Wednesday, July 19, 2023

"Even Now... The Pieces are All Coming Together- For a Wide and Far-Reaching Justice- That Will Touch Every One of Us."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Step away from the cellphone. Turn around. Put your hands... in your back pockets. Now pretend you are wearing high heels... shimmy to the left... shimmy to the right... and you do the tranny-humanism shuffle all night.

Listen to what that internal radio station is playing. The one you've been hearing ever since you got the genetically targeted vaccine, or... was that The Virus? Virus? Vaccine? Virus? Vaccine? Don't you listen to that bad Kennedy man if you don't want any men in black on your own grassy knoll.

A culture rises and falls on the quality of its art. A culture is defined by the quality of its art. When I say art, I mean music... visual graphic expressions... inspired poetry and prose; what you hear... and what you see... and what inspires thee. Does it lift you up or... does it bring you down? ♫ Don't bring me down! Don't bring me down...♫

Does Cardi B and Megan The Gelding lift your spirits with “WAP”? Would you rather hear, “All You Need is Love?” Something by Mozart? Does Taylor Swift remind you of Joni Mitchell? Not even a little bit? Do contemporary visual arts make you think of Titian? Raphael? Goya? Rembrandt? Are you sad that Andy Warhol went away to the vapid nothing he emerged from with Basquiat in tow?

Ask yourself who made them famous. Who owns all the art galleries?

Occidental Observer

Via Occidental Observer:

Go ahead. Look it up. Who makes all of these painted ponies famous? Who owns the industries that tell you who to follow and fail to mention anyone else?

Does it bother you that today's musical artists can't sing or play their instruments... outside of a kind of tedious redundancy... that would make a tree hang itself? That modern artists can't draw a recognizable character? That there are no more poets? That there are so few decent writers? Do you like living in a box... working in a cubicle... and spending all your free time on your cellphone? Are you glancing back and forth at it's tiny screen even now? Probably not. (grin) Not here anyway.

Ecstasy... or Molly... or whatever you call it has a very powerful impact on sexual behavior. At least it does now. Once... like LSD it was pure. I know. I had the original Sandoz in the ampules... and multiple multiples of everything Owsley and The Brotherhood of Love ever made. I had bags of Orange Sunshine... Window Pane... plenty of Mr. Natural blotters.

I also had plenty of the original MMDA from The University of Kalifornia, back when it wasn't illegal. Then... like the LSD, Saruman's people got their hands on it. It wasn't long before the... entire... ecstasy... market... was controlled by The Israelis... and something bad had happened to it. It did things to your sexual identity. if... you... weren't... careful. I pay attention to what changes... various chemicals initiate in me. I pay attention to the nature of the influence they have.

I don't take anything anymore, but I remember real good. The people shaping the mindsets... that comes about through the ingestion of specific chemical compounds... are designing them to adjust The Mind to an accommodation to transhumanism... and Mammon as God.

There is a definite intent behind every form of art that is permitted to gain any degree of exposure now. Inspired and gifted artists... truly revolutionary thinkers are... not... welcome. They have shut the door on them. They know that uplifting music and art... stirs the soul to travel in higher states of consciousness. They inspire us to aspire higher. What we have now drags us to the ground. It's ugly and demeaning... when it isn't saccharine and insipid.

Today's artists are knuckle-dragging thugs or... effeminate clowns or... sociopathic narcissists, and we are encouraged to simp along behind them. There are new forms of communication for people who can no longer read and write and have no real interest in doing so.

Great art causes the human spirit to soar. Bad art makes you empty and depressed. They know this. They've been at it for a while. It all comes down to control. People who imagine themselves to be in control had to murder their conscience to get there. They have NEVER been in control. They are mere actors in a drama orchestrated for God's entertainment.

Do you know the real reason that those who control the money supply... the industries and everything else are so hopped up about DEI? It is not to promote equality in this world. The World already takes care of that with its own fitness tests. They want to take your money and give it to the less fortunate because it is much easier to then take it away from them... and they are much easier to control than you are.

Studies have already proven that if all the money in The World were evenly divided between all of us, it would be back in the same hands in 60 days.

Why is The Soros Machine installing anti-law and order district attorneys into every location the money can put them in? Why is catch-and-release the hallmark of the new legal system that encourages the demented to ever greater outrages? They want to se the stage for King Draco to come back to power.

Why is the homeless situation even worse than it was, despite billions of dollars being thrown at it? They have no intention of curing it. It serves their purposes. The exploding phenomena of billionaires should tell you all you need to know about the lack of equity in society, yet they are the ones pushing these themes because controlling the narrative means you don't actually have to do anything about it.

Seen from a dispassionate and informed perspective... the whole of it looks... and is... insane. It cannot continue as it is, yet the architects press on to ever more untenable excesses. Why is this? It is for The Purpose of Demonstration. Humanity is about to be taught a lasting lesson about what is and what is not worth having... and each of us... is to receive a specifically tailored lesson.

Imagine that you are caught in quicksand... trapped on a glueboard... tangled in a wilderness of thorns. The more you struggle... the more bound you become. The same principle applies to sexual behavior. Keep pressing the boundaries and see what happens. In fact... this unwritten law applies to everything. It is one of the ways that life polices itself.

There are the rules you know about, and the rules you find out about.

When I write about the ills of our times... there is no hysteria or concern present. I have been convinced of The Hidden Hand in human affairs for some time. So I see everything through that particular lens. It may not make any sense right now. It will make plenty of sense later. It may seem terribly unfair right now. It will prove to be very fair later on. No one gets away with anything, and those who do great evil will encounter the same.

Even now... the pieces are all coming together... for a wide and far-reaching justice... that will touch every one of us. Much that is soon to appear has been waiting in the woodwork for some time... and much that is undiscovered is hidden in every one of us right now. Oh! Heh heh... the surprises that are in store for every one of us. Yes... I would tell you if I had The Details. That is not my department. That is God's department. He handles The Details.

You have heard that The Devil is in The Details? Quite so... if that is how you see The Creator. He is certainly The Devil when seen by The Wicked. Otherwise... he is not seen at all, (grin) (unless you are The Pure in Heart) but... he is very... very... present. In time you will become one or the other... in a very small way. Anyone who has discovered the truth of the matter can tell you this. If they were so moved to do so. If you were inclined to believe them.

A perfect storm is coming. What I mean by... a perfect storm; similar to the convergence of several factors coming together to cause one... is that this perfect storm will be both inside and outside you, and... likely... one of these will reflexively cause the other. There will be no storm for those who have stilled the conflicts within, and there will be... reflexively... no storm outside of them either.

This is something to think about before you are compelled to confront the lack of it. This is something to prepare for BEFORE your lack of preparation informs you of the absence. This is not something you can handle through material prepper-ation or... isolated location... or favored social station; not this particular tribulation. You can have all the exterior parts in place, but... what to do when it shows up inside of you?

I know it's hard to get your head around it... the idea that it's all exactly as it should be on the way to what it will be... that master tacticians are at the controls... and The Master Tactician is at the controls of the other tacticians; that it is no accident... that everything is perfectly monitored and directed to an appointed end. Does it not seem the wiser course to come into resonance with this Master Tactician?

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...


0 said...

Yep! This track came out in the last week I think, its not to bad.

I also bumped into an old film from 1975 called "A boy and his dog" last night. You seen that? The ending Cracked me up!

Didn't realize it was Don Johnson as a kid till looking it up on youtube. It had a reference to bringing the wildboy down from the surface and finding the "cold" like all surface dwellers have.

Take it easy!

Anonymous said...

"Studies have already proven that if all the money in The World were evenly divided between all of us, it would be back in the same hands in 60 days."

Why is that? Is it because the elite have magic rituals or something? Or is it that "law of attraction" new age junk? I'm starting to wonder if the elites are actually greedy or evil, and if the masses are just projecting their own envy and greed onto the elite.

Visible said...

Probably a combination of all of them since the ruling mindsets on this plane are deception and delusion. If you have reasons... whatever they might be... (and there could be all kinds of reasons) to play on their playing field... you have to know the game is rigged, but... it is not rigged if you don't want anything. Then... the whole dynamic changes, but... this... cannot... be... explained... to anyone that still wants anything.

Al said...

"I was in the house when the hooooouuuuuse burned down" We'll all be able to say that soon, those who still have a voice anyway.

I miss musicians who could write the good shit. Had a little high with Mr Zevon just last evening, drugs were not involved.

Much Love Amigo

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nisargadatta Maharaj. Another good philosopher who I never heard of or could not remember hearing of if you posted him.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is now up=

"Do Not Mistake The Form for The Spirit Contained in It. When The Meter Runs Out... It Will Escape into Something Else."

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"Honey is Pure Condensed Sunlight. Gold is Another Pure Material Expression, Just as Diamonds are Indicative of Starlight."



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