Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Psychopathy of International Banker Scum

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One of the worst personal shortcomings a person can have is a lack of capacity to be embarrassed by their own behavior. Alex Jones is a classic example. When I heard what he said, I couldn’t believe it at first. It’s the sort of thing that only gets said by absolutely sold out hacks without conscience, principles or a brain. In Alex’s case it’s a form of career suicide. You can’t take something like that back and only a Tea Party supporter or a southern Baptist fundamentalist would believe it. I expect Alex Jones to be a Fox commentator in six months. He said that Hezbollah was training Mexican drug gangs. That’s laugh out loud funny.

I’m one of a small percentage of people who actually understands the mindset of Mexican gangsters. Their sense of humor alone would never permit something like this; much less their innate machismo. Somebody ordered Jones to say that because the bad guys are getting desperate. I’m not talking about Hezbollah because, in the scheme of things as they stand today, they are not bad guys and neither is Hamas. I’ve got a lot of respect for both groups, given that they walk the talk.

It’s a day by day thing as to when the world wakes up to the reality of the bankers. You can see the reality of their agenda being discussed in a wider format than before. People now know something about money printed out of thin air and then loaned out for the purpose of enslaving and impoverishing countries. I expect to see bankers getting offed shortly. I can only hope that those driven to such actions will direct their attention to the real rat shit operators like high end Goldman Sachs employees, hedge fund managers and people like David Rockefeller. Of course I’m not suggesting anyone go out and do this, I’m only saying if you can’t stop yourself from doing it, make it count.

Years ago I was in the paraphernalia business and I used to sell handmade smoking pipes made out of wood, seashells and semi-precious stones. You probably saw one of them back in the day because they were popular, unique and got around. I did trade shows and also craft shows in large malls. I was at a high end New Jersey mall on the day Nelson Rockefeller died with his metal rod supported penis buried in Megan Marshak. I promptly went out to a greensward by a turnoff to the freeway and did a little dance while singing, “Ding dong the witch is dead”. Then I went back to my booth and put a folded card on the display table that said something about how glad I was that that sonofabitch was in Hell.

People got outraged by it and a couple of guys wanted to kick my ass, which I wasn’t too concerned about because I like to spar with amateurs. I’m not like that anymore but I used to take a lot of enjoyment from going up against self styled hard guys who lose their cool in combat and like to throw roundhouse haymakers like that was an effective weapon; for me, yeah (grin). I had the respect of a lot of Hawaiian mokes and it doesn’t get better than that. At this time I had yet to go to Hawaii. But this is about how intensely I disliked the Rockefellers and this was even before I knew what I came to know about them. I just knew they were big time scum and remembered well how Nelson was received on his tour of South America. I also was aware of Chase Manhattan’s policy of foreclosing on the mortgages of war widows. It was something of a specialty of theirs.

It’s said that The Rothschild’s set a table for Satan when they sit down to eat. Lately certain Rothschild’s have said some interesting things. One of them was bragging about how many mistresses he has and how he would never run for political office when he can control the ones who are in them. You’ve basically got one of them admitting to what they are routinely accused of. They got no shame either. It’s hard to have compassion for someone who has no shame and no restraint in the areas where most of us do. You could eliminate a lot of the things that we collectively call evil and perhaps not make as much of an impact on the world as you might think but... eliminating the international banking population would certainly transform the world. No group of people has more to do with the day to day suffering of the world than they.

Of course the Rothschild’s have one of those purchased titles that rich people like to have. It makes then think they are distinguished. Whenever I see that an actor or any other celebrity has accepted a title I lose all respect for them. There’s no chance I’m ever going to be presented to the Queen of England or any other royalty because I have no respect for them and I would be compelled to let them know that in some way. When I see any member of any royal family, I think to myself how nice they would look standing next to a guillotine; not that I would ever be engaged in bringing them to such a pass but... just for the image and the appearance of the matter, I do occasionally envision such things.

I hope ‘when’ people really start to lose it they will keep Monsanto in mind and all the other consortiums that are making a less than subtle war upon the human race, which they are not members of but then... neither are a lot of people. Many people have opted out for the domesticated animal kingdom. That may be understandable for an animal but not for one whom, at one time, had the pretensions of being human before it became too damn difficult a feat to spend any time on. It’s not easy being a human being in these days. You lose a lot of opportunities that others snatch up instead. You have difficult choices forced upon you and certain responsibilities that carry a great deal of seeming danger.

I’d never be comfortable living a life of privilege. I would then think I was in greater danger than I ever am in real life. I marvel at people who can walk about in an aura of self importance and accept titles and wear them with a straight face. The only people impressed by that sort of thing are not the kind of people they want to hang out with. I wonder what it must be like to have to recognize that your biggest fans, all your fans in fact, are composed of the most ignorant people on Earth.

I’ve read about the lifestyles and character of the aristocrats during the period preceding the French Revolution. They were a lot like our modern day banking and corporate elite. Some of them had dozens of young boys around, all made up with wigs and cosmetics. I suppose some of them had young girls too but there were fewer of those for some reason. France is a mining country for young girls. Hundreds of them disappear on a regular basis. They’re candies and party mints for the upscale connoisseur in all lands, as are young boys. There’s something about defiling innocence that makes these cosmic felons get extra hard. The destruction of innocence is a mainstay of Satanism. It comes with the territory.

There’s got to be some kind of a sexual charge to mass murder also because a lot of these people are into it big time. They laugh about it among themselves. Some of them kill more people with a fountain pen than any famous serial killer ever managed. That’s probably one of the most deadly weapons on Earth. Three piece suits are the uniforms of these killers and if you’ve been around these people, as I have on certain rare occasions, you can smell the death on them and see the murder in their eyes. They are immensely angry under the patina of bonhomie and the only thing that gives them as much pleasure as ruining the lives of generic humanity is double crossing and destroying each other. They laugh about this too and it doesn’t dawn on some number of them that they are next.

Very soon we are going to see a lot of them throwing each other under busses. Very soon we are going to see a lot of surprising things because what’s coming is not going to be what a lot of people imagine it will be. All of it is under control and part of a repeating theme that comes around every so often. The masks are going to come off to reveal the entity beneath.

This is a time of summing up and of judgment. Some very nasty characters have been pushed out of the invisible dimensions into physical form by the approaching avatar. In some cases they were born into it and in other cases, as a matter of necessity, they have hijacked susceptible people and are using their bodies like stolen cars. Some of these entities can migrate from body to body like that character in the movie, “Fallen”. Their time is coming. All of our times are coming for good and for ill. It’s something we need to be mindful of.

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Anonymous said...

A powerful piece tonight Les. One of your best Petri specials in my opinion.

You rock!


Anonymous said...

What an absolutely fantastic song! You are a true renaissance man. I think I like Down the Roads as much as anything you have ever done but it might be because I just heard it for the first time. This is not to take away from your ever so subtle post that I enjoyed immensely simply because I think I got it, grin.

Mark said...

I have two dogs, a Jack Russell/Pekinese mix and a larger dog whose breed I am not sure of. They both get embarrassed whenever they screw up, and so do I. And yet, most people do not.

Frank Herbert wrote the Dune series, six books of, I guess you would call sci-fi, but they are really about power and politics. I am truly indebted to Herbert, who, by the way, is Jewish…for writing these books, which I have read maybe ten times. I have read many other books, but I return to these as comfort food.

Today, it is really very hard to find anything worth reading in a library, as “Friends of the Library,” our present-day firemen out of Farenheit 451, have seen to so thoroughly.

DaveS said...

Les, and the rest,

Cloudy and overcast is the weather outside my perch high in the Rockies and, despite the gray skies outside, I feel like singing...

The Great Cosmic Force has slipped the ride into gear and I can feel Our Time easing out of the driveway and headed to work. Giant propeller blades like those on the wind-power generators in Buffalo, NY (or Calif, or anywhere those big monster reside) are beginning to turn with force... giant cesspools, hovering above are overflowing their containers and leaking effluent upon the spinning arms of these magic wind-machines and slime is flinging everywhere.

This is the proverbial 'shit hitting the fan' on the scale folks discuss on the Thunderbolts forum. A galactic-scale fecal fountain spewing like Old Glory... bring a lot of toilet paper – at least a moon's worth.

Times are a changin' and I'm ready to welcome this with open arms. Yeah, it's gonna be like giving a big hug to a beautiful companion who has just been smashed-up in a horrible head-on car crash... but once we clean the lady up, she's gonna be lookin' good, and she'll have a new lease on life. Oops, sorry, that's just my personal, heterosexual male POV... your 'lady' might be RuPaul or some stud from the big screen, or a PVC 'friend' with a mouth like a big 'O' and a head full of your breath... it don't matter... you're gonna be walking-off into the sunset holding hands with magic!

There are as many universes as there are lifeforms – an exit from this one only means a wake-up in another. Energy's form may change but it doesn't stop, it just continues on thru time; causing a rock to fall here, an arm to lift there, but always continuing on thru time and space until?

In the days ahead you may not be able to change your location, but you can always change your mind. Remember this.


wv: bastri... A collective of assholes that includes at least one female member. They were a bunch of regular bastards until Ms Clinton walked thru the door... those bastri really know how to ruin a nice earth.

Anonymous said...

top quality of the finest to you people out there,,mr visibles has written another one,the surgical removal of what makes a bankster stink.

thankyou mr visibles ..neil..

Anonymous said...

Very few people in this world are bona fide.

Hezbollah (and les) is one of them.

Visible said...

Here are some books worth reading;

The Monkey Wrench Gang
Blood Meridian
Lonesome Dove
Jack of Shadows

Just a few off the top of my head. I don't mention the Lord of the Rings which I've read about 15 times but I could

Anonymous said...

indoctored authoritarian
sacrificer genasidals
dominating projecting
warmonger false idols
death cult enterprisers
of pig tongue greed
by the pen order death
starving innocent sheep
but universal harmonising
scented breeze brush
touch tips of frequency
rainbow swift rush
crush lies with truths
that bloom everlasting
flow from the center
through all lies unmasking
living light weaves
the moment in raise
grains of life
sprinkled peace waves.


Django said...

Hi Les,
It's amazing to me that those with the intelligence and wherewithal to set about and get so far in the desire to control everything can, at the same time, be so stupidly blinded as to bring down upon themselves what seems inevitable now.
I think of myself as a non violent person in outlook and practice, but I have a weak streak that feels bloodthirsty and these people are doing nothing but generating more and more enmity that will certainly bite them in the ass at some point.
They have pulled off an impressive, though not fully realized feat, that demonstrates for the rest of us the potency of what we can do together.
Sadly, as is so often noted, most are very actively resisting being part of the counterpart to the efforts of these psychos. Those around me are like abused children screaming to be returned to their abusive parents because that's all they know. And more than that, our brains have been literally changed/retarded in their development by living in the world that these people have created. Or maybe they have just held it in place, while the rest of us might have moved on to something better by now.
Whatever happens, they gotta go. And we can take some comfort that, by being big enough assholes to keep the pry bar at the eyelids of the world, they are
doing a lot of that work for us.
Thanks for helping to keep mine open.
Best to you,

kikz said...

i read somewhere last wk or so...
the IRA has declared open season on the banks/bankers.

i guess, we shall see.

Mark said...

If you want to read an excellent and entertaining book on post-apocalyptic America, it would be the Assassin series by Robert Ferrigno. I have only read Lord of the rings five or six times, but I did watch the botched movie version again last night.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's some lesser evil on the other side of the world, but still worth noting.

Terrance said...

Hello Les....your words never cease to amaze me...bravo to you my friend...In my own little world I try to stay positive, however the lies and deceptions from our so called leaders and giants of industry are sickening. Will we really overcome this on slot of evil? I get depressed!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately not many people read books nowadays. Video is the name of the new game.

Some of you might enjoy the following video, even if you don't agree with everything in it:

How Nations Die!

bholanath said...

"...using their bodies like stolen cars..." (big grin)

Certain human-imposters "standing next to a guillotine" a sacred tableau painting from some great Hindu story - to me.
Overall, a hilarious post, sir.

Les, have you watched "South of the Border"?
Also hilarious. Love the part where Chavez throws down a baggie of coca for Oliver Stone. Amazing that all the countries covered in the film had 90% of the media like Fux-style, yet all those real human beings keep on winning elections. WTF is wrong with amerika? Never mind, forget I asked...
onelove, bro

'saffier' - how I feel after my groping

nina said...

How does one thank you for lifting our perspectives higher? I love your way with words.

nina said...

DaveS, may your companion heal swiftly! I send a big "get well soon" message to her. BTW, she will heal faster if someone else handles the degrading, gruesome bureaucratic part, that should be handled by you if at all possible. Then get out of dealing with them as quickly as you can. They are trained to grind you down and drag it out.

Best wishes, nina

Visible said...

Wow! Nina and Bholanath at the same time. Bho, I never even heard of that film. I will get it right away.

Nina... I don't have a way with words... the divine does. I've got nothing personally and that is the sincere truth. Catch the radio show tonight because I go into that.

Glad to hear from you two because you are emblematic of why I do this.

Odin's Raven said...

Thise interested in the post by Anonymous at 9:37 How Nations Die might also like the post on Ethnic Religion at

DaveS said...


Thank you for your kind words... I was attempting to be metaphorical. My lady love is healthy and in the next room making some magic happen for some lucky soul right now. I guess I needed to make that clearer :)

Our collective 'experience' has been thru the ringer, but under the surface, beautiful magic continues to happen, and it will heal even the outrages we are witness to in these times.

Wash the blood off your soul – physician, heal thyself!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe the incredible bullshit that the FBI tries to pass of as terrorism. We were just recently saved from a vicious 19 year old terrorist who tried to bomb a Christmas tree-lighting ceremony in Portland Oregon. Yeah man, the patsy err terrorist was arrested after he tried to set of a dummy bomb THAT WAS PUT TOGETHER BY THE FBI. I know this country is full of abject ignorance but it seems they can't find creditable terrorists anywhere. They spent tens of millions building up the persona of Bin Laden. It's way past time to drag his sorry dead ass out for another round of fireworks. Or is there some force which won't allow it. We are dealing with diabolical psychopaths, what gives.

You say they laugh among themselves about mass murder. How could you say such a thing. As an example isn't the federal government doing everything in its power to mitigate the disaster in the Gulf. We have been told it was safe to eat the shrimp and swim in the water. All those people who are dying from internal hemorrhaging have psychological problems. These things are just mother nature's way of getting the world population down to that magic 500 mil.

Wars help too, that's why they are trying to start some shit with North Korea and maybe drag China in for good measure. Who knows, we light up the Korean peninsula and it might tempt blood thirsty Iran to launch one of the nukes they don't have into an American city. Yep then we along with our bestest friend Israel can declare war on half the world. Then all you young people, your uncle sam needs you, drop those video games, stop stuffing your face at McDonalds, take this here rifle and fight and die for your freedom. (wasn't that in some song)

Well Les you are always an inspiration and lately I'm always sarcastic. Well take care and stay out of the airports. I heard they use dirty gloves when groping.


Visible said...

Was that sarcasm? Gee, thanks for letting me know because I'm a really serious dude (grin).

Visible said...

Hi Mark;

Jack Russell's are amazing. My friend had one and he used to throw a ten kilo stone into a pond and that dog was so crazy he would go in there and actually drag the stone out. I'd never seen anything like that before. You really had to be there. People, listen to the radio show tonight.

nina said...

Dave I am so glad to hear you were being metaphorical! Thanks for your reply.

Vizzy, I genuinely hope I did not embarrass you.

Yes, I frequently come across the type of mortifyingly frothy personality you mentioned and they are completely unable to see beyond whatever spittle leaks from their lips. I used to feel bad cutting them off to get away, but once I realized they cannot see anyone else but themselves, it was okay to scram.

I like bho very much, what a keeper, huh? Thank you honeyboy for being the catalyst.

smile (y) edna said...

More books:

The Fool's Progress
The Quiet American
The Power and the Glory
You Can't Win

Awesome piece today, Les. And peace, too, in some darkly murdersome vein. Oh, I wish it would just COME!

o agony, this quickening
hurry hurry
faster now

I love you, Les, in the best possible meaning and intent of the word.


Greg Bacon said...

He said that Hezbollah was training Mexican drug gangs. That’s laugh out loud funny

Alex Jones and the ones that pay him to be a disinfo agent, pretending to look for the truth, are getting nervous.

Day by day, more truth is coming out about 9/11 and people are tired of going in debt and sending their kids off to fight and die in the 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel' campaign.

Damned Internet, getting the actual 'Fair and Balanced" facts out to thinking people.

TPTB are getting nervous and scared that 'We the People' know longer care whether or not Paris Hilton's wearing undies or who's won last night's 'Big Game.'

They won't take this lightly, so get ready for some heavy shit to hit the fan.

Howard T Lewis said...

Nice piece. I have a problem I need some help on. In numerous Comment Columns, I have posted FACTS KNOWN for over 40 years by myself AND hundreds if not thousands of others. This info surrounds the sprayed on and otherwise applied explosives put in the WTCs I, II, and 7 as well as the Chicago Sears Tower during their construction. It is silly to waste time trying to figure out how the necessary direct application may have been done with finished walls, floors and ceilings and furniture in place. The job was done during the time of initial construction. We need other participants in this insane project to come forward, since all relevant records were purged before 9-11 was undertaken. Somebody would have found these records within minutes of detonation or warned the firemen and police and workers. Right Giuliani, YOU STALE SICK PIECE OF SHIT!! WHAT DID YOUR BOSSES PROMISE YOU? WAS IT ENOUGH?
I have lost a lot of humility being the only individual who has come forward with this true recount of what was done. But I am no one's Jesus Christ.Just a worker, and I just hate PIGS. I thought my brothers in the trades were brothers and not traitorous cowards. I don't believe they all knew what they were spraying on as "primer" since they had never before or since knowingly done anything so whack. But people up the ladder knew. I knew, and I was clear across the country. The fact was published only in mentioning, and logically, within 2 years, the procedure was soon stopped. Along with the construction of all 1000 foot tall buildings in the U.S..
To compliment your truthful article of the disdain for humanity the royals have for us all, you should know the WTC 9-11, GOM mess and ARM real estate-robo-repo home mess and others along these lines are being done by the same corporate entity loyal to the English Crown-U.N.-Rothchild banker alliance with our own corrupted government. Not ALL of the government. Just the CFR pigs and wannabees. We need more people to come forward. They have hidden long enough and they have a family honor to restore. And a U.S.A. to save.
Signed, Howard T. Lewis III

Anonymous said...


Read the whole Lonesome Dove series, helluva recommendation. I wouldn't recommend McMutry's recent works though
They must have brought him inline as they see it.

Anonymous said...

You are almost to the point of writing about strategies we need to talk about...finally.

Even if one works as a personal chef, assistant, body guard, limo driver...getting close to a prime mark & doing the deed/getting away clean is challenging.

"They" leave their homes (in gated communities) riding back of bullet proof cars, enter their offices via secure entrances. The elevators and fire escapes can all be locked down with turn of a key.

Consider the snipers on rooftops, dog team handlers...obese idiots watching monitors while stuffing their face all day and along comes Ms. lone wolf.

She knows 90% chance the mark will be coming down "J" Street between 5:14pm-5:36pm, accompanied by two body guards and the unarmed driver.

Stopped at a stop light, waiting to merge unto the on ramp of the freeway when CRASH! Lone wolf drives a "borrowed" deuce&half truck smack into the armored car. The windows are knocked out of the mark's ride and lone wolf opens up with her throwaway AK47.

Tally- driver, 2 bg's and the mark are eviscerated. LW jumps on the motorcycle in back of the truck and rides off and onto a small ramp, into a white van.

Police helicopters are looking for a helmeted motorcycle rider with an AK47 slung over "his" shoulder, while LW drives off into the sunset.

Witnesses and security cameras describe a nondescript "man" in a white helmet and black gloves...a BOLO goes out county, then state, then nationwide.

LW gets home to her trailer home, turns on the TV and watches the city placed on lockdown.

Napolitano vows to get the terrorist. Joo's go wild creating a new Protocol of zioBolshevikism and adding 4 new holohoax useeums tax payer funded.

Repeat as needed...nxt wk we'll talk about how to kidnap the guard at the gated community and frag the mark at the entrance, eh?

Anonymous said...

Howard T Lewis said they sprayed the WT walls with explosive material during construction.

I've read that same thing on several occasions. I put it in the same class with they used mini nukes to bring the towers down. Didn't happen. When you watch the towers go you can see them going down in stages. Just like that fireman said bang bang bang bang floor by floor all the way down. Those weird stories are put out to confuse the issue, cause descention. In the final analysis we shouldn't care what method was used to bring them down. As anyone with a shred of intelligence can ascertain it was some kind of a controlled demolition. That means preplanted explosives and an inside job.



Anonymous said...

Greetings Les,

jones said that? "hezbollah is training...." Yeah but, they're most likely reading from The Germanic Death Cult Manual of Cross-Cultural Relations and How To Exploit Them.

Alex? don't go away mad. Just FUCK OFF!

Good books? Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway.
I was going to quit smoking until I read that one. I then passed it on to a friend, who, unbeknownst to me...was suicidal.

Live and learn!
: )

Anonymous said...

that they are their own worse enemy (worse than I am mine , at least I question) . that there is a univerasal balancing force, maybe just human or for generally neuologically endowed life, or maybe at a physical level (quantum physics, entanglement, probabalistically deterministic) , I do not doubt some balancing act. maybe I dont need to know how, just having faith that there must be a better way, or a way to make these worst ways go away., I dunno. its all guessing, maybe its genetics, meaning that a tribe full of psychos would not last long, evolution weeded out the most destructive elements , elements that arose from the amazing reaches and possibilities of the human mind (over and above the guarantees of the day to day survivalist animal kingdom). 90% of our mental capacity has evolved to detect the lying capacity of the 5% of our minds that discovered, immediately following the ability to be 'conscious, the ability to lie (ie it takes 10 times truth outing capacity to out the lying capacity), closely related to the ability through art and stories, to also tell the truth. and entertain beyond the humdrum of daily existence.
so is this 'control' benevolence factor a genetic ability to preserve sanity in the 'natural' environment, or something we just dont understand,even good custodial aliens. (call it God or devine until you understand it)
just a few (drunken) thoughts coming out into this ether.

les, in an industrial age, you would be powering along the locomotive. the engineers would be saying, " but shes going like the clappers, but nobody is stoking the ovens, what gives".

magic, and it is divine, which is why the pap is so crap by comparison.

I'mma dancing to a different tune perhaps, but marching to the same beat methinks

.. pierre.

Anonymous said...

Lord of the Barnyard, by Tristan Egolf. One of the best books I've ever read.

Anonymous said...

Been on this journey with you and the posse for over 5 years. "Times they are a changin... so gather round"

Whether this is too off topic I will leave to the viewers' discretion. Set back and be enlightened:

Stefan Verstappen said...

Hi les

I think you would like my video on psychopaths since we seem to agree on their toxic influence in our society.

Part 1 of 3 here:

Anonymous said...

Well, I'll have to talk with Greg Bacon about this, because until very recently, I didn't know this blog existed. However, I am very glad I found it and will grab your rss feed. Thanks for the work you do and have done.
You are welcome to peruse my place, if you see fit.
Take care.
My latest:

Odin's Raven said...

Here's some more bad economic news.

Anonymous said...

peace,great all
land and sky
all around us
shinning life
rising up
living flame
practice free
like bird and bee
on swirling light
touching heart
of trauma'd fright
calm the waves
of korean nerves
north and south
on light tipped birds
in change and turns
float through dreams
with higher essence
universal beams
stream through life
chasing river
clear the passage
flow through liver
touching grace
eternal flow
open heart
rise and grow.


Anonymous said...

through north and south
on high winds blow
mighty essence
of loving flow
growing strong
connecting light
climbing liver
shinning bright
shine of sun
touching waves
love in raise
the ray of living
projecting through
calm the east
living truth.


Anonymous said...

inner light
earthen walker
fire wind
streaming water
river race
rising high
peace on earth
star and sky
where bird fly
and thunder charges
in advances
lightning bird
swirling breeze
brush the flowers
tip the tree's


Anonymous said...

Hi Visible,

The book you mentioned last night "Practicing the Presence of God"
Would you be able to give the name of the author. There are many books with that title and I'm trying to purchase it.
Love what you are and do. debbie.

Frog said...

Don't know if it matters to anyone, but Frank Herbert was probably not Jewish as a prior poster states (Mark).
He was born Catholic (probably Irish, his parents were Eileen and Patrick, his son Brian. Later he considered Eastern thought; Zen Buddhism.
As always, thanks Les for the words you share.

Visible said...

It is by Brother Lawrence and might be called The Practice of the Presence of God or some such. You will find him by his name.

Anonymous said...

That really is the most important question Les: If there are super-uber-terrorists capable of anything, why haven't they taken out the gang of Zio-cons? Well, before we proclaim that there are no said terrorists and it was all an inside job, so shut up... let's consider something else.

We can all agree that no such terrorists are outsmarting the entire intelligence / military community and bringing down buildings in NYC, but don't the Zio-cons have numerous enemies, some of which are elite members of said intelligence / military community? I mean, with all the different types of tech capable of ending a mammal's life, not one highly trained individual has gotten to at least one of the Zio-con Tribe? And how about the many millions who are slightly unbalanced due to being severely f-ed by this Tribe? I mean, are these crazies still not capable of strapping something on to their bodies and running to embrace at least a high level banker from Goldmans? I mean, obviously there are still angry Arab people wanting to seek revenge, as well as many very highly trained guys with the tech, as well as a growing number of formally middle class pussies who have finally had enough, and STILL NO TRIBAL FATALITIES?

It doesn't equate, unless we view the Zio-cons as not quite human. Sure, their level of psychopathic possession disqualifies them from being human, but I'm talking about the walking, talking meat puppets that go out in public and interact with the World as "our leaders". If you accept that human cloning (as well as "cyborg" manufacturing) is well advanced, then high-level members of the Tribe would have a small team of body doubles and/or clones, and/or replicants and/or synthetics taking their mundane public roles over. This, in my mind, is the case with people like Hillary and Dick and George etc. They are somewhere underground feasting on children and evoking Evil with their occult rituals, while their puppets are driving in limos and attending Congress.

And yes, the puppets must obviously get whacked fairly frequently, and many would-be assassins have been undoubtedly perplexed just prior to their Satanic executions. I think the Ronald Reagan assassination is a good example, although the ultimate perp was Bushwhack Senior, who got foiled by some other team replacing Ronnie within a couple of weeks and carrying on. Poor Bushie had to wait a few more years.

I would think some Secret Service men of past have some fascinating stories to tell, although I would assume that their modern counterparts are not quite real. And why not? Total control and no need to pay them. No loose lips, no crazy ex-wives, no need for vacations, no ethics or morality to struggle with, no benefits or pensions. Even if they cost 5 million a head and only lasted 2-3 years, that's a small price to pay to keep the lid on one of the best kept secrets of the last 40 years: Clones and Synthetic Beings.

Ponder that. Doesn't it explain much of the strangeness? So, be careful if you get all pumped up and notice that a famous Tribesman seems unprotected in their daily routine. There is no honor or point in bagging a puppet, is there? And even if the puppet was whacked publicly on TV and in an obvious fashion (blown to pieces), then another bastard's puppet would simply replace it in the media and World stage. Which is why Les, your glee at Rockefeller's downfall years ago might have been premature, although let's hope not.


Anonymous said...

Yeap, found it.
Thank you!
You mentioned a novel in December.
Will you be able to sell your novel and your music then? or are they available now?

Visible said...

Some time around Christmas I should be very close

Erik said...

Hi Les,

Thanks for pointing us to Brother Lawrence's "The Practice Of The Presence Of God"... what beautiful simplicity!


Anonymous said...

This is an article tracing the different strands which have been slowly put in place as steps toward the goals of the ptb.

“ It's not that the banks were too big to fail, rather the bankers were too politically powerful to fail.
"It would be a major mistake to think of those last two [NOLA, Gulf]as bungled operations. They were exercises in collapse management of a certain kind, to be applied to certain populations”

This one has some details not often mentioned.

Anonymous said...

"God appears, and God is light,
To those poor souls who dwell in night;
But does a human form display,
To those who dwell in realms of day"
-William Blake

Anonymous said...


Just to back you up on the Mexico deal I though I would toss this out so people could read it and know that it has been known for some time that other NATIONS have been training troops in Mexico.

Visible said...

well, of course there is the School of the Americas and other things but Hezbollah? I don't think so.

long john said...

To: Debbie (and Erik)

Regarding the book "The Practice Of The Presence Of God" by Brother Lawrence...

You do not need to purchase the book, as it is free and available online to read and/or print-out.

i had posted this previously, but here again is a direct link to the booklet:

The Practice Of The Presence Of God -- by Brother Lawrence

and here is the main home page of the site:

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Stick a fork in Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, they're Done.

ravenise said...

Hahahah:) Wow, thank you Visible... what a great read:) I only read past the first paragraph today. I was wondering where the heck all those positive vibes were coming from last night, but I was distracted and didn't put as much attention to them as I should have. You know, I found it very telling how caught up these guys are in the temporal world when Rothschild said something to the effect that they plan 500 years in the future politically... and "WHAT DID YOU DO TODAY?! STOP WINING!"

Hey James... I was killing Time.

And on that note...

Floater - Wake - Enough

Stay down don't get up.
Someone out there might open fire.
Some little liar who's shouting that it's all clear.

So just crawl around, safe and sound. There will never be enough protection.

You gotta hold tight, keep it all.
These walls are much to small for all this.

You gotta keep a tight fist.
You've gotta take it from here.
Until something behind you finally reminds you.

There will never be enough money.

Rolling over reason, turning wrong into right.

But the more you have the more you need and there's no end in sight.

The world used to be blinded, bathed in shimmering light
But the more you have the more you need and you are blinded by and by, all you buy and buy

And you're never going to see the world the same again.

You gotta take some God, pray to drugs, sex and cigarettes new cars and cocaine.

All these dials for turning down your pain.

But you still feel something chewing on your brain

It's the same again. It's never enough.

Anonymous said...

Although your world wonders me,
With your majestic and superior cackling hen
Your people I do not understand,
So to you I shall put an end
And you'll
Never hear
Surf music again

Oh, secret

-Jimi Hendrix

Howard T Lewis said...

Me again. Fud speaks of that of which he knows nothing or he is lying for a contemptable reason.
It was published long ago that demolition systems were installed in the WTC's I, II and 7 as well as the Chicago Sears tower because of insurance risk and this was the agreement amongst the project's controllers. WTC 6 did not exceed 50 stories so it was not thus set up. Charges were placed there for some other reason. As were the numerous car and truck bombs that were going off. Fed statute, Port Authority statutes, etc. dictated the explosives be installed. The NYC and New Jersey Port Authorities signed off on it and sat back and waited. The builders took the money and ran just like they did for the Alaska pipe-line and the Deepwater Horizon well in the GOM. Even more bizarre,there were commercial nukes installed in the basements to displace the below level material to accomodate the soon to arrive above ground construction. This can not and will not successfully be denied. As the Sihks of Punjab say, "Sri T'kal." "Truth is Eternal". Such be the case here.
Fud should shut up and sit down. This is serious business and a lot of concientious builders sucked on the devil for big money and got burned. They screwed up big-time. Many of the top participants returned for a second and third helping and picked up billions in insurance money. Silverstein knew. To quote the lying little maggot, "Pull it".
And like I said in my post earlier at this site, these in-the-know-builders-club members have family honors to restore and a United States of America constitutional government to help take back from the pigs. And they better lay off the sauce and get ON IT.
Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth are dragging their feet, but improving a bit. Fear or corruption or both. I'm tired of their shrinking-violet bullshit.



Joseph Brenner

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