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Tattooed Bankers with a Case of Cosmic Red Ass

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One of the things I like to say, because history has proven it over and over is, ‘when the tables are turned the same people are still sitting there’. The names may change and the faces may change but they are the same people, which is the definition of an empty suit.

The reason the same people are sitting there is because they are financed by the same people who financed their predecessors. This is the reason that all governments are corrupted into the same bent system, whether it is composed of an original establishment, or the reformers who followed it, or some gaggle of revolutionaries who took power through the inevitable unrest, caused by extreme inequities, that eventually hit the middle class.

It all comes back to the banks. It is the banks who finance every change in the governments and who pull the strings from behind the scenes. David Rockefeller is a good example of this and so is the Rothschild Satanic Dynasty. Apparently the Rothschilds keep an empty chair and a place setting at their dining table for their horned master. It’s a family tradition like this one.

Materialism is not just a condition. It’s a force. The power of the force lies in the symbolism of the currency which represents what we collectively agree upon as having value in exchange for goods and services. We didn’t actually collectively agree on anything. We just let the loudest and most persuasive voices speak for us out of our hearing and they were all financed by bankers. The first thing anyone should be aware of is the general character of anyone who wants to go into politics in the first place.

The mind is a tremendous power. It has manifested everything we see around us. These structures and conditions are more enduring that any normal human life. It can be reasonably supposed that there is a conscious force that has come into being as the expression of aggregate public belief in the existence of what we see. It’s not a reach to assume that something like what we call the devil would have come into being one way or another, simply because so many people have believed for so long in all of the things that compose what we call evil. Evil and good change places all the time and that explains why one of the characteristics of the devil is as a source of confusion. Not knowing what is really good or evil puts us in the position of having it defined for us for the profit of those confusing us.

It’s been noted that ‘the love of money’ is the root of all evil. It stands to reason that this mysterious character, that we never see (though some may) but whose works and effects are everywhere, would have a lot to do with money and all the things that money makes possible for those who possess it. This can lead one to project that most bankers are Satanists and certainly all bankers at a certain level are.

It doesn’t matter if the character has two horns or a red body. It doesn’t matter what guise he comes in because we can assume he comes in many guises. My definition of the devil is any man or woman whose loyalty is forged from a belief in the supremacy of materialism and the primacy of self interest. Certain people see the devil every day, every time they look into the mirror. They also see it when they look into each others eyes. If we can posit the existence of this force we must necessarily posit the existence of a corresponding force because the whole universe gives us proof of relative balance.

Some people think that evil and good war against each other and that the powers of the higher realm are in conflict with the powers of the lower realm. We have all sorts of religious allegories that spin their tales about this. Actually, there is only one force and it is modified by the entity expressing it according to the character of that entity. You can say that all life comes from The Sun. All force comes from The Sun. This is simplistic but valid for the purpose of argument. It stands to reason that all force is borrowed from the one force and remains in action for so long as whatever is behind the force determines it will remain.

This force holds countries and cultures together. It holds institutions and buildings in place. History has shown us that very little remains of anything but ruins after their time has passed and the integrity that held them together has lost its capacity for cohesion. Why this is, you can ponder at your leisure. That it is so is beyond doubt.

A single human life is not a very extensive event. The passing of an age occurs after many generations of human life. The passing of even greater cycles, such as the one we are witnessing now, takes twelve times longer than an ordinary age. We are in for some stupendous changes. Don’t sit about fretting over the power of fascist military complexes or the vile reptiles that operate out of the world capitals or the constant and increasing presence of injustice riding on rails toward what appears to be either unpredictable cosmic disorder, or some rigid system of control by Satanic bankers and their enforcement arms.

The day of the doom of the bankers is at hand. The critical thing is to remember that the bankers are the primary evil. All social inequity and injustice comes out of the machination of bankers. Certainly they deserve capital punishment across the board. This news item says all that you need to know about these demons in human form.

My personal solution is a little more creative than simply putting them to death. I suggest that they have dollar signs tattooed over their whole body. I suggest that they be forced to wear pants that have no back and that their asses be dyed red. I suggest that they be hung in cages above the streets of the world’s cities with their names and their crimes hanging from a billboard below. I suggest we get creative with the Blankfein’s, Rockefellers and Rothschilds. I suggest that usurious banking be publicly declaimed as the most heinous of crimes and the practitioners branded in such a way that they cannot be seen in public without it being noted by all.

I suggest that usury be made into a capital crime but with a ‘tailored to the crime' life sentence that stands as a teaching example for humanity as a whole. I suggest that bankers be put into zoos for public viewing with guided tours and a listing of all of the crimes they have been engaged in. I suggest that they be eternal objects of public scorn for having abdicated their humanity for an alien state of psychopathic predation upon their fellows. Stop the bankers and end their systematic slavery of their fellows and you will have solved the problems of the world.

As an individual you should know the present system is your enemy and that it intends to enslave and then destroy you. You should cease to cooperate at every level and surreptitiously monkey wrench it at every opportunity. You should join together with your fellows and collectively refuse to pay taxes or interest. They cannot put all of you in jail. Their system cannot continue without your help. You are constructing the prisons of your own confinement with your cooperation. The bankers are your enemy and you have no greater enemy because all of your perceived enemies are fronts for bankers.

The news that breaks every day in the banker controlled media is glaring evidence of perpetual malfeasance on the part of the fountain pen killers. How is it that their own agents of disinformation are exposing them? This is what I mean when I say that everything is under control. Life on this planet is nothing more than a staging and testing area for your own redemption or destruction at your own hands. This is a basic training planet where you are known and judged by what you do.

Generally cosmic force operates in an unseen capacity so we attribute what happens to all sorts of forces and conditions that are easier for us to accept. We are now in one of those periods where the hand of the cosmos is going to appear in the manifest realm and it is going to get more obvious and present by the day and still be invisible to those who refuse to see. Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there and just because you can doesn’t mean it is.

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Anonymous said...

there is a banker here in australia called turnbull now in the liberal party one of the two pretend choices he struts the streets as though gold shines out his arse the media loves him he is so good but if you look into his dealings you will find destroyed lives etc all the lovely banker doings on a side line i am always bemused by people saying they prefer one blog over another isn't it all the same blog different shadings i like them all

Neko Kinoshita said...

It is always nice to see that what I don't see might actually be there and that the illusion is just that. (So the catwing kitten reminds me daily)

Now if I can just find a way to reach the wayward child...

wv: lispons - When I talk I have to get my lispons?

Zoner said...

The bankers are merely alchemists of a sort, using different science.

Create "money" by putting numbers down on paper or on computer screens.

Then obligate the borrower to make it "real" in the only way wealth is truly created - by creativity and toil.

Pretty simple, really. The amazing part is that so many go along with it and see it as "normal".

What are the consequences?

Foreclosure - been there.

Bankruptcy - done that.

Destroyed credit rating - Yes, thank you and thank God.

Shame? None.

Death to the predators in our midst. After we implement Visible's humiliation tactics of course.


Layth Shusha said...

Plug!!! prince William’s occulted numbers: did you know he was 5555 days old on his mother Diana’s funeral and the mystery of Saros 117 eclipse on his DOB?

Kal Dani

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les

I suggest we learn to see that devil within more, call him out, and give him a big hug.

Ask yourself way you have turned to the "darkside." We all do it. Someone stops loving us, mommy wasnt there, the boss bends you over too much, or what ever. We react to these problems with the devils hand many times.

Give him your hand and dont use his. Show him(yourself) what grace and love within you have.

Now Im pretty sure if you hug a banker, he is going to call the cops on you, but try anyway. At the very least, have compassion for someone elses struggle.

Good point Les, we can see the devil in others eyes, and even our own too. Its take a mind thats seeks material objects to see this force, so stop. Look just a little deeper maybe and behide that devil lays yourself with the strings controlling that devilish figure.

Let go, offer a hand but dont grab on to the strings. Wait, cry, take a deep breath, and slowly that figure will change into what you soo wanted to begain with.

Im saying you wont get anywhere pointing out whos "more" affect by our own worest nature Les. Far better to struggle within and dont let the world at large feed this nasty loop.

You know the old movies always have some silly wholly man fighting the devil alone,a one on one thing?

Love Your Life

Visible said...

Love your life;

You're like someone that memorizes something and repeats it because it sounds good and makes the speaker appear to be above everyone else; wiser, with deeper vision and whatever homilies and platitudes attend the hairdo. However, you don't make sense half the time and none of this applies to psychopaths. It's all easy words to say and hard words to live by. I never actually finish reading any of your comments but I have to say, they don't have any real impact on me and there's a reason for that.

Anonymous said...

Had the same reaction to Love yur Life.

Zoner, on the same page and script. I have been able to take advantage of the situation. Can't go into details.

There have been very succesful societies that don't use paper money for exchange. What good is a pile of paper to an eskomo? Burns well for heat.

When will we stopped chasing the evil dollar and get off the wheel and really live? Ursury is evil. Period.

Keep our eyes on the horizon and don't get fooled by the smoke signals. Things are going to start changing very quickly.

One of the chains that binds has let loose allowing the possiblities to expand. magari Natale in Italia


Anonymous said...

Les my friend, I dont hear my words, you do.

It sounds like Im not getting out the feeling I have within, oh well, Ill keep trying.

Nice words need to be reapted and they have nothing to do with the person saying them.

Les to call others psychopaths and not add yourself into that is only dividing yourself for the divine self. Dont cast off your whole self by judging others shortcomings.

Moreover, dont act out of some reasoning that others have faults that YOU need to correct or call out? Do that within and shows others what youve done, no more?

Saying shit is much easier than doing it, yes, but the more you say it, the easier the actions become. Grow and foster light and love within, and soon without tension and stress will the love and light glow.

If youre still reading, thank you. Did you ask yourself if I was hoping to impact you, or your readers?

Answer: I was hoping to impact myself.

You have created a place on high for me. You hear me talkig down. You see my words as deeper, not me. Ask why you feel this, and my might see you see yourself doing the same, I dont know man?

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

Monsanto bought Xe (blackwater) Not a good sign.


Pstonie said...

That's the way it's always been done 'round here.

I quite like your solution, Les. Though I have the feeling they are shitting bricks right now. They can imagine far worse punishments than we'll ever get past our consciences. Can't think of a better punishment for them than being them.

sam said...

Poor little bankers, you're so mean. don't you know they have blisters on their fingers and the zero key is wore off

Anonymous said...

What is needed is to identify the intermediaries of the Rothschild's and their power structure….their lieutenants….how they interact with the media.
Their individual names (not just corporation names), where they live etc and so on.

Their power in part seems to reside in their anonymity allowing the puppets to take the flak. Drag these bastards into the light !

Simon Smith

Anonymous said...

"and none of this applies to psychopaths."

Truer words were never spoken..

Anonymous said...

Yes poor little bankers.

How is it that we can use their services, ask for their loans, spend their money, and slave for their goals and think we need to hang and tattoo them for such crimes? Who really acting out their crimes? Pretty childish to take from one hand and bite with the other? Stop taking.

Les Ill be taking to the wall I guess, but cant you see the major error here?

Its like haboring a crimial in your home. When the cops come for him, dont get pissed if you go down with him?

But you want to help the cop and tattoo asshole on this banker's face after feeding him and givin him shelter.

Cant have it both ways man?

Love Your Life

kikz said...

'Just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there and just because you can doesn’t mean it is.'

somewhat analogous to 'Predator' bending space...


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rapsutin said...

My comment is simply "Please read this" :-

gurnygob said...

A Parent's Guide to
Satanic Cult Ritual Abuse. Thanks for the link Les, I might try some of that stuff out.

God I can't believe I said that.


Les I for one think good and evil do battle for control. I can’t see that they are the same force. I would say that if God, I mean thee God if you can grasp what I mean, created everything then yes it must be true that what we call evil must also have come from him/her or both or whatever. Some of the stuff I am reading at the moment suggests that “some part” of this creative outpouring that we call god and creation that was the start of everything somehow formed a consciousness. Something like an angel or some created being and in the course of time it forgot where it came from and started its own creation. Like a half god and we and everything we know is part of that creation.
Anyway this would take a book to explain so I won’t go there. What I will say is that this half god created angels and this is where the fallen angels come from. They rebelled and where thrown down to earth and since then shit has happened. This is a very short version of the whole but it makes as much sense as any. I am not saying I believe it but it does go someway to explain the concept of evil in the world. I can’t prove for sure that good and evil fight it out but from my own experience it sure feels like it.
Anyway good post as always.

Tannon said...

Man it's getting so real now. It's hard to keep up w/ the chaotic changes, especially when time is speeding up.
I have to constantly refresh my perspective w/ alternate vantage points while choosing the best focal point just to "maintain my chi".
Yeah, CHI. You know when you get that feeling that you're on the right path and all the right words come to mind at just the right moments and it seems like everybody wants to tell you their life story.
I'm really diggin' this whole vibe here, though. I want to hang out with y'all in the afterlife in between reincarnations. Well, everybody except Godsend and Love Your

Autumn Wall & Fallen Leaves;
Golden Opportunities.

Mark said...

To anonymous...

When you listen to politicians speak, and think about what they are actually saying with a critical-thinking mind, you realize they are not saying anything at all. Their magic rests upon cadence and other tools of manipulation that tend to elicit a specific emotional response. That is how I feel about what you posted...all hat, no cattle.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Love your life,

Careful, your allegince is showing.

Your argument reads like "The victim wouldn't have been raped if she had been wearing a cast-iron chastity belt." (The fact that she was 10 doesn't enter into the argument of course)

What part of "They control the money supply" do you not get?
They create $100.00 and you now owe $110.00 where do you get the $10.00 twit?

You are either:
a: a complete moron
b: a shill
or c: both.

I'm done with you.

Anonymous said...

If,"The Love of money is the Root of all Evil." Then, Lying, cheating, stealing, hoarding, and murdering to fulfill one's Lust, are all Fruits of this out of control pestilence. We the consumers of this noxious "GREEN" are hopelessly addicted. The only hope of eradicating this world of this deep rooted scourge is by the intervention of an Absolute Pure Force lacking in all afore mentioned Maledictions. When only "The Love Of Love" remains will Harmony and Happiness flourish.If you can imagine it, then you can Believe it may come to be. Good message, Visible.
Just Jimmy

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

Here's another excerpt from Michael Hoffman's book titled 'Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare' I thought you'd probably be interested to read:

It's the same thing with conspiracy interest. Society is crumbling and the polite facade is dropping. Madame Tussausd's Wax Museum rolls into the village and the people line up to see the death imagery. People are always mesmerized by sex and death. That's the alpha and omega of most people's existence.

Only it used to be that in the old days these preoccupations were within the boundaries of a life that was mostly centered on making things grow and having families, and then infrequently people might be tempted to take a break from that and visit the whorehouse or the wax museum.

Now, modern TV city life is nothing but whorehouse and was museum. The whole process is fascinating. It's one of the interesting things about being born in a dying age, you live inside a giant, combination spookhouse-whorehouse. p. 136

Anonymous said...


loved the bad monkey link.
brought to mind Melville's Moby Dick.

often whales spouting seen at a distance are taken by captains of ships to be a dangerous rock shoal, and marked accordingly on their maps. from thereon all ships avoided the area, but noone goes near to recheck.
"that's orthodoxy for you" writes melville. lol

though our beloved psychopaths get others to do their work for them and dont care so much about the risks. and rats they are, they know how to desert a sinking ship anyhow. or think they can.

tony, like Neil Young "it's all the same song". he did a lot with that song.

ahoy! thar she blows.

Greg Bacon said...

Anytime someone says, "I want to be a career politician," they should be immediately collared by the cops and told they have two choices:

One is to be neutered or spayed ASAP, to prevent their DNA from reproducing or to be shot on the spot, and BTW, you have 30 seconds to make your choice or we'll make it for you.

These damned wars that Americans have been tricked into fighting sometimes makes me wonder if it isn't about the Western banking model, which looks to get you and the government into debt and stay there forever, paying endless amounts of interest to bloodsuckers as opposed to the Muslim way of banking, which forbids charging interest on money loaned.

They'll tack on some fees, but their bible, the Koran, specifically forbids charging the type of interest rates we get fucked with here in the West.

thelevelshift said...

Love your Life,

I was in the belly of the beast. I worked for the banks both international and domestic. At no point during my banking studies was I exposed to the truth of money creation.

However, I smelt a rat and got out after I realised that the set up wasn't "normal".

Bankers are con artists - period. They are ultimately responsible for much suffering and blood letting.

And yes, everything originates from the one. However, they are a part of the dynamic that you are to discern. It seems that they will have to swing at some point as a demonstration

They are a tool for us to see the truth. Isn't it obvious who is holding the murder weapon?

Would you not fight if someone was about to put a bullet in your nearest and dearest?

You deny elements of reality that do not support your vacuous philosophy.

You are channelling something dirty.

I will pray for you but you're still a knob end.

Erik said...

Hi All,

We were forewarned .....

(God, sometimes I wish I listened to these lyrics better when I was in my teens, could have saved me a heck of time ;)

Uriah Heep: Circle of Hands

Circle of hands
Cold spirits plan
Searching my land for an enemy
Came across love's sweet cost
And in the face of beauty
Evil was lost

Sky full of eyes, minds full of lies
Black from their cold hearts, down to their graves
Murdered the dawn, spreading their scorn
Cursing the sun of which love was born

We must keep them away
Or pretty soon we'll pay
And count the cost in sorrow
Sacrifice, the future has its price
And today is only yesterday's tomorrow

We must keep them away
Or pretty soon we'll pay
And count the cost in sorrow
Sacrifice, the future has its price
And today is only yesterday's tomorrow, tomorrow
Tomorrow, tomorrow
Tomorrow, tomorrow
Tomorrow, tomorrow

Erik said...

@ TheLevelShift

We all got our own roles to play ....

Anonymous said...

Love your life .......

Just had to post to say WTF . . creepy man!


Erik said...

...even knob ends! ;D

Mark said...

Friends, the only reason he's here is to piss us off. Job done, shill, now take a hike. When I read the post, I thought, "What's a guy like you doing in a place like this?" Then I remembered, 'cause I always forget, that the net is aswarm with anonymous jerks who do not understand the Law of Attraction. With finesse, they insinuate something smelly, just for the sake of defilement, like an invisible turd floating in a punchbowl. Everyone can smell it, but no one can see it, but God what an aftertaste. But they will be coming around, I guarantee you that.

Erik said...

Imagine a chessboard with only white pieces ...

After merrily playing this game for a couple of eons, some of us would surely feel the urge to 'paint it black'

Anonymous said...

To take a headline from WRH today and highlight Anonymous 8:28 AM ZIONISM IS NOT THE ONLY PROBLEM

Anonymous said...

geneticaly manipulated
authoritarian regime
thought trails of commotion
tails of broken dream
poisoned streams and rivers
sea's that contain no life
feilds of disease ridden plants
on monsanto advice
starving children in somalia
or where ever they happen to be
the killing of the dolphins
the whales and the tree
it seems it never stops
the path of wickedness
I suppose until we learn ourselves
take time and readress.


Anonymous said...

Gurneygob said:

"They rebelled and where thrown down to earth and since then shit has happened."

"I am not saying I believe it but it does go someway to explain the concept of evil in the world. I can’t prove for sure...yadda yadda yadda."

Dude, if you spent half your time prayin' as you do trying to make sense out of the nonsense......well, I think we would all be much better off. Try it:)


wv: shooma

shooma dooma dooo where are you?

Anonymous said...

Neko Kinoshita and love your life (and others):
All are complicit by the manner in which they live.
If you didn't have the desire, the fulfiller of that desire wouldn't exist.
There are always non abusive alternatives!
ps Thanks ..peace.. 2:34 PM

A.Mouser said...

Good post Les.

"ZIONISM IS NOT THE ONLY PROBLEM". No, but zionist banking is a heart-stopper of a problem because of the usury combined with the creation of money out of thin air.

Banking is just a legalised Ponzi scheme - run by crooks in suits and ties. The fed, the bank of England, the international banks (all run and owned by Rothschild and his croonie families).


John C (UK) said...

thelevelshift said, "I will pray for you but you're still a knob end."

laughed my cock off man, priceless.

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Hey Buddy, Could You Help a Gentile Out?

Anonymous said...

wv: Mornin Les,

I have compiled a contemporary list of the idol-ism I believe the money illusionists create for various groups;

Xtians; the banks are your Antichrist in "reality" form.
Jews: the banks are your messiah in "reality" form
Muslims; the banks are your yoke in "reality" form
Psychopaths; the banks are your mirror in "reality" form
Military; the banks are your master in "reality" form
Pharma; the banks are your laboratories in "reality" form
Agra; the banks are your reapers in "reality" form
Gooberment; the banks are your constituents in "reality" form
believers and non-believers in the Source; the banks are your Satan in "reality" form

I heard from the left we will "Change it!" and I heard from the right we will "Change it!" But, here we are, all just stuck in the middle again. We got worthless fuckers to the left of us and posers to the right,
here we are; stuck in the middle again!

peace be with you... if you deserve it,


wv: preciate'cha... more than I can convey!

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up now-

The Wobble Factor in the Inferior Realms.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff folks thanks

What part of, you are using money, do you all not get? Stop givin power to those that wish to hurt you?

What part of the divine will isnt being acted out by the bankers?

What help can you offer to a man the gives you money and then steals it back? Many things can you do? Smile, laugh, spend the money on a big sunday for the whole block and give some to that damm banker too? Say no thanks to that whole loop? Do something beside bitch and condem please!

What part of of some "side" Im I alining with? The divine I hope, which has as many sides as you wish to think about create or debate?

Best take

"If you didn't have the desire, the fulfiller of that desire wouldn't exist."

Love Your Life

Kurt G said...

Here is another perception in the dish Les:

The Surrealist Vista
By James Howard Kunstler

on October 18, 2010 8:08 AM

"Some profound seismic infarction deep in civilization's very soul - brought on, no doubt, by the sludgy buildup of vast swindles and frauds - now propels deadly tsunamis toward the land masses where money dwells. And when they break over the shorelines of banking and capital, little may be left standing.
The latest rogue wave broke about ten days ago, when an orgy of foreclosure revealed massive irregularities in mortgage contracts and property titles, suggesting a slovenliness so arrant and broad that even the states' attorneys general woke from their narcoleptic raptures of golf to shut down transfers of distressed property. But this was only after the banks themselves declared "moratoria" in a perhaps vain attempt to forestall further discovery of their countless misdeeds. And somewhere along in there the title insurance industry had a whack attack...."

Unknown said...

CRANZ, Calendar Reform Aotearoa New Zealand, Kiwiallegiance and mission statement, follow thirteen months of 28 days following the star Sirius. My Grandfather whom was a Maori Ratana church Minister told me God came over in a cloud and spoke to T.W.Ratana the Maori Prophet The same way he spoke to Noah, God said i have been to the for corners of the world and Aotearoa New Zealand is the Alpha Omega the land of the rising sun and it’s up to the people of this land to lead the way in love peace and harmony, i understand now knowing synchronicity of Galactic clock and all it opens the 4th dimension to access ourselves collectively to dream free time for all that can handle it. Calendar Reform Aotearoa New Zealand, everything else is just another trainsmash of the Gregorian Frequency of disconnected heart bio-rhythm. i am another yourself in the tree of life holo deck 5, choosing Love over fear.,

Anonymous said...

kiwiallegiance, 1:30 AM
No love, no fear.



Joseph Brenner

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