Tuesday, July 11, 2023

"They Go in The Front Door in Alice in Wonderland Costumes and They Come Out The Back Door Screwed and Tattooed."

God Poet Transmitting.......

My mind... the part of it that does what I tell it to do... keeps coming back to that thing about female music personalities and jailhouse tattoos. Then it ♫ tiptoes through The Nightshade... to the basement... to the window sill ♫ and it notes The Poor Little Rich Girl progressions from nice girl to flaming skank... that keeps appearing over and over.

Witness Miley Cyrus in transition from Hannah Montana to whatever it is that she is now. Witness all the other examples... and there are many. Taylor Swift is now the poster girl from Harlotry for Dummies. Then there are the mean and brutal Terminator Ladies like Adele... Shania Twain... Pink and many others. It's some kind of dominatrix-is-for-kids thing.

They go in the front door in Alice in Wonderland costumes and they come out the back door screwed and tattooed. It is very similar to what we see in the self-harming community. It gives real evidence for that Monarch programming thing.

Then... yesterday... I saw where 40% of the students at Brown... an expensive Ivy League college... identify as LGBTQwhatever+. Then I saw where only a small number actually practiced whatever they claimed to be. It seems... clearly... that the queer pressure is peer pressure; of the fit-in-or-else variety. You don't have to do it. You only have to look like you're doing it.

Then I think of all the deluded little skells with the Just Stop Oil shirts who have yet to cook on a cold stove in the dark.

I imagine they will get their chance. It looks like The Crown Colonies are going to be the demonstration zone for this.

Back to those tormented music sirens. This all has to do with the shaping of human consciousness and these celebrities are Judas Goats. They are hammered into shape to lead the deluded into a trap from which they cannot escape.

When you can shape human consciousness... it is not long before you can convince people they are non-binary; despite the physical indicators otherwise. You can convince them they are a cat or a dog. You can convince them that obesity is beautiful and healthy... that anything is something other than what it is.

Well... obviously all of this is happening. So is the breakdown of law and order... the schisms in society... the international violence of bankers trying to adjust their bookkeeping through war... the religious drag queens, trying to hold on to their tithing scams and their poncy pontificating... flamingo-on-a-drinking-glass... genuflecting narcissistic mirror dancing... you know... the usual.

All of a sudden... all kinds of people are acting out on the level they are being agitated on. For some, that means sexual exhibitionism. For some, it's random violence. For some, it's one cause or another. For some it results in immersion of some sort; video games... masturbation fantasies... drug stupors... you name it... and someone is manufacturing or merchandising it.

What it boils down to is that a large portion of The World is losing its mind. They don't know who they are, and... it is terrifying them. Another portion has stepped back and is watching. Some are trying to help. Some are hindering under all kinds of guises that give the surface impression of helping; like the NGOs... like the governments... who move according to the invisible winds that are generated by the ones who hold the purses... like everyone pretending to be something they are not.

We are present in a time of living scripture. You can literally see “the blind leading the blind.” You can see the appearance of “a generation of vipers.” The predictions of Revelations seem to be coming to a theater near you soon. It is glaringly apparent that... “where there is no vision, the people perish.” Materialism has done this. It has translated the majority of human ambition into the pursuit of appetites and physical satisfaction. Civilization is imploding.

Meanwhile... a small cabal of international snake-charming bankers, and sundry... have taken over all the operations of human industry. You either go along with the program or they are of a mind to crush you.

They are systematically at it with a vengeance and they have money to burn. They are confident that they can sway the majority through either the carrot or the stick. As with all previous fools... intoxicated with hubris and self-importance... they have miscalculated by omission, and their omission is a biggie. How is it that someone can believe in The Devil and not believe in God?

Well... no matter. God is both The Ineffable and The Devil... depending on the level on which you interact with him, and... you get precisely what you invested... back from the one you invested in. I've met both of them and... occasionally... at the same time. Of course, The God Aspect was there by proxy. However... it is possible the same thing applied otherwise as well.

You'd had to have been there, but... you are there... right this moment. It is simply a matter of not possessing the necessary sensory equipment to perceive it. So... let's say that almost everyone is in a similar state... based on the degrees of their capacity for apprehension. Some will see in part. Some will not see at all, and some will see one or the other entirely... depending on their theater of operations and the objectives that drive them.

Whenever Materialism gets to the state it is presently in... where just about anything can be created... sometimes instantly, and sometimes PDQ... Humanity enters a time of legend and prophecy. Two worlds collide, and only one of them can emerge victorious. Let me put it another way; two worlds collide and only one of them remains unchanged.

So... it doesn't matter if it's The Masons... or The Illuminati... or The WEF... or The Satanists... or The Usual Suspects... or The Bankers... or Archons... or Anunnaki... Aliens... or Reptile Intelligence... of which... I should tell you... there are two camps. There are nearly always two camps... meaning that anything you ever come up with, an adversary to it will simultaneously emerge. It's how things play out down here, in... times... like... this.

What does matter is that there is ONE controlling authority... only ONE... and there will NEVER be more than ONE. So... you are either in a state of unity with that unity or... you are in a state of discord and conflict. Is this clear? You are either one or the other. In the first instance, there is nothing to worry about, and there never will be anything to worry about. In the other case, you have to contend with that laundry list in the last paragraph.

At this time, most public figures are Judas Goats. Many who think they are helping are also unwitting Judas Goats. All these celebrities... are temporary aggregations of glitter... combined for some degree of mesmerizing force. It's the kind of escapism... or misdirection... that is meant to keep your mind off the fact that another force is drinking your blood.

These are pathetic characters. So are the politicians and religious scammers. They simply aren't bright enough to see through to the obvious results that attend their behavior. The silly rich... whose entire focus is on acquiring more wealth... cannot see that they are caught in a trap from which there is no escape.

I'm talking about this because it can get pretty scary for those of you without a firm foundation. These forces can seem pretty intimidating when they get in your face and insist that you believe in them. They can seem awesomely powerful when you observe most of The World caught in their tailspin. Aloneness can be very frightening for those who do not realize they are never alone.

Being alone... except in the cases of those with a firm foundation... can mean you and your fears in a room together. You're still not alone. What is the initial cause of fear? It is wanting. Is the reverse of that... giving? Most often... everything you are worrying about is not worth your attention, and everything that shows up clamoring for your attention... came about from your worrying about it. Remember this when you discover that you have been eating yourself alive.

Everything you encounter on this plane is a personification of The Divine Mother. God The Originator is invisible and motionless. What happens in Times of Material Darkness is a concerted effort to turn The Divine Mother into a whore. Everything you see in the cities is a reshaping of her. The further you get from her divine nature... the more she becomes a scary bitch.

One is either PERVERTING or GLORIFYING her. This is why these particular... talentless... female... performers... have been conditioned and programmed as they have. They are celebrating whoredom, which is Babylon Rising... all in the name of freedom of expression and celebrating your own truth. These are the arguments they give as they lead you down the Road to Perdition.

That is their job. You can't blame them. They are doing what they came here to do... OR... they think they are. They are dreaming. In that dream, it all seems okay. The same applies to the ones manipulating them, and... the ones manipulating the ones who are manipulating them, AND... the ones behind them.

Wake-up is coming. It is going to be glorious or painful, BUT... it is coming and cannot be escaped. The World is to be set back into order, by... whatever... means... are... necessary.

Oṃ Tāre Tuttāre Ture Svāhā

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Seems like the only purpose of this place is a quest to sort oneself out. Get the priorities right. It's kinda hard to do that when everything is programming you to be an idiot living solely for this idiotic realm. At least some of us are awake to the real reality.

Oh well.

0 said...

Your comment about cyrus reminded me of this clip, It cracks me up.



Anonymous said...

Taylor Swift, aka "Tay Tay", is a shemale.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is not a female impersonator.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is now up=

"Material Life... is a Never-Ending Storybook of Tales... that Chronicle The Outer Search... that Always Leads Within."

Guy Reid-Brown said...

I am falling behind on these - every word of this rings truest of true -

Anonymous said...

Miley-Montana or whatever her actual name is, said her voice change is medical, due to "Reinke's Edema" and possibly being a heavy smoker in her own words. She likely doesn't have to worry about not being able to afford her medical bills however, unlike most people. Most music on the radio hurts my ears. I pulled out the fuse for the radio in the car because.



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