Friday, July 14, 2023

"So... Whaddya Gonna Do? Yeah... Uh Huh... Whaddya Gonna Do? Well... Never Fear, My Friends... It Ebbs and It Flows."

God Poet Transmitting.......

All of the terms... pronouns... sexual fantasies of non-existent identities... come out of The Ego. The flames of ego are fanned by social media, and given a sense of desperation by the masses of people pressed together, and striving to be noticed and identified apart from the mass. “Look at me! Am I not spechul?”

♫ I am so beautiful to me. Why can't they see... eee... eee? I'm everything I ever hoped for. I'm everything I need, 'cause I am so bea-you-ti-ful to meeeeee! ♫

You can see an ancillary offshoot of this sort of derangement done in real-time by someone with no time.

So... I start thinking. Let me count the ways; The Killer Vaccines direct mainlining of The Protocols... Insanity... sexual perversity... The pending war in Ukraine... absolute marrow-deep stupidity... addictions to form... bad diet... impotent rage directed inward... endless insatiable wanting... bad parenting and poor self-control. These are only a few of the causes of societal dysfunction that jumped out at me.

♫ these are a few of the obvious things ♫

For whatever the reason, the population numbers are going to be dropping. Large amounts of people will die when those who presently feed the rest of The World have to be concerned with feeding themselves.

Why? Why is all of this happening? Why are our leaders losing their minds? Why are people so mean and selfish? It's quite simple. When you turn away from God because survival is now an afterthought... all the blessings that come with God... that are often not associated with God... they go away too.

Materialism is what interposes itself between you and God. The Mind is drawn outward to multiplicities of form and desire. What you see... you covet; to paraphrase Hannibal Lecter. When one relies too much on outward things, self-reliance goes by the wayside. When immediate gratification becomes a driving force, self-control goes out the window.

It's all the product of Bad Parenting ♫ you... who are out on the road... must have a code... that you can live by ♫

People started to get fat and lazy in the 50s... after The War... when we came into full spectrum dominance of the planet and... The Bankers flourished... and debt became the way you do it... and technology became centered on appetite satisfaction.

Then The World rebelled against Materialism in the 60s. Peace and Love were... temporarily.. watchwords... while The Bankers skinny-dipped in The Gulf of Tonkin. Leaders got assassinated. Rock stars self-destructed. Sexual Liberation tossed fuel on The Fire of Crazy. The Intelligence Agencies sideswiped whatever movement there may have been by poisoning the good drugs and flooding the countryside with bad drugs.

Then Disco was manufactured to manifest The Metrosexual; putting lipstick on a ferret... Sodom and Gomorrah formed like shining cities in the minds of those captured in the thrall of Materialism... and the reality of it began to precipitate into form. In the 80's the culture of excess came into full bloom with Greed and Cocaine.

The Spiritual Nature took flight and the 90s ushered in The Age of Nihilism... all the music became dissonant and the lyrics were fraught with alienation, and the whole country began to smell of teenage stupidity. Doggy style bling and booty entered the picture with jackhammer-take-her-from-behind and make her submit... humiliation sex... performed on witless females who went along with the program.

Then Israel attacked America and blamed it on Stone Age Arabs. Horrible wars of attrition were waged. Certain chemicals were introduced into the recreational drugs... the food... the water... and men wanted to become women... and women wanted to become men; never realizing they get to go from one to the other every lifetime... if that's their thing or... they have an accounts-due situation.

Then... after Segway George got done fucking shit up, America's first gay president was shoehorned into The White House and started making laws that put a bounty on Normal and The Christian Tradition; already on its last legs... once again the people were moving even further away from God, and... all you got is either God or Materialism... too much of either while understanding neither... creates many new problems.

So... The State... riding in the crocodile swine chariots... began to press down on the hapless by making it too expensive for the poor to have anywhere to live... which created the homeless; that and opening all the mental institutions so... now they're all ♫ on the street, where... you... live ♫

Tattooed gangsters were herded across the borders to stand in readiness for the storming of Rome. Entire demographics were dumped into traditional communities to create Little Somalia and other cos-play theme parks, but mostly to create voting blocs... and to stand in readiness for future antagonisms.

The control wasn't absolute enough... yet... so race wars were fomented on contrived events that were inflated and inflamed by The Hooker Press that worked for the governments... that worked for The Bankers... that worked for The Prince of Darkness. So... auto-correct has been set into motion by The Cosmos.

An election got outright stolen and The Biden Crime Family was installed to implement the policies of some small group of possessed souls who own The Banks... The Government... The Media... The Entertainment Industries... The Education System... The Judicial System and the Souls of The Legislative Branch. They own all of this and more, and that's not even arguable. That's provable.

Now... the next step in world dominance proceeds with AI... 5G... Climate Change's war on food production... a Whitman's Sampler of poisoned chemicals too numerous to itemize... lab-grown meats and lab-grown viruses, and... The Little Guy (that's you) is up against it and no kidding about that. So... ♫ what's it gonna be boy? ♫

There have been several mass reactions to all of this. One is to get lost in some fixation from video games... to porn... to intoxicants... to ♫ going on behind closed doors ♫... to streetside violent outbursts and attacks on store windows and display cases... to random assaults with the perpetrators playing musical chairs through the saloon doors of Soros Legal... where the dead are buried face down... with their asses above ground... so that Gen Z zombies can park their electric bikes there.

Where does this leave us... with priapic nutters... humping the night deposit slots of sidewalk sperm banks and... The Controllers rubbing their hands in glee behind bulletproofed... tinted... windows?

You can see the progression from here to there pretty easily. Of course, I left out a great deal. I only get two and a half pages at a time. (I think I said three and a half the other day... I misspoke) You'll have to fill in the blanks... add further color commentary... or...just marinate in a pissed-off silence.

So... whaddya gonna do? Yeah... uh huh... whaddya gonna do? Well... never fear, my friends... it ebbs and it flows... it comes and it goes... sometimes right under your nose; I was told that we are God's bank and God is our bank. He has invested in us... placed potential and abilities hidden within us for times of necessity, and that he can light us up incandescent, any... time... he... feels.. like... it.

He's going to be doing that with some of us, just as soon as the agents of darkness have over-extended themselves beyond recovery or any possibilities of regaining their balance, cause their reach... once again... exceeded their grasp.

Armies are massing in The Invisible and God is within us. That can go two ways. It can lift us up to heights beyond imagining OR... he can come directly at us like an avenging angel, right... inside... our... heads.

This you can see happening all around you right this moment, BUT... what you are seeing is only in the beginning stages. It's going to go exponentially nova shortly... both WITHOUT... and WITHIN... depending on what you've been up to. ♫ He's making a list. He's checking it twice. He's gonna find out who's naughty or nice ♫

I could go on (and on) but that's two and a half pages so... see you next time.

The whole of existence is a cosmic joke but one needs to be in the right headspace to see that.

End Transmission.......

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Mark Elsis seems to be in financial difficulty. This happens to him now and again. It happens to a lot of us. He's got this website of alternative news where he tries his best to inform an indifferent world. If you've got any spare change, I'm sure he would appreciate it. He tries really hard.

He says;

Donate And / Or Send Prayers Through

I just thought I'd pass this on should it cross the right eyes at the right time.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to watch the world burn... let's hope it goes exponentially nova soon. Nostrils to the Sky

Anonymous said...

Well, yep, that kind of wraps up my week. Ahhh...I love the smell of napalm
on a Friday...

I'm sorry, this really is no laughing matter; I'm simply trying to keep evil at bay.

Love to all you good people,

Al said...

" Well... never fear, my friends... it ebbs and it flows... "

I must say sitting on the shoreline and continuing to watch the tide go out all the while wondering just how far it can reach before that tsunami recoils back. It's akin to the feeling of witnessing a gigantic real of fishing line unspool and wondering if that fish will tear all the line off or drag one in with it, either way all one must do is let go.

I know I won't be forgetting this lifetime (holy sheet!) and when I go I can say I'm a lot better person in leaving than I was when I got here, Creator did that for me.

Much Love to All Amigo.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

#1 shares my feelings to the max. It's the NOSE way. That tiktoker should move to India, or some other culture that isn't a 'prisoner of time'. Gods, people who are late drive me NUTS. Anything that slows me down makes me blow a gasket or two or three or. . .

I read the killing field of the planet is allegedly goin' into overdrive next year due to the genocidal toxin called a vax. Should make life a little more convenient for the survivors after this stage of insanity is over. I hope I'm one of those gone, but I'm a 'pure blood', so I gotta find another way. I'm workin' on a heart attack at work from the heavy lifting and all, but so far no luck. . .obviously. The vax is a crappy way to commit suicide. The side effects are nasty.

As for the rest, I just refuse to play. I live contrary to the ways of the world, I didn't create the problem, so feck it. The world is its own damn problem, and I want as little to do with it as possible.

Anonymous said...

Dayaaam! That wasn’t just stimulation, that was Over stimulation.
Whoo. I got all tingly.



Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Dayam! I was so blown away by another nose postin' who isn't 'The Desert Dweller' psychic twin of mine, that I fergot my/our NOSTRILS TO THE SKY myself.


0 said...

Well put! I always refer to Controllers as Cuntrollers.

Just a hop skip and a jump and here we Goooooo!


Anonymous said...

I love reading your posts Les. Much love to you my friend.
Justin V

Visible said...

Great to see you on the street, and on your feet; literally and metaphorically speaking. Nothing happens by accident, but we can get into a cosmic groove and then all things fall to the wayside.

Anonymous said...

Pierre said...
just remember that the last cosmic joke is on all of us.

BCii said...

God is calling me home. I feel this so strongly now. The world entices me through the senses, appealing to that mentally-constructed false self that sees itself as separate and lacking. I chase gratification and escape from my pain and find only degradation of my being and a cursed cutting off of the flowering of my divine potential.

I am being shown the solution. It starts with awareness and total humility to admit my condition, my error and my powerlessness to change from the level of our personal separate will. By definition, the separate will sets up a division and an opposition that fractalizes down within me and ends up in self-defeating stalemate.

All the devil needs is time. Christ takes us beyond time into eternity – the present moment.

Here is Love. Here is Power. Here is Wisdom. Beyond understanding. In our very Being.

By the grace of God, may we all return Home. May this temporal world be healed and transformed from within. All praise to the One who performs the good in all things. Long may His name be blessed. Amen.

Visible said...

Amen! There's going to be a lot of exiting in all kinds of ways.

BCii said...

I got quite a laugh out of realizing my mistake in using a phrase commonly used to point to the end of one’s earthly sojourn when what I meant was the invitation to the kingdom of God within. Sorry for causing such a misunderstanding.

To whatever end, it would appear I am contracted to stay with this mortal coil for a quite full measure of life duration this time around. In a previous incarnation beset with tragedy, I did exit by my own hand. I’m now clearly meant to correct that mistake and heal the wounds that led to such an unfaithful act.

It’s not at all easy. I’m 38 and still struggling to establish a basic whole soul presence in the body due to the effects of deep-rooted trauma. In fact, the addiction by which this flesh attempts to cope has only gotten worse and I feel progressively weaker as the years go by. This provokes an oppressive existential anxiety. On the hopeful side of things, however, insight, wisdom and humility have grown and the good Lord continues in His great grace to teach, comfort, chasten, provide, and light my way.

My greatest hope is to be of service in His kingdom on this earth. You, dear Visible, are an impactful and inspiring demonstration of how a human being can be a beautiful instrument of the divine in spite of incredible earthly trials and tribulations.

There’s nothing for it but to go forth and do as He commands. Every time I follow that still, small voice within, my burden lightens and I feel more alive.

Thank you for the space to share these words, brother. I appreciate you.

Visible said...

I never think of people as dead anyway cause I know they are not. Emerson wrote about that. He's quoted in the Yoga Sutras I recommend, saying something about how Jesus and Aristotle and everyone else are still around and he is sure he has run into them here and there. He says we think we die and simply wake up to look through a different window.

No... we don't die. We simply go to where our thoughts and feelings are things.

You can count on the opportunity to enter The Kingdom of God within. That is a feature of the nature of the times we SEEM to be passing through.

Anonymous said...

Hale–Bopp enthusiasts...

Asil said...

It's coming, it feels tangible at moments, it is there in our hearts, our minds, we are holding hands forming an army, our heart and souls in allegiance to our Father the Creator and our Mother.
When He tells us we are there, so many of us.
Love you Visible.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"They Are The Ones Who Sleep in Dreams of Earth... Snout-Rooting for The Acorns that Fall from The Tree of Darkness."



Joseph Brenner

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