Thursday, October 28, 2010

9/11 and the Holocaust; how Much Truth does the Truth Require?

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As if there were any doubt, in any way, anymore, about two critical circumstances that shape our world, there should be none now. We can be very fundamental about this. We can go to rank and file. We can go to bedrock and we can also be certain that the truth will not be hid for long now. Not only is 9/11 the litmus test but we have the right to inquire about anything because of the cost it has brought everyone but the ones who did it. For them it is all massive profit.

Kevin Bracken is a hero. Kenneth O’Keefe is a hero too but you can find out about O’Keefe on your own. These videos bring something to light in ways that even a moron can find reason to be convinced of. One of them is mass media. The same mass media owned by those who were behind both events.

This 9/11 and this curious foundation for so much in our present day are doing nasty things in their parents beds while their friends listen outside the door. What does it take to wake you up world? Should I take a hammer and go from door to door, town to town, country to country and bang on it so that you can recognize that you have been turned into one if the people in that bed and all of the people listening outside the door?

I don’t know how anyone will take what I write anymore after the most recent Smoking Mirrors. The early comments made me feel like I was going with that same hammer and begging door to door. I was, but it wasn’t about money or apples. It was about the truth. In the meantime, people who are fighting for the truth are also fighting with each other and I can’t find a side to be completely on the side of so I can only fight for the truth herself and hope it will somehow bring those of us who are together to a place of greater strength and joined in our common struggle.

There is no one who is reading this right now, or who ever will, who is not affected by these two events. All of us should take this personally. Very few of us got a real apple through the barbed wire while a psychopathic few were getting all of the apples for themselves and raising their own livestock on the livestock’s own land for the purpose of harvesting organs because their own organs will not function because there is no integrity in them. I think this is the real reason that they are behind all of this organ harvesting. There are so few of them and so many organs. Think about it. It is ugly and evil and pornographic beyond description and your imagination doesn’t even want to go there.

I am confident now that there is no way that the truth can be kept from us. I feel like I can even see the future and that is a scary thing. It should come as no surprise that Jon Faine from the first video looks like Steven Spielberg. I shouldn’t have to be doing this. You should be doing this. Kevin Bracken and Kenneth O’Keefe are doing this. Max Keiser is doing this and we are all doing something by degrees and on levels within the dimensions of our enterprises but it is not enough. Please do what you can, every one of you, from every location to bring into being just a little more of the naked truth even if you have to rip the clothes from her body.

I’m trying to get to my olive groves and reap my small harvest which costs more than any olive oil would in any store but it’s the real thing and somehow you can’t get that in a store. Meanwhile I am experiencing some of the most terrific pain in my life due to gallstones that have come about because I lost so much weight during all those events in Italy earlier this year. Now I am told I should have my gall bladder removed because this stone is too big to pass. I believe I can pass it with an ayurvedic remedy which I should be out getting the ingredients for but I am writing this instead. I’m pretty much out of my mind and I guess the most recent link pays proof to that. I’m also going back to Italy to do the same thing, more or less so, let’s all do our best. I’m told that if I don’t do something about this stone that it will kill me. That’s not a bad price given the circumstances being outlined here.

The pain is terrific and it is no less than what I deserve. My main concern while writing this is that this be seen as a metaphor or analogy for something else. It’s all true but that is not my motive. Can it be any less clear that we should all do our best? Kenneth O’Keefe is risking his life. It’s what he does. Kevin Bracken is risking his reputation and all that he stands for in the minds of the people who believe in him. We all need to take this into account.

If ever I wished I had some Special K and that it was legal, that time is now (grin). I have never seen such strange days as I now find myself in. I can only be so grateful that I have a loving consort and some really good friends who don’t have much themselves but who have been willing to share what there is with me. Doesn’t it always go to show that those with the least somehow are most willing to give the most, while those with too much to even know how much that is, cannot be motivated to share at all?

In times of darkness even those without much are being constrained from sharing and from working together because of differences in perception and opinion. If only they would put those things aside then we would all have a lot more to share and we could do so much more. We are making mountains out of molehills while our enemies are turning those molehills into bullets and the blazing truth in the first two links of this posting should convince everyone to shut up and see to their own shortcomings.

People talk a lot about being a Christian but when it comes to behaving like one, they don’t seem to have what it takes. People talk about being a Muslim or whatever it is that they are but practicing it seems to be more than what they are capable of. I feel like taking that hammer and going from head to head right now, instead of from door to door and screaming “Wake up”!

I can’t live other people’s lives for them. I can only live my own and I’m not doing that as effectively as I could either. I suppose it’s karma and maybe some amount of my own selfishness and laziness but if my respect for anyone else counts for anything then I expect you will try to do the right thing now so that we can all be a little more like Kevin Bracken and Kenneth O’Keefe.

I should have been on the road already and days ago been where I am supposed to be. It must be the grace of the divine that kept me here because I can’t imagine what kind of a nightmare I would have found myself in on the road by now. Then again, maybe I wouldn’t have a gall bladder now and that would be okay too. Now I risk losing so many of the olives I was going there to get because of the timeline. It’s absurd really. It’s too bad I don’t have someone here to drive down with me because that would solve a lot of problems but maybe that would cause some too (grin). It’s a dilemma and no mistake about that.

Think people! Study those first two videos and tell me if it could be any more clear what has been going on and what IS going on and tell me what you think you ought to do and even what I ought to do. Mercifully, my pain has backed off for the last few hours and I can’t be grateful enough for that. It is a humbling affair and a teaching moment about things I have taken for granted a little too much on occasion. Maybe I have taken you for granted and I think maybe you have taken me for granted too. Remember, although all of what I am saying is as true as those videos, this is also a metaphor and an analogy and an appeal for all of us to pay a little more attention, to do a little more and to try a little harder so that we don’t turn into what the enemy wants us to. Let’s turn into what we are capable of by finding that Kevin Bracken and Kevin O’Keefe within us instead of the Julian Assange or the Alex Jones that we don’t need right now. Let’s not be our own worst enemies.

Let’s not see too little too late. Let’s not die by inches and degrees the way a coward does. Let’s do the right thing while we have the time instead of spending forever in hindsight and regret for what we could have been and done.

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EtherEagle said...

Thanks Les, I will try harder, and may it pass quickly!

Anonymous said...

"Can it be any less clear that we should all do our best? Kenneth O’Keefe is risking his life."

Beverly Eckert was a courageous woman also doing her best. She would not take their money and shut up.

The truth is plain to see for those willing to do the research.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the rat-face Jon Faine. You really can't believe that Jon Faine or Bill O Reilly or Glenn Beck, et al will ever wake up. Agreeing with preposterous jew fables is a token gesture of obedience now. I wait for the next moronic thing these puppets are going to have to nod in agreement to. It takes morality and it takes a conscience to learn. And it takes bravery to become wise.

I've seen jews pushing jew fables on blogs and chatrooms get completely shot down and ridiculed, I thought. I was wrong. They weren't ridiculed. They re-invented themselves with a new name and came right back pushing the same stupidity. Only a golem could ever do such a thing. There's no truth in them. YHVH has no rod of correction for them. Stop the egalitarian sympathizing now.

I've been morbidly fascinated by this thing on 'animal planet' called "fatal attractions". In that, people start to believe their dangerous animals are humans, under their skin, and wind up dead. Surely, it gives them a warm fuzzy feeling to believe such a thing. The heart is the greatest deciever. These tares are the beasts with hands and feet and can speak. They're bearing their fruit now, and that's a great thing. They have to, now. No more in-between fence riding. Litmus test is right. It's a great time to be alive and a witness to this.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the post. I agree the truth about 9/11 and the holocaust will soon be revealed - the point of critical mass has already been reached - ca 2008.

My thoughts are very with you Les. I want you find a positive solution to your gallstone problem. One that will allow you continue your unique and inspiring posts, without recurring pain. Gallbladder removal operations are fairly common nowadays. I'm not familiar with any other treatments.

Peace, Mouser

wv: spasiti
"Only spasiti on the MSM champion the zionist lies about 9/11 and the holyhoax."

Strum said...

Les, you work too hard, take some time off and just take it easy, let yourself heal and let the world go to hell, for a while.
Enjoy the company of your consort and your dog and your olive grove, after all that's all there really is.
Others can pick up the torches and run with them now you have lit so many

Peace, Rest, and healing.


Anonymous said...

Herman Rosenblat: "It wasn't a lie, it was my imagination".

My girlfriend just asked me if had a case of hospitalization, I said no, I just can't stop shaking my head.

Palestinians don't need to imagine stories like this. They are living them day in day out. The truth of this will reach everyone...soon.

Thanks Les.

William Freeman

An alternative treatment for gallstones is to consume apple juice mixed with lemon juice. This drink should be consumed continuously for three days. On the third day, the gallstones will break down completely and pass out in urine. Homeopathy is also an effective method of getting rid of gallstones. Nux vomica, berberis vulagaris and lycopodium are extremely effective against gallstones. Dandelion and rosemary are effective herbal remedies for gallstones, as is black coffee.

wv: phrates
I'm a phrates part of a fake race that do alot of imagining.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Time approaches quickly, change is going to hit and roll right over them.

To quote Cliff: "...crowds of irritated ignorant people can be really dangerous."

Too much truth to the ignorant enraptured will cause them to become irritated.

I don't deny the truth, and I assist its exposure at every opportunity. But I don't try to hand it to sleeping ovis either.

Meow dog,

Visible said...

I'm doing the apple juice, lemon juice and epsom salts cure.

Anonymous said...

Don't dis Christianity. And I mean the REAL thing, folks taking shots at it w/o being one are clueless about it.
God is real, He speaks today.
Repenting is hard - the most difficult thing one can do. And please disregard Xn Zionists and papal RC cultism, ok?

DaveS said...


Godspeed your return to good health.

As for what you wrote... the work ain't hard, it's waking-up the masses for work that's hard.

People want/need to believe the myths they're accustom to, otherwise they start questioning everything in their lives, and I'm sure many reading this knows how painful that can be. Each wasted year feeling like another sword slice to the soul when we reflect back on the time we spent asleep. How many of us can remember our knee-jerk responses to some conspiracy nutcase? Yeah, I've eaten a five-course meal of the words I spewed before waking up to the reality of our world. Someone needs to create a sauce that makes such a meal taste better and maybe more would partake of such a feast ...

As I was saying, people are gonna remain asleep, regardless. Kind of like the soldiers at a remote post who've not been informed the war ended years ago. Or maybe a better analogy is the people who remain in their house despite the fact the volcano their house is built upon is erupting. Talk about dying for your belief.

I don't know... we can't even get the people who know the show is rigged to agree because everyone has a pet theory they're married to.

I guess people are just stupid. The masses become so engrossed arguing the minutia of the murder scene, they forget about the murder, and even the murderer, who is quietly picking his teeth while smiling and listening to the masses argue whether he used a knife or gun.

What we need to be doing during our conversations on the 'net or in public is when we find a 'fellow traveler', rather than discuss how and who did 9/11, why not discuss what can we do to make more people aware something about 9/11 stinks? Does it really matter if both of you agree it was alien jews from mars if you can both agree something was covered-up? It may have been martian jews or nazi texans, does it really matter as long as you both know something about that day is creepy. In fact, the more theories we have, the better we can market the fact something was covered-up on 9/11.

The facade is breaking down and the illusions are beginning to falter. All we need to do is to keep pointing out the wires and the puppeteers in the rafters... The Apocalypse approaches regardless :)


P.S. The Market Ticker Guy has been hammering out the truth of the banking scandal for any who care to read:

Visible said...

No one is dissing Christianity. Stop being so self righteous.

Anonymous said...

Don't be foolish get medical help now dummy! My wife was stuborn like you and tried everything from quacks suggestions. She passed out twice visiting china and local subway. Decided to do the operation--in AM out in 4 hours and no cuts--small hole--stones kill people--wise-up. If you can't afford--come to Canada and use my health card-- :^/

Visible said...

If I can't afford it, how would I get to Canada? I have the very best health insurance where I am in that regard. Natural is going to work for me. I believe that.

Anonymous said...

Pain is weakness leaving the body. One word Les, Nagas?

Thank you for the truth.

Im only speaking for myself, but I share and push the truth thanks to you and your wonderful spirit. I have conversions with u in my mind that help me see and show the truth to others and myself.

Silly yes, but I pretend to be speakin as if I was you, with a smile and deep voice. It helps and thankfully youre more than your painful body right now.

Les Im just guessing but have a few "feelings" about this. Youre at a blockage in what you want or think you should want, thats shown in the stones. Its a biggie and youll be on the otherside of the mountain top soon, keep it up man!

Best way to say this as a soldier for her loving grace, lady truth, move out and draw fire man!

Love Your Life

Anonymous said...

Hi Les

my gutfeeling is that you and others can find a number of healthrelated remedies here :

and here:

google " Dr Bob Beck Protocol "

The only sideeffects I´ve noticed so far on above suggestions is that you gain so much energy that you become an even bigger pain in the ass for " The deathcult with white robes "a.k.a. " Doctors " and of course all of the local zombies.

By the way olivoil is one major ingredient to clense your liver so feel lucky that you have the real deal in that department. Quality before quantity Right ?

Take good care of your self cause I see forward to meet you somehow, somewhere in the future.

Love and Light to us all.

"Laplander "

Anonymous said...

After reading of your plight, I wondered about what it was about metaphorically. Pissing out stones and it hurts like hell... could kill. Interesting metaphor.

Not sure, but a friend of mine decided he wanted a change in life, so took all of his belongings out into the yard, pissed on them, then lit them on fire.

The thought of it still brings a smile and warms my heart. Wish I had the guts to do what he did. Wish I had the guts to do what you do too.

Be well.

Anonymous said...

With you all the way, probably to an early grave (grin).
I am from New Zealand, and have been reading your blogs for some time.
We have much in common (understatment), but that is probably true of many other people here.

Thinkig a lot about comets, volcanoes and cosmic does latley, the Status Quo has been breached Joy

Simon, wellington, NZ

dougsc said...

gallstones can be removed very easily in 24 hrs. using the age old epson salts grapefruit juice and olive oil method.Get a copy of any Hulda Regehr Clark book for complete instructions. I have done it and it really works.

Visible said...

I am doing that treatment. I have done it before. I just can't go faster at the moment because the apple juice has to do its work with the folic acid.

Tannon said...

"I feel like I can even see the future and that is a scary thing."

I've been having small premonitions of near-future events about once every other day for the past week or so. A thought-image will pop into my mind and then it actually happens within seconds. I wonder if all this cosmic radiation is changing our brains.
Les, you will not have to have your gall bladder removed because it has integrity. I don't think you deserve that pain, but somehow it can be used to strengthen your resolve.
Strum, you are right; Les must have lit thousands of torches in his life.
DaveS, Brilliant metaphor with the "soldiers at a remote post who haven't been informed of the war's end."
And Anonymous, who said the "heart is the biggest deceiver". I'm not so sure about that one; I always thought the mind was source of self-deception. I just don't know, though.

God bless you Les Visible.

Anonymous said...

"I'm doing the apple juice, lemon juice and epsom salts cure." - Les

Hello Les: When I was investigating gallstones and liver cleanses for my husband I seem to remember olive oil as part of that treatment too. I don't have a personal testimonial for you regarding the efficacy of this treatment though because my husband's "stone?" spontaneously disappeared before the ultrasound was done. Elusive little bugger it was but it certainly caused a lot of painful havoc before it "duct" out.

Please just concentrate on getting this thing passed and not to worry, we kiddies can entertain ourselves in the sandbox until you're feeling all fit and fiddle again.

Healthful wishes,
M. Rocknest (Em)

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Hope your pain passes soon brother. I totally get the metaphor, and we are all going to be feeling a great deal of pain soon if we don't take this advice to give it our best. I have been bouncing around a great deal lately myself by being very motivated to get my house in order and up the level, only to find that motivation transforming into something else a short time after and then falling back into feeling sorry for myself and wondering how I can do better materially, then realizing that soon that won't matter anyway. Sitting down to make a plan and then realizing how ridiculous that is. Trust in the Divine because he has always taken care of me when I should probably be dead right's difficult to surrender totally and understand that we are not in charge. I enjoyed the last SM btw. It perfectly mirrors what I'm going through at the moment. And it made me realize how ridiculous I must sound sometimes when I'm always complaining about circumstances (grin). Hope this makes sense. I'm in a hurry but wanted to send my best. If I could I would drive you to Italy myself. But, I am currently committed to be in this ridiculous system of things.

be well,


Anonymous said...

lemon juice and olive oil 50/50 will take out kidney stones..the olive oil might well prevent a lot of pain if the gallstones remnants have a little lubrication while going through the ducts to the small intestine.

gurnygob said...

Les I hope you get better soon, it can't be much fun.

I heard vibration breaks them up, maybe if you stood in front of a big speaker and blasted some of George Bush’s statements at them then maybe that would do the trick. Only joking.

Get well soon Les

ps, I used something from one of your old posts for something I have writen. Hope you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

I love to read what you write but sometimes I wish you would just get to the point.

Visible said...

Maybe the point can't be made yet because we're not at that point yet? Did that every occur to you (grin)?

Anonymous said...

Big bad gallstone?
So the colon cleanse didnt get all the crap out?
Qua a previous poster: go an an apple diet!
According to Dr. Rick Anderson, whos into cleansing big time:
apple juice contains malvic(?) acid, that should soften/up dissolve gallstones.
Its probably better to munch whole apples ad lib than drink the juice.
This is also the Cayce remedy for loosing weight, though doesnt seem to be your problem :-)
Having the gallbladder removed should be the last option, course if theres much pain involved it could be tempting,
Things will accelerate enormously the next year.
You wont want to miss this part of the show, or else, see ya around next time.

Greetz from the Rotten State of Denmark

Anonymous said...

P.S. Anderson warns against the epsom salts, but dont know exactly why.

Anonymous said...

Epsom Salts and Olive Oil will help clear your gallbladder. See Dr. Hulda Clark for cleansing recipe. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

totally agree with you les,I know I havent been doing enough of late,all sorts of distractions the feeling sorry for myself and being completely overun with work has left me stagnated and exhausted.anyway hope your get better soon.

mr o keefe and mr bracken keep up the good work like all you people,lets do all we can,with whatever we've got.

.peace neil

Visible said...

The colon cleanse hasn't even begun Denmark (Grin). Now I can be really hopeful I think.

Anonymous said...

Holocaust happened. Lost familly members, unless my Gran is in on the lie as well??? Shame on you all.

Visible said...

It's the degree of the holocaust that is the point. Certainly people died. There are questions. Why can't they be asked? That is a good question and should cause any honest person to wonder. Are you honest?

Anonymous said...

Just to say thank you.

Every good wish for your speedy healing, continued well-being, and comfort.

Visible said...

Jim Murphy please email me when you can.

Anonymous said...

Hi Visible,
I'm still saving money to get get the colon cleansing by Holistic horizons.
I wish they would also have gallstone cleansing in the same way and for it to be painless.
I now visualize the stones in your body passing smoothly in a few days through your body and pissed on top of a photo of the Pope!
Love you so much, Debbie.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,
Marshmallow root is excellent for relieving the pain of kidney stones. Take with parsley and or juniper berries. They have helped many.


Greg Bacon said...

The US president, this one or the next, could do a live broadcast explaining to the nation that 9/11 was an inside job, pulled of by traitors at the highest level of government, aided by the CIA and Israel's MOSSAD and there would still be at least 30% of us Americans who would refuse to believe what he/she just said.

Anonymous said...

Jonah's Prayer
1 From inside the fish Jonah prayed to the LORD his God. 2 He said:
"In my distress I called to the LORD,
and he answered me.
From the depths of the grave [a] I called for help,
and you listened to my cry.

3 You hurled me into the deep,
into the very heart of the seas,
and the currents swirled about me;
all your waves and breakers
swept over me.

4 I said, 'I have been banished
from your sight;
yet I will look again
toward your holy temple.'

5 The engulfing waters threatened me, [b]
the deep surrounded me;
seaweed was wrapped around my head.

6 To the roots of the mountains I sank down;
the earth beneath barred me in forever.
But you brought my life up from the pit,
O LORD my God.

7 "When my life was ebbing away,
I remembered you, LORD,
and my prayer rose to you,
to your holy temple.

8 "Those who cling to worthless idols
forfeit the grace that could be theirs.

9 But I, with a song of thanksgiving,
will sacrifice to you.
What I have vowed I will make good.
Salvation comes from the LORD."

10 And the LORD commanded the fish, and it vomited Jonah onto dry land.

Anonymous said...

brooklyn rainbow marvels
rings around the moon
clarifying details
missing points of view
indifference serving nowhere
prolonging of the pain
the movement of the truth
holds the higher flame
as it holds together
like a mighty light
a multicolored lantern
in patterns in the night
moving of the cultures
vultures better beware
because they sold themselves
never really cared
and care and extra loving
thats what this world needs
so lets ge up together
walk the path to free.


Anonymous said...

You have the litmus test right! The holohoax is also another when you actually let them know what the jewish prophecies (more than one prophecy, according to the return myth) are all about. Will a prophecy describing deaths by fires, or some other burning method be fulfilled by drownings? No, and anyone telling you that is a simple fraud. Just like Harolds 'apple tosser wife'. A friend has a comparable prophecy myth senerio in a new video he made. "Ten Deaths By Alligator bites" search for it. Oh no, I just did search and ggggle has censored it. Try the you tube area where it is posted. watch?v=xC0nUiN9nQg

The jewish myth has 6 million burned as if in an oven,,, does a gas chamber fit? Nope. I ask this giving a far bent over backwards consideration to the myth of the deaths by gas.

The 9 11 crimes never had a lawfull investigation of any kind, how about one.


Anonymous said...

Unless you're a rechabite of Jer 35 and satan is your father, drink beer for a month, you pussy.

wv: unablets

How serendipitous. Get off the tablets and get on the unablets. Drinking is a requirement to celebrate the Almighty. Look it up.

Anonymous said...

I had my gall bladder removed a few years ago vis. I tried for two years to sort it myself as you have been doing when I finally gave in to surgery. The shoulder pain and contractions in diaphragm area were on a par with stage three labour pains (and I said never again) :) the nausea and sweats became unbearably miserable..The relief/release of pain and my well being after the keyhole surgery was immediate and I was fully recovered in just a week or so...The only drawback has been some weight gain but that's down to lack of will power on my part especially now eating is so enjoyable again...take care, and best wishes for your speedy recovery. Jean

Patriot said...

Both the so called "holocaust " and 9-11 are products of jew lies which they are famous for.
Remember the Mossad motto is "By Deception, Thou Shalt Make War"

nina said...

Tonight at meditations I will cast Bholanath's grandmothers' Net of Light around you and repeat until you say you are well.

Love, nina

Anonymous said...

A few kind words of support directed to Kevin Bracken might be helpful.

He is a true blue Australian Hero!


walter washco said...

Hi Vis.
Had the same problem. What pain! Had it removed.

max said...


I realize gall stones were probably not the real point here, but as William Jefferson Rockefeller Clinton would say, "I feel your pain."

I can confirm the Hulda Clark method on the stone removal.
I was in pain so severe I was about to puke and pass out, all at the same time. You need to do this every two weeks for a while to get as many as possible. I have gotten thousands out, many as big as an inch in diameter with no pain. It is important to follow her instructions to the T though. Read her books. According to Dr. Clark, removing the gall bladder does nothing but solve the immediate problem, because the stones are continually forming in the liver, and there are thousands more smaller ones that need to be removed also.

This was an amazing woman (died last year from a spine injury) who discovered what causes the symptom cancer and cured thousands of cases (in two weeks) right up until her death, as well as Aids and every other degenerative "disease." And, of course she was constantly persecuted for what she was revealing about these so called "diseases" that would have not only greatly impacted the profits of the Medical and Pharmacuetical cartels, but would have also interfered with a higher satanic agenda ("Global 2000" and the extermination of "useless eaters"). She has many books, start with the Cure For All Diseases, and The Prevention and Cure For All Cancers (The purple one)

She determined that cancer is not a "disease", it is a symptom that will go away when you remove the causes, which are chemical pollutants and parasites, every time no matter what kind of cancer. They are all caused by the same thing, the organ chosen is just a detail. I know of three people that have cured their cancers (including melanoma) using her methods.
Again, read the books.


Michael said...

Interesting similarities between the "Holocaust" & 9/11, neither can be doubted or even questioned.

This is an example Australian Trades Unionist tries to discuss 9/11 Cover-up with radio presenter Faine pal of Israel's pathetic Regev

Anonymous said...

Please try Traditional Chinese Medicine. They are tried and tested for thousands of years, works and no side effects.

Best wishes from the Far east

the BCth said...

I've stepped out onto my own personal limb by posting about 9/11 and the Holocaust on my facebook. The former is a subject I've looked into extensively, the latter not as much. The Holocaust programming I was subjected to in public school served its purpose well. It takes guts to publicly question something that's been drilled into one's own head and the heads of one's peers from a young age.

ravenise said...

Vis, you might want to try something more acidic like apple cider, which should help speed up the disintegration of the stones. Aloe Vera juice or gel would be very useful to reducing swelling and sooth your insides. Liquorish root and slippery elm tea would be useful as they help to moisten and soften the stool, and a touch of flax would help to move things along. I inadvertently found out that spinach soaked in olive oil was very powerful and passed nearly 100 stones, perhaps it was just the oil, but you should be careful about how fast you push the bile. I have had a history of gallstones as well, and I had one memorable near death experience. I almost passed out from the pain which was the most horrific feeling I have ever witnessed in my life. The only thing that worked for me was my cat. A friend told me to get my cat and place it on my stomach. It worked. If you have any cats who like to cuddle and purr a lot, place them on your stomach and that soft vibration on your belly will help to alleviate the pain and gently pass the stone. My cat was pretty big... and I imagine the bigger the cat the better. If you don't have a cat, borrow one from your neighbor. I am serious. Other than that, sitting in the lotus position and doing a gentle belly dance while throat singing from high to low tones would help immeasurably. Every little vibration helps, the more gentle the better. Other than that I’ll be praying for you and keeping my antennae up. Hang in there bud...

Anonymous said...

"The pain is terrific and it is no less than what I deserve."

NO WAY, Les! I went through this a few years back and yes, according to the surgeon (sorry Les but sounds, like I was, you're past ayurvedic - the stones are pyramidal with VERY sharp points - short of massive ultrasound busting, it's best to have it out - 6 months recovery and you can get back to eating what you like, BUT stress free, this time!) - I ramble - what I'm trying to tell you is this is the worst pain the human body can tolerate and survive!

And you're a survivor...

Don't delay unless you really want off (and that feeling's coloured by the pain - worst under yer breastbone, right?) - no, don't delay otherwise it will hit yer spleen and that IS goodbye.

And we'd hate to lose you wit and clarity on this blighted planet...


ps: grab an old outmoded olive press (18th C Italian design is great) and get yer oil for 'free bar muscle' :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Les - have you considered a Liver Flush?
You sure have all the olive oil you need for the process... it also offers the opportunity to flush a lot more shit down the tubes .
Love and peace,

gurnygob said...

Michael said...@12:32 AM

"Interesting similarities between the "Holocaust" & 9/11, neither can be doubted or even questioned.

This is an example Australian Trades Unionist tries to discuss 9/11 Cover-up with radio presenter Faine pal of Israel's pathetic Regev"

Michael didn't you read the post???? (grin)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of your suffering dog poet. Try a "cure" I have used. Drink a cup of that olive oil and go lay down on your right side. Stay there as long as you can, until the urge to use the bathroom becomes over whelming. Then, sit upon the throne and hold on for dear life. With your stone it might take a couple of times and you will be well cleansed.

Anonymous said...

I too am having gallbladder issues. Only mine is something they found with a ultrasound. There is a tumor or cyst in the tube that goes from the gallbladder to the intestine. Will try some of the methods suggested here. Just in case.

Next time we will get the new model heh!

I am in a break up and sitting inthe middle of USA. May just take what little I have and bounce on over. AS in jump in the river and see where I end up. Kind of my MO anyway.

I do assume that everyone is meditating and creating a nice outcome for Les in this situation. It does help. I'm on it.


Visible said...

Thank you friends for all the solutions. it is amazing how many variations of the apple juice, lemon juice, epsom salts, olive oil remedy there is. I'm hoping I do the right one (grin). I am starting on it tomorrow and will go in to the doctor to have another ultra sound check to see if they are gone and then I can get down to Italy.

covkid said...


I had the pleasure of meeting Ken O'Keefe in London earlier in the year,at a meeting on the 'war of terror',hosted by Kevin barratt and Gilad Atzmon.Yes you're right Les the mans a hero.
His selfless pursuit in support of the Palestinian cause(amongst other things) is a shining example to us all.
And now we have another hero stepping up to the plate,Kevin Bracken.These are two role models that will hopefully inspire a whole army of ordinary individuals to come forward and speak out against the official fairytale narrative of 9/11 events.It can be done.

Don't suffer too much Les it would be unnecessary,get yourself sorted,take time to convalesce and come back with a bang.
Take care my friend...indeed a hero to all of us who post here.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, it's an acid salt crystal. Acid is causing it. Get off the acid and get on the beer, today. Beer drinkers never get those problems. You might even start liking football and bowling too.

Anonymous said...

on wings of feeling easy
the mountain tipped in grace
taste an inner healing
charge a river chase
racing cross the starlight
glimmer over wood
wandering inner patterns
warming evergood
stirring scented petals
inner flower rose
rising up the liver
from sacred ground in grown
peace of all around
circling in streams
healing inner flow
in multicolored beams
weaving of a healing
natures good old way
with stars the sun the everything
that in goodness gave


ravenise said...

Me:"Vis, you might want to try something more acidic like apple cider, which should help speed up the disintegration of the stones."

Anon: "Obviously, it's an acid salt crystal. Acid is causing it. Get off the acid and get on the beer, today. "

Did you know that apple cider actually neutralizes acid in the stomach? I believe its the same story with lemon juice. (there are some great comments in this article, highly recommended(

Apple cider Vinegar and getting rid of heartburn

Anonymous said...

Here is a little something from Gilad Atzmon.
I believe it's called the truth.

Gilad Atzmon; human being.
Has a nice ring to it..

“On the face of it, the ‘Jewish left’ is, at least categorically, no different from Israel or Zionism: after all, it is an attempt to form yet another ‘Jews only political club’. And as far as the Palestinian solidarity movement is concerned, its role is subject to a growing debate — For on the one hand, one can see the political benefit of pointing at a very few ‘good Jews’, and emphasizing that there are Jews who ‘oppose Zionism as Jews’. Yet on the other hand, however, accepting the legitimacy of such a racially orientated political affair, is in itself, an acceptance of yet another form, or manifestation of Zionism, for Zionism claims that Jews are primarily Jewish, and had better operate politically as Jews(1).

To a certain extent then, it is clear that Jewish anti Zionism, is, in itself, still just another form of Zionism.

‘Jewish dissidence’ has two main roles: First, it attempts to depict and bolster a positive image of Jews in general (2). Second, it is there to silence and obscure any attempts on the part of the outsider to grasp the meaning of Jewish identity and Jewish politics within the machinations of the Jewish state. It is also there to stop elements in this movement from elaborating on the crucial role of Jewish lobbying.

The Jewish Left is there then, to mute any possible criticism of Jewish politics within the wider Left movements. It is there to stop the Goyim from looking into Jewish affairs.”
-Gilad Atzmon

Anonymous said...

Greetings Les!

Netanyahu says 9/11 terror attacks good for Israel

The Israeli newspaper Ma'ariv on Wednesday reported that Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu told an audience at Bar Ilan university that the September 11, 2001 terror attacks had been beneficial for Israel.

"We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq," Ma'ariv quoted the former prime minister as saying. He reportedly added that these events "swung American public opinion in our favor."


Regarding the holocaust (holo-kaustos, a burnt sacrificial offering dedicated exclusively to God.) keep in mind, that in certain quarters of cyberspace; the "rodoh" forum in particular. Rodoh, or The real open debate on the holocaust is administered by a literal stasi of "academic historians." Should you doubt the veracity of the holocaust...or get lost in squabbling over petty details (such as the ability of 3.5 kilograms of "coke" to be sufficient fuel to commence a cremation frenzy in which the first immolating corpse acts as kindling for the corpse being PLACE ON TOP OF IT (!?!) Another 3.5 kilos would be administered etc. with this procedure peaking in the complete incineration of 83 corpses per hour and a total of 12,000 per 24 hrs using 5 more ovens.) You are regarded as less than a anti-semitic, wanna be, misty-eyed nazi nostalgist. A devolving flake of of putrefying maggot larvae. You're a mistake, who can't even conceive of rational debate, etc. let alone evole opposing thumbs. There are some good revisionists in the "debate" as well. In particular, a character named "little grey rabbit".
From the New Age, (see Conversations With God, Neale Donald Walsch)to the majority of "alternative media",tTo the orthodoxy and the mainstream; THE HOLOCAUST IS SACRSOSANCT.

And it's very good for Israel

GTRman said...

Les - wash it down with this!!!!

gurnygob said...

There's a new post or two up at

Just doing my part Les. (grin)

Hope you all stop by and give a little support.

Unknown said...

I understand now knowing synchronicity of the Galactic clock and all it opens in the 4th dimension in order to access ourselves collectively to dream free time for all that can handle it. Calendar Reform Aotearoa New Zealand, everything else is just another train-smash of the Gregorian Frequency of disconnected heart bio-rhythm. i am another yourself in the tree of life holo deck 5, choosing Love over fear

Anonymous said...

The Evil Ones plot and plan, but is not God the best of planners?
Why have six million Zionists been gathered together in the Middle east?
Why has the Monetary System collapsed?
Why does the world`s second poorest country remain undefeated?
Think about it?

Visible said...

I know. It goes through my mind now and again. They've got their six million altogether right there in the place they stole from the original inhabitants under false pretenses.

Visible said...

New Smoking Mirrors-

The Apocalypse is one of Your Best Friends.

Teresa said...

Gall stones and pain control.

Lie flat on your back in bed. Sink into yourself. Relax. Breathe deeply, even if it hurts. Close your eyes. Find the point of pain in your body with your mind. Face it straight on. This can really hurt.

Try to wrap your mind/thoughts/consciousness around the pain. This can be tricky--pain is like a live eel covered in oil. Keep trying. The point is to make the pain smaller to the point of going away.

Another thing--pain is a bastard. It will try to get away from you and move to another part of your body. Keep chasing it, wrapping it with your mind, making it smaller.

When it works, you fall asleep.

I have been doing this for headaches for over 20 years. It wasn't until I had my last gall bladder attack about a month ago that I got the process down to about 5 minutes.

Try it. It works.


Visible said...

New Visible Origami-

Halloween is a Many Fractured Thing.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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"For them it is all massive profit," on the surface - that is true...but...denying others.

Visible said...

DM; I am surprised you haven't seen the comments concerning this for any number of days now. I've done that treatment twice over the years and had real success with it. People kept giving me variations of this even though I was already doing it (grin). As far as I know I have passed the necessary stones at this point and am now using psyllium husk to avoid re ingesting the toxins from the colon and am doing a 3 month colon cleanse from Holistic Horizons. Thanks for the imput.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...




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