Thursday, November 04, 2010

Dumb, Dumber and Dead

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Just as there may be no boundaries to wisdom and understanding and just as the key to their treasures may be found in the magic phrase, “I don’t know”, stupidity and greed seem to have no boundaries either and the password is, “I know”. Not a day passes when I am not stunned, shocked and dismayed by the depths of ignorance and greed that pervades this planet in this Dark Age. Those who profiteer from this ignorance and greed, do everything they can to encourage and develop them. They’ve turned the human race into a retarded Bonsai farm, metaphorically speaking; a world of stunted proles.

A partnership exists between humanity and Nature. When the relationship is optimum, they work for a mutual improvement whose result is paradise. When humanity bends Nature out of shape for the purpose of blind self interest then the result is Hell. Paradise on Earth and Hell on Earth are the two prime options, with a chiaroscuro fan that opens between them. Balance is the trademark of the one end and imbalance is the accelerating condition on the other.

We can argue until doomsdays break about the perceived reasons for any and all of this but the fact is that it is and the good news and the bad news is that the results are specific to the acts and intentions of those engaged. It’s like a long suffering, domestic argument. In the course of it, things will be said that apply to the problem and things will be said that are not properly understood, because the motivation is not to understand but to persist. So the argument continues, until the protagonists have grown so far apart that there is no remedy that can result in union. The smart thing is to realize that there is a problem and to fix it, while it can be fixed. It all comes down to selfish willfulness on one or both parts and there is no solution to be found there, except to cease from the practice.

Once stupidity has got its hooks into you, due to the pursuit of blind, comfort oriented progress; the imperative of self will triumph over any and all restraint. You become the victim of imperfect awareness that accompanies this kind of mind set and behavior, then torment, enslavement and certain death are the inevitable results. You can’t get there from here. It’s painful on my end to see it surrounding me and to know the causes and the predators that use these conditions for their own gain, sport and amusement. We are dealing with a type of psychopath that has no limits upon what they will do to get what they want.

A whole lot of us are going to get flushed down the cosmic toilet. It’s what we want. We can be told what’s going to happen but it makes no difference. We’re so damn sure that we are right that no information to the contrary is going to have any effect at all. Those of us that are on another path can only do our best to help as we go and keep our eyes on the goal of liberation and an awareness of the protections that follow those whose course is aligned with the best intentions of the universe itself. It could all be so simple and it is but the base drives of the possessed and deceived require ever increasing complexities and confusions to mask the truth of their obsessions.

Every day I think of something I might say that might contribute to an improvement in the human state and day by day I am informed that very few people will ever come here to experience it. Things like Facebook and Twitter; networking portals, for those who take things at face value, or come under the definition of ‘twits’ rule the day. Verizon has an ad out now about Rule the Air. The odious cynicism is a marvel. The pandering is a work of art. At no point is any reference made to ‘the prince of the air’. Is this some kind of coincidence? I’m not pushing any particular religious viewpoint. I am calling attention to the main religion of a country, where the ad is based and wondering... are they serious and what do they really mean? For those of us whose eyes are somewhat opened, you can see examples of this sort of thing everywhere and it is clear that the political and religious institutions are corrupt in a spectacular way and that the greatest enemy of both systems is the master of both and the tiniest demographic tyrannizes in relation to the largest demographic and is this some kind of coincidence too? It’s not.

I watched the movie, “The Social Network” last night and it said as much as anyone wants to see about how success is achieved in this world and by what means. Treachery and betrayal are the order of the day. Here you have someone who believes in nothing beyond what is in the material realm, according to his bio. Here you have someone with four billion dollars, whose concern about bad publicity caused him to give one hundred million dollars to the Newark school system and whose philanthropy had been practically nil to that point. Bill Gates was giving out tiny little $5000, grants, until the press got on his ass and then, in defense, set up a foundation. Does the money actually help anyone? What is it about people who have more than they will ever spend being as cheap as Silas Marner?

What Mark Zuckerberg did to his best friend and supporter is a wonder to behold. The film captured the psychopathic personality very well. It left out a great deal but a lot could be intuited for those looking. It’s as if the director knew what he could say and found another way to say what he couldn’t. I thought to myself, “Yeah, that’s how they do it”, “that’s how they are”.

Lately I seem to always come back around to certain types of personalities and the historical trends and actions that attend them. I keep coming back to the alterations of history and the fanatical drive for the controls over education, banking and information and how it is all turned into service for the war machine, which feeds the profit and pleasure of those so engaged. The glaring evidence of who is most deeply engaged in these things is inescapable and violently denied, even while the facts are irrefutable. It makes one think that the prophecies of old are guaranteed because the players are the ones so named and the behaviors are the ones so described and they were there at the beginning, as they will be at the end, for a short time.

I apologize for harping too often of late upon the same issues and miscreants. It needs to be completely said at my end and I believe I have done that and am considering other venues and vehicles now. I recognize the danger I have put myself in by stating and revealing things that go contrary to gratuitous laws created to protect evil behavior. I recognize that I spend too much of my time doing things that leave me insolvent on one level but possibly accruing valuable credits; if you believe in that sort of thing. I realize the limitations of my efforts in terms of reaching the very people who might be most advantaged by them but... who have opted for stupid and blind as a life course, because stupid and blind permits things that sanity and wisdom would reject.

In terms of what the world considers acceptable and successful, I am on another list but... I’ve no desire to be like the rest of them, just for the purpose of temporary gain and lasting suffering and pain that attends the agendas of the selfish and self-interested. The jury is out on who’s right but the jury is not out on the appearance of the state of the world in terms of an objective view. Objective viewing is not a signature dish of these times. It is up to each of us to adhere to the promptings of our conscience or to shut it out or reinterpret the urgings as something we would prefer to hear; something that echoes the demands of our appetites and desires. You’ll have to be the judge of that in your life.

I’m optimistic about what’s coming and pessimistic about the wider scenario as it affects the wider population. As an uncle of mine used to say, ‘those who cannot hear must feel”. It’s also true that the universe will come down on us to the degree that it takes to hear it. Its two by four time on Planet Earth. It’s the bed of fire in a nightmare, where the dreamer refuses to awaken. It’s what it is, not what we paint it as and we shall see what the truth is concerning what is and what is not. We are seeing it at this moment, if we are seeing at all and that is accelerating in the same way that time is speeding up.

I don’t know how useful all of this has been on my part but... if it has only served to keep me more on course, then I consider it a plus and a half and more. In the end, we are the result of our beliefs and the solidity of the schematic upon which we based them. We are bound toward the moment of truth, where our beliefs and behaviors are matched up with the cosmic blueprint of what is correct and what is not. We have no one to blame but ourselves, if the result is less than we hoped for. I think the answer lies in our own judgment, concerning the degree to which all of what we sought after and did for it, expresses itself in our hearts upon reflection; petri dish... mirror... . or whatever the case may be.

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DaveS said...


You are writing a samizat for our times your blogs are like warm wood stoves where the towns folk gather to talk about life. This is a place we can warm both our bodies and our souls safely while exchanging ideas. So important while living thru a drought of honesty, a famine of righteousness, the likes of which we've not witnessed in our lifetime... these truly may be the darkest hours ever facing humanity; dark souled greedy ones have infested our whole globe with their shit leaving few places unsoiled.

There was a time when maps still had blank spots, places where we freethinkers could hide from the creeps. Those times are past. The host are gathering, and I'm guessing that those here will be standing next to me in borrowed, rusty armor, holding rocks and sticks. We'll be looking across the moor towards an enemy dressed to the last pack mule in shiny metal, holding forged spears and swords... in all honesty we'll be scared when the fools charge towards us smirking and thinking how easy we'll die.

Their arrogance will blind them to the quicksand pit until they are stuck in the middle where their shiny armor will pull them down towards the hell which is surely waiting to greet the bastards. Or so I hope.

I can see it happening, so it can happen.


greg said...

This interview with a Creek Indian tribal elder and medicine man is a must see. A very simple and profound statement of what is wrong with the American way:

Anonymous said...

"if you believe in that sort of thing..."

I believe in that sort of thing.

Magic, miracles, siddhanta.

One dollar spent 'well' surely accrues far more 'real' value than a billions dollars misspent.

Neko Kinoshita said...

How dare you question my total understanding of life the universe and everything!

Ahem. That would be 42, yes?

Sorry, couldn't resist.

I wish I really knew something, but it seems the universe only tells me what I need to know, at the time I need to know it.

Always enjoy the transmissions,
I'll be watching the beginning from the alley.


wv: Neepu - What I'm walking through, I think.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les

How fast can I go between knowing and asking? What I know only keeps me struggling to ask more.
Thats the rub. Not sure I have an outcome here, just lookin deeper and seeing anew. Will this ever stop? I dont know.

Greed, lust, and the lower arent fromed from knowing or not, but knowing them seems to help a little.

The TV and its zio boys dont know either, but find truth in reaction. If one things can be repeated and viewed as the same to all people, the zio boys feed on in. So do we, its called comfort.

When I sit with our great mother I wonder if she "wants" me to feel her. Does she want me to feel her comfort? I think the answer is no. She wants nothing but to give me a chance to learn to create comfort, not look for it?

All good, but when I try and return this comfort to others, its a hard deal. Its not my job even as I wish sooo much for other to feel it. Thats control.

The zio boys really want to share this too, but cant, so they turn to the next best things for control, they try and give over a fake comfort of objects and money. If you dont want it, they take it way, like a child. Only thing they care for is the control, the feeling of comfort in action, one way or the other.

Let go
Love Your Life

Tannon said...

"I recognize that I spend too much of my time doing things that leave me insolvent on one level but possibly accruing valuable credits; if you believe in that sort of thing."

Les, u must have accumulated so many spiritual 'credits' that God's probably gonna give u a planet(with sentient life on it) or something, after your body dies.
Just like a coward dies many deaths, one degree at a time; I think the self-actualized gain spiritual credits one at a time, gradually increasing awareness as they struggle through one "I don't know" after another.

Mike Land said...

I am envious of your ability to articulate so well the feelings I have. America is the Titanic, a ship doomed, and the passengers believe the ship is steered from the bridge. They know they're headed for disaster but they blame the captain and believe a different captain and crew will save them, never suspecting that the real helm is deep in the bowels of the ship. Their fate of wreck and plunder depends upon their ignorance of the plot against them. Warnings are lost to the persistent belief that the wheel is connected to the rudder.

Anonymous said...

Have a Raccoon family in the neighborhood. The sterile neighborhood. All manner of pretty cars boats bikes and sheds on heavily manicured greenery with a secure bin for any and all rubbish. Theres one of the babies smaller than the rest, does not even look like a Raccoon, more like a kicked kitten with no tail. I tried to throw him a piece of bread and it scared him and he ran away, leaving me deflated and crying, for there is nowhere for him to run to. We are damaged goods and have utterly failed in our stewardship of the natural realm. Somehow they survive, four Raccoon kits peering in my window: priceless.

Michael Williams said...

Hi Les,
I have emailed you before but have another question. Post it as a
comment if you wish. I am curious- you spoke of us selecting to be
here now but you also speak of all these souls being here desperate to
depart. How do we know if we are to help or a horror sent back again?
Does it matter? I struggle daily. I can see everything I want and how
simple it is yet I cannot seem to escape my own web. Do I just stop
going to work and rely on the divine or do I stay with my plan (goal
of escaping). Do I have time to wait? Something inside is crying out
for peace and stillness yet I have little time for that. How do you
pay the rent and feed the kids without giving up the quest. Or is this
the same trap I have fallen into before?

Visible said...


The very presence of the questions you ask provides you with the answers. You seem to want to know. Knowing may or may not be possible and that is the source of the doubt and confusion. I trust in what leads me and let go of the rest.

Neko Kinoshita said...


I feel the same way you do.

I constantly wonder if I should just walk away from all of this illusional (delusional) zio-play.

I still get up every day, and trudge out to battle the dusty illusion. I try to get through each day, and wonder what unexpected crisis will arise. I seem to have a lot of useless junk, but most of it is just additional expense, and of no worth at all. All of this with only one of the three dependants listening.

Circumstances have caused me to move from the Ozarks to the Senoran Desert, From the Desert to the high plains (which have lower annual rainfall than the desert did), and now I’m in the foothills of the Blue Ridge.

I do not know why this is so, I have to trust that the divine knows what I’m doing, because I sure don’t!

I worry about a time that is to come when I might have to walk out of this area, and I no longer have the necessary equipment, the house I am living in will become unlivable quickly if the power goes out for any extended period, and I don’t even have that Berkey water filter yet, but I believe that what is REALLY needed will appear.

I have to believe this, experience says that the divine is the only trustworthy thing in this life. Anecdotes would take too long to describe this experience, but I’m sure we’ve all had our share.

Hang in there, the universe loves you.

wv: coweerso - Why do we Coweerso? They are only our own delusions.

Mark said...

To Les and all

What I read here in petri or mirrors or origami just keeps getting better, deeper, more profound with each passing day. It is like watching human evolution speeded up to a pace you can actually perceive. I believe I am also along for the ride, and I am grateful to each of you for being on board. You really do make my day.

I have felt for a very long time that our recorded history, which is mostly about human slaughter and misery, smells of alien influence. Something not human is running this program and always has been. To me, it is crystal clear.

We are getting very close to something happening that we have been waiting for all our lives, and that is why it feels so scary. The truth is like a tidal wave that mows down everything in its path, but the pure of heart will still remain after it passes…perhaps not here in this domain, but somewhere better. I’ll be keeping the faith, and I hope you will too.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's an interesting series of videos about the 7/7 London bombings, showing how official lies may be concocted and revealed.

Ld Elon said...

Do you shake and sweat, when you write, as though the river flows through you.

Visible said...

Ld Elon;

No. It was like that years ago. Now it's steady without a flutter. I am sweating heavily though because I just ate a fantastic salad of grated beets and carrots, brussels sprouts, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, garlic and feltsalat with a fiery chili chopped up and all of it marinated with apple vinegar, olive oil, yogurt, Parmesan and shoyu with some brown bread.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

Peace be unto thee, stranger, enter and be not afraid.
I have left the gate open and thou art welcome to my home.
There is room in my house for all.
I have swept the hearth and lighted the fire.
The room is warm and cheerful and you will find comfort and rest within.
The table is laid and the fruits of Life are spread before thee.
The wine is here also, it sparkles in the light.
I have set a chair for you where the sunbeams dance through the shade.
Sit and rest and refresh your soul.
Eat of the fruit and drink the wine.
All, all is yours, and you are welcome.
-- The Science of Mind by Ernest Shurtleff Holmes

Visible said...

I've read the Science of Mind a lot of times. Ernest Holmes was the real deal.

Visible said...

Here is something you should all see.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Visible! That salad sounds delicious! and spicy!
I wrote the ingredients down and will add it to my recipe book.
Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

I read Cliff's post yesterday. and rereading it ever since.

Visible, do you think it's odd that the US president is traveling with half the world this weekend or am I being paranoid?
I guess I should ask myself why I'm asking myself this question.

Visible said...

Here's Nazi boys email and his details Delivered-To:
Received: by with SMTP id me16cs50425qcb;
Thu, 4 Nov 2010 10:14:18 -0700 (PDT)
Received: by with SMTP id i12mr1729249ybf.75.1288890856534;
Thu, 04 Nov 2010 10:14:16 -0700 (PDT)
Received: from ( [])
by with ESMTP id u23si5077202yba.85.2010.;
Thu, 04 Nov 2010 10:14:16 -0700 (PDT)
Received-SPF: neutral ( is neither permitted nor denied by best guess record for domain of client-ip=;
Authentication-Results:; spf=neutral ( is neither permitted nor denied by best guess record for domain of
Received: from MaxPCVostro220 (unverified [])
by (SurgeMail 3.0c2) with ESMTP id 200987112
for multiple; Thu, 04 Nov 2010 12:05:04 -0500
Message-ID: <1442F0C3147247689B632C9655CB9784@MaxPCVostro220>
From: "World Changer"
Cc: "Jack Williams" ,
"Counter Bias" ,

Subject: You real stupid if you think I am a Jew.
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2010 12:05:20 -0500
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
X-Priority: 3
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal
Importance: Normal
X-Mailer: Microsoft Windows Live Mail 14.0.8089.726
X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V14.0.8089.726
X-Server: High Performance Mail Server -

Visible said...

I know some of you like to hack and ferret people out because you write me about it. He's constantly mentioning John Kaminski as if he were his guru and that's strange. He never communicates without an article from Kaminski and a screaming match about The Jews and how they are one hundred percent demons.

nina said...

You know you're are on the right path when you feel it. No one has the right to deny your path. They have their own and easily forget what prompts their advisories, admonishments and disagreement.
There are games, long playing out, tit for tat, but you're not playing, you're living within the basics, doing only what is possible within your framework. At any given time we are always doing the best we can. Of course, the games are never recognized for what they are unless you are one who will not play as games are just not within your operating system. But you are not stupid, you can see exactly what's happening. I'm sure there is a reward for loyalty to the path, but the best reward we'll ever receive on this Earth is peace within ourselves and that is all that matters.

Neko Kinoshita said...


He's in Arkansas, figures.

OK, Near St Francis River where it meets the Little River. Right on the New Madrid. (Sheesh! I was too close when I was over 100 mi WNW of there).

With a Town named "Marked Tree" The implication is of dangerous sinkholes (Natives marked the trees near them, The town next to the open top of the Cathedral room of Marvel cave was named "Notch").

This is quite a ways east of Bentonville (Wally World and the National HQ of the KKK)


Odin's Raven said...

America - the gift that keeps on giving, to Israel. Now the plans for it's latest warplane.

...and here's how some return is made.
Part 3 of the Justice for Palestinians videos asserts that some of the cash given to Israel as foreign aid is used to bribe American politicians. Economical.

Neko Kinoshita said...

OK, a bit more. This is all I'm gonna do.

He uses names like "Keeper of the Temple Atlantis" and "World Changer"

He used to be with earthlink.

The "Jews are EVIL" thing is consistant wherever he goes, and whatever the discussion is supposed to be about (Except where he talks about all the UFOs he has seen, I guess he hasn't decided they are operated by the Jooos yet).

Oh yeah, he claims he was born in 1944.

Please note: I have not tried to find out his real name, but he sure sounds like a bigoted redneck to me (And I just might be a redneck myself...Nah, just a hillbilly).

Later dog,

wv: parcae - Is this butter? No, it's parcae!

thelevelshift said...

I meet all you wonderful people here and find my higgledy piggledy thoughts somehow appearing coherently on the computer screen.

I love this place. I love you all.

I wish I could say more. I wish I could write it down.

I offer you all a hug.


Visible said...

Neko; heh heh, you are too cool for school. Somehow I'll get his name. It will prove interesting.

ravenise said...

Visible, just type in "Keeper of the Temple Atlantis" WITH quotes into google, it appears his name is right there. You can do the same with email addresses and nicknames. Putting quotes around a string of words make you search for that exact phrase. Without quotes you are searching individual words spread out over an entire page.

Anonymous said...

thinking trails stream
a milky way ride
charging star patterns
tuning bring life
natural vibrations
liberating free
calming and warming
stirring some peace
to travel the sea's
forth with the essence
flowing true nature
powerful medicine
for earth residents
at one with the all
the old great beyond
the ancient school
the school of life
on the path to the light
life liberated
freedom and right


Neko Kinoshita said...


I stand corrected.

I was looking for the location of the email server, and I have since discovered, he claims to be in the hills of NW Arkansas. He also claims to be on large acrerage.

Taking ravenise's advice, I get the name.
Looking for the name I find him in Hot Springs, AR.

Wow, I used to be less than thirty miles from there.

Lot of crazy fundie bigots in that area...
wv: sescan - 'nuff said

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you, I look around and I can't believe what is going on.

Anonymous said...

Fuck, I'm going to cry again soon.

Mark said...

Hey, I'm glad your're eating salad,Les. Yep, good recipe. Sorry about the stones you are passing.

I ran into a lot of info trying to save Renee's life, which I didn't do, but at least I learned some things.

Morgellons is bigger than me and you, and I pray to whichever god is listening that you or someone you love never gets it. I tried everything you can google on the internet to save my wife's life, I went online and bought everything that might relate, but she died nonetheless. I will not let her be a tree in the forest which falls and no one hears. I am not only angry, I am outraged. I have been this way for about 8 months.
My Renee lived, and she was killed, by the people who are trying to do the same to all of us.
Please think of Renee and hold her in your thoughts.

Josey Wales ll said...


Just as time has accelerated, so to will recognition of the source of our problems. One cannot happen without the other.

For those who feel bound to the daily drudgery stay alert and learn to give away more.

I've always believed that if you can determine what it is that you want most, give the most sincere equivalent of it away, this will raise your standing with the one that counts.

Let go of things that you thought were important and hang on for the magic that's initiated by your act of giving.

I know it's easier said than done but try it with just one thing you hold dear.

Anonymous said...

Greetings and thank you for the post Les.


"Those who say they are jews, but who are not, who are in fact the synagogue of satan - were thrown into depit with the beast where there arose the sounds of screaming and gnashing of teeth."

Siamsam said...


I always look forward to being enlightened by your posts. But I look forward to comments just as much.

Thing is though - due to the time differnce - I am often prevented from posting my own comments/thoughts as they have already been posted by
someone else by the time i come around.

It is truely refreshing to read the thoughts of so many kindred spirits!

Saimsam - no longer anon man

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post Les, really good.

Thankyou also 'Greg Said' for that great link re. the Indian Tribal Elder. I have taken snippets of this interview with me that will remain part of me forever. So very humbling.



WRH 051110 said...

"Whose interest are we spending trillions of dollars on wars and bankrupting America for? Certainly not America's interests.

It's not a blame Israel chorus (Alex) or some abstract group. It's facts. The pre-war hype that led to war with Iraq was not generic corporatism. The lies specifically came from a zionist cabal in the DOD. It's wasn't oil companies faking Niger documents it was Ledeen and Franklin. It wasn't weapons companies lying about witnessing a transfer of anthrax in a meeting that didn't even happen, it was Woolsey Barns and Schmit. It wasn't security companies lying about WMDs or spying on the US it was AIPAC It was the god damn Israeli moles Perle, Kristol, Fieth, Frum, Abrams, Libby, Wolfowitz, Kagan, Goldberg, and Grossman.

This is not some vague blame game. We have very specific facts as to who did what and it WAS the Israelis and this IS Israel's war."


WaitingOntheWoo said...

These are incredible times aren't they?! Life today, IMO, is exactly the polar opposite of what we are taught that a God centered life should be. Which is based in humility, service to others, love, dissolution of ego, etc. It goes without saying that the technology today is promoting the opposite of that. On social networks we are taught to build our ego or "profile" and market ourselves. To become as popular as possible, getting more virtual friends yadda yadda.This will translate to success in love, work, etc.The opposite of humility (which is a requirement in the sp. life) is pride, and these days pride is valued above all else. Pride tells us to never defer to anyone, get as much as you can, screw over anybody and everybody that gets in your way. (there is a healthy pride but I'm not talking about that)
Les, the link you made to the Verizon ad and the "prince of peace" is something popping up everywhere...look at the symbol of one of the pioneers in technology today...Apple. The symbol of the corporation is a bite taken out of the fruit of the tree of knowledge. The very same temptation that the story of the Garden gives us. This glorifies the action of us taking a bite from that fruit, we now know what God knows and therefore don't need Him anymore. The symbols are everywhere and I could go on with them, but google can help you with that :) And thank you to everybody here for just being so damn cool!

Greg Bacon said...

Mr. Visible, I'm not trying to be a 'blog hog,' but I'm posting something from my blog regarding the tremendous amount of stupidity here in America.
Stupidity leads to anger, then hatred, then murder of those the PTB have programmed us to hate.

"Mass Murder is OK, Just Don't Say GODDAMN!"

I live in the heart of the 'Bible Belt,' the Missouri Ozarks.

This past week, I joined with others in taking an eight-hour gun safety course that was needed if one decided to pursue a CCW--Concealed Carry Weapon permit.

During the breaks, the guys would usually get together near one vehicle and the ladies, near another. It was during one of these breaks that the conversation turned to the ME wars.

One dude stated, "I wish we'd gone into Iran when we were still in Iraq, and finished the job."

My reply: "Invade Iran on what basis? Using some of the same lies we were told about Iraq? Saddam had no WMD's; had nothing to do with 9/11 and he wasn't about to attack the United States."

Another replied: "I know for a fact that the Democrats (With these folks, it's either Democrats or those damned liberals that cause all our problems) sold Saddam 680 tons of Sarin nerve gas."

Me again: "That figure sounds way too high, but both Democrats and Republican administrations and Congress sold Saddam precursor agent used to make biological and chemical weapons, but none were found.
As for Congress, nearly all of that Goddamn crowd is corrupt..."

As soon as I said the dreaded G-word, the guy standing closest to me jumped as if he'd been hit by an electrical shock, clenched his fists and turned towards me, glaring hatred in his eyes. Thought for a second he was going to pop me in the mouth, but maybe he realized that action probably would've cost him his gun safety course certificate.

Another said: "I'm all for waterboarding those Muzzies. And if they don't talk, they should be shot on the spot."

Me: "I thought America was known as a Christian nation. Whatever happened to the 10 Commandments, especially the one that says "Thou Shalt Not Kill?" Has that been changed to read, "Thou Shalt Not Kill Christians, but it's OK to murder Muslims?"

After that reply, no one had a FOX News canned answer to reply with, so we drifted apart.

At the next break, when I tried to join in their little 'Glenn Beck Moronathon,' and made a comment, they all turned their backs to me. But I heard them still discussing those danged liberals and Democrats and one said:

"I don't know much about all of this, I just hope Sarah Palin's our next president."

They need to hang a sign on their back that says:


Ignorance is one thing, that can be cured. But Stupidity is terminal, especially when one clings to it like a drowning man does a tree branch.

Visible said...

Greg, it's always a pleasure and an honor to have you here. You shouldn't ever think otherwise. This section belongs to the reader and they can use it as often as they like.

Neko Kinoshita said...


I grew up in the Missouri Ozarks myself, and I understand what you were up against.

Lot of closed minds there. They are throughly invested in the "Left-Right" thing and there is great affection for "Kill them all, God will know his own" to be found there.

There are also a few awake individuals around, but then there are always a few, everywhere.

You can take the hillbilly out of the hills, but you can't take the hills out of the hillbilly.


the BCth said...

"This section belongs to the reader and they can use it as often as they like."

In that case, I'll post what I should have posted here to begin with but didn't because of some weird anxiety that my comment wouldn't make enough of a difference without your endorsement, Les.

"What can one million people together achieve? A lot. Like, say, shifting the entire course of our planet's future? If they believe in the possibility and put their minds to it, then yes.

"That's the idea behind the New Reality Transmission.

"I read about it on George Ure's daily Urban Survival report today and thought, man, this is exactly what we need. Imagine going through this apocalypse with the minimum amount of human suffering and the maximum amount of things like enlightenment, world peace, free energy, ecosphere restoration, and no more goddamned lies ever perpetrated upon humanity for the benefit of the selfish few at the expense of the rest, ever (until the next time we screw it all up and have to go through this again, haha, knock on wood)... manifesting in the shortest time possible. Doesn't that kind of sound... well... worth it? Worth a few minutes of your time each day for a few days?"

I hope this reaches whoever it needs to. Thanks again, Les.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

looked at your profile.

No Schubert?

Peter said...

Mr Visible,
Hot Springs Ark., from what I understand, was a mob resort back n the early to mid 20th century. Set up by big city gangsters . Bill Clinton's peeps come from there.(Google, "Owney Madden/Hot Springs, Arkansas") Contrary to his(Clinton's) claims of coming from Hope, Arkansas.
The organized crime links are palpable. On Chelsea clinton's 21st birthday Bill& Hill took her to the infamous speakeasy from prohibition era, the 21 Club. A kinda homecoming, a return to roots.

Mark said...


I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner.

About those stones, you might try ingesting epsom salt and olive oil. The epsom supposedly enlarges the duct through which the stones must pass, and the oil will smooth the way.

Good luck!

Visible said...


I have all that gallstone info and had already done it twice over the years. I just hadn't done it again and was in the middle of the situation at the time. I had been looking for another modality but it turns out that the one I had is the best. I now have state of the art pain meds and the method as well. I'm thinking I passed the stones and am waiting and doing a 3 month colon cleanse. If anything comes up I'll go right to the scenario.


Bryon said...

kudos to you!
last week i posted support for alex jones and i thot u would censor didn't, and i appreciate you so much; alex and jeff will censor, but u didn't...pretty cool


Visible said...


I have my own opinion about Alex Jones but it's not up to me to cancel him or the reader out. That's the job of the universe.

I try to let pretty much anything fly unless it becomes clearly apparent that someone is messing with me just to be doing it or a psychopath like Lukiftian whose game is manipulation through alternations of the kiss and the whip. It makes him feel like he's in control. There are a few others like that but its rare.

Anonymous said...

'Lot of crazy fundie bigots in that area...
wv: sescan - 'nuff said'
They are no different than the 'liberal parasites living off the state.' Both are just people being attacked and ticked into believing who it is thats after them. I spent a year in the Ozarks (as I know you did too) and loved it. I feel bad for them as I do for the folks in the projects I now commute over daily now in the urban sprawl. Not an excuse for his posts just sucks we have all allowed this to get to this point... mike

Odin's Raven said...

Those anticipating imminent drastic changes; and convinced that there is
a conflict in the heavens in which the bad guys who have controlled Earth for so long may be losing, might be interested in the work of ZS Livingstone, posted on the Educate-Yourself site.

His recent posting, says that the moon may disappear shortly.That should cause some astonishment!

Neko Kinoshita said...


There ARE a lot of Fundamentalists there. Baptist, Methodists, Presbyterians, and Springfield is the home of the Assemblies of God.

There are also a lot of Bigots. Whether they are looking a Skin Color, Religion, or even culture (Y’all ain’t from around here are ya’).

I didn’t just live there, I was born there. I’m the younger son of the town drunk, thank you very much. When I tried to run a consulting firm in my home town, the only clients I could get were “not from around here.”

On the other hand, some of the finest people I have ever known are from there also. Don’t read too much into that one remark, please.

Still hiding in the alley,

Unknown said...

Visible, I have been coming here off and on for some time now, It is refreshing to see someone putting in effort where I cant or wont. I have often shared the same thoughts but like others fail to articulate them as artistically as you do. (and it is an art)

I believe we will all find each other in the end. The true light warriors. The ones that get stuck in a rut and the advanced alike, b/c to learn you must make mistakes and we have all day everyday to do that, You just gotta get it right.

But what is right? (not in the sense of good and evil) Well to each it really is their own. Right is what is right for you. If our nation consisted of more than a couple hundred backbones a state we would not have fallen into these circumstances..

There will be no "shot heard round the world" b/c that guy will be another lone gunmen killed long before the cause can be determined for his/her/its actions.. the trap was wound and set long ago, and we blundered into it... now we must Gnaw off our own leg to save the whole..

It is time to stop paying taxes, to do so is to support this failed system. It is also time to support a mass impeachment. (if possible) throw all bums out even RON PAUL. Start anew

breathe... its all you ever really gotta do, and that is the answer to life. Just breathe.

What we do with that breath, makes all the difference in the world.

John C (UK) said...

Neko 1.40

Standing in front, because my cat is not blacker than your cat, and i like your style.

BTW, has anybody any thoughts about christoper hyatt before i get a book.

Love to all, i feel that we need it.

wv: endes - no shit

the BCth said...

anon 9:20 AM,

I adore Schubert's 8th. It's not an exhaustive list. :)

wv: halki. "Across" in Finnish. Weird.

theproco said...

America only business now is a military economy. The arms industry is all now that is left by a crumbling nation. The biggest killing machine in the world is bankrupt and god must put a stop to it or surely the 2nd dark age will be upon us all...

jimmy said...

Les, it sounds to me that you are doubting your importance in this grand scheme and are forgetting the inspiration and collectivism that your constant messages create. Do not forget that your articulate and heartfelt ramblings bring us solitude in these testing times. You speak the truth and shine a light for less-awakened beings like myself to follow. I for one appreciate all you do.

Chinese Sneaker$ said...

Yes-- the bonsai is "stunted". But i think that most would agree that the bonsai can also bring a great sense of beauty to the heart of the beholder. So stylishly stultified, as i like to say.

It's a paradox i wrestle with daily--or, should i say dually.

You're writing very well, indeed.


Geoffrey Finn said...

Yea well humanity is not bending nature out of shape. It's the frigging jews, the sons of Cain. It is to their advantage to promote ignorance. And these jews are most greedy. They are bloodthirsty killers, immoral, slothful, deceitful, etc.,etc. The verdict is in. The white race has lost the war. Hell what white race.

the BCth said...

Geoffrey Finn,

Must be nice to have such a conveniently black and white view. Enjoy wallowing in hate much?

the BCth said...

I don't know if my previous comment went through, since the word verification didn't show, but assuming it did...

Normally, I'm not one to instigate any kind of drama or use sarcasm the way I did. My comment was hasty and egotistical. I just felt like reacting to the toxicity. Guess I've been successfully trolled.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Monsanto and the Hellraiser Clan of the Damned.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Les,

you apologized for "harping on"...however, your harp is in tune. Keep playing. I was reflecting on another post you made regarding feelings of being a "loser". How many of us have struggled with similar feelings? Yet, what has life been teaching us? First you "lose" a comfortable, floating paradise within the womb. You gain some baby teeth, only to lose them. In time, you lose a favourite toy or cherished pet. One may go on to lose a sibling or parent and with it,the loss of trust. Eventually you go on to lose your virginity and perhaps the loss of some self respect in the quest to be approved by the opposite sex. You may lose your license to drive. I'm losing an insane amount of skin cells as I type. One may "lose" the single life to enter a partnership which in lose. You may start to lose hair, teeth, and the vim and the verve of younger days. Of the end, you lose it all. We're all "losers"...

Anonymous said...

Question: Should someone who lives paycheck to paycheck and has a very limited amount of cash, buy gold or silver with the little available cash they have? If so, WHY and if NOT, please explain. Thank you for your thoughtful, detailed responses.

Anonymous said...

On buying gold and silver --- it can't hurt to buy a little of each. I wouldn't go broke buying it, though. Maybe go for more silver since it is more affordable at the moment --- a little bit can go a long way. Just my two cents worth.

Anonymous said...

Les --

And for those with ears to hear -- gentile is the cognate for gentle -- as in gentlemen... And we all know how "gentle"men fare in war when the other side does not engage in the gentlemanly rules of engagement.

That is why the Druids forgave their warriors the normal rules of behavior -- for those with ears to hear they were given mer-cy, in exchange for with they said mer-ci.

They also offered mer-cy to the vanguished in exchange for a HEARTFELT mer-ci. If not they were killed... but we are so far from there it isn't even funny...


Anonymous said...

The Song of Amairgen the Druid

I am the wind that blows across the sea; I am the wave of the ocean;
I am the murmur of the billows; I am the bull of the seven combats;
I am the vulture on the rock; I am a ray of the sun; I am the fairest of flowers;
I am a wild boar in valor; I am a salmon in the pool; I am a lake on the plain;
I am the skill of the craftsman; I am a word of science;
I am the spearpoint that gives battle;
I am the God who creates in the head of man the fire of thought.
Who is it that enlightens the assembly upon the mountain, if not I?
Who tells the ages of the moon, if not I?
Who shows the place where the sun goes to rest, if not I?
Who is the God that fashions enchantments–
The enchantment of battle and the wind of change?

Amairgen was the first Druid to arrive in Ireland. Ellis states, “In this song Amairgen subsumes everything into his own being with a philosophic outlook that parallels the declaration of Krishna in the Hindu Bhagavad-Gita.” It also is quite similar in style and content to the more ancient Sri Rudra chant of the Yajur Veda.

-Peter Berresford Ellis

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece Les - and I understand how you feel.

Keep this quote in mind:
"Just as every dead soldier marks the eternal repetition of an error, so truth must eternally be repeated in a thousand forms."
- Herman Hesse

Soldier on Bro'.

Visible said...

There's a new Visible Origami up-

Separation and the Worlds of Differences and Unity.



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