Monday, July 30, 2012

Killing Jesus for a Bowl of Goat's Foot Soup

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A couple of introductory quotes from the timeless zone; “the love of money is the root of all evil”, and “follow the money”. Every darkness imaginable on the planet at this moment can be proven by the one or traced by the other and who is at the heart of the matter at the moment and times past? The Central Banks are. All economic depressions, all wars, the roots of criminal enterprise on a grand scale, or a small scale, come out of policies initiated by bankers. The former are financed for the purpose of laundering operations and the latter are caused by economic hardship and adversity placed upon those who cannot make an honest living. When dishonesty is the operative philosophy at the top, it matriculates downward into the population. It's simple math, however you work the numbers.

Every time the news becomes so banal that it is channeling pure anal, you can be sure that the corporate suits have got some bitches brew to serve up to the public. They have a big commercial kitchen, so there are certainly at least two or 3 Wolf or Viking gas stoves, with any number of pots simmering in preparation, for whatever selection finally gets made and you can expect the usual training exercises, simulating whatever happens, taking place at the same time. It's hard to know who's who and what's what. You can get into the details, if you can get the details, or... who knows? There are so many versions and variations on a theme.

Where does this 'sign the card' happy birthday for Obama come from? I don't want to know but I will find out by delayed reaction, in a way similar to porpoise fucking the scorpion beasts that are already, frenetically humping the mountains of the moon. In other words, by ways mysterious to the minds of men who are not also so engaged. I got your 99% right here; “shakin it here, Boss”. It must be so that some of us are employed in being the force behind the eyes of Billy Bob Thornton, playing the president of the United States. The reptile brain is in full ascendance. Leverage acts as leverage, until it is over leveraged and the lever transforms into a chute. Pressure generates power by compression, until the pressure becomes so great that it destroys the machinery producing the power.

The stock market, the currency, the collective progress of a society, continue so long as the level of confidence in any of them exceeds the doubt that rejects their value and importance. Nothing is actually real except to the degree that people believe in it. As soon as the greater mass of people cease to believe in it, it is no longer real. It is like the vested authority of the political spectrum. As Lao Tzu said long ago. “A leader is best when people are barely aware that he exists. It is worse when they love and admire him, even worse when they fear and hate him and the final stage is when they ridicule and laugh at him”. That's all paraphrasing but the point is made.

I have run out of things to say. I have run out of creative variations to say the same things from another perspective. I have run out of new and ever more amplified hyperbole, to define and describe the absurdity of these times. The fools and fiends employed in raising Hell on Earth are incapable of regulating or stopping themselves. Truly, as Nietzsche said, “Those whom the god's would destroy they first make mad”. Even though there is no precedence for success in what they are seeking to do, they soldier on into the abyss. The one's at the top of the criminal pyramid, who deny that they are at the top of the criminal pyramid ...but who are observably at the top of the criminal pyramid, build with their own hands the gibbets they will hang from.

For a long time now, they have been in engaged in a public relations game of playing the victimized, while enslaving and killing tens of millions. The tide of public opinion is shifting and all their artifice is becoming of no avail. Soon enough the red eyed mob is going to come after them and soon enough, the truth of all their evil activities, is going to be revealed in the bold sunlight of midday and there will be no argument, or defense they can muster. They will become the most accursed and hunted of creatures. Whatever mercy might attend some possibility of epiphany is fast running out. They will pull and push with a vengeance, until they are dragged and pulled after by the force of their own excess.

They've been called out by avatars and the great and courageous minds of the centuries and they have been allowed to prosper at the expense of everyone else, because that is the nature of times of darkness, in respect of the servants of darkness. When light breaks and awakening and awareness rise in concert, all that was dark and hidden is revealed and the genie will not go back into the bottle.

So, where am I going with this point, in this post I had no real intention of writing today; given that I have been considering a moratorium of this kind of thing, until the demented clowns, orchestrating their own destruction, get to that critical denouement? I'm getting into the predictable and inescapable madness that attends the deepest and darkest mania of them all; religious insanity. There are two kinds of religious insanity. There is the fanatical insanity of the worship of the material God; the one who has usurped the natural province of the sublime, higher mind of natural aspiration, toward the greater awareness of transcendent liberty and there is the worship of the currency of the material plane, for the purpose of an exclusionary state, at the expense of one's fellows. This crazy and inflamed state, born of self interest, is radiated outward, from the captive planes of consciousness, by the disembodied residents of the lower astral plane. They are being swept out into the minds and bodies of those who have given up their own sovereignty, in exchange for temporary license and the exercise of ever increasingly profane appetites ...and like the contagion of a plague, this viral parasite has found ever more welcome lodging, in the minds of the greater public, until it is universally accepted as the right and preferred state of being.

So... most especially in the logarithmically expanding decadence of the United States, this condition is reaching out into every nation, where similar conditions are festering into savage outbreak; both random and calculated acts of violence, against family, friends and strangers; kidnappings and torture, bodies by the road side, epidemic highway accidents, where as many as 20 people die at at a time, vans filled with passengers exploding into flaming infernos, public shootings in shopping areas, the indiscriminate murder of individuals under the plastic button eyes of Mickey Mouse, blowing away teenage boys exiting their vehicles. Every day there are a half a dozen or a dozen more and all the unseen killings taking place across the land.

People are going to jail for catching rainwater. Hot dog stands and lemonade stands are resulting in the arrests of children. Children are being tased and shot down by the police. They're being buggered and raped by public officials. You can't grow your own food or milk your own cows. There are cameras everywhere but you can't use your own. The supreme court said that corporations are people. Mitt Romney sucked the devil's flaming cock below The Fellatio Wall in Jerusalem; swallow or spit, Mitt? He killed Jesus for a bowl of Goat's foot soup. The fundies are screaming for Jesus to come back. They've got a hammer in one hand and a fistful of nails in the other. Jesus better watch his ass.

Yeat's “Second Coming”, appears more prophetic and profound with every passing day. Things definitely fall apart and the center cannot hold. Holy flaming platypus shit! It is literally unfreaking believable. Every single news site is loaded up with either aspartame laced trivia, or the kind of words and actions that would have been considered seriously bizarre, only a short while ago. They're still going on and on about the Tribe bus monitor because there is no industry more profitable than the victim industry and don't you forget it, “Nefah again, nefah again, unless we do it". It can't end well for the most part. It just can't. I'm going to find a great big farmhouse with a lot of land somewhere and someone's going to buy it for me/us and then everyone who can make it will have some shelter from the storm. If I don't disappear in India (as I hope to) that will be a reality and I've absolutely no doubt about it. We won't have trouble supporting ourselves. I alone have any number of guaranteed profitable activities and God only knows what the rest of you will come up with. Let's focus on this reality and make it happen. Just assume and expect it. I may not be there myself and then again I may but that's got nothing to do with it happening. Assume it and expect it. I've already seen it in various ways I won't be going into at the moment. Assume it and expect it, as opposed to your other alternative; “assume the position”. Over here, if you have a farm you are immediately entitled to a commercial license for whatever, pretty much.

It is Batshit Man crazy folks. You almost expect that ending to so many Warner Brother's cartoons with Porky Pig (how apt) saying, “ba ba ba ba bu,that's all folks”, except, instead of Porky Pig, it's Lord Shiva Nataraja, saying it and dancing The Tandava. There's a giant, sucking sound, like water, or something worse, being drawn down the mouth of a powerful drain. Some have made it to the top of the sink. For everyone else, it's off to the reincarnation, reclamation plant. On a positive note, Syria is kicking some Zio-rebel ass. On a positive note some of us know all of these things to be true and knowing something is true, puts you in the position to do something about yourself. That will be sufficient to changing the world. Do it today!

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Spring Cleaning Period of the Aquarian Age

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The irony of death by fire and the correlative desire that engages material culture is not lost on the author. What would cause several people and more to come to choose one of the most painful deaths imaginable, especially if you don't die right off and they generally don't? I refer you once again to the Battle of Morannon and what took place in the minds of those fighting for the lidless eye, when the ring went into Mount Doom. You're about to see some really impressive shit when it comes to people losing their minds. This is how I see it going down. The bad guys are going to lose their minds. They are going to lose their hold on their identities and on what anchors them on this plane. You can already see this in their behavior as uncontrollable greed, venality and indifference to consequences motivates them toward their date with perdition. Now, of course, they don't believe in consequences, not for them anyhow but that goes contrary to various laws of physics and metaphysics, which, though most people may be unaware of it, is directly related to the laws of Karma and believe me, there are laws of Karma; ♫Karma, karma, karma, karma karmeleon, red gold and green, red gold and greee-e-e-eeen♫

“The Earth is a sacred vessel and at the mere approach of the profane it recedes”. Several people made significant strides in attempting to take over the world. No one ever accomplished it and every empire engaged in such folly has gone down for the same boneheaded policies and mindsets. You are watching classic meltdown. When the power goes off in the heads of those serving the darkness, you are going to see some very funny and some very tragic things. All this time that they have been given to wake the fuck up and they couldn't be bothered. You can't get where you think you're going if you are headed in the wrong direction. You will never get there because there is no there, there. If you really did want to take over the world and you had the right intentions and knew a thing or two (some of us do), you would simply take command of yourself and the world would embrace you as its master. This kind of global triumph has occurred, successfully, more than once and you are familiar with some of the names. Most of the names are unknown in the common thoroughfares. Many things are unknown in the common thoroughfares, which is why they are avoided by those seeking another route. As The Man on the Beach told me, when I asked him why he wasn't in the city where people could profit from him, he said, “I don't like being pushed around”.

I know it seems to be out of control and getting worse and I know that I say what I am about to say often but so long as the impression remains on the collective mind that things are spiraling out of control, it is necessary to remind people that things are not spiraling out of control. Well, yeah, they are spiraling out of control, from a certain perspective ...and they are definitely spiraling out of control as far as the nogoodnicks are concerned but in the comprehensive sense we are looking at the spring cleaning of the Aquarian Age. The cosmos is doing the laundry. It's going to get 'whiter whites and brighter colors'. It's looking for that metaphorical spring time of the world when all the children of the divine, danced on the mountain tops for joy. Now, I may not get to that mountain with you (grin).

We got a slick dis-info agent that comes around here masquerading as a Muslim, talking like no devout or even indifferent Muslim would talk, trying to get a rise out of me. I wish people would up their game when they're trying to mess with me. I object to the amateurish incompetence, a lot more than I do to the 'trying to poke a stick through the cage' scenario. As it happens, I was a Muslim for a few years under the tutelage of a Sufi saint, one Guru Bawa and as things go sometimes, I moved on into another chapter of my existence and managed to get into a whole lot of trouble at the same time. When Bawa was informed about my situation by Michael Green he said, “He's just chosen another path. He will be alright”.

The movements of the planets, if you believe in that sort of thing, creates varieties of culture, governments and religions that are tuned to the needs of the long term development of the people experiencing them. It sets a stage that stays up for as long as the performance requires it and then the stage is dismantled and a new stage is erected. You are there now, in the interim period, where one stage is coming down and another is going up. This tends to happen simultaneously and that brings us to the explanation of why some people are the way they are. Some people are focused only on the stage that is coming down. They may not know this stage is coming down. That is because they have a major investment in the performance taking place, on that stage, and are unwilling to see the reality of what is taking place and prefer to put their own spin on it, in respect of whatever amount of self-deception is required.

Others are looking at the new stage going up, without actually seeing it, because it tends to appear real sudden like, via the medium of precipitation. When the old stage gets dismantled, so does the electronics, which provided so many of the various FX, including the acting and speaking parts of the principals. This dovetails with what I said earlier about them losing their minds.

You don't have to be religious in order to take advantage of a variety of metaphysical goodies. In fact, it can be a hindrances, a big hindrance, since a good portion of the world's religions are in the tank as far as clarity and living waters are concerned and the proof of that is the pandemic of the Fundie Virus which is similar to Ebola in some ways. It doesn't eat your face off. What it does is it eats your brain and turns your heart into a rock but... like they say, “When life gives you rocks, you make rock soup”, actually, they don't say that. I said that and I probably won't say it again but the fact is that when religion, culture and governments become stratified, they also become a breeding ground for the worst possibilities in the human estate. Ignorance is enthroned like a monkey, upon the king's seat, and it entertains itself, the way that monkeys tend to do; throwing their shit and showing their ass and thinking it's funny. When The Fundies come to town, you know you're near the end of the movie. When the crassest and least inspired of us are the icons of the culture, you know it's near the end of the movie. When common criminals are in control of the government and the highest courts in the land have become crack whores for the corporations, you know it's near the end of the movie. In other words, we're near the end of the movie AND the beginning of the next feature.

All these people, with the cords standing out on their necks, angry at their fellows who hold a different view of things and can't see that they're being played on both sides by lying weasels that work for Satanic banker scum, are in a world of hurt. There's not much you can do for people who think Jersey Shore and The Shah's of Sunset is entertainment. They are past their sell by date. I have seen neither of these but word of their fecal depravity has reached me through reviews and the like.

You're either listening to the soundtrack from Hell and defending it, or somewhere you managed to cross paths with Pythagoras and you learned a little about the music of the spheres, briefly outlined here by Zio-Pedia. You'll note the terms by which it is defined and the use of the word 'resonance', something that gets mentioned around here frequently. We have a resonance here and that resonance is like a rock dropped into a still lake. It will eventually cover the surface of the lake with ripples, even if you can't see them after awhile. There are other circles of resonance rippling out from any number of conning towers that are being activated in a synchronized fashion, as the interaction of cosmic forces brings it about in the scheduled time frame.

It's depressing to see the surround sound talking heads, robotically transmitting reconstituted bullshit to the millions, who think it's caviar, even though they've never had caviar. It's even more depressing that the manufactured cadres of so called alternative journalists, are more concerned about building a reputation and will tell some portion of the truth, only for so long as it takes to get the money pump engaged. In the UK they have a phrase called “taking the piss”. I've got a new one for you. From now on when you hear one of these people telling some portion of the truth and then you find their figures, like how many Stalin killed to be seriously askew AND the only reason that could be is because the Bolshevik Zionists were behind all of the murders, instead of saying “he's taking the piss”, you can say “he's taking a Wiki-Leak”. There aren't too many people walking around with less credibility than Julian Assange. Of course, when you see on a person's website that they have been named “the second most influential person in the alternative media” you have to wonder, because according to his good buddy Alex Jones, Israel had nothing to do with 9/11. I went looking for corroborative evidence that this #2 believes, as Rothschild funded Alex Jones does, that Israel had no part in 9/11. Imagine my surprise when, in the process of reading this post I found myself mentioned (grin). I know I won't be listed among the big kahuna influentials and thank god for that.

Anyone who does not point out that Israel was behind 9/11 and the majority of every other terror attack in recent times is a liar, a coward or an opportunist. They are either guilty of misrepresentation, or the crime of omission. By this time, anyone worth their salt knows indisputably who is working the terror scam, as well as they're being the single greatest beneficiary. If you don't meet these standards then you're a tool for the very forces you pretend to speak out against, without having the balls to name them in the bargain. You take the circuitous route of naming those who were employed in the operations by those who were in control of the operations. That's how it is. That's how it is.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Dumbass 911 Short Sheet Street

Something is happening with the snakes.... I'm not a fan of a certain kind of coincidental mayhem. You know the kind of thing, where you see a strange, slacker type, grungefan in a Bulgarian bus stop, who is identified as Swedish and who almost does a curtsy in front of a camera and then a Swedish Hospital appears in Denver, to receive the dead and wounded and where's Ginger Rogers? It was a display right? And then the wide pics of the mourning, seated and unseen, with no one in officialdom on site by the coffins?

Two hungry rivers run, steady overflowing, one is the money river, one is the religion river, watch where they are going and watch what they are saying; unless Dumbass 911 Short Sheet Street is your address. Then I suppose it doesn't matter if I knock, or ring the bell, you're not home anyway. Someone will be ringing your bell though, count on it.

Bill Gates and, Monsanto, Baby needs a new pairs of shoes! Whose baby is it? There is no more Microsoft in the MS-NBC. Let me see... certain Nordic regions are moonwalking or no faulting, or falling out of love anyway, the deep north and the Mediterranean Spider are not getting along. One needs to look at the 'type' of coincidence. One needs to remember certain efforts of historical morphing, refashioning and sundry that were being engineered BEFORE the internet came into play and then one must imagine the combustibility of lies that can no longer be concealed. That's the problem baby, a lot of people are watching. A lot of people are looking. A lot of people are learning that the numbers have been rigged for some time.

Meanwhile there's the irresistible seductive draw to possess Iran. See, the snakes are looking for something. They are looking really hard. They found a lot of things in Afghanistan and Iraq but the thing(s) they're looking for, the secret, priceless goodies are still submerged somewhere.

You got these 3 rivers of money, religion and blood. One is the capital, the other is the object and the last of it is the cost. Sure, there's one more river and that's the river that they, NO WAY, want to get on until they can seize the jewel, to the end of which, they will exhaust the first river, pollute the second river and drown in the third river. So it goes. Expect ever so much more of this. Expect ever so much more of this and soon. ♫Moon niggaz and me♫ No I am not gwyneth paltrow and I do not have expensive White t-shirts for sale. I do not have, bought and sold Black men to go on TV and say I'm their hommie, cause I was ebonically challenged. I don't need a degree in genetics to understand how the lineage of the one owns the apartment blocks of the others and all you need is a search engine to find it all out AND you can watch in real time (from the outside... it's always like that isn't it?) as the cops search the Denver killers apartment.

Evil destroys itself. It creates the very instruments that are used against it. You're watching this happen. It is happening this very minute. They are the architects of their own destruction. Imagine what it must be like for these monsters who have betrayed everyone else, now knowing they have no one to depend on but others like themselves and... and those hired guns and thugs who work for money in a time of chaos and who know all they have to do is turn on their masters and they can have all the money. Cool huh?

All over the world, people far more capable than I, far more articulate and certainly far more sane are making ingenious wormholes through the fortresses and shields they have set up for themselves because everything runs on computers, where the serious DEFENSE and MONEY gets backdoored by whatever they imagine the lover is because even numbers are sexua1 in the way they cause atoms, electrons, letters (I should have written) neutrons, photons and fuck! Even pom poms all go at it together as if under the direction of the genius with the tiny penis who's making it happen and he, she, it, can't hold it together.

It is about to come down and it is not going to be the way most people think; taking into consideration whether or not that is an ap they are attracted to.

Meanwhile some very very important people are looking for some very very important things and all of them are running into things they did not expect to run into.

Okay, I guess we'll use the filtration system though it is a little time consuming.

Myself? I'm too bed... long car ride in the early morning, heading for culture shock, in a good way. Off the grid for a couple of days, no need to leave the night light on.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ten Days to the London Scarelympics

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(5 days ago I was reading something, apparently, according to someone, I shouldn't have been. Suddenly my computer screen exploded into rapidly replicating porn images and then there was a single page, with no escape, from the Bundeskriminalamt saying that I had been viewing banned websites and I needed to pay them 100 Euro to get back on line. Helpfully, there was a drop down menu that offered me a fee of only 50 Euro, with no explanation. I'm assuming that meant; just in case you don't have 100 Euro. They pointed out that I could pay in different internet currencies. Of course, I couldn't get those internet currencies when I couldn't leave the page. Paypal wasn't one of them. It took me no time at all to realize that this was a scam. I rebooted, hoping to go into Ubuntu but that wasn't working. I tried to format my computer and just put a clean install on. That wasn't working.

I broke out my netbook to try to limp along until I could take my computer into the shop. Yesterday, shortly before I was to head for the computer store, I found a disk I had been looking for and next thing I knew I was up and running and far more smoothly than in the run up to this debacle. I figured I was just down for a few days and that was the sum of it. I lost a few things, of course, which I hadn't saved but since they were mostly creative things, they are easily replaced, even if I can't remember what they are. Whatever else is whatever else.)

The London Scarelympics begin on July 27. No doubt Michael Chertoff and a host of other Israeli, black souled luminaries, their rent boys and hired hookers, will be monitoring the event from various hotel room command centers, unless they are right in the MI6 office building and Scotland Yard. Since they run London and most of England and her colonies (via their control of the central banks and the money supply), that is no stretch of presumption. You'll note Michael Chertoff, the dual national, is still running his dual scam, whereby he alarms the public and then provides it with varieties of shit technology that will be used on this dumb as a rock congregation. Note the reaction of the crowd to the interruptions; they're toast. Observe this video as Mike-the Skull- Chertoff tells the lies designed to redirect public attention away from the Israeli criminals who did 9/11.

This video is put together by Tribe disinfo org, We are Change. They're like Loose Change. If you scroll down to the bottom you will see the text concerning who is who and who runs what. Is this true? The names and associations certainly are and they never mention Israel and 9/11, so.....? What was a surprise to me was to see the name Webster Tarpley mentioned. I'll have to think about that, or at least do some research. The writer of the latest link likes to use the word 'Jews' over and over. I stay away from wholesaling any group, no matter even if the majority are culpable, based simply on personal experience... up to the moment. I am also subject to change and engaged in change, I just don't have an organization, nor want one.

Dark shit is definitely outworking. I had an appointment with the Israeli Occupied U.S. State Department consulate adjunct over here, in the banker controlled European states and I was getting antsier and antsier about going hundreds of miles, staying in a hotel and being pretty sure I didn't have everything I needed to get my passport renewed. I know I'm on the domestic US freedom fighter Watch for speaking the truth about the Israeli run, Nazi pandemic sweeping the globe. That's a given. I finally spoke to a robo-bitch at the consulate, where I had an appointment a week from today. She'd obviously had the government mandated Dick Cheney vaccine that is the result of splicing rabid Rottweiler genes with a strain taken from Caribbean zombie blood. She ungraciously informed me that if I came in to apply that meant I would still be waiting 3 weeks (without a passport) for them to mail it because “since the (Israeli officiated and engineered) 9/11 attacks, all passports are issued 'in the US' by the Israeli run Department of State, under the aegis of 'kill everyone' Clinton and then shipped abroad. Ten years ago when I got my last passport in Hawaii and had to wait two months until the day before I left, after having paid the extra money, for an expedited passport, I have not been inclined to go that route again.

Well, I can get a passport from another country and I am going to apply for asylum in Iceland in the meantime. I think I can meet the criteria and there is something I heard some months ago about journalists and Iceland so, I think that's worth looking into. In the meantime, I am in a country that will give me a passport if I just upgrade my language skills a skoch. Worst case... someone steals what I have, in a country to be named. I might develop a habit of leaving things on the dining table at restaurants and then we take it from there. Meanwhile, the whole world will surely change between now and December 20th. Whole identity kits of the soup to nuts variety are available on the Silk Road too; pricey but efficient. I wasn't relying on my operator to take care of everything. Of course, I am prevented from doing that in order to show me that I need to do that. It's consistent with so many of the unfortunate things I have had to endure to make all those points I don't get; Kali Yuga.

We now know after Assange's latest Syrian propaganda that he is a government implant working in one shape or fashion for Israel/CIA. We've pretty much known that all along, as well as his sexual escapades being arranged for a greater attraction to his faux Lord Byron persona and of course, the recent sophomoric stagecraft. He is to journalism what Andy Warhol was to art, even the resemblance is strangely ironic.

It gets more and more tedious, watching Chertoff and his Tribe member mafia dons waltzing through the corridors of usurped power. Death walks behind them, death walks in front of them and death walks on both sides of them. They are physical agents of indiscriminate and wide spread death. The gradual morphing of his features into those resembling Nosferatu is no coincidence. The similarity in his appearance and that of Olmert to a skull is also no coincidence. The state of the times and the players of record of the moment are no coincidence. There is a mysterious math that forbids anyone taking over the whole world and the usual, main cause of the failure of empire is overextension, attended by rampant internal corruption and a couple of ancillary features. You're seeing all of that now. It is hard to imagine how very quickly the balance of power can change and how very quickly the hunters can become prey... but it happens. It can happen in the twinkling of an eye.

It's five months before I need a new passport. There may be no country to issue a copy of what I have now and 'think' I need by the time that time passes. Anything could happen and there is this international citizen passport I've been hearing about as well. I don't have to play their games, all I need to do is toss my concerns into the ethers and wait for the resolution to precipitate down into this plane of action. I figure that's how I'll play it; take as it comes and not care one way or the other. I seem to have spent a lot of time caring and it didn't do me a whole lot of good. Certain things are important to me. They seem to be but I'm not entirely sure what they are. If I knew what they were essentially and intrinsically that might change the relationship. For the moment and times before times, I'm simply left with impressions and more than occasional contacts, with various things, both real and imaginary.

I've mentioned some loathsome creatures today but the list is long. I suspect there's a considerable list of good people and a much shorter list of good people with brains and talent and then that shortest of lists, which I will demur to name, since I'm still not sure what the considerations and qualifications are. I'm just sure there is such a list.

I've thought and speculated about many things for some length of time. I suppose it's a considerable time, according to a human life but a very short time according many other things. I've come to believe that we don't actually learn anything except for the purpose of performance across some distance of measured time. What we come to possess, to own, in place of temporary learning, descends on us, arises in us, appears somehow and exhibits itself through us. I'm convinced that there's another life that gets lived through all these chapters and installments and it's possible in any given life to awaken to all of them, the same way that it is possible to be completely conscious in any given moment... well beyond the partial and submerged consciousness of people, in various states of possession and compulsion, from the self absorption of a ship on the sea, indifferent to the possibilities of the ocean beneath, until it is made aware of them, to that of a fish, dreaming of independence and whipping about in controlled response to the group impulse of the school it's swimming in and never catching that irony either. Big predatory fish swim in that ocean and dream of their importance and untouchability and... they have some measure of that, until they can't swim anymore and all the fish they used to eat, eat them. We live in a relative universe. You've heard that before but the one thing people don't spend nearly enough attention, or focus on, is what is right in front of them and... were they able to do that, it's a short leap from an intense focus on appearances to what lies behind them. It seems to happen automatically for some reason. A great many things happen automatically but we insist on being the author of our destiny when we are anything but.

There's a point to all of this and I suppose one part of it is not to worry about the nasty customers among us. Their doom is sealed in a way they have little knowledge of. The ones who do, imagine that they will soon be living representatives of one of Milton's famous lines from Paradise Lost, attributed to a particular character. It doesn't quite work that way but, with the usual cosmic irony, one can't argue about it afterwards. It does, after all, bear 'some' resemblance to it.

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Saturday, July 07, 2012

These Things too are for the Purpose of Demonstration

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Well, let's see, there's this, to the eternal shame of the good old boys, who are making food out of other people's families and there's this which is an 'in praise of' article that probably goes into the academic curriculum and compares with what you might see when other people talk about their forebears like Washington and Jefferson. As was pointed out yesterday, you can't say certain things, unless you happen to be one of the people you can't say certain things about. This is how you get the people who were behind 9/11 being on the receiving end of preferential treatment, which was the intention when they orchestrated that attack on the United States.

Today is the anniversary of the ICTS associated attack on the London Tube in 2005. They were running security at all the 9/11 airports. They were running security at the London Tube. They were also in place at The Madrid Train Station when that got bombed. Good luck finding links on the internet placing ICTS there. That's been well scrubbed. The sheer weight of associations between Israel and just about every terror act in recent decades is inarguable. If you've got a couple of hours you'll find lots of heartwarming copy here.

At the London Tube, the claim was made that young Muslims with backpacks filled with explosives were responsible. No one saw this actually happen and the explosions came from beneath the floor of the cars, not in the carriage. So, apparently they magically slipped on to the tracks, under the cars and attached the bombs underneath the cars and then magically slipped back up on to the landing. Well, of course they did. The press, which you can't say they control, but which informed sources prove they do control, said so.

Why can't you say certain things? Do I really have to ask that question?

America had it's first black president with Bill Clinton, a white man. Then it had it's first Jewish president, Bwak! Obama, a black man. Who has controlled Homeland Security, of which the TSA is a subsidiary, since it's inception ...and who sits on the controlling congressional committees? Need I answer that?

The coming abondanza false flag attack, soon to be blamed on Iran, if they don't finagle what they want through Syria or some other avenue, should be a doozy. Rothschild controls the UK. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I'd say, “Wake up people”! However, 'the people' don't read here. A few people come through these sites, maybe that's how it should be, speaking of wide highways that lead to perdition and narrow paths that lead elsewhere; liberally paraphrasing scripture.

There is little hope for continuance in the existence of the masses, when they have become so stupid and materially focused that very little will take their attention off of their stomachs and their private parts. All hope lies in Mr. Apocalypse and he will do his job to the extent that mercy demands in relation to that upon which Karma insists, ♫waking up is hard to do♫ ... with apologies to Neil Sedaka.

You've heard variations on this theme many times here. It can get redundant and repetitive. It needs to be said over and over, because the truth is more powerful than all the lies ever told put together, in the same way that the source of all power is infinitely greater than all of the armies of the world. One individual hosting this force can destroy all of them while playing ping pong with the other hand. A lot of people don't believe this and they will have the protections and assurances of whatever it is that they rely on. That's how it works. That is what the purpose of demonstration is all about. World events and appearances of power have nothing to do with what actually is. Everything that is happening is to provide the stage for conclusive demonstration. All of the information finding it's way to people, because of the pressures placed on them, that drive them in search of answers, is not accidental.

One of the most important metaphysical concepts that a person needs to grasp is that the agency of darkness serves the long terms interests of the light. All of the infernal hosts are simply employees and anyone in full possession of the truth of this, automatically controls all of these forces and has nothing to fear from them. Various individuals have proven this conclusively and will continue to. Any time an employee of the eternal finds themselves in temporary distress it is to prove a point. The more sure that employee is, the more quickly the situation is resolved.

Readers of occult history know the tales of people walking right out of prisons, disappearing from the eyes of those who can only see on a certain bandwidth, being impossible to find and so forth. I have direct and multiple experiences of this. Whether one considers the curious case of Cagliostro in The Bastille or Appolonius of Tyana, when charges against him were being read by the court, or whether one has no previous inkling of their existence is a private affair. Cagliostro was a very interesting fellow, as was/is Appolonius and many, many others. Most people don't read about them and most people don't hear about them; people like Hermes Trismigestus and others.

This is Kali Yuga where the very worst of us are feted and celebrated but under the radar, people like those just mentioned, still walk among us today or dwell in hard to reach locations, awaiting what is coming, or awaiting the moment they are called on to appear. I have met several such persons and am the recipient of their generosity. I'm not the Lone Ranger here. Anyone who is determined to do so and will not relent, regardless of the trials and difficulties thrown in their way, can accomplish such meetings. Qualities like determination and various types of intensity, give off a luminescence that attracts such meetings, in much the same way that a bee is attracted to a flower. All of these things and many things deemed miraculous, are no more than the working out of hidden laws of Nature that are made possible by winning the favor of The Lady.

Occult history is filled with tales about such people but many of them are not even to be found in the common and distorted histories, like Mehmet Karagoz. Fundie Christianity hears the word 'occult' and immediately associates demonic agency, when all occult means is 'hidden'. No doubt you can find representatives of every realm in the occult. You find what you are looking for, if you keep looking; whatever that may be. There is a reason that today's heroes are corporation heads, vacuous, squirrel brained celebrities, athletes, rock musicians and sundry. None of this is by accident. The enormous lies that encircle and inform the culture are not by accident. The power temporarily in the hands of criminals and psychopaths is not by accident. There is a war on and you can probably figure out what the real booty is.

Personally I have less and less interest in what is taking place here and aim to do something about that. There are plenty of places in the world where what you see all around you at the moment are at a distance. There are places hidden in plain site and places that cannot be found unless someone takes you there. You could wangle an invitation if you knew who to ask but you do know who to ask. There are a couple of qualities that one needs to have developed to a certain degree. Some people have done some amount of the work required and some people are just very good at texting or getting laid in their brief windows of opportunity. All the chaos, confusion, lights and sounds are there for a reason. All the material objects and conditions are there for a reason. The historical distortions and endless litany of lies are there for a reason. You could say that is for a very good reason or a very bad reason. It comes down to how you see things in the first place and whether you believe the whole thing has benevolent intent or the opposite. It comes down to where you think the power is and this determines what you give fealty to.

Well, we don't have to linger here and we'll see about tuning in that internal GPS so that, where it applies it can apply. I think back on so many of the people I have known. Far too many of them live in some version of Miniver Cheevy land or they are pursued by hungry bears; the victims of solitary and powerful appetites, fears and depressions or, simply dead for the moment, or back again by now. I wander in my mind and spin the Rolodex and I can think of a few who are on a similar path to myself; some other way up the mountain but, they are few and when one considers the consistency required, fewer still.

Yes, the bad guys are what they are and they've been named here. We didn't bother to list so many of their helpmates. You know who they are. All around you, you can see the masses fascinated by the whole show and wondering how they can get to be like that. That time will come, as will every other opportunity that anyone has put the necessary industry into. We're all here for the purpose of demonstration. You are here for that and I am here for that and they are here for that. I'm sure, in my own passage, there are some that would have rather not been exposed to some of the demonstrations but hindsight informs me that most demonstrations are like everything else, under control and for a purpose based on a very good reason. We don't always know why things happen the way they do, when they do, ...but we find out eventually. Over to you.

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911 was an Inside Job by Les Visible

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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The Declaration of Total Dependence upon The Spawn of Satan

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When in the proscribed intercourse of entrus behindus in human events, it becomes necessary for any number of people to break the political binds that have shackled them in ignorance with another and to seize the powers of Heaven, the separate but equal station they have never possessed, which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a gone missing respect to the opinions of mankind demands that they should, in your face, present the causes which insist upon this separation.

We hold these shapeshifting truths to be self reverent among all of the chosen, who are more than equal that they are endowed by their creator,The Mud God, with exclusive unalienable rights that among them are, your life, your liberty and the pursuit of their profit at your expense., --That whenever any form of government becomes the sole property of sick fucks from Hell who derive their power without the consent of the governed, --That whenever any form of Banker owned government becomes destructive for the sheer joy of destruction, it is the right of the ignorant sheep and willing slaves to be deceived into believing they have any right to alter or abolish it and to extend that fantasy into the erroneous belief that a damn thing has changed, laying the foundation for this fantasy on farcical principles and organizing their lack of power into such useless forms that will manage to convince them that their Safety and Happiness means a damn thing to the dual nationals that rule over them. Ignorance, indeed, will dictate that governments long established actually ever came into being when the same government, believed over thrown, actually continued to rule their dumb asses; accordingly all experience has shown that sheep are wholly disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to actually change the shit that The Central Bankers put them through and which they swallow without chewing like something passed off as oatmeal, which is not oatmeal. When a gone dead train of abuses, economic rape, Chosen People Status and a host of psychopathic industry shows clearly an intent to bend them over before the front quarters of these bi-pedal beasts into a condition of absolute Despotism, it is their right, their duty to writhe and undulate beneath the fornicating force of the animals ass raping them because they are both dumber than rocks and less agile than fenceposts. Given this, in all likelihood they will clamor for the opportunity to be assaulted and violated by the offspring and treacherous compatriots who wait in the wings to continue the abuses.-- Such has been the willing sufferance of these potato heads; and such is now the continuing befuddlement that constrains them to wander clueless across the looted landscape of their countries vanished wealth and security that have been given over to a criminal banking syndicate of a manufactured country, built on the genocide of the original inhabitants which took place by the consent of the abysmally mindless and ignorant to whom the same thing is now happening. The history of the present Satanic rulership of Israel, is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over these States. We could prove this but will eschew presenting these useless facts to a less than candid but more rather, pornographically naked world.

Here follows the silence of the unmentioned and unlisted points that none of the robots engaging in stupid fireworks displays today would have paid any attention to anyway. Feel free to drink a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon from the can and stuff your faces with any of the many configurations of processed pork that make up your dietary preferences and then, drunk and incoherent, feel free to set your national parklands on fire, beat your wife, drive your pickup truck into a tree, or over one of your neighbors glue huffing teens. Feel free to give all praise to Jayzuz who is now working as an MC for the b'nai b'rith on the wedding and circumcision circuit, when he's not at his second job as a security guard on 47th Street for the stipend of a dose of Methadone and a bag of stale bagels. You'll be happy to know that someone's security is intact.

In every stage of these Oppressions We have simply bent over and waited for more. We have died in the banker's wars. We have starved in their manufactured depressions. We have drowned in their porn and blushed with pleasure at their ridicule and contempt. Our repeated cries for, “Can I have another, Sir”, have been answered with another. A slathering demon whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a tyrant is perfectly cool with us; “Can I have another, Sir”!

Nor have we been wanting in attentions from our Israeli masters. We have failed to warn them, since we are their bitches, from time to time of attempts by their Satanic and wholly owned domestic legislature to please spank our asses and make us call you Daddy. We have reminded them of the circumstances of our emigration and settlement here and their unobstructed access and egress from here, bypassing all native security of their in house security organ, the TSA. We have appealed to their completely absent sense of Justice and (snicker) magnanimity, and we have conjured them up out of the bowels of Hell to oppress us at their leisure, with no ties of common kindred to disavow these usurpations, which, would inevitably fall on deaf ears. They have also been deaf to the voice of justice and consanguinity, since they are vampires and would prefer to drink our blood accompanied by a canape tray of blood matzos made from the drained forms of our children, in this unleavened concentration camp. We must therefore, acquiesce like the craven cowards that we are, the necessity to denounce nothing and hold them and release them as they see fit because we are not worth shit in our present condition. They are our friends in war to whatever extent they command us and anyone they say is our enemy is toast.

We, therefore, the bought and sold Representatives of the disunited States of America, in general catamite Congress, Assembled and appealing to hard of hearing Heaven and the presently Supreme and horned Judge of this world, whom they serve and we get hosed by, please respond to us with the full measure of contempt which we deserve. We state this by the laughable and hijacked authority of the blind and brain dead People of these Colonies and according to the non existent rights of the slave and non independent States; that they must give full allegiance to their Israeli masters and that all political connection should be determined in whatever manner they please and as an anything but Free and Independent States, our Israeli masters have full Power to send us to die in their wars, ignore any opportunity for peace, until they have sucked the last bleeding nickel from the conflict, destroy and piss on all Alliances, completely control all commerce and do whatever else the fuck they want to because we are a slave nation and deserve no better. And for the non support of this Declaration, with a limp dick reliance on protection by the plastic Jesus ♫riding on the dashboard of our car♫, we mutually pledge to be indifferent to each others lives, our stolen Fortunes and our (cough, cough) 'reach around' and reprehensibly profaned honor. That said, we invite ourselves and our compatriots to go fuck ourselves at the earliest convenience, providing that we are not already engaged in some menial task for our Israeli masters and given, that we have already forgotten that this has been our most consistent avocation through all of the shameful years of our subjugation at the hands of the Synagogue of Satan. “Can I have another, Sir”!

Here follows the J. Paul Gettysburg address; Fourscore and seven years ago, our fathers allowed to come forth upon this continent, an AskeNAZI ruled nation, conceived for Central Banker profit and dedicated to the proposition that all gentiles are created equal beneath the hobnailed boots of their degenerate masters.

Now we are engaged in a manufactured war, showing that this nation and any other ignorant nation is well disposed to fight for the profit of those printing the money. We are met on a continuing battlefield of endless war. We have come to dedicate a portion of this bloodsoaked land as a final resting place for all of the fools who gave up their lives so that that nation can continue to live in servitude to bankers. It is altogether fitting and proper that we do this because we are the very definition of morons.

But, in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate – we can not consecrate – we cannot hallow – this ground because it is a testimony and enduring evidence of just how fucking stupid we are. The brave and deluded men, not hardly living and dead for real or simply walking dead, who struggled here, have profaned it, far below our poor power to spin or morph it into something other than what it actually was. The world will little note, nor long remember what we said here because it is a pack of lies, but it can never forget the art deco colored bullshit of our attempt to lend meaning to it. It is for us, the zombie sheep, rahhthar, to be dedicated to the great task remaining before us – that from this dishonored crows food we sanctimoniously pretend to a tedious devotion to which they gave everything for the banking houses of Europe and their branches here in the host body – that we fatuously and with empty words bombastically proclaim that these feckless and programmed idiots most definitely did not die in vain because the bankers made a killing in every sense of the word – that this pathetic nation, under a cloud of delusion, shall see an unending redundancy of stillborn and oft aborted freedom and that a government of the bankers, by the bankers, for the bankers, shall not perish until there is nothing left to steal. Shalom Baby.

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Killer

Happy 4th of July!

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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Brain Dead Acquiescence, Mephistopheles and Faust

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Watching the culture, it depends on the level you are observing it from what you extract from your observations. It should be patently obvious to anyone, not trapped in and operating from that level, that superficiality is the primary objective. This is the origin of things like Twitter and un-reality TV. It is the origin of gratuitous sexual associatives, with products of every description. Sexual attraction is the essential magnetism of the times- often of any times, except where an individual has sublimated it to the point where it has been transformed into another kind of attraction, for something presumed but not evident because it only comes into presence, once the self has entered the bridal chamber of the alchemical marriage.

We might consider the princess in the tower, which is guarded by the black knight. The black knight, so named for his armor, is ignorance. The tower is the spinal column and the princess is the kundalini. Of course these things are not precise, they are fleshed out by the individual in the process of the journey. This is why the signposts and guidelines cease to appear at a certain point. That part of the pathway is not marked, it is written by the personalized footsteps of the one walking it. It is why the veils of the High Priestess close behind the aspirant. Well, enough about the authentic occult. There's plenty of bogus occult, via the reversed Kabala of the Chabad Lubavitcher and the goblins and gremlins that do the scut work of sound and image mutation, for the purpose of ensnarement. This makes sure the spider gets fed, while the awareness is sucked out of the victim on the trembling web.

There's a certain feature that doesn't get discussed much and it has to do with the daily arrival of more and more repressive laws and street level aggressions on the part of the zombie police. 9/11, of course was set up and carried out by rogue intelligence agencies, under the direction of the state of Israel. Following this serendipitous event, which removed the unfortunate limitations of The Constitution and the Bill of Rights and made it possible to do away with posse comitatus, along with habeas corpus and led to the legitimization of labeling anyone disaffected as an enemy combatant, modern life was ushered into a chiaroscuro wasteland of shuffling masses, shackled by invisible leg irons. Material culture made it possible for people to surrender their independence. You become a slave when you cease to be your own master. We have entered the age of the chronic master-bater; not all sense of mastery has been lost.

In any case, since before PNAC, a collection of psychopathic minds, knew where they intended to go. They knew that it was morally wrong, against the law (though they are changing that) and that it intended for either the elimination, or sustained subjugation and repression, of everyone not them. They knew in advance where they were headed and so they came at the public in a multi-pronged manner. They intensified the negative, dumbed down impact, of the entertainment and music industries. They set about to destroy the middle class, because successful revolution can only come about once the middle class has been engaged. They attacked the economic standards and infrastructure, while eliminating the manufacturing base. They attacked the job market, in order to supercharge the impetus to join the military and law enforcement. They privatized the prison industry, which then led to changes in the law that would guarantee maximum occupancy. They created a foreign enemy, while the real enemy was given carte blanche in the corridors of political and economic power. Today, Israelis are being given the opportunity to bypass TSA scrutiny. There should be no question at this point who the bad guys are. There might be an incomplete and non comprehensive listing of all of the players, but the general outline is beyond dispute, except by those summarily seduced by the trivia machine and the house divided construct, which pits opposing ideals against one another, while giving the impression that there is the slightest difference between the candidates they support.

Prior to 9/11, it was decided to end the appearance of a democratic process and take control of the electoral process. All of these efforts have been engineered and synchronized, in order to pacify and make docile the wider public. This is assisted by the pharmaceutical industry, as well as all sorts of quasi invisible technologies that work on the nervous system and brain centers, of those rendered into sheep, by various offenses being committed against them.

One has to look at the culture and observe its operation and take for granted that everything you see is being 'worked' by those who want to fuck you up, enslave and kill you. The police state apparatus was set into motion ahead of time, because public outrage was anticipated, as the scum of Wall Street and The City, the central bankers and those employed by them, in the various areas of their enterprise, set about looting every country of its assets and presumptions of personal liberty and independence.

On the surface it all looks good to go and it is going. The surface is the place where public perception is modified and controlled, while subliminal activities are going on behind and below the scenes. You definitely need the right sunglasses and some of us have them. These sunglasses allow some of us to see Alex Jones for who he is, along with Chomsky, Greg Palast and a variety of disinfo stooges ...who work for the banks. It doesn't occur to people to wonder why such a quantity of porn is free. It doesn't occur to people to wonder why the biggest voting bloc in the United States is nothing more than a transparent propaganda organ, for the ones who hijacked it and who are the original villains of the refashioned and progressively perverted tale of the religion's founder.

A lot of things do not occur to people, because their mechanism for independent thought, has been compromised by various technologies. There is a very good reason why people are wearing headphones and earbuds all of the time; watching television 8 hours a day, thumbing their cellphones, while bouncing the one knee on top of their other leg, managing the thousands of apps that attend the instrument. This is all about occupying the thinking process so that it does not detach and find itself forced to contemplate the nature and relevance of its own being. This is the essential disconnect of the greatest importance to the executive junta.

This could all be very depressing and overwhelming, to those who have no fallback support system and who do not realize that all of this is for the purpose of demonstration. As has been stated here many times, there is a single source of power, regardless of who may temporarily possess the use of it. As has been exampled many times, one needs to consider what happened at the Battle of the Morannon, during the moments following the Ring of Power being unmade in the fires of Mt. Doom. Those being affected by despair and depression, are those being manipulated by surface sounds and images. Something else is going on behind the scenes, in other ways than just the machinations of the bad guys. The bad guys themselves are being distracted, while employed in their nefarious activities against the human race. It could be said that nearly all of us are being distracted to some degree, while,at the same time, Mr Apocalypse is out turning over rocks and beating the bushes. We've been on a consistent time-line up to this point ...a steady incremental progression that could well be accompanied by the insistent pounding on a single bass drum; 'doom! Doom! Doom! The speed has not gone into hyper-drive because opportunity is being given for people to come to their senses. Opportunity is being given for people to change their course. Awakening is in operation, to provide awareness for those who advantage themselves of it. This is all an individual affair, even as it includes collective destiny.

Efforts are daily and consistently being made by any number of people around the globe. Brain dead acquiescence marches in opposition to its own liberation. Pernicious, once human, predators are working overtime because, 'their hour has come round at last'. They may know this and many of them may not, at least at the conscious level ...but all of them know about it at some level and it follows in their footsteps like The Hound of Heaven. It breathes on the nape of their necks, as one might imagine Mephistopheles did with Faust. Before one sets about killing their fellows, they must first kill their conscience. In times of darkness, some number are even born without one. Opportunities for transition and a quantum leap, are not the only possibilities present in these unusual times. Opportunities for reverse transition and a quantum fall are also available.

I feel for those whose focus of importance and personal treasures, have obscured and diminished their access to the protective and sustaining virtues within. However, as has often also been quoted here, “success is speedy for the energetic”. Most people don't reverse their courses, even as the signposts become more and more ominous, even as the landscape gets darker and the soundtrack more sinister. It can be done and if you are, more or less, going the right way, the direction can be firmed up and the speed and intensity can be ratcheted up. Since that is already taking place in the cosmic sense, it is only dependent on one's posture of alignment and a willingness to seek it out. It's not like it isn't aware of you. The problem is that so many people continue to be unaware of it. That's not an absolute requirement. Inventive hearts and minds can quickly find other avenues of approach. All kinds of help and assistance are at work ...but they are hard to see, if your attention is all on the negative end, which is the motive and intention of the negative.

Day by day, so it goes and so do we, toward whatever that may be.

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