortly... both WITHOUT... and WITHIN... depending on what you've been up to. ♫ He's making a list. He's checking it twice. He's gonna find out who's naughty or nice ♫

I could go on (and on) but that's two and a half pages so... see you next time.

The whole of existence is a cosmic joke but one needs to be in the right headspace to see that.

End Transmission.......

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Mark Elsis seems to be in financial difficulty. This happens to him now and again. It happens to a lot of us. He's got this website of alternative news where he tries his best to inform an indifferent world. If you've got any spare change, I'm sure he would appreciate it. He tries really hard.

He says;

Donate And / Or Send Prayers Through

I just thought I'd pass this on should it cross the right eyes at the right time.

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

"They Go in The Front Door in Alice in Wonderland Costumes and They Come Out The Back Door Screwed and Tattooed."

God Poet Transmitting.......

My mind... the part of it that does what I tell it to do... keeps coming back to that thing about female music personalities and jailhouse tattoos. Then it ♫ tiptoes through The Nightshade... to the basement... to the window sill ♫ and it notes The Poor Little Rich Girl progressions from nice girl to flaming skank... that keeps appearing over and over.

Witness Miley Cyrus in transition from Hannah Montana to whatever it is that she is now. Witness all the other examples... and there are many. Taylor Swift is now the poster girl from Harlotry for Dummies. Then there are the mean and brutal Terminator Ladies like Adele... Shania Twain... Pink and many others. It's some kind of dominatrix-is-for-kids thing.

They go in the front door in Alice in Wonderland costumes and they come out the back door screwed and tattooed. It is very similar to what we see in the self-harming community. It gives real evidence for that Monarch programming thing.

Then... yesterday... I saw where 40% of the students at Brown... an expensive Ivy League college... identify as LGBTQwhatever+. Then I saw where only a small number actually practiced whatever they claimed to be. It seems... clearly... that the queer pressure is peer pressure; of the fit-in-or-else variety. You don't have to do it. You only have to look like you're doing it.

Then I think of all the deluded little skells with the Just Stop Oil shirts who have yet to cook on a cold stove in the dark.

I imagine they will get their chance. It looks like The Crown Colonies are going to be the demonstration zone for this.

Back to those tormented music sirens. This all has to do with the shaping of human consciousness and these celebrities are Judas Goats. They are hammered into shape to lead the deluded into a trap from which they cannot escape.

When you can shape human consciousness... it is not long before you can convince people they are non-binary; despite the physical indicators otherwise. You can convince them they are a cat or a dog. You can convince them that obesity is beautiful and healthy... that anything is something other than what it is.

Well... obviously all of this is happening. So is the breakdown of law and order... the schisms in society... the international violence of bankers trying to adjust their bookkeeping through war... the religious drag queens, trying to hold on to their tithing scams and their poncy pontificating... flamingo-on-a-drinking-glass... genuflecting narcissistic mirror dancing... you know... the usual.

All of a sudden... all kinds of people are acting out on the level they are being agitated on. For some, that means sexual exhibitionism. For some, it's random violence. For some, it's one cause or another. For some it results in immersion of some sort; video games... masturbation fantasies... drug stupors... you name it... and someone is manufacturing or merchandising it.

What it boils down to is that a large portion of The World is losing its mind. They don't know who they are, and... it is terrifying them. Another portion has stepped back and is watching. Some are trying to help. Some are hindering under all kinds of guises that give the surface impression of helping; like the NGOs... like the governments... who move according to the invisible winds that are generated by the ones who hold the purses... like everyone pretending to be something they are not.

We are present in a time of living scripture. You can literally see “the blind leading the blind.” You can see the appearance of “a generation of vipers.” The predictions of Revelations seem to be coming to a theater near you soon. It is glaringly apparent that... “where there is no vision, the people perish.” Materialism has done this. It has translated the majority of human ambition into the pursuit of appetites and physical satisfaction. Civilization is imploding.

Meanwhile... a small cabal of international snake-charming bankers, and sundry... have taken over all the operations of human industry. You either go along with the program or they are of a mind to crush you.

They are systematically at it with a vengeance and they have money to burn. They are confident that they can sway the majority through either the carrot or the stick. As with all previous fools... intoxicated with hubris and self-importance... they have miscalculated by omission, and their omission is a biggie. How is it that someone can believe in The Devil and not believe in God?

Well... no matter. God is both The Ineffable and The Devil... depending on the level on which you interact with him, and... you get precisely what you invested... back from the one you invested in. I've met both of them and... occasionally... at the same time. Of course, The God Aspect was there by proxy. However... it is possible the same thing applied otherwise as well.

You'd had to have been there, but... you are there... right this moment. It is simply a matter of not possessing the necessary sensory equipment to perceive it. So... let's say that almost everyone is in a similar state... based on the degrees of their capacity for apprehension. Some will see in part. Some will not see at all, and some will see one or the other entirely... depending on their theater of operations and the objectives that drive them.

Whenever Materialism gets to the state it is presently in... where just about anything can be created... sometimes instantly, and sometimes PDQ... Humanity enters a time of legend and prophecy. Two worlds collide, and only one of them can emerge victorious. Let me put it another way; two worlds collide and only one of them remains unchanged.

So... it doesn't matter if it's The Masons... or The Illuminati... or The WEF... or The Satanists... or The Usual Suspects... or The Bankers... or Archons... or Anunnaki... Aliens... or Reptile Intelligence... of which... I should tell you... there are two camps. There are nearly always two camps... meaning that anything you ever come up with, an adversary to it will simultaneously emerge. It's how things play out down here, in... times... like... this.

What does matter is that there is ONE controlling authority... only ONE... and there will NEVER be more than ONE. So... you are either in a state of unity with that unity or... you are in a state of discord and conflict. Is this clear? You are either one or the other. In the first instance, there is nothing to worry about, and there never will be anything to worry about. In the other case, you have to contend with that laundry list in the last paragraph.

At this time, most public figures are Judas Goats. Many who think they are helping are also unwitting Judas Goats. All these celebrities... are temporary aggregations of glitter... combined for some degree of mesmerizing force. It's the kind of escapism... or misdirection... that is meant to keep your mind off the fact that another force is drinking your blood.

These are pathetic characters. So are the politicians and religious scammers. They simply aren't bright enough to see through to the obvious results that attend their behavior. The silly rich... whose entire focus is on acquiring more wealth... cannot see that they are caught in a trap from which there is no escape.

I'm talking about this because it can get pretty scary for those of you without a firm foundation. These forces can seem pretty intimidating when they get in your face and insist that you believe in them. They can seem awesomely powerful when you observe most of The World caught in their tailspin. Aloneness can be very frightening for those who do not realize they are never alone.

Being alone... except in the cases of those with a firm foundation... can mean you and your fears in a room together. You're still not alone. What is the initial cause of fear? It is wanting. Is the reverse of that... giving? Most often... everything you are worrying about is not worth your attention, and everything that shows up clamoring for your attention... came about from your worrying about it. Remember this when you discover that you have been eating yourself alive.

Everything you encounter on this plane is a personification of The Divine Mother. God The Originator is invisible and motionless. What happens in Times of Material Darkness is a concerted effort to turn The Divine Mother into a whore. Everything you see in the cities is a reshaping of her. The further you get from her divine nature... the more she becomes a scary bitch.

One is either PERVERTING or GLORIFYING her. This is why these particular... talentless... female... performers... have been conditioned and programmed as they have. They are celebrating whoredom, which is Babylon Rising... all in the name of freedom of expression and celebrating your own truth. These are the arguments they give as they lead you down the Road to Perdition.

That is their job. You can't blame them. They are doing what they came here to do... OR... they think they are. They are dreaming. In that dream, it all seems okay. The same applies to the ones manipulating them, and... the ones manipulating the ones who are manipulating them, AND... the ones behind them.

Wake-up is coming. It is going to be glorious or painful, BUT... it is coming and cannot be escaped. The World is to be set back into order, by... whatever... means... are... necessary.

Oṃ Tāre Tuttāre Ture Svāhā

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, July 06, 2023

"The Material World... Made From 3 Disparate Forces... that Forever Interact to Bring Form and Motion Into Being."

God Poet Transmitting.......

“Storm Drain Silverfish was sitting in the bath listening to Rick Springfield's, (I wish that I was) ♫ Jessie's Girl ♫. Storm Drain was transgender (in their mind) and Jessie was her Oxy dealer and sexual surrogate, which... kind of made her Jessie's Girl in a ♫ part-time lover ♫ sort of way, but they-them was not entirely Jessie's Girl... Storm Drain wasn't even a girl so... we don't know what to call SD either.

Where did the name Storm Drain come from? Use your imagination. Storm Drain was the first (former) grandson and former scion of Alabaster Silverfish... of The New York Silverfish clan... who made their original money in garment bags; having branched into body bags after The Depression hit, they made a mint during the next war, and... are still going strong in the new 20s. Everything comes back around once it gets back around.”

No... that's another crime thriller that doesn't need writing. Yes... it's topical and timely, but... I have better things to do... like stare into space... as if transfixed by some mighty vision... that I might one day share with those getting muscle cramps... sitting before me and waiting. Well... as Rip Van Winkle used to say; “You snooze... you lose.” He's now the senior partner in the White House law firm of Winken... Blinken... and Nod (that's The Big Guy)

So! Are we going to have a meltdown in Ukraine or not? Is that enough? Have I fulfilled The Petri Dish necessities? Enough bad humor about things that weren't funny, to begin with? I wanted to get that out of the way before I got to the important things that don't grow in a Petri Dish.

You see. The only thing I can do... one person pushed to the margins. The Only thing I can do is use humor. If you laugh at The Devil he will run from you. The one thing The Devil cannot abide is... scorn. Except for Love, that is my only weapon... my only shield. I have to rely on my invisible friends to get me by and around the traps that are set within us, and activated by the enemy below... in our carnal nature.

In this world... everyone gets what they want, AND... they are either in the process of getting and enjoying it... or paying for it in order to do it again. A lot of priests and nuns are what they are by agreement for past excesses. People do time here. It's what they do to make payments on the times they had at another time.

If you want to dance with The Devil on the carnal plane, you need to provide a body for the demon who enjoys whatever that appetite or desire might be. Then someone has to clean up the mess. Guess who that is?

The World is aflame with Desire. Desire is the agent of God's Will. It brings about all that you see in its every permutation that is The Material World... made from 3 disparate forces that forever interact to bring form and motion into (and out of) being. People dream and their desire materializes what they were Mooning over. However... lacking Wisdom, and... especially lacking Divine Luminous Wisdom... they do not see... that what they think they want... is not what they want.

So... that accounts for the looks of disappointment on so many faces. You don't have to go looking for anything. It will all come looking for you. Even the idea that you are looking for something is not your own idea. It's a mystery is what it is and that is why loving God is the best response to any and every event and condition.

Here is the moral of every story... as it exemplifies the dancing fire... of endless wanting... of temporary personifications in a stage of constant change. Ashes to ashes (consumed by desire) and dust to dust as... the animating life force moves on... through ever more refined vehicles; best case scenario or... in continuous circles of a snake with its tail in its mouth; most likely scenario, or... a sinking lower and lower... on a reversed spiral... downward into darkness; also a possibility.

Sparks of life going round and round and round. Sparks of life on an upward spiral. Sparks of life on a downward spiral. Over the reach of incomprehensible time... where cultures rising and falling are numbered as the grains of sand on a never-ending beach... and forgotten but still resonating. The archetypes... the eternal symbols... create theatrical expressions of life this way, and life that way.

The archetypes change their appearance for The Purpose of Demonstration, but they are the same cosmic forces in different costumes, designed for each age, and we play the designated roles that tell the story for The Watcher and The Witness who is entertained by them. Every star in the sky was once a person in search of itself. Now... having discovered its essential being, it shines with its own self-generating light for the edification of those who pass beneath them.

It is of course... both far more complex and more simple than this, BUT... it is what I have seen on my way through here... to shining worlds beyond description that I know to be real... far more real than this one is. This is a World of Flesh dreaming and Desire... inflaming the flesh with the excitement of anticipated contact.

There is no Past or Future. They are how The Mind compartmentalizes the passage of its mortality from dream to dream in a looping blur to The Moon and back; when seen with The Eyes of Eternity. You are attached and involved or... you are detached and uninvolved... even while you seem to participate in the human condition. It is service... without the expectation of return. This alone takes you out of the Pain-Pleasure dance.

Selfless Service is the finest expression of the art of self-defense. If you give it away... every day... all that comes back on you will be... freedom from attachment to results.

“Drain... Storm Drain... both shaken and stirred.” “So... tell me punk. Do you feel lucky?” Ah, the names we give for the roles we play. The identities that roll out of The Lords of Destiny's 3-D printer. “The Lord dwells in the heart of all creatures and whirls them round upon the wheel of Maya. Run to him for refuge with all your strength, and peace profound will be yours through His Grace.”

Like toys attached to a mechanism, he spins us through time and space. All our little identities... our temporary faces... living and dying in pursuit of terrestrial ambitions... for Power... Fame... Name... Appetite and Sensation... Desire (like Love) is an Eternal Flame. Not until it is changed to Aspiration can we expect surcease and release. Until then... what goes up must come down. What goes around must come around, and the wreckage from The Storm washes down The Drain.

Sexual Perversity is the human equivalent of guttering Nature... washing down through the portals at the sides of the street. It is the manifest evidence of decadence in the fall of a culture. It is a confusion in the masses... who have lost their way... following the lures to Wolf Trap Cathedral... but... The Good Shepherd knows his own.

As the contemporary poets, Hall and Oates said;

♫ Starting all over again is gonna be rough, so rough
But we're gonna make it
Starting all over as friends is gonna be rough, on us
But we gotta face it
We lost what we had, that's why it hurt so bad.
It set us back a thousand years.
We're gonna make it up, though it's gonna be rough
To erase all the hurt and tears ♫

That's what happens... you know? Men build empires. Women keep score and take scalps. Children play with toys and break them or lose interest. It's always gotta be something new. Then the empires fall. The scalps turn to dust. The children grow old and the bodies grow cold; back and forth... in and out... up and down... around and around.

Storm Drain follows the bouncing lingam with the hook in it... comes back as the real thing and discovers it was the mockery it wanted in the first place. Well... there's always next time. Corfu will sink beneath the waves, hopefully at a family reunion... and it will be the 4th of July for everyone else.

Hunter will get his coke back. If they wanted to know whose coke it was... all they have to do is field test everyone who's been in and out. The traces will still be there. It's like the time of Nero. So... if Obama was Caligula... and Biden is Nero... who was Claudius? Heh heh... just fooling around.

HOWEVER... one way or another... certain players follow along through all the convolutions of ironic happenstance, and... reoccurrence... that make existence the tightly wrapped and mysterious thing that it is; a riddle... wrapped in a mystery... wrapped in an enigma.

Hopefully, this was not too much of a Byzantium... wrapped in a labyrinth... traveled by a Wiffenpoof; get a grip, Visible... get a grip.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, July 03, 2023

"Where Finesse is Not Present... Carnal Animal Nature Assures that There Will Be No Need to Explain... The Absence of It."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Obviously... Petri Dish is the place to announce the soon-to-be-released Ode to Trivia... Barbie The Movie.

Barbie is one of those truly American creations, like cotton candy... religious cults... Tater Tots... Twinkies... and Red Dye #2.

Apparently... there are several Barbies in the film, including Mermaid Barbie and Tranny Barbie. They've even got a porcine Lawyer Barbie and a Schizo-Barbie. They tried to hit all the politically correct buttons; except I don't see an Out Biker Barbie... a wheelchair Barbie... an Amputee Barbie... Homeless Barbie... Meth-Freak Barbie... or Serial Killer Barbie. I expect we will hear from the marginalized at some point.

Like her counterpart, Obesity Barbie, she may have gotten her start somewhere else; like the decadent courts of France... or The Ming Dynasty, but... she came to full toxicity in The Land of Dreams and Milkshakes... right here in The Occupied States of America.

A lot of unusual phenomena that enchanted The World got their start here. How about Nepotism Barbie with the body graffiti tattoos; shamelessly displayed on the undraped forms of Paris Jackson... Lourdes Leon... and Miley Cyrus... among many others.

I guess I understand tattoos. The Japanese have made them into an art form, BUT... I'm talking about what used to be called jailhouse tattoos. For some reason, you mostly see them mostly on females.

It's similar... in my mind... to getting plastic surgery to look cross-eyed or bowlegged. My elementary psychological profile on the matter indicates... self-loathing... and more bad parenting. It ALWAYS comes down to Bad Parenting; "well... where did you learn that?" "Who told you that?" "Where did you get that?" "Why do you do that?" Bad Parenting

I wouldn't bring up this pocket lint without a reason. You can USUALLY see what's coming in a cultural sense by studying trends in entertainment. Rap going mainstream was a clear indication of pandemic sexual decadence... and a superficial fascination with shiny things. The beats often indicate jackhammer-animal-rutting, dominance, and demeaning of the female, and... the lyrics flat-out say so.

There's either finesse or dominance. Where finesse is not present... carnal animal nature assures that there will be no need to explain the absence of it. It means never having to say you're sorry. This is one of the things that makes Pedophilia so attractive to the ugly and under-performing. Children are less likely to see the insecurities, and... once again... dominance applies.

Barbie is a doll. You can do anything to a doll. Show us where he touched you on the doll. Dolls have no factors that can't be controlled by the doll's owner. Stepford Wives tells us something about sexual control by those who can't control themselves. What about sex robots?

Regimentation and obedience grant a predictable and orderly world with no surprises. Well... The WEF and all the other godless permutations of shit-for-brains have made no mystery about what they are after.

China mostly has a world of such uniformity already. What's that Marxist maxim? "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs" Marxism is ALWAYS about control by an elite and untouchable order of bureaucrats who are... usually... extremely sexually insecure, so they channel it into the oppression and abuse of their fellows.

So... as is generally the case here, I am not talking about what it sounds like I am talking about. I'm making allusions to something on the periphery that is better referenced indirectly. I don't know why that is. I do know that it is. Maybe it is because we get conditioned and programmed concerning meaning... through endless... cyclical... repetition.

We either need to be shocked out of our complacency... because we don't realize we are in a trance or... we have to be led by indirection to something we can discover on our own... in our own way.

Religious programming is like this. It's why they left The Divine Feminine out of the equation. It's why they distort her in all sorts of ways. Barbie is such a distortion. This cosmeticized freak... this self-involved plastic... make-believe narcissist... comes across as too stupid to get the meaning of anything. It's no wonder she's a gay icon... just like Ozzie and Harriet for make-believe lifestyles; where there is no God and the blood is liquid Formica.

You get the version of The Divine Mother that applies to you... at the level that your mind and desires exist on. If she's not divine in your case... that's on you. She is everything at all times... on every level that is manifest, according... to... how... you... see... it. 

She is the mirror of where you're at... to put it as simply as I can; Nature is a mirror. Keeping The Divine Feminine out of the picture justifies everything we do to Nature... to Lady Nature.

The imprint you leave in the mirror will return as your next-world, Walmart Greeter... to welcome you to the afterlife you created for yourself while you were here. Nature is the canvas you paint on... the raw stone and clay that you sculpt. You've sculpted yourself... allowed The World to sculpt you through attractions and aversions. How has that worked out? I prefer to leave the heavy lifting AND the finesse to a real artist, like the one who made me in the first place.

The Divine Mother is who you set into action with your every thought... word... and deed. She is the doorway from which all you created enters into The World you inhabit. When you are The Crime. She is The Punishment. You really don't want to piss her off, but... people do... people do. Oddly enough... many do not even believe that She exists. Heh heh... I most exceedingly beg to differ.

I've seen The Divine Mother enough times to know that She is no hallucination. You can't see God... The Ineffable. The closest you can get... is the vision of The Splendor and Glory of His Light, BUT... you CAN SEE The Divine Mother. That's the good news and the bad news.

Men who abuse women have no idea what they are setting themselves up for. You often hear about how... “You'd better get right with God,” I say... you'd better get right with The Divine Mother. She is The Birthing Channel AND The Death Portal. What does that tell you? What should that tell you? She LITERALLY has you coming and going.

Foolish men can say that women were the cause of The Fall. Wiser souls will tell you that ONLY through woman can men rise again... and that the whole drama was fixed from the start.

What do you think this whole tranny-drag-queen mockery of Woman is about? Why are perverted and deranged men seeking to supplant Women? What do you think is REALLY going on there? Keep in mind that EVERYTHING has spiritual connotations.

Well... I'm not here to tell people what to do. I do not have that right... nor intention either. You are free to do as you like. This is what many people tell themselves, and... it is true. You have free access to actions and... to the consequences of actions. What... you... do... WILL... come... back... on... you.

First comes The Sunlight... then the Hydrogen and Carbons... commingling in the plant life... that raises their branches... and stems... and leaves... and blossoms... to the everlasting glory and splendor of God. It is written into the code of their being. It is written into your code of being as well. Oppose it at your peril.

Climate Change is a naturally recurring condition. Now Humpty Dumpty wants to block The Sun. He already blocked The Sun within him. It stands to his lack of reason that he would go dark with Gollum.

Man and Woman are the eternal dynamic interactives. Anything else is something else... a transitory fart-cloud generated by Material Culture. Things go wrong when you mess with Nature for the purpose of material sensation... due to Bad Parenting. Is there a Ken Bump in your future? Will you be gelded to work in the harem of a despotic king?

End Transmission.......

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Chapter 16 of Bhagavad Gita

Two Paths

Be fearless and pure; never waver in your

determination or your dedication to the spiritual

life. Give freely. Be self-controlled, sincere, truthful,

loving, and full of the desire to serve. Realize the

truth of the scriptures; learn to be detached and

to take joy in renunciation.

Do not get angry or harm any living creature,

but be compassionate and gentle; show goodwill to all.

Cultivate vigor, patience, will, and purity; avoid malice and pride.

Then, Arjuna, you will achieve your divine destiny.

Other qualities, Arjuna, make a person more

and more inhuman: hypocrisy, arrogance,

conceit, anger, cruelty, ignorance.

The divine qualities lead to freedom; the

demonic, to bondage. But do not grieve, Arjuna;

you were born with divine attributes.

Some people have divine tendencies, others

demonic. I have described the divine at length,

Arjuna; now listen while I describe the demonic.

The demonic do things they should avoid and

avoid the things they should do. They have

no sense of uprightness, purity, or truth.

“There is no God,” they say, “no truth, no spiritual

law, no moral order. The basis of life is sex; what else

can it be?”

Holding such distorted views, possessing

scant discrimination, they become enemies of

the world, causing suffering and destruction.

Hypocritical, proud, and arrogant, living in

delusion and clinging to deluded ideas, insatiable

in their desires, they pursue their unclean ends.

Although burdened with fears that end only with

death, they still maintain with complete assurance,

“Gratification of lust is the highest that life can offer.”

Bound on all sides by scheming and anxiety, driven

by anger and greed, they amass by any means they can

a hoard of money for the satisfaction of their cravings.

“I got this today,” they say; “tomorrow I shall get that.

This wealth is mine, and that will be mine too. I have

destroyed my enemies. I shall destroy others too! Am

I not like God? I enjoy what I want. I am successful.

I am powerful. I am happy.

“I am rich and well-born. Who is equal to me?

I will perform sacrifices and give gifts,

and rejoice in my own generosity.”

This is how they go on, deluded by ignorance.

Bound by their greed and entangled in a web of delusion,

whirled about by a fragmented mind, they fall into a dark hell.

Self-important, obstinate, swept away by the

pride of wealth, they ostentatiously perform

sacrifices without any regard for their purpose.

Egotistical, violent, arrogant, lustful, angry,

envious of everyone, they abuse my presence within

their own bodies and in the bodies of others.

Life after life I cast those who are malicious, hateful,

cruel, and degraded into the wombs of those with

similar demonic natures. Birth after birth they find

themselves with demonic tendencies. Degraded in this

way, Arjuna, they fail to reach me and fall lower still.

There are three gates to this self-destructive

hell: lust, anger, and greed. Renounce these three.

Those who escape from these three gates of

darkness, Arjuna, seek what is best and attain life’s

supreme goal. Others disregard the teachings of

the scriptures. Driven by selfish desire, they miss

the goal of life; miss even happiness and success.

Therefore let the scriptures be your guide in

what to do and what not to do. Understand their

teachings; then act in accordance with them.