Thursday, October 28, 2010

9/11 and the Holocaust; how Much Truth does the Truth Require?

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As if there were any doubt, in any way, anymore, about two critical circumstances that shape our world, there should be none now. We can be very fundamental about this. We can go to rank and file. We can go to bedrock and we can also be certain that the truth will not be hid for long now. Not only is 9/11 the litmus test but we have the right to inquire about anything because of the cost it has brought everyone but the ones who did it. For them it is all massive profit.

Kevin Bracken is a hero. Kenneth O’Keefe is a hero too but you can find out about O’Keefe on your own. These videos bring something to light in ways that even a moron can find reason to be convinced of. One of them is mass media. The same mass media owned by those who were behind both events.

This 9/11 and this curious foundation for so much in our present day are doing nasty things in their parents beds while their friends listen outside the door. What does it take to wake you up world? Should I take a hammer and go from door to door, town to town, country to country and bang on it so that you can recognize that you have been turned into one if the people in that bed and all of the people listening outside the door?

I don’t know how anyone will take what I write anymore after the most recent Smoking Mirrors. The early comments made me feel like I was going with that same hammer and begging door to door. I was, but it wasn’t about money or apples. It was about the truth. In the meantime, people who are fighting for the truth are also fighting with each other and I can’t find a side to be completely on the side of so I can only fight for the truth herself and hope it will somehow bring those of us who are together to a place of greater strength and joined in our common struggle.

There is no one who is reading this right now, or who ever will, who is not affected by these two events. All of us should take this personally. Very few of us got a real apple through the barbed wire while a psychopathic few were getting all of the apples for themselves and raising their own livestock on the livestock’s own land for the purpose of harvesting organs because their own organs will not function because there is no integrity in them. I think this is the real reason that they are behind all of this organ harvesting. There are so few of them and so many organs. Think about it. It is ugly and evil and pornographic beyond description and your imagination doesn’t even want to go there.

I am confident now that there is no way that the truth can be kept from us. I feel like I can even see the future and that is a scary thing. It should come as no surprise that Jon Faine from the first video looks like Steven Spielberg. I shouldn’t have to be doing this. You should be doing this. Kevin Bracken and Kenneth O’Keefe are doing this. Max Keiser is doing this and we are all doing something by degrees and on levels within the dimensions of our enterprises but it is not enough. Please do what you can, every one of you, from every location to bring into being just a little more of the naked truth even if you have to rip the clothes from her body.

I’m trying to get to my olive groves and reap my small harvest which costs more than any olive oil would in any store but it’s the real thing and somehow you can’t get that in a store. Meanwhile I am experiencing some of the most terrific pain in my life due to gallstones that have come about because I lost so much weight during all those events in Italy earlier this year. Now I am told I should have my gall bladder removed because this stone is too big to pass. I believe I can pass it with an ayurvedic remedy which I should be out getting the ingredients for but I am writing this instead. I’m pretty much out of my mind and I guess the most recent link pays proof to that. I’m also going back to Italy to do the same thing, more or less so, let’s all do our best. I’m told that if I don’t do something about this stone that it will kill me. That’s not a bad price given the circumstances being outlined here.

The pain is terrific and it is no less than what I deserve. My main concern while writing this is that this be seen as a metaphor or analogy for something else. It’s all true but that is not my motive. Can it be any less clear that we should all do our best? Kenneth O’Keefe is risking his life. It’s what he does. Kevin Bracken is risking his reputation and all that he stands for in the minds of the people who believe in him. We all need to take this into account.

If ever I wished I had some Special K and that it was legal, that time is now (grin). I have never seen such strange days as I now find myself in. I can only be so grateful that I have a loving consort and some really good friends who don’t have much themselves but who have been willing to share what there is with me. Doesn’t it always go to show that those with the least somehow are most willing to give the most, while those with too much to even know how much that is, cannot be motivated to share at all?

In times of darkness even those without much are being constrained from sharing and from working together because of differences in perception and opinion. If only they would put those things aside then we would all have a lot more to share and we could do so much more. We are making mountains out of molehills while our enemies are turning those molehills into bullets and the blazing truth in the first two links of this posting should convince everyone to shut up and see to their own shortcomings.

People talk a lot about being a Christian but when it comes to behaving like one, they don’t seem to have what it takes. People talk about being a Muslim or whatever it is that they are but practicing it seems to be more than what they are capable of. I feel like taking that hammer and going from head to head right now, instead of from door to door and screaming “Wake up”!

I can’t live other people’s lives for them. I can only live my own and I’m not doing that as effectively as I could either. I suppose it’s karma and maybe some amount of my own selfishness and laziness but if my respect for anyone else counts for anything then I expect you will try to do the right thing now so that we can all be a little more like Kevin Bracken and Kenneth O’Keefe.

I should have been on the road already and days ago been where I am supposed to be. It must be the grace of the divine that kept me here because I can’t imagine what kind of a nightmare I would have found myself in on the road by now. Then again, maybe I wouldn’t have a gall bladder now and that would be okay too. Now I risk losing so many of the olives I was going there to get because of the timeline. It’s absurd really. It’s too bad I don’t have someone here to drive down with me because that would solve a lot of problems but maybe that would cause some too (grin). It’s a dilemma and no mistake about that.

Think people! Study those first two videos and tell me if it could be any more clear what has been going on and what IS going on and tell me what you think you ought to do and even what I ought to do. Mercifully, my pain has backed off for the last few hours and I can’t be grateful enough for that. It is a humbling affair and a teaching moment about things I have taken for granted a little too much on occasion. Maybe I have taken you for granted and I think maybe you have taken me for granted too. Remember, although all of what I am saying is as true as those videos, this is also a metaphor and an analogy and an appeal for all of us to pay a little more attention, to do a little more and to try a little harder so that we don’t turn into what the enemy wants us to. Let’s turn into what we are capable of by finding that Kevin Bracken and Kevin O’Keefe within us instead of the Julian Assange or the Alex Jones that we don’t need right now. Let’s not be our own worst enemies.

Let’s not see too little too late. Let’s not die by inches and degrees the way a coward does. Let’s do the right thing while we have the time instead of spending forever in hindsight and regret for what we could have been and done.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Coca Cola, Max Keiser and the Prison Planet Killer Bumblebees

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I watched Max Keiser go nova on Alex Jones’ radio show a couple of days ago. I thought it was Max doing a mirror for Alex but Alex, who’s completely out of control, told Max that it was a ‘family show’. I didn’t even notice whatever it was that caused Alex to say that. I guess that means I don’t have a dirty mind, being as ‘there are no dirty words only dirty minds’.

Max Keiser; you can see that guy light himself up because he has to keep reminding himself that he was in that business. Max doesn’t have a dirty mind either. Max has an honest mind. I like listening to him so that I can hear integrity ring. I like Max Keiser. I like a few people I have mentioned before but I prefer to just stay shy of that kind of advertisement because not everyone that I like and admire may like me back. It wouldn’t change the way I feel about them.

Coca Cola boycott; I got out of the John Howard Pavilion for the Criminally Insane at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital. Max was telling Alex that all you had to do was shut Coca Cola down to break the vampire system. Alex looked like angry bees were flying around his head and they were all wearing little blue6white yarmulkes. Max kind of noticed that Alex was distracted but that’s Alan’s job. Max has other things to do. So do I.

I got out of a near two year stretch in that place and the D.C Jail and Petersburg Reformatory Gladiator School, with my ass intact and my mind set right because I wasn’t crazy in the first place. Everyone else was. When I walked out on the streets, everybody looked more locked up than me, I wound up at the Coca Cola family’s house in Atlanta. Doctor John Pemberton’s house in Atlanta was a halfway house. I was a parolee. Because I was convicted of the Marijuana Tax Act for two ounces of pot that I didn’t even sell while riding with some people; one of them is now a congressman and I’m sure he would rather I don’t mention his name but that’s John also. It was another John, John Reed who was responsible for the mess but the story could take off in ten directions now or become a book so, let’s stay on point.

I lived in that halfway house for a few weeks and the parole officer was a mean sonofabitch like they got down south and they set me to mowing median lawns out at the airport until the job at the Atlanta Zoo came through. It did come through but I was long gone. I turned on the guy who ran the place to LSD. He just had to have it and it didn’t work for him but he let quite some time go by before he reported me missing. During the time I was there at the institution they let all kinds of crazy people loose who killed people and came back in while I was still there but they did not want to let me go because I was really dangerous, so they say. They have no idea. They still don’t.

On this site I have said many times that the way to take down the system is to stop supporting it. Max Keiser says the same thing. It’s interesting that he picks Coca Cola, ironic maybe, me being in that house. They had a two lane bowling alley in the basement and I have always been into most sports so I had some fun with that though it wasn’t operative.

Max is right. Take down Coca Cola and you can take down the whole thing. Of course, when they first made Coca Cola they used Coca leaves and cocaine was in it. There’s a whole story there. There’s another story where Coca Cola was killing people in South America; sorta like United Fruit. Cocaine, fruits and dead people; sounds like a Hollywood movie. My agent says I have to take a pass. But I did make it to Altamont near Livermore where the CIA stoked the crowd with bad acid. It was a good thing I had brought my own. The Gimmie Shelter move was a lie, just like that piece of shit article in the Village Voice. I saw the whole thing. I was one hundred meters from the stage. I can’t find out who Lawrence Livermore is. All I get is Livermore Laboratories.

If everybody stopped buying Coca Cola the system would collapse. I can’t tell you why I know this, I just do. Alex Jones looks funny swatting those invisible bumblebees. He’s just waiting for Max to go away. I don’t know why he had him on in the first place. Max isn’t kosher. Max is a rebel, wacko smart enough to live in France. I know France pretty well so I know what Max likes and I approve (grin).

I already boycott all Coca Cola products so I’m not going to be much use. You can. We should make it clear to everyone that every time you drink a Coca Cola product you are drinking Palestinian blood. Everyone should know that if you have an older car, you can pour Coca Cola on the battery connections to get rid of the corrosion. You can also use Heinz Ketchup to clean a restaurant fry slab; works every time both ways. It will also kill you, if you consume too much. It might take longer than cocaine but it is not nearly as much fun. I have snorted pure Madres de Christos Bolivian flake cocaine and I have had a recent taste of what passes for the real thing these days and I can tell you it is pretty much the difference between chromium steel and aluminum. I coulda used other comparisons but this one was generic.

I’m not generic, Max Keiser is not generic but Alex Jones is and so is Coca Cola. It’s a generic expression of something you don’t need but you have to have and go looking for because sensation and not substance is the important thing which is how shit gets fucked up in the first place (language alert), I know, I always announce the alerts afterwards. That is because my alerts aren’t something you have to look out for unless I specifically say so, otherwise I have no idea. Dirty minds, dirty words, dirty money, dirty laundry; put them all together and you get fresh, sweet smelling sheets and clean money and remember all you have to do to get ‘sweat’ out of ‘sweet’ is to put an ‘s’ in the place of the ‘a’ before the ‘t’. What? A, T and T? “ta ta, let’s do lunch and I’ll kiss you in the mail. This is how they do it at the banks. It’s no surprise because that is how movies portray life.

What happened at Altamont was different than the movie and different than that lying sack of shit at the Village Voice said it was. What Alex alks about is the bypass around the truth and how to get there, but he does point out parts of the truth on the way to getting around it. That’s his job and it suits the personality that fits the job. Max and the others are in a different league and then there are people past them and past them too. All the way round and round it goes and it is a matter of degrees. You can make a scale of acceptable order vis a vis right and wrong on a scale of blindfolded, child rape, torture porn up to someone’s first kiss. It’s all a matter of degree; a parking ticket, a misdemeanor and your classes of felony up to capital crime. In life and at every level of it you have degrees in the world of revolving shades of gray. The ugly truth is that the people who won’t listen, still don’t listen and the people who are listening are still listening and nobody knows the score. That’s why we have an apocalypse because otherwise there would never be the chance for a lot of people. You will be forced to hear and see the truth.

Alex Jones can wave at the angry, yarmulke wearing bumblebees. They are torn between him and the cotton candy sticks in the hands of the kids over by the merry go round, cause the bees got more than one kind of business but... don’t get your hopes up. Reptiles don’t have emotion and love is an unknown tongue. That is a little erotic, a little psychotic, a little primer on the man behind her and the force of the killing drill. We came here not knowing and living and growing and Nature is something you can shape into almost you see.

Something is consuming you and feeding on you. Something is feeding you and then consuming you. Is it an alligator? Is it a crocodile or is it a banker? Maybe I am wrong. I learn my lessons from nature. Crocodiles don’t run banks/ but wait! There are banks on a river so... maybe... I don’t know. Certainly no banker would take his family on a vacation where crocodiles would eat them and even feed their own children to the crocodiles. I guess I am missing something but I will probably be okay tomorrow, just like the children except that they are much younger but I am much wiser and I’m glad I’m not them. How do you feel about that? It’s always somebody else, even when it is us because we don’t recognize ourselves. You see how it goes? Help is on the way.

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Maybe there is a radio show or maybe not. You know where the links are and I don’t have the time for them now.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Zombie Bankers meet the Hellhounds of Abaddon

I realize you need a strong stomach and you have to be able to control your distaste in order to watch it but this recent Glenn Beck program, with a couple of guests from the fundamentalist Christian sector, is a real eye-opener. The amount of slander that is presented by the main guest; I only watched about half of the program (I think), is stunning. He disparages Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims and does it with such a sanctimonious certitude that it approaches the surreal.

I watched this and I thought of the millions who watch it and nod their heads for no other reason than that they are watching someone on TV who must have importance and acumen or they wouldn’t be there, would they? To an intelligent person who is honest with themselves and not taken in by transferred prejudices, that are empowered by public exposure, Glenn Beck is a reptile life form; a demagogue and snake oil salesman who makes around 35 million dollars a year. Glenn Beck is the captain of a doomed ship that is attended by millions sitting on deck chairs bound for destruction and none of them have made the connection between men like Glenn Beck and the precarious state of their future.

November is coming. Anyone who is aware of the ALTA web bot reports from Cliff High and George Ure know that November has an ominous vibration. It brings the compromised-voter fraud elections into the staging ground for present day life, which could be aptly named ‘the theater of the absurd’. The limits are outward pressed each day for the steel cage match between insanity and stupidity. It appears to be some kind of tag team event because greed and hubris are suited up and waiting for the slap of the hand from their partner.

The foreclosure scandal stands as irrefutable testimony to the contempt held by bankers for the rest of the human race and it’s now clear that the whole scenario was set up just to throw people out of their homes. They are throwing people out of their homes that have no mortgage and own their homes outright. They are seizing homes that the particular banks have no claim on to begin with. It’s an Oklahoma Land Rush of unbridled rapacity and they even work at justifying and explaining it. From the president down, they are denying that fraud took place and saying, without any hesitation, that if the banks can’t seize any homes in reach that it will be bad for the economy. Bank of America paused long enough to snort a couple of lines of Peruvian rock and went right back to the snatch and grab.

There are companies that print and sell foreclosure mill documents that are designed for robot signing, epidemic thievery that greases the wheels for something that would be a crime in every country in the world but somehow, in America, anything is okay as long as you have the money to afford the lawyers to prove it. The Supreme Court said that it was legally permissible for corporations to buy elections. There are 3 hasbara clowns now sitting in their ranks and who got beaten so bad with the ugly stick that the stick is broken in several places and may not be useable for some time. I don’t know how this is going to affect public perception in the days to come but public perception is already somewhere in the witless protection system and is blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other.

I expect any day now for Fox TV to announce a new television show called Dancing with the Demons. You’ll be able to see The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse line dancing to a Charlie Daniels song. You’ll see Brian Moynihan doing the tango with Abaddon. Would it be a surprise now? Ten years ago all of us would have laughed and said, “Sure buddy” if anyone described where we find ourselves today as the place our future held.

Outright theft of the homes of millions of people seems to be the stuff of novels. Then we find out that the banks set out intentionally to loan the money to anyone and everyone with the intent of doing just that in a premeditated murder kind of a way. They not only are responsible for the most horrendous actions but they set them up to begin with.

We need hydrophobic helldogs to climb up out of the bottomless pit and run wild through the kingdoms of the dead, biting each corpse and infecting it with frothing, red eyed rabies that launches the corpses out of their graves and drives them in a murderous frenzy into the corporate boardrooms of the world. The bite of the corpses infects the psychopaths in suits and sends them into a feeding frenzy upon their comrades. It would be a righteous thing to see; bankers, stockbrokers, lawyers and hedge fund operatives, tearing each other to pieces and consuming one another until there is nothing left but heads with snapping teeth, circling around on the blood-soaked Turkmen carpets.

There should be a universal shoot on sight law that’s something like the Texas, ‘sumbitch needed killing law’ that applies to bankers and their affiliate’s world wide. The problem with this is the excessive amount of compassion that attends such a fate. These sorts of people would just consider that an acceptable price for doing business and get back into line on the invisible conveyor belt to the moon for another body and another turn on the wheel of fire.

The thing that amazes me the most is that we have yet to see an epidemic of assassinations of the various types who are tormenting humanity. I would have expected this to have become routine by now. I would have expected half a dozen guys with MP5’s, Ak-47’s or something automatic, with duct taped, reversed and doubled banana clips, to have stormed Goldman Sachs and made a statement. My thinking is that anyone who does will be released from jail, as they were in the storming of the Bastille, in the not too distant future. I do expect this to start soon and to hit not only the boardrooms but the sheltered homes and hideaways that every local in every locale knows about from living there.

The dreadful and searing pain of witnessing the terrible absurdities of the moment must be driving people mad but... they just go on with the program.

I am not like most people- or maybe I don’t know what most people are like, but for me this is all under control, part of the performance and one more repeat of a lesson that is orchestrated to teach humanity some of the things it needs to know in order to lay a secure groundwork for the new age. That new age, like all ages, will eventually be compromised but it will take awhile. Try to see what is happening as a real time play in the hands of a masterful director who provided the works of Shakespeare (I happen to have some soliloquies from lost plays of The Bard) for our edification on the cosmic and perpetually repeating phenomenon that has been going on since long before the pyramids were constructed. All kinds of things are going to be revealed with ever greater frequency, due to the speeding up of time, as we approach the aperture leading to the dimensional shift. I expect to see a trail of perambulating bodies accompanying me on the holographic highways to the exit doors.

It’s gotten this insane because anything less wouldn’t have any effect on the slumbering masses. Even where we are now isn’t impacting most of them. It’s really going to take a two by four to bring them out of their coma. It gives proof to the presumption that they could burn to death in their beds and not wake up. They will wake up this time though because it is required, if only to witness the final scene.

I want to tell you that there’s going to be quite an after party and everyone who can get there is invited. Getting there is your invitation. Don’t despair at the seeming power of these cartoon clowns. They’re like a Hollywood set where the building’s fronts are propped up by two by fours behind them. These may be the same two by fours that are going to be used for wakey wakey. The fabricated scenery will fall in simultaneously choreography with the scales dropping from people’s eyes.

You’re going to see actual tears appear in the fabric of the illusion that has passed for reality. Things are going to appear and disappear in ways that startle in awesome fashion. I think it can be truly said that, ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet’ and that applies to both the inner and the outer worlds. This has been a long time coming and all you have to do is go to the deepest part of the truest state of your being and feed it with your industry and desire. Belief in the bullshit is for those who have been producing it. This doesn’t apply to you. Belief in anything ties you to it. Learn to say, “I don’t know”. You know what I mean (grin).

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Tattooed Bankers with a Case of Cosmic Red Ass

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One of the things I like to say, because history has proven it over and over is, ‘when the tables are turned the same people are still sitting there’. The names may change and the faces may change but they are the same people, which is the definition of an empty suit.

The reason the same people are sitting there is because they are financed by the same people who financed their predecessors. This is the reason that all governments are corrupted into the same bent system, whether it is composed of an original establishment, or the reformers who followed it, or some gaggle of revolutionaries who took power through the inevitable unrest, caused by extreme inequities, that eventually hit the middle class.

It all comes back to the banks. It is the banks who finance every change in the governments and who pull the strings from behind the scenes. David Rockefeller is a good example of this and so is the Rothschild Satanic Dynasty. Apparently the Rothschilds keep an empty chair and a place setting at their dining table for their horned master. It’s a family tradition like this one.

Materialism is not just a condition. It’s a force. The power of the force lies in the symbolism of the currency which represents what we collectively agree upon as having value in exchange for goods and services. We didn’t actually collectively agree on anything. We just let the loudest and most persuasive voices speak for us out of our hearing and they were all financed by bankers. The first thing anyone should be aware of is the general character of anyone who wants to go into politics in the first place.

The mind is a tremendous power. It has manifested everything we see around us. These structures and conditions are more enduring that any normal human life. It can be reasonably supposed that there is a conscious force that has come into being as the expression of aggregate public belief in the existence of what we see. It’s not a reach to assume that something like what we call the devil would have come into being one way or another, simply because so many people have believed for so long in all of the things that compose what we call evil. Evil and good change places all the time and that explains why one of the characteristics of the devil is as a source of confusion. Not knowing what is really good or evil puts us in the position of having it defined for us for the profit of those confusing us.

It’s been noted that ‘the love of money’ is the root of all evil. It stands to reason that this mysterious character, that we never see (though some may) but whose works and effects are everywhere, would have a lot to do with money and all the things that money makes possible for those who possess it. This can lead one to project that most bankers are Satanists and certainly all bankers at a certain level are.

It doesn’t matter if the character has two horns or a red body. It doesn’t matter what guise he comes in because we can assume he comes in many guises. My definition of the devil is any man or woman whose loyalty is forged from a belief in the supremacy of materialism and the primacy of self interest. Certain people see the devil every day, every time they look into the mirror. They also see it when they look into each others eyes. If we can posit the existence of this force we must necessarily posit the existence of a corresponding force because the whole universe gives us proof of relative balance.

Some people think that evil and good war against each other and that the powers of the higher realm are in conflict with the powers of the lower realm. We have all sorts of religious allegories that spin their tales about this. Actually, there is only one force and it is modified by the entity expressing it according to the character of that entity. You can say that all life comes from The Sun. All force comes from The Sun. This is simplistic but valid for the purpose of argument. It stands to reason that all force is borrowed from the one force and remains in action for so long as whatever is behind the force determines it will remain.

This force holds countries and cultures together. It holds institutions and buildings in place. History has shown us that very little remains of anything but ruins after their time has passed and the integrity that held them together has lost its capacity for cohesion. Why this is, you can ponder at your leisure. That it is so is beyond doubt.

A single human life is not a very extensive event. The passing of an age occurs after many generations of human life. The passing of even greater cycles, such as the one we are witnessing now, takes twelve times longer than an ordinary age. We are in for some stupendous changes. Don’t sit about fretting over the power of fascist military complexes or the vile reptiles that operate out of the world capitals or the constant and increasing presence of injustice riding on rails toward what appears to be either unpredictable cosmic disorder, or some rigid system of control by Satanic bankers and their enforcement arms.

The day of the doom of the bankers is at hand. The critical thing is to remember that the bankers are the primary evil. All social inequity and injustice comes out of the machination of bankers. Certainly they deserve capital punishment across the board. This news item says all that you need to know about these demons in human form.

My personal solution is a little more creative than simply putting them to death. I suggest that they have dollar signs tattooed over their whole body. I suggest that they be forced to wear pants that have no back and that their asses be dyed red. I suggest that they be hung in cages above the streets of the world’s cities with their names and their crimes hanging from a billboard below. I suggest we get creative with the Blankfein’s, Rockefellers and Rothschilds. I suggest that usurious banking be publicly declaimed as the most heinous of crimes and the practitioners branded in such a way that they cannot be seen in public without it being noted by all.

I suggest that usury be made into a capital crime but with a ‘tailored to the crime' life sentence that stands as a teaching example for humanity as a whole. I suggest that bankers be put into zoos for public viewing with guided tours and a listing of all of the crimes they have been engaged in. I suggest that they be eternal objects of public scorn for having abdicated their humanity for an alien state of psychopathic predation upon their fellows. Stop the bankers and end their systematic slavery of their fellows and you will have solved the problems of the world.

As an individual you should know the present system is your enemy and that it intends to enslave and then destroy you. You should cease to cooperate at every level and surreptitiously monkey wrench it at every opportunity. You should join together with your fellows and collectively refuse to pay taxes or interest. They cannot put all of you in jail. Their system cannot continue without your help. You are constructing the prisons of your own confinement with your cooperation. The bankers are your enemy and you have no greater enemy because all of your perceived enemies are fronts for bankers.

The news that breaks every day in the banker controlled media is glaring evidence of perpetual malfeasance on the part of the fountain pen killers. How is it that their own agents of disinformation are exposing them? This is what I mean when I say that everything is under control. Life on this planet is nothing more than a staging and testing area for your own redemption or destruction at your own hands. This is a basic training planet where you are known and judged by what you do.

Generally cosmic force operates in an unseen capacity so we attribute what happens to all sorts of forces and conditions that are easier for us to accept. We are now in one of those periods where the hand of the cosmos is going to appear in the manifest realm and it is going to get more obvious and present by the day and still be invisible to those who refuse to see. Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there and just because you can doesn’t mean it is.

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Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Trembling House of Cards is Beginning to Tumble

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All night long I was moving in an unusual dream. Parts of it were sublime and beautiful. They had to do with things in life that were also sublime and beautiful but hadn’t defined themselves to me as such. Other parts had to do with numbers and connections to the Madrid Train Station, London Tube and 911, Dark Nobility, Zio-engineered, false flag attacks on, or by, transportation mediums. Transportation mediums are critical to the façade because they translate into restricted movement by the world community. They translate into restrictive laws, which also translate into economic low jinks and deceptive perceptions of high profit, victim industries.

This all resulted in date numbers that contained a 9 with the advertisement of 10 where 9, as it normally does, precedes 10, with the inference of a day short and a dollar late. Dates didn’t and don’t sequentially add or decrease in incremental reduction and I wasn’t engaged in calculation, just watching. I’m not engaged in calculation at the moment either. That’s not my field. I’ve done some amount of in the way one plays around with these things but my motive is to keep the imminence in front of the mind of the reader.

The likelihood of massive cultural and geo-political change seems extreme between now and the end of November. I suspect even the densest will sense they are frogs in a slow boiling pot.

The residents of The Gulf of Mexico are experiencing terrible things across the board and little is being said about it in the, near exclusively Zionist controlled, media. This control of the media came about due to their control of the money system. If you can print the money, you can decide who gets it and you can decide how the economy will behave in respect of the lumpen proletariat, in their endless adjustments on the hamster wheel. Signs of global unrest are either presented as indifferent routines or not presented at all. It’s not just seeing through a glass darkly but also a funhouse mirror that shifts according to the needs and appetites of those ‘who think’ they are running the show. The flowering of the holocaust in the gulf is bordered by fields of poppies and poisonous nightshade.

The signs are pretty clear and demand scrutiny for those who are not natively inclined to playing blindman’s bluff on a busy interstate. In times of extreme materialism, you get certain predictable partnerships. They’re long term, temporary ‘hookups’ between qualities that have the capacity to amplify each other, like blindness and stupidity, greed and ignorance and so on and so forth. You can see these hookups in operation all around you in various circle jerks and cluster fucks, which have the appearance of seasonal celebrations among the natives.

There’s so much irony in the air that the trees are dripping with it and the landscape is drenched. Like a beautiful sunset on a remote desert mesa, it’s a pity there are so few around to appreciate it but... people don’t travel to places like that (outside or inside of themselves) to see things like that, especially when the irony includes them as a major player/example in its presentation. Minds like these view civilization as a spiraling improvement over native cultures, as if the one were a spiral toward a bright and beckoning future and the other a state of circular ignorance. The reverse is the truth (except for the manner of the spiral) and that is one reason that irony moves among us like The Invisible Man. It’s also hard to get out of the shit if you don’t see yourself as being in the shit to begin with. It’s hard to identify offensive smells if you think they are high end pheromones; like that ‘rolling in the road kill’ metaphor I refer to on occasion. It’s no wonder people wind up sleeping with the devil and screaming “Oh God” at the same time.

Awakening people have two dangers they have to be aware of; the vampire overlords ‘and’ the people around them.

One of my biggest wakeup calls of late has been the clear evidence that I have no idea of what’s going to happen or when it’s going to happen or how it’s going to sort out. It appears that I, like many another, had some kind of a picture in my mind with a general impression of certain conditions in combination with basic human temperament; counter pointed by tarantellas being danced by ravenous super swine and quick moving bat weasels, whipping through a moonless night. I haven’t any real idea and the most critical point is always how it arranges itself around you. Things can be painful at a distance but they can be truly terrible up close.

One thing I remain confident about is that the predators and perpetrators of replicating evil are being exposed for a particular reason that has to do with the direction in which the director wants to move the movie or... you could just attribute it to a calculation of basic appetites inflamed by materialism and degrees of control or the lack of it. You have to toss in fear and you’ve got something better to be observed than to be engaged in.

Those manipulating the organs of information have achieved one thing in particular. They hired and keep employed only those who serve the system. This means that no matter how smart someone may be, if they are appearing in the mainstream media, something is compromising their message and that is anything from a broken moral compass to a preponderance of self interest, in conflict with the needs of those who consider what they have to say. It’s like being surrounded by retarded yes men because the truly useful aren’t going to sacrifice their being in order to follow you somewhere that you have no idea you are headed to. You can extrapolate all of that at your leisure, so long as leisure remains.

I realize now, on a personal level, that my own plans were being hindered and made difficult due to a matter of timing and not because they were being canceled for mysterious reasons. You are ultimately the protectorate or victim of what you believe in. The other factor is... is it real to begin with? That’s something you find out soon enough or too late to alter. You become wise or a statistic.

The hardest thing for people to grasp is that the whole charade is under control and not by those who keep giving the appearance that it is they are who are in control. In my dream last night, the most compelling feature was the serenity that came in and out of the other scenarios that were being screened. I felt as if I was being assured beyond anything I knew and I didn’t know anything. I suppose you could say it is like feeling really good and having a wonderful time without really knowing why.

Rich people are buying large amounts of physical gold. That can have certain consequences, since the far larger population of oppressed and starving poor will know where to find it. A great many of them work in the homes of these people and are related to a great many more of the same.

Powerful political and financial interests, who command large armies, seem unaware of how those armies can turn against them. They seem clueless about the dangers of employing bodyguards to protect them when those bodyguards can simply walk off with everything they have, or eliminate them and use that location as a defensible fortress. I suppose that’s just more irony. They don’t comprehend how the lambs of vengeance suckle at the teats of irony.

We’re on the rim finally. The rim is graded and wider than one might expect but... it’s a big mountain. It’s as big as the time it’s taken to climb it. There’s something over the edge of the rim, which is approaching in a multi dimensional manner. I suspect the view will be different, dependent on who is doing the viewing. It’s like the passengers on a high end roller coaster. Some of them are screaming in excitement and some of them are screaming in fear. It’s still the same roller coaster. It depends on what you believe in and it may very definitely depend on what believes in you.

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